30 December 2023

Langkah Dubai...

...in the works to topple PM Anwar...

A new plot is in the works to topple the current prime minister and the government, claims Community Communications Department (J-Kom) deputy director-general Ismail Yusop.

Dubbed the ‘Dubai Move’ aka Langkah Dubai, Ismail alleged that the movement arose during the vacation by Perikatan Nasional leaders, as well as government officials, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Ismail claimed that a meeting took place during the visit to assign specific tasks to 'agents' responsible for identifying MPs who might switch their support to the opposition with inducements.

"It has become public knowledge in the past day or two about the Dubai holiday by PN leaders. Followed by the presence of several other leaders associated with groups dissatisfied with the leadership style of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and the Madani government.

“It is rumoured that the 'Dubai Move' was formulated with assignments given to a person in charge tasked to meet, negotiate and make offers to those identified as potential supporters who may switch to the opposition.

“It is said that there are spokespersons with access to the leadership on the opposition side, who are roaming throughout the country, including in Sabah and Sarawak, trying to convince that the Madani government will topple in early 2024, with a date and deadline given,” Ismail was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

Other influential veteran political figures, such as with the title ‘Tun’ are allegedly involved, a former prime minister and a former finance minister are using local and foreign sources to overthrow the Anwar administration, he added.

Ismail told Berita Harian that he obtained information about the latest movement to topple the government from various sources, not just one party.

While having admitted to having details of the leaders, both opposition and government, who are involved in the ‘Dubai Move’, Ismail declined to comment further.

"I think as someone who supports Anwar and the Madani government, I am responsible for giving a perspective. I hope it can not only enlighten but also help anyone reading the message.

“I will trust the security forces, higher authorities have more information and know (who is involved in the Dubai Move). I don't think I want to take responsibility for disclosing anyone's name, but ‘siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’ (if the shoe fits, wear it),” he said.

‘Act of treason’

Commenting further on what he considered an act of betrayal, Ismail urged the prime minister to have a strong foundation to act decisively.

He emphasised that the movement clearly shows it is a malicious political conspiracy, potentially threatening the sovereignty and security of the country.

“Personally, I consider their actions as an act of treason or an attempt or movement of betrayal to overthrow the government of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

“Therefore, Anwar has a strong basis to act affirmatively. The prime minister also needs to immediately instruct the Home Affairs Ministry, the chief of police and national security authorities to investigate several individuals found to be directly involved in this.

“This includes (dragging those) with connections to this malicious effort (Dubai Move) for investigation or taking their statements,” he said.

It is reported that the ‘Dubai Move’ involved a closed-door meeting with several PN MPs and two MPs from BN - in an attempt to gain support from the latter as well as leaders from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

However, Bersatu information chief Razali Idris (above) briefly told Sinar Harian that he had no information about the alleged movement.

“I don't know about that,” he was quoted as saying.

He added that the ‘Dubai Move’ has not been raised by any opposition MPs, especially Bersatu. - mk 

We do not support the backdoor government. Just because the super corrupted politicians are under investigation, they want to overthrow the government. What is the point of our effort to voting for the our desired government? Can’t even win the people’s votes, still wanting to be the government. In sane. I hope our respectable King our dear Agong will tell them off. - Anonymous who

Oppostions will try every means to over throw the government before the new Agong takes over as they know, once the new Agong is on board, they will be running for their lives as many of then are under the MACC RADAR (CORRUPTIONS).The opposition has yet to even fulfill any single solid recommendation on how to work together to bring Malaysia forward.Any way, good to the overseas " Dubai Move", but a laughing stock, in Malaysia they cannot achieve it but go overseas to overthrow the government, damn, this is interesting. The plot gets thicker each day and soon the rain will fall in the traitors. - The Devil

While the 4s states are flooded, our PN leaders are vacationing in Dubai. So the 4s state people. I guess are left to their devices in this flood prone period. Thank goodness for PN, the 4s voters aren't the brightest lot of Malaysians, so come election time PAS will feed the a healthy dose of religious mumbo jumbo and racism and volar PAS will win a landslide in those states. - Doc

Ketika rakyat di Pantai Timur menghadapi bencana banjir, pemimpin2 mereka ke Dubai sibuk cuba nak tebuk atap lagi... - TS

DS Anwar diketahui keras melawan rasuah. Dan itu buatkan ramai yang tak senang. Musuh politik beliau yang dahulu pernah berada di tampuk kuasa jadi tak keruan kerana bimbang rahsia mereka terbongkar. Atas sebab itu mereka berusaha untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan pimpinan DS Anwar ini. Pelbagai usaha telah dilancarkan hinggakan perang saraf tahap sampah di mana mereka berulang kali mendakwa telah berjaya jatuhkan DS Anwar walaupun jelas ia tidak berlaku.

Tapi seperkara yang perlu kita ingat, musuh DS Anwar sekarang ni tak hanya ahli politik. Bahkan kini beliau juga berhadapan dengan pemilik syarikat konglomerat yang mengumpul harta menjadi jutawan hasil bantuan ahli politik yang memusuhi DS Anwar. Ini kerana perniagaan mereka juga bakal terjejas teruk hasil usaha DS Anwar memerangi rasuah. Mereka juga bakal didakwa dan ada kemungkinan segala kekayaan mereka juga akan dirampas dan hilang sekelip mata.

Maka tak hairanlah jika musuh politik DS Anwar berani untuk berbelanja besar, termasuklah membayar ahli politik yang bersedia untuk berpaling tadah, kerana perompak harta rakyat yang kaya raya biayai mereka. InsyaAllah usaha mereka susah untuk berjaya. Tapi aku tak fikir mereka akan berdiam diri. Jika mereka tak berjaya jatuhkan DS Anwar, paling tidak mereka mesti hasut rakyat untuk membenci DS Anwar.

Aku jangka di tahun hadapan akan lebih banyak fitnah yang bakal disebarkan terhadap DS Anwar. Sekurang kurangnya mereka akan berusaha jatuhkan kredibiliti DS Anwar di hadapan mata rakyat agar nanti rakyat meragui sistem kehakiman  negara. Perjalanan untuk menjadikan negara ini hebat dan bebas rasuah tak mudah. Apatah lagi rasuah kini dah berakar umbi bahkan kuasai sebahagian besar sistem ekonomi kita. Sebagai rakyat yang ingin lihat negara ini terus makmur, seharusnya terus berdiri di belakang kerajaan Madani ini.- Raja Gelap II 

After being stuck under the rubble for 5 hours, 
this child is miraculously pulled out alive...

Hamas terrorist? This is heartbreaking…

Child killers...


29 December 2023

Mahathir's last Christmas ...

Tun Daim's Ilham Tower was seized by MACC for investigation into corruption and money laundering. The talk is Daim refused to declare fully his assets after being given fair time with several extensions. Under Section 32 of  the MACC Act, the refusal to cooperate is tantamount to offenses and the undeclared properties, local and abroad, could be seized.

Apparently the social media is a buzz with claims that the bulk of the RM2.7 billion property was self funded by the owner. Media reported many properties and asset will eventually be seized. Many years ago, Daim claimed he is unperturbed by any investigations. He had undergone it under three past Prime Ministers and came out clean.

Daim side have been sending people to hint threats that he will retaliate either causing market to depress or economic sabotage or escalate his planned coup d'etat in which he is unafraid to spend. He holds cash and financial assets, but was never interested to have a grip on the economy by holding on a long term basis of any businesses. 

Over the decades, his unscruplous dealings has built a legion of haters and an army of corporate enemies. He is not fighting just Anwar and MACC. Nevertheless, since money and assets of Bersatu and its leaders are frozen, only Daim and Mahathir could finance any political operation to topple Anwar including bribing the much talked about 15 UMNO MPs gathered by Hishamuddin. 

Last week hints picked up on Tic Tok, in which sources claimed there could be some truth, that Mahathir could be facing a barrage of charges. A little bird claimed if it is not 200 charges, at least 20 charges were described as solid. 

This is not including his civil lawsuit against Anwar but the preparation for the lawsuit may have open more leads for investigations. Talk is he and Muhyiddin will be sued for cancelling the HSR that resulted in Malaysia having to pay Singapore penalty of RM350 million. 

The Sultan of Johor is still not over losing Pulau Batu Putih, constitutional amendments taking away the power of Sultans, and Mahathir's insults on Forest City project in Johor Baru. It certainly could be the Last Christmas for the dynamic duo Mahathir and Daim before they emulate Najib as a regular attendee as OKT in court.

Throughout the 90s the duo ran rampage on the Malaysian economy to squnder and embezzle every possible opportunity.

Their modus operandi was to seize every major initiatives at all levels using proxies, fund it using public funds/banks under their control, vehicle to profit using the stock market, and cashout by dumping back to public funds and newly instituted ones like Khazanah Nasional.

Mahathir sense that he is a target and has found PAS as the donkey for him to ride on. He has put together a strategy as forseen by Facebooker Joe Artis. Translated to English below:

Mahathir's last strategy 
before facing court case... 

Dr Mahathir is moving all political steps towards the country's political instability.This is what is happening.Whatever issue is played by the opposition or opposition social media activists at this time is a blueprint compiled by Dr Mahathir as the main mastermind.

Dr Mahathir knows that in January 2024 there will be a transition of power in the Istana Negara. Dr Mahathir is quite frightened by this transfer of power. Dr Mahathir had to make every effort to have a shift in political power at the Putrajaya level.

What is Dr Mahathir doing behind the scenes?

After Dr Mahathir received support from the main leaders of PAS and PPBM, Dr Mahathir revived the 1998 defamation script to make the country's political instability agenda a success.

Starting with the announcement that Dr Samsuri can become prime minister before GE 16 in the Kemaman by-election campaign. This is not just talk. It was the beginning of an all-out attack on the Unity Government and it had been so meticulously planned.

Mahathir is Attacking From Various Angles

Dr Mahathir has also held a series of meetings with opposition social media activists who will launch a nerve attack. At the same time, Dr Mahathir sent Khairudin to meet with some key UMNO leaders such as Isham Jalil.

Recently PAS President Hadi Awang issued a statement trying to equate the Unity Government with Israel. This is all part of a planned attack.The day before Muhyiddin made a proposal for UMNO to reassess the position of cooperation with Pakatan Harapan. Followed by Isham Jalil's statement that he wants UMNO out of the Unity Government coalition.

Papagomo continues to play the 3R issue on the Tiktok platform and social media.Trying to inflame the spirit of racism, radical religious extremists by trying to link the palace. Papagomo's main task is to constantly play conspiracy theories by burning enthusiasm to sow extremist and radical values ​​among young voters. It is best to prosecute these extremists under the Sedition Act and the Communications Act. That is the best way to maintain public order.

Parpukari Cili Kasi Taruk Salim was tasked by Dr Mahathir to replay the sodomy issue by repeating video material, actors who had been involved. We are not surprised why many videos related to sex defamation have started playing on social media belonging to opposition accounts. Undeniably, he is a die-hard fan of Dr Mahathir.

This started with Chegubard's attack trying to link the CIA and IMF issues. Even Chegubard has also issued a fatwa that PMX is the Dajjal.

Ongoing Attack Plot...

This is a summary of the political plot that is happening during and after the Kemaman by-election:

Chegubard – CIA, IMF and Dajjal issue.
Papagomo – 3R issue trying to link Istana.
Parpukari Salim - sex defamation issue.

Bersatu PPBM President, Muhyiddin Yassin - wants UMNO to withdraw from cooperation with PH - DAP. PAS President Hadi Awang - The Unity Government is not only liberal but is similar to Israel. The same slanderous script that has been repeated since 1998.

The propaganda of extremism and radical religious extremists, such a terrible race is being played after the Kemaman by-election to change the prime minister under any circumstances. The end justifies the means.

Who is the mastermind behind this political movement? None other than Dr Mahathir. So what action from the government? Want to let this extremist faction continue to play all these issues again?

The Unity Government has done so much for this tribe that they dare to act out of bounds. Will the government continue to leave them alone with their hard line? Or need to act hard for the greater good of the country. This is no longer a political consideration, but rather a decision in the interest of the country.thick-brick.blogspot

Cubaan tebuk atap: 
PN atur "Langkah Dubai"...

Bimbang dengan Kerajaan Perpaduan yang semakin stabil dan diterima oleh rakyat, pembangkang kini menggerakkan satu lagi usaha merampas kuasa secara ‘tebuk atap’.
Terbaru beberapa Ahli Parlimen Perikatan Nasional (PN) kini berada di Dubai terlibat dalam pertemuan tertutup. Ia dipercayai turut dihadiri oleh dua Ahli Parlimen BN dan akan juga bertindak sebagai mewakili kelompok tertentu.

Kalau suatu ketika dulu, PN pernah mendapat kuasa memerintah melalui Langkah Sheraton atau Sheraton Move, kali ini pula melalui apa yang dipanggil sebagai Langkah
Dubai. Difahamkan kelompok Ahli Parlimen itu sedang berusaha untuk mengadakan sembah mengadap ke atas Yang diPertuan Agong (YDPA) yang telah berada di Dubai bagi urusan lain. 
Tidak pasti sama ada mereka berpeluang untuk menghadap baginda Tuanku tetapi setakat ini, ia nampak sukar. 

Tempoh YDPA Al-Sultan Abdullah akan berakhir 31 Januari 2024 sebelum diambilalih oleh Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar. Perkembangan terbaru ini memperlihatkan betapa PN terdesak untuk merebut kuasa dengan mencabuli proses demokrasi. Melalui gerakan yang diatur, beberapa pemimpin Pas dan Bersatu cuba mendapatkan sokongan sebahagian Ahli Parlimen BN dan Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak (PBB).

Antara tawaran yang diberikan kepada BN (termasuk MCA dan MIC) ialah jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan menteri kabinet kanan kepada beberapa pemimpin serta pengampunan kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. 

Langkah tersebut antara lain bertujuan menarik sokongan orang Melayu dan akar umbi UMNO khususnya, bagi menyokong pembentukan kerajaan baharu nanti. Ternyata PN mahu memanipulasi isu pengampunan dan pembebasan Najib bagi kepentingan politik sempit iaitu hanya untuk tujuan mendapatkan kuasa. 

Turut dirangka adalah mewujudkan semula Muafakat Nasional sebagaimana pernah dirintis oleh UMNO dan Pas selepas PRU-14. Seorang bekas Perdana Menteri dan bekas menteri kanan daripada UMNO adalah di antara beberapa pemimpin UMNO yang bekerjasama dengan PN bagi menjayakan percaturan terbaru ini. Kedua-duanya mengambil pendekatan baling batu sembunyi tangan namun perkara tersebut dapat dihidu lebih awal. 

Beberapa pemimpin UMNO termasuk yang tidak berpuas hati dan kecewa dengan rombakan Kabinet baru-baru ini, turut diambil kesempatan oleh PN dengan menawarkan kedudukan lebih baik. Menurut sumber, PN juga sedia menawarkan jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada PBB dan autonomi yang lebih besar selain 20 peratus royalti hasil minyak kepada Sarawak.

Walaupun pelbagai pihak dan rakyat telah menolak sebarang gerakan untuk menukar kerajaan secara tebuk atap demi kestabilan, PN masih berterusan melakukan usaha tersebut tanpa rasa bersalah dan malu. Terdapat desas-desus percaturan terbaru ini mendapat sokongan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan seorang bekas menteri kanan yang kini sedang disiasat oleh pihak berkuasa. 

Antara asas kepada gerakan ini kononnya Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim gagal dalam pentadbirannya, ditolak oleh majoriti orang Islam dan faktor DAP makin berpengaruh termasuk agresif membuat pelbagai tuntutan untuk kepentingan kaum tertentu.

Sementara itu, sumber yang rapat dengan Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yakin Langkah Dubai tidak akan membawa sebarang impak dan UMNO akan terus teguh menyokong Anwar. 

Menurut komen ramai netizen di media sosial pula, gerakan menumbangkan kerajaan seperti Langkah Dubai ini tidak akan berjaya kerana rakyat sudah bosan dengan politiking yang keterlaluan. 

Apa yang diperlukan oleh rakyat ialah kestabilan politik dan keharmonian bagi menjamin kesejahteraan negara termasuk menarik lebih banyak pelaburan asing. Berdasarkan semua petunjuk Langkah Dubai percaturan PN tidak akan berhasil malah boleh menjadi senjata makan tuan. 

Rakyat akan lebih simpati kepada kerajaan Perpaduan pimpinan Anwar yang diketahui umum bekerja keras. Sebaliknya PN dilihat asyik mahu sabotaj negara. - Zamani Zaman

Beberapa Ahli Parlimen BN dan PN berada di Dubai dalam percubaan mengadap YDPA yang juga berada di sana. PN cuba menarik GPS manakala Atuk memainkan peranan dlm percubaan terakhir utk gulingkan PMX sebelum peralihan YDPA. Langkah terakhir ini dikhabarkan masih belum berjaya

PN offer GPS jawatan PM. Parti komponen BN pulak ditawarkan jawatan TPM. MP UMNO yg tidak berpuas hati dgn pertukaran kabinet tempoh hari pula ditawarkan jawatan menteri. 

Mantan PM & seorang ahli parlimen dari selatan - Mak Cik Hijau

Daim tak dok Diam... 

Bekas menteri kewangan Daim Zainuddin menggesa Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim dan ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM Azam Baki menghormati kedaulatan undang-undang. Dia berkata demikian sebagai reaksi terhadap siasatan SPRM terhadapnya, yang disifatkan Daim sebagai political witch hunt (penganiayaan politik) atau satu bentuk kempen politik yang menyasarkan dirinya.

Dia juga menyelar kenyataan Anwar pada 22 Disember bahawa apa yang berlaku adalah “rahsia umum” dan terdapat seseorang yang “menggondol begitu banyak kekayaan”. Daim berkata, kenyataan itu cuba membayangkan dia bersalah atas kesalahan yang tidak dinyatakan. “Ini jelas menunjukkan rasa bencinya terhadap saya,” katanya dalam kenyataan.

Daim juga mendakwa SPRM tidak berhubung dengan dia atau anggota keluarganya berhubung sebab mereka disiasat. SPRM sebelum ini mengesahkan kepada media bahawa Daim sedang disiasat atas dakwaan rasuah dan pengubahan wang haram.

Agensi antirasuah itu juga telah menyita Menara Ilham, bangunan bernilai komersial tinggi, milik Daim dan keluarganya. Rampasan itu dilaporkan dikaitkan dengan siasatan antipengubahan wang haram yang bermula pada akhir Mei mengenai urus niaga korporat bernilai RM2.3 bilion pada November 1997.

Urus niaga berkenaan membabitkan syarikat senarai awam Renong Bhd dan United Engineers Malaysia Bhd (UEM). SPRM juga dilaporkan sedang meneliti perniagaan Daim dan bagaimana tokoh korporat itu memperoleh semua asetnya. Baca seterusnya...

Put it this way, his past has finally caught up with him. Everyone in the country had an inkling of what was going on but no one dared to touch him due to the power he wielded being the old man hatchet man and financial adviser. I suspect Anwar was a victim of their vengeance.If he has nothing to hide, he should not be afraid. On the contrary, if he has plenty to hide he should not sound arrogant and whines about being persecuted and blame Anwar. In politics, don't treat your opponents like crap because of your immense power. One day he will surely turn the table on you when he gained power and you have lost yours. - Headhunter

Kalau tak bersalah tak perlu bimbang, hadapi mengikut aturan undang-undang - Prejudice

Diam, MACC had requested the info off you so many times that you just remained silent which gave them no choice anyone else wud have resulted with an immediate arrest... So they still accorded you some respectability. If you are honest you certainly don't have anything to worry about. Plain Simple - Walid Jumblatt

Another baby has been massacred by 
the Israeli aggression on Gaza...

Isreal are a disgrace to humanity...

A  father cant say goodbye to his child...

The mass killing continues...

The supremacist self proclaimed "the chosen people" think those kids 
are inferior human beings.This is 21st century western backed genocide...

 See what they doing to women of Gaza... 


27 December 2023

PAS Youth say no to the Merry X'mas wish,fearing going to hell.

PAS Youth shies away from openly 
extending “Merry Christmas” greeting...

AT A time when one would expect the young blood in PAS to be bolder and more receptive of the fact that Malaysia is Asia’s cultural melting pot, it seems that either the new generation leaders of the Islamist party are overly cautious or are gutless to openly express “Merry Christmas” to Malaysian Christians who are celebrating the religious festivity to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

For the record, the national level PAS had on Christmas eve wished “all Christian Malaysians a Merry Christmas” and hopes that the festivity “would be celebrated smoothly in a safe and harmonious environment, thus paving the way to better and meaningful days ahead”.

“As an Islamic party, PAS celebrates and is always open to such diversity, not only as a special feature of our society but also as the core of Islamic teachings which embraces such reality in the bonds of our great human family, inclusive of people of all races, cultures and religions – legally and honourably,” its secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan pointed out in a media statement. “Merry Christmas and happy holidays (to all).”

On the contrary, PAS Youth abstained from extending a Christmas greeting and instead limiting its greetings to “Happy Holidays” (which is usually extended to people who are not celebrating a particular religious festivity) and “Happy New Year”

“May your holiday season be filled with joy, laughter and unforgettable moments spent with your loved ones,” penned the movement in a rare English-worded greeting. “Wishing you warmth, happiness, and wonderful memories as we welcome the new year ahead. Cheers to a fantastic holiday season!”

Apparently, PAS Youth’s mild greeting does not fascinate netizens who expect the young leaders at least to emulate their party veterans who might have reluctantly extended a “Merry Christmas” greeting to either win the hearts of non-Muslims or to portray the party as a non-racist entity.

“They wanted to wish but seemingly too ashamed to do so,” teased netizen Azrin Hazrina Mohd Yusoff while Ahmad Shafiqee wondered why PAS Youth refrained “from wishing Merry Christmas when party leader Takiyuddin has openly done so.”

While netizen Zulfikaar Azizi took the opportunity to wish “Merry Christmas” to all his Christian friends in Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah, Amantoya Aman described PAS’ stance with regard to extending Christmas greeting as “seasonal law” while non-Muslim Alice Lee shared that both the outgoing and incoming Agong have also extended their “Merry Christmas” greeting.

“The future Agong (Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar) has already extended his greeting. PAS (Youth) dare not wish Merry Christmas because it is afraid of having to go to hell,” she snubbed.

On the bright side, Bersatu Youth chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal has no qualm to extend his greeting of “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who celebrate it!”. – FocusM

'Kepala bapak hang' boleh,
 orang lain tak boleh...

Isu Sanusi karaoke awal pagi tu, bukan aku nak kata perbuatan dia berdosa. Aku bukan Tuhan, bukan Nabi, malaikat pun bukan. Tapi yang aku tekankan adalah sifat hipokrit lebai dan walaun.

Sebab lebai dan walaun ni, kalau orang lain, dia cerca macam tak ada hari esok. Tapi bila pemimpin sendiri buat, macam-macam dia spin. Siap ada yang puji kata sempoi pulak. Itu yang silapnya.

Kalau walaun tak main isu begitu, aku rasa takde siapa pun nak kecohkan pasal Sanusi berkaraoke tu. Lantak dia la. Bini dia pun tak marah dia nyanyi dengan gadis lain, apa orang lain nak kecoh. Ye tak?

Contoh lagi macam isu Sanusi karaoke ni. Azhar dan pemimpin PAS yang lain terus senyap. Bukan baru ni je Sanusi buat benda tu. Selalu. Siap ada orang yang kumpulkan kompilasi gambarnya.

Pernah Azhar tegur? Tak ada. Tapi kalau pemimpin PH buat, walaupun hal yang kecil je, hal yang tak berdosa pun sebenarnya, mulalah dia kata yang bukan-bukan.

Lagi satu, Azhar pernah kritik keras orang yang ucap Selamat Hari Krismas kepada kawannya. Tapi bila sj Taki ucap, dia buat tak dengar. Tiba-tiba jadi pekak dan bisu. Itu sikap tak jujur pada ilmu!

Itulah isunya. Kedua-dua kes ini, tidak berlaku secara kebetulan. Melainkan untuk jadi peringatan buat kita semua. Kepada Azhar agar jangan gopoh. Kepada seluruh walaun dan lebai agar jangan hipokrit. Juga kepada orang lain supaya dapat menilai. - Raja Gelap II 

How the children of Gaza are spending their Christmas morning...

A Palestinian father strokes his son's hair as he bids him farewell 
after he was killed in an airstrike targeting their home in Rafah...

A girl was injured in the occupation’s shelling of a house of the Al-Najjar 
family in the area of Qaizan Al-Najjar, south of Khan Younis.

Lord your mercy...

Only one side is killing babies...

Gaza - A Family Portrait...


25 December 2023

Merry Xmas...

Allah!!! "Forgive me my kids"...

They are killing children. Wake up!!!

A woman and her children were miraculously 
extracted from under the rubble of their home alive.

This child was playing, then Israel 
bombed the house above her head!...

Fuck you Isreal!!!


22 December 2023

Daim yang diam buat2 lupa...(updated)

Daim's Ilham Tower seized...

The multi-million-dollar Ilham Tower, a prime commercial building owned by the family of former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, has been seized by Malaysia’s anti-graft agency, sources say, in a sharp escalation to an ongoing probe into controversial transactions by corporate entities previously controlled by the one-time ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). 

Financial executives close to Mr Daim, who wielded enormous power during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s two stints as premier, told CNA that the seizure took place on Thursday (Dec 21), following the former politician’s refusal to submit to petitions from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to declare his and his family’s financial holdings.

The MACC’s move against Mr Daim is part of an anti-money laundering investigation that began in late May into a corporate transaction valued RM2.3 billion (US$500 million) in November 1997 involving publicly listed Renong Bhd and United Engineers Malaysia Bhd (UEM), two entities that were former cornerstones of the business empire tied to the one-time ruling UMNO party. 

MACC officials could not be reached for immediate comment and Mr Daim, who served as UMNO treasurer between 1984 and 2001, declined comment for this article. Financial executives close to Mr Daim said that the former politician received an order from the MACC in late May to declare his financial holdings and other assets belonging to members of his family.

But Mr Daim rebuffed those demands and had insisted during questioning by the MACC officials that he had nothing to do with the Renong-UEM deal. 

Mr Daim maintained that the corporate deal, which involved UEM acquiring a 33 per cent interest in Renong, was purely a corporate transaction between companies that were governed by their respective managements, board of directors and shareholders, financial executives close to the former politician said.

Mr Daim also sought extensions to furnish details on his financial holdings and requested that the agency disclose the reasons behind the asset declaration petition, including the alleged offences he was being investigated under. 

Sources told CNA that in early December Mr Daim had received a notification from the MACC that he would no longer receive any further extension, leading to seizure on Thursday of his flagship Ilham Tower. Under the seizure order, the MACC will take control of the property on paper. 

Financial executives close to the situation noted that the asset-declaration order in late May came together with the freezing of at least a dozen Daim-related business accounts.The accounts remain frozen and all payments made for the running of his financial enterprises, including the payrolls, require MACC approval, the executives noted.

The MACC has been sketchy with information on the Renong-UEM deal.Shortly after the probe began in late May, the MACC released a statement that the agency was gathering information into the “alleged embezzlement of state funds amounting to an estimated RM2.3 billion”.

The agency added that it had frozen bank accounts with funds amounting to RM39 million belonging to an unidentified former senior minister and two businessmen, who were also not identified. Government officials and anti-graft investigators directly involved in the probe told CNA that the alleged embezzlement of state funds was a direct reference to the RM2.3-billion-ringgit Renong-UEM deal. 

The three unnamed personalities are believed to refer to Mr Daim, who served as finance minister between 1984 and 1991; Mr Halim Saad, his long-time business protégé who at the time was a controlling shareholder of both Renong and UEM through a complex web of cross-holdings; and Mr Abdul Rashid Manaf, a prominent Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer who handled all of UMNO’s corporate affairs.

The MACC’s move to revisit a transaction that happened over 26 years ago has stirred widespread speculation that the ongoing investigation has a strong political dimension and is steeped in the country’s troubled and messy politics, particularly over how current premier Anwar Ibrahim was unceremoniously sacked and jailed in September 1998 after falling out with then-premier Dr Mahathir.

Mr Anwar, who replaced Mr Daim as finance minister in 1991 and had risen to become deputy premier, was hugely critical of the Renong-UEM deal at the time, which caused a meltdown in the Malaysian stock market.Many analysts believe that the Renong-UEM deal was a critical flashpoint in the straining of ties between Dr Mahathir and his deputy. With a business career that stretches back to the late 1960s, Mr Daim, a lawyer by training, is widely regarded in Malaysia’s business and political circles as one of the country’s richest personalities. 

Mr Daim has always applied a stealthy approach to his business empire.He does not appear in any listing index of the region’s richest businessmen because a large bulk of his businesses and assets are held in through an array of obscure family companies or nominee associates.He is not listed as a substantial shareholder or a director in any quoted Malaysian company. The most visible construct of Mr Daim’s financial heft is the 60-storey Ilham Tower, which was completed in 2015 and houses both offices and a hotel. 

According to documents lodged at the Companies Commission of Malaysia, the owner of the building is a private entity called Ilham Tower Sdn Bhd, which is in turn majority owned by a private company called Ilham Baru Sdn Bhd. It is a company controlled by members of Daim’s family, including his wife Na’imah Abdul Khalid and his two sons, Mohammed Amin Zainuddin Daim and Muhammed Amir Zainuddin Daim. - Leslie Lopez- CNA

The big boys' club...
Semalam disahkan SPRM sita Menara Ilham milik Tun  Daim Zainuddin. bekas Menteri Kewangan dua kali zaman Tun M. Dan Pengerusi Council of Eminent Person ketika Kerajaan 22 bulan. Kekayaan Tun D ini sangat ILLUSIVE. Sebab ramai tahu dia memang dah kaya raya sebelum masuk politik. Dah buat cukup duit sampai boleh bersara awal di San Francisco untuk buat second degree. Masa tu lah Tun M jumpa dia dan ajak bertanding. Bila Tun M jadi PM, terus diberi MOF pada Daim. 

Namun, kekayaan Tun D diperkata ramai. Ramai percaya, dialah sebenarnya Melayu terkaya di Malaysia. Cuma harta dia merata dipegang proksi dan keluarga. Banyak juga harta di luar negara. Ramai tak boleh meneka. Sampai la keluar Pandora Papers. Nama beliau teratas sekali, aset tertinggi di luar negara. 

Beliau disiasat atas skandal UEM-Renong pada tahun 90an. Yang cukup besar coverage di negara luar. Cuma di Malaysia digam dari diketahui awam.Semua tahu UEM ini syarikat UMNO yang merupakan CASH COW kepada parti. Mereka terima konsesi PLUS berpuluh tahun. Sebab itu UMNO mampu beli Menara Dato’ Onn. 

Renong pula syarikat tubuhan Tun D, dengan proxy Halim Saad antara konglomerat terbesar zaman 90an. Banyak projek mereka sapu. Banyak syarikat mereka ambil alih. Sampai lah Halim Saad berpatah arang bergaduh dengan UMNO dan Kerajaan. Memaksa Khazanah untuk bailout pada tahun 1998. 

Ini yang diulang2 menjadi punca krisis politik 1998. Yang membuat DSAI ditendang kerana perkara ini beliau tentang. Sekarang selepas 26 tahun, disiasat SPRM. History is written by the winner. And for that, the truth will always remains unclear. Sekarang WINNER nya dah bertukar dan punya kuasa. Adakah kita akan dengar sejarah dengan lain version? 

Penyitaan Menara Ilham ini, buka lembaran sejarah baru dalam dunia politik negara. In Big Boys Club, bila kuasa dan wang yang didamba, kebenaran jatuh nombor dua. Moga Allah benarkan kita buka mata, dan kebenaran tertegak demi negara. Salam hormat, - Liyana Marzuki

Itulah bijaknya DAP berbanding PAS yang sanggup begaduh,mengafir & mencemuh sesama umat pasai dendam politik. PAS tak pikiaqkah kalu depa bergabung dalam gomen ia boleh menguatkan parti² Melayu? Dengan gabungan itu lebih banyak PBT2 yg majoriti Melayu boleh  menjadi milik org Melayu...

Hello!Tokti....Sebenarnya kebajikan rakyat di bandar2 besar akan lebih baik biler di tadbir secara politik lagu ni.....setiap parti yg bertanding kena lancarkan menifesto dan janji-janji politik mereka. Mereka berlumba utk mendapat mandat drp rakyat dgn memberi tawaran2 siapa yg lebih menarik. Kerajaan Tempatan ini mengurus 2 perkara utama - memyelenggara kemudahan awam & kebajikan rakyat terutama B40 & kumpulan rentan....

PAS menentang sebab PAS tak mampu bersaing untuk mengurus bandar2 besar ini secara efisyen & cekap !! Ini punca utma mereka menolak pilihanraya tempatan kerana peluang mereka nak menang di bandar2 besar tak dak langsung... - Muhd Mufiz II

All she wanted was a normal life...

Christmas greetings from the holy land. 
Have you begun festivities with your family yet?

One side is attacking babies...

Eating leftovers of an empty portion" Gaza's children 
are suffering the ravages of war, hunger, and displacement...

The aftermath of the targeting of Ali Mosque 
which killed 11 people in Rafah earlier today...


20 December 2023

Can a Dayak or Kadazan become PM 100 years from now?...

I agree with what Dr Mahathir said yesterday (Dec 18) although I disagree with what he said on the subject in March this year when he was reported to have said that “Malaysia’s indigenous Malays are losing political influence” and that the country may have a non-Malay PM “when the next election comes around”.

But he had said in March this year: “There is no guarantee that the PM will be a Malay as anyone can be the PM. Even now, the Malay parties in the government are not in power and they are divided into three parties.

“I am sure that if we’re not careful, the next election will come and if the votes get bought off, we’ll elect people who are not good and they will mortgage our country.”

I had said that I do not expect a non-Malay – whether a Chinese or Indian – to become PM for the next 100 years, expressing the hope that it would not take 230 years like the US for a Black American Barack Obama to be president. Maybe, this may even never happen at all. But would it take 100 years before a Dayak or Kadazan to become the PM of Malaysia?

It is most unfortunate that an explanation of the constitutional provision of the PM in my remarks to Malaysian students in Manchester last month was exploited by irresponsible elements to intensify a sense of fear and insecurity of the Malays about the future.

Coupled with an unscrupulous and unprincipled use of lies, falsehoods, fake news and hate speech in the era of social media, such undesirable action has made Malays feel that a non-Malay PM was imminent.

As Dr Mahathir was the victim of such unscrupulous and unprincipled dirty politics when he was the PM a second time, it is shocking that he should give his blessing to such unscrupulous and unprincipled politics now.

It is significant that recent politics have been marked by thunderous silences – the thunderous silence of (Bersatu president) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin whether Dr Mahathir was subservient to DAP when he was PM the second time as to justify the Sheraton Move political conspiracy which toppled the second Mahathir premiership.

Or the thunderous silence of (PAS president) Tan Sri Hadi Awang to substantiate his wild and preposterous allegations that DAP and I were anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-royalty, communist and spreading Islamophobia.

Despite extremist and perverted attacks, I am convinced that Malaysia can only rise up again to become a great world-class nation and be a role model of the world in inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-cultural and inter-civilisation dialogue, understanding, tolerance and harmony if all Malaysians dream the Malaysian Dream. – Lim Kit Siang,focusM

Dia naik pun pakai cable Pak mertua...

Aku ada tengok sedutan podcast Keluar Sekejap KJ dan Shahir. Dalam podcast tu nampaknya KJ macam ambil berat betul dengan Tok Mat. Dia risaukan masa depan politik Tok Mat terancam bila dipindahkan ke Kementerian Luar. Ye ke KJ risaukan Tok Mat? Bukan Tok Mat ke yang ambil kerusi KJ hingga KJ bertanding di parlimen lain dan kalah? Dah kena macam tu pun KJ masih ambil berat tentang Tok Mat ye?

Sebenarnya tak. Apa yang KJ buat bukan dia kisahkan karier Tok Mat. Tapi dia cuma nak ciptakan tanggapan buruk pada Zahid. Dia mahu tunjuk kononnya Zahid diktator dan sedang mencengkam UMNO dengan kuku besi. Itu saja niatnya. Dendam KJ pada Zahid bukan baru. Dendam tu dah lama. Dari sejak KJ kalah kepada Zahid untuk jawatan Presiden dalam pemilihan selepas PRU14. Masa tu KJ dakwa berlakunya politik wang dalam pemilihan yang menyebabkan dia kalah.

Kemudian KJ tukar strategi. Dia tak nak rebut jawatan Presiden tapi team up dengan Ismail Sabri. Malangnya jawatan Presiden tak dipertandingkan pula. Sekali lagi KJ kempunan. Akhirnya dia dipecat dari UMNO. Dan itu adalah kemuncaknya. Tapi katakanlah kalau KJ jadi presiden UMNO kan, apa kelainan yang dia akan bawa? Aku fikirkan, sebenarnya tak ada apa pun. 

KJ kalau jadi presiden UMNO, dia akan buat apa yang Zahid telah, sedang dan akan buat sebab tak ada pilihan lain. Adakah KJ akan bawa UMNO sebagai pembangkang? Tak mungkin. KJ nak bekerjasama dengan PN? Juga agak sukar. KJ bukannya selari dengan PAS. Kalau PN sebagai kerajaan mungkin juga. Tapi kalau sebagai pembangkang, memang tak la.

Lebih baik KJ kerja ni sajelah...

Jadi kalau KJ presiden, dia pun akan bekerjasama dengan PH. Sebab dia pun tahu, satu-satunya cara untuk UMNO kekal relevan adalah menjadi kerajaan yang memerintah. Kalau UMNO jadi pembangkang, lebih susah nak bangkit. Cuma bezanya, kalau dia jadi presiden, jawatan TPM tu dia yang punya. Atau kalau jadi Timbalan Presiden pun, setidaknya dapat dia jadi menteri. Tapi sekarang dapat jadi DJ je. Itu yang dia marah sangat ke Zahid tu. Incomenya terjejas.

Sebenarnya podcast Keluar Sekejap tu bukan tak elok. Bagus ada podcast begitu yang bercerita soal politik semasa. Cuma kalau podcast itu bercerita tentang UMNO, maka ia akan jadi tak valid. Sebab kedua-dua 'bintang" dalam podcast itu akan ada bias bila bicara tentang UMNO. KJ dan Syahir sama-sama pemimpin UMNO yang disingkirkan.

Aku rasa KJ kalau nak aktif balik politik, dia kena join sama ada PAS atau Bersatu. Tak boleh tunggu UMNO lagi. Bersatu pun ketandusan pemimpin. Begitu juga PAS. Sampai terpaksa letak MB jadi calon parlimen sebab tak ada pemimpin berfikiran korporat.

Kalau KJ join Bersatu, boleh la dia cuba ambil tempat Mahiaddin. Itu lebih mudah dari nak jatuhkan Zahid dan lebih berfaedah dari sibuk bercakap soal UMNO. Lagi pun walaun percaya cakap dia. Kalau dia join PN tentu walaun suka. - Raja Gelap II 

Another massacre has taken place in Jabaliya...

This is an Israeli massacre today in Jabalia...

All of these children were MURDERED by Israel last night. 
When will this stop?!!...

Isreal army slaughtered a young Palestinian with a bulldozer and 
then embeds teeth of the bulldozer into his body in South Gaza... 
Down syndrome child assaulted by Isreal forces...

Gaza, they are starving...