30 September 2009

Postal Vote - a process so flawed and biased.......

This piece was taken from the editorial desk of Ipoh Echo issue 83 written by Fatholzaman Bukhari, titled,"Making Sense of Postal Vote"............

Fraudulent use of postal vote is a common complaint by the Opposition. Attempts at overhauling the system has been stone-walled by the ruling party for obvious reasons…

General Election

The first ever general election in post-independent Malaya was in 1959. All in all, the country has witnessed 12 general elections, the latest being in March 2008. And if the Prime Minister does not see the urgency of dissolving the parliament to get a new mandate from the rakyat, the 13th General Election will in 2013. The Federal Constitution requires that a general election be held once every five years. Barisan National (BN) has been winning successive general election since 1959 but suffered a setback in March 2008 when it lost its two-third majority in parliament, the first ever in the coalition’s history.

To register as a voter in Malaysia requires one to be citizen of the country and is above 21 years old. They must then register themselves as voters with the Election Commission (EC) either online or at offices sanctioned by the Commission, namely post offices.

Voting Methods

While it is possible to vote by post, proxy and in person in other countries, voting in Malaysia is restricted to these two methods only - in person and by post. However, voting by post is only available to servicemen (armed forces and police personnel), students studying abroad and those serving in Malaysian embassies overseas. Indonesia, like many Western democracies, allows its citizens living abroad to vote. This has somewhat escaped the Election Commission’s notice despite repeated attempts at alluding to such glaring anomaly

Postal vote has remained a contentious issue since the first GE in 1959. The fact that it is only restricted to the privileged few speaks volumes of its inappropriateness in this modern era. The Malayan Emergency had long gone and so had the Communist threats since the December 1989 Armistice. Our security forces no longer operate away from their home bases. With the exception of those serving on UN missions abroad, the majority of our servicemen are home-bound and are located at bases throughout the country. Is there a necessity for them to caste their votes through the mail box?

The country’s armed forces is some 80,000 strong and this number can tip the balance in someone’s favour should all of them vote. The 14,000 postal votes garnered by the BN candidate in the Setiawangsa constituency during the March 2008 election is a case in point.


Fraudulent use of postal votes is a common complaint by the Opposition after every general election. Attempts to overhaul the system remain nothing more than lip service to placate the disgruntled. A similar effort at introducing indelible ink to prevent multiple voting was disallowed at the eleventh hour. The excuse given was that voters reserved the right not to use the ink as it had no legal standing. An amendment to the Election Regulations 1981 was required. The EC had failed to table the amendment at the Dewan Rakyat during its final session from August to December 2007.

Postal vote will not be hotly debated if it had remained true to its spirit. If it is done the way we submit our annual income tax returns to IRD via the post, there will be little to complain, as everything is above board. The voter gets his voting slip in an envelope and is required to cross the name of his candidate of choice and then mail the slip in a self-addressed envelope to the EC agent in his constituency. So long as the sealed envelope reaches the returning officer at the stipulated time, the vote is considered valid. But this is not the case insofar as our postal voting process is concerned.

New Approach

The approach to the voting process for servicemen since 1990 has assumed a new dimension. Soldiers are given their voting slips as required. The forms are numbered thus whatever party the individual soldier votes can be traced if tracking needs to be done. Thus secrecy, which is an inherent right of the voter, is being compromised. Once voting is done the soldier does not drop his sealed envelope in a mail box but into a mail bag provided by the EC instead.

In the 1990 and 1995 general elections the job of managing postal vote in the armed forces was entrusted to the Personnel Division of the Ministry of Defence. An officer was assigned to each formation headquarters in the country. The said officer would stay at his assigned location until the whole voting process was done. The mail bags with the postal votes would then be surrendered to the EC. Where these bags will eventually end is anyone‘s guess. And whether the bags will remain intact while in transit is another question altogether. The Election Commission has not given any satisfactory answers in spite of criticisms heaped upon it by the Opposition and election watchdogs.

Canvassing in army camps is strictly taboo and ground commanders are mindful of this restriction. However, there have been instances when members of the ruling party are allowed to “talk to the boys on a personal basis”. Therefore, the possibility of soldiers being smooth-talked into voting a particular party cannot be ruled out.


Postal votes will feature prominently at the coming Bagan Pinang by-election on October 11, 2009. The state constituency is home to an armoured regiment, four training establishments and the Army Recruit Training Centre. It supports a population of over 5000 service personnel which represents almost 36 percent of the total number of voters in the constituency. It will definitely have an impact on the overall result.

An equitable solution to this problem is long overdue. We have to do away with postal vote, as the process is so flawed and biased. But will the beneficiaries agree to a change when gerrymandering is their forte? - fathol zaman bukhari

source: ipoh echo

Btw. students and Malaysian studying or living in foreign countries are denied of such voting process. A close friend on mine told me he inquried the Malaysian Embassy in Washington,
whether he and his family members were entitled to postal vote during the 12th GE? The reply was NO, and postal vote were meant for staff of Malaysian Embassy only, replied an official of the Embassy.

So you see how gerry meandering electoral boundaries, abusing postal votes and even holding elections on working days to disadvantage the opposition are tricks of the trade used by the BN with the help of SPR to stay in power as long it takes. Will the rakyat be conned by all these sandiwaras?

In the Bagan Pinang byelection, Mahathir said NO to Isa......but UMNO still need Isa........ coz Isa said that he was not found guilty of committing any criminal offence but instead of violating the party's code of ethics.

Dont you think its time for Mahathir to campaign for the PR candidate?...............


28 September 2009

Najib too wants a piece of "makkal sakti"...........

Makkal Sakti or people power in Tamil, popularised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) as a rallying cry for the disenfranchised portions of the Indian community, it later was borrowed liberally as an opposition slogan.

Now, BN looks set on borrowing a bit of makkal sakti magic by means of the newly formed Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), led by former Hindraf coordinator RS Thanenthiran.Come Oct 10, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will be launching the new party, helmed by his former arch-critic.

This is the first time a BN chairperson is launching a party, let alone a party outside the BN, but Thanenthiran insisted that MMSP was independent from the BN. Najib was endorsing MMSP because Umno was losing its patience with the MIC's ability to win back support from the Indian community.

Political observer and author R Mutharasu opined that Najib was trying to show his commitment to address the woes of the Indian community by engaging groups outside the BN.

"But does he have the same determination to admit these groups into the BN?

Ibrahim Suffian (right), director of independent pollster Merdeka Centre, said,"Perhaps the PM patience with MIC is at an end. They (BN) have to develop their own solution, partly by endorsing the new party. Ibrahim believed that Najib does not plan to use the MMSP as a replacement for MIC because the latter has long roots in the coalition.

"Casting MIC aside will cause serious internal dynamics within the coalition. But (ties with MMSP) will be a strong signal for MIC to shape up," said Ibrahim.


Najib Razak is only dividing the Indians since BN/UMNO cannot get the Indian votes anyway. He is doing this just to deny PR the Indian support. Also he is indirectly telling Samy Vellu that his time is up and he has to go.

But,how stupid can a PM be, taking time off just to launch a political party so that the slogan "makkal sakti" is no more a battle cry slogan against the minority oppressed Malaysian Indians......


19 September 2009


Kepada muslimin dan muslimat, saya ucapkan Salam Hari Lebaran, pandulah baik-baik agar selamat sampai ke kampung........

To all my friends, Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri. I hope you enjoy your break and a happy trip back to the kampungs, drive carefully..........

Berpandu dengan cermat dan AWAS..............

will be back soon...........


The twist and turn in the PKFZ fiasco worries Najib....

The RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone financial debacle took a fresh twist after news leaked alleging that the cabinet had been kept apprised of the massive cost over-runs and may have thereby even given its tacit approval.The shocking revelation has forced Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak into damage control mode. He has ordered the police to immediately investigate the security lapse.

"Anyone who expo
ses cabinet papers will be subjected to police investigations and action under the Official Secrets Act will depend on the investigations," Najib told reporters late on Friday.

Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar
confirmed a probe has begun.

“We are investigating to find out who is responsible for exposing information on the cabinet paper,
” he said.

Earlier this week, copies of an 18-page memorandum submitted by the Finance Ministry to the cabinet made the rounds in cyberspace after top anti-government blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin exposed the document on his website. The crux of the memorandum was to seek the cabinet’s retrospective endorsement for a RM4.6 billion government loan to cover the huge over-expenditure in the PKFZ project, which originally was due to cost only RM1.8 billion.

Coincidentally, Raja Petra’s blog has been blocked the past couple of days, with regulator Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission refusing to comment when asked if it had been instructed to do so.

“Has it anything to do with the RM12.5 billion PKFZ documents including cabinet papers, onbillion Port the website in the past three days?,” asked opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang.

PKFZ is an integrated 1,000 acre commercial and industrial zone located adjacent to the national gateway and transhipment hub in Port Klang. It is the government’s largest port investment ever. However due to massive cost overruns that independent auditors have blamed on weak governance and questionable practice, the original development budget has ballooned multiple folds and and could hit RM12.5 billion if funding undertaken for the project is not revamped soon.

source:malaysian mirror

Najib said the investigation was not to deny the peoples' right to information but the act of exposing the cabinet paper on the Internet was unacceptable. But, the act of not disclosing the real culprits behind the heist that blew the PKFZ scandal out of proportion is also unacceptable.

Najib arah polis menyiasat penyebaran dalam internet rahsia Kerajaan berhubung Skandal Rasuah dalam PKFZ yang termuat dalam blog Raja Petra. Kini blog Raja Petra dikatakan sama ada disekat atau digodam. Sejak dokumen rahsia itu bocor, ribuan pelayar internet di seluruh dunia telah membacanya.

Pelik juga, jika dokumen kabinet itu adalah palsu, kenapa Najib minta siasatan dijalankan? Secara tak langsung, Najib telah mengiyakan kesahihan dokumen berkenaan. Sekiranya dokumen itu palsu sudah lama Najib akan menafikannya dalam satu sidang akhbar.

Sekiranya dokumen tersebut adalah sahih, siapakah dalangnya yang menyebarkan dokumen 'rahsia' itu. Kalau nak tuduh pembangkang, itu adalah pelik juga,kerana fail-fail rahsia ini ada dalam simpanan gomen. Jadi punca kebocoran dokumen itu mesti datang daripada orang dalaman gomen dan apakah tujuan ianya dilakukan, allahu a'alam .

Namun, mungkin selama ini gomen banyak merahsiakan skandal ini, orang itu tuduh orang ini dan orang ini tuduh orang itu, aku saman dia,dia saman aku, macam adengan dalam drama minggu ini. Tapi apa yang jelas sekarang ialah, 100% yang terlibat dalam skandal membalun berbilion-bilion wang rakyat adalah tokoh-tokoh politik daripada UMNO,MCA dan rakan-rakan BN.

Dalam hal ini,Najib hendaklah telus dan ikhlas. Jika benar seperti mana yang didedahkan di dalam dokumen itu, gomen Najib hendaklah bertanggungjawab. Sekiranya, peristewa begini berlaku di negara-negara lain, bak kata sifu Mahathir,"In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he would commit harakiri (suicide)".

Jadi, sama-sama kita tunggu, andainya dokumen 'rahsia' itu sahih, apakah Najib dan gomennya akan letak jawatan......

Read here too.


Mahathir on Samy - the pot calling the kettle black........

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has once again lashed out at MIC president S Samy Vellu, describing him as a liability to the Barisan Nasional coalition.Mahathir said he was concerned that support for BN would decline in the coming elections because Samy Vellu continued to helm MIC.

The former premier said the 73-year-old MIC president should relinquish his post for his party's failure in the last elections, where Samy Vellu was also defeated in his parliamentary stronghold of Sungai Siput.

"In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he would commit harakiri (suicide). We are not asking him (Samy Vellu) to commit harakiri.

"You have failed to lead MIC to the point that you lost yourself," he said.

Comparing Samy Vellu to his successor and former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahathir said Abdullah had resigned due to his poor performance.

"Samy's performance is worse than Pak Lah (Abdullah), but he still does not want to give up his post," he said, adding: "He should have resigned before things got to this stage."

The former premier said leaders must realise that the post they held was not for life. "This is not directed at Samy Vellu alone because there are others who are like him," he added. As for himself, Mahathir said he had wanted to resign in 1998 but because of the economic crisis and the Anwar Ibrahim issue, he had to continue leading the nation until 2003.

"I resigned not when people criticised me. I resigned because I had stayed too long.

"Malaysian leaders still do not understand that when they fail they should resign of their own volition, no need for others to tell them. When you fail, your party fails. You are responsible," he said.


Mahathir said, "In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he would commit harakiri (suicide).

You are right there,but you yourself had failed in a number of instances yet you carried on. So are the current UMNO leaders....the Lingam tape revelations,the TBH case...PKFZ fiassco etc,etc.....

As for himself, Mahathir said he had wanted to resign in 1998 but because of the economic crisis and the Anwar Ibrahim issue, he had to continue leading the nation until 2003.

When you found out that Anwar was a threat to you and UMNO, you cooked up a conspiracy theory to bring Anwar down and with the economic crisis, you seized that opportunity, so that you can stay longer as PM.

"I resigned not when people criticized me. I resigned because I had stayed too long.- Mahathir

No...no...no, people did criticized you, but the media had no balls to report, so were the UMNO ball lickers. You became a liability to UMNO, thats why you were asked to step down gracefully before the 2004 GE, if not you will stay on longer just like Samy Vellu and if you did, BN will fair badly in the 2004 GE.

Mahathir dan Samy Velu ini adalah 2 x 5 dan 5 x 2, sama-sama bukan mabuk todi tapi mabuk kuasa.........

Baca di sini.


18 September 2009

Dr.Mahathir lebih kecil hati dengan juak-juak UMNO....

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata beliau tidak sedih atau marah dengan cadangan seorang anggota MIC agar gambar beliau dikalung selipar. Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata beliau tidak merasakan apa-apa dengan kecaman tersebut kerana "bukan saya jadi apa-apa". Ini kerana kecaman itu datang daripada anggota parti lain dan iannya tidak merugikannya, katanya kepada Bernama di sini.

Sebaliknya, Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau amat sedih dan marah sekiranya kecaman datang daripada anggota Umno sendiri seperti yang pernah berlaku.

"Ini bukan kali pertama saya dikecam. Dulu orang dah lupa macam mana pemimpin Umno kecam saya.

"Nazri (menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz) dan menteri besar Kedah dahulu nak buang saya daripada Umno.

"Tapi masa itu tak ada siapa bagi reaksi apa pun. Tak ada orang berani cakap apa," katanya.

Cadangan kalungan selipar itu dibuat oleh Timbalan Ketua MIC bahagian Paya Besar, Pahang, M Sukumaran pada perhimpunan agung MIC Ahad lepas di ibu negara kerana mendakwa Dr Mahathir mencampuri urusan parti itu melalui kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuatnya. Ekoran itu, Sukumaran dikecam hebat dan dianggap sebagai biadab. Beliau kemudian memohon maaf dengan memberi alasan beliau telah terlepas cakap. Malah, anggota MIC itu ingin menemui Dr Mahathir untuk meminta maaf secara peribadi.

Mengulas lanjut isu itu, Dr Mahathir berkata: "Tiba-tiba saya jadi popular. Orang semua pertahankan saya.

"Seperti yang saya katakan, dulu saya kena kecam, kena kata... suruh buang daripada Umno. Tapi orang tak react (beri reaksi)."

"Pasal apa dulu tak react, kali ini react.

"Dulu bila saya kena kecam, tak ada sesiapa pertahankan saya. Taklah secara terbuka. Orang senyap-senyap beranilah tapi orang kenamaan dan orang terkenal tak beranilah pertahan saya," katanya.

Dr Mahathir berkata beliau sedih apabila orang partinya sendiri dan orang yang duduk dalam kabinetnya sendiri mengecamnya. Katanya beliau lebih marah terhadap kecaman yang dilontarkan oleh anggota Umno dan bekas anggota kabinetnya daripada kecaman yang dibuat oleh anggota MIC.

"Saya duduk dalam Umno dari mula parti itu ditubuhkan. Yang tegur saya ini belum beranak pun lagi," katanya.

Mengenai hasrat Sukumaran ingin menemuinya untuk memohon maaf, Dr Mahathir berkata: "Minta maaf tak apa, tak minta maaf pun tak apa. Bagi saya tak ada apa-apa. Saya yang sedih bila orang parti saya sendiri, orang yang duduk dalam kabinet saya sendiri kecam saya."

Dr Mahathir berkata Sukumaran kini menjadi mangsa percakapannya sendiri. Selasa lepas, Presiden MIC Datuk Seri Samy Vellu mengumumkan penggantungan serta-merta keanggotaan Sukumaran ekoran kecamannya itu.

(While many, including his son, rushed to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's defence over the 'slipper garland' remark, the former premier however had a different take. Recalling how he was attacked by Umno leaders during the reign of Abullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahathir pointed out that nobody gave two hoots then.

The former Umno president then zeroed in on his chief critic in Umno, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz."This is not the first time I have been insulted. People might have forgotten how Umno leaders insulted me. Nazri (left) and the previous menteri besar of Kedah (Mahadzir Khalid) wanted me expelled from Umno.
"However, then no one gave any reaction. No one dared to say anything," he told Bernama.

"Suddenly I have become popular. Everyone is defending me. As I said... previously when I was insulted, asked to be expelled from Umno, no one showed any reaction. Why the reaction now?"

"Then no one defended me. At least not openly. Some did on the quiet but the big names dared not," he said, adding that he was saddened that people from his own party and who sat with him in his cabinet had resorted to such action.

Mahathir was responding to the controversy surrounding MIC delegate M Sukumaran who drew flak when he said that the former premier's photograph should be garlanded with slippers. Sukumaran, who has since been suspended by MIC president S Samy Vellu pending an inquiry into his outburst, had expressed regret and apologised to the former premier. The delegate made the remark during the MIC annual general assembly over the weekend in response to Mahathir's criticism towards the party president.

However, Mahathir said he was not saddened or angered by the insult. It was insults from Umno people, he stressed, that hurt him and this one from the MIC member was just like "pouring water on a duck's back."

"I have been with Umno since its formation (except for short spells when he was expelled and when he resigned as a member). The people who talked bad about me weren't even born yet," he said.
The 84-year-old statesman added that if he were back in power now, he would drop these people from the cabinet. On Sukumaran's wish to apologise to him, Mahathir said: "Apologise also okay, don't want to apologise also don't matter. It's only when my own people hurl insults at me that I feel slighted." He said Sukumaran now had become his own victim because of his action.)


The majority of ntv7's prime time English news viewers found nothing wrong with a MIC delegate's call to garland former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's photograph with slippers. A total of 51 percent had voted 'No' in a SMS poll aired by the Umno-linked television network which asked if the delegate's remark was "rude, extreme and uncalled for."

The 'slipper garland' remark elicited widespread condemnation from various quarters, including Mahathir's son and international trade and industry deputy minister Muhkriz. Umno leaders Hishammuddin Hussein and Rais Yatim also saw red.

Nasiblah Mahathir ooi., sampai nak jadi perwakilan pun dikena main oleh bahagian sendiri. Pendek kata depa pun dah meluat kat hang kot...........


17 September 2009

1Malaysia F1 team - nothing less than a billion RM........

Malaysia’s foray into the expensive world of Formula One with its 1Malaysia F1 team is expected to cost nothing less than a billion ringgit, industry sources say.Budgetary concerns pose the biggest challenge in getting the 1Malaysia F1 team off the starting grid in next year’s Formula One race.

The cost of putting an F1 team together from scratch is considerable, with teams spending between US$45.6 million (RM158.7 million) and US$445.6 million (RM1.55 billion) per year on F1 races. The expenses will involve setting up the infrastructure, where a large portion of the budget will go towards operational expenditures such as employing staff, drivers’ and test driver’s salaries, engines, tyres, fuel, travel, freight, testing, equipment and food. There is also R&D and engine costs to consider.

Malaysia is also planning to build its F1 team headquarters – at a cost of millions or even billions of ringgit – which will be located at the Sepang International Circuit, and comprise an office, R& D facility, technical centre and a wind tunnel.A public-private partnership company, 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd, will work with regulating bodies such as Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) and Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) on all technical aspects of managing the team. A spokesman for 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd said they will hold a press conference after the festivities to announce the names of the stakeholders, and also the initial budget needed to run the F1 team.

A consortium of other joint venture partners, that include companies such as Proton, AirAsia Bhd and Naza Group, will also be actively involved in the F1 team, but the financial details of their involvement have yet to be determined. AirAsia’s deputy CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranum was quoted by AFP as saying that the F1 team is looking for investors. He, however, declined to reveal how much it will cost Malaysia to participate in the F1 races.

AirAsia’s CEO Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes will be the team’s principal and act as the spokesman for the local team, besides liaising with the International Automobile Federation (FIA). An official from Naza said the group’s involvement and how much it will spend on the F1 team will be announced in due time.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, who is also finance minister, announced the formation of the 1Malaysia Formula 1 Team which, he said, was a government and private sector initiative. He also said that the team will be based at the SIC and the cars will be designed, manufactured and tested there.

Najib said the funding for the venture will come from the public and private sectors, with the government’s investment being channelled through national car maker Proton. He stressed that the project would not be a waste of money as it would boost the country’s image internationally and be a marketing platform for Malaysia, Proton, Lotus, AirAsia and Naza. Read here.


Quite a few organisations have pulled out from the F1 cicuit due to the high cost not only of development but operations during the races. The planning and set-up alone will cost billions. What is Najib trying to prove to the world, that Proton are better than Ferrari or MacLearen? Even, the Japanese,who are way ahead of us are reluctant to be in F1.

If you look at how the various teams in the F1 have to cope from race to race, year to year with technologies changing every race, surely they must realise the incredible technology and resource involved. Technology changes are very costly.

However, 1Malaysia Najib, thinks Malaysia can do better,though the PKFZ saga has cost the gomen billions. Inside sources says, Najib wants Tabong Haji, KWSP to become partners in this venture.

Come on people wake-up, do Malaysia really need F1? Me think the bullock-cart race is much better and entertaining...............


16 September 2009

Kualiti kereta Proton lintang pukang, nak masuk litar F1 pula..........

Malaysia akan membuat penampilan sulung dalam Kejohanan Formula Satu FIA menerusi pasukan sendiri, 1Malaysia F1 Team mulai tahun depan, kata Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Ketika mengumumkan perkara itu di sini petang tadi, Perdana Menteri berkata pasukan berkenaan akan terdiri daripada rakyat Malaysia termasuk yang mengendalikan ‘pit stop’.

Katanya, dua pemandu pasukan Malaysia itu dijangka diperkenalkan pada 31 Oktober ini selepas tapisan daripada enam calon.

“Ini akan pasukan Malaysia dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya, maknanya kereta ini akan direkabentuk, dibuat dan diuji di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang dan adalah kereta buatan Malaysia,” katanya pada sidang media di sini.

Najib berkata, pasukan berkenaan akan dibiayai menerusi gabungan sektor awam dan swasta yang mana pembabitan kerajaan adalah menerusi syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC), Proton Holdings Berhad. Katanya, pasukan itu turut mendapat kerjasama tiga tokoh korporat iaitu Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif AirAsia, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes; Timbalannya, Datuk Kamarudin Meranum, dan Pengerusi Eksekutif Kumpulan Naza, SM Nasarudin SM Nasimudin.

Najib berkata, pasukan F1 Malaysia itu akan menggunakan teknologi Proton dan Lotus dengan bantuan teknikal kepakaran permotoran daripada Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas dan pengeluar produk komposit, Composite Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) dengan bantuan SIC dan Persatuan Permotoran Malaysia (AAM).

Ditanya mengenai kos yang akan dikeluarkan oleh ker
ajaan dalam projek itu, Najib berkata: “Ia dilakukan melalui Proton, saya tak tahu kalau mereka (syarikat) hendak berikan angka.” Menjawab soalan, Perdana Menteri berkata usaha itu bukan satu pembaziran kerana ia membabitkan sektor swasta dan akan memberi pendedahan yang besar kepada Malaysia khususnya jenama Proton dan Lotus.

FIA telah menerima kemasukan Malaysia dalam perlumbaan bertaraf dunia itu mulai tahun depan dan seterusnya selama 10 tahun mengikut kontrak.


Ini satu lagi projek mega ala PKFZ Klang. Kadang aku tak faham, kenapa pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO dan gomen ini suka sangat kepada projek-projek mega yang belum tentu tahu untungnya tapi rugi sememangnya sudah terbayang. Dulu kita bertanding dalam litar F1 menggunakan BMW Sauber F1 Team dan menemui banyak kegagalan. Sekarang BMW Sauber F1 Team pun dah kena jual.

Bukankah wang ringgit yang hendak digunapakai bagi membiayai projek FI ini digunakan untuk mempertingkatkan lagi kualiti kereta-kereta Proton dan enjin Campronya. Sudah 25 tahun Proton berada dalam pasaran namun mutu kereta Proton serta enjin Campro tidak setanding dengan kereta-kereta lain, masalah di sana sini, tapi proses pembaikkannya tidak kelihatan.

Tiba-tiba,Proton dan sekutu Najib 1Malaysia berangan-angan nak 'participate' dalam litar F1 pula. Kalaulah kita asyik dapat tempat terakhir saja dalam litar F1 ini, nanti segala kerugian itu akan ditanggung oleh gomen dan saudara-saudari cucu cit akan dibeban membayar hutang sampai ke hari kiamat.........


15 September 2009

Do civil servants serves the rakyat or kow-tow to their political masters.........

This is an interesting article by R.Nadeswaran in his weekly column Citizen Nades,titled "At the beck and call of politicians(theSun,Mon Sept 14 '09) Read on..........

If you want to hear tales from the unknown, says a journalist, you must sit-in at the hearings of the Selangor Select Committee on Competency, Transparency and Accountability (Selcat). "This is where you get to see and hear how our civil servants have politicised themselves and even confessed to being cronies of their political masters."

The Selcat inquiry gave Malaysians a peek into the lifestyles of the rich a
nd famous, their expensive tastes and their fetish for everything Disney. Not that they paid for these with their hard-earned money, but from our money – yours and mine. State-owned companies dished out the goodies which included first-class travel, five-star comfort and chauffeur-driven limousines. Everything was made to ensure that the lawatan sambil belajar met the high standards of the rombongan. Even an advance party was sent to make all ground arrangements to ensure there was a separate itinerary for the Datins and the ordinary Puans. Yet again, the hearings have highlighted the might and power of some ordinary state assemblymen who seek office on the premise of serving the rakyat. They can order the civil servants around with impunity and their demands are met by a subservient civil service.

Last week, Malaysians were given a first-hand lesson on how our civil servants operate. They supposedly have to remain apolitical and independent but the hearings paint a different picture. Their confessions and admissions show that some of them did not care about rules and regulations as long as they pleased their political masters.

Sepang assistant district officer (ADO) Tahir Bujang, who had worked in a similar capacity in Gombak last year, summed up how the administration of these offices had operated in the past. He admitted that it took him just one minute to clear a mountain of applications for funds from assemblymen which landed on his table before the dissolution of Parliament on Feb 13, 2008.

These included:

* 90 applications for RM496,509 from the Batu Cave
s assemblyman

* 103 applications for RM393,342 from the Gombak Setia assemblyman

* 225 applications for RM500,700 from the Hulu Kelang assemblyman

* 149 applications for RM496,500 from the Kuang ass

* 86 applications for RM500,000 from the Taman Templer assemblyman and

* 235 applications for RM603,198 from the Rawang assemblyman.

It means that he closed his eyes and approved everything that was put on his table and was not aware of what he approved. But beyond the rubber stamp and the customary "Saya yang menurut perintah", he never moved a finger to ensure accountability and transparency. Did he ensure that cheques are made out in the name of the contractor and not individuals? Did he ensure that the projects were carried out?

When Gombak District Officer Huzaini Samsi was asked why state funds were used to pay for political party-organised activities and for rental of a service centre r
un by politicians, he admitted this should not have happened. But Tahir had an indefensible defence: The guidelines do not prohibit state lawmakers from channelling state funds to political parties. Really? So, instead of using funds to build a bridge, the funds can be used to buy a commercial building for a political party!

But more astonishing was the admission of Kuala Selangor Land Office clerk Norafzati Jantera that she and her colleagues did a gotong-royong to finish processing payments for the assemblymen. One day before the dissolution of the state assembly, she and another cl
erk, Nordiana Mokhtar processed 85 payments amounting to RM449,500. That must be a record of sorts, and deserves honourable mention in that book of records. District Officer Mohd Misri Idris, who joined the Kuala Selangor Land Office in April 2008, had earlier said that his office "normally" processed 25-30 applications for allocations each day and this means the two clerks did three times the volume in one day. It just goes to prove that where there’s a will there’s a way, only IF there’s a politician lurking in the background asking for money.

But what was frightening was the statement by the Kuala Selangor ADO Izahar Rashidi who said payments for projects promised by assemblymen to their constituents were made after the assembly was dissolved and for a good measure, he brought in the Almighty to support his cause. He’s reasoning gives the impression that he’s got another role – the political aide to the assemblyman. Who’s he to decide on promises made during the campaign for votes?

It is crystal clear that the actions of some of the officers were wrong. Instead of thoroughly checking each application and verifying their authenticity, they chose to take instructions from politicians. The rule books went out the window and a set of laws promulgated by themselves was being enforced. What is going to happen next? Will these officers who had admitted breaching procedures be hauled up like so many other civil servants for dereliction of duty or are they going to be given a tap on the knuckle and be quietly congratulated for supporting the politicians?

The chief secretary to the government has always maintained that civil servants must stand up and say "no" to politicians when they are directed to breach procedures. In these cases, they just kau-taued to their political masters. If he does not act against these officers, what message does the chief secretary intend to convey to the civil servants?


No wonder our roads and bridges are broken down just 6 months after completion. Over to you MACC.

Will the MACC haul up those politicians and civil servants who were involved in this scam...........

Read here.


14 September 2009

N31-Bagan Pinang - Mengundi pada Ahad,3 Oktober 2009......

Hari mengundi bagi pilihan raya kecil DUN Bagan Pinang di Negeri Sembilan ditetapkan pada 11 Oktober, sementara hari penamaan calon pula jatuhnya pada 3 Oktober(Ahad) ini.

Tarikh itu dimumumkan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) selepas mesyuaratnya hari ini bagi membincangkan persiapan pengendalian pilihan raya kerusi itu di pejabatnya di Putrajaya pagi ini.

Seramai 13,664 pemilih layak menentukan calon parti yang bertanding - kemungkinan besar menyaksikan persaingan sengit antara BN dan PAS - termasuk 4,604 pemilih pos.

The Elections Commission (EC) has fixed October 3 for nominations while Bagan Pinang voters will make their way to the ballot box on October 11.

(The death of Umno assemblyman Azman Mohammad Noor a few weeks ago had paved the way for the country’s ninth by-election since the March 8 polls last year.In the last general election Azman won the seat by defeating PAS’ Ramli Ismail by some 2,000 votes.

There are about 14,000 voters in the constituency with the Malays making up 66 percent of the votes, Chinese 10.5 percent and Indians 19.9 percent.)

source: malaysiakini/malaysian insider

Cuba saksikan permainan SPR. Kalau SPR tahu yang PRK ini milik BN/UMNO mereka tetapkan hari Ahad sebagai hari mengundi. 11 Oktober 2009 adalah hari Ahad.

Kenapa hari mengundi di Manek Urai (14 July '09) dan Permatang Pasir(25 Ogos '09), kedua-duanya diadakan pada hari Selasa?

Jelas sekali, SPR sememangnya adalah budak suruhan BN/UMNO..............


Ha ! Najib says,"we care for all groups", can you buy this..........

Malaysia’s parliamentary democratic system, it is the power of the people that will determine Barisan Nasional’s (BN) continuity in government, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

So, he said, to ensure that BN continued to receive the mandate to rule this country, it must be fair to all citizens regardless of race and religion.

“This is because if we can protect the rights of all races and be fair to all, then the people will be with us and this is also the BN government’s principle.

“We will consider the interest of all groups so that no group feels it is being marginalised or hurt, instead, each group, each community is taken care of as best possible through the BN government’s policies.”

Najib said the principle of fairness outlined in 1Malaysia was also in line with Islam which taught its followers to be fair to all communities and religions.

He said the 1Malaysia concept mooted by him was also in line with what Prophet Muhammad practised when he established the government of Medina with Islam as the pillar of the administration.


Poooorah.........if your gomen is fair to all races and your 1Malaysia concept was also in line with what Prophet Muhammad practised when he established the government of Medina with Islam as the pillar of the administration, how do you and your goons explain these..................


13 September 2009

Lailatul Qadar.........

Ciri-ciri Datangnya Malam Lailatul Qadar - Ismail A Said.

Sebagaimana kita ketahui Allah menurunkan Al Quran dalam bulan Ramadan dan malam turunnya Al Quran itu adalah malam qadar, malam yang penuh keberkatan sebagaimana disampaikan oleh Allah dalam firmannya:

“Sesungguhnya kami telah menurunkan Al Quran pada malam Al Qadar dan tahukah kamu apa yang dimaksud dengan malam kemuliaan (Al Qadar) itu? Malam kemuliaan itu lebih baik dari seribu bulan. Pada malam itu turun para malaikat dan Ruh (Jibril) dengan izin Tuhannya untuk mengatur semua urusan. Sejahterahlah (malam itu) sampai terbit fajar. " (QS.Al Qadr ayat 1-5)

Juga diriwayatkan oleh HR Bukhari dari Aisyah, Rasulullah bersabda:

“Carilah dengan hati-hati sekali malam Al Qadar itu di malam-malam yang ganjil dari puluhan yang akhir dari Ramadan.”

Dari firman Allah dan hadis tersebut di atas kita mengetahui bahwa malam Lailatul Qadar terjadi dalam bulan Ramadan pada malam-malam ganjil pada sepuluh hari terakhir bulan Ramadan. Karena tidak ada seorang manusia pun yang mengetahui bila malam yang nilainya sama dengan seribu bulan itu akan datang, terlebih lagi di negeri kita sering terjadi perbedaan penetapan awal Ramadan yang menyebabkan perbedaan jatuhnya hari-hari ganjil pada sepuluh hari terakhir.

Maka sebaiknya di setiap malam sepuluh hari terakhir itu kita selalu mempersiapkan diri untuk menyambut datangnya malam Lailatul Qadar dengan memperbanyak ibadah, iaitu memperbanyak salat, istighfar, tahlil, tahmid dan ibadah-ibadah lainnya.

Banyak pertanyaan apakah ciri-ciri datangnya malam Lailatul Qadar itu? Tentang ciri-ciri malam Lailatul Qadar banyak ulama yang bebeza pendapat, tetapi berikut ini adalah ciri-ciri datangnya malam Lailatul Qadar yang sering diceramahkan ataupun dituliskan oleh para ulama:

1. orang yang mendapatkan Lailatul Qadar (keberuntungan pahala dari sisi Allah) pada malam itu akan melihat seluruh benda dan makhluk di muka bumi ini bersujud kepada Allah.

2. orang yang mendapatkan Lailatul Qadar (keberuntungan pahala dari sisi Allah) akan melihat semuanya terang benderang walaupun suasananya di tengah malam.

3. orang yang mendapatkan Lailatul Qadar (keberuntungan pahala dari sisi Allah) itu mendengar salam malaikat dan tutur katanya.

4. orang yang mendapatkan Lailatul Qadar (keberuntungan pahala dari sisi Allah) itu dikabulkan segala doanya.

5. orang yang mendapatkan Lailatul Qadar (keberuntungan pahala dari sisi Allah) itu tidak disyaratkan melihat tanda apa-apa.

Karena bulan Ramadan adalah bulan yang utama, bulan yang penuh berkat sebagaimana telah dijanjikan Allah, kiranya akan lebih baik kita memperbanyak ibadah terlebih lagi di sepuluh hari terakhir Ramadan dengan tidak usah mengingat ciri-ciri malam Lailatul Qadar.

Lailatul Qadr refers to the night of honour and dignity. It is this night in which the first Divine Revelation came to the Prophet Mohamad,SAW, when he was in meditation and prayer in the Cave of Hira’. Since this night enjoys the honour of having the first revelation brought to the Prophet Mohamad,SAW, it has been named Lailatul Qadr.

This is one of the holiest and most blessed nights, which is likely to occur on one of the odd nights on the last ten days of Ramadhan, most likely to be the 27th. The reward of worship on this night is better than the worship of a thousand months of worship, equivalent to a person’s lifetime. So, on this night one should perform the night prayers, recite the Quran, du'a tasbih, zikir and du’as as much as possible.

This night had already opened its gates of treasures when the angel for the first time had come with the Divine Message in the cave of Hira, but its auspiciousness has continued to be with us permanently. As the Prophet Mohamad,SAW was reported to have said:

“The person who offered prayers to Allah in the night of Dignity with faith and with hope of reward from Allah, all his past sins have been forgiven.” (reported by Bukhari)

In the Hadith, we have been asked to seek it in the last ten nights of the month of Ramadhan. A’ishah radhiyallahu anhaa narrates that the Messenger of Allah SAW has said:

“Seek the night of Dignity in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadhan.” (reported by Bukhari)

By odd nights, the reference is made to the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th night of the month of Ramadhan. No one night has been fixed so that the yearning to find it may increase and people may spend more nights in worshiping Allah. From this aspect, the importance of `Itikaaf (seclusion) during the last ten days of Ramadhan is clear.


12 September 2009

An exclusive interview with YB Khalid Samad,MP Shah Alam.........

Q: What do you think is the psychology behind this intolerance towards other religions and the opposition to something as basic as a house of worship?

A: Fifty-two years of BN rule has left an impression on the Malaysian psyche, particularly the Malays. Umno been able to develop this prejudice in the Malay mindset. They (those who oppose the temple) feel that it is their right to reject the temple but we (Selangor Government) are seen as being unjust because we want to build a temple there. They don’t feel that they are being unjust to minorities.

Q: Is this bigotry the result of the ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) doctrine?

A: Ketuanan Melayu is high-handed and the other races are not on an equal footing. I don’t think our independence fathers had it in mind when built this country. I think that they wanted the rights of other races to be protected and not denied. At the same time, they wanted the position of the Malays to be in the constitution and that they not be sidelined. So it is both, that minority rights are protected and that Malays are not sidelined. This is not synonymous with making Malays the master race in Malaysia. Ensuring that Malays are not sidelined and that they are protected in the constitution is not synonymous with ketuanan Melayu.

Ketuanan Melayu is a latter inclusion. Malay rights, bumiputera rights and ketuanan Melayu are different things. Even in the New Economic Policy there is no ketuanan Melayu. The NEP was an affirmative action policy to eradicate poverty and address income inequality. It was to ensure that Malays are not sidelined. Ketuanan Melayu is not a good attitude that promotes unity. I don’t think that (former Prime Ministers) Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak Hussein or Tun Hussein Onn had this in mind when they were Prime Ministers.

Q: But apparently, Malay moderates are increasingly being taken in by these intolerant attitudes and you can see it rising by the large number of people who turned up at the town hall meeting to oppose the Hindu temple.

A: I think it is a result of Umno being increasingly rejected by the Malaysian population and because they have nothing else to fall back on, like a history of responsible administration, that they can only fall back on inciting semi-fascist and extremist sentiments like this.
I think that we have to stand up to them. To say that they are rising is to say that they are becoming important. Malays have to stand up to them and they have to return to Islamic principles. What these people are doing is not Islamic, it’s prejudiced. I’ve explained it to the residents why their opposition to the temple is un-Islamic.

There is a story of (revered Islamic caliph) Umar Al-Khattab who was in a meeting with a priest in a church in Palestine. Umar told the priest that he wanted to take a break to pray and the priest offered him a space in the church for him to do so. But Umar declined the offer and told the priest that if he were to do so, his followers and other Muslims would demand to build a mosque on that site and this would be bad for the church. So Umar prayed on an open space outside the church’s walls and later on, Muslims went and built a mosque on that exact spot. That mosque exists to this day right next to the church.This is an example of how tolerant, understanding and respectful Islam is to other faiths.

Q: And you have told this to the Section 23 residents and yet they still reject the temple?

A: What Umno preaches is that it’s Islamic to reject the temple. I have explained that it is Islamic to just and to consider the rights of minorities. The number of Hindus in Section 19, 20 and 23 are about 1,000. It would be Islamic to acknowledge the right of Hindus and trust that the State Government find a suitable site to relocate the temple. If it was a BN administration, they would just have gone ahead and done it and restrained any protest.

Here, you have a Home Minister (Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein) who sides with the (cow’s head) protestors. So it shows that the Federal Government had condoned these actions. If you allow extremism to rear its ugly head then those who would otherwise be reasonable can choose not to be. They have to evaluate whether these extremists will take over and force their opinions on them.

Q: Some say that this episode, the protest, the town hall meeting, was another example of Malaysia’s failure to effectively deal with inter-racial concerns such as building houses of worship.

A: The meeting was chaotic and whenever we wanted to explained, these people shouted at us. This was just the final process after we had an official proposal to put forward to the residents. They thought that the temple was about to be constructed already. The Federal Government wants to capitalise on the issue by saying that Pakatan is not sensitive to Muslim sentiments. Section 16 has a temple 300 metres away from the mosque and this was done in the era of the former BN state government. There is another temple site in Section 18 that is about 250 metres from a mosque.

Both cases are in Malay majority areas. Why were these temples not opposed to in the past? Because at that time (the parties that made up) Pakatan were a responsible opposition. We did not incite religious sentiments and we acknowledged the rights of non-Muslims. We now have an irresponsible opposition that goes around inflaming sensitivities by saying that Malays are sidelined and that the Selangor Government does not respect Islamic sentiments.

Q: Like you pointed its been 52 years and we still are not able to resolve things are basic as this. It’s just the latest in a series of flare-ups over racial and religious issues in this country. It will probably happen again. Do you think the majority of Malays out there agree with what is going on?

A: People are watching with great concern but I believe that the majority of Muslims have better sense and will not fall for this extremism. But it’s a running battle that we fight and we must win the Muslims over. It is difficult. I know there were some residents who objected to the extremists’ approach and they were told to shut up. If you keep quiet, there will be a price to pay in the end.

Q: They’ve called you and some of your fellow Malay state assemblymen traitors to the Malays over this issue and several others in the past.

A: I find it odd these people can stand up and say they respect their Hindu neighbours, they go to their neighbour’s Deepavali open house but they reject the temple. Then they blame us for supposedly creating disunity. They should look at themselves in the mirror. It is they who are destroying the Malays by expressing these fascist tendencies. Its not going to develop the Malays, its dragging the country back to an age of tribalism whereas we should be moving towards an age of justice.

There is a verse in the Quran that says, We have sent down our Prophets with clear proof and we have sent down with them the Book and the scales of justice, so that man can establish justice in the world.

source:NST Online.


11 September 2009

If LDP can sink so will UMNO/BN...........

Dr.Mahathir wrote this piece in his blog.........

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which had ruled the country since World War II has been trounced by the Democratic Party of Japan in the recent election. This follows the trend which many political parties which had struggled and achieved independence had undergone. The Mashumi Party of Indonesia, the Muslim League of Pakistan, the parties which wrested independence for numerous African countries have all but disappeared.

It seems as if the people no longer cared for the struggles and the sacrifices that had been made by those parties and their leaders. It seems as if the beneficiaries of these struggles do not know how to be grateful.But is it true that they are ungrateful? There is some truth but if we care to examine we will find that the independence fighters, and their successors, the builders of the countries after independence have changed almost completely.

They have almost all become greedy and arrogant. They no longer care for the country or the people.They are almost invariably preoccupied with their status and their selfish needs. They have lost touch with their followers or the descendants of their followers. The spirit which had moved their founders seem no longer to be there.

Will UMNO and the BN - the successors of the Alliance which had wrested independence for Malaysia escape the fate that had befallen all these pioneer parties? From present showing it is likely that they would share the same fate. That the rot has set in there can be no doubt. Corruption is now rampant in UMNO and the other component parties. Power struggles have emasculated them. Leaders have a strong desire to stay in office even though they have outlived their usefulness.With such leaders the country and the people have been neglected. In the last decade despite talks of billions of Ringgit being allocated for corridors etc. there is no visible or tangible evidence. There is nothing to show for the 250 billion Ringgit extra that Petronas had paid to the Government.

Malaysia's voters, especially the Malays have always been strongly loyal. Yet there is evidence that in 2008 many of these loyalists had voted for the opposition. States which had been Barisan Nasional strongholds are now ruled by the opposition. Will the next election see the same phenomenon as in Japan? It is not entirely impossible. The younger voters are said to be disenchanted by the party that won the independence. That was history and it has less meaning for the young.

The only thing that would save the BN is the lack-luster performance of the opposition. The alternative is not a real alternative. But if the performance of the BN Government and parties fails to gain confidence, the frustrated voters might just do what the Japanese voters did - dump the party they had supported for more than half a century. It behoves the BN to take notice of the inevitability of the demise of the party which had gained independence for the country. It had staved off the fate before. Can it do so again?

In just three years' time the new elections will be held. Time is obviously running short. Unless some drastic change is shown in the way the country is run and the people are served, the BN will join the other grand old party in the rubbish heap of history.


Dah lamaaaa....dahhh....orang sedaq dan tahu yang UMNO/BN ini akan pada satu hari mampuih tak berkubur bukan kerana orang tak suka tapi kerana orang meluat kat pemimpin-pemimpin atasan yang bergelumang dengan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa.

Kalu UMNO dok tuduh Anwar dan rakan-rakan pembangkang gila kuasa,awat UMNO tu tak gila kuasa juga kah? Tengok apa berlaku di Perak,kerana sifat tamak dan mabuk kuasa,UMNO sanggup menggunakan wang ringgit berjuta untuk membeli 3 ekor katak.

Lepaih tu pula,UMNO guna polis,SPR dan mahkamah untuk memanipulasi undang-undang serta memberi interprestasi undang-undang ikut suka hati depa.Asalkan undang-undang itu memberi advantage kepada mereka. Tapi Che Det kena ingat di Perak tu MB bukan pilihan rakyat tapi pilihan mahkamah.

Teori RAHMAN ini ada hikmahnya. Najib adalah PM UMNO terakhir dan seperti LDP, UMNO akan tenggelam dek arus zaman. Malah, kalau PRU di negara ini adil, UMNO dah mampuih lamaaaaa dahhhhh............

Read here and here.


Teoh Beng Hock: Gelisah atau digelisahkan..........

Berikut saya ingin kongsi pendapat seorang hamba Allah yang email rencana berikut pada saya(setelah diedit).....

Akhbar Utusan Meloya meroyan lagi dengan tajuk utamanya yang memberi fokas kepada Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) - Beng Hock Gelisah bunyi tajuk berita. Berita ini mungkin ada kaitan dengan perakuan bos SPRM Ahmad Said yang menyatakan TBH telah membunuh diri dengan terjun dari tingkat 14. Sekiranya itu dikatakan Ahmad Said boleh dak secara khususnya Ahmad Said dapat melakukan tunjuk cara agak-agak bagaimana TBH terjun. Rakyat pasti tertunggu-tunggu jika ada usaha tunjukcara ini dibuat sekali untuk memuaskan hati semua.

Bayangkan jika ditahan berjam-jam sehingga dinafikan hak memanggil peguam, meneguk air atau menjamah makan untuk mengisi perut. Mana mungkin berhadapan dengan situasi itu dengan menguntum senyum dan tersengih memanjang..? TBH adalah seorang Cina yang merasakan keadaanya cukup tersepit ketika berhadapan dengan orang-orang SPRM yang dilabel sebagai samseng.

Memang dikepalanya tergambar beribu kemungkinan kesan lampau yang telah dilalui mereka, sebab itu TBH gelisah. Teringat juga dia pada tragedi 1998 dimana DSAI dilebamkan matanya hingga separuh nyawa, sebab itu TBH gelisah.

TBH sendiri hairan dan gelisah bagaimana kerana Jalur Gemilang punya kes yang harga RM2 ribu lebih aje, sedangkan ada pemimpin BN yang songlap terang-terang RM2 juta, RM5 juta, RM 10 juta, RM 500 juta dan hingga RM berbilion, SPRM buat buta dan pekak saja...

TBH gelisah, dah banyak kali ditanya tetapi masih disoal benda yang sama. Dia gelisah apakah orang SPRM jadi pekak kah, bertanya benda yang sama dan jawapan dah bagi, tetapi pegawai yang ambil kenyataannya hanya tulis claim perjalanan ke Puterajaya saja.

Dan bila timbul inkues ini pula, Ahmad Said, sedar atau tidak, kerana gelisah 5 pegawai SPRM hari ini membuat laporan polis bagi menafikan dakwaan seorang penolong pengurus sebuah syarikat swasta bahawa dia ditampar, ditendang di perut dan punggung serta disepak ketika dipanggil ke pejabat suruhanjaya itu pada 4 September tahun lalu.

Kalau tidak ada angin takkan pohon bergoyang....................


10 September 2009

Sivanesan says,"I was beaten up by MACC officers.........."

The "mystery witness" in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest described today how he was "beaten up" by officers of the Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in September last year.

T. Sivanesan, 22, the assistant manager of a Kuantan-based scaffolding company, said he was slapped, kicked, punched, beaten with a metal bar, and hit on his gentals with a cane. Sivanesan, the inquest's 20th witness, was allowed by Azmil Muntapha Abas, acting as a coroner, to testify after an application by Gobind Singh Deo, counsel for the Teoh family, yesterday.

He said three MACC officers went to his house in Klang on Sept 4 to ask him to help in an investigation. He was brought to the Selangor MACC offices on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam where, he said, he was "pressured" to sign a confession and admit his guilt in the case and "threatened with torture" if he did not comply.

"An officer named Mohan said to me in Tamil that if I didn't tell the truth, it would be 'hell'," said Sivanesan, who gave a graphic account of his interrogation, which began at 11pm on Sept 4.

"About 10 to 15 officers came up to me and slapped and kicked me and punched me all over my body."

At one point, he said, he saw a "tall officer, wearing glasses, wrapping a piece of metal in newspapers".

"He came forward to slap me five or six times before asking me to sign a document.

"He ordered me to strip down to my underwear. He beat me with the metal bar, all over my body, but mainly on my buttocks."

Sivanesan, who said he was handcuffed, continued: "An officer named Ashraf came in ... and slapped me more than twice. He brought in a cane about two-and-a-half feet long and beat me on my genitals with the cane." He said Ashraf asked him to put his clothes back on when someone said the deputy director was arriving.

"I then heard the deputy director saying 'continue, beat him until he confesses'," he said.

Sivanesan said he could recognise Ashraf after seeing his photograph in the newspapers. He said he blacked out before waking at 5.30am the next day to find a plastic bag containing ice in his ripped underwear. Sivanesan said he was beaten again later that afternoon and at midnight on the third day and that he could not walk after being hit on the soles of the feet.

Asked by Gobind whether he reported the incident after his release, he said he filed reports with Suaram, Suhakam and the Public Complaints Bureau of the prime minister's office besides making the police report.

"I was also treated for four days at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Klang for injuries to the head, kidneys and genitals," he said.

He identified photographs of the bruises and injuries which he said were taken on Sept 10. The inquest continues.

source: theSun

Lima pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM), termasuk Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus yang merupakan seorang saksi di dalam inkues bagi menyiasat punca kematian Teoh Beng Hock membuat laporan polis di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Shah Alam hari ini.

Baca seterusnya di sini.

Drama SPRM yang sangat menjijikan..........


09 September 2009

Beware of 'UMNO musang berbulu PKR'.........

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has given party leaders and members two choices -- stay loyal or leave if they do not want to adhere to party policies.

He said he could accept criticisms against the party, but would not compromise with leaders and members who could not follow the stipulated party policies.

"All party members must support the transformation agenda, work for the Pakatan Rakyat or be sacked from the party," he said when opening the Penang PKR Convention, here, on Sunday night.

Anwar said the stance was taken as there were many PKR leaders who wanted stern action taken against errant members.

"Give your commitment to the party or leave the party and join Umno," he said.


Btw., a great number of PKR members were ex-UMNO members, so they think and act like orang UMNO. They left UMNO not because they dislike UMNO but were frustrated for not being selected as leaders at branch or divison level or not being identified as candidate in a general election.

So we can understand why, they say they are PKR or look and talk like PKR, but in fact they are "UMNO musang berbulu PKR".......

Jangan tertipu lakonan Umno BN.....baca di sini.