16 June 2011

UMNO frolicking with robbers....

Umno is fast becoming a dirty four-letter word. When someone criticizes the scandalous payments to Independent Power Producers (IPPs), it’s considered as attacks on Umno.

Umno, admittedly now, supports dubious arrangements to pay the IPPs horrendous prices when the same can be produced cheaper by TNB.

Umno stands for cavorting with today’s robber barons – the Anandas, the YTLS, The Berjayas, the Genting Lims, all of whom are friends of former Umno president-cum Prime Minsiter Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir isn’t infallible, you know.

Umno should NOT view attacks on policies and on issues of public concerns as attacks against the Malays or a Malay government. Perkasa doesn’t speak for the Malays. It’s not the only voice. Ibrahim Ali is no more Malay than I am or I am no less Malay than Ibrahim Ali.

Here is the problem with the IPP issue. People are questioning why the government finds it easy to withdraw subsidies from ordinary people and not IPPs.

This double standard raises concerns that the government is protecting the IPPs, which incidentally were created during Dr Mahathir’s watch.

Robber barons

People can argue, IPPS get subsidies so that they can charge the public lower otherwise we will have to pay higher rates. But the real questions are: why are the IPPs being given preferential treat? Why are they being protected from price fluctuations?

And why did Tenaga Nasional Berhad and the government agree to the price and the “take or pay” conditions. The robber barons are holding the government at ransom and Mahathir agreed to be squeezed by the balls. Isn’t Tenaga capable of generating electricity at a much lower cost than the IPP’s (economy of scale, lower cost of capital, etc)

I read somewhere that some think-tankers say that subsidies cause IPPS to be inefficient. But I think otherwise. It is Tenaga which has become inefficient. The IPPs cause Tenaga to operate at sub-optimal level.

Truth Commission

Tenaga is forced to cater for daily peak and off peak demands and the broader economic cycles which means that Tenaga will have to shut off its own lower cost power stations when demand goes down because those IPP’s are on a “take or pay” contract.

Why should we be forced to pay the rates in the first place? So when the Anandas, The Genting people, the Berjaya People, the habibs, the YTLs came before the PM then they said in unison- we can't get financing boss IF we can't get higher rates. So the boss said OK- you charge higher rates which we guarantee in agreements which can't be revealed forever. So they answered- orite boss, we are in business!

As an Umno man, I am telling my friends in the party to stop having to support these wrongs; wrongs are wrongs – don’t matter who was the architect. Don’t think we can forever be in power.

Can you imagine if another party forms the government and they create a Truth Commission the way South Africa’s Nelson Mandela did?

Then all dubious contracts and projects will be subject to a real forensic investigations which will make many people testicles-less.- Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz

source: (This excerpt is from the writer’s sakmongkolak47 blog. Read here.)

'Mahathir isn’t infallible' - you are 101% right there!!

No..no..no.. You got it all wrong,the robber barons not only are holding the government at ransom but they squeezed Mahathir's and now are squeezing Najib's balls too....

Can you imagine if another party forms the government and they create a Truth Commission - sebab itu Najib kata dia akan pertahankan Putrajaya dengan apa cara sekali pun, termasuklah cara penipuan dalam PRU13, berkat bantuan SPR dan pengundi2 keturuanan Bangla,Myanmar,Kemboja,dan Indon....


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