31 May 2012

Kain Sharizat tak terpalit taik lembu pun, kata SPRM...

NONEPKR mempersoalkan sekiranya tindakan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) melepaskan ketua Wanita Umno Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil daripada tuduhan rasuah hari ini akan menyebabkan perdana menteri berdepan tuduhan pecah amanah.

Pengarah strategi parti itu, Rafizi Ramli serta ketua sayap wanitanya Zuraida Kamarudin menimbulkan persoalan itu dengan mengaitkan penglibatan Najib selaku pengerusi jawatankuasa tender yang menganugerahkan projek tersebut kepada National Feedlot Corporation (NFC).

"Jika Datuk Seri Shahrizat tidak terlibat, apakah ini bermakna Datuk Seri Najib yang pecah amanah kerana beliau (tanpa dipengaruhi dan diminta oleh Shahrizat) menganugerahkan tender RM250 juta kepada NFC yang tidak layak?"

Menurut mereka, tindakan menganugerahkan tender kepada syarikat yang tidak berkemampuan merupakan tindakan rasuah, mengikut peraturan umum peroleh dan tender untuk projek besar kerajaan seperti NFC.

"Ini bermakna, Jawatankuasa Tender Berimpak Tinggi yang dipengerusikan oleh Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sendiri melakukan perbuatan rasuah dengan menganugerahkan projek bernilai RM250 juta kepada NFC yang langsung tidak mempunyai pengalaman mengendalikannya.

"Satu-satunya hubungkait (atau pertalian) di antara Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (sebagai pengerusi jawatankuasa tender) dan NFC adalah Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil melalui hubungan kekeluargaan beliau (dengan NFC) dan hubungan politik (dengan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak)," katanya.

Kenyataan itu bagi mengulas keputusan Panel Penilaian Operasi SPRM hari ini yang mendapati Shahrizat yang tidak terlibat dalam proses pemberian projek tersebut dan juga pinjaman RM250 juta.

Dalam kenyataan sama, pemimpin PKR itu turut menyatakan kekesalan atas tindakan SPRM membuka siasatan ke atas timbalan presiden parti itu, Azmin Ali untuk satu kes yang disiasat sejak tahun 1995.

"Sungguh pun rata-rata rakyat Malaysia sudah menjangkakan bahawa SPRM akan melepaskan Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil dari tuduhan rasuah bersabit NFC, keputusan SPRM membuka siasatan terhadap Azmin Ali benar-benar mendedahkan wajah sebenar SPRM.

"Rakyat boleh menilai tindakan tangkas SPRM berhubung tuduhan terhadap Azmin Ali walaupun laporan dan siasatan Badan Pencegah Rasuah pada ketika itu telah menyatakan bahawa tidak ada unsur rasuah ketika siasatan dibuat dalam tahun 1995.

SPRM: Shahrizat tak terlibat dalam kontrak, pinjaman NFC

Shahrizat's 'acquittal' in NFC saga brings Najib's role into focus...

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s declaration that Wanita UMNO chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was not involved directly in the awarding of the scandal-ridden National Feedlot Corporation project to her family has irked two PKR leaders who led revelations of financial wrongdoings in the company.

PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli and its Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin questioned whether MACC had hauled up prime minister Najib Razak over the matter before making the conclusion.

They reminded that Najib chaired the High Impact Tender committee which awarded the project under the National Feedlot Centre to the inexperienced NFC, saying the act could be classified as corruption.

“One of the links between Najib as the committee chairman and NFC was Shahrizat’s family ties with NFC and the political ties  between the duo,” they added.

MACC operations evaluation panel chairman Hadenan Abdul Jalil earlier announced that its investigation into Shahrizat’s involvement in the NFC scandal found that she was not involved in the process of awarding the RM250 million loan, which later was discovered to be spent on personal expenditure and property investments made under individual names.

Rafizi and Zuraida meanwhile questioned why Najib had not been called by the MACC during its investigation.

“In fact, we are curious why we are not called for investigation when we are the ones at the forefront of the revelation surrounding the NFC scandal” they said, adding that the public was convinced about corruption in NFC.- harakahdaily

MACC clears Shahrizat of NFC contract, loan award...

Former women and family development minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has been cleared of having had a hand in awarding the multi-million ringgit National Feedlot Centre project to her family members.

"We found that Shahrizat was not involved in the process - in awarding the project to the company and the RM250 million loan," Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) operations review panel chief Hadenan Abdul Jalil said today.

 National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) has been accused of mismanaging the loan.

azlanShahrizat’s husband Mohamed Salleh Ismail is the company’s chairperson with her children its directors.
Speaking on the matter briefly, Hadenan said the panel has decided to wrap up the matter.

Shahrizat relinquished her ministerial post on the expiry of her senatorship on April 8, but decided to continue as the Wanita Umno head and Wanita Barisan Nasional (BN) head.

She has repeatedly claimed she had nothing to do with the controversies surrounding the company and its management of the loans.

The project, meant to reduce Malaysia’s dependence on beef imports, received a negative assessment in the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 as being very far off-target.

NFC has also been accused of abusing its govrenment soft loan for the cattle breeding and beef supply project on purchases unrelated to the project.

In March, Salleh, 64, was finally charged with misappropriating RM9,758,140 to fund the purchase of two condominiums at 'One Menerung' in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


Cannon - Shahrizat's family could not have secured this sweet-heart deal of RM250 million, if not for her position as head of Wanita Umno and a cabinet minister. 

Considering this so-called loan was awarded, without any tendering. to her family who knows beans about cattle rearing. If this is not political influence, what is? MACC can clear her, but not the court of public opinion.


Terasasi Hong Kong Ltd. was funnelling money to Najib as "commissions" for submarines sale...

NONEA highly-classified document - the Royal Malaysian Navy's evaluation of the Scorpene-class submarines to be purchased by the government - were allegedly "bought" by a French defence company.

French lawyer Joseph Breham, who is acting on behalf of human rights NGO Suaram, revealed that the company paid 36 million euro (RM142 million) to Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd, ostensibly for "commercial engineering" works.

Breham (right) said French investigative judges probing the case lodged by Suaram against Paris-owned shipmaker DCNS for alleged corruption inquired what those payments were for and demanded reports of financial transactions from the company.

"They (the inquiry judges) were given information that is already available in the Internet and newspapers, except for this one document," Breham told a press conference in Bangkok yesterday.

"It was a secret document by the Malaysian Navy - an evaluation for the order of the submarines, which is a highly confidential report," he told journalists at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand.

Breham, who based his expose on the French prosecution papers, said the act of "selling" top secret papers to a foreign country such as this is considered treason.

In France, he stressed, it would be absolutely illegal to sell such reports as it could either be considered a breach of defence secrets or high treason.

"It's treason because you are selling to a competitor or a foreign country what you think about a specific weapon, and your plan on how to use this specific weapon," replied Breham, when asked by a journalist if it was legal for an individual to sell such reports.

"In France, if you release them (secret documents), you can be punished with up to 10 years in jail," said Breham, who is with Sherpa, a non-profit legal and human rights NGO based in Paris, which is representing Suaram in the legal action.

Najib can be arrested by Interpol

Hong Kong-based Terasasi had been accused of funnelling money through its accounts to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as "commissions" for the sale of the submarines.

The submarines were purchased from the French company Thales International, also known as Thint Asia, in a deal inked in 2002 when Najib was deputy prime minister and defence minister.

Thales is an off-shoot of French defence giant DCN, which later changed its name to DCNS, a company facing legal charges filed by Suaram in 2010. The case recently opened for hearing in the French court.

Two Terasasi directors are Najib's close ally Abdul Razak Baginda and his father Abdul Malim Baginda.

In 2006, Razak, together with two of Najib's former bodyguards were charged with the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, but the political analyst was acquitted without his defence being called.

mic election 120909 najibNajib (left), who has refused to comment on the matter, has also denied ever being involved in the scandal, but Breham has reiterated that the PM cannot avoid testifying in a French court if he is either subpoenaed or issued with a warrant of arrest by Interpol.

Breham said it was possible that Thales decided to pay the money to obtain the classified documents so that it could better its bid for the project, and this meant "paying someone to commit an offence".

The other possibility, he added, is that the French company had paid the commission to channel money to ruling party Umno or to high-ranking individuals in Malaysia, as already revealed in French prosecution papers.

Breham said that this "demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt" that the French counterparts knew the money was illegal and should not be paid, and that it would go to top Malaysian officials.

He added that the money, whether legal or illegal, was paid to individuals "for no forseeable reasons" when it could have been put to better use.

"To put it blunt and clearly - if the money had not been paid to high-ranking officials, it could have been used to allow Malaysians to pay less taxes for the same services or to have much more services for the same amount of taxes," suggested Breham.

"The Malaysian taxpayers are the first casualties in this case," he added.

Selling nation's secrets a crime 

Meanwhile, Subang parliamentarian R Sivarasa, who was at the Bangkok press conference, said the expose on the top secret document being sold to a foreign country could land a person in jail.

NONESivarasa (right), who is also a lawyer, said anyone familiar with the Malaysian legal system knows that the country has the toughest official secrets legislation.

In terms of the broad scope of the law, he added, the breach of any official secret document or publication is punishable with a mandatory jail sentence.

"These documents - as mentioned by Breham - fall into the highest category of official secret documents as it has implications for the security of the country," said the PKR leader.

"Without any question, it is a criminal offence (to sell the documents to a foreign company). There have been people who went to jail for revealing far less innocous documents," he added.

NONESivarasa was in Bangkok together with Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel, lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri and Breham to reveal 'damning details' surrounding the alleged Scorpene scandal.

The press conference was held in Bangkok as Breham was unable to get a proper visa to enter Malaysia.

His law partner, William Bourdon, was deported from Malaysia after he attended a fundraising dinner in Penang last year.

The Bangkok event, attended by foreign journalists and Malaysian embassy officials (left) - who left immediately after the function - was hosted by regional human rights NGO Forum-Asia.- malaysiakini

'Razak Baginda's company sold top secret for RM142 mil'

Razak Baginda’s firm sold Malaysian naval secrets to French, says lawyer

Rahsia dokumen sulit Tentera Laut Malaysia dijual dengan harga RM142 juta...
Suatu dokumen yang sangat sulit - penilaian Tentera Laut Malaysia terhadap kapal selam kelas Scorpene yang akan dibeli oleh kerajaan - didakwa telah "dibeli" oleh sebuah syarikat pertahanan Perancis.

Peguam Perancis, Joseph Breham(kiri), yang mewakili NGO hak asasi manusia, Suaram, mendakwa syarikat berkenaan didakwa membayar 36 juta euro (RM142 juta) kepada Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd, kononnya untuk kerja-kerja "kejuruteraan komersial".

Breham berkata hakim siasatan Perancis yang menyiasat kes yang difailkan oleh Suaram terhadap syarikat pembuat kapal Perancis, DCNS, atas dakwaan rasuah, mahu tahu tujuan bayaran tersebut dan meminta laporan transaksi kewangan daripada syarikat berkenaan.

"Mereka (para hakim siasatan) telah diberi maklumat yang sudah sedia ada dalam Internet dan akhbar, kecuali dokumen yang ini," dakwa Breham dalam satu sidang akhbar di Bangkok semalam.

"Ia adalah dokumen rahsia oleh Tentera Laut Malaysia - satu penilaian untuk tempahan kapal selam berkenaan, yang merupakan laporan yang sangat sulit," katanya kepada wartawan di Kelab Wartawan Asing Thailand.

Brehem membuat dakwaan tersebut berdasarkan kepada kertas pendakwaan Perancis.- malaysiakini

Komen di sana sini...

Magoomba - How on earth can Navy Confidential Docs be in the hands of a $2 HK Co in the first place? Air Force jet engines in Argentina. Can we hear more!!!
Truly Patriotic - Now that there is an allegation that a nation's top secret (military) docs have been sold, can't wait to see how speedy those relevant authorities - MINDEF, PDRM, MACC, etc, etc - would jump into action?
Freemsia - UMNO Govt refuse to reveal the details of the transaction on the acquisition on arms to the public on the pre-text that it will jeopardise national security. And now, we have govt-linke Terasasi selling secret documents from Msian Navy to a French defense company. 

NX After - RPK's exposure on Azmin, the idots in MACC wanted to take action and the govt machinery started to roll to attack Anwar and Azmin. NOW with this allegation can the same goons spring into action. I guess not because this people are the traitors to the malay race and to the nation. Mampus Umno untuk menyelamatkan negara.

Anonymous_3f4a - How did a Hong Kong company obtain such highly classified documents of the Malaysian Navy without any insiders' help? No wonder, even jet engines can be illegally removed from Sg Besi air base, escaped the detection of the customs and ports authorities before making its way to third countries. What sorts of security apparatus do we have in our country? It's frighteningly horror to be given such a glimpse of the intimate workings of the high offices of the Malaysian govt.

Koboi Kucing - Semakin demamlah Ha Njib agaknya. Syukurlah kalau Ha Najib ini boleh dimsukkan ke dalam lokap, sekurang-kuranya dia dpt berkongsi perasaan dengan banduan ISA bagaimana rasanya hidup dalam lokap.

Sulaiman Mohd Daud - Salam. Amat malanglah rakyat Malaysia jika benarlah dokumen rahsia pun boleh dibeli! Lagi memalukan dan malang bila PM sekarang yang juga mantan Menteri Pertahanan sehingga kini tak sanggup membersihkan dirinya dimahkamah bebas / melalui proses perundangan. Kami sebagai rakyat inginkan ketelusan dan kejujuran berhubuing dengan isu tersebut.

Terasi(Hong Kong) Ltd, firma milik Razak Baginda dikatakan menjual maklumat sulit Tentera Laut Malaysia kepada sebuah syarikat Pertahanan Perancis dengan harga RM 142 juta. Razak Baginda pula adalah pegawai khas Najib dan Najib pula ada Menteri Pertahanan ketika itu.

Kalau kita campur,tolak,darab dan bahagi...kita boleh agak siapa sebenarnya yang menjual dokumen sulit tersebut... Your guess is as good as mine...


Bila nama 2 ADUN UMNO disebut dalam kes Sosilawati...

Beberapa individu penting didedahkan di Mahkamah Tinggi, di sini semalam sebagai terlibat dalam urusan pembelian tanah di Pulau Pinang melibatkan jutawan kosmetik Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, yang dibunuh, dua tahun lalu.

Selain syarikat Sosilawati, Southern Simphony, mereka adalah Adun Dengkil, Datuk Suhaimi Mohd Ghazali; pembantu peribadinya, Sabari Misran dan Adun Sementa, Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil(kiri) menerusi Syarikat Ample Quality Sdn Bhd.

Perkara itu dimaklumkan bekas peguam, N Pathmanabhan, tertuduh pertama kes pembunuhan itu.

Pathmanabhan memberi keterangan sebagai saksi pembelaan pertama selepas diperintah membela diri, semalam.

Pathmanabhan berkata, pada 2008, ahli perniagaan India, Allal Kathan Muturaja, menjual tiga lot tanah di Batu Feringghi kepada Southern Simphony dengan harga RM25 juta.

“Sebanyak RM2.5 juta deposit dibayar kepada Muturaja, RM1.2 juta oleh Sosilawati, manakala RM1.3 juta dibayar oleh saya, Suhaimi dan Sabari,” katanya.

Ditanya bagaimana kepentingan antara dia dan dua lain dijaga menerusi pembelian itu, Pathmanabhan berkata, ada satu lagi perjanjian sefahaman dibuat antara mereka dan Southern Simphony.

Manjeet: Kenapa buat perjanjian lain?

Kenapa tidak letak nama Suhaimi(kanan) dalam perjanjian jual beli dengan Muturaja?

Pathmanabhan: Sebab dia Adun, jadi tidak boleh letak atas perjanjian jual beli.

Manjeet: Sosilawati tahu fasal rakan kongsi ini? Pathmanabhan: Ya. Pathmanabhan seterusnya memberitahu, baki RM22.5 juta akan dibayar selepas tanah itu mendapat arahan pelepasan sekatan oleh Mahkamah Majistret.


Bagaimanapun katanya, Southern Simphony kemudian jual tanah itu kepada Ample Quality pada harga RM29 juta dan Ample Quality mahu jual kepada One United Sdn Bhd bernilai RM200 juta.

Manjeet turut kemukakan soalan kepada Pathmanabhan mengenai Abdul Rahman dan saksi itu jawab ‘dia seorang berkuasa’ dan terlibat dalam skandal Zon Bebas Pelabuhan Klang, berkaitan urusan jual beli tanah.

Jawapan Pathmanabhan membuatkan Timbalan Pendakwa Raya Idham Abd Ghani membantah soalan itu, namun dibenarkan Hakim Datuk Wira Akhtar Tahir dengan syarat, Patahmanabhan hanya perlu jawab apa yang dia tahu.- sinar harian

2 UMNO ADUNs were mentioned in Sosilawati's muder trial...

Disbarred lawyer N Pathmanaban told the High Court today he had not forced millionaire entrepreneur Sosilawati Lawiya to sign a letter two years ago authorising him to withdraw RM3 million from her account with his firm.

Pathmanaban, one of four people charged with murdering her and three others, also denied having prepared the letter on Aug 30, 2010 and backdating it to Aug 11.

The letter was said to be from a company owned by Sosilawati, Southern Symphony Sdn Bhd, allegedly authorising Pathmanaban to withdraw the sum from its account with his firm.

He disagreed with Deputy Public Prosecutor Ishak Mohd Yusoff's suggestion that he had taken the letter to Sosilawati and beaten three other individuals who were with her in order to compel her to sign it.

Pathmanaban also denied having ordered Sosilawati and three others to be killed in front of him.

Sosilawati went missing in August 2010 along with CIMB Bank officer Noorhisham Mohamad, lawyer Ahmad Kamil Abdul Karim and driver Kamaruddin Shamsuddin.

Pathmanabhan and farmhands R. Kathavarayan, 31, T. Thilaiyagan, 20, and R. Matan, 21, are charged with their murders.

They are alleged to have committed the offence at Lot 2001 Ladang Gadong, Jalan Tanjong Layang, Tanjung Sepat in Banting between 8.30pm and 9.45pm on Aug 30.

Questioned by Ishak, Pathmanaban said the letter did not bear the Southern Symphony letterhead.

"She was in my office. She didn't bring her company letterhead," he said.

Asked about calls he had received from Sabari Misran, the personal assistant to Dengkil assemblyman Suhaimi Mohd Ghazali, Pathmanaban said only Sabari would be able to confirm the conversations.

Pathmanaban had testified on Tuesday, that Sabari had called him on Aug 30 to ask him to attend an arranged meeting between Sementa assemblyman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil and Sosilawati.

Pathmanaban had said he had excused himself from the meeting and was in Subang Jaya on the night of Aug 30.

He denied a suggestion that his meeting with Mohamad Jamil Mohd Hassan, a former Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department director, was arranged to create an alibi.

Pathmanaban had also said Sabari had called him at 9.43am on Sept 2 to ask him not to mention the meeting with Abdul Rahman, should anyone ask. He agreed with Ishak that only Sabari could confirm this.

To questions from DPP Saiful Edris Zainuddin, Pathmanaban agreed that the statement for his personal bank account from September 2010 showed he had only RM61,846.85 in it on Sept 9, 2010.

He however denied that he lacked sufficient funds to pay two cheques for RM4 million made out to Sosilawati due on Sept 9.

Under re-examination by defence counsel Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Pathmanaban said he had other funds which would have allowed him to honour the cheques.

The trial before Justice Akhtar Tahir resumes on July 3.- theSundaily


30 May 2012

France-Malaysia defence contracts,required that substantial transfer of money to individuals and UMNO...

NONEHuman rights NGO Suaram has revealed that the name of an individual closely linked to former finance minister Daim Zainuddin is mentioned in the French prosecution papers on alleged corruption in Malaysia’s RM7.3 billion purchase of two Scorpene-class submarines in 2002.

At a press conference in Bangkok today, Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel said French police had seized documents including a note for the French defence minister dated July 2, 1999.

This related to an interview with then Malaysian defence minister Najib Abdul Razak and French-Malaysian diplomacy on defence matters.

"The note mentions one Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor and Abdul Razak Baginda as points of reference for political network," she said.

"It further states that both have strong political connections as Mohd Ibrahim is close to Daim, and Abdul Razak to Najib.”

She said the note explains that by early 2001, Mohd Ibrahim's influence had begun to decline in tandem with Daim’s waning power.

Mohd Ibrahim's name then ‘disappeared’ from Perimekar Sdn Bhd - said to have served as intermediary in the Scorpene purchase - both as shareholder and director. He was replaced later by those in Abdul Razak's network.

Gabriel said consultants (company agents) are used as "political network" agents to facilitate monetary transfers and to receive commissions from their mandators.

abdul razak baginda pc 201108 06Abdul Razak (left) eventually became the main point of reference for political network to facilitate the money transfer, she claimed.

"The note stated that ... Abdul Razak maintained excellent ties with the defence minister and the prime minister. Furthermore, his wife is a close friend of the defence minister’s wife. Therefore, Abdul Razak became the centre of the network.

In a document tagged ‘Malaysia’, there is a confidential report on Perimekar and Terasasi Sdn Bhd - owned by Abdul Razak and his father - as well as a report that includes a note on ‘retracing the background of negotiations’, said Gabriel.

The note states that, pursuant to the major defence contracts between France and Malaysia, there was a requirement that substantial transfer of money had to be channelled to individuals and political organisations like UMNO.

Lawyers R Sivarasa and Fadiah Nadwa Fikri were at the press conference - hosted by Forum-Asia executive director Yap Swee Seng - alongside Suaram’s French lawyer Joseph Breham and Malaysian embassy officials.- malaysiakini

Najib looking at red notice...

There is a possibility of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being issued an international warrant of arrest if they fail to adhere to French subpoenas to assist in the Scorpene submarine corruption inquiry.

Suaram’s French lawyer Joseph Breham(left) told a press conference in Bangkok today that the French judges hearing the inquiry have discretionary powers to ask the Interpol to issue a red notice (an international warrant of arrest) against witnesses who failed to submit to the French court.

However this would be the last resort to be undertaken to compel witnesses to testify in Paris.

Breham explained that the French court is able to take on several courses of action, in compelling the Malaysian witnesses.

He said that the judges will first issue a subpoena in writing on a witness, and once a subpoena has been issued, the witness is obliged to appear before the courts and to assist the courts in its works.

“If the witness refuses to abide by the subpoena, the court can issue a notice ‘mandate d ‘amener’, compelling the witness to appear before it.

“If the witness fails to oblige, a warrant of arrest may be issued. The warrant of arrest is applicable within the boundaries of the French territory, and may be internationalised, if the judge deems necessary.

“Based on the judges’ discretionary power, they can ask Interpol to issue a red notice i.e an international warrant of arrest,” he added.

He also said that judge Roger Le Loire, one of the two Instruction Judges assigned to oversee the case, had principally accepted Suaram’s list of seven proposed witnesses, including Najib, Zahid Hamidi and Abdul Razak Baginda.

“Judge Le Loire after hearing an elaborate testimony from Suaram, accepted our statement, and promised to proceed with the inquiry with no stone unturned,” said Breham.

He added that on the acceptance of the seven witnesses proposed by Suaram, the French judge had asked for the full details of the persons involved, in order to begin issuing subpoenas as he saw fit.

Legal obligations

In a statement issued by Suaram after the press conference in Bangkok, the human rights NGO said that Malaysia has legal obligations under the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) to cooperate with other nation states in preventing, investigating and prosecuting offenders of corruption.

It added that state parties are bound to render specific forms of mutual legal assistance in gathering and transferring evidence for use in court and to extradite offenders.

Suaram also said that it has gained full privileged access to the 153 investigation papers from the French Public Prosecutor’s office.

“This is a huge step forward, as many of the details kept confidential are now made accessible to Suaram as the civil plaintiff in the criminal case against the DCNS (French shipbuilding company),” it said.

It said that in one document – named Document 97 – was a note for the French Minister of Defense dated June 2, 1999 related to an interview with the Malaysian Defence Minister and the French-Malaysian diplomatic relationships as far as defense is concerned.

“The note states that pursuant to the major defence contracts between France and Malaysia, there is a requirement that substantial transfer of money has to be channeled to individuals and/or political organisations.

“The note specifically states that apart from individuals, the ruling party (Umno) is the biggest beneficiary. Consultants (company agents) are often used as political network agents to facilitate these monetary transfers and to receive commissions from their mandators,” said Suaram’s statement.

Wives’ network

It further said that the note mentioned about Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor and Razak Baginda as points of reference for political network, while adding that Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor was close to the then Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin and Razak Baginda to the then Defence Minister Najib.

“The note also explains that by early 2001, Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor’s influence began to decline following the fall from power of the Minister of Finance, Daim Zainuddin which resulted in the disappearance of Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor’s name from Perimekar both as shareholder and director which was later replaced by people of Razak Baginda’s network.

“Razak Baginda eventually becomes the main point of reference for political network to facilitate the money transfer,” added Suaram.

Suaram said the note also pointed out that Razak’s wife was a close friend of Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor.

Suaram also said that it was holding its press conference in Bangkok – and not in Kuala Lumpur – following the forced deportation of one of Suaram’s lawyers, William Bourdon, last July when he visited Malaysia to speak about the case.

Suaram’s complaint with the French courts for a judicial review of the Scorpene contract in November 2009 has resulted in the commencement of a judicial inquiry at the Tribunal De Grande Instance in Paris.

The inquiry will probe alleged corruption crimes and illegal bribes involving top officials from both Malaysia and France in the sale of two Scorpene submarines by French shipbuilding company DCNS to the Malaysian Defence Ministry, then helmed by Najib.- FMT

More Trouble over Subs for Najib

Sekutu Daim disebut dalam kertas pendakwaan...

Badan hak asasi manusia, Suaram, mendedahkan bahawa nama seorang individu yang didakwa rapat dengan bekas Menteri Kewangan, Tun Daim Zainuddin disebut dalam kertas pendakwaan Perancis berhubung dakwaan rasuah dalam pembelian Malaysia dua kapal selam kelas Scorpene berharga RM7.3 bilion pada tahun 2002.

NONEDalam satu sidang akhbar di Bangkok hari ini, Pengarah Suaram, Cynthia Gabriel berkata polis Perancis telah merampas dokumen termasuk nota untuk menteri pertahanan Perancis bertarikh 2 Julai 1999.

Ini berkaitan kepada satu temubual dengan menteri pertahanan Malaysia ketika itu, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan diplomasi Perancis-Malaysia mengenai perkara-perkara berkaitan pertahanan.

"Nota tersebut menyebut nama Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor dan Abdul Razak Baginda sebagai tempat rujukan untuk rangkaian politik," katanya.

"Ia seterusnya menyatakan bahawa kedua-duanya mempunyai hubungan politik yang kuat kerana Mohd Ibrahim rapat dengan Daim, dan Abdul Razak rapat dengan Najib."

Menurut Cynthia, satu lagi nota menjelaskan bahawa menjelang awal tahun 2001, pengaruh Mohd Ibrahim telah mula menurun sejajar dengan kuasa Daim yang semakin susut.

Nama Mohd Ibrahim kemudian 'hilang' dari syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd - yang dikatakan menjadi perantara dalam pembelian Scorpene - sebagai pemegang saham dan pengarah. 

Beliau digantikan kemudiannya oleh mereka dalam rangkaian Abdul Razak.- malaysiakini

Daim Zainuddin Dan Mahathir Turut Terlibat Selain Najib Altantuya?

Kenyatan Akhbar SUARAM di Bangkok


3,457 Klang voters disappeared from electoral roll...

NONEKlang MP Charles Santiago has discovered that the names of 3,457 voters in his parliamentary constituency have, without reason, disappeared from the electoral roll since the 2008 general election.

“They were registered voters in the 2008 general election but when you key in their identity card numbers in the Election Commission (EC) online database, it says ‘no information’,” he told Malaysiakini after calling a press conference in Klang this morning.

Under the current laws, only voters who have died, been declared bankrupt, have had their citizenship revoked or been declared insane can be removed from the electoral roll, and the reasons for removal will be stated in every quarterly supplementary roll.

However, Santiago (left) claimed that the reasons for their removal from the roll were not stated, and not all of them are elders.

“In our search on the ground, we located several of them. They are still alive and eligible to vote,” he said.

Santiago and his team also found out that 2,195 voters in Klang have transferred their voting addresses to other constituencies but their addresses in the electoral roll still remain in Klang, which is not allowed under the current regulations.

Since 2002, the EC has make it compulsory that any voting address must be the same as the voter’s address recorded in his or her MyKad.

If voters want to change their voting constituencies, they must first change their addresses recorded in their MyKad.

Hence, for those Klang voters to transfer their voting addresses to other constituencies, they have to first change their MyKad addresses, which will be reflected in the electoral roll.- malaysiakini

Pengundi masih hidup tapi rekod JPN kata dia sudah mati...

Seorang pengundi di Dun Kuala Kubu Baharu Parlimen Hulu Selangor terkejut apabila Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) merekodkan beliau sudah meninggal dunia.

Mohamad Diah Arjan berkata, beliau sangat hairan apabila semakan yang dibuat di laman web Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) menyatakan " Record not found" sedangkan namanya ada dalam sistem semakan di pejabat pos Kuala Kubu Baharu.

Selepas membuat semakan di pejabat pos, beliau yang bernombor kad pengenalan 691130 01 5063 membuat semakan di JPN Kuala Kubu Baharu dan pegawai bertugas memaklumkan bahawa ada menerima laporan berhubung kematian beliau tetapi belum disahkan lagi.

"Bagaimana perkara ini boleh berlaku? Saya bertanya bagaimana ia boleh berlaku dan pegawai bertugas memaklumkan ada kesilapan di JPN Putrajaya.

"Selepas seminggu saya datang semula ke JPN Kuala Kubu Baharu dan status telah dibetulkan, bahawa saya masih hidup dan sihat walafiat," kata beliau dalam aduan yang dihantar kepada Harakahdaily hari ini.

 [Carian di laman web SPR menggunakan nombor kad pengenalan 691130 01 5063 menunjukkan 'Record not found']

Dalam jawapan kepada aduan yang dibuat beliau sebelum ini, SPR memaklumkan semakan telah dibuat menerusi pangkalan data JPN ke atas nombor kad pengenalan 691130 01 5063 dan didapati bahawa status rekod Mohamad Diah adalah 'telah meninggal dunia'.

Sehubungan itu, SPR meminta Mohamad Diah membuat pembetulan maklumat di JPN dan memaklumkannya kepada SPR untuk kemasukan semula rekod beliau sebagai pemilih.

Namun ujarnya, semakan yang dibuat di laman web SPR pada jam 1.40 pagi tadi tetap mendapati "record not found".

Justeru beliau menggesa SPR mengambil tindakan segera bagi mengatasi kepincangan itu supaya beliau dapat mengundi pada pilihan raya umum ke-13.

"Saya harap pihak SPR dapat mengambil tindakan segera supaya saya dapat mengundi dalam PRU 13.

"Jangan kesilapan yang dibuat oleh JPN dan SPR menyebabkan saya tidak boleh mengundi dalam PRU 13.Satu kezaliman kepada rakyat biasa seperti saya," katanya.-harakahdaily


29 May 2012

TG.Nik Aziz - Lebuhraya Wakaf Akan Siap dlm. tempoh 3 tahun...

Lebuh raya berkonsepkan wakaf dibina. Menteri Besar Kelantan Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yakin projek pembinaan Lebuh Raya Rakyat dari Kuala Krai ke Kota Bharu bernilai RM1.8 bilion akan dapat disiapkan mengikut jadual.

Mursyidul Am PAS itu berkata pembiayaan kos projek itu akan turut melibatkan sumbangan wang daripada rakyat, lapor Malaysiakini.

"Kita yakin dapat melaksanakan projek bernilai RM1.8 bilion ini walaupun tidak sepenuhnya melalui sumbangan rakyat," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menyempurnakan majlis pecah tanah pembinaan projek lebuh raya itu di Kampung Berangan Mek Nab di Machang, hari ini.

Nik Aziz mengulas kenyataan sesetengah pemimpin politik, termasuk Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Kelantan, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, yang sangsi dengan kemampuan kerajaan PAS Kelantan membina lebuh raya melibatkan kos besar dan menyifatkannya sebagai gimik politik.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perancangan Kewangan, Ekonomi dan Kebajikan Negeri, Datuk Husam Musa berkata pembinaan lebuh raya sepanjang 73 kilometer itu bertujuan menyelesaikan masalah kesesakan lalulintas, dijangka siap dalam tempoh tiga tahun.
Ladang Sungai terah menyumbangkan RM1 juta untuk pembinaan lebuh raya bagi meringankan kesusahan rakyat Kelantan yang pulang ke kampung pada setiap hari raya dan cuti sekolah

Katanya lebuh raya tanpa tol, dengan empat lorong (dua lorong sehala) itu turut dilengkapi dengan kawasan rehat dan rawat (R&R).

"Pembinaannya berkonsepkan wakaf di mana kos pembinaan serta penyelenggaraannya dibiayai sebahagian daripada dana hasil sumbangan derma dan wakaf oleh rakyat dan syarikat swasta, termasuk syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC)," katanya.

Tok Guru Nik Aziz sendiri menyumbangkan RM5,000 wang peribadinya semalam untuk menjayakan projek ini.

Anak syarikat kerajaan negeri, Ladang Sungai Terah menyumbang RM1 juta manakala syarika Ufuk Budiman menyumbang RM100,000 kepada projek ini.

Di majlis itu, Tok Guru Nik Aziz menyeru semua lapisan masyarakat turut derma atas rasa tanggungjawab dan rasa hak bersama.

"Iapun bertepatan dengan Islam derma yang menggalakkan kita buat jalan selain masjid dan kita akan dapat pahala berpanjangan," katanya.

Sementara itu di Kuala Lumpur
, Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia (DPPM) mengucapkan tahniah kepada kerajaan PAS Kelantan yang dipimpin oleh Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat kerana berjaya mengusahakan projek pembinaan lebuhraya dari Kuala Krai ke Kota Bharu yang bernilai RM1.8 bilion.

“DPPM percaya pembinaan lebuhraya ini adalah hasil dari kecekalan dan kesungguhan pemimpin PAS berjuang demi rakyat dan bukannya khayalan atau gimik politik seperti tohmahan sesetengah pihak,” kata Ketua Penerangannya, Riduan Mohd Nor.

Beliau berkata, hanya dengan sikap amanah, adil, jujur dan bersih serta menjauhi rasuah atau penyelewengan kuasa menjadikan kerajaan PAS Kelantan mampu berdikari meskipun tanpa bantuan kerajaan pusat.

Katanya, ia juga menjadi petanda bahawa PAS bersedia memimpin negara ini jika diberikan mandat oleh rakyat kelak.

Apa yang lebih membanggakan lagi, ujar beliau kerajaan Kelantan berjaya menunjukkan contoh Negara Berkebajikan yang dicanangkan PAS selama ini dan juga dalam Buku Jingga seperti yang diperjuangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat iaitu dengan pembinaan lebuhraya tanpa tol, sesuatu yang tidak pernah difikirkan munasabah oleh pemerintahan Umno BN.

Malah, katganya konsep wakaf dan sumbangan daripada orang ramai serta syarikat berteraskan kerajaan (GLC)  memberi gambaran bahawa projek ini adalah hasil titik peluh daripada kerajaan dan rakyat negeri itu yang bekerjasama membangunkan negeri tersebut.

DPPM juga, ujarnya merasa kecewa kerana kerajaan pusat gagal memberikan kemudahan lebuhraya kepada rakyat Kelantan seperti yang sepatutnya. Menurutnya, berpuluh tahun rakyat Kelantan dinafikan hak daripada memiliki pelbagai kemudahan sehingga mereka terpaksa memikirkan kaedah lain bagi mengatasi masalah mereka. - ibnuhasyim.com

Pembinaan Lebuh Raya Rakyat: Kota Baru - Kuala Krai

People's Highway Will Be Completed...

 Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is confident that the construction of the RM1.8 billion highway called "Lebuh Raya Rakyat" (People's Highway), linking Kuala Krai to Kota Baharu, will be completed.

The PAS spiritual leader said funding for the project would also come from contributions from the people.

"We are confident of implementing this highway project worth RM1.8 billion although not totally through the people's contributions," he told reporters after the highway ground-breaking ceremony in Kampung Berangan Mek Nab, here, yesterday.

Nik Aziz was responding to doubts expressed by some political leaders over the Kelantan PAS government's ability to build the highway which involves a huge cost and describing it as a political gimmick.

On Sunday, Kelantan Umno liaison chairman Mustapa Mohamed expressed such doubts.

His deputy Awang Adek Hussin, said the same yesterday, adding that no state government had built a highway on its own.

"Although there are companies which can afford it, they need to borrow from the banks. Even the Kelantan government is still dependent on the federal government to drive its economy," he told reporters after a luncheon with Kelantan Inland Revenue Board staff.

Meanwhile, state Financial Planning, Economy and Welfare Committee chairman Husam Musa said the 73km highway without toll would solve the traffic congestion problem and expected to be completed in three years.- malaysian mirror

Komen dari facebook..

Mohamad Zaimi Mohamad Noh - Klntan ada dua eko menteri pusat... tapi kedua2nya tidak memberi apa2 munafaat pun kpd rakyat klntan... hanya membuncitkan perut2 mereka sendiri sahaja... aku amat2 yakin..

Penunggu Rimba - semoga dengan terbinanya lebuhraya rakyat ni, maka lebih ramai lg mulut puak2 umno ternganga melihat kemajuan negeri kelntan dengan membina lebuhraya rakyat...walaupun dengan sumbngan derma rakyat, lebuhraya tanpa tol.tk mcm lebuhraya lain,,, sia2 je byr cukai tp kena byr tol gak

Lim Swee Chan Charles - Lebuh Raya Rakyat Pertama Di Malaysia - Jangan lupa untuk berkongsi derma dan membuat amal jariah dalam pembinaan lebuh raya ini. Derma kepada Baldah Toyyibah ( Prasarana) kelantan Sdn Bhd. No Akaun 03036010003031 Bank Islam. Tolong war warkan kepada yg tidak tahu.

Adam Ghazaliey - bkn ke lebuhraya tu tuk kebaikan rakyat kelantan gak, apa salahnya kerajaan pusat membantu,, mana slogan rakyat didahulukan pancapaian diutamakan, tambah2 lagi puak2 umno kelantan yg berpengaruh di pusat...boleh mendesak najib bg peruntukan,, mcm mane nak amik hati rakyat kelantan,, kata nak amik kerajaan kelantan..

Sri Nzw - Sama2 lah kita berdoa dan bermunajat kpd Allah semoga cita2 kerajaan negeri Kelantan menjadi kenyataan. Juga kita berdoa semoga kerajaan yang zalim akan tumbang dan diganti dgn kerajaan yang adil serta berkebajikan kpd rakyat. Amin.

Seorang pelakon yang berasal dari Kelantan,Mustapha Kamal menyokong usaha murni kerajaan Kelantan.


More Scorpene details to be exposed in Bangkok...

NONEHuman rights NGO Suaram will expose more details on its Scorpene legal suit in Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow, as its lawyer from France has to date failed to obtain permission to enter Malaysia.

It remains uncertain when Suaram's France-based lawyer Joseph Breham will be issued with a work visa to enter Malaysia, and as such the NGO's leaders decided to travel to Thailand to meet with him.

Brehem (left) and the Suaram team led by director Cynthia Gabriel and legal representative Fadiah Nadwa Fikri will later hold a press conference on new developments in the Scorpene submarine case the human rights group has filed in Paris.

Gabriel said the press event - at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand tomorrow - is planned to "reveal further damning details from the initial findings of the prosecutors and to announce the latest developments surrounding the case".

Breham was to visit Malaysia this week, but his application for a working visa to enter the country has yet to be approved by the Malaysian authorities, leading to the decision by him and Suaram to meet in Bangkok.

His colleague, William Bourdon, was deported from Malaysia after he attended a Suaram fundraising dinner in Penang last year.

Battle royal of sorts

Gabriel said the press conference would help fill in the vacuum of information on gross corrupt and illegal practices involved in arms procurement in the name of Malaysia's national security.

She said that as Malaysia inched closer toward what is expected to be its most challenging general election ever, the "political temperature has escalated to an unprecedented level".

human rights defender report 020407 cynthiaThis, she said, would culminate in a "battle royale" of sorts as Malaysians were gearing for change and prepare to welcome the long overdue two-party system.

"Climaxing with this heightened scenario is the sudden commencement of an inquiry on Malaysia, 3,000km across the seas in France," Gabriel (left) said.

She was referring to the RM7.3 billion purchase of two Scorpene-class submarines in 2002; the decision of the French court to hear evidence of alleged bribery of top Malaysian officials in connection with the submarine purchase; and the grisly murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu with C4 military-grade explosives in 2006.

Case blackout in the media

Two of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's former bodyguards have been convicted for the murder of Altantuya and they are now awaiting their appeal, which is slated to be heard in August.

Najib's close ally and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who was charged with abetting in her murder, was acquitted without his defence being called.

NONENajib (right), who has refused to comment on the matter, was defence minister when the submarine deal was inked, but has denied any involvement in the case.

"The growing links among the three parties spell big headaches for the ruling administration, and especially for Najib, whose role in the entire scandal could bring a damning outcome to his political future," Gabriel said in an advisory sent out to the press yesterday.

"Despite an almost 100 percent blackout in Malaysia's mainstream media, the Internet is running riot with the story, and at full throttle," she added.

"It is piling up the challenges for Najib and his men as they face one of the fiercest electoral battles in Malaysia's history."- malaysiakini

Scorpene: Maklumat lanjut akan didedah di Bangkok...

Badan hak asasi manusia, Suaram, akan mendedahkan maklumat lanjut mengenai samannya dalam kes Scorpene di Bangkok, Thailand esok, kerana peguamnya dari Perancis sehingga ini masih gagal mendapatkan kebenaran memasuki Malaysia.

Tidak pasti bila peguam Suaram dari Perancis, Joseph Breham akan diberi visa kerja untuk memasuki Malaysia, dan oleh itu, pemimpin NGO berkenaan memutuskan untuk menemuinya di Thailand.

NONEBrehem (kiri) dan pasukan Suaram yang diketuai pengarahnya Cynthia Gabriel dan peguamnya Fadiah Nadwa Fikri akan mengadakan sidang akhbar kemudiannya mengenai perkembangan baru dalam kes kapal selam Scorpene yang difailkan oleh badan hak asasi manusia di Paris.

Gabriel berkata ia akan diadakan di Kelab Wartawan Asing di Thailand untuk mendedahkan lagi butiran hasil siasatan awal pihak pendakwa serta perkembangan terbaru kes tersebut.

Breham sepatutnya melawat Malaysia minggu ini, tetapi permohonannya untuk mendapatkan visa kerja untuk memasuki negara, masih belum diluluskan pihak berkuasa Malaysia. 

Berikutan itu beliau akan menemui pihak Suaran di Bangkok.- malaysiakini


FGVH Memajak Tanah Rezab Melayu Di Pasaran Saham...

Lebih 105,000 daripada 847,362 ekar tanah yang diusahakan Felda Plantations Sdn Bhd (Felda Plantations) untuk penyenaraian Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd (FGVH) adalah Tanah Rezab Melayu.

Pengarah Strategi PKR, Mohd Rafizi Ramli mempersoalkan perkara itu kerana tindakan memajakkan tanah 105,382 ekar itu boleh melanggar matlamat pewartaan Tanah Rezab Melayu.

Malah, katanya, kedudukan FGVH di Bursa Saham Malaysia selepas ini juga tidak boleh dikira sebagai sebuah syarikat berstatus Bumiputra kerana jumlah pegangan saham Bumiputra tidak dapat disahkan.

“Setakat ini peneroka Felda hanya diperuntukkan 2.5 peratus dari jumlah pegangan saham sementara manakala kakitangan Felda pula hanya 3 peratus.

“Selebihnya melibatkan badan-badan lain yang dijemput masuk Pengerusinya, Tan Sri Isa Samad termasuk Louis Dreyfus iaitu sebuah syarikat antarabangsa yang dikuasai keluarga Yahudi terkenal dari Perancis.

“Oleh itu, Perdana Menterti, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Isa wajar menjelaskan kepada rakyat kenapakah tanah-tanah berstatus rezab Melayu ini turut dipajakkan ke FGVH yang disenaraikan di pasaran saham?

“Apakah jaminan bahawa tanah-tanah ini akhirnya tidak bertukar tangan atau pembangunannya tidak bertentangan dengan semangat pewartaan Tanah Rezab Melayu yang digubal hampir 100 tahun yang lalu?,” soalnya dalam satu kenyataan dibuat di sini hari ini.

Mohd Rafizi berkata perkara itu disahkan berdasarkan salinan laporan yang diterima dalam perjanjian FGVH dan senarai tanah yang terlibat.

PKR menyeru setiap Kerajaan Negeri yang terlibat menolak sebarang usaha membatalkan status Tanah Rezab Melayu seluas 105,382 ekar itu.

Tanah rezab Melayu itu akan terletak di bawah pengurusan FGVH selepas penyenaraian dan boleh diusahakan mengikut syarat-syarat perjanjian.- selangorku

Peruntukan saham FGVH tidak adil terhadap peneroka

3 Abdul: Najib, FGVB dan Peneroka

FGVH gets Malay reserve land 'by back door'...

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli has claimed that a significant proportion of land to be leased to Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) for its listing plan is in fact Malay reserve land.

NONE"Our research shows that, of the 847,362 acres of land to be leased nationwide, a total of 105,382 acres have been gazetted as Malay reserve land," he told a press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya this afternoon.

This, he said, was based on the agreement signed between Felda Plantation Bhd which previously held the land and FGVH.

"The Malay reserve land was created to ensure bumiputera ownership. If any land is taken up by non-bumiputeras, it must be replaced with other land of the same size as Malay reserve land," he said.

However, Rafizi claimed that the deal had used a "back door" method in which the land ownership and status will remain, but FGVH will be given a 99-year lease to manage the land.

"The 99-year lease is akin to transferring the ownership of the land (as) FGVH will not only include bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras, but also foreigners," he said, noting that this would violate the spirit of allocating Malay reserve land.

NONEPKR investment and trade bureau chief Wong Chen, who was at the press conference, said despite Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's promise that the FGVH initial public offering (IPO) will benefit Felda settlers, wealthy bumiputeras will be the main beneficiary.

According to the draft prospectus, he said, Felda settlers are only allocated 2.5 percent of the shares offered, compared to 11.5 percent allocated to bumiputera investors approved by the International Trade and Industries Ministry (Miti).

"Have these investors ever contributed to the development of Felda? We do not know who they are but according to Miti guidelines, it is only limited to the wealthy," he said.

'Wealthy will benefit'

Wong said this is based on the guideline that an investor who wants to buy RM250,000 worth of shares or below must hold RM3 million in individual assets or RM10 million in company assets.

"We also demand that Miti reveals (the identity of) these wealthy bumiputera who will receive FGVH shares... As this is of national interest, we believe that the public deserves to know if they are linked to Umno," he said.

FeldaEven Felda staff, who number far less than settlers, have been allocated 3 percent of the shares, compared to 2.5 percent for settlers, he said.

On average, the 3,835 Felda staff will be allocated 28,368 shares each, or 35 times higher than the 810 shares for each of the 112,635 settlers.

"The way the shares are being allocated appear (to show) that the prime minister is only interested in helping the wealthy,” added Wong.

"We challenge Najib to withdraw the shares for wealthy bumiputeras and allocate these to the settlers, as well reduce the shares for Felda staff in favour of the settlers.”- malaysiakini

Felda shares ‘reserved’ for Umno cronies

Felda listing: Settlers allocated only 2.5 percent of shares


28 May 2012

Mahathir to Najib - Have election after Hari Raya...

NONEFormer premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes that current Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should not call for polls before the Aidilfitri celebrations.

Mahathir said that this was necessary to shore up support because Najib had inherited a "weakened" BN from its previous leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"Being weak, he has to respond to the criticisms... But when you are faced with this problem, anything you do is not enough," he said.
Mahathir said that the best time for Najib (right) to hold polls should be "sometime" in the next five months before year end.

He said this during an interview with Bloomberg, which was published today.

Mahathir was reiterating suggestions he made in February, also during an interview with Bloomberg, that the premier should delay polls to win support, particularly from the Chinese community.

At the time, Mahathir said that he was confident that Najib would be able to secure a simple majority in Parliament, without winning two-thirds control.

"If you have the time, use the time to build up support," he said.

Eurozone crisis

On May 14, Mahathir reiterated his suggestion yet again, brushing off the possibility that holding polls after Aidilfitri celebrations was bad for BN because Malaysia might suffer effects of the Eurozone crisis by then.

Mahathir said that although there is some risk involved, he stressed that the polls should be held "anytime" after Aidilfitri.

During the interview published today, Mahathir agreed that the slowing European and North American economic has hurt Malaysia, particularly in terms of exports.

He also expected China's economy to slow down soon.

"If there is a slowdown in China we would suffer in terms of losing the Chinese market... At the same time we may be able to improve the competitiveness of our products," he said.- malaysiakini

Mahathir Says Threat From Greek Exit Is Limited

Dr M minta Najib adakan pilihanraya lepas Hari Raya...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad telah memberi amaran kepada Datuk Seri Najib Razak bahawa beliau masih lagi memimpin kerajaan yang lemah, mengulangi pendirian supaya pilihan raya ditangguhkan sehingga selesai bulan puasa yang akan tamat pada Ogos.

Bekas perdana menteri itu dipetik Bloomberg dalam satu temuramah khas berkata, perdana menteri perlu menanggunhkan rancangan untuk mengadakan pilihan raya yang mesti dilakukan dalam masa setahun.

“Apabila lemah, beliau perlu berhadapan dengan kritikan. Tapi bila berhadapan dengan masalah ini, apa pun yang dibuat tidak akan cukup,” kata bekas pemimpin Barisan Nasional (BN) ini, dan menambah, Najib mewarisi perikatan yang lemah, yang mana memenangi pilihan raya 2008 dengan nisbah yang paling kecil sejak Merdeka.

Najib mengambil alih pemerintahan daripada Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada  April 2009, bagi mengurangkan rekod kekalahan 82 kerusi Parlimen dan lima negeru dengan pemerhati melihat dengan mengembalikan kuasa dua per tiga majoriti, Najib dijamin memegang kuasa yang besar. 

Najib telah melaksanakan beberapa pembaharuan demokrasi untuk memberikan lebih kebebasan kepada rakyat, namun pengkritik melihat ia hanyalah remeh dengan lebih banyak undang-undang lama digantikan.

Perdana menteri masih lagi menguruskan perhimpunan ketiga Bersih pada 28 April lalu dan pentadbirannya telah mengemukakan saman badan pemerhati pilihan raya tersebut minggu lalu kerana menyebabkan berlakunya kerasakan terhadap kenderaan kerajaan berpunca daripada pertembungan antara polis dan perusuh.

Polis melepaskan gas pemedih mata dan meriam air serta menahan 512 perusuh apabila menceroboh Dataran Merdeka dengan merempuh halangan pihak polis.

Kaji selidik Merdeka Center mendapati 92 peratus pengundi menuntut daftar pemilih dibersihkan sebelum pilihan raya dilaksanakan dengan 48 peratus melihat daftar pemilih sedia ada tidak lengkap.

Dr Mahathir turut berkata kepada akhbar tersebut Najib perlu mengambil lebih masa sebelum melaksanakan pilihan raya bagi memperoleh kemenangan daripada kaum Cina yang majoritinya menyokong pembangkang, Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib sebelum ini berkata piloihan raya bakal dilaksanakan “tidak berapa lama lagi” disamping khabar angin Parlimen akan dibubar sebelum sidang berikutnya Jun ini

Namun hari ini, The Malaysian Insider melaporkan BN sedang meneliti kemungkinan pilihan raya akan dilaksanakan pada September kerana kaji selidik dalaman mendapati parti itu mampu memenangi 146 kerusi Parlimen dengan sekurang-kurangnya 80 pasti menang, lebih 140 yang dimenangi pada 2008 tapi kurang 148 untuk majoriti dua pertiga majoriti.

Pentadbiran Najib memberikan fokus utama kepada demografi namun cadangan pemansuhan bantuan dana pinjaman pendidikan oleh PR mungkin mengakibatkan undi belia, kunci utama pengundi yang meliputi sekurang-kurangnya 20 peratus daripada 12 juta pengundi.

Hampir 60 peratus pengundi baru adalah Melayu, komuniti dominan di negara ini.- malaysian insider

BN/UMNO bakal tewas?

Puncanya Dr Mahathir