30 June 2008

Anwar is just a few kilometer away to Putrajaya, when.........

Police began an investigation Sunday (29 June) into an allegation that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim sodomized his male aide, sparking speculation he could be sent back to prison on the same charge that led to his ouster from Malaysia's government a decade ago. The dramatic developments that began to unfold a little before midnight Saturday will have a strong impact on Malaysian politics, which have been in turmoil since March 8 elections handed the governing National Front coalition its worst-ever result.

Anwar, 60, resurrected his political career after leading the opposition to spectacular gains in those elections. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi insisted the government was not responsible for the accusation, saying there was no conspiracy "to cause (Anwar) trouble or harass him or raise such issues to undermine him."

Asked about Anwar's denial, Abdullah said it "was common for an accused person" to claim he was innocent. Anwar said the accusation was engineered by "interested parties" to prevent him from exposing the national police chief, Musa Hassan, and the attorney general, Abdul Gani Patail, for their alleged roles in having him accused of sodomizing his driver in 1998 and abusing his power to cover up the deed.

Then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fired Anwar as deputy prime minister amid those accusations. He was convicted on both charges, but Malaysia's highest court overturned the sodomy conviction and freed him in 2004. Anwar has always insisted he was framed to prevent him from challenging Mahathir for power. Anwar said he "recently obtained" evidence to show Musa and Abdul Gani fabricated evidence against him in 1998.

"I believe we are witnessing a repeat of the methods used against me in 1998 when false allegations were made under duress," Anwar said in a statement early Sunday. Anwar moved to the Turkish Embassy early Sunday amid concerns about being arrested and claims of anonymous death threats, said party official Azmin Ali.

Anwar immediately took refuge in Turkey's embassy in Kuala Lumpur because of concerns about his safety, opposition officials said. He denounced the allegation _ made in a police complaint filed by the 23-year-old aide _ as "a complete fabrication."

"The (Turkish) ambassador agreed to ensure his safety," Azmin said. Embassy officials could not immediately be contacted.

The People's Justice Party identified the accuser as Anwar's assistant, who started working for him in March. Anwar claimed the allegation was "clearly a desperate attempt by the ... regime to arrest the movement of the Malaysian people toward freedom, democracy and justice."

The National Front coalition lost its traditional two-thirds parliamentary majority in March, returning to power with only a simple majority, and ceded control of five of Malaysia's 13 states to Anwar's three-party opposition alliance. - AFP


Remember how Mahathir cut down and packed Anwar into political wilderness for over 10 years ago? Today both Pat Lah and Najib are feeling the same heat from Anwar and suddenly, we have another sodomy case cropping up? See the similarity, oh what a retro......

Is Anwar that stupid to be embroiled in a sex scandal when he is just a few more kilometers away to Putrajaya? Ask that question,and I guess your answer is as good as mine. It would be the last thing the Anwar would want at this critical political juncture. The allegation is nothing more but politically orchestrated to put the brakes on Anwar's advancement to form the next federal government and become the next PM.

The allegation was made while Raja Petra’s SD on Altantuya that implicated Rosmah is being much talked about issue in town. With this new story, the alleged Rosmah involvement in the Altantuya murder will be drown in the heaps of media “explosion” over the Anwar case.

Who is this guy Saiful Bukhari Azlan? Read here,here and here.

Is Saiful Bukhari Azlan a straight guy? Read here.

Is Saiful Bukhari Azlan a BN 'pacak' guy? Judge for yourself here.

What has Pat Lah got to say? Read here and here.

Does this looks very similar to the political environment in Zimbabwe? Except Morgan Tsvangarai seek refuge in the Dutch Embassy,while Anwar in the Turkish Embassy. Mugabe declared landslide winner in one-man-poll for the president of Zimbabwe.Read here.

The forces that did this the first time are at it again with the same motives and the same modus operandi. Some video confession here.

This message was sent to me today.......

"Jika Ada Apa-Apa Berlaku Kepada DSAI,Jangan Buat Rusuhan. Ini Perancangan Musuh Untuk Nak Buat MAGERAN, Gantung Parlimen Dan Kerajaan Negeri. Bertenang Dan Sebarkan."


29 June 2008

2AM - Press Conference for Anwar Ibrahim.......

No arrest has been made yet. Anwar will hold a Press Conference today in Shah Alam. Anwar was quoted as saying, the 23 years old Saiful Bahari has been missing for two days. Anwar then was informed that Saiful was picked up by police yesterday and hours later filed a police report against Anwar.

According to AFP report,the Deputy Federal police chief Ismail Omar,said,"Yes, we have received a police report from an aide of Anwar Ibrahim that he was sodomised. But no, we will not arrest Anwar at the moment,"

"We will investigate this report first. We will look into it and carry out the necessary steps before issuing any warrant of arrest," he was quoted further.

Anwar said the ruling BN coalition was striking after he gave evidence against the government and police over fabrication of evidence in the original case against him.

"This is clearly a desperate attempt by the BN regime to arrest the movement of the Malaysian people towards freedom, democracy and justice," he said.

"The police report lodged against me earlier today is a complete fabrication," Anwar said in a statement. "I believe we are witnessing a repeat of the methods used against me in 1998 when false allegations were made under duress," he said.

Read here,here,and here.

Anwar : another nightmare........

Anwar Ibrahim, has been accused of sodomy again.The main reason,according to him is because he has evidence of the IGP and AG fabricating evidence against him in the 1998 trial. Can't Pat Lah's gomen think up of something more original rather than to follow Mahathir's script? Hope this is not true!

This underhand tactic must be Pat Lah's 'Last-Stand'.


the BERNAMA report.....

KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 (Bernama) -- Police are investigating a sodomy report lodged against Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Sabtu Osman.

He said the report was lodged at the Travers police station here at 5.45pm.

Sabtu said the 23-year-old victim alleged that he was sodomised at a residence in Damansara Heights here on Thursday.

The victim had been working for Anwar for several years, said Sabtu.

Meanwhile, PKR's Information Bureau, in a statement tonight, said an aide of Anwar was arrested by police this afternoon and forced to make the sodomy confession.

It said party leaders were discussing the matter and would issue an official statement soon.



Anwar's press statement on police report

By Anwar Ibrahim

June 29, 2008, Shah Alam, MALAYSIA

The police report lodged against me earlier today is complete fabrication. I believe we are witnessing a repeat of the methods used against me in 1998 when false allegations were made under duress. This is clearly a desperate attempt by the Nasional Barisan regime to arrestthe movement of the Malaysian people towards freedom, democracy and justice.

The report has been organized by interested parties to attack me in retaliation for evidence I have recently obtained implicating IGP Musa Hassan and the AG Gani Patail in misconduct including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against me in 1998-1999. This vile attack will not prevent me from releasing this dossier to the public.

I urge the Malaysian people to stand against the repressive forces that will be unleashed by the government in the coming days and weeks. We expect the media, the judiciary and the police force to all come under the direct and unchecked control of the executive.

My fellow Malaysians - we took a bold step forward on March 8th towards a new dawn for freedom and justice for all of our citizens. This people’s movement for change must go on with all of our strength and conviction.


Read here,here,here and here.

Anwar and Shabery Cheek to debate on oil price issue......

If everything goes well, Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Anwar Ibrahim will debate on the oil price issue,titled “Hari Ini Membentuk Kerajaan, Esok Turun Harga Minyak " on July 15 at the Dewan Bahasa Pustaka in Kuala Lumpur with the possibility of it being broadcast live. Agenda Daily said both speakers have confirmed their attendance for the debate.

The Star newspaper quoted Ahmad Shabery as saying,"This is an opportunity to inform the people of the many misleading and irresponsible statements being made against government decisions. I am ready for the debate," Ahmad Shabery agreed to the debate, saying it was part of his responsibility to explain policies.

While Ahmad Shabery would not direct Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) to telecast the debate, Agenda Daily editor Hanafiah Man said negotiations were going on with a number of TV stations to air the debate live.

"This is an opportunity for each side to explain and defend their arguments — one side to justify the government's decision to raise fuel prices and the other claiming the prices will go down if the Opposition gets into power," Hanafiah told The Star.

It is understood that the debate would follow the US presidential election debates with a moderator to be joined by two journalists, one each selected by Anwar and Ahmad Shabery. However,only 200 people will be invited while our two debaters will be allowed to bring along 50 guests each.

Anwar,had recently said that if his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition took over the government, it would cut fuel prices the very next day or he would quit the government.

source - the Star.

If Ahmad Shabery Cheek is honest and wants to inform the people of the many misleading and irresponsible statements being made against government decisions,the least he can do is to telecast the debate live on RTM(TV1 or TV2). If Ahmad Shabery Cheek has rejected a live telecast on RTM, even before the debate can take off, do your think TV3,7,8 & 9 or Astro got the balls to take up the offer? After all these TV stations are no better than RTM, the unofficial gomen's ball carrier. My 2 cents feeling, is that this is another sandiwara.......but, an UMNO 'pengecut' has a different opinion,read here.

I hope Anwar will not participate in the debate,unless the debate is telecasat live. There is no question of who win and who lose, but the rakyat want to know whats the gomen and the opposition stand on this very important issue that has affected them badly...........


27 June 2008

DEB itulah ibu segala rasuah, Ezam ooi........

Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) bukan merupakan punca rasuah, kata Ezam Mohd Nor. Di Indonesia, kata Ezam, tidak ada DEB tetapi lebih banyak berlakunya rasuah. Malah, katanya, Menteri Besar Selangor,Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim sendiri dilahirkan dari DEB. 'Jika tidak ada DEB, tidak ada PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad) dan Guthrie (yang pernah diterajui oleh Khalid sebelum ini)," katanya dalam ceramah anjuran Umno bahagian Bandar Tun Razak malam tadi.

Menurutnya, mereka yang berkata DEB sebagai punca rasuah, adalah satu pengkhianatan kepada bangsa.Beliau mengulangi dakwaannya bahawa Anwar Ibrahim telah menghapuskan teras Melayu d
alam parti PKR. Ezam berkata, selepas Anwar dibebaskan dari penjara pada 2004, PKR yang berteraskan Melayu sudah tidak kedengaran lagi. "PKR adalah parti berbilang kaum tetapi berasaskan bangsa Melayu tetapi selepas beberapa tahun Anwar dibebas, beliau tidak lagi menyebut lagi perkara tersebut. "Ini pengkhianatan. Orang yang biadap dan tidak bertamadun yang melenyapkan asas-asas perjuangan parti, " katanya.- GMC


Orang tidak mempertikaikan pasal DEB, tapi cara DEB itu dilaksanakan yang menjadi masalah. DEB memang membantu orang Melayu,tapi Melayu yang membawa kad ahli UMNO itulah yang lebih beruntung. Bagi Melayu yang tidak membawa kad ahli UMNO hidup mereka tetap pada tahap yang sama tiada perubahan. Setinggan Melayu masih ramai di KL dan kotaraya besar. Kemiskinan di kalangan orang Melayu masih berleluasa di kawasan luar bandar. DEB lebih banyak melahirkan golongan Melayu UMNOputra yang kaya raya. Kerana tamak mencari kekayaan segera,Melayu UMNOputra ini sanggup merebut kontrak dan tender, dengan apa cara sekalipun dengan cara merasuah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa. Mungkin Ezam ingat-ingat lupa masa dia berada dalam UMNO dulu.

Pat Lah mendedahkan,bahawa,pemilikan ekuiti Bumiputera dalam sektor korporat meningkat kepada 19.4 Peratus pada 2006 - naik 0.5 peratus berbanding 18.9 peratus pada 2004. Ezam patut tanya Pat Lah "why" jadi begini? Mungkin puncanya adalah rasuah,tamak haloba dan salahguna kuasa oleh mereka yang berkuasa kerana mahu bolot semua lantas perancangan jadi lintang pukang,off- target atau...............

Setiap kali bercakap pasal UMNO,selain daripada isu rasuah dan salahgunakuasa,isu ketuanan Melayu diperbesar-besarkan. Tetapi isu ketuanan Melayu ini tak pernah timbul semasa UMNO menang besar dalam PRU ke-11 dulu. Tetapi apabila kedudukan UMNO tergugat, isu ketuanan Melayu dihidupkan oleh UMNO dengan tujuan hendak membakar semangat perkauman di kalangan orang Melayu. Yang hairan,sejak 50 tahun UMNO memerintah tak ada satu mercu tanda yang betul-betul boleh menunjukkan lambang kemegahan ketuanan Melayu. Malah nama Melayu yang ada, semua habis lenyap,cuma tinggal Keretapi Tanah Melayu yang UMNO dok banggakan dulu,kini dan selama-lamanya.

Perlembangaan Malaysia sudah menjamin hak-hak orang-orang Melayu. Orang Melayu hari lebih bijak dan berani kecuali juak-juak UMNO yang masih takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri. UMNO terpaksa bermain dengan isu ketuanan Melayu untuk survivalnya. Apakah orang Melayu perlu ikut rentak UMNO? Sorry...................

Sudahlah Ezam,daripada menuduh gomen Pakatan Rakyat menyalahgunakan kuasa, lebih baik engkau siasat kenapa bini Khir Toyo,dulu Pengerusi Balkis boleh pindah berjuta-juta ke akaun lain,atau siasat pasal ECMLibra dan macam mana menantu Pat Lah,Khairy boleh menjadi jutawan segera,atau siasat macam mana anak Pat Lah,Kamaluddin boleh dapat kontrak membekal bus Rapid KL/Penang yang bernilai berbilion RM. Jangan lupa juga siasat pasal kapal selam dan kapal terbang Sukhoi, oil for food Program yang melibatkan Pat Lah, skandal PKFZ,skandal bangunan Matrade,pemberian AP, pemberian lesen teksi dan banyak lagi........

Macam mana pula cerita pasal enam buah kotak rahsia kejahatan dalam kerajaan Mahathir itu dah boleh buka kot? Pi mai kotak rahsia itu boleh digunakan Pat Lah untuk kantoi Mahathir. Sayang sekali roadshow yang kau buat Ezam hanya dapat sambutan Pemuda,Putera dan Puteri UMNO saja,itu pun tak sampai 200 orang. Cukuplah dengan gelaran the new UMNO poster boy............ Baca di sini.


26 June 2008

Anwar Dari Kacamata Tiga Rakannya.......

TIGA ahli panel forum Suntik Semangat Satria Pasca PRU-12 mempunyai pandangan berbeza dan tersendiri mengenai keperibadian dan gaya politik Anwar Ibrahim berdasarkan hubungan peribadi mereka sebagai kawan baik dengan bekas TPM itu. Bekas ahli Parlimen Parit Sulong Rohanie Ahmad, bekas Exco Pemuda Umno, Mazlan Harun dan ahli Parlimen Pasir Mas, Ibrahim Ali tidak sekata dalam memberi tafsiran politik terhadap bekas TPM itu.

Ketiga-tiga mereka adalah antara orang-orang yang rapat dan menjadi kawan baik dengan Anwar, tetapi tidak bersama Anwar setelah Anwar ditimpa musibah dipecat dari Umno oleh Mahathir Mohamad pada 3 September 1998.

Menurut Rohanie, Anwar mempunyai rupa politik yang berbagai-bagai dan tidak mudah untuk diikuti dan difahami oleh kawan-kawannya. Beliau yang mendakwa orang keempat yang dihubungi Anwar untuk memberi tahu mengenai pemecatannya (Anwar) sebagai timbalan perdana menteri dan menteri kewangan, kata Rohanie Anwar seorang yang pandai berpura-pura dalam politik dan seorang yang yakin dengan apa yang dilakukannya.

Rohanie tidak langsung mengutuk Anwar sebaliknya berkias dengan menekan beliau cukup faham dengan Anwar dan menjelaskan mengapa beliau tidak bersama Anwar walaupun dipelawa menyertai PKR. Bagi menunjukkan betapa Rohanie penting dalam hidup Anwar, Anwar meminta jasa baiknya sebagai Pengerusi BBC BN ketika itu agar membantunya dengan berbuat sesuatu bagi menyelamatkan keadaan, namun ia tidak berhasil. Menurut Rohanie beliau turut sama memberi nasihat kepada Anwar agar tidak mengadakan demonstrasi untuk menjatuhkan Mahathir Mohamad sebalik mengundurkan diri dengan mengerjakan umrah, tetapi tidak dipedulikan Anwar.

Berbeza dengan Mazlan yang agak prejudis dengan Anwar, anak bekas Ketua Pemuda Umno (Haron Idris) itu baginya keperibadian Anwar sungguh teruk sehingga baginya Anwar tidak layak untuk dilantik menjadi walaupun sebagai ketua kampung. "Secara peribadi bagi saya Anwar tidak layak untuk dilantik menjadi ketua kampung," tegasnya. Pandangan itu menurutnya berpandukan kepada hubungan peribadi beliau dengan Anwar Ibrahim dan rekod-rekod dicatat olehnya.

Mazalan mendakwa beliaulah bertanggungjawab membawa Anwar masuk dalam Umno untuk menentang sepupunya Suhaimi Kamaruddin untuk jawatan Ketua Pemuda Umno, mengakui mengenai kehebatan Anwar yang boleh berbuat apa saja demi kepentingan politiknya. Mazlan merujuk kepada dakwaan Anwar yang kononnya akan mengambil alih kerajaan hari ini dalam masa terdekat bukan sesuatu yang ganjil dan mustahil. "Saya tahu kehebatan dan kebolehan Anwar, apa yang beliau suarakan itu bukan sesutau yang mustahil," katanya sambil mengingatkan agar jangan hairan kalau sesuatu mengejutkan berlaku kelak.

Manakala Ibrahim Ali pula cuba mengelakkan daripada memberi persepsi negatif kepada Anwar walaupun majlis hari itu inginkan pandangan demikian. Ibrahim mengelak dengan mengatakan biarlah Anwar dengan perjuangannya (PKR) manakala ahli Umno pula perlu menumpukan perhatian kepada perjuangan memperkasakan dan memperbetulkan parti berkenaan yang sudah lari dari landasan perjuangan sebenarnya.

"Saya harap tuan-tuan tidak memikirkan soal Anwar, biarlah dia dengan perjuangannya. Paling penting tuan-tuan jaga parti tuan-tuan yang sudah hendak hancur itu," ujar Ibrahim.

Isu mengenai Anwar timbul apabila ia dibangkit oleh Ikram Sanusi (anak Sanusi Junid) ketika soal jawab yang ingin pandangan ketiga ahli panel berkenaan mengenai keperibadian, stail dan arah tuju politik Anwar Ibrahim.

Ikram secara tidak berlapik melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati kepada Anwar yang disifatkan sebagai pendurjana bangsa. Majlis forum berkenaan annjuran Gerakan Rakyat Cekal Perak Selatan kelolaan Nasarudin Mohd Raios dihadiri lebih 1,000 peserta terdiri daripada kalangan Pemuda Umno berlangsung di sebuah hotel di Teluk Intan 22 Jun lepas. Forum itu dipengerusikan oleh Zakir.- GMC


Aku juga hairan pasai apa dalam majlis forum begini isu Anwar selalu dibangkitkan? Bukankah UMNO dah kata bahawa Anwar sudah tak relevan? Dan aku setuju dengan pandangan Ibrahim Ali yang berkata,"Paling penting tuan-tuan jaga parti tuan-tuan yang sudah hendak hancur itu," UMNO sebaliknya seharus jaga agar parti itu tidak akan pupus serta menjadi tinggalan sejarah..............


RPK's allegations - more questions raise.........

RPK's allegations raise even more questions- Kim Quek

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s outright denial of Raja Petra Kamarudin’s explosive revelation linking Najib Razak and his wife to the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder appears to signal another concerted effort to shield his deputy from due legal process.

Renowned blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) lodged a statutory declaration on June 18 declaring that he had been reliably informed that

* Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor was among three other persons who were present at the murder scene. The other two are acting colonel Aziz Buyong (then Lt Col, a C4 explosive expert - who placed the C4 on various parts of Altantuya’s body - and Aziz’s wife Norhayati (who is Rosmah’s bodyguard).

* PM Abdullah had received a written military intelligence report giving these details and he had handed over this report to his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, for safe keeping.

* One of the rulers, whom RPK knows, had been briefed of this matter.

This RPK affidavit is an instant bombshell that has once again riveted unwelcome attention on Najib who has so far remained untouched by the police or the court despite numerous accusations of his involvement.

These accusations spring from the fact that all the three accused are closely linked to him - the first two (for the killing) being his bodyguards and the third (for abetting) being his confidante. Suspicions of involvement beyond the three accused were further fueled by the fact that the first two accused had no apparent motive for the killing while the third had neither personal knowledge nor authority over the first two.

RPK is no ordinary blogger. He enjoys very high standing among Malaysians, both for his heroic and righteous activism and for his many insightful revelations of political maneuvers and scandals among those in the corridors of power. Doubtless, none would fancy a solid personage like RPK would stick his neck out in such reckless fashion unless he is supremely confident of what he has been buttressed with.

And this is verified by the fact that one week after the bombshell that must have shaken the top hierarchy of the ruling coalition, none has approached RPK despite repeated sabre-rattling by the various law enforcers warning of serious consequences to RPK.

True to the government’s tradition of hounding the whistleblower instead of the culprit, the attorney-general promptly lodged a report on June 18 to the police, which has begun investigating RPK under Section 203 of the Penal Code for spreading false information, which is punishable with two years of imprisonment.

While ostentatiously promising full investigation of the persons named in the affidavit as well as RPK, the AG warned in the same breath that such allegations could be “highly-defamatory” and the police also insinuated that the affidavit could be “subjudice”. The law enforcers’ intent not to accord just treatment to RPK’s revelation could hardly be concealed.

Unanswered questions

And now, before even RPK was interviewed by the police, PM Abdullah declared that Najib and his wife are innocent.

Isn’t the prime minister pre-empting and prejudicing a crucial investigation over an important new lead from a creditable source on a high-profile judicial case which has already been much criticised for its numerous and serious irregularities?

By his premature declaration of innocence, isn’t the prime minister reinforcing skepticism widely held at home and abroad that justice has not been served, thus subjecting the country to increasing risk of international ridicule and conflict?

How does the prime minister know that RPK’s allegation against Rosmah is untrue without the source of information being looked at (meaning querying RPK)?

If the allegation is false, shouldn’t Najib and Rosmah have been duty bound to the nation to make the denial in the first instant?

Why have the police been pushing off its interview of RPK for so long? Shouldn’t the AG and the police have jumped at the first opportunity to find out from RPK what precious information he has, if the former are really dedicated to seek truth and serve justice? Or are the police busy preparing the groundwork to gain maximum vantage before it confronts RPK?

The pattern of conduct displayed by the prime minister down to the AG and the inspector general of police in response to the challenge posed by the RPK affidavit is consistent with one to forsake truth and justice in favour of political expediency, even when the latter is immoral.

Since the political tsunami ushered in by the landmark March 8 election, the prime minister has made a big demonstration of his resolve to bring judicial reforms, but a little incident like the RPK affidavit has just indicated to us that when the polity is already corrupted to the core such as what we have now, it is wishful thinking that any meaningful reform is possible – not to mention judicial reforms.


25 June 2008

Najib hits back........

On June 8 Raja Petra Kamarudin(RPK),filed a statutory declaration at the High Court, naming three individuals who were purportedly present when Mongolian beauty Altantuya Sharibuu was murdered in 2006. Apart from Rosmah the two other individuals named were acting colonel Aziz Buyong, who is described as ‘a C4 expert’ and his wife, known only as Norhayati, who is also said to be Rosmah’s aide de camp.

Raja Petra had further avowed that he had also been 'reliably informed' that Pat Lah knows of Rosmah's alleged involvement. He further maintained that Pat Lah had received a written report from military intelligence confirming the allegation and that this report was subsequently handed over to his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin for safekeeping.

Yesterday,at a press conference Pat Lah denied any knowledge of such report. Read here and here. Pat Lah said,'I don't believe that Najib and Rosmah are involved,' He described RPK's actions as 'unacceptable'.

Today Najib dismissed RPK’s statutory declaration implicating his wife,Rosmah as having had a hand in the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaaribuu as “total lies, fabrication and total garbage.” Najib further said that the allegations in the statutory declaration were a “desperate and pathetic attempt to discredit and taint my political image.” He said his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had already given her statement to the police. But,when will Rosmah has her press conference? Read here,here,here,here and here.

This bring us to the question who is telling the truth? Do you think that RPK willingly wants to rot in Sungai Buloh on a false statutory declaration,surely there is more to it. The investigation must be fair,without fear or favour. In the ensuing battle of wits, RPK has a reputation to defend while Najib's future is at stake........


Parlimen menolak usul tergempar LKS............

Seperti yang dijangka sidang Dewan Rakyat hari ini menolak usul yang dibawa oleh Lim Kit Siang berkaitan dengan pengakuan berkanun yang dibuat oleh Raja Petra Kamaruddin
(RPK) mengenai pembunuhan Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Lim Kit Siang telah memberikan notis usul itu di bawah Peraturan Meyuarat 18(2) bagi menangguhkan sidang Dewan Rakyat untuk membincangkan satu isu mengenai kepentingan ramai yang perlu disegerakan.

Usul yang difailkan Lim Kit Siang melibatkan pengakuan berkanun yang dibuat RPK,tuan punya laman web Malaysia Today mengenai dakwaan pembabitan Pat Lah,Khairy,Najib dan Rosmah dalam kes pembunuhan Altantuya.

RPK telah membuat pengakuan berkanun mengenai dakwaan penglibatan beberapa individu dalam kes itu pada 18 Jun lalu.

Sementara itu Agenda daily melaporkan,Pat Lah sebagai berkata dakwaan yang dibuat oleh pengendali laman Malaysia Today ,Raja Petra Kamarudin dalam akuan bersumpahnya bahawa isteri Najib, Rosmah Mansor ada dilokasi pembunuhan Altantuya tidak betul.Menjawab soalan dalam sidang akhbar lepas satu mesyuarat di bangunan Parlimen Pat Lah juga kata dia tidak percaya Najib dan Rosmah terlibat dalam pembunuhan itu.

Pat Lah juga sahkan bahawa Peguam Negara sedang menyiasat surat akuan bersumpah Raja Petra itu yang dibuat di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur Rabu lalu. Pat Lah juga nafi dia ada terima laporan risik pihak tentera yang dakwa ada bukti Rosmah ada di lokasi pembunuhan Altantuya seperti dakwan dalam akuan bersumpah Raja Petra itu. Surat akuan bersumpah berkenaan tersebar luas dalam internet.


Sekiranya dakwaan itu tidak betul seperti yang nyatakan Pat Lah,apa yang betul? Adalah tidak menasabah bagi seorang TPM tidak tahu langsung kisah pembunuhan tersebut,sedangkan orang yang terlibat adalah mereka yang begitu rapat dengannya. Juga,adalah mustahil bahawa ketiga-tiga pertuduh yang terlibat itu bertindak sendirian tanpa arahan dari orang atas? Kalau begitulah kehendaknya macam mana mereka boleh akses kepada peledak C4?

Somehow and somewhere there is a missing link..... Namun demikian adalah tidak adil bagi Najib dan Rosmah jika tuduhan baru itu dibuat tanpa sebarang bukti-bukti sahih. Dalam situasi ini,mungkin RPK mempunyai bukti-bukti sahih yang serba lengkap,sebab itu RPK sanggup membuat perakuan berkanun itu dan sanggup menerima risikonya. Jika setakat membuat laporan polis memang sia-sia kerana sudah tentu laporan itu akan dibuang ke dalam tong sampah saja. Najib dan Rosmah juga sewajarnya jangan berdiam saja,sebaliknya hendaklah cuba membesihkan nama mereka.

Polis dan Jabatan Peguam Negara hendaklah menjalankan siasatan secara terperinci, adil dan saksama 'without fear or favour',kerana kes ini sudah berlarutan dan masih belum tentu arah tujuannya. Mungkin dengan maklumat baru ini kes Altantuya akan berakhir dengan selesa.....

Baca di sini,sini,dan sini.


24 June 2008

Altantuya: Raja Petra Kamarudin diintai polis lagi..........

Raja Petra Kamarudin(RPK), yang mendakwa mempunyai maklumat pembabitan isteri timbalan perdana menteri dengan pembunuhan Altantuya Shaariibuu, akan disiasat polis. RPK,yang mengendali laman blog Malaysia Today telah mengulangi tuduhannya itu dalam akuan bersumpah 18 Jun, akan disiasat bersama Rosmah Mansor dan dua lagi nama yang turut dikaitkan, seorang pengawal peribadinya dan suami wanita terbabit yang didakwa "pakar bahan letupan C4".

Raja Petra, yang diseret ke mahkamah awal bulan lalu atas dakwaan serupa, mendakwa ketiga-tiga berada di lokasi jenayah sebelum wanita warga Mongolia diletupkan. Dihubungi Malaysiakini Jumaat lalu, seorang pembantu Najib Razak menyifatkan akuan bersumpah ini "memang membingungkan dan mengelirukan." Pembantu itu mengakui pihaknya sedar kewujudan akuan bersumpah itu yang pertama kali muncul di internet.

KPN Musa Hassan berkata ketiga-tiga individu yang disebut dalam akuan bersumpah itu akan dipanggil polis. Musa Hassan juga berkata akuan penulis sensasi itu adalah subjudice kerana perbicaraan kes Altantuya masih lagi berjalan.

Jabatan Peguam Negara pula dilaporkan telah membuat aduan polis semalam berhubung akuan bersumpah tersebut. Menurut laporan itu lagi, Abdul Gani Patil berkata dakwaan penulis itu "akan diteliti dengan serius" dan "jika benar (dakwaannya), kita akan bertindak."

"Jika tidak, penulisnya akan disiasat," beliau dipetik sebagai berkata.

Dalam akuan sumpahnya, RPK juga mendakwa seorang Sultan mengetahui maklumat yang sama. Beliau bagaimanapun tidak menyebut nama baginda.


Agak lucu bila KPN.Musa Hassan kata pendedahan baru RPK itu adalah subjudice. Bukankah sebelum kes Altantuya bermula Peguam Negara berkata bahawa hanya 3 orang saja yang terbabit dengan kes ini. Kalau ini bukan subjudice, apakah namanya?

Pihak pendakwa telah menamatkan hujjah mereka dalam kes Altantuya. Baca di sini.Sementara itu,pihak pembangkang telah membawa satu usul tergempar hari ini agar Dewan Rakyat membincangkan dakwaan terbaru Raja Petra Kamarudin itu. Baca di sini, sini dan sini.


23 June 2008

H2O Car - Water Powered Car.........

With oil prices rising, the Japanese has finally invented the real car that runs on ONLY WATER!!! Click the picture to watch this amazing WATER powered car. With this newest invention,soon water will be a costly item. Hey...air suam now cost 30 cent in the mamak restaurant....

When will this H2O car be available here? Probably when Altantuya's real killer make his confession.

Malaysian growth of carbon emissions highest in the world, says UN. Read here.


22 June 2008

When will Altantuya's ghost find her abode.....

"It's mindboggling!" - that's how Raja Petra Kamarudin's statutory declaration alleging that Najib Razak's wife was at the murder scene of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu was described today. An aide to Najib also said they were aware of this latest claim made by Raja Petra, who also runs the Malaysia Today website.- Malaysiakini.

Never expected that Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) would take such a bold move to add a new dimension in the Altanuya murder case that will surely test the already tainted justice system. RPK must be exceptionally a brave man and most certainly know the full consequences of his action. Now it 'berita panas' the whole Malaysia is talking about. Who really is the the fall guy?

We use to argue that the murder of Altantuya was perpetrated by some head honcho but the joke is that our AG asserted that there were only 3 persons involved and they are currently in court on trial. Read here.

But RPK’s statutory declaration is really something else. Can RPK's statutory declaration be considered as evidence, my blogger friend KTemoc has this to say.... read here.

In his article ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ RPK implicated Najib and Rosmah in the high-profile murder case. However Najib and Rosmah have repeatedly denied they are linked to the killing of Altantuya, describing the allegations was nothing more than ‘slander and concocted stories’.

Are we living in the feudal past, where the the perpetrators of the crime thought they can get away scot free just because they are rich, famous and hold power? By making such allegation thru a statutory declaration RPK's objective is to see Rosmah in court. Whether Rosmah will be in court is another issue, coz with her influence she can always request the police not to probe further.

Will the police pay another visit to RPK's house or demand his presence in Bukit Aman? The police will ask RPK who his informer is? To that question RPK will surely say 'no'. So they will charge RPK for withholding evidence.

But then again see what happen to the Lingam's video inquiry. The Commission of Inquiry identified the "6 jahanam", so far no action being taken against any one of them and one is still a full fledged minister. So how can one trust our justice system at all....

Pat Lah has enough problems in hand, trying to appease his MPs from jumping ship,while his deputy has a closet full of shit, so for now who is going to get blown away with C4- Pat Lah,his deputy,RPK or Rosmah as the plot thickens...........


20 June 2008

Pat Lah & BN Supreme Council dare not sack SAPP.....

Barisan Nasional supreme council today resolved not to take action against Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) until it gets an "official statement" from the party for its planned no-confidence vote against the prime minister.Tengku Adnan Mansor,BN sec-general said this today on behalf of all 13 component party members, minus Sapp which was not invited to the emergency meeting.

After the two-and-a-half-hour-long meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre, Tengku Adnan read out the BN supreme council's decision to the media.

"All the BN component parties condemn Yong Teck Lee's (Sapp president) statement. His statement is unprincipled, unethical and is against BN's beliefs and spirit of unity.

"All the component parties also want Sapp supreme council to confirm or reject Yong's statement yesterday," said Tengku Adnan.- Malaysian Insider.

First there was Mukhriz who openly blamed Pat Lah for BN's performance in the last general election,then came Anifah Aman,and Ghapfur Salleh from Umno who turned down ministerial post, followed by Edmond Chong from PBS and Wilfred Bamburing from Upko and finally it was Yong Teck Lee who blasted Pat Lah for his poor leadership.Umno leader stressed that Sapp has been telling the truth to Pat Lah on these burning issues.

Pat Lah only gave them warning and that there will be no action against these rebels.They got away scot free. The reason why there was no expulsion because UMNO knows that Sabahan arent happy with BN and it will invite trouble in the next general elections. Read here,here.and here.

Basically the problem now is with Pat Lah. He not only made enemies within UMNO, but even among the BN coalition partner his leadership is being question.This is what Ku Li got to say,"The top leadership of BN and of Umno has lost all credibility, and our component parties are rethinking their relationship with us. This should come as no surprise except to those who have been living in complete denial,". Read here. Read here for Mahathir's comments.

BN should not blame Anwar and Pakatan members for the hullaballoo,but look and evaluate their position to see how BN with UMNO at helm really benefit them. For once,now, the UMNO/BN leadership is being challenged openly and that is bad for BN. However,the rakyat has the final say to whom they want.......


19 June 2008

Pakatan Rakyat Akan Sokong Usul Terhadap Abdullah......

Pakatan Rakyat akan menyokong usul bagi undi tidak percaya terhadap Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di Parlimen Isnin ini, kata Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. "Ya" kata beliau bila ditanya sama ada Pakatan Rakyat akan menyokong usul yang dijangka dibentangkan pada sesi Parlimen Isnin ini, selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat exco negeri di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata demikian bila diminta mengulas kenyataan Presiden Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) Datuk Yong Teck Lee hari ini bahawa partinya telah hilang kepercayaan terhadap Abdullah dan dua anggota parlimennya Eric Majimbun (Sepanggar) dan Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) akan menyokong usul itu.

Yong tidak menyebut tentang kemungkinan partinya keluar dari Barisan Nasional (BN) dan siapa yang akan mengemuka undi tidak percaya itu.

"Ini berita baik kepada saya tetapi kami dalam Pakatan Rakyat memang menyambut baik penyertaan oleh anggota-anggota baru dalam gabungan itu, tetapi kita perlu bekerja sama ke arah mewujudkan Malaysia yang lebih mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat," kata beliau.

Ditanya sama beliau akan mengosongkan kerusi parlimen Bandar Tun Razak untuk Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Abdul Khalid berkata:" Saya ingat spekulasi ada tapi saya telah beri kenyataan setiap Ahli parlimen dalam Keadilan akan memberikan kerusinya kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim termasuk saya".

Apapun, beliau berkata perkara ini perlu dibincang atau disuarakan oleh Anwar.

Khalid berkata beliau percaya Anwar akan lebih memfokus kepada usaha menentukan Pakatan Rakyat menguasai parlimen dan kerajaan dalam masa terdekat daripada bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil. -- BERNAMA


PUTRAJAYA, June 18 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee's latest action has been due to the fact that "I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed."

Abdullah did not elaborate. However, his aides told Bernama that the prime minister would elaborate at a later date.

Yong declared in Kota Kinabalu on Wednesday that his party had lost confidence in Abdullah.

Of late, the former Sabah chief minister has been critical of Abdullah's political decisions on Sabah as well as the move to increase fuel prices.-- BERNAMA


18 June 2008

Keluar BN : Pengumuman penting hari ini.........

"SAYA tiada diberitahu apa-apa mengenainya." Demikian tegas Pat Lah di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah semalam (Selasa). Bagaimanapun mStar Online difahamkan ahli-ahli Parlimen dan parti mereka wakili dijangka akan membuat pengumuman hari ini. Parti itu dipercayai dari Sabah. Pagi ini Kabinet akan mengadakan mesyuarat mingguannya. Beberapa pemimpin BN dan parti komponen yang dihubungi juga menafikan laporan sedemikian.

Dalam pada itu ketika diminta mengulas lanjut, jelas Pat Lah, beliau tidak tahu mengenai sebarang langkah sebuah parti komponen BN atau anggota-anggota Parlimen meninggalkan BN dan membentuk sebuah gabungan bebas. Ketika bercakap kepada pemberita di Kota Kinabalu lapor Bernama, Pat Lah yang juga Pengerusi BN diminta mengulas mengenai laporan baru-baru ini yang menyatakan sebuah parti BN sedang menimbang untuk keluar dari gabungan itu.

Pat Lah tiba di Sabah untuk merasmikan majlis penutupan Persidangan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Antarabangsa Kedua 2008. Semalam, KM Sabah Musa Aman berkata, tidak ada sebarang petunjuk sehingga ini yang sebuah parti komponen BN negeri akan meninggalkan gabungan itu dan beliau menyifatkannya hanya spekulasi. Timbalan Presiden Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP), Raymond Tan semalam turut menafikan yang partinya akan meninggalkan BN. Beliau berkata parti itu tidak ada membincangkan perkara itu dan memberi jaminan SAPP akan kekal sebagai parti komponen BN.

Pada Sabtu lalu, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah mendedahkan bahawa akan ada sebuah parti komponen BN akan keluar menjelang hujung bulan ini.

Ia merupakan kunjungan ketiga Pat Lah ke Sabah sejak pilihan raya umum lalu. Beliau berada di negeri dua minggu lalu. Desas-desus melompat parti yang ditimbulkan semula oleh Sdr.Anwar.Tambah Anwar, "pokoknya, kita semakin hampir ke sana. Kelmarin di Pulau Pinang telah saya tegaskan, beberapa teman dari MCA bakal beralih arah." Anwar telah berulang kali menyatakan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat akan menubuhkan kerajaan menjelang 16 September. Ia mempunyai 82 kerusi di Parlimen dan memerlukan 30 wakil rakyat yang sanggup melompat parti. Sehubungan itu, beliau juga menyarankan mana-mana wakil rakyat sama ada anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) ataupun Dewan Rakyat, jika ingin menyertai Pakatan Rakyat harus melepaskan kedudukan mereka terlebih dahulu.

"Saya menganggap bahawa ia (tindakan melompat parti) tidak salah dari segi undang-undang, tetapi jika wang ringgit dan janji digunakan untuk melompat parti, maka ia salah dari segi moral dan amalan demokrasi.

"Mereka yang terlibat ini harus mengembalikan semula mandat yang telah diperoleh (ketika pilihan raya umum ke-12) kepada pengundi dan harus meletakkan jawatan... kemudian bertanding semula jika merasakan boleh menang dan mahu bertanding lagi," kata beliau sambil mengakui kini tiada peruntukan sedemikian.

Undang-undang semasa pilihan raya tidak membenarkan seseorang berhenti daripada menjadi wakil rakyat dan bertanding semula. Jelas beliau, perlu ada pindaan undang-undang bagi membolehkan peruntukan baru digubal bagi menghalang mereka yang menang atas tiket parti lain tetapi kemudian menyertai sebuah parti lain.

Perpindahan besar-besaran wakil rakyat mengejutkan negara berlaku pada 1994 selepas pilihan raya umum negeri Sabah sehingga membawa kepada kejatuhan Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS). Desas-desus bahawa ada Ahli Parlimen BN akan menyertai kendengaran sejak pilihan raya umum 8 Mac lalu, dengan kebanyakannya membabitkan parti-parti dari Sabah dan Sarawak.
Kelmarin, di Pulau Pinang, Anwar menyebut bahawa beberapa Ahli Parlimen MCA pula akan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat.

Dalam pada itu, Khairy Jamaluddin pula mencabar Anwar "jika pada 17 September kerajaan BN masih lagi memerintah dan mandat rakyat masih terpelihara, beliau bertindak meletakkan jawatan sebagai Penasihat PKR kerana gagal mengotakan janji kepada penyokongnya."

"Jika beliau gagal, bukan hanya beliau harus letak jawatan, tetapi apa sahaja kredibilitinya dimata rakyat akan hancur begitu sahaja," kata beliau dalam blognya.



Mahkamah putus kerusi DUN Sanglang dikosongkan
oleh Adha Ghazali

KANGAR: Mahkamah Tinggi di sini, hari ini memutuskan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sanglang yang dimenangi calon Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya umum Mac lalu, dikosongkan selepas mahkamah menerima permohonan petisyen yang dikemukakan bekas calon pilihan raya Pas bagi kerusi berkenaan. Keputusan itu bermakna pilihan raya kecil perlu diadakan untuk memilih wakil rakyat baru kawasan DUN berkenaan.

Hakim Datuk Zainal Adzam Abdul Ghani ketika membuat keputusan itu bagaimanapun menolak permohonan bekas calon Pas yang juga Pesuruhjaya Pas Perlis, Hashim Jasin supaya mengisytiharkan beliau sebagai pemenang kerusi kawasan berkenaan. Zainal Adzam berkata, mahkamah tiada hak untuk mengisytiharkan Hashim sebagai pemenang kerusi DUN itu kerana Seksyen 35(c) Akta Kesalahan Pilihan Raya 1954 yang memberi bidang kuasa kepada mahkamah untuk berbuat demikian sudah dimansuhkan pada 2003. Mahkamah bagaimanapun meyerahkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya untuk menentukan bila pilihan raya kecil akan diadakan.

Sebelum ini, ADUN Sanglang, Abdullah Hassan, dari BN memohon supaya mahkamah memerintahkan pilihan raya semula bagi menyelesaikan pertikaian itu manakala Hashim pula mahu beliau diisytiharkan menang.

Hashim diwakili peguam Mohamad Ariff Yusof mengemukakan petisyen pilihan raya mencabar keputusan pilihan raya DUN berkenaan yang diadakan pada 8 Mac lalu dengan asas berlaku kesilapan dalam proses pengiraan undi. Hashim tewas kepada Abdullah dengan perbezaan 149 undi. Abdullah diwakili peguam K Jegathesan.


Usul tidak percaya terhadap Pat Lah.

Ahli Parlimen Parti Progresif Sabah (SAPP) - salah sebuah parti komponen BN di negeri itu - akan mengemukakan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Ahmad Badawi apabila Dewan Rakyat bersidang Isnin ini. Ini merupakan kali pertama dalam sejarah negara, usul tidak percaya akan dikemukakan terhadap perdana menteri.

"Sewaku sidang Dewan Rakyat mulai Isnin ini, 23 Jun, ahli-ahli Parlimen kita akan menyokong undi tidak percaya kepada PM.

"Sama ada usul itu akan dikemukakan oleh ahli Parlimen kita atau ahli Parlimen lain, akan diputuskan bila tiba masanya," kata satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan hari ini.

SAPP mempunyai dua ahli Parlimen - Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (Tawai) dan Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun (Sepanggar) - dan empat ahli dewan undangan negeri. Presiden SAPP, Datuk Yong Teck Lee berkata parti itu tidak akan keluar pada masa ini dari BN yang dipimpin oleh Abdullah, tetapi statusnya akan disemak pada hujung minggu ini. Beliau mengkritik rekod BN di Sabah, dengan berkata negeri itu dikenakan undang-undang yang tidak adil dan cukai yang keterlaluan.

"Itulah sebabnya kita perlu membuat segera pengisytiharan tidak percaya kepada PM dan kerajaan, untuk memberitahu kerajaan BN bahawa kita tidak boleh lagi bertolak ansur dengan sikap mereka yang tidak sensitif terhadap isu-isu yang amat serius di Sabah," katanya dalam satu sidang akhbar di ibupejabat parti itu pada jam 2 petang tadi.

Keputusan Jumaat ini?

Pengumuman hari ini dilihat sebagai satu tindakan pertama oleh parti komponen BN itu untuk meninggalkan BN.

"Hari ini hanyalah langkah pertama. Mungkin tidak ada yang melompat sekarang," kata satu sumber.

Sementara itu, tinjauan pendapat dalam blog SAPP juga menunjukkan sikap di peringkat akar umbi mengenai perkara tersebut. Tinjauan itu bertanya kepada orang ramai sama ada parti itu perlu kekal dalam BN, meninggalkan BN tetapi menjadi parti bebas, atau menyertai Pakatan Rakyat. Daripada 2,052 orang yang melayari blog itu sehingga tengahari tadi, seramai 85 peratus atau 1,749 orang, mahu SAPP menyertai Pakatan, 242 atau 11 peratus (tinggalkan BN dan jadi bebas) . Hanya 2 peratus (61) mahu SAPP kekal dalam BN.


17 June 2008

Have U collected free money from the gomen.......

Have you all collected free money from the gomen? If not,please do so immediately because Pat Lah's flip-flop gomen might suddenly change their mind . After all Pat Lah's sudden decision caught Najib and Shahrir with their pants down and the rakyat by suprised.

Secondly,who knows by sheer stroke of luck a group of BN MPs decides to jump ship to the opposition,that will eventually force Pat Lah's gomen to fall. The new gomen might decide to do away with the stupid cash rebates,instead lower the price of petrol as they promised. Macam Anwar cakap "today come to power...tomorrow petrol price will go down" ...habislah missed the free RM625.00 that Pat Lah wants to give away.

However, to collect your free money just bring your left thumb and MyKad. Get the form and fill it up with your very basic particulars such as name, I/C number, car registration number, telephone and address. Within 10 minutes or so the post office guys will hand you your cash rebate of RM625.00....

As for me... sudah miss ma, coz I renewed my roadtax in February 2008. Get going guys. After all that rebate money is yours after paying the current price(RM 2.78 a liter) when you fill up your tank daily, it doesnt belongs to Pat Lah,the gomen or UMNO. The gomen gives we take but vote Pakatan......... Read here and here.


16 June 2008

MCA MPs will defect to Pakatan..........

Anwar Ibrahim has dropped the clearest hint yet of impending crossovers to Pakatan Rakyat.

“I can safely say that several MCA MPs will join us soon,” he told journalists yesterday, after opening a service centre in Bayan Baru, Penang.

However, as with previous assertions of the same variety, that was all he was prepared to reveal.

Anwar has been keeping the public on tenterhooks since the general election on March 8, with repeated claims of crossovers by Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentarians, especially those in Sabah.

He said that discreet meetings have been held in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore, to avoid scrutiny, and that “even a cabinet minister met me”.

At a rally held last night in City Stadium, George Town, the former deputy premier worked up the crowd with similar promises.

“It’s about time that we take over. It’s only a matter of time for us to take over. We are so close to Putrajaya,” he said to roars from some 15,000 people.

“It’s very soon. I will not say how (soon). But it will happen soon.”

He stressed that defecting MPs would have to accept the Pakatan tenets of good governance.

Anwar used the rally to obtain a ‘referendum’ on replacing the federal BN government and taking over as premier from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He and other Pakatan speakers exploited the escalating cost of living triggered by the fuel price hike, to bombard the BN government and raise the tempo of a disenchanted crowd.

“I can guarantee you all today that if Pakatan Rakyat were to form the federal government today, we will bring down the oil price tomorrow,” said Anwar.

Salvoes against BN

Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, DAP advisor and Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang and PAS leader Mohamad Sabu also spoke at the rally.

Anwar said the BN government is still in a state of denial over the electoral debacle and that it has remained arrogant.

It has further betrayed the people’s trust with an unreasonable and inhumane fuel price hike, he said, although it has contributed to this through economic and financial mismanagement.

Anwar also wondered aloud as to why BN partners are supporting Umno’s weak political leadership and wrongdoing.

Saying that BN has run out of ideas in overcoming inflation, he said only Pakatan could save the country.

“Let’s join force to topple this irresponsible and arrogant government. If enough numbers support us (in Parliament), we will form the next government. The people of Penang must lead others in backing us for change to a better life,” said Anwar.

Hinting that Abdullah could dissolve Parliament in a sudden move to “save his skin”, he cautioned Pakatan leaders and members to be ready for a snap election.

“We must fight to win till the end,” he said. - Malaysiakini

Read here too.


"Anwar 'gempak' saja" Fu Ah Kiow - Bernama

MCA menyifatkan sebagai tidak masuk akal dakwaan penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kononnya Anggota Parlimen dari MCA mendahului senarai wakil rakyat dari Barisan Nasional yang akan menyertai pembangkang.

Pengerusi Biro Publisiti MCA Datuk Fu Ah Kiow berkata kenyataan Anwar itu merupakan satu gimik murahan.

Ia bertujuan menimbulkan perbalahan dalam kalangan parti komponen BN, katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

"Ini adalah strategi beliau dalam mengejar impiannya menjadi Perdana Menteri. Jelas sekali niatnya adalah buruk," kata Fu.

the more the merrier..........


Peralihan kuasa, Pat Lah dan Najib perlu berundur bagi selamatkan negara.......

Formula peralihan kuasa seperti yang dipersetujui Pat Lah dan Najib Tun Razak bukanlah jalan terbaik bagi menyelamatkan negara dan rakyat dari kesengsaraan 'terlampau' mutakhir ini, kata Mahfuz Omar,Ketua Penerangan PAS, sebaliknya, katanya kedua-dua pemimpin tertinggi negara itu perlu melepaskan jawatan masing-masing kerana mereka adalah liabiliti negara.

"Mereka adalah pemimpin yang menjadikan rakyat terus sengsara, negara berada dalam keadaan tidak menentu, pentadbiran cukup lemah dan rakyat terus tertekan dengan pelbagai dasar mereka yang tidak tentu," ujar Mahfuz. Mahfuz berkata demikian bagi mengulas kenyataan Pat Lah berhubung formula peralihan kuasa dengan Najib yang disiarkan akhbar arus perdana baru-baru ini.

Mengulas lanjut, Mahfuz menyatakan Perdana Menteri seorang pemimpin yang lemah dan tidak mampu mentadbir negara dengan bijaksana.

Sementara Najib adalah seorang yang sangat dikenali dengan dakwaan skandal-skandal tertentu termasuk dalam isu pembelian peralatan ketenteraan, kapal selam dan jet pejuang yang menjadi sebutan ramai.

"Kedua-dua mereka adalah liabiliti kepada negara, justeru kedua-duanya perlu melepaskan jawatan masing-masing bagi menyelamatkan negara,

"Formula yang mungkin berkesan bagi mengatasi masalah negara ini ialah, saya menyeru kepada seluruh ahli parlimen BN termasuk Umno menyertai Pakatan Rakyat untuk menubuhkan kerajaan sekaligus menyelamatkan negara dan rakyat yang kini berada dalam keadaan kritikal," ujar Mahfuz.

Sebenarnya,bukan saja Pat Lah dan Najib mempunyai rekod yang tak baik,malah sebahagian besar daripada top-level pemimpin dalam UMNO itu terpalit dengan berbagai skandal rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. Just name me one yang betul-betul clean...?

Justerus itu,kalau nak buat peralihan,adalah lebih baik kita alih terus gomen itu sendiri dan ganti dengan gomen yang baru..........


15 June 2008

Ceramah Perdana Paktan Rakyat di Pulau Pinang malam ini......

Ceramah Perdana “Menuju Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia”

Tempat: Stadium Bandaraya, Lorong Kulit, Pulau Pinang

Masa: 9 malam


8.00 malam : Ketibaan Orang Ramai
9.00 malam : Ketibaan Jemputan
9.15 malam : Ketibaan Dif Kenamaan
9.30 malam :

Ucapan En.Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang

Ucapan Tn. Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, Presiden Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS)

Ucapan En. Lim Kit Siang, Presiden Parti Tindakan Demokrakratik (DAP)

Ucapan Sdr. Anwar Ibrahim, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Keadilan)

12.00 malam : Bersurai

*Masuk ke stadium adalah percuma*

Jom pi ramai-ramai..........mai jangan tak mai..........


14 June 2008

Bantah Harga Minyak Naik............

Himpunan bermula dari Masjid kg. Baru dipimpin oleh Salahuddin Ayub,Hj. Mohamad Sabu, Ust. Idris, Syed Azman, Ust. Nuridah, Dr. Lo’lo’, serta Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin dan Jonah@Khairul Annuar Ahmad Zainudin,selepas solat Jumaat. Lebih daripada 2,000 orang menyertai himpunan ini,yang berakhir di depan Sogo lebih kurang pukul 3.30 petang tadi tidak ditempat asalnya di KLCC kerana gomen telah menempatkan ratusan polis di kawasan tersebut melebihi pengunjung yang mengunjungi KLCC tersebut.

Ini adalah prelude kepada satu lagi himpunan rakyat yang jangka diadakan awal bulan Julai 2008 ini.


13 June 2008

Dua Ahli Parlimen SAPP nak tinggalkan BN........

Cerita lompat parti muncul kembali…kali ini khabar terbaru yang tersebar ialah dua Ahli Parlimen dari Parti SAPP, pimpinan Yong Teck Lee telah membuat keputusan untuk meninggalkan Barisan Nasional (BN).

Menurut seorang yang rapat dengan kalangan Ahli Parlimen yang memberitahu Agendadaily, cerita mengenainya kini tersebar luas di kalangan Ahli-Ahli Parlimen.

Malah, dua Ahli Parlimen dari parti SAPP disebut secara terbuka merupakan mereka yang akan mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada BN.

Kedua-duanya ialah Ahli Parlimen Sepanggar, Enchin Majimbun dan Ahli Parlimen Tawau, Datuk Chua Soon Bui.

Bagi mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai perkara itu, Agendadaily telah menghubungi kedua-dua Ahli Parlimen berkenaan.

Majimbun yang menolak khabar kononnya beliau telah meninggalkan BN berkata, sehingga kini mereka masih lagi kekal bersama parti itu.

“Tapi kita tidak tahulah di masa depan macam mana,” katanya.

Sambil menyifatkan berita yang tersebar itu sebagai khabar angin, beliau berkata, apa yang penting beberapa perkara yang disampaikan kepada kerajaan Pusat untuk negeri Sabah hendaklah ditunaikan.

“Kita ucap terima kasihlah kepada beberapa perkara yang telah diberikan seperti yang diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri tapi kita masih tungu perkara-perkara lain yang belum dipenuhi,” jelasnya.

Kenyataan beliau dipercayai berkaitan dengan beberapa isu yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli-Ahli Parlimen Sabah termasuk soal pembangunan di negeri berkenaan kepada kerajaan Pusat.

Bulan lalu, dalam temurahamah dengan Agendadaily Yong Teck Lee memberikan isyarat ada dua pintu sebagai pilihan kepada mereka dalam mencari penyelesaian isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan negeri Sabah.

Katanya, pintu pertama ialah menyelesaikan semua tuntutan yang dibuat atau jika tidak pintu kedua ialah keluar meninggalkan BN. Beliau memberikan tempoh sehingga Ogos depan untuk penyelesaian dibuat. - Agenda Daily 12/6/08


12 June 2008

Wacana Perdana sempena 100 hari gomen Pakatan...

Pakatan Rakyat menguasai Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Perak dan Kelantan. Selain itu menguasai Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Pada 17 Jun ini genaplah 100 hari kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang menguasai lima negeri, sekaligus meleyapkan legitimasi Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang bertakhta sejak 50 tahun lalu.

Sempena dengan sambutan ulangtahun tersebut kerajaan Kelantan akan menganjurkan wacana khas dengan menampilkan tokoh yang dikenali ramai.

Mereka ialah Mufti Kerajaan Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, pakar undang-undang perlembagaan dari UIA, Prof Dr Abd Aziz Bari dan anggota Parlimen Machang, Saifudin Nasution Ismail.

Tiga tokoh tersebut yang berlatarbelakangkan politik, agama dan ahli akademik akan mengupas tajuk 100 Hari Pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat pada wacana perdana yang akan diadakan pada 21 Jun ini bertempat di Balai Islam, Lundang.

Pengarah program, Ustaz Ahmad Baihaqi Atiqullah berkata, program itu diadakan khusus sempena 100 hari kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat mentadbir Kelantan dan empat negeri lagi.
"Untuk itu orang ramai dijemput hadir bagi mendengar sendiri perbincangan tajuk yang cukup menarik sekarang," ujarnya yang juga Ketua Penerangan PAS Kelantan.

sumber:Global Media Channel

pi jangan tak pi...........


11 June 2008

Apa kaitan RapidKL & RapidPenang dengan anak Pat Lah.......

Benarkah pembekal bas Rapid KL dan Rapid Penang ialah M-Trans yang dimiliki 100% oleh Scomi. Scomi adalah milik anak Pat Lah. Mahathir membangkitkan soalan itu dalam dakwaan pembabitan syarikat milik anak PM dalam isu longgokan bas RapidKL yang tersadai seperti dilaporkan sebuah akhbar bulan lalu.

Selain itu,Mahathir juga mendakwa Scomi tidak dapat membekalkan bas-bas seperti dipesan oleh RapidKL dan "oleh itu Scomi dibenar import bas dari China."

"Berapa harga import dan harga jualan kepada RapidKL? Apakah syarikat lain dibenar import bas baru dari luar negeri? Berapakah duti import yang dibayar?" tanya Mahathir dalam blognya itu? Isu longgokan bas tersebut di Rawang,Selangor juga pernah dibangkitkan oleh Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN- Kinabatangan) di Dewan Rakyat pada 27 Mei lalu.

Menurut Mahathir, bas-bas tersebut yang dilaporkan asalnya milik Intrakota dan City Liner yang telah diambil alih oleh RapidKL.

"Bas-bas ini masih boleh diguna atau boleh diperbaiki dan dijual oleh RapidKL," katanya.

"Tetapi RapidKL tidak berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mendapat balik sedikit pun daripada kos pembelian syarikat-syarikat ini. Kenapa?

"Apakah RapidKL begitu untung dan boleh menanggung rugi yang tidak kecil daripada menjadikan bas-bas yang dibeli olehnya sebagai besi buruk?"

Mahathir juga berkata Rapid KL sebagai sebuah syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC) dan melibatkan wang rakyat harus mendedahkan untung rugi operasinya kepada orang ramai.

"Tetapi kita tidak pernah melihat kira-kira untung ruginya. Untung besarkah RapidKL dan Khazanah (yang mengambil alih syarikat itu)?" kata Mahathir.

"Saya ingin tahu siapakah yang membekal bas-bas ini. Saya percaya pembekal bas-bas ini meraih keuntungan yang besar kerana begitu banyak bas yang jelas dibeli oleh RapidKL.

"Mungkinkah pelupusan dan write-off begitu banyak bas-bas lama adalah supaya bas baru dapat dibeli daripada pembekal tertentu?

"Jika ya, nampaknya RapidKL diadakan untuk menguntungkan pembekal." - Baca di sini,dan sini.

Nampaknya Pat Lah sibuk sangat membuat program penjimatan akibat daripada kenaikkan mendadak harga petrol baru-baru ini hinggakan tiada masa untuk menjawab pertanyaan Mahathir........


10 June 2008

Anwar’s ‘I will resign immediately’

Got this in my mail......

“Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today promised to bring down prices once the Pakatan Rakyat assume control of the central government. How strong is this commitment? Well, the man dubbed Malaysia’s prime minister-in-waiting said “I will resign immediately” if a Pakatan government is unable to roll back the subsidy cuts which have produced a steep 78 sen rise for unleaded petrol to RM2.78 a litre and diesel by RM1 to RM2.58 a litre.” - Malaysian Insider

How does he intend to do this? Perhap, he can be more specific. Now, if this is not an empty promise, would you give him a chance to rule as prime minister? Or, do you think all his smooth sayings are merely a desperate move to become PM. Either way, does it matter?

He still promises 30 MPs in the frog-line, and admits that he meets them in secrecy. But all we see are PKR members jumping into UMNO and BN instead.

I’d like to see the tables turn quickly. Malaysians will be losing so much with the recent price hike, is there anything else? Asked what if those who were supposed to cross over did not do so by the deadline, Anwar said: “Why are you so pessimistic? I will say what will be will be. Que sera sera.”

He explained that Pakatan needed to be cautious on the matter as there was a racist agenda to thwart the plan by suggesting that there would be a shift of power from the Malays to non-Malays, which he described as a flawed argument with malicious intent.

Although he would not risk political stability, Anwar said it was not an excuse to continue with the present system.

He also revealed that he met some members of parliament from Sabah and Sarawak on his way to Manila. By the way,the former ABIM president and a MCA member had joined PKR.

When asked why Utusan Malaysia was barred from Pakatan’s press conference, Anwar said it had to bar the newspaper as it was allegedly playing a racist agenda and had a blatant disregard for ethics.

“I am not suggesting that the other media is completely free from that but they have gone to the extreme on this,” he added.

On why Pakatan did not sue Utusan Malaysia, he quipped: “In which court? In VK Lingam’s court?”