30 September 2008

Salam Aidilfitri......................

Selamat Hari Raya Idilfitri,to all Muslim friends and visitors to this blog. My wishes also go to RPK and Muslim brothers who are still detained under ISA.Have a safe journey home.......

Maaf Zahir Batin.


(No updates for a couple of days......raya la! be back soon)

29 September 2008

‘Opaque’ government crippling economy, says Anwar......

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim took a swipe at the government’s opaque operations, which he claims, are crippling the economy and discouraging investment. He said the opposition was concerned that public-sector spending had risen to RM200 billion annually from RM160 billion in 2004.

“That of course doesn't include the slush funds in excess of RM30 billion used at the discretion of the Prime Minister,” Anwar said in his address at the CLSA Investor Forum in Hong Kong today.

He was also concerned that the national debt has gone up by another RM100 billion and the fiscal deficit has risen to 4.8 per cent of GDP this year.

“With capital flight at a record high since the 1997 crisis, RM125 million in 2008 already, Malaysian investment abroad now exceeds inward foreign investment. We are facing a double barrel onslaught of our own doing with the ringgit hitting all-time lows since 2005 and inflation a record high of 8.5 per cent, the worst in 27 years.”

The de facto leader of the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition said issues of governance and corruption in the country had yet to be resolved.

“The latest corruption perception index from Transparency International speaks for itself. In almost a decade Malaysia has hardly improved its position in the ranking while our would-be peers are making substantial improvements.”

Anwar claimed that the opposition had a clear agenda for Malaysia.

• Revive the lagging economy by adopting market friendly policies.

• Take decisive action to cure the festering sore of corruption and cronyism that has decimated the judiciary, rendered anti-corruption efforts impotent and leeched billions of dollars from the state coffers

• Restore faith in the institutions of governance both domestically and internationally so that investors will once again find the country an attractive destination for their long-term investments.

• Strict adherence to the rule of law and an immediate end to draconian statutes that would allow the powers that be to detain their adversaries willy-nilly and without due process.

He said a change in government was central to the current political scenario. “The ability to handle a transition is a measure of the strength of the country's democratic institutions.” However, he said it should be done peacefully and orderly as stability could not be sacrificed no matter how intense the desire for change has become.

Anwar said Pakatan Rakyat would introduce structural reforms in public procurement programmes and the management of state companies while ensuring that adequate social safety nets are in place.

“With the political will to combat corruption, wastage and mismanagement, an 8 per cent per annum growth rate is not unrealistic.

“Petronas should be made accountable to Parliament and not remain the private piggy bank of the Executive branch. We will remove restrictions on foreign capital inflows and outflows and revamp government protection of monopolies in industries like telecommunications and banking.”

In an apparent hit at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the opposition leader said if markets are strong and unfettered, and if laws are transparent and enforced by impartial judges, “we will not need special development corridors or regions to attract investment”.

“A stable and clean business environment is far more important than special tax breaks and quotas handed out by a corrupt and opaque government,” said Anwar.

He said when the Asian crisis struck 10 years ago, the decisions he made as Finance Minister were not populist nor were they popular.

But he added that on principle, he felt they were the right moves even though they were at the expense of his personal freedom.

“Yet in my darkest hours of solitary confinement I had never given up hope that something good was to come of the ordeal. And now after more than a decade of struggle and profound challenges we are on the threshold of a new beginning.”


28 September 2008

Tengku Razaleigh going for UMNO's Presidency...............

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said on Saturday he would contest the leadership of Malaysia's ruling party, criticising a planned transition of power as 'extra constitutional'.

The United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the biggest party in the coalition that has ruled Malaysia for 51 years, agreed on Friday to delay to March from December a leadership vote that could have seen Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi defeated.

The move is likely to accelerate Mr Abdullah's departure from office, although he declined to say whether he would quit on that date or run in the party poll. The premier had already said he would quit before the next election, which must be held by 2013, saying he would cede power to his deputy Najib Razak in 2010.

'I reject the transfer of power and transition plan, simply because it is extra constitutional,' Tengku Razaleigh told a news conference.

He said he was hoping to contest the election for UMNO presidency by getting the required nominations. 'I am going out determined to get the nominations required,' he said.

Under UMNO rules, a member must garner 30 per cent of total nominations to be eligible to run for the party presidency.

'The country is facing massive economic problems. The economy is messy, there is capital flight, no new investments and rising unemployment,' said Tengku Razaleigh.

'We should look into these problems, and settle the leadership problem once and for all in accordance with the constitution,' he said.

UMNO and the Barisan Nasional coalition it heads are for the first time facing the prospect of losing power to a re-energised opposition alliance led by former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim.

Mr Abdullah has come under increasing pressure to quit since Barisan stumbled to its worst election result in March this year when it lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority. -- Reuters


Ku Li asked "Why are we dilly-dallying?".

Ku Li has offered himself to be a candidate for the Umno presidency. He said he was confident of securing enough nominations from the divisions to be able to contest the top party post.

"That's why I am offering myself," he said.

'I'm praying very hard I'll get 140. Then there'll be no opposition," he quipped.

Way to go Ku Li. But I am still wondering whether he can garner enough nomination? Ground reports states that if Ku Li can get 10 nomination is considered very good enough. Ku Li might be popular with the grassroots members but they dont determine whether he will be nominated by their divisions, coz most division leaders practise patronage politics. These warlords are practically aligned to those in power.

For now all eyes are on Najib and these divisional warlords has a lot to gain by supporting Najib rather than Ku Li. These warlords are so powerful that even Mahathir couldnt gather enough votes to be his division representative for the UMNO's AGM last year.

There is no way Ku Li can make it to the top of UMNO's hierarchy. Ku Li is getting old and a defeat in this UMNO's presidential election spells doom to his political career. Ku Li left UMNO once and returned later but with little luck, just as an ordinary backbencher without any role to play in the gomen.

The only way Ku Li can play an active role is to support the opposition in forming an alternative gomen and send these UMNO's "childish" suckers of 'Republic Pisang' to hell...........


27 September 2008

End of the road for Ku Li.........

The Umno Supreme Council today postponed the party's annual general assembly from December to March, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.The party president said the decision was "to facilitate an early transition" and confirmed that the original plan for a June 2010 transition of power between him and his deputy was no longer relevant.

Asked to clarify what this (facilitate early transition) means, he said it is meant to help him and Najib Abdul Razak settle everything they had to do before he hands over the presidential post and prime minister seat to Najib.

However, Abdullah refused to confirm whether he would defend his presidential post in the coming party elections, saying he would announce his decision on it before the party divisional meetings beginning Oct 9.

"I have not announced any decision to contest at this particular point of time. I intend to do it before the divisional meetings," he told reporters after a special council meeting in the party headquarters here today.

Asked whether it was right to say that he would not be contesting for the presidential post in March, he said: "It will be my decision. You can go on guessing but the decision would be mine."

He also said the council has decided to go on with the divisional meetings as planned by the respective divisions as changes would only create difficulties to the members and delegates.

On whether the early transition was due to the tremendous pressure he has been facing lately, Abdullah denied it, saying it does not have anything to do with pressure but it was because he has to finish his work.

When pointed out that some council members had asked him to leave early, he said: "No. No. It was nothing to that sort. In today's meeting, it was not raised at all. Perhaps there were two or three people who have that feeling but most of them do not.

"There was no reason to pressure because they know my relationship with Najib is good. We have good understanding in whatever matters. So, there should be no problem about this."

Abdullah also dismissed speculations that he would soon be going on leave as he still had a heavy work load. "Why should I? I am not going on leave. I got a lot of work to do."

On whether he would sacrifice his presidency in the best interest of the party, Abdullah said he loved the party and had not left Umno even under the most difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who is vying for the president post, slammed both Abdullah and Najib over the power transfer plan.

"I think I speak for the country when I say we are embarrassed at the sight of two grown men playing this endless children's game of 'yours and mine' with the most important responsibility in the land, oblivious of the law, oblivious to the damage they are doing to the nation.

"Instead of a national economic plan or any kind of reform all the Umno leadership has given us since March 8 is a transition plan designed to save two individuals from the inconvenience of facing elections. Their personal careers appear to be more important than the future of the nation."

source: theSun & Malaysiakini


The transition plan is a well coordinated strategy to deny Tengku Razaleigh and for that matter whoever are vying for the UMNO's two top post, other than Najib and Muhyiddin.

MKT hasnt decided whether these top post will be open for contest. Now, it will be rather difficult for Tengku Razeligh to contest the top post coz he must obtain 58 nomination and that will be a massive task. The decision practically shut the door for Tengku Razaleigh.

If Tengku Razaleigh want to be active in politics he must move away from UMNO and at his age its better to do it now before its too late........

Tengku Razaleigh has also called for a special press conference at his residence at 3.30 pm today(Saturday).

My question now is Tengku Razaleigh willing to run the country on another platform? And is Najib qualified to be PM? Read what others say.... here,here,here and here.

A happy birthday to you RPK and pray for your release soon........


26 September 2008

Problems grow for Pat Lah and Anwar...................

Anwar's Troubles Grow- Jed Yong

Despite public promises of a political takeover, Anwar Ibrahim is still but a voice in the opposition wilderness After months of eager anticipation, September 16 came and went like any other ordinary day in Malaysia. That was the day opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim had repeatedly promised he would overthrow the Barisan Nasional, or National Front, federal government, ending over 50 years of rule following independence in 1957.

On the eve of the what-should-have-been a momentous day, the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, or People's Alliance, held a Malaysia Day celebration in Kuala Lumpur. Reportedly about 20,000 people turned up, eagerly awaiting the dramatic unveiling of the identities of at least 31 defecting Barisan lawmakers. But when the event came Anwar revealed only that he had the "numbers" to topple Barisan, and nothing more. The proof that he had the means to take power, remained firmly under wraps.

The next day, Anwar held a press conference to postpone the deadline further, pending Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's approval of an emergency parliamentary session to allow a no confidence vote against him by September 23. Expectedly, Badawi ignored the request and this week the Tuesday deadline also came and went.

By Wednesday, Anwar was clearly singing a different tune. He urged Malaysians to be "patient" because Pakatan "do(es) not want to transgress the constitutional rules and procedures".

On accusations calling him a "liar" for failing to meet his self-imposed deadlines, he blamed Badawi for refusing to meet him, jeopardising his plans. "They have called me a lot of things before (but) the point is, if they really believe I am a liar then put me to (the) test and have a (no-confidence) vote taken (in parliament)," Anwar told reporters.

Moreover, Anwar has more to worry about than luring lawmakers to his side to form a government. He also faces fresh allegations of sodomy, a crime punishable by up to 20 years in jail. Saiful Bukhari Azlan, a 23-year-old one-time aide has accused Anwar of sodomising him in an apartment in the posh neighbourhood of Mont Kiara. A medical report and a statutory declaration by the doctor who examined Saiful says no medical evidence of sodomy was found. Yet, the government is rushing through a DNA bill that will allow it to compel Anwar to give a DNA sample. Anwar refuses, saying there is no case against him and that the sample will be used to fabricate evidence against him.

The government is also trying to move the case from the Magistrate Court to the High Court, although such cases are normally heard in the former. Anwar's lawyer has protested, observing that the transfer sheet was signed by Attorney-General Ghani Patail, whom Anwar is suing for fabricating evidence in the 1999 case which saw him imprisoned for six years for corruption. In 2000 he was jailed a further nine years for sodomy, but this conviction was reversed in 2004 and he was released from jail after serving his abuse of power sentence.

Anwar and his supporters have always maintained that the charges were "trumped up", part of a "political conspiracy" to end his political career by then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who famously sacked Anwar, his former political protégé, as Deputy Prime Minister.

But while Anwar's latest case is being put on the fast track, other more serious allegations against those in government are being swept under the carpet.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, have been linked to the gruesome death of a 28-year-old Mongolian translator, Altantuya Shariibuu, in 2006. Witness testimonies in court have identified Najib in a photograph with the deceased and her lover, Abdul Razak Baginda, Najib's close friend and advisor who is on trial for her murder. In a statutory declaration, P Balasubramaniam, a private investigator and retired policeman hired by Razak Baginda, alleged Najib not only knew the murdered woman but had an affair with her, was involved in her disappearance and introduced her to Razak Baginda. Another statutory declaration by Raja Petra Kamarudin, editor of the political news portal, Malaysia Today, claimed that Rosmah was present at the crime scene where Altantuya was blown-up with military explosives after being shot twice. Despite this, Najib and Rosmah have not been charged.

Raja Petra's constant exposure of Barisan's dirty deeds, have landed him in jail again. The government on Tuesday locked him up under the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for indefinite detention without trial, for two years. The Home Minister Syed Hamid Syed Albar reportedly said that Raja Petra was jailed because some articles had "ridiculed Islam, which could arouse anger among Muslims."

International organisations have condemned the detention and called for his immediate release.

"A two-year jail term imposed at the government’s sole discretion against one of its known critics is cause for real concern," Bob Dietz, the Committee to Protect Journalists' Asia Program Coordinator, said. "We call on the home minister to overturn this sentence immediately. No online commentator should be jailed because of the articles they have published."

"As well as being issued arbitrarily, behind closed doors and without informing Raja Petra’s lawyers, this detention order is devoid of any legal basis as it violates the constitutionally-guaranteed right of religious freedom," Reporters Without Borders said. "The interior minister clearly wants to silence RPK for good and to keep up pressure on bloggers who dare to criticise the increasingly fragile government. We call for his release."

source: Asia Sentinel


Meanwhile,the political rumour mill has been spinning on overdrive, that Pat Lah and Najib were involved in readjusting their transition date originally set for June 2010, which has angered a great number of Umno members aligned to these leaders and other UMNO warlords.

The special Umno Supreme Council (MKT) meeting today is suppose to decide an early power transition date between Pat Lah and Najib Tun Razak. Some even predicting that the UMNO delegates election will be postpone to June 2009.

Well, I dont be bothered whats the outcome because the guy who will be taking over Pat Lah's position is no better than Pat Lah himself and will never earn my respect.

But, one thing is certain that Pat Lah is not leaving Putrajaya so soon..............


25 September 2008

The Oct 7 court decision and Pat Lah's 10 sen sweetener...........

Sessions Court judge S. M. Komathy Suppiah will decide on Oct 7 whether to allow Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial to be heard in the High Court.

She made the decision after hearing submissions and authorities cited by both prosecution and defence lawyers in a 45-minute heated argument.

The prosecution, led by DPP Datuk Yusof Zainal Abideen, had, on Sept 10, applied to have the case transferred to the High Court, citing that the case was one of "significant public importance".

Anwar's defence team, led by Sulaiman Abdullah, had objected to the certificate of transfer which was signed by Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, arguing that the AG should not be involved in the case, as he was under investigation for allegedly falsifying evidence in Anwar's "black-eye" case in 1998.

They also cited an assurance from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that Gani would not be involved in the case.

This was repeated yesterday by Sulaiman when he said: "Our position all along has been that Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail would have absolutely no involvement in this prosecution. The Prime Minister has categorically stated that Abdul Gani Patail would play no part in the prosecution, and the AG's Chambers has not denied that."

Yusuf countered that the AG's signature on the certificate was just a formality, and after citing case law, argued that Komathy had no choice but to transfer the case to the High Court.

Komathy questioned whether the approval of the certificate would "undermine public confidence in the administration of justice".

"I am very troubled by the fact the PM has said the AG will not get involved, given the nature of the relationship between the accused and the AG," said Komathy.

Later, outside the courtroom, Anwar told the press that the objection to the certificate was one of "natural justice".

"The issue raised by the prosecution is that it is not within the jurisdiction of the Sessions Court to deny their application to transfer the case to the High Court. Our principle is one of natural justice; to raise preliminary objections to the certificate signed by Gani Patail, who has been disqualified from deciding in my case," he said.

Anwar, 60, is charged with voluntarily committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature with his former aide, Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, at Unit 11-5-1, Desa Damansara Condominium, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26.

Meanwhile,the prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced by 10 sen to RM2.45 and RM2.40 per litre respectively beginning midnight, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced today.

He said the retail price of RON92 petrol will also be reduced from RM2.40 to RM2.30 per litre.He said the 10 sen reduction was the maximum the government could allow as although the world oil price had dropped slightly, the ringgit had also weakened against the US dollar.

source : theSun


The Session court judge must be brave enough to make a wise decision but not to kowtow to the demands of the AG.

Pat Lah calls Anwar a bluff about his 916 yet he dare not face him in a special parliamentary session.

Pat Lah announced that prices of petrol and diesel will drop 10 sen a liter, but how long can the gusto of a 10 sen drop can alleviate the sufferings of the poor rakyat. The public has been fooled by Pat Lah and likewise,Pat Lah too is big fat liar...


24 September 2008

Pat Lah sibuk jaga periuk nasinya nak jumpa cam mana..........

Anwar berkata,"Saya tidak faham mengapa sukar bagi Dollah untuk bertemu.

"Pertemuan antara kerajaan dan pembangkang adalah urusan biasa. Di mana-mana negara, ia selalu berlaku," kata beliau selepas mengadakan pertemuan tertutup dengan Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

"Saya menggesa Abdullah agar mempertimbangkan kedudukannya sebagai Perdana Menteri dan menghormati sistem demokrasi.

"Beliau seharusnya tidak takut dengan ahli-ahli parti beliau. Gunakan kedudukan beliau untuk memanggil sidang khas Parlimen," kata beliau lagi.

"Saya tidak boleh pergi dan mengetuk pintu di Putrajaya, mengatakan saya mempunyai jumlah wakil yang mencukupi. Ini merupakan proses perundangan dan perlu mematuhi Perlembagaan Persekutuan, justeru ia akan mengambil sedikit masa tetapi akan bermula dengan pertemuan bersama Dollah (Abdullah)," katanya.

Kata Anwar, bagi mengelakkan ketidakstabilan politik, pembentukan kerajaan persekutuan pimpinan Pakatan akan dibuat menerusi Parlimen.

"Saya masih berharap untuk menemui Abdullah untuk perundingan.

"Kerajaan (pimpinan BN) lemah dan kini mengenakan undang-undang kejam ke atas rakyat. Ekonomi berada dalam krisis.

"Saya mahu bertemu dan berkongsi idea bagaimana hendak membincangkan masalah-masalah negara. Beliau tidak akan mengalami kerugian jika bertemu kami," katanya.

Sementara itu, Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur akan mendengar hujah berhubung permohonan pendakwaan untuk memindahkan kes liwat terhadap Anwar ke Mahkamah Tinggi.

"Mahkamah akan mendengar hujah kedua-dua pihak untuk mementukan permintaan memindahkan kes ke Mahkamah Tinggi," kata salah seorang peguam Anwar, Sankara Nair ketika dihubungi.

Bagaimanapun beliau tidak pasti sama ada mahkamah akan membuat keputusan esok ataupun sebaliknya kerana ia bergantung kepada mahkamah selepas mendengar penghujahan kedua-dua pihak.

"Sukar untuk dikatakan sekarang... kami ada banyak perkara untuk dihujah," katanya.

Pada 10 September lalu, Hakim S.M. Komathy Suppiah menetapkan esok ekoran bantahan terhadap permohonan itu oleh peguam Anwar, Sulaiman Abdullah.

source : www1.mstar.com.my

Bukankah Pat Lah selalu kata gomen mengamalkan demokrasi,terbuka,bekerja bersama saya bukan untuk saya?

Tapi bila mai peringkat ini hang pi kecut teloq buat apa Pat Lah ooi........

Sementara itu, gomen BN telah mengurung blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin di Kamunting. Dengan itu gomen BN adalah merupakan gomen pertama dalam dunia yang menahan seorang penulis blog tanpa pembicaraan...........

Tengku Razaleigh said, "The use of the Internal Security Act and of Sedition Laws to target particular individuals further erodes the credibility of the government. Our actions exacerbate rather than calm the fear that stokes civil and racial strife. In the present context of a leadership struggle within Umno and against a strong Opposition it is impossible to dispel the notion that these extreme measures are calculated to maintain certain individuals in power rather than to address verifiable threats to national security."

Dr.Mahathir Mohammad said, “This time around it is not going to be any different. When faced with a tricky problem Abdullah would consult his family members, usually his son and son-in-law but now also his wife.” To know what really happened in the UMNO's Supreme Council meeting read here.

Moga keluarga RPK sabar menghadapi dugaan ini. What to do we still have a sleepy head as PM with a bunch of corrupted 'lembu pawah' running the country................

Baca di sini dan sini.


23 September 2008

Muhyiddin, being honest doesnt pay in UMNO,time to move.....

Muhyiddin Yassin today warned that the ruling party and the coalition it has led for half a century faces oblivion at the next elections if it fails to reform. The Barisan Nasional coalition, helmed by the ruling Umno, has floundered since March elections which saw a resurgent opposition score unprecedented victories.

Muhyiddin, who has called for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stand down before his planned departure in 2010, said the party must address internal conflicts and the opposition threat.

"It is a situation which is very serious. It is of concern not only to Umno members but to the country at large, to the Barisan Nasional and people who cares about what is happening to the government," he told a press conference.

"If nothing happens then I am not too sure if the lifespan of Barisan Nasional, of Umno in particular, can sustain beyond the year 2013," he said, referring to the scheduled date of the next general election.

Abdullah has defied calls to quit despite being confronted by rare criticism from within his cabinet, as well as a challenge from opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who says he has enough defectors to topple the government.

Muhyiddin made another attack on Abdullah's plan to hand over to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak, saying Umno members should decide on the future leadership in internal elections that begin next month.

"What has been agreed upon is only a convention. There is no such provision in the constitution," he said.

"We don't elect leaders unconstitutionally, we elect leaders based on procedures."

If Abdullah steps down as premier, Najib is widely tipped to replace him, with Muhyiddin as his new deputy. - AFP


Mahyuddin's warning about the demise of UMNO is timely. UMNO is on the brink of destruction, not because of its wavering supports of the Malay masses, but by the leaders themselves who preaches the politics of patronage,nepotism, croynism and etc,etc........

The reason can be best be described in Mahathir's own words..."Merdeka has brought power and wealth to the new Malay elite. Politics is found to be the panacea. It provides a shortcut to everything. It makes possible the attainment of positions of immense power. These Malays are in a position to acquire riches. These few Malays - for they are still only a very few - have waxed riches not because of themselves, but because of the policy of a Government supported by a huge majority of poor Malays. It would seem that the efforts of the poor Malays have gone to enrich a select few of their own people. The poor Malays themselves have not gained one iota."

That was Mahathir in 1969 and he was 100 % right. But when he came to power he shitted on whatever principles he held then.

Najib's preference as his deputy wont be Muyiddin but Hishamuddin Tun Hussein. Will Muyiddin suffers the same fate as Tengku Razaleigh?

Its better for Muyiddin to abandon the sinking ship or be another Tengku Razeligh, sampai ke tua apa pun tak ada.........

Baca sini dan sini.


22 September 2008

Pat Lah pressured to quit..........

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is under increasing pressure to quit, after being confronted by rare criticism from within his cabinet, as well as an opposition bid to seize power.

So far Abdullah has clung tenaciously to the job, and refused to negotiate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has announced he has enough support from defecting lawmakers to topple the government.

But last week Abdullah faced an unprecedented challenge from within his cabinet, as four ministers spoke out against him at the Umno supreme council meeting.

They told Abdullah at a meeting of the party's supreme council that "the political situation was not improving and that he should consider an earlier exit".

Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib confirmed the challenge took place and said Abdullah was saddened and visibly affected by it, but insisted he could ride out the crisis.

"The four of them spoke and said this to the prime minister... but it was not the majority speaking. There are more than 30 supreme council members and not all are in unison, asking the PM to resign," Muhammad told AFP.

Muhyiddin was one of the ministers who reportedly challenged Abdullah at last week's meeting, along with Umno's youth wing chief Hishammuddin Hussein, women's wing chief Rafidah Aziz and Culture Minister Shafie Apdal.

An Umno official from Abdullah's home state of Penang said the premier's position was now untenable and he would have to quit before the party holds leadership elections in December.

"Abdullah does not have any choice left. He has to go by year-end," said the senior official on condition of anonymity.

"Abdullah is now being viewed as a leader who has lost control of the party and government.

"He cannot make any drastic moves to reel in party leaders who have openly gone against him by questioning the power transition agreement," he said.

Abdullah in July unveiled a plan to hand over to his deputy Najib Razak in mid-2010, but the strategy failed to quell calls for his ouster, and last week he indicated the timing was "flexible" and that he could depart earlier.


Ini semua hangat-hangat tahi ayam saja.......ingat Pat Lah gitu mudah nak serahkan jawatan kerana misi mengayakan kaum kerabatnya belum lagi selesai. Lagi pun budak-budak di tingkat 4 tu nak campak ke mana? Sekurang-kurang menantunya jadi menteri mungkin Pat Lah terpikiaq nak bersara kot!

Baca di sini dan sini.


20 September 2008

Convene parliament and determine whether BN or PR has the majority.....

Lim Kit Siang today challenged the PM Abdullah Badawi to convene an emergency session of the Parliament to determine the legitimacy of the government.

"Let the parliament be convened to resolve the matter once and for all, whether Pakatan Rakyat has the majority or BN has the majority," Lim told a press conference at the DAP headquarters here.

Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim yesterday wrote a letter to Abdullah urging him to convene an emergency session of Parliament to enable a vote of no confidence against the government be tabled.

Abdullah later said that it is not necessary as the Parliament will be back in session after the Hari Raya celebration in October.

"Why is the prime minister running away from a determinative end to this uncertainty," said Lim.

"I call on the PM to reconsider, convene an emergency session of Parliament to resolve this issue once and for all, if Barisan Nasinonal has the majority he will continue to rule and Pakatan Rakyat will accept it, but if Pakatan Rakyat has the majority, let him announce that he will gracefully, orderly and democratically, effect a transition of power," he added.

source: malaysian insider

Well, Pat Lah isnt too sure whether he will survive the vote of no confidence. Also, Pat Lah is uncertain whether the UMNO MPs will be with him or not after what tranpired in the last MKT meeting last night. Read here and here.

Between now and then, Abdullah will be monitoring ground sentiment. If the voices of dissent and opposition from within the rulingad party get louder, the PM will have little choice but to cut short his stay at the top.


19 September 2008

Will Anwar celebrate Hari Raya behind bars............

The growing impasse between Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim may come to a head soon, with both sides finding a way forward after the prime minister gave a public assurance that he would not arrest "Anwar or anyone else" under the country's draconian Internal Security Act.  

Experts interviewed by Malaysiakini were of the view a climax - one way or another - was in sight. They said the public, already unhappy with the sinking economic conditions, was losing patience and it was now up to the two camps to put up or shut up.  

Abdullah would have to decide if he wanted to be remembered as the man who liberalised democracy in Malaysia or leave behind a legacy of oppression and intimidation.  

Anwar, on the other hand, would have to come out and prove he has the support of the parliamentarians that he has been claiming or lose a huge chunk of credibility with voters.  

source: malaysiakini  

The gomen may not use ISA against Anwar but may instead revoke his bail on sodomy II on 24 September 2008 to ensure Anwar will be behind bars celebrating Hari Raya in jail. Can you really trust Pat Lah..............  


Pat Lah says NO to special parliament session.......

Anwar asks for special parliament session; PM says no!
by Giam Say Khoon

Anwar Ibrahim says Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have written a letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi requesting him to convene an emergency Parliament session no later than Tuesday to deliberate a motion of censure against the current federal government .

The parliamentary Opposition Leader said his request is in accordance with Article 11(3) of Parliament’s Standing Orders (SO) and warranted an immediate response, given the gravity of the current political impasse.

"The SO is quite clear that the request is to be given to the prime minister to convene the session. We will notify the Speaker (Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia). We have sent the letter to the prime minister and he will have to inform the Speaker to convene the emergency session," he told a press conference in Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s headquarters today.

"A delay in Abdullah’s response will be interpreted as nothing short of a further sabotage of the democratic process and abuse of Executive Power. The prime minister’s haggling on the syntax of our first letter is puerile at best.

"The intent of our meeting as described in the letter was clearly to discuss the future course of the nation’s leadership, though in deference to his position and in accordance with acceptable norms, we remain considerate and polite in our approach," he said.

Anwar said he found Abdullah’s comment about him on Wednesday to be reckless and irresponsible in light of the disastrous outcome of last Friday’s Internal Security Act (ISA) raids.

"As the incumbent prime minister actively holding office and exercising all executive powers and as the outgoing finance minister, we hold him fully accountable for the current political turmoil and mismanagement of the nation’s economy.

"His (Abdullah) accusation that I have had an adverse impact on the nation’s economy is entirely without basis," he said.

"Abdullah has conflated what is essentially an issue of democracy, freedom and the rule of law with national security. The use of the ISA to harass and detain duly elected political opponents is a grave transgression of the law and its continued use would further erode confidence in the current government and exacerbate political instability," he added.

To a question, Anwar said if Abdullah refused to call for the session, he will immediately hold an emergency meeting with all Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders and that he did not discount the possibility of seeking an audience with the King, which he described as the last resort.

"We have to exhaust all institutional and legal procedures ... unless the prime minister is willing to listen and concede, but he has refused to have a meeting," he added.

On why PR had refused to disclose the list of Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs who were willing to defect, Anwar said: "The prime minister only has to know that we have the majority of MPs and we have told him, and if he wants to know the details, he should convene the emergency session."

Asked why PR cannot wait until Oct 13 when the parliament meeting resumes, he said the country’s economic situation could not afford to wait as "any responsible government should by now have a task force to deal with the crisis".

"We do not have (such task force) and we have to deal with it immediately," he said.

When pressed for the list to be made public, Anwar said: "We are not in an all-democratic environment, so we will have to protect them (the MPs). So I want the assurance from the prime minister that the MPs, including Teresa Kok (Seputeh MP, who is now detained under the ISA), be given the right to appear on Tuesday and vote (in the emergency session).

"The MPs have requested that their names remain a secret until the moment we appear together and I have to respect that," he said.

To a question, Anwar said the number of MPs who have agreed to defect has not decreased.

Asked if he was worried about the possibility of being detained under the ISA after Abdullah described him as a threat to the country on Wednesday, Anwar said: "Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has promised no more ISA detentions."

source: the Sun

Meanwhile, Pat Lah rejects 'no confidence' session as he says ,"I don't see the need as the Parliament will sit after Ramadhan," Abdullah told reporters after chairing an Umno supreme council meeting at Putra World Trade Centre today. The Parliament is set to resume its sittings on Oct 13.

So whats next? a walk to istana negara..............

Read here.


They just swap "jobs" yet it still stinks..........

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has handed over the powerful portfolio of finance minister to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak as part of the country's power transition plan which is to be completed by mid-2010.

Abdullah, who also announced he would be taking over the defence portfolio held by Najib in a swap of duties, however indicated he may hand over the reigns of power to his annointed successor earlier than the agreed deadline.

Speaking to reporters after the weekly cabinet meeting at his office today, Abdullah said he had informed the cabinet of the role swap, and that over time, he would be handing over "a few of my roles and duties as prime minister to Najib".

The role swap comes at a time when the country is facing tough challenges, politically and economically, against the backdrop of a gloomy world economic climate.

source: the Sun

Sungguhpun 'baju' mereka bertukar, namun bau busuk tetap tidak akan hilang.............


18 September 2008

Pat Lah hints ISA for Anwar..............

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has left political observers wondering if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim could once again be detained under the Internal Security Act.

The premier issued a warning that appear to indicate the possibility of an ISA arrest for the maverick politician at press conference at Putrajaya this afternoon to announce a reshuffle of cabinet portfolios.

He has become a threat to the economy and possibly (national) security," he said. This in itself provides sufficient grounds for the authorities to invoke the tough security law, which provides detention without trial against Anwar.

And when asked what action the government would take against him, Abdullah refused to reveal his cards, saying: "I will not indicate what plan I will take, what I do will be in the best interests of the people and the country."

"Because of Anwar's actions, there are fund managers who have reported that Malaysia is purportedly no longer a good place for investment because of the unstable political climate."

Abdullah said the opposition leader has lied a lot about the country's economic status, even claiming that there is no Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) coming in. On the contrary, the premier said FDI is still flowing in and Malaysia is popular among investors.

"Anwar wants to destroy the country and exploit the people’s trust and tarnish the country’s image abroad."

Using the ISA against Anwar would undoubtedly have severe repercussions but such a move would not come as a surprise after three individuals, including an opposition politician, were nabbed under the draconian law last Friday.

James Chin, a political analyst from Monash University's campus in Kuala Lumpur, said Abdullah's comments were a clear warning that Anwar could face arrest under ISA.

"If they arrest Anwar under ISA, it will not be accepted by both Malaysians and the international community," he told AFP.

The two-time ISA veteran claimed that he has enough ruling MPs willing to cross over into the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat in order for him to form government with a simple majority.

Anwar had failed to initiate the coup yesterday, Sept 16 - the date which he had set - but reiterated that he had the numbers and the toppling of the BN-led government was imminent.

The 61-year-old politician had also requested to meet Abdullah to discuss a transition of power plan and urged the premier not to resort to drastic measures, like declaring an emergency, to thwart the takeover.

Abdullah, however, rejected the meeting again today and dismissed the takeover claims as lies. He accused Anwar of "lying to the public and confusing the people".

"There is nothing to discuss," said the prime minister.

source: malaysiakini

Though Anwar's 916 passed without any fanfare,yet it forced Pat Lah to switch the Finance portfolio with the Defence portfolio from Najib. Why the sudden change, if not for some ulterior motives or another sign to overcome his weakness...............

With the stern warning coming from the man himself, is Anwar going to be roped in under ISA? Only time will tell..........

Blogger Kickdefella is being detained under the Sedition Act in Kota Baru..............


17 September 2008

Defiant Pat Lah ruled out talks with Anwar…………

Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Tuesday rejected the opposition's declaration that it has signed up enough defecting lawmakers to seize power, accusing it of "political lies." Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said more than 31 government lawmakers were willing to switch sides, enabling him to form a new administration with a slim majority, and demanded a meeting with Abdullah to discuss a handover. But Abdullah was defiant, despite signs of cracks in the ruling coalition which has been in disarray since March elections that saw the opposition dramatically increase its numbers in parliament.

"This is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him," Abdullah said at a press conference, adding he did not feel compelled to step down.

"Why should I be pressured? It is mere dreams. If at all it is true, ( Anwar ) would have announced it by now. The whole world would have known," he said, challenging the opposition leader to release the names of the defectors.

"Do you think he would ask for a meeting with me to discuss a transition? He would storm into my room with hundreds behind him, shouting victory. This is Anwar's style."

Anwar said he would give Abdullah a few days to agree to a meeting before exploring other options. That could include seeking an audience with Malaysia's king, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, to claim a mandate to rule.

"We now have the required numbers to form a government. The PM cannot deny us and refuse to engage with an alternative government. I appeal to the government to allow a smooth transition," he told a press conference.

Abdullah ruled out talks with his nemesis, setting up a showdown between the pair. Anwar urged the government not to arrest his new ministers under draconian internal security laws, or declare a state of emergency in an attempt to prevent him from seizing power. His comments came after a crackdown last week when three people -- an opposition politician, a prominent blogger and a reporter -- were arrested under tough security laws that allow for detention without trial.

"I wish to emphasise that the change in the process should be peaceful. We do not want documents and other assets of the government destroyed. I would like to advise the Barisan Nasional leaders not to abuse their powers, not to arrest or torture our leaders," Anwar said. The 61-year-old opposition leader, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed a decade ago, said it was difficult for members of the ruling coalition to accept that "their ship is sinking."

In March elections Anwar's three-member opposition alliance gained 80 seats in the 222-seat parliament, with the coalition holding 140 and losing its two-thirds majority for the first time. Anwar then set himself a target of September 16 to secure the support of at least 30 government lawmakers needed to topple the government.

Abdullah also dismissed suggestions he faces a revolt from within his cabinet, after six ministers spoke out against last week's crackdown on dissent. Zaid Ibrahim, the minister in charge of legal affairs, quit over the arrests and in departing remarks painted a damning picture of the coalition as paralysed by internal strife and racial divisions.

"They were giving their views and this is because I allow ministers to express their views," Abdullah said. "This will not compromise the government's position."
The premier refused to discuss his plan to transfer power to his deputy Najib Razak in mid-2010, which both Najib and influential trade minister Muhyiddin Yassin have now questioned. The opposition has said Najib and Muhyiddin may be preparing to challenge Abdullah and install themselves as the new premier and deputy.

The political uncertainty has paralysed investment in recent months and depressed trading on the stock market, which dropped 2.5 percent over last week and another 1.9 percent Tuesday. — AFP Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Tuesday rejected the opposition's declaration that it has signed up enough defecting lawmakers to seize power, accusing it of "political lies.

"Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said more than 31 government lawmakers were willing to switch sides, enabling him to form a new administration with a slim majority, and demanded a meeting with Abdullah to discuss a handover. But Abdullah was defiant, despite signs of cracks in the ruling coalition which has been in disarray since March elections that saw the opposition dramatically increase its numbers in parliament.

"This is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him," Abdullah said at a press conference, adding he did not feel compelled to step down.

"Why should I be pressured? It is mere dreams. If at all it is true, ( Anwar ) would have announced it by now. The whole world would have known," he said, challenging the opposition leader to release the names of the defectors.

"Do you think he would ask for a meeting with me to discuss a transition? He would storm into my room with hundreds behind him, shouting victory. This is Anwar's style."

Anwar said he would give Abdullah a few days to agree to a meeting before exploring other options. That could include seeking an audience with Malaysia's king, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, to claim a mandate to rule.

"We now have the required numbers to form a government. The PM cannot deny us and refuse to engage with an alternative government. I appeal to the government to allow a smooth transition," he told a press conference.

Abdullah ruled out talks with his nemesis, setting up a showdown between the pair.

Anwar urged the government not to arrest his new ministers under draconian internal security laws, or declare a state of emergency in an attempt to prevent him from seizing power.

His comments came after a crackdown last week when three people -- an opposition politician, a prominent blogger and a reporter -- were arrested under tough security laws that allow for detention without trial.

"I wish to emphasise that the change in the process should be peaceful. We do not want documents and other assets of the government destroyed. I would like to advise the Barisan Nasional leaders not to abuse their powers, not to arrest or torture our leaders," Anwar said.

The 61-year-old opposition leader, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed a decade ago, said it was difficult for members of the ruling coalition to accept that "their ship is sinking."

In March elections Anwar's three-member opposition alliance gained 80 seats in the 222-seat parliament, with the coalition holding 140 and losing its two-thirds majority for the first time.

Anwar then set himself a target of September 16 to secure the support of at least 30 government lawmakers needed to topple the government.

source: todayonline


16 September 2008

PAS keeps Sanglang and Manir but Anwar got to wait..........

The Federal Court today declared PAS' Hashim Jasin as the rightful winner of the Sanglang state seat in Perlis, overturning a victory obtained by Barisan Nasional in the March 8 general election.

Judges Alaudin Mohamed Sheriff, Arifin Zakaria and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin unanimously agreed that Hashim should be declared as the winner and not BN's Abdullah Hassan.

The decision by the highest court in the land today means that there will NOT be a by-election for the state seat.Hashim, who is Perlis PAS commissioner, claimed that he should have won Sanglang based on initial Election Commission records.

He said that he should be declared the winner as the vote tallied from all counting centres showed that he had polled 3,333 votes against Abdullah's 3,286 and had thus won by a 47-vote majority.


Meanwhile,the Federal Court also confirmed the election of Datuk Harun Taib of PAS to the Manir state seat after dismissing with costs the election petition of the Barisan Nasional candidate, Wan Sagar Wan Embong.

Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Alaudin Mohamed Sheriff and Federal Court judges Datuk Arifin Zakaria and Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin unanimously affirmed the order of the High Court that Wan Sagar’s petition to nullify the Manir election result in Terengganu was defective.

They held that the corrupt practice allegedly committed by the agents of Harun, the PAS candidate, as pleaded in Wan Sagar’s petition must be specific to succeed in his petition.

Justice Zulkefli, who delivered the judgment, said the High Court judge was correct in his decision that the petition was defective as it did not contain particulars of the alleged corrupt practice.

Wan Sagar is appealing against the decision of the High Court which on May 25 allowed Harun’s preliminary objection and held that Wan Sagar’s petition to nullify the Manir election result in Terengganu was defective as it did not contain particulars of corrupt practice, and summarily struck out the petition.

Harun won the seat with a 406-vote majority in the March 8 general election.


Anwar Ibrahim said today he had signed up more than 31 defectors needed to form a new government and called on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to implement emergency rule to thwart a takeover.

"We have a slight majority, it is in excess of 31," he told a packed press conference at 2pm at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya today. Anwar however did not reveal any names of the lawmakers.

“We want a peaceful transition. We hope that Barisan (Nasional) will not put up emergency rule to stop MPs from going to Parliament or arrest (government) MPs or stop them from joining Pakatan Rakyat,” he said.

"That's why we have taken a very soft, conciliatory option. I am not making excuses. We have the numbers. We can and are prepared to move. If after a few days there is no response, Pakatan leaders will meet and see what is the next course of action."

Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance had yesterday sent a letter to Abdullah, requesting for a meeting.

"We give the PM time to consult and act responsibly as head of the country to heed the wishes of the people," he said.

"I believe he will meet and we will have to wait today or tomorrow. He is a politician under siege, so you can forgive him for sounding desperate," Anwar added.

Anwar will need at least 31 defectors from BN and perhaps over 40 to form a stable Pakatan government.

source : malaysiakini


“September 16 is not important in itself” said Thiagaran, aged 45, one of the 20,000-strong crowd who attended the Pakatan Rakyat rally on the eve of Malaysia Day last night.

“It is not just an end of what has been happening. It is more the beginning of change for many things!” he insisted.

“Let Anwar promise. We believe in his promises. We have to be optimistic. What’s the problem with giving Pakatan a few years in government? If they do not perform, we kick them out at the next general election! Give them a chance!” said K Jeevan.

“What is a delay of a few weeks, or even months, compared to the decades waiting for change at the hands of Barisan?” said another supporter A Mahendran, aged 37.

“Whether it’s ‘9-16' or ‘10-16' or ‘11-16' or even ‘12-16', we believe in him. What’s wrong with that? For 51 years, Barisan Nasional has promised us all kinds of things and all kinds of changes. When Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi promised us in May that the fuel price would not increase, it went up the following month,” Mahendran added.

Never mind that Anwar's self-imposed deadline has come without even a single crossover from the BN, Pakatan supporters are still convinced it is just a matter of time before it happens.

But always be wary with those in powers coz they are not easy pushovers and will resort to anything as to remain herculean......................


Putrajaya cracking up.....................

Is Putrajaya cracking up? Thats what Mahathir thinks..............

ON a hillside overlooking the grandiose administrative capital that Malaysia has built at vast expense, vacant lots marked with the names of dozens of countries lie empty. It's a diplomatic enclave without diplomats, embassies or limousines - and one of the most visible failures of Putrajaya, a multi-billion-dollar extravaganza of monumental avenues, lakes and dome-topped buildings.

Putrajaya was the branchild of former premier Mahathir Mohamad who ordered construction to begin on the site of an palm oil plantation in 1996, despite the economic firestorm that swept the region the following year. Dr Mahathir, who turned Malaysia from a tropical backwater into one of Southeast Asia's biggest economies, was a fan of mega-projects including the Petronas Twin Towers, which was for a time the world's tallest building. The massive scale, cost and ambition of Putrajaya sets it apart as perhaps his biggest achievement, but less than a decade after it was unveiled, the cracks are beginning to show and Dr Mahathir has joined the ranks of detractors.

'At night it is deserted, because all there is there is government offices. We want to see a living town,' he said earlier this year, accusing his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of losing interest.

'When I see broken tiles and broken pavements, I feel saddened,' said Dr Mahathir, who envisioned Putrajaya as a triumph of Islamic development, as well as relieving congestion in the overcrowded capital Kuala Lumpur.

'If leaders don't take an interest, neither will minor officials.'

Kuala Lumpur lies 25km north, and clogged highways and poor public transport links make Putrajaya an often unpopular destination for those compelled to visit for business or bureaucracy. Most government ministries have relocated there, despites the grumbles of employees, but private business has been slow to follow despite government incentives and encouragement.

Dr Mahathir said that not enough has been done to attract the private sector, or the foreign missions that were supposed to occupy the diplomatic enclave that has already been established with access roads, shops and landscaping. Many countries have bought plots, but so far only the Iraqis have broken ground, and most diplomats have no intention of giving up their missions in central Kuala Lumpur, and their elegant colonial-era residences nearby.

While those in Kuala Lumpur may sneer, Putrajaya's 60,000 residents are generally full of praise for their purpose-built town, with its clean air, wide boulevards and lush parks. Most are public servants who have been won over by subsidised housing, and facilities like shopping centres and cinemas that have gradually sprung up.

'Initially everyone complained but now they are more comfortable as there are no traffic jams, not like in Kuala Lumpur,' said education ministry employee Robiah Kamal, 33.

'The facilities are very good - schools, nurseries and clinics - and you don't have to rush for everything,' she told AFP at the gleaming Alamanda shopping complex where office workers converge at lunchtime.

Despite the pleasant surroundings and the topiary along the highways, critics of Putrajaya say it was a massive waste of money and that its architecture is grandiose and culturally inappropriate. The overwhelmingly Islamic-style buildings are out of place in a country which is dominated by Muslim Malays, but also home to large ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities, says architectural academic Mohamad Tajuddin. He criticises the magnificent lakeside mosque as being designed more for tourists than the faithful, and says the prime minister's office, a giant edifice topped with a green 'onion dome,' is downright arrogant.

'Palatial is alright if you're a king who owns the country, but we are a democracy and we're supposed to be ruled by the people,' he said.

'If you want to go and see your leader, it should be easy to do so. If you want to pray, it should be easy to do so - instead of creating a fortress-like atmosphere.'

A spate of problems at the grand Putrajaya ministries last year, including collapsing ceilings and a burst water pipe that inundated the immigration department, raised more questions.

'I feel ashamed. These are new buildings and there are problems. There must be something wrong,' Datuk Seri Abdullah said at the time.

Mr Tajuddin argues Putrajaya should have been designed in sympathy with Malaysia's harsh sun and tropical storms, with shaded path and breezy verandas instead of baking hot avenues and expanses of paved plazas.

'If you're going to have a kingdom designed to show opulence, it's going to be maintainance-intensive. Things are going to get broken very fast.

Landscaping and flowers are all very expensive,' he said.

Mr Samusudin Osman, president of the Putrajaya Corporation which runs the town, has heard all the complaints before and good-naturedly urges critics to be realistic.

'People have very high expectations of Putrajaya, they expect it to be world class,' he says.

He admits his own children aren't keen on the place and complain it's too quiet, 'but for heaven's sake, this is an administrative centre, it has to have some air of formality.' The total cost of building the capital - shared between the government and the developer - has never been released but at least RM20 billion (S$8.5 billion) has come from public coffers.

'There are much better things to do for the money,' said veteran opposition figure Lim Kit Siang who dismisses the project as a symptom of Mahathir-era 'megalomania'.

'My first impression of it was that it was a monstrosity and I don't think my views have greatly changed.' -- AFP


Sure enough Mahathir goofed when he decided to built Putrajaya. Since its a one man decision,obviously his successors will never follow up with its construction. And with the shoddy work done by crony contractors no wonder the buildings,structures,roads etc,etc were meant to last the most 10 years or so.

This happens when tenders are bypassed. When a phone call is made to influence a decision. When ‘under-the-table’ money is passed to decision makers. When the most proficient and efficient contractor is sidestepped for the one with better ‘offerings’ and given to all their family members and cronies.

This is how we get hospitals with fungus, flyovers deemed unsafe, roads not made to specifications, parks turned into housing developments and trees felled without permission. This is why we have increasing health costs, highway concessionaires that lose toll collections and disappearing green lungs. All because of corruption,a main feature during the Mahathir era.

Since Mahathir is returning to UMNO, my best bet is for him to join UMNO Putrajaya and let him alone save Putrajaya.

Is Putrajaya being cursed for 7 generation...........


15 September 2008

De facto Law Minister Zahid resigns...........

De facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim broke ranks with the government today, and criticised the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

"We have many laws which the police could have used to detain the three people without having to use the ISA. We have the Sedition Act and the Penal Code," he said.

Zaid also said many other approaches could be employed to minimise racial differences or issues, including through dialogue sessions and peaceful discussions.

On Friday, the police detained Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, Seputeh MP and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok and blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Tan has since been released following string protests and representations made on her behalf by Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders, including some from Umno.

Leaders from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance have also criticised the use of the ISA by the police, and have accused the BN government of using the arrests to head off possibility of the opposition seizing power next week. But the criticisms of the ISA appear to have found a voice within BN.

Zaid was not the only minister who spoke out against the ISA today, amid mounting public pressure for some sort of review of the ISA.

Zaid said today that he would seek a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi for a "frank discussion" about the issue.

"I know I am breaking rank here," he told reporters. "I " prepared for the consequences. If I am to resign I will do so."

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has resigned as Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. Read here.

Pat Lah confirmed this in Terengganu last night that he had received the letter,but, rejected it and told Zaid to take off work for two weeks. Probably sending to Taiwan again.....


Kenyataan Nik Abdul Aziz Yang Di ‘Haramkan’.......


1. Saya telah membaca dengan teliti pandangan Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu yang kali ini lebih gemar menggunakan nama beliau sebagai pengamal dan penganalisis politik daripada bertindak sebagai seorang Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri. Walaupun sewaktu beliau berdiri sebagai penganalisis politik dalam mana-mana waktu sekalipun, pada saya, beliau tetaplah Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri Terengganu. Baik dalam keadaan berdiri, duduk, atau berbaring, Mustafa bin Ali adalah seorang Pesuruhjaya PAS.

2. Dengan demikian, mahu tidak mahu pandangan beliau itu tetap mencerminkan pandangan PAS Terengganu. Lebih mendukacitakan lagi ialah apabila pandangan beliau ini bersifat anti keputusan Muktamar. Sekaligus, ia menentang arus Syura yang memutuskan untuk mengukuhkan Pakatan Rakyat dan tidak sebaliknya seperti yang sedang dilakukan oleh Mustafa Ali. Dalam respons dan setiap ayat yang digunakan, saya tidak nampak sikap Mustafa yang boleh mengukuhkan Pakatan Rakyat seperti yang diputuskanoleh Muktamar secara “standing ovation”.

3. Sepatutnya tugas pemimpin termasuk Pesuruhjaya ialah mendukung dan mengukuhkan keputusan Muktamar. Sifat rajin mengeluarkan kenyataan walaupun tidak disuruh adalah sesuatu yang aneh dan menghairankan. Lebih-lebih lagilah ia mencanggahi keputusan Muktamar. Sepatutnya ceramah atau temuramah bersifat lanjutan kepada keputusan Muktamar.

4. Saya membuat perbandingan antara kenyataan Mustafa di muka surat 1 dan 3 Utusan Malaysia, 11 September 2008 dengan kenyataan Dato’ Johari Baharom, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri sendiri termasuk kenyataan PM sendiri dalam Berita Harian pada hari yang sama. Mesejnya sama iaitu tidak ada apa yang akan berlaku pada 16 September 2008 iaitu “tidak mungkin ada undi tidak percaya kerana Parlimen tidak bersidang.” Sentimen Mustafa yang “terus terang tidak yakin adanya bilangan sebanyak 30 orang yang akan melompat parti” betul-betul serupa dengan nada Presiden Umno. Betul-betul serupa.

5. Lidah Mustafa boleh dikatakan sudah menjadi lidah Umno. Kita kena faham bahawa lidah ini adalah jurubahasa kepada hati. Jika begitu keadaannya apa yang ada dalam hati, maka lebih baik terang-terang sokong Umno. Hujah untuk “meredakan keresahan rakyat” yang digunakan oleh Mustafa tidak tepat. Apa yang tepat ialah kita kena tanya rakyat resah kerana apa? Jawabnya, rakyat resah kerana pimpinan di bawah Umno selama ini telah menimbulkan seribu satu macam keresahan. Usaha Pakatan Rakyat yang sama-sama sedang didukung oleh PAS, PKR dan DAP ini adalah usaha untuk memulihkan keresahan rakyat. Pemulihan dan keyakinan akan berlaku apabila Pakatan Rakyat menguasai di peringkat Pusat. “Cross over” kepada Pakatan Rakyat yang menuju ke arah peralihan kuasa sama ada 16, 17, 18, 19 atau 20 September 2008 hendaklah menjadi agenda setiap orang : agenda setiap Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri termasuklah Mustafa bin Ali. Inilah semangat Muktamar yang telah kita sama-sama putuskan secara sebulat suara. “Standing ovation” itu adalah sebulat suaralah tu. Keputusan Muktamar ini, bukan kerja main-main.

6. Apa tujuan kita adakan kursus, seminar, ceramah, tamrin, usrah, doa, sembahyang hajat, munajat, pagi, petang, siang dan malam kalau tidak kerana untuk menumbangkan sebuah pemerintahan yang tidak cenderung kepada Islam. Jika Umno hendakkan Islam, sudah lama dia laksanakan Islam.

7. Saya tidak fahamlah bila Mustafa menyebut bahawa dia bercakap secara bebas dan pendirian beliau bertaraf peribadi; bukan atas kapasiti seorang pemimpin PAS. Pada saya, beliau adalah Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu. Dalam Islam, seseorang itu hanya boleh mempunyai satu sahsiah saja. Sesiapa yang cuba bermain-main dengan dua atau lebih rupa sahsiah, tidak layak menjadi pemimpin gerakan Islam. Sebab itu, Islam selalu menekankan soal tauhid, yakni penyatuan segala perkara di atas satu dan menuju kepada satu. Dalam PAS, tidak ada dua wajah sahsiah. Jika ada juga, maka ia sesuai untuk mewakili Umno.

8. Jika Dr. Mahathir pernah berkata bahawa ia tersalah pilih Perdana Menteri maka dalam konteks ini boleh jadilah Terengganu sudah tersalah pilih seorang Pesuruhjaya. Dalam akhir ayat Mustafa Ali, ada juga saya terbaca beliau menyifatkan isu ini timbul disebabkan keghairahan satu pihak untuk mengambil alih kerajaan. Di sini, saya cukup tidak fahamlah. Seolah-olah pada Mustafa, adalah satu kesalahan apabila kita ghairah nak gantikan kerajaan secara demokrasi. Sejak bila pula Mustafa jadi begini? Kita kena faham bahawa isu menghuruharakan ini timbul kerana sejak 50 tahun Umno memimpin negara, rakyat tidak dipimpin dengan jelas dan betul dari segi Islam atau demokrasi. Keadilan tidak diberi kepada orang-orang Melayu, Cina, India, Siam atau Kadazan. Ini yang kita ghairah untuk menggantikan kerajaan. Kita bawa Islam kerana Islam itu adil. Islam itu untuk keamanan dan kesejahteraan seluruh kaum yang bermastautin di Malaysia. Apabila nampak bahawa Kerajaan BN/Umno sudah panik dan resah sehingga terpaksa melarikan 50 Wakil Rakyat, maka pada saya, ini adalah petanda kejayaan. Tak tahu lah pula saya kenapa Mustafa Ali terpaksa bersusah payah untuk menjelaskan situasi sebenar demi meredakan. Meredakan hati siapa? Hati pemimpin Umno?

9. Dalam keadaan beginilah hati saya cepat-cepat teringat tentang HARAKAH. Saya tak dapat bayangkan bagaimana HARAKAH boleh memainkan peranan sebagai lidah rasmi parti dan organ parti, apabila orang nombor satu yang merupakan Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu ini telah mengambil sikap membelakangi keputusan Muktamar. Saya percaya, ini sedikit sebanyak akan mempengaruhi pojok, cerita, berita dan analisis yang dibuat. Dengan dibenarkan penerbitan dua kali seminggu maka lebih cepat lagilah ia boleh merosakkan imej HARAKAH. Pada logiknya, pembaca HARAKAH akan berkurangan. Saya fikir suatu keputusan perlu dibuat mengenai perkara ini.

10. Saya sebenarnya masih mahu mengambil sikap bertangguh dari terlalu cepat mengemukakan respons. Dengan begitu, saya akan cuba ikuti lagi apa rentak yang akan dibawa oleh pemimpin seperti Mustafa Ali. Saya percaya, mungkin ada satu atau dua orang lagi yang bersama dengan beliau. Selaku orang tua dalam parti, saya telah mengikuti orang penting dan orang yang tidak penting keluar masuk ke dalam parti. Bahkan Allahyarham Dato’ Haji Asri Muda sekalipun pernah meninggalkan Parti PAS. Pada waktu itu beliau adalah di kerusi Presiden. Beliau akhirnya masuk Umno dan semua orang tahu bagaimana beliau mengakhiri karier politiknya.


Bertarikh : 11 Ramadhan 1429
11 September 2008.

p/s Kenyataan di atas telah diarah ditarik siarannya dari Harakah. Apakah arahan tersebut ada kaitan dengan mereka yang begitu taksub dengan UMNO sehingga tindakan mereka pun sudah sama dengan UMNO.........allahu a'alam.