30 September 2013

Kisah Ahmad Maslan,Menteri bluuur dan Ahmad Said MB 'Ganu Darul Runtuh...

Mat Maslan cuba nak menipu,dia ingat rakyat buta internet. Dia ni tak reti mengira.. dan jadi Timbalan Menteri Kewangan pulak...

Mat Maslan takut bini nak debat... macam mana jadi Timbalan Menteri Kewangan kalau takut debat... kat Parlimen jaja auta la ya?

Bumbung Masjid Kampung Tebauk di Terengganu runtuh

Bumbung runtuh T'ganu: 'Di mana ketelusan?'

Berapa kali bumbung kemudahan awam di Terengganu perlu runtuh sebelum pihak berkuasa bertindak?

Perkara itu disuarakan oleh Anggota Parlimen Kuala Terengganu daripada PAS Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad (kanan), yang berpendapat kerajaan negeri masih tidak mengambil pengajaran daripada kes terdahulu.

Awal pagi semalam, bumbung masjid di Kampung Tebauk, Kuala Nerus dilaporkan runtuh.

Raja Kamarul Bahrin berkata, sejak kes runtuhan pada 2008, belum ada yang diheret ke mahkamah.

"Ia seolah-olah menggalakkan perkara seperti ini berulang kembali. Kita mesti ada ketelusan," katanya dalam sidang media di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

Dalam kejadian sekitar 4.00 pagi kelmarin, bumbung dan siling masjid di Kampung Tebauk runtuh melibatkan kira-kira 20 peratus ruang solat terbuka masjid yang mampu memuatkan 1,000 jemaah.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said mengarahkan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyiasat sebarang unsur rasuah melibatkan proses pembinaan masjid itu, yang mencalar imej negeri sehingga digelar 'Terengganu Darul Runtuh'.- malaysiakini

Roof collapse in T'ganu: 'Where's the accountability?'...

How many times must the roof of a public facility collapse in Terengganu before the authorities take action?

NONEThis was the question raised by PAS parliamentarian for Kuala Terengganu, Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad, on the third such incident this year.

The state government,  Raja Kamarul said, has still not learnt any lessons, as evidenced by the roof of the Kampung Tebauk mosque in Kuala Nerus caving in early yesterday morning.

He pointed out that no one has been taken to court over similar incidents that have occurred previously, some dating back to 2008.

"It's as though we are encouraging things like these to be repeated. There must be some accountability," he told a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.- malaysiakini

Backstabber's guide to UMNO polls...

Mention the word Umno Baru and people will think of the 3Cs - corruption, cheating and cronyism.
Thousands of miles away, Najib Abdul Razak told the UN General Assembly that “the greatest threat to Muslims today, is not from the outside world, but from within”. His words are poignant and have some gravitas, for they reflect the conditions at home.

Thanks to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the public has become extremely mistrustful of politicians. Thanks also to Mahathir, the biggest challenge which Najib will face at the next Umno-Baru elections, is ironically, within his party.

Many factors will affect the battles during the upcoming Umno-Baru election, including wit and financial considerations. The two men, president Najib, and deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin, ‘won’ their seats unopposed.

The three hotly contested vice-presidential positions are being challenged by six men - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein, Mohd Shafie Apdal, Isa Abdul Samad, Mukhriz Mahathir and Ali Rustam.

The following is a backstabber’s guide to the race.

Najib, the Jekyll and Hyde character: Abroad, he preaches moderation and is praised for his over-reaching and inclusive views.

NONEAt home, he is timid and panders to the extremists and ultra-nationalist factions. He appears to undergo a personality change as soon as he steps onto Malaysian soil.

If the characterisation of Najib as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is too harsh, perhaps, Humpty Dumpty is more apt. Having reached the pinnacle of his position (the top of the wall), Najib’s fall from grace could not be reversed by all the king’s men or all the king’s horses.

Muhyiddin Yesman: This veteran politician is allegedly taking instructions from Mahathir, to pave the way for his son Mukhriz to be a future PM.

NONEMost will remember Muhyiddin for his “Malay first, Malaysian second” remark.

In his version of unity and reconciliation, Muhyiddin once said that anyone had a right to form their own Chinese or Indian version of the Malay extremist group, Perkasa, provided the association was formed with good intentions. What are Perkasa’s good intentions, critics wondered? 

Anyway, full marks to Muhyiddin, for wanting a harmonious and multiracial society, based on intolerance and bigotry.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi: In the game of ‘cabinet musical chairs’, Zahid swopped roles with Hishammuddin Hussein as home minister. 

NONEAn abrasive character, who lacks tact and diplomacy, Zahid is inclined to tell anyone who disagrees with him, who is displeased about the cheating in GE13 or who is worried about the political system, to leave the country.

When a Singaporean Muslim opened his heart and his premises to a Buddhist group, Zahid stripped him of his permanent residence permit and charged him with insulting Islam.

Zahid has amazing ‘new broom sweeps clean’ powers. Within days of assuming his cabinet post, he found 250,000 Shiite Muslims hiding in the country and 260,000 hardcore criminals terrorising the streets. He is prone to incoherent rages.

NONEHishammuddin Hussein: Critics wonder if this self-deluded macho man, who allegedly fashions himself after the children’s action figure, Action Man, was given the post of defence minister because he allegedly likes to be seen in leather jackets and dark sunglasses, staring through powerful binoculars looking at boys (with their toys).

His fondness for using binoculars meant that he missed the 510,000 hardcore criminals and Shiite Muslims that Zahid found with ease.

NONEMohd Shafie Apdal: The only defining feature of this Sabahan is the infamy he gained as a result of the allegation that he gave out RM1.5 million to his mistress, at a time when the BR1M payments of RM500, was deemed sufficient to keep the rakyat sweet and willing (to be shafted repeatedly by Umno Baru).

The alleged affair had been an open secret and was exposed when the actress’ driver, lodged a police report after he had been accused of absconding with some of the loot.

Isa Abdul Samad: If only the government of Umno Baru could recycle rubbish as well as it recycles its veteran politicians.

azlanThis recycled politician was once the target of Mahathir’s ire, when the former PM moaned that Umno Baru should not condone corrupt politicians. Isa was stripped of his Umno Baru vice-presidency and suspended for six years, later reduced to three, on appeal.

Isa was rewarded for his years in the wilderness by Najib, who made him the chairperson of Felda, a gold mine for those who know where to look for the treasure.

Mohd Ali Rustam: Another recycled politician who was disqualified in the 2009 Umno Baru elections, after being found guilty of money politics. 

As the former chief minister of Malacca, he used the trappings of power to fund his son’s wedding, claiming that he wanted his adoring rakyat, around 130,000 of them, to share and partake in his personal happiness.

NONEFollowing allegations of corruption, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission launched an investigation and said: “We are going item by item, to see how much money was spent and who paid for it.”

Presumably, they are still going through the list, because we have heard nothing.

Anyone who has ever wanted an adventurous ride in a cherry-picker (the machine which Tenaga wiremen use, to lift them to the tops of overhead poles), can have one at the end of the ride in Ali’s RM16 million monorail, which travels two feet before stopping dead in its tracks. The stranded passenger will be plucked from the monorail and deposited on land by a cherry-picker - Malacca’s own version of a thrilling theme park ride.

Mukhriz Mahathir: We will have to wait for his father Mahathir’s next press release to learn about Mukhriz’s good works and future aspirations. Whenever Mukhriz starts talking, people glance at their watches and say they have to rush for an appointment.

mukhriz mahathir gaza fund 010208 talkingMukhriz may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he is tainted with the Mahathir brush. 

His dad is a bore with a capital B, when he reminds us that Umno-Baru must inject young blood and elect smart people into the party. It is possible that Mahathir was referring to Khairy Jamaluddin.

Najib’s predictions about the internal threat are coming true. His party has decided to deploy the police, to protect the ballot papers to be used in the party election.

This speaks volumes about the state of affairs within Umno Baru. The cheating in the Umno-Baru elections will make GE13 look like a model of a fair election! - Mariam Mokhtar,Malaysiakini

Setiausaha agung PSM S Arutchelvan dan 11 orang yang lain ditahan hari ini ketika berhimpun bagi menyekat tindakan pamaju yang ingin meruntuhkan rumah penduduk di satu kawasan kampung di Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.

12 ditahan termasuk dua wanita di Kampung Hakka, Mantin

Gula bersubsidi... 930g untuk rakyat..!!! 70g untuk kroni..!!! 1Malaysia... Kena TIPU!!!!


Loo Fook Siang@Ah Siang -"Ustaz Azizan yang gua kenal"...

Sesungguhnya pemergian bekas Menteri Besar Kedah, Tan Sri Azizan Abdul Razak ke rahmatullah pada Khamis lalu, benar-benar mengusik kenangan setiap individu mengenalinya.

Dari aspek kepimpinan sehinggalah soal kesederhanaan hidupnya termasuk cara pemakaian, terpahat dalam ingatan.

Antara yang mungkin tidak melupakan pemimpin yang mesra disapa Ustaz Azizan itu ialah Pengurus Pusat Pakaian dan Jam Timor di Simpang Empat Kangkong dekat sini, Loh Fook Siang, 45.

Cerita Fook Siang, perkenalannya dengan Azizan bermula lebih sembilan tahun lalu apabila beliau  sering berkunjung ke kedainya untuk membeli kelengkapan dan pakaian sekolah anak-anak.

“Dia adalah seorang pemimpin yang sederhana. Pertama kali dia datang ke kedai ini selepas PRU12, saya  terkejut sebab dia masih berkunjung ke kedai saya walaupun sudah menjadi seorang pemimpin utama negeri ini.

“Tambahan pula, dia datang dengan menaiki kenderaan sendiri dan tidak menggunakan kenderaan rasmi,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian semalam.

Fook Siang, mesra dipanggil Ah Siang berkata, Azizan adalah seorang pemimpin yang tidak mementingkan jenama, sebaliknya mengambil kira faktor harga pada barangan itu asalkan berpatutan dan tidak membazir.

“Setiap kali datang, dia akan berbelanja tidak lebih RM200 untuk keperluan anak-anak. Kalau untuk dirinya pula tidak lebih RM150.

Selalunya, dia akan beli baju kemeja putih lengan panjang untuk dipakai bersama blazer.

“Baju kemeja itu saya jual pada harga RM20 sehelai. Dia tidak memilih jenama, asalkan murah dan berkualiti. Setiap kali datang, dia akan beli sekurang-kurangnya dua atau tiga helai baju berserta dengan sehelai seluar slack berwarna hitam,” katanya merintis kenangan terhadap Azizan.

Ujar Ah Siang, atas kerana itu, dia  juga kerap membuat pesanan tambahan untuk baju kemeja putih bagi memastikan Azizan tidak kecewa datang ke kedainya pada bila-bila masa.

“Kadang-kadang kalau nak pakai cermin mata pun, dia suka pakai yang berharga RM12. Dia beli cermin mata hitam di kedai saya. Sekali sekala itu ada juga dia beli baju batik berharga bawah RM50. Macam-macam corak dia beli, tapi tidak banyak, yang banyak dibeli ialah kemeja putih lengan panjang,” katanya.

Menurutnya, beliau pernah menghadiahkan Azizan sehelai baju pagoda pada malam sebelum PRU13 di rumahnya, di Sungai Limau.

“Satu perkara saya tidak dapat lupa adalah sewaktu melawatnya di rumah. Saya lihat keadaan dalam rumah dia begitu sederhana. Perabot dan televisyen juga semuanya barangan lama, tidak ada yang baru.

“Apa saya saksikan, sikap dia tidak seperti pemimpin lain yang suka bermegah dengan kekayaan. Saya ceritakan kepada rakan-rakan mengenai kehidupannya, mereka terkejut malah ada yang tidak percaya,” katanya.

Bagaimanapun, sangat menyedihkan apabila pertemuan pada jam 11 malam di rumahnya itu, Azizan sudah tidak berapa sihat dan kelihatan murung di dalam bilik.

“Saya lihat dia seperti sedang kesedihan. Terkejut juga saya apabila ternampak ibu jari kakinya bertukar jadi hitam seolah-olah membengkak. Bila ditanya, Azizan kata tidak ada apa perlu dirisaukan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, pemergian Azizan amat mengejutkan apabila dimaklumkan sendiri wakil Pas yang mengunjunginya di kedai kira-kira jam 12 tengah hari.

“Saya terkejut dengan berita itu, tetapi saya tidak dapat hadir majlis pengebumiannya  sebab pekerja lain sedang cuti sakit, tidak ada orang nak jaga kedai. Bagaimanapun, saya doakan supaya rohnya aman di sana,” katanya.-juragan@karatijau.blogspot

Post-polls, an air of vindication in DAP...

As DAP retained the exact 20-member central executive committee (CEC) line-up from the last election, it was apparent that delegates were determined to send a signal to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) that had created a host of problems for the party.

There was a sense of vindication among DAP delegates after the election results were announced this evening - that there was absolutely no manipulation of its CEC election held last December.

"Basically, it is a slap in the face of the ROS," a delegate from Selangor told Malaysiakini.

The drama over the CEC election began in January after DAP admitted that there was a tabulation error resulting in Zairil Khir Johari being wrongfully excluded from the CEC.

After the results were rectified, there were claims that the results were intentionally manipulated in order to include a token Malay into the Chinese-dominated CEC.

The fallout from the botch up resulted in ROS initiating an investigation against the party that dragged on until the general election, raising fears that DAP may be de-registered on the eve of the national polls.

The poor timing also saw slighted DAP members who were dropped as general election candidates - most notably, former Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee - challenging the authority of the party leadership due to the disputed CEC election results.

But now that the CEC election result has affirmed the rectified results of last year's party polls, there are DAP members who feel that ROS had purposely put the party in a bind for political reasons.

"What are they going to do now? Are they going to say that both elections were null and void?" asked a delegate from Johor.

Guan Eng (right) talks to his father Kit Siang (left) as Gobind looks on after the announcement of the party's election results at its special congress in Petaling Jaya today. The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, September 29, 2013.

'Rewards' for some

Although the line-up still remains essentially the same, delegates appear to have "rewarded" some leaders for their recent achievements, most notably being Liew Chin Tong and Zairil.

Zairil climbed eight spots from the last party polls to place 12th after winning the Bukit Bendera parliamentary constituency with a convincing majority.

"ROS helped make Zairil more famous among the delegates," summed up one delegate from Johor.

While Zairil's convincing win is an endorsement of his role in the party, it also appeared to be an attempt to ensure that the party's most prominent Malay face would safely make into the CEC this time.

But if there was one shocker during this election was Liew's meteoric rise in popularity among the delegates.

Liew climbed 13 spots since the last polls with his votes topping that of DAP veterans Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng who usually leads the pack.

Among party delegates, there has been talk about Liew being an efficient strategist and a "giant killer" for unseating MCA strongman Hou Kok Chung, a deputy minister in the previous federal government, in Kluang.

Although not as famous as Karpal, Kit Siang and Guan Eng outside the party, Liew's popularity within bodes well for the party which has long been criticised for allowing "dinosaurs" to rule the party for too long.

Liew in only 36 years old, making him among the youngest CEC member.

Guan Eng (second from left) is all smiles as queues up to cast his ballot during the party’s special congress today. The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, September 29, 2013.
Cracks the whip, and votes dip

However, it was not all joy for everyone as DAP disciplinary board chairperson Tan Kok Wai who surprisingly fell 10 spots, placing 15th.

Tan's decline was likely due to his handling of disciplinary issues involving disgruntled DAP members which have not been smooth sailing as they relentlessly attacked the party.

When met, Tan conceded that this could have been a factor, but added another.

“By chance, I was also a member of the committee that selected candidates for the 13th general election. Some twenty incumbents were dropped,” he said.

The fact that at least two such disgruntled members, namely Jenice Lee and David Dass who turned up at the re-election and created a scene, did not help the party stalwart.

In his post-election press conference, newly re-appointed DAP secretary-general Guan Eng brushed off his slight drop in votes and instead urged the ROS to stop hounding the party.

"I hope they will stop oppressing us," he said.-malaysiakini

20 anggota CEC DAP kekal dalam j'kuasa

Penyamun tetap penyamun..


29 September 2013

Tanda Putera rugi RM3.77juta...

Tayangan filem kontroversi 'Tanda Putera' tamat di pawagam awal minggu ini dengan jumlah kerugian dianggarkan sekitar RM3.77 juta.

Filem yang dihasilkan dengan kos RM4.7 juta itu hanya menarik kutipan RM930,000 selepas 25 hari di pawagam, menurut laman Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (Finas).

Satu lagi filem yang turut mula ditayangkan pada 29 Ogos, 'KL Zombie' berjaya mengutip sejumlah RM2.93 juta dalam tempoh sama.

'KL Zombie' dihasilkan dengan kos RM1.8 juta, kurang daripada separuh kos produksi 'Tanda Putera' dan masih ditayangkan di pawagam.

'Tanda Putera' yang merakam persahabatan di antara perdan menteri waktu itu Tun Abdul Razak Hussein dan timbalannya Tun Ismail Abdul Rahman dalam latar peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 itu dikritik kerana memaparkan perisitiwa sejarah dengan tidak jujur.

Filem tersebut tetap mengalami kerugian walau dipromosi oleh kumpulan pendesak nasionalis, yang turut menggesa akan filem berkenaan diwajibkan tayangan di sekolah dan universiti.

Filem oleh Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd dihasilkan dengan geran RM4.2 juta dari Finas.

Menurut laman 'Tanda Putera' di Facebook, filem berkenaan akan ditayangkan di luar pawagam melalui tempahan khas, yang dijangka akan memberi tambahan kutipan RM570,000.-malaysiakini

Tanda Putera flops as run ends, loses RM3.77mil...

Not even political support of nationalist groups could salvage the controversial film Tanda Putera as it ended screening early this week with a loss of approximately RM3.77 million.

The film made at a cost of RM4.7 million only managed to rake in a miserable RM930,000 after 25 days in the cinemas, according to the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia's (Finas) website.

Gsc at sunway carnival tanda putera 300813In contrast another movie KL Zombie, which like Tanda Putera began screening on August 29 was able to rake in RM2.93 million in the same period.

KL Zombie costing RM1.8 million, less than half Tanda Putera's production cost, is still screening in the cinemas.

Tanda Putera, which chronicles the friendship of then prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein and his then deputy Ismail Abdul Rahman amid the backdrop of the May 13, 1969 racial riots had been criticised for its dishonest portrayal of historical events.

Nationalist pressure groups, which the film's historical angle favours, had attempted to promote the film, even urging for compulsory screening in schools and varsities, but to no avail.

Federal ministers even rallied behind the film pressuring Penang to back down from the state's advisory not to screen it, or to screen it in public spaces.

The film by Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd had the benefit of a RM4.2 million Finas grant.

Meanwhile, according to Tanda Putera's official Facebook page, the film will now be screened outside cinemas for special bookings.

The page claims that this will generate more than RM570,000 in extra revenue on top of the RM930,000 box office revenue.

"To date, the collection from cinema tickets and special bookings have exceeded RM1.5 million," it said in a posting.-malaysiakini

Okeylah - Having provided with the Govt grant of RM4.2m, Persona Pictures had only spent RM0.5m of own money to make the movie. So, with the ticket sales of RM3.77m, They are laughing to the bank with RM3.27m profit! hidup UMNO! Hidup FINAS!

Gen2 - Public money wasted by UMNO cronies.

Zarhalim B Jamion Halim - Kalau dah filem fitnah siapa nak tengok. Baik tengok cerita upin dan Ipin.

Azman Shah - Macamana filem ni boleh rugi,sedangkan ahli umno saja ada 3 juta orang. Katakan harga tiket seringgit, 3 juta orang pergi tengok filem bahlol ni sudah dapat collection paling bangsat pun RM3 juta.Ahli UMNO pun meluat...

Nusantara Raya - Filem ini bercangah dengan semagat 1Malaysia. kini rakyat di persimpangan gelap yang di cipta kita sendiri. di luar pangung terpapar billborad 1Malaysia di dalam panggung tersemat titik kekauman. ini semua mencabar pertimbangan umum.. jika jualan panadol meningkat ini salah siapa ??

Bahasa Banglasia - Air tada (air tiada), kincin boleh (kencing boleh), vera ta boheh (berak tak boleh), Bangla buat sakan...


Pelajar 13 tahun dirogol 8 lelaki berusia 12 -14 tahun...

Gara-gara kemaruk seks, seorang pelajar 13 tahun sanggup menipu ahli keluarganya dengan alasan mahu bermalam di rumah rakan, sebaliknya dia menuju ke sebuah surau menanti lapan lelaki untuk menidurinya.

Walaupun diperlakukan seperti pelacur, pelajar tingkatan satu di sebuah sekolah menengah, masih tidak kesal dengan perbuatannya dan cuba menyembunyikan daripada keluarga.

Bagaimanapun perkara itu dihidu seorang lelaki yang kebetulan berada di kawasan surau dan ternampak remaja itu membersihkan pakaiannya.

Setelah mendapat tahu perkara sebenar, lelaki terbabit yang tinggal di perumahan dalam bandar itu menyampaikan hal tersebut ke pengetahuan keluarga gadis tersebut sebelum laporan polis dibuat.

Seorang penduduk yang enggan dikenali berkata, pelajar perempuan terbabit dilaporkan sering ponteng sekolah dan kurang mendapat perhatian keluarganya.

Menurutnya, ibunya yang sudah bercerai dengan bapanya sudah kembali ke Indonesia dan kedua-duanya sudah berkahwin lain.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Hulu Selangor, Deputi Superintendan Zulkifli Bedin berkata, siasatan awal mendapati kejadian itu dipercayai berlaku pada pagi 20 September lalu di sebuah rumah kosong kira-kira 100 meter dari surau berkenaan.

“Pelajar itu dilaporkan ponteng sekolah pada 19 September dan tidak pulang ke rumah sebaliknya tidur di surau dalam taman perumahan di bandar itu.

Menurutnya, bertindak atas laporan keluarga mangsa, polis menangkap kelapan-lapan suspek dan direman untuk siasatan lanjut.

"Enam suspek berusia 14 tahun manakala dua lagi berusia 12 tahun.

“Pelajar perempuan tersebut dibawa ke Hospital Selayang untuk pemeriksaan lanjut. Kes disiasat berkait rogol kerana mangsa masih di bawah umur," katanya.

 sekadar gambar hiasan saja

Sementara itu, ahli keluarga seorang remaja bawah umur yang dirogol lapan pelajar sekolah menafikan mangsa merelakan dirinya disetubuhi sebaliknya dipaksa dan dicederakan.

Sepupu mangsa yang enggan dikenali berkata, mangsa yang sebenarnya baru berusia 12 tahun diugut dan dicederakan sebelum dirogol.

“Dia dibawa ke kawasan rumah kosong di Jalan Rampaisari oleh kelapan-lapan lelaki terbabit sebelum salah seorang menutup matanya dengan kain dan dibawa ke tingkat atas rumah tersebut.

“Ketika itu lelaki terbabit membuka baju, seluar dan meraba lalu merogolnya secara bergilir-gilir,” katanya ketika ditemui di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Hulu Selangor di sini semalam.

Menurut sepupu mangsa turut ditemani bapa tiri dan ibu saudaranya, mangsa dirogol dua kali di rumah kosong berlainan hanya selang 30 minit selepas itu.

Menurutnya, mangsa cuba menjerit tetapi mulutnya ditekap tangan suspek.

“Dalam jam 8.05 pagi kelapan-lapan lelaki itu sekali lagi membawanya ke sebuah lagi rumah kosong di kawasan sama.

“Dia cuba melarikan diri ketika dibawa ke rumah tersebut tetapi diekori rapat oleh lelaki terbabit.

Setibanya di rumah itu, dia diraba dan dirogol bergilir-gilir oleh tujuh lelaki,” katanya.

Menurutnya, setelah itu mangsa ditinggalkan bersendirian di rumah kosong tersebut.

Katanya, mangsa keluar dari rumah itu dan menuju ke surau berdekatan untuk mencuci pakaian dan ketika itulah seorang lelaki memanggil dan mendekati mangsa sebelum dibawa ke balai polis.

Sinar Harian sebelum ini melaporkan kejadian itu berlaku pada 20 September lalu di sebuah lokasi seperti dimaksudkan sepupu mangsa dan jaraknya hanya kira-kira 100 meter daripada surau berkenaan.

Sepupu mangsa menjelaskan, mangsa keluar rumah pada 19 September lebih kurang jam 9 pagi ke rumah rakannya Jalan Rampaisari 3E, Bandar Sungai Buaya.

Menurutnya, mangsa berada bersama rakannya sehingga petang dan tidak pulang ke rumah.

Katanya, pada keesokannya, lebih kurang jam 7.30 pagi ketika mangsa berada di sekitar kawasan rumah rakannya itu, mangsa telah diajak oleh lapan lelaki ke rumah kosong di jalan yang sama dan ketika itulah kejadian tersebut berlaku.

Tambah sepupu mangsa lagi, gadis itu turut mengalami kecederaan dan kesan lebam pada tangan dipercayai dipijak dan jari-jemarinya kehitaman kerana cuba bertahan dan menahan kesakitan.

“Dia turut mengadu sakit di kepala kerana dihentak pada batang paip PVC.

“Tangannya lebam-lebam kerana dikasari dan dia ada katakan perutnya turut disepak,” katanya.

Sementara itu, menurut ahli keluarga mangsa yang lain, mereka mengakui mangsa tidak hadir ke sekolah tetapi bukan sengaja sebaliknya mengambil keputusan untuk tidak hadir kerana menemani ibunya yang mahu bersalin.

Menurut mereka, selesai Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), mangsa tidak lagi ke sekolah kerana menemani ibunya di hospital.

“Sebab itu dia tidak ada pakaian lain untuk digunakan.

“Dia berulang-alik ke hospital untuk menemani ibunya yang ketika itu hanya menunggu masa bersalin,” kata seorang ibu saudara mangsa.

Katanya, ibu mangsa selamat melahirkan anak perempuan pada jam 3 pagi, 24 September di Hospital Selayang.

Ahli keluarga mangsa turut diberitahu kesemua lapan suspek direman sehingga 27 September bagi proses siasatan.

gambar hiasan


-Pada 19/9/13 Jam L/Kurang 0900 Hrs Pengadu telah ponteng dari bersekolah dan pergi kerumah kawannya nama Elisa dijalan Rampaisari Sg Buaya dan lepak di situ sehingga selesai waktu persekolahan kemudian pengadu seorang diri telah merayau2 di kawasan Sg Buaya kerana takut untuk pulang ke rumah sehingga waktu malam dan pengadu telah tidur di surau Al Angsa Sg Buaya.

-Pada Keesokkan harinya(Hari ini) 20/9/13 Jam L/Kurang 7.30 Pagi apabila pengadu bangun dari tidur dan keluar dari surau pengadu lihat 8 Orang Lelaki Melayu yg dikenalinya sedang berkumpul berdekatan kawasan surau tersebut,pengadu telah menghampiri mereka dan mereka telah mengajak pengadu pergi ke sebuah rumah kosong.

-Semasa berada di rumah kosong Adam(saspek) telah bertindak menutup Mata Pengadu dengan menggunakan baju T-Shirt. Haikal dan Hafis telah membuka baju Pengadu dan baringkan dilantai rumah kosong tersebut kemudian pengadu telah Dirogol/diraba Oleh 8 Lelaki Melayu yg dikenalinya.



1/Tahan 8 lelaki Melayu(spt nama pgakuan diatas)bawa balik ke balai Sentosa untuk siasatan awal dan Jalankan Tangkapan
2/Kesemua 8 OKT adalah bawah umur dan pg ni akan direman.
3/Mangsa tlh dhantar ke Hospital Selayang utk pmeriksaan doktor, dimana sahkan ada koyakan baru pd kmaluan mangsa & tahan wad.
4/TeamForensik diketuai oleh Insp Nawawi siasat tpt kejadian tlh menemui rambut/bulu kesan air & 1 baju.
4/Siasatan diteruskan

If DAP results are stained, what about GE13...

Much has been said about DAP’s CEC (Central Executive Committee) polls held in December last year due to a computer glitch causing a stain on the results.

This columnist since January had also been pushing the DAP top leadership to re-do the polls because when there is a stain on the results, it doesn’t look good.

But of course the thousand times bigger stain on the results is none other than what had happened in the 13th general election wherein the conduct of the polls overall leaves much to be desired where good governance, transparency and accountability are concerned.

Independent polls observer Pemantau claimed that there were suspicious incidents in a good number of seats they were monitoring. This claim by Pemantau was made in the recent People’s Tribunal for GE13 held from Sept 18 to 22 in Subang Jaya.

Pemantau chief, Yasmin Masidi informed the Tribunal that Pemantau monitored 51 seats and half of these had suspicious incidents. Yasmin reported to the Tribunal that these incidents included gift-giving and there were voters who were even asked to mark the ballot papers with the indelible ink because they were not given a pen.

An Orang Asal also gave testimony at the Tribunal wherein he confessed that he was paid RM20 to vote for BN with the remainder RM80 to be paid after voting but till today he has yet to receive the balance.

Said Norman Korig from Kuala Lipis, Pahang, “BN promised us that they will build roads and houses if we give them our support. One of the top BN leaders even threatened us that if we fail to vote for BN, the government’s medical services for us will grind to a stop but if we vote BN, we can get RM1,200 BR1M money.”

It is extremely amazing that there are still so many gullible people who in this day and age can still get taken in by BN’s promises.

Another witness, Abu Hussin Tamby who is the party representative for the candidate contesting the Air Limau state seat in Malacca informed the Tribunal that when he and two of his colleagues were in the Alor Gajah district police headquarters at around 3.15 pm on May 2 to deliver the advanced votes from Lubuk Cina, he saw around seven or eight Election Commission (EC) officers standing around a heap of ballot papers.

This particular district police station is the place where the advanced votes were kept.

“I saw around seven or eight people wearing the EC uniform standing around the ballot papers but without the ballot boxes. This shows that they must be doing the counting. I believe the votes are from the parliament seats of Alor Gajah and Masjid Tanah.

“I then went to make a police report at the Masjid Tanah district police station,” said Abu Hussin who also made a request to view the CCTV but his request was rejected without any reason being given.

Abu Hussin added that the police could not give him accurate replies except to say that any misdemeanor will be dealt with by the higher-ups.

Government’s moral duty

K Vasantha Kumar, PKR’s candidate for the parliament seat of Tapah reported that his campaign worker by the name of K Murugan had received a death threat instructing him to stop being a PKR campaign worker.

Said Vasantha, “RM100 vouchers and food were also distributed by BN’s people to the public. And on polling day itself, Orang Asal voters were prevented from voting. Before that, we in PKR were also stopped by the authorities from campaigning in the rural villages.”

Although nothing will come out of the People’s Tribunal, it is a clear indication that many shenanigans had occurred during the 13th general election and the government has a moral duty to look into the evidence presented at this said Tribunal.

“The EC should take cognizance of the evidence submitted by the witnesses at the People’s Tribunal and should strive to improve on their standard operating procedures to prevent electoral fraud especially where voter-registration is concerned,” said PAS Kota Raja MP, Siti Mariah Mahmud.

Hatta Ramli, the PAS Kuala Krai MP urged the EC to be responsible over all the shenanigans reported. He remarked that the testimony at the People’s Tribunal showed that the EC was not transparent in its standard operating procedures. EC also failed to be impartial and should look into the issues brought up by the witnesses.

“EC must not ignore the People’s Tribunal and the evidence presented therein because it affects the nation’s democratic image,” added Hatta.

Although GE13 will not be re-done, the present BN government elected into office has to bear the stigma of winning with a stain on the results.

BN supporters who harp that DAP’s CEC polls results are not valid due to the computer glitch should also take note that the same can be said of the GE13 results wherein many suspicious incidents and shenanigans too numerous to be mentioned here had taken place.

Therefore the saying thus holds true: By the measure that you measure out, the same will be measured to you again.

When BN’s supporters say DAP’s party polls are a sham, then what about the 13th general election? - Selena Tay,fmt

Photo: Menteri2 1malaysia gangster...


28 September 2013

Orang Minyak Ditangkap Di Kuala Berang Terengganu...

Seorang lelaki dipercayai ada hubung kait dengan kes serangan ‘orang minyak’ yang berlaku di sekitar Bukit Payung dan Padang Midin, Kuala Terengganu diberkas di persimpangan jalan Kampung Machang Lada, di sini, semalam. 

Lelaki berusia 42 tahun disyaki kurang siuman itu ditahan sekumpulan ahli Rakan Muda (Crime Awareness Team) selepas didapati berkeliaran dalam keadaan separuh bogel di persimpangan jalan berkenaan. 

Sebelum diberkas kira-kira jam 2.45 pagi, ahli Rakan Muda terbabit diketuai jurulatihnya, Mohd Sukri Embong, 45, terserempak dengan lelaki berkenaan ketika membuat rondaan.-f/bk

UMNO jawab,itu persepsi semata2.Cuma 5% rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat dengan rasuah. 
5% itu terdiri daripada pemimpin dan penyangak2 UMNO...

Malaysia antara negara tertinggi amal rasuah, menurut kajian...

Malaysia disenaraikan sebagai salah sebuah negara yang kerap mengamalkan rasuah dan mengambil jalan pintas bagi mencapai sesuatu sasaran sewaktu dalam kegawatan ekonomi, kata satu kajian baru-baru ini.

Kajian yang dibuat Ernst & Young itu sekali gus menunjukkan Unit Penyampaian dan Pengurusan Prestasi (Pemandu) kerajaan gagal dalam peranannya mentransformasikan bidang ekonomi.

Malaysia dan China berada pada paras teratas dalam skala rasuah menurut penemuan terbaru Laporan Kajian Penipuan Asia Pasifik 2013. Kajian itu dijalankan kepada 681 eksekutif di China, Singapura, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia dan Korea Selatan.

Separuh daripada eksekutif itu berpendapat China, Indonesia, Malaysia dan Vietnam paling banyak terlibat dalam rasuah.

Eksekutif yang terlibat dalam kajian ini mempunyai latar belakang  dalam sektor industri, perbankan, peruncitan dan sumber asli.

"Kegiatan penipuan mencatatkan peningkatan dan hal ini tidak berkait di antara polisi ditetapkan dengan pematuhan polisi itu,"kata rakan pengurusan dalam laporan tersebut, Chris Fordham.

Kira-kira 39 peratus mendapati rasuah diamalkan secara meluas di Malaysia, dua kali ganda daripada purata Asia Pasifik iaitu sebanyak 21 peratus.

Malah, 29 peratus responden mendapati rasuah yang diamalkan di sini meningkat berikutan keadaan ekonomi yang semakin mendesak dan peningkatan dalam persaingan yang merupakan negara ketiga tertinggi dalam kajian itu.

Laporan itu mendapati sewaktu negara di Asia mengenengahkan polisi anti rasuahnya, pendekatan itu tidak dilaksanakan dengan berkesan.

Kira-kira 40 peratus responden mendedahkan syarikat mereka mempunyai etika anti rasuah dan 35 peratus lagi mengesahkan pegawai atasan mereka menyatakan komitmen terhadap polisi tersebut.


"Kajian juga mendapati risiko rasuah meningkat dalam pasaran negara membangun disebabkan kawalan persekitaran lemah dalam pelaksanaan polisi yang berbeza dengan kerangka kerja pematuhan global,” katanya.

Kajian berkenaan turut menunjukkan empat peratus responden bersetuju atau sangat bersetuju di mana bukan sesuatu yang salah menawarkan ganjaran wang dalam perniagaan.

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak (gambar) membentangkan enam Bidang Keberhasilan Utama Negara (NKRA) yang salah satunya mengurangkan amalan rasuah.-malaysian insider

DAP's Sunday elections are on as court throws out suit...

DAP will hold the re-election of its central executive committee (CEC) on Sunday, with the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today allowing the party’s application to strike out a suit challenging the election.

NONEJudge Rosnaini Saub ruled that the court has no jurisdiction to challenge the party’s decision in made in compliance with the party constitution, and thus the application by DAO and its chairperson Karpal Singh was allowed. Costs of RM5,000 were also ordered.

Among party leaders present in the packed courtroom were its adviser Lim Kit Siang, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and also saw DAP elected representatives.

Former DAP Ladang Paroi branch vice-chairperson David Dass, who was sacked by the party in July, had filed the suit challenging the CEC re-election.

In his suit, Dass stated that the party should inform members 10 weeks before holding party elections, and he had named Guan Eng and the DAP as defendants.

NONEKarpal Singh in the application to strike out Dass’ suit argued that Section 18 of the Societies Act 1966 bars any party member from challenging decisions made by the party.

Justice Rosnaini ruled that Dass' claim as not sustainable and thus dismissed his suit simultaneously.

According to Section 18C of the Societies Act 1966, she said, decisions made by a political party on matters relating to its affairs shall be final and cannot be challenged.

She added that DAP can call a special congress for the purpose of electing a new CEC, as stated in the First Schedule of the party constitution.

However, Rosnaini said, it was up to the Registrar of Societies (ROS), not the court, to decide if a re-election was in compliance with ROS requirements.

Outside the courtroom, Karpal said he was relieved to have a sound decision from the court.

Meanwhile, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng urged ROS director Abdul Rahman Othman to resign for not knowing the regulations well.

"He (Rahman) had once told the press that special congress was not allowed to called for a re-election, that only the national congress can.

"He is not qualified to hold the post," Lim lamented.-malaysiakini

Mahkamah benar DAP teruskan pemilihan CEC...

Melayu kena tipu hidup2 ...