26 February 2021

Cucuk vaksin, atau cucuk vitamin...

Jarum Vaksin Berhantu...

Muhyiddin and Azmin Fear Multi-Cornered Contests – Will Wipe Out The Traitors...

The coalition of three biggest Malay political parties – UMNO, PPBM and PAS – will most likely win the next 15th General Election. The only uncertainty is the emergence of young voters, thanks to electoral reforms passed by the Malaysian Parliament in 2019 to reduce the voting age to 18 from 21. This new “untested” vote bank theoretically can vote latest by July 2021.

There will be about 7.8 million new young voters in the electoral roll by the year 2023, a whopping 50% increase as compared to some 14 million voters at the 14th General Election in May 2018. But based on government’s recent claims that the decision to lower the voting age to 18-years-old was a mistake, it means Muhyiddin regime is extremely fearful of the young voters.
While the figures are unknown, at least 1-million voters of those aged between 18 and 21 will be eligible to vote by July this year. Therefore, Prime Minister Muhyiddin would try to call for a snap election before this date, or at least try to cook up some dirty tricks to disqualify the young voters. Muhyiddin, who snatched power in a coup in March 2020, could not shake off his “traitor” image.

But the backdoor prime minister’s challenge isn’t the young voters alone. His biggest nightmare is three-cornered or even multi-cornered contests. At best, Muhyiddin’s fragile Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition has to face Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH). At worst, his PN would face Muafakat Nasional (consisting of BN and PAS Islamist Party) and PH.
Clearly, it would be a double blow if the new army of young voters do not overwhelmingly vote for PN and at the same time, BN quits at the eleventh hour. As the prospect of multi-cornered contests increase, Muhyiddin reportedly threw ultimatum at tantrum-throwing ally BN. The PM demanded an answer by March 1 whether UMNO wants to contest the general election as part of PN or not.
But why should UMNO give Muhyiddin’s party, PPBM, the pleasure of an easy path to strategizing an election campaign or seat allocation? Instead of revealing its cards, UMNO prefers to play the victim card – frustrates and provokes the premier to boot the party. The naughty tactic is to constantly flip-flop and drag its feet on an official decision whether to work with PN or otherwise.

The longer Muhyiddin waits, the greater the economic impact and displeasure of Malay youths would have on his backdoor regime, which has already lost its legitimacy since the withdrawal of support from several UMNO warlords early this year. Mr Muhyiddin’s popularity drops like a rock due to his mishandling of Coronavirus pandemic and mismanagement of the economy.

Under Perikatan Nasional, unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 4.8%, foreign direct investments (FDI) has dropped by 68%, some 32,000 small-and-medium-businesses have closed down, Fitch Ratings’ has downgraded Malaysia’s credit rating from A- to BBB+ and economy – GDP – has plunged by 5.6% – the worst contraction since the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis.

Despite PN’s chest-thumping and gloating about a Malay-Muslim centric PN government, young Malays could see clearly how the clueless and incompetent backdoor regime practises double standards, hypocrisy and abuse of power. Even if Muhyiddin is still relatively popular as an individual, the coalition is a disaster as a team. People only see clowns in Perikatan Nasional.

To lend credence that PN under Muhyiddin leadership is on self-destruction mode, or at least on its way to a three-cornered contest in the coming nationwide election, former PM Najib has just spoken. After rubbishing rumours of UMNO-DAP-PKR partnership last month, he now says it is not impossible that UMNO can work with parties that have been labelled as political “enemies”.
Najib says politics is the art of the possible, drawing his conclusion to the unthinkable cooperation between arch-enemy Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim in a political alliance to bring down Barisan Nasional. Of course, the cunning and untrustworthy crook could be playing psychological games – hoping to lure Mr. Moo to interfere and reverse his guilty verdict.

Not only a seemingly mighty and invincible PN may lose UMNO, it might lose PAS as well at the last minute, no matter how much the Islamist party president Hadi Awang currently bootlicks Muhyiddin Yassin. If UMNO indeed decides to quit PN and goes separate ways, the greedy fake holy men in PAS will most likely bet on UMNO to win the federal government.

It’s not rocket science why PAS will abandon PPBM in favour of UMNO when push comes to shove. Among the three, UMNO possesses the most powerful and comprehensive grassroots and machinery, follows by PAS. Muhyiddin’s party lacks not only loyal grassroots support and established networks, but also does not have good candidates to be fielded at the next general election.

The belief that PAS will eventually betray PPBM is one of the reasons why 143 out of 191 UMNO divisions have decided not to work with PPBM (Bersatu) in the next election. Despite Najib’s 1MDB scandal and unpopular GST (goods and services tax) implementation, UMNO still managed to win 54 parliamentary seats and 2.5-million votes – the highest among all parties.

Even if PAS is dumb enough to stick with Muhyiddin like a parasite, UMNO-led BN still believes it could do better than 2018, its lowest point, where the coalition captured 79 seats in the Parliament, before massive defections and disintegration. This explains why some UMNO MPs were confident of even going solo, without Muafakat Nasional partner PAS.

In fact, the latest rumours of a split in PAS smell hidden hands of either UMNO or PPBM to neutralize the Islamist party. Both UMNO and PPBM understood that if either of them cannot have the PAS’ bloc of support, then neither of them should have it. If PAS could be bribed with merely RM90 million, it’s warlords could easily be bought again cheaply by anyone.

It was already bad that PPBM under Mahathir won only 13 of the 52 seats they contested at the 2018 General Election, not to mention the pathetic 718,648 votes won with help from allies in PH. It becomes worse that PPBM under Muhyiddin comprises defectors or traitors from UMNO and PKR like Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin and gay Senior Minister Azmin Ali.
Yes, the mere mention of Azmin Ali will immediately spark furious over the PKR traitor, whose leaked gay sex video performance at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, is as toxic, if not more, than Najib’s 1MDB scandal. You don’t need to try very hard to provoke UMNO supporters with the idea of Azmin being groomed as the next prime minister.

It’s both interesting and amusing the three Malay-Muslim parties that are the leading factions in the ruling PN alliance have started fighting with each other in less than 1 year of governing the country. Not even an offer of the post of deputy prime minister could satisfy UMNO. And that’s certainly good news to the opposition Pakatan Harapan – provided they stay united.

The real battle is actually between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan. The four biggest contenders are PKR, DAP, UMNO and PAS, with each in control of between 16% and 20% of total votes. If UMNO somehow aligns itself with opposition PKR and DAP, it will be game over for PPBM and PAS before the election could even start.

Whether you like or hate UMNO, the party had been ruling the country for 61 years since independence in 1957 before stunningly lost its power to Opposition PH at the May 2018 general election. While it’s true UMNO president Zahid Hamidi is an empty vessel, his former boss Najib Razak is definitely not an idiot. He knows which button to press to provoke Malays against PPBM. - FT

How to register for Covid19 vaccination via MySejahtera...


24 February 2021

Langkah Syaitan...

Langkah Sheraton setahun yang lalu...

Badi politik negara kini ialah kerana Langkah Sheraton yang menghantui kerajaan PN hari ini. Mereka telah melakukan 'adat terlarang' (sial, taboo)dengan membudayakan pengkhianatan sebagai cara sah untuk menjadi kerajaan. Sebab itu 'badi sheraton' mengikuti mereka ke mana sahaja sehingga tak keruan tindak tanduk mereka, sumbang langkah pentadbiran mereka dan flip-flop keputusan yang dibuat. Badi paling besar kerajaan TSMY ialah hilang sokongan majoriti dan dihantui dengan mimpi ngeri angka 109. 

Buat sementara, jampi 'darurat' masih mujarab tapi rakan bersama 'tebuk atap' dah mula buat curang. Pandai buat kat orang, rasalah balik habuannya - 'what goes around comes around'. Tanggal 23 Feb setahun yang lalu bermulanya kerajaan atas pengkhianatan dan untuk kekal mereka sogok dengan kabinet yang besar dan ahli parlimen yang diberi jawatan GLC. Untuk meneruskan pengkhiantan, mereka ugut dengan sekat kebebasan bersuara. Untuk kekal, mereka gunakan covid menagih simpati. Motivasi mereka adalah didorong untuk kekalkan pengkhianatan bukan untuk selamatkan negara dari krisis pandemik.Semua rakyat harus ingat tarikh ini. - Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa

A year after Sheraton coup: 
Why I remain an optimist...

I have lots of stories to tell about the coup a year ago. But I will leave that to another day. What I want to do today is to explain why I remain an optimist. If we use the recent history of the United States, one can playfully equate the Obama presidency with Pakatan Harapan government; the Perikatan Nasional period with the Trump administration. Some levels of sanity shall return when a Biden coalition comes back to helm the nation.

Of course, things could go very wrong and worsen. For instance, say Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin found out that his coalition would be doomed in a general election, he may want to prolong the Emergency forever. If so, we may look more like Myanmar than we ever want to. But on the other hand, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic. We must first answer the question: was 2018 win a fluke or structural?

Of the 165 seats in the Peninsula, the grand opposition won 55 seats in three consecutive elections (2008, 2013, 2018) without break. Another ten seats were won consecutively for two terms (2013, 2018). If a general election is called today, these 65 seats are likely to be in the hands of the grand opposition, whichever the composition would be.

Umno won 46 seats in the Peninsula in the last election when it was at its lowest ebbs ever in terms of reputation and the appeal of its leadership. An Umno minus the corrupt court cluster with rejuvenation of leadership and some humility, perhaps a profound apology, would probably win those 46 seats relatively comfortably, even if it has to battle Bersatu or PAS. 

The remaining 54 seats of the 165 seats in the Peninsula would be the battle ground. Whichever coalition of parties crosses the line of 100 in the Peninsula, it will form government. Pakatan Harapan won 98 seats in the Peninsula on election night in 2018.

Pakatan Harapan won the last election because it won the semi-urban Malay majority yet mixed ethnic seats, such as Pagoh, which has 64 per cent Malay and the remaining are non-Malay voters. The structure hasn’t changed. And within such structure, to defeat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in Pagoh is not impossible. 

Also, on election night, Pakatan and its in Sabah, Parti Warisan, held on well with a combined 14 seats while winning PKR and DAP won 10 seats in Sarawak. The Sarawak Barisan Nasional won only 19 seats out of 31 seats. I have friends in Barisan who told me that the moment they saw the results of Sarawak BN, they knew that they were doomed.

The structural support for the grand opposition to win 65 seats in Peninsula hasn’t changed. The challenge now is how to win the next 35 seats to reach 100 at least. 

The Sheraton coup is an overreach by those who believe in the idea that a Malay-only government is good for the Malays. The last year is a living proof that a Malay-only government doesn’t guarantee that it is to the benefit of the Malays, not to mention Malaysians. The “dua darjat” outcry is so loud among the Malays because they felt it particularly strong: those who rule in the name of the Malays are causing harm to the lives of ordinary Malays.

Young Malaysians do not take nonsense from politicians. Those who are below 30 years old have not seen a day in their lives without the internet. They grew up doubting authorities. If their parents tell them something, they would turn to Google to see what Wikipedia says. They don’t even trust the opinion of their parents fully, do not expect them to kowtow to authorities. It is something that all politicians from all parties need to recognise. 

The 30-years old and below are not looking for a Superman or Batman. They will probably look to the leadership of Avengers, a team of collaborators. Whether it is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the days of Superman is over. They need to be seen in a team and seen to be able to collaborate.

This brings us to the point about the purported popularity of Tan Sri Muhyiddin. The measurement is happening in a vacuum with old terms of reference. Muhyiddin is popular for now if he is contrasted against other individuals such as Dr Mahathir or Anwar. 

But Muhyiddin’s leadership has not been measured against a team. The moment you compare Dr Wan Azizah Ismail versus Datuk Seri Rina Harun; Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad versus Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba; Anthony Loke versus Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong; Datuk Darell Leiking versus Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali etc, Team Muhyiddin provoked anger among voters.

This is the lesson that the grand opposition has to learn fast. It is no longer about a single individual. It is about a functioning leadership team that the voters are choosing. After all, Malaysia is a Westminster system, not a presidency. No more Superman, look at Avengers.

The Covid-19 crisis has taught the world new ways of measuring leadership. Because the crisis happens simultaneously across a world that is highly connected via the internet, no one could hide their flaws. Covid-19 positive cases and death rate are compared across the globe. The timing of vaccine arrival is compared with our neighbours. One just can’t pretend to be smart when one is not. The public looks to competence and empathy in leadership. Each of these or the lack of them have grave implications on the ordinary people.

Politics and policies are not a show anymore. They are matters of life and death.And the public learn to listen to experts and reject politicians who do not understand science. These are the lessons gradually entering the consciousness of the wider public. And they will not go away even after Covid-19. Science and evidence-based policy making will be valued more favourably.

Policy-making on the fly at press conferences by leaders, incompetent leadership, lack of empathy or arrogance or simply “dua darjat” practices, would be abhorred. Team Muhyiddin is living with the Stone Age conceptions of leadership. A year after the coup, it is time for all his opponents to meet and match the new public expectations of leadership that is competent, empathetic and science or evidence-based. Hence I remain optimistic. - Liew Chin Tong

Bila Agong kata parlimen boleh bersidang sewaktu darurat,
tiba2 angka Covid naik mendadak...


22 February 2021

Talian hayat terakhir...

1.   Jika kita masih ingat menjelang PRU14  lepas  yang berlangsung pada hari Rabu  9hb Mei 2018, rakyat, melalui deklarasi rakyat  telah  meluahkan perasaan benci mereka kepada  UMNO/BN atas sebab - sebab yang telah diketahui umum. 

2.   Namun usaha itu terbantut  apabila Agong dan sebahagian besar Raja - Raja  Melayu ketika itu  enggan  mendengar  rintihan  mereka, malah ada Raja dan keluarga berkempen bagi memenangkan UMNO/BN; satu tindakan  yang  telah melanggar Perlembagaan. 

3.   Sebagai seorang PEJUANG, Tun yang ketika itu berusia 92 tahun, seperti seekor kuda  yang jatuh namun tetap bangkit semula, tidak putus asa. 

4.   Akhirnya rakyat ,  tanpa memperdulikan keengganan Agong dan Raja - Raja Melayu mendengar bantahan mereka,  buat pertama kali  sejak Merdeka  menolak UMNO/BN. 

5.   Kini sekali lagi  rakyat  benar - benar  merayu agar  Agong dan Raja -  Raja Melayu mengenepikan segala kepentingan  peribadi, jika ada, mendengar dan bertindak membatalkan darurat yang telah  mereka persetujui  dan menggantikan serta merta Muhyiddin  yang telah hilang majoriti sebagai Perdana Menteri 

6.  Rakyat masih terbayang bagaimana di sebuah negeri 'bill board' yang besar dengan gambar Raja dan Permaisuri  dengan ayat "RAJA  ADALAH  PAYUNG  RAKYAT" ; begitu juga 'bill board' seorang Raja bersama Permaisuri dipayungkan seolah - olah  memberi mesej yang sama. 

7.  Apakah kali ini Agong dan Raja - Raja Melayu  akan membuktikan seperti  apa yang terpapar   di 'bill board'  tersebut ? Baca seterusnya...

How freedom of speech lost in the 
kangaroo court,but won in the people’s court...

Immediately after independent Malaysian news portal MalaysiaKini was found guilty of contempt and fined RM500,000 by Federal Court, the country’s highest court, the online news portal swung into action – seeking public’s help to raise the money. The exorbitant fines must be paid within 3 working days, which is next Wednesday (Feb 24, 2021).
Thanks to the public uproar over the unfair decision of the judiciary system, long seen as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country, donations started pouring in. In less than 5 hours, it was mission accomplished. It has managed to raise at least RM552,321. Editor-in-chief Steven Gan said he was “shocked and dumbfounded” twice today – the astronomical fine and public donations.
It’s not hard to understand why people had willingly sent cash to help the news portal, despite the current economic uncertainty. People were furious at the death of freedom of speech and expression when the Federal Court delivered a 6-1 judgement that MalaysiaKini should be held in contempt over “comments” posted on its website by the readers.

MalaysiaKini, however, had argued in court that Malaysian laws did not require online news websites to pre-moderate comments before being published. The news portal also said it was not aware of the five “offensive comments” as no readers had reported those comments and the comments did not trigger any of the “words” that MalaysiaKini’s had configured to filter.

The editorial team explained that upon alerted by the police, it had instantly removed the comments. But obviously the court was not interested in seeing justice being delivered as it had already determined to punish the news website for allegedly facilitating five readers’ offensive comments against the judiciary. But was the judiciary really innocent in the first place?

At the centre of the fiasco was five comments posted under an article titled “CJ orders all courts to be fully operational from July 1” which was posted on 9 June, 2020. However, backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin handpicked Attorney General Idrus Harun had accused the comments of containing words offensive towards the judiciary and chief justice.

Idrus, a controversial attorney general, also claimed that the comments threatened public confidence in the judiciary and were an insult to its integrity. So, on 15 June, the attorney general filed charges against MalaysiaKini and Steven Gan under Article 126 of the Federal Constitution. But the charges were flawed from the beginning.

AG Idrus Harun

Online news sites like MalaysiaKini is hosts – not publishers – of messages posted in the comment sections or other message boards that are open to the public. Going by the attorney general’s half-baked logic, why hasn’t the government sue Facebook for other more damaging comments made by its users? That’s because A.G. Idrus can’t bully international giants like Facebook.

But really, why was the attorney general so frustrated that he must punish the news portal by hook or by crook? Coincidentally, on the same day, the Attorney General’s Chambers shocked the nation when it acquitted former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman of all 46 criminal charges against him involving corruption and money laundering relating to timber concessions.

Crooked Musa Aman was first charged in November, 2018, under the previous legitimately and democratically-elected multiracial Pakatan Harapan government. He was slapped with 35 charges of receiving a total of US$63 million in Hong Kong and Singapore as an inducement for offering timber concessions in Sabah.

In March, 2019, the ex-Sabah chief minister was charged again with 16 counts of money laundering involving US$37.8 million and S$2.5 million, amounting to about RM160 million in totals. In October 2019, the prosecution dropped 5 charges of graft and made amendments to the existing 30 charges, relating to the dates, transactions and names of contractors.
But after traitor Muhyiddin toppled his own Pakatan Harapan government and seized power in March 2020 through a coup, he subsequently ordered the newly appointed A.G. Idrus to free Musa to architect a new coup to snatch the Sabah state. Attorney General Idrus Harun cited a lack of evidence for freeing Musa, but very few believed his lame story.

Naturally, as a result of the absurd decision to let a crook like Musa walks away, readers of MalaysiaKini had rained criticisms against the corrupt attorney general and the judiciary system. Unimpressed that he has been named and shamed by the public on the news portal, disgraced Idrus abused his power and threw freedom of speech and expression out of the windows.

The Judicial system could not stomach the suggestions from the comments that it was involved in corruption, did not uphold justice and had compromised its integrity. Therefore, to fight the public’s negative perception, the attorney general decided to use the nuclear option – charging MalaysiaKini in hopes to intimidate, bully, silence, suppress and oppress critics.
Musa Aman - 46 Corruption Charges Dropped

Interestingly, despite having provided details on the names and email addresses of the five readers who made the offensive comments to the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the authorities deliberately chose to prosecute MalaysiaKini instead of the 5 offenders. What does this indicate, if not selective persecution?

Without the corrupt government realizing it, the exorbitant and excessive fines of RM500,000 is itself proof that not only the judiciary under the leadership of Chief Justice Tun Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat lacks integrity, but also is a vengeful institution. That’s because the Attorney-General’s representatives had only requested RM200,000 fines.

Court of Appeal president Rohana Yusuf, who led the Federal Court in passing the jaw-dropping verdict has failed to explain why the fine was more than double the RM200,000 prosecutors had sought. She said the law does not tolerate contempt of court as it undermines the system of justice. Clearly, she’s in denial that the country’s judiciary system has been a laughing stock for decades.

The Federal Court’s decision has attracted the attention of foreign powers. In a joint statement, the British High Commissioner to Malaysia Mr Charles Hay and Acting Canadian High Commissioner Esther Van Nes said that they were “concerned” by the court’s verdict. They said – “People must be allowed to debate and discuss issues freely,”
Malaysia Palace of Justice

There’s a reason why the Kangaroo Court is synonymous with the country’s judiciary, a result of more than 60 years of the system being used by the Executive pillar to do all its dirty jobs. Previous A.G. Apandi Ali is a classic example of how the corrupt system was used to protect crooked former Prime Minister Najib Razak in the infamous 1MDB scandal.
If the illegitimate Muhyiddin government and the corrupt attorney general and judges think that by rushing to severely punish MalaysiaKini will intimidate the people, the bullies have underestimated the extra miles people will go to protect the freedom of speech of journalism. The crowdfunding has sent a chilling message that the evil plan has backfired spectacularly. If the powerful Trump could be brought down, who is tyrant Muhyiddin?
With the new sheriff – President Joe Biden – in town, PM Muhyiddin is more than welcome to continue attacking, censoring and shutting down journalism and freedom of speech and expression. Better still, the backdoor prime minister can always copy what the Myanmar regime likes to do – pull the plug on the internet so that the dictator can only read praises from government-controlled media. - FT


19 February 2021

Dont play2 dengan kuasa rakyat...

Pernahkah hangpa dengaq portal berita disaman pasai komen pembacanya? dan didenda RM 1/2 juta, perlu dibayar dalam tempoh 3 hari? Mahkamah Persekutuan memutuskan bahawa Malaysiakini bertanggungjawab kerana menghina mahkamah menerusi komen pembacanya. Ini merupakan kali pertama Malaysiakini menghadapi tuduhan menghina mahkamah sepanjang 21 tahun penubuhannya. Pada 15 Jun tahun lalu, Peguam Negara, Idrus Harun mengemukakan permohonan menghina mahkamah terhadap portal berita tersebut

Malaysiakini has been fined RM500,000 for contempt of court in relation to the news portal's readers' comments. "We are of the view that a fine of RM500,000 is appropriate. "We order the fine by the first respondent to be paid within three days from Monday (next week)," Court of Appeal president Rohana Yusuf said.

Malaysiakini launched a fundraiser to raise the said amount.The fundraiser was to help the news portal pay for a RM500,000 fine after the Federal Court found Malaysiakini liable for contemptuous comments by its readers.

Malaysiakini has exceeded its RM500,000 fundraising target in under five hours. The rakyat has spoken. The people are watching. For letting so many felons go, punish PN in the next GE. 

Satu hari saja, 505k. Apakah indikator yang dapat ditafsirkan disebalik kemurahan orang ramai menghulurlan derma membantu portal berkenaan???...

1. Mungkin penderma simpati merasakan denda sebanyak itu tidak patut dan melampau.
2. Ia menunjukkan kebencian rakyat kepada gomen hari ini makin membara.
3. Petanda ini menggambarkan gomen pimpinan Din Yassin bakan hanyut. - minah kerang
  The court has fixed June 9 for trial to resume...
Big Mama kena bukti dia tak bersalah...

Isteri bekas PM Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor diarah membela diri atas tuduhan penyelewengan dana bagi projek pembekalan dan pemasangan tenaga solar di 369 sekolah luar bandar di Sarawak.

Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan membuat keputusan itu selepas mendapati pihak pendakwaan berjaya mewujudkan prima facie bagi ketiga-tiga kes tersebut. "Pihak pendakwa berjaya membuktikan kes prima facie terhadap tertuduh ke atas ketiga-tiga pertuduhan." "Dengan ini saya memanggil tertuduh untuk membela diri," kata Zaini.

Rosmah, memilih untuk memberikan keterangan sumpah dari kandang saksi. Ini setelah Hakim Mohd Zaini memerintahkannya untuk membela diri. Suaminya Najib Razak berada di dalam mahkamah untuk memberikan sokongan moralnya.

Rosmah, 69, dibicarakan atas satu tuduhan meminta RM187.5 juta dan dua tuduhan menerima rasuah RM6.5 juta berkaitan projek bernilai RM1.25 bilion itu daripada bekas Pengarah Urusan Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd Saidi Abang Samsudin. 

Rasuah terbabit didakwa diterima menerusi bekas pegawai khasnya Rizal Mansor sebagai upah membantu Jepak Holdings memperoleh Projek Bersepadu Sistem Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Hibrid, serta Penyelenggaraan dan Operasi Genset/Diesel bagi 369 sekolah luar bandar Sarawak, bernilai RM1.25 bilion secara rundingan terus daripada Kementerian Pendidikan.

Perbuatan itu didakwa dilakukan di Lygon Cafe, Sunway Putra Mall, Jalan Putra; di kediamannya di Jalan Langgak Duta, Taman Duta dan di Seri Perdana, Persiaran Seri Perdana, Presint 10, Putrajaya antara Januari 2016 dan September 2017. - mk

Now Rosmah Is Guilty 
Until Proven Innocent...

Rosmah ordered by High Court to submit defence  on corruption charges RM1.25b project for electricity to 369 schools in Sarawak. High Court judge Mohd Zaini Mazlan said prosecution proven prima facie case on all three charges, including soliciting bribe.

“It is my finding that the prosecution has adduced credible evidence to prove every element of the offences under the three charges, which, if unrebutted, warrants a conviction” said Zaini.

Zaini  also admitted the “Can I advise you something” audio clips as evidence. The prosecution applied to admit audio clip to show Rosmah’s “overbearing” nature.

Rosmah's  has 3 options ...
a. sworn evidence can be cross-examined 
b. unsworn statement 
c. remain silent.  
Rosmah chose to give a sworn statement 

So folks since Rosmah's defense has been called it means at this juncture the Court sees her as guilty of all charges.

“It is my finding that the prosecution has adduced credible evidence to prove every element of the offences under the three charges, which, if unrebutted, warrants a conviction” said High Court judge Mohd Zaini Mazlan.

Rosmah has chosen to give a sworn statement from the accused dock.  The lawyers should tell us what this means and the pros and cons of an accused person resorting to this type of defense.

Rosmah has chosen to read a statement from the dock because she cannot find sufficient witnesses who can testify in her favour. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Pengajaran dan pembelajaran Didik TV ntv7...

Didik TV ntv7  bermula siarannya kelmarin. Video di atas adalah salah satu contoh pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang ditayangkan untuk pelajar2 kita. Ia menunjukkan seorang guru sains yang mengajar tentang sistem reproductive(pembiakkan) manusia. OMG!!! aku tak tau nak gelak atau menangis menontonnya. Her body movement is like the swaying of the lalang. Her voice is so melodious like doraemon... Her articulation and diction of the English language.. banyak perlu diperbaikki dan tak taulah whether she is teaching or doing the ronggeng... Kesian kat pelajar2 yang menontonnya!!! -  minah kerang

DAP rep files MACC report on 
Rina Harun's 'source of wealth'...

A day after questioning Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rina Harun's source of wealth, DAP's Canning assemblyperson Jenny Choy proceeded to file a report urging the MACC to probe the minister. Rina has been in the spotlight after she settled her debts to a Paris-based film company around RM1.3 million to avoid being declared bankrupt.

Choy had publicly asked Rina how she managed to accumulate the settlement amount in a short period of 15 months as Rina's assets declaration data showed her assets at RM72,000 when the data was made public in November 2019.

"Referring to MACC's asset declaration data in November 2019, Rina declared that her assets stood at RM72,000 with a monthly income of RM34,004.48. "If Rina's source of income did not change, she will need approximately 40 months to collect enough funds to pay off her debts without spending a sen of her income. "As being a cabinet minister and public servant, MACC should show its responsibility and take immediate action to probe her," she said in a statement.

Choy, DAP Youth's vice-chief, urged MACC to investigate if Rina had received an additional income source. She filed the report at the MACC office in Ipoh.

Paris-based Sarl Novovision sued Rina on Nov 8, 2018, demanding that the full amount owed be paid by July 31, 2019. The claim was for several films, comedy shows and documentaries in the comedy genre sold to three companies in which Rina was director.

Rina was served a bankruptcy notice for debts owed to Sarl Novovision to the tune of RM1,340,642.02 as of Nov 17, 2020. Rina, who was one of the directors of the now-defunct companies, Eurofine (M) Sdn Bhd, Fine Mobile Network Sdn Bhd and Fine TV Network Sdn Bhd, had purchased several comedy shows and documentaries from the French company.

In May 2014, Rina and another company director, Ida Rahayu Md Noor, had entered into a guarantee agreement with Sarl Novovision that they would personally and jointly undertake all liabilities of the companies. However, the companies were closed down between December 2013 and August 2015, respectively. - mk


18 February 2021

Bomoh Macai pun dah tak tahan dengan Gomen PN...

Surat Azalina kepada AG: 
Legislatif telah lumpuh...

Cabang legislatif telah dilumpuhkan akibat keputusan eksekutif untuk menggantung Parlimen, kata Timbalan Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat Azalina Othman Said dalam sepucuk surat kepada Peguam Negara Idrus Harun. Menurut Azalina, ia menyebabkan cabang eksekutif seolah-olah mentadbir secara bebas dalam hal ehwal negara dan tidak dipertanggungjawabkan kepada Parlimen. Idrus adalah abang kepada Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat Azhar Azizan Harun.

Dalam surat itu, Azalina berkata dia bingung mengapa Malaysia sama ada tidak dapat atau tidak mahu berusaha melaksanakan sidang Parlimen seperti negara lain, seperti dengan mengurangkan penyertaan ahli Parlimen, menggunakan waktu sidang yang anjal, mahupun menyiarkan persidangan kamar khas.

Azalina memetik Perkara 43 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyatakan "jemaah menteri hendaklah bertanggungjawab secara bersama kepada Parlimen". "Saya perltu tekankan bahawa pertanggungjawaban kementerian (ministerial responsibility) dalah penting dalam sistem Parlimen kerana ia menjamin kebertanggungjawaban kerajaan kepada legislatif, dan maka, kepada pengundi secara keseluruhan," katanya. 

"Seolah-olah itu belum memadai, Pejabat Peguam Negara juga telah menasihati kerajaan, dan saya perlu tambah secara membatas, yang semua kegiatan jawatankuasa di Parlimen termasuk jawatankuasa pilihan khas tidak boleh lagi diteruskan walaupun jika dibuat secara maya," katanya lagi.

Azalina berkata lagi, penggantungan Parlimen membangkitkan beberapa soalan, antaranya bagaimana eksekutif akan dipertanggungjawabkan dalam keputusan yang dibuat, dan apakah sebab untuk turut melarang jawatankuasa khas daripada meneruskan tugas  mereka. "Bagaimana untuk ada Kabinet yang berfungsi sepenuhnya jika tiada cara menjalankan pertanggungjawaban kementerian? Mengapa tiada Kabinet Khas Darurat?"

Azalina berharap Idrus dapat menimbang untuk menasihatkan agar Kabinet sekarang digantung dan digantikan dengan Kabinet Khas Darurat yang hanya merangkumi kementerian yang relevan pada masa ini. "Kabinet Khas Darurat ini boleh dibenarkan untuk berfungsi dengan kuasa terhad sehinggalah Darurat tidak lagi dikuatkuasakan. - mk

Azalina is right in pointing out the shocking absurdity of suspending Parliament. With the absolute power granted under the proclamation of emergency now, Malaysia is virtually a totalitarian state – a self-destructive  assault on Malaysia’s  image, which further jeopardizes Malaysia’s faltering economy.

However, Azalina is wrong in proposing the present cabinet be replaced by a trimmed-down emergency cabinet and a bi-partisan parliamentary committee. This is unnecessary.
What we need now is an immediate re-instatement of parliament through an amendment to the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021, and let Parliament resume its constitutional role. - Kim Quek

I'm a sugar baby...

At 20, I was a student in an upper-class international university in Subang Jaya, surrounded by rich kids and wealthy international students. I felt a certain sense of being out of place, as my clothes were still the same frock from high school, not the designer apparel seen everywhere around campus.

My student allowance was tight and I had no intention of getting a part-time job although this would have been more skilfully valuable in the long run, as opposed to rubbing shoulders with affluent men over fine dining and cocktails in fancy hotel restaurants.Not being able to afford the same makeup or clothing styles as my peers, I began seriously considering having a sugar daddy to alleviate my ‘poor’ social standing.

Enter ‘Seeking Arrangements’, an international platform connecting affluent men and women to young and attractive sugar babies. I signed up and immediately received offers from eager men wanting a shot at the new girl.

My first ‘arrangement’ was with an American businessman. He gave me cash equivalent to US$1,500 for two nights with him at a five-star hotel while he was in town. The money was tremendously helpful to me. I was new to the game, so I asked why he wanted to pursue women who were barely over 18, the legal age of consent. “It’s because they’re still tight and bouncy,” he said, alluding to my body.

My experiences in sugar dating have gone downhill since as I navigated my way through adulterous men and potential sexual predators. Despite the bad experiences, I remained in the ‘sugar bowl’ whenever I needed to make a hefty purchase, while naively believing in the stories of women securing long-term sugar relationships and having million-dollar houses as a result.

‘Pay per meet'

Here, I am going to burst the sugar bubble. If you have used sugar-dating platforms, you would be familiar with the inside term, ‘PPM’ (pay per meet). ‘Pay per meet’ is exactly what anyone would guess it to be - paid sex work per each meeting.

The policies of the Sugarbook application insist against using escort terminology such as ‘pay per meet’. But despite the policies, a large portion of the sugar daddy user base uses the term to negotiate one-off, paid sexual encounters. I receive texts from sugar daddies asking, ‘PPM?’ within the first few texts of the conversation.

Sugarbook has boasted about Malaysia having tens of thousands of sugar daddies. I disagree. The app is instead saturated with regular men who do not have access to physical or romantic intimacy and find that paying for it is much simpler than being part of the dating process.

This is not the luxury dating the average outsider would expect it to be. There is no romancing. No diamonds, roses, or fat cheques. Just eager men trying to find someone willing to have sex for a price that would not hurt their pockets too much.

Another claim that the Sugarbook team uses to defend their place in society is that the platform provides the potential for sugar babies to advance in their careers by networking with high-profile, successful gentlemen.

I find this claim to be inflated, as sugar daddies often do not reveal their identities. Last names are commonly omitted and details such as their workplaces are kept secret due to fears of blackmail and/or stalking by sugar babies.

This secrecy poses a variety of problems, including scamming and sexual assault. When phone numbers and last names are not revealed, it is difficult for either party to be held legally accountable, should something go wrong.

'Susceptible to manipulation'

I have been scammed a couple of times. I would engage in sexual liaisons with sugar daddies and they do not have the agreed ‘allowance’ for me when I request it. There would be no way for me to get the money owed to me as it is not a legitimate service I can make a formal complaint. In such cases, a report can be sent to the sugar-dating platform. However, all that would result is no more than a ban for the culprit.

Similarly, these platforms do not have resources or support for sugar daddies that send money to sugar babies who never show up for dates, or for sugar babies who have had traumatising experiences. For this reason and many others, it alarms me that there has been a sudden increase of sugar babies who are in college and are easily susceptible to manipulation, sexual coercion, grooming and financial bullying.

As a sugar baby, I can attest that for the most part, it is nothing more than a way to do freelance sex work without the protection of a pimp or the reliable business of a brothel. The money I accumulated from all my five years of sugar dating has provided me with material gains but has left me stunted in my ability to find money on my own.

Like drug dealing, the money is quick and easily achieved, which makes acquiring money the legal way a lot less attractive and more arduous. While I do not pay any attention to what two willing, consensual adults do in their private time, I am personally against any women under the age of 25 engaging in sugar dating.

To parents who want to protect their daughters from such exploits, my advice is this - empower your children to earn money on their own from a young age. Self-sustenance would diminish dependence on someone else, let alone a sugar daddy, to meet their personal financial and material requirements. - Anonymous


16 February 2021

Cik Rina speaking Londoon...

Cikgu suruh proficient in English,bukan nak suruh jadi omputih.
Diction tu biaqlah nampak cam pernah bersekolah cikit...

Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Rina Harun kembali menjadi buah mulut warganet selepas dilihat kekok memberi ucapan dalam bahasa Inggeris menerusi satu persidangan secara maya baru-baru ini.

Menyedari kekoknya Rina ketika berucap dalam persidangan Suruhanjaya Pembangunan Sosial (CSocD59), Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) bagi Sesi ke-59, pelakon dan penyanyi Adibah Noor mengambil inisiatif memperbetulkan sebutan Rina.

“Saya akui, penulis skrip (ucapan Rina) sangat bagus dan saya harap saya dapat membacanya sendiri.

“Apa-apa pun, mari kita belajar menyebut perkataan ini, 'doubt' (keraguan). Saya dah pernah buat video tentang ini tapi mungkin anda dah lupa.

“Jadi cara nak sebutnya (doubt) hilangkan bunyi ‘b’ bukan, dup, daob, dib tapi d-out,” ciapnya beserta tanda pagar #Pronunciation, #BetulkanYangBiasa dan #BiasakanYangBetul. - mk

Why is the minister for women 
silent on the Miri lockup rape?

When will Minister for Women, Family and Community Development Rina Mohd Harun speak up for women and children? When will she speak out for the underage girl who was raped in a Miri police lock-up? Why are our women ministers meek, weak and ineffective?

Many people will recall that the Penan girls who were raped by timber workers from 2005 to 2009 did not receive any justice. Last Jan 9, a 16-year-old girl was raped while in police custody at the Miri central police station. She had been detained the previous day for alleged involvement in illegal gambling activities.

A few days ago, we read that her case had been transferred to Bukit Aman. Why? Is it to avoid conflict of interest if the case were to be investigated in Sarawak? Some pundits wonder if the case will simply be kicked like a football from one department or jurisdiction to another and will, in time, be forgotten.

The suspected rapist has claimed trial and is being represented by the same lawyers acting for the two policemen who had allegedly abandoned their posts the morning the victim was raped. The policemen should have been on duty and prevented the alleged rapist from obtaining the keys to the victim’s cell. The girl was said to have been raped in the police toilet.

The two cops have been charged over the incident and deserve the most severe of punishments if found guilty. A girl’s life has been wrecked and the incident is fishy. Is Sarawak suffering from a shortage of lawyers? Surely one cannot have the same firm of lawyers acting for the policemen and the rape suspect.

We are told that the alleged rapist was given bail and he was ordered not to disturb the victim or her family before the trial. He will also have to report to the Miri central police station once every two weeks.

Does the minister for women know about the psychological and physical trauma that rape victims go through? There are many questions about the rape of the girl in Miri, but few answers have been given. Why were no policemen manning the cells? Is it normal for the cells to be unguarded?

Where were the other policemen in the station? Were they fast asleep or out solving a case? Are the guards complicit in the crime? Why was the alleged rapist allowed to wander around freely? How did he gain access to the key to the girl’s cell?

Malaysia needs a serious shake-up if prisoners are not safe in a police cell. This is not the first crime that has been committed in a prison or jail. As usual, the police will make a few banal statements, but after four weeks all will be forgotten.

Many rape victims suffer in silence. They know that people in authority will not demand justice for them. Will the minister for women prove us wrong? - Mariam Mokhtar

Well... she's too busy photoshooting...

Ke mana staf ntv7 akan pi...