15 October 2021

Tak berakhlaklah, gomen Mail kasi 15 juta...

Drama Korea atau Drama Kelantan...- dr.ts

Malaysians are getting frustrated with the cabbage policy. Please revert to the status quo. Enough of helping crony companies at the expense of good internet connectivity due to the withdrawal of tech giants. Sudahlah. Enough is enough. - JazliSalleh

Instruction has been given to Wee Wee that the cronies need to be protected at all cost. Cronies are bigger than national interest. Wee Wee is unable to let Rakyat knows that this is the case. Wee Wee job is to do and die. Wee Wee is not to question why. So when issue has been blown up, Wee Wee is on his own. His PM has disavowed him. None of his cabinet ministers stood up for him too. Poor Wee Wee. Wee Wee has become the unwanted child. This is the problem when MCA has 1 seat with no friends around to defend him. In Malaysia national interest is not in the vocabulary when cronies are concerned. The cronies rice bowl needs to be protected even though they cannot do the job. It is a protected privilege. Even after 60 years, cronies need protection. It shows that the cronies cannot compete on even terms. Sad sad case. - Oct

I am quite curious. The cabotaged detail explanation is not just for Wee and Lim. The entire Malaysian wants to know now. - VioletCat3443

Committee formation reflects govt's 
inability to make wise decisions...

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has announced the formation of three committees. One to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

One for the allegations made by former attorney-general Tommy Thomas in his book about judicial abuse (appointment of judges, excessive executive interference in the judiciary and selective political prosecution).

Committee three is to look for a “Tort of Misfeasance” against those who are found to have been negligent for not pursuing a judicial review of the Pulau Batu Puteh case.

Unfortunately, the formation of the three committees reflects the government's pathetic inability to make wise decisions on important issues in the country. As they say, if you don't want to make decisions, form a committee.

In July 2020, the police had already submitted investigation papers (IP) to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to charge 12 people for their involvement in Adib's death. Why was this not done? You do not need a government committee to do justice; you ask the AG. A phone call will do.

If the police had asked for another inquest at the same time, then you ask Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin: did the police know what they were doing? If they don't have enough evidence to charge anyone, say so. Public or political pressure should not influence the decision of a professional police force.

I hope this special committee into Adib’s death will not be used to ‘compel’ the attorney-general to make a decision. The law gives the AG the discretion to decide to charge or not to charge anyone, based on evidence, and nothing else, without fear or favour. The question is, does our AG have the qualities to do that? That's all we need to know.

Thomas entitled to his opinion

What Thomas said in his book "My Story: Justice in the Wilderness" was nothing new. It is his book, and he is entitled to express his opinions. If you don't like it, don't read it. There is absolutely no need to waste money on more findings. Since the days of the famous VK Lingam’s "looks like me, sounds like me, but it is not me" quote, we have been grappling with the issue of judicial independence.

Although things are better now, there is no guarantee that political interference by politicians has ceased entirely. The Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) on Lingam tapes recommended criminal actions be taken against those involved in "judge fixing", but the government refused to act on the recommendations.

We have over the years RCI such as Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah’s recommendations on police reform, special committees on custodial deaths, foreign exchange losses in Bank Negara, and many more, but nothing by way of remedial actions were taken. Why do we want to waste more time and money to look good to the unsuspecting public by forming committees?

'We did not lose anything in Pulau Batu Puteh case'

The third committee on Pulau Batu Puteh is the craziest of the lot. We lost the case on the sovereignty of Pedro Branca/Batu Puteh (the lighthouse) fair and square. 

A total of 14 judges of the International Court of Justice (by a comfortable majority) gave the decision to Singapore. But the judges gave the middle rocks and South Ledge to Malaysia. We won partly. We did not lose everything as our emotional leaders were fond of saying.

What tort of misfeasance are they talking about?

Do they want to find fault and blame former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail? What review Apandi Ali and the battery of new international lawyers (that will cost us a few million US dollars) can do to benefit the country? Nothing at all. Gani (a good lawyer) engaged some well-known international law experts during the trial, and our witnesses were the best we had. We just lost the case after three full days of arguments.

By the way, is no one competent around here to do a "judicial review" of complex international law issues that took the International Court of Justice months to investigate and deliberate; that depended on history and incomplete documentation to boot?

It would be a bad precedent if Apandi’s committee was formed to find fault with his predecessor Gani and the AGC at that time because one day there will be another special committee to look at Apandi’s and Idrus Harun’s “tort of misfeasance”.

Do we expect this committee to also find fault with the assistant Johor state secretary who in 1953 wrote a letter to the effect that Johore had no claim on Pedro Branca? What good will this do?

I think the prime minister has to be more careful with the advice he gets from his Umno colleagues, who may have "other reasons" for going against certain former decision-makers in the country. Ismail Sabri must realise that if we take too much time looking back, we will have little left to move forward. - Zaid Ibrahim,mk

Guys, all decisions of the International Court of Justice or ICJ are final and CANNOT be appealed. Please read for yourself here. Unless new evidence is found that has not been submitted to the ICJ Court.

But as far as we know, in the case of Pulau Batu Putih (and also the case of Pulau Sipadan which we have won) Malaysia has already presented all kinds of evidence accumulated from over a hundred years ago. Unless Ismail Sabri has found new evidence that we can refer to, but if there is no new evidence, then this is just a ‘political toy’ before the State Election in Malacca.

Believe me, in their talk to the villagers, UMNO goons will twist the facts as if we can win back Pulau Batu Putih. The reality is the case is closed. Cannot appeal.

Similar to the case of the unfortunate Firefighter Adib. Trust me, Umno will accuse those people who have nothing to do with this case. State Elections in Malacca dah sampai... - Syed Akbar Ali 

13 October 2021

Lebai pemuda ni lebih berani dpd Chief Lebai PAS...

MP Pasir Mas Ahmad Fadhli Shaari yang juga Naib Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS hanya sekadar mohon membatalkan cabutan khas judi saja, bukan lesen perjudian.Lepaih tu cadang jual tanah UM kononnya nak ganti hasil dari judi. Tapi peliknya zaman PH dulu,macam mana LGE bijak kurangkan cabutan khas dari 22 sampai ke 8 tanpa jual aset negara? Inilah yang jadi pada parti lebai bila golongan profesional semua dah cabut lari, yang tinggal geng2 Mullah palsu... - Mohd Mukhlis Mohd Sharif

Lebih baik lebai syorkan gomen Kelantan juai aset 
untuk tingkatkan bekalan air bersih bagi rakyatnya... - dr.ts

Shame on you Mr.Speaker...

Old story repeated over and over since Merdeka.
Don't lah Mail, you made us laughed until our teloq dropped...- dr.ts

The new "Parti Kuasa Rakyat" 
sponsored by PM Mail Sabri...

United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is on the path of destruction, but the political party hasn’t realized it, thinking the worst is over after the May 2018 General Election, where it lost power for the first time in 61 years since independence in 1957. Now that it is back to power through a series of backdoor and betrayal manoeuvres, UMNO thinks it could return to its former glory.

But former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s plan to seek re-election to parliament, despite being convicted and sentenced to 12 years in jail, along with the latest power struggle between Melaka Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali and former Chief Minister Idris Haron, suggest that the arrogant UMNO has not learned its lesson. UMNO is actually more divided now than when it first lost its power.

Assuming Najib managed to get re-elected without being disqualified, and UMNO President Zahid Hamidi won’t be convicted, who would become the next prime minister? Will current clueless “turtle egg” PM Sabri continues to get the support from both Najib and Zahid to run the country, assuming again that the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition could win big in the next 15th General Election?

The only way Barisan Nasional can win big is to either wipe out Opposition Pakatan Harapan (comprised PKR, DAP, Amanah, UPKO), or to totally destroy ally Perikatan Nasional, which consists of Malaysian United Indigenous Party (Bersatu or PPBM), Islamist party PAS and Gerakan. If Barisan fails to snatch more seats and win big, then UMNO may not get to claim the premiership.

However, if UMNO is cocksure of a victory by going solo, why must Kamarazaman Yaakob (older brother of PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob) launched a new party called “Parti Kuasa Rakyat” on Sunday Oct 10? Heck, the party is deliberately abbreviated PKR to confuse voters with Opposition PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), the People’s Justice Party.
It’s not rocket science that Kamarazaman’s PKR is being sponsored and supported by the Prime Minister himself. It’s not easy to get approval for the setting up of a new political party in the country. Malaysia United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) has seen its registration rejected and blocked by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) because it is seen as a threat to the current regime.

Parti Kuasa Rakyat  - Kamarazaman Yaakob

The most hilarious part was when Kamarazaman declared that the goal of his dubious PKR is to champion the poor and in order to do that, Parti Kuasa Rakyat will be friendly to Barisan Nasional. Has he just woken up from slumberland and found out that there are tonnes of poor people in the country? Where has he been for the last 60 years?

Did Mr Kamarazaman realize how contradictory and ridiculous the justifications he hastily cooked up? He talked as if the people suddenly become poor yesterday. Was it not UMNO (the party his brother Ismail joined since 1987) that had been ruling for the last 61 years since independence before it was stunningly defeated by the Opposition in the May 2018 General Election?

It means the corrupt UMNO had failed spectacularly to solve the poverty of ethnic Malay for more than 6 decades because the UMNO-Malay elite, including the entire families of Sabri Yaakob, were busy enriching themselves. Had Kamarazaman asked himself why a Malay stole a handphone, leading to the Low Yat bloody racial riots in 2015, where his brother applauded the thievery?

So, if UMNO, the Malay nationalist party formed to defend the ethnic Malays, could not (or rather not interested) even uplift the Malay community out of poverty after 60 years, what make Mr Kamarazaman thinks his party could do so by being friendly with Barisan Nasional? He even has the cheek to claim his party is multiracial, and belittled DAP and Gerakan as non-multiracial parties.

Just because Parti Kuasa Rakyat has one Malay president, and cosmetically decorates five deputy presidents and five vice presidents with rejected politicians of various racial combinations – Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dusuns, Muruts, Bajaus, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulus, Melanaus, Ibans, Dayaks and whatnot – does not make the party multiracial.

The brother of the prime minister has already demonstrated his utmost racism when he proclaims that only his party and Parti Keadilan Rakyat are multiracial. It seems when a party is headed by Malays, only then it can be qualified as multiracial. But if they are headed by a Chinese (like DAP or Gerakan), then those parties are racist and not multiracial.

UMNO  Logo

But Kamarazaman, a so-called veteran activist, has conveniently forgotten that Barisan Nasional was supposed to be a multiracial coalition, comprising not only UMNO to defend the ethnic Malay, but also MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) and MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) to represent the minorities Chinese and Indians, as well as other non-Malay minorities and natives in Sabah and Sarawak.

By saying that Parti Kuasa Rakyat is formed to champion the multiracial poor, it is essentially an admission that the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional was corrupt, racist and incompetent. Without Kamarazaman realized it, he actually has also admitted that his brother, PM Ismail, was part of the corrupt and racist system for the last 34 years since the turtle-egg man joined UMNO in 1987.

Obviously, the game plan is to grab the market share of voters who are not happy with any of the existing political parties. Kamarazaman hopes to help his brother by pretending to be the third force, offering safe haven to independent MPs and targeting all fence sitters, especially the young 18-year-old vote bank – the critical group of voters who will determine the winners and losers.

UMNO is in trouble largely because unlike the Republicans and Democrats in America that are deeply divided along ideological lines, UMNO is divided not only along ideological lines, which saw it fights for the same Malay vote bank with Bersatu, PAS, Pejuang and PKR, but also along racial lines. It cannot claim as champion for non-Malays or non-Muslims because it was founded based on racism.

You can only play racial card for so long. Now that the Malay vote bank is split into not only different Malay-centric parties, but also divided into many power-hungry factions within UMNO itself, the cake has shrunk into a dangerously small size. Even Muhyiddin’s racist Malay-only party has turned into a multiracial party last year (August 2020) – without much success.

That’s why UMNO vice-president Mahdzir Khalid said the Malays do not need many political parties because it will only lead to factionalism in the community. Apparently, he was worried of not only Parti Kuasa Rakyat, but also UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh’s plan to revive the “old UMNO”. However, it would be a futile attempt for Kamarazaman to hoodwink the Chinese or Indians.

Pakatan Harapan Supporters - PKR Flags

After 60 years of racism, bullying and discrimination, the Chinese voters would not vote for UMNO or its subsidiaries, but prefer Opposition or not vote at all. Only 5% would vote for MCA. How could they vote for a new party like Parti Kuasa Rakyat that claims to champion the poor, but friendly with bullies, racists and crooks in Barisan Nasional? It would be more believable if the fake PKR pretends to be anti-UMNO.

Ismail Sabri hopes his brother’s PKR could become the Pepsi that managed to snatch Coca-Cola’s share market. It is a clone copy of the original Opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR, offering free scholarships, free healthcare, free housing and whatnot. UMNO desperately needs the Chinese and Indian, the supports which MCA, MIC and Gerakan failed to deliver.

It’s true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kamarazaman’s idiotic plan to set up PKR would most likely suffer the same fate as “Low Yat 2”, the silly idea of his racist brother to empowering Malay vendors after mini racial riots at IT Mall Low Yat in 2015. He should stop insulting people’s intelligence with claims that his brother – the PM – doesn’t know about his new party.

The Malay elite has set up two new standards after the 2018 General Election. The first standard was set up by Muhyiddin Yassin, who says there is no red line that cannot be crossed, when he betrayed his own allies in democratically elected Pakatan Harapan so that he could become a prime minister. The second standard was when a man as clueless and incompetent as Ismail Sabri could become a premier.

It was because of these two disgraceful standards that saw the greedy and corrupt Malay leaders scramble for the “Iron Throne”, contributing to mushrooming of new political parties under the pretext of fighting for the Malays or championing the poor. The more the merrier – the more Malay parties fight each other, the more they would need non-Malay votes – forcing them to play less racial and religious card. - FT

How 'powerful' will 
Parti Kuasa Rakyat be?...

There’s a new party that will be launched tomorrow by Kamarazaman Yaakob, the older brother of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. It’s called Parti Kuasa Rakyat. Although I’m not invited, I am still looking forward to being there, as I am excited whenever a new party is born.

I don't know Kamarazaman (above), although he was my contemporary in student politics. I was closer to a dedicated socialist, Hishamuddin Rais. Of course, the prime mover of "marhainism" or "the party for the poor" was PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, although Anwar was more of an "Islamist", banding his political ideas with Islamic content.

Hishamuddin and Kamarazaman could be described, in those days, as democratic socialists. Somewhat similar to the genuine socialist Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj from Sungai Siput, Perak. Kamarazaman felt he was a victim when allegations of a political conspiracy were bandied about regarding his new party because his brother is the prime minister and an Umno leader. He should not worry what others say.

If he is genuinely interested in realigning national politics so that government policies are more friendly to the working class, then he deserves support. His party is more exciting than the multitude of Malay only Muslim only, Chinese only and Indian only parties. They are so dull and bereft of ideas.

It is alright for Kamarazaman to support his brother, the prime minister, as he has proudly declared. It's only natural. After all, Ismail Sabri is our second prime minister who was not born from a wealthy class and so he could be more sympathetic to the issues of the poor. In fact, I think our prime minister will support some of his older brother's initiatives if presented coherently to the government.

The real challenge

But Kamarazaman has to have his eyes wide open and willing to be objective about what is happening in the country. Is he willing to criticise government policies and laws that are inimical to the welfare of the workers and the poor? Will he ask for the repeal of certain laws that criminalise criticisms of the elites and aristocrats so that a more transparent and accountable society can rise?

I need to remind him that what is hard in this country is not having a brother as a prime minister but pursuing political ideals that are democratic and egalitarian. The challenge is to imbue our society with the right values to attain a fair and just environment for everyone.

Fairness means that if the government approves the registration of Parti Kuasa Rakyat, then Kamarazaman must also fight for Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s party Malaysian United Democratic Alliance to be registered. Will he do that? How does Kamarazaman hope to address the myopic and occasionally toxic issues of privileges and rights (famously known as Art 153) so that the poor marhain, regardless of race and religion can get a fair deal?

To dismantle decades of selfish policies designed to protect the rich and the ruling class require absolute honesty and integrity. It requires great material sacrifice. Perhaps launching the new party at an exclusive venue is a wrong signal to give if we are fighting for the poor. Let Bersatu and Umno carry the symbol of wealth and arrogance. Let Parti Pejuang Tanah Air and Perkasa, and PAS have the image of "exclusive racial and religious clubs". 

Parti Kuasa Rakyat has to shape itself more along the lines of successful socialists parties in other countries. The struggle will be long and hard. Unless Kamarazaman is willing to do this, then he and his party will not succeed. He will be remembered as just another political operative willing to play a designated role, to placate and please the rich and the powerful. We already have so many such players in our political midst. - Zaid Ibrahim,mk


11 October 2021

Barulah merdeka...

Inter-state travel resumes from midnight, Malaysians were told to stay vigilant especially when visiting families back home, adhere strictly to SOPs. Although screening is not necessary,but PM Mail has advised the people to self test before traveling... - MG


Mahathir’s abiding obsession with race...

In a recent blog post, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad asked: Why is it that political parties in Malaysia are race-based? He then went on to answer his own question by saying that it is because “Malaysians insist on retaining their identification with their countries of origin. This is not so in other multiracial countries. The migrants from other countries, upon accepting citizenship adopt the language, culture and loyalties to their adopted countries completely. They get fully assimilated after one or two generations. 

But in Malaysia the migrants, despite being citizens insist not only on being recognised as of different origins from the indigenous people but are physically separated through their economic functions and their political affiliations…. As long as we retain our identification with our countries of origin, politics and political parties in Malaysia will remain racial.”

In other words, Malaysia remains mired in racism because the non-Malays – “the migrants” as he calls them – have refused to assimilate with the local population. Indeed, they have, he says, deliberately separated themselves economically, politically and physically from the indigenous people. He also hints that even their loyalty might be suspect.

It’s another way of saying that racism in Malaysia will only end when non-Malays abandon their respective identities – cultural, linguistic and religious – and identify themselves completely with the indigenous people. In other words, he wants non-Malays to commit cultural hara-kiri before they can be fully accepted. It is an outrageous and profoundly racist assertion that cannot go unchallenged.

Whether Mahathir likes it or not, we are who we are – Malaysians of Chinese, Indian or other descent. We can’t change that, and neither should we be expected to. It is what makes us unique; it is what makes Malaysia unique. It does not, however, make us any less Malaysian. I would argue that non-Malay Malaysians have always considered themselves Malaysian first and are very proud of it. Compare that to people like Mahathir and former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin who insist that they are Malay first and Malaysian second.

If non-Malays are increasingly moving in different directions, pulling apart even, it is because leaders like Mahathir have marginalised them and shut them out of many areas of national life, including the civil service, the armed forces, the universities, GLCs, etc. At one time non-Malays were well represented in all these sectors but they were systematically purged. Even their contribution to nation-building was minimised. The walls of separation were not built by non-Malays; they were put there by men like Mahathir.

And how does it help the assimilation process when our politicians – Mahathir included – insist on demonising non-Malays at every turn. They’ve been tagged with derogatory terms like “pendatang” or “migrants”. Their religious beliefs have been demeaned, their places of worship demolished or restricted. Even their businesses – built up over many decades of hard work and sacrifice – continue to be taken from them (reference the recent furore over equity ownership of freight forwarding companies). You can’t treat people like dirt and expect them to be grateful.

The double standards and hypocrisy that Mahathir displays are also stunning. Why is someone like Zahid Hamidi, for example, allowed to celebrate and take pride in his ethnic origins (Indonesian) but not Malaysian Chinese or Indians? Why does Mahathir go out of his way to protect a fugitive Muslim preacher from India but cannot find it in his heart to show even a little bit of respect for Malaysians, who like him, can trace their roots back to India?

As well, Mahathir rather disingenuously references migrant communities in other countries to make his case for assimilation. The fact is that in many countries migrant communities are free to hold on to their ancestry, their culture and even their language. US President Joe Biden is proud of his heritage (Irish) as is Vice-President Kamala Harris (Indian). It is absolute nonsense to suggest that they have had to abandon their culture and heritage in order to become American. Their culture and heritage is who they are; America is where their loyalties lie. The same can be said of Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

What’s more, Mahathir himself has rallied against western governments when they have imposed rules that seek to force migrant communities to assimilate. He was, for example, very critical of European governments that sought to restrict the use of the hijab or limit the construction of mosques. He is right to speak out against such racism, but he ought to practise at home what he preaches abroad.

At the end of the day, if there has been a failure to assimilate, it’s because politicians like Mahathir have made it impossibly difficult. They have made national integration a one-way street; they’ve put the onus entirely on non-Malays to compromise while refusing to address their own bigotry and intolerance. Their almost daily disparagement of non-Malays, the disdain they harbour towards the so-called “migrants” and the walls they have created have done more to damage the fabric of our nation than anything else.

Our politicians – Mahathir included – need to understand the depth of non-Malay disappointment, hurt and indignation that’s building up. Our nation is being slowly torn asunder because men like Mahathir are unable to come to terms with history and the fact that we are all Malaysians now.

When I served as ambassador, I always made it a point to meet with the Malaysian diaspora.  I can tell you that the pain they feel in their hearts at having to leave their homeland is real. They left not because they did not love their country but because their country did not love them or appreciate them. Unless you are a non-Malay, you will never understand what it feels like to be bypassed, overlooked or made to feel like a second-class citizen simply because of your race or religion. I dare say it’s a pain that non-Malays as a whole carry in their hearts wherever they may be. It’s a pain that men like Mahathir have built their careers upon. - Dennis Ignatius


08 October 2021

Hangpa pi sign MOU dengan hantu2 ini buat apa?...

Kalu setakat baca skrip saja tak payah jadi Menteri atau MP.Murid2 boleh baca,lebih 
lancar daripada Menteri. Apa nak buat? Mail pilih yang bodoh2 saja jadi Menteri2nya...- dr.ts
Kasthuri had asked Siti Zailah to elaborate on the ministry’s initiatives to help mothers return to the working world. The deputy minister responded that she was just getting to the point in her speech where she could reply to her.

Hannah Yeoh (PH-Segambut) then stood up to tell Rashid,“You’re making a mockery of Parliament. We can’t ask questions while the written answers are meaningless. If everyone comes just to read a script, anyone can be a minister. And questions should not be treated as attacks.” She told Rashid they were debating the 12th Malaysia Plan and this was “not a reading class”. 

As soon as the Deputy Ministers had finished their speeches,Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Mohd Rashid Hasnon turned off everyone’s microphones and said the deputy ministers were allowed to choose not to allow interjections since it was their floor. “The rest will get written replies. - minah kerang

Emma Raducanu faltered in her first match since winning the U.S. Open last month, falling 
6-2 6-4 to Aliaksandra Sasnovich in the second round of the Indian Wells tennis tournament. 

Melaka CM Sulaiman Md Ali and Idris Haron

Melaka political crisis – The war for projects, from RM43 billion Melaka Gateway to RM100 billion Waterfront Economic Zone...

Following the collapse of Melaka state government on Monday (Oct 4), Governor Ali Rustam swiftly agreed with Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali, who had effectively lost his majority support, to dissolve the state legislative assembly. This means a state election must be held within 60 days. But the way Mr Sulaiman lost his power is both interesting and hilarious.

The chief minister was actually toppled by his own comrades after four lawmakers pulled their support for him. The leader of the rebellious team was none other than Melaka former Chief Minister Idris Haron, with the remaining 3 assemblymen being Nor Azman (UMNO) Hassan, Noor Effandi Ahmad (Bersatu or PPBM) and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (DAP-turn-independent).
This is the second time the state administration collapsed in two years. In March 2020, the Melaka state government under Pakatan Harapan (PH) also collapsed after defections of four assemblymen. PH won the state of Melaka for the first time in history during Malaysia’s May 2018 General Election, clinching 15 seats out of the 28-seat state assembly.

However, thanks to traitors Muhyiddin Yassin and Azmin Ali, who betrayed their respective Bersatu and PKR party at the federal level by forming a backdoor government – Perikatan Nasional – with defeated Barisan Nasional coalition and extremists Islamist party PAS, the chain reaction of the collapse of democratically elected PH quickly spread to Melaka.

Describing himself as “Hulk”, the disgraced Norhizam Hassan Baktee won his seat under DAP (Democratic Action Party), but he switched sides the moment his party lost power. He was formerly an UMNO member before joining DAP in 2006. Likewise, Noor Effandi Ahmad defected and joined forces with Barisan Nasional in Melaka, following Muhyiddin’s betrayal at national level.

Eventually, United Malays National Organization (UMNO) managed to reclaim Melaka in March 2020 when two Bersatu assemblymen and “Hulk” Norhizam Hassan Baktee along with PKR assemblyman Muhammad Jailani Khamis joined the defeated 13 UMNO lawmakers. That left Pakatan Harapan with only 11 seats compared to 17 on the other side.

However, Idris Haron, who had been the 10th Chief Minister of Melaka from 2013 until the defeat in the 2018, was not returned as the chief minister in March 2020. Instead, fellow UMNO Sulaiman Md Ali was installed as the new chief of the state. So, it was all about power grabbing, backstabbing, betrayal and whatnot between two UMNO chief ministers. It was UMNO-Malay vs. UMNO-Malay.

Behind the scene, Sulaiman was chosen as the Melaka chief minister because he was a bigger supporter of Muhyiddin than his own party president – Zahid Hamidi. On the other hand, Idris was a strong supporter of former PM Najib Razak, who happens to be a political rival of Muhyiddin. In fact, Idris once said he will not support any move to put Bersatu in charge of the state.

After Muhyiddin lost power, forced to resign as prime minister in August due to Zahid-Najib’s betrayal, Idris saw an opportunity to make a comeback. Of course, the naughty opposition Pakatan Harapan, in its attempt to drive a wedge between the two power-hungry Melaka UMNO leaders, as well as to create havoc between UMNO and Bersatu, has conveniently lent support to the rebel leader Idris Haron.

Even Zahid was agreeable to Idris’ coup when he recklessly recommended a snap state election to resolve the latest political crisis in Melaka. As UMNO president, he could solve the internal power struggle quite easily. But he had a cleverer plan, or so he thought. Mr Zahid wanted to use the state election as a testing ground to prove that UMNO can win on its own.

If UMNO-led Barisan Nasional can win Melaka in a three-corner contest against Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan, not only will Zahid show off his great leadership, but the gamble might see a demoralized Bersatu disintegrates. It could see all former UMNO assemblymen and MPs, who had defected to Bersatu, return to UMNO in droves.

More importantly, if UMNO goes solo and succeeded in winning Malacca state election, it also means it could win the next 15th General Election – without Bersatu or PAS. However, Zahid’s wishful thinking did not get very far. Prime Minister Ismail Sabri poured cold water, telling all and sundry that Melaka (Malacca) crisis is Zahid’s problem. The general public is also against an election at this time.

Apparently, nobody wants to be held responsible for another wave of Covid-19. Turtle-egg Sabri was smart enough to understand how power-hungry Muhyiddin lost power largely due to the Sabah state election, which sparked the third wave of Coronavirus pandemic since September 2020 and never ended even on the day Muhyiddin resigned in August, just 2 months ago.

Zahid quickly made a U-turn, saying it is dangerous to hold snap elections in Melaka. Now, he suggested a State of Emergency, like what was done in Sarawak. But Sarawak’s state assembly was not dissolved when an emergency rule was declared. Melaka Governor Ali Rustam obediently and hastily dissolved the state assembly the moment Zahid suggested a snap election.
Ali Rustam - Mohd Khalil Yaakob

Ali Rustam was one of the most corrupt UMNO warlords during his office as Melaka Chief Minister between 1999 and 2013. After he lost twice in the 2013 and 2018 General Election, he was promoted, a comical tradition in UMNO, as the 7th Governor of Melaka on June 2020, replacing Mohd Khalil Yaakob (another corrupt UMNO politician) who ended his sixteen-year tenure as the Governor of Melaka.

But what is so rewarding about the Chief Minister of Malacca that Sulaiman and Idris fought tooth and nail for the position? The short answer – China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). The long answer – kickbacks from multi-billion-dollar mega projects in the “Historic State” that was once conquered by Portuguese in 1511 due to its strategic location in the Strait of Malacca.
When “Malacca Gateway”, a whopping RM43 billion project, was launched in Feb 2014 by then-Prime Minister Najib Razak (after a visit to Beijing), it was witnessed by then-Chief Minister of Melaka Idris Haron. The controversial port project off the coast of Melaka was touted as being the largest in the region when ready – even overtaking Singapore.
Apart from the giant deep-sea port, Melaka Gateway was designed to include business district, an international cruise terminal, bungalows with a private marina, condominiums, hotels and theme parks. The ambitious project on a 546-hectare land, spanning four artificial islands, would transform the otherwise boring historical state to a modern, booming, economic powerhouse.

Heck, there were supposed to be a giant “Malaysia Eye” Ferris wheel and a seven-star hotel. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang even visited the project in 2015, giving it his stamp of approval. By 2016, little-known Malaysian company KAJ Development, the master developer of the project, revealed its three Chinese partners – Shenzhen Yantian Port Group, Rizhao Port Group and state-owned Chinese energy firm PowerChina.
Yes, Melaka Gateway was just one of Najib’s many asset sales to China in order to cover up 1MDB debts after tens of billions of Ringgit was siphoned by the despicable prime minister and his partner-in-crime Jho Low. To cover up the 1MDB scandal, Najib sold national strategic assets such as power plants, lands like Bandar Malaysia and projects like ECRL to China in exchange for kickbacks.
The U.S.-DOJ investigation results says that over US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from the 1MDB fund, with some of the money used to finance Hollywood films, and buy hotels, private jet, luxury Equanimity superyacht, Picasso paintings, jewellery and real estate. More than US$700 million (hence the infamous RM2.6 billion) from the fund landed in Najib’s bank account.

However, when Najib administration stunningly lost the 2018 General Election, the new Pakatan Harapan government puts a stop to almost all Chinese projects, including the Melaka Gateway. In retaliation, KAJ sued the government for RM139 billion in damages on March 13, 2019. Two months later, the Transport Ministry allowed the project to proceed, prompting KAJ to drop its lawsuit.

But the Pakatan Harapan government only survived for 22 months. On March 2020, traitor Muhyiddin was installed as the new prime minister. Along with newly crowned Melaka Chief Minister Sulaiman, the Melaka state government subsequently scrapped the Melaka Gateway project in Nov 2020, accusing the developer of failing to complete the reclamation works after 3 years as contracted.

Like any previous mega projects, the Melaka Gateway became yet another “white elephant”. All the Chinese partners had actually left the venture before the project was scrapped. Interestingly, months before the cancellation, Chief Minister Sulaiman had already started a new larger mega project than his predecessor – the RM100 billion M-WEZ, or Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone.
Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone - M-WEZ

Described as Malaysia’s version of Australia’s Gold Coast, Sulaiman proudly introduced the M-WEZ project, which spans 25,000 acres (10,117ha) that will take 15 years (2035) to complete. The plan to establish a “maritime hub of Malaysia” would see Smart Logistic Nucleus, Melaka Harbourfront, Digital Satellite Township, Central Eco Business Park and Trade Nucleus New Township.
In reality, Sulaiman’s M-WEZ project (RM100 billion) is just a second version of Idris’ Gateway project (RM43 billion), but on a larger scale to ensure bigger kickbacks. And you can bet your last penny that M-WEZ will also fail like Gateway. But the juice of the projects was the land reclamation, which in the case of M-WEZ, involving coastline as long as 33 kilometres from Umbai to Sg Udang.
That explains why former Chief Minister Idris, in his justification to overthrow the Melaka state government, has exposed the monopoly, corruption, thievery and cheating of sands royalty involving Chief Minister Sulaiman and his cronies. Even two months before M-WEZ was unveiled, Sulaiman had introduced another land reclamation project involving 180-hectare worth RM1.5 billion.

It’s by design, not coincidence, that Idris made his move to topple Sulaiman less than a month after the disgraced Najib Razak told Reuters in an exclusive interview that he may seek re-election to Parliament in the next general election, despite his conviction. Najib was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined RM210 million for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT) and money laundering.

Last month (September), Mr Najib floated the idea of bringing back the GST (goods and services tax), Bandar Malaysia and even Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR (high speed rail) project. Clearly, former chief minister Idris Haron is preparing to also bring back the Melaka Gateway project in anticipation of the return of Najib as de-facto leader, if not prime minister, of Malaysia. - FT

Majority/plurality of those who passed away as a result of 
Covid19 in 2020/2021 were non Malaysians...Dr.OKMing


06 October 2021

Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat, Hang Li Po dipersalahkan...

Snap polls in Malacca...

A snap election will be held in Malacca after the state assembly was dissolved today Malacca governor Mohd Ali Rustam's decision to dissolve the assembly was announced by state speaker Ab Rauf Yusoh at a press conference today.

According to Rauf, outgoing chief minister Sulaiman Md Ali had advised Ali to dissolve the state assembly yesterday - and the decision was made on the same day.

The dissolution was gazetted today. Rauf said the state government will be a caretaker one until the election. Also present at the press conference today was a representative of the Election Commission (EC), who received the official notice on the state assembly's dissolution.

Malacca had been thrown into turmoil after four state lawmakers led by Sungai Udang assemblyperson Idris Haron withdrew support from the BN-PN government.The other three were Nor Azman Hassan (Umno-Pantai Kundor), Noor Effandi Ahmad (Bersatu-Telok Mas) and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Independent-Pengkalan Batu).

The Malacca assembly has 28 seats. The BN-led Malacca government was represented by 17 assemblypersons, comprising 14 from Umno, two from Bersatu and one BN-friendly Independent, while the opposition has 11 seats -  seven from DAP, and two each from PKR and Amanah.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has assured that in the event of a snap election, strict Covid-19 SOPs will be in place. This is to avoid a repeat of the Covid-19 resurgence following last year's Sabah state election. As of last night, 88.2 percent of Malacca's adult population have been fully vaccinated.

When asked about holding elections during a pandemic, Rauf passed the buck to the EC, saying the latter could suggest the necessary SOPs to the National Security Council and the Health Ministry.
Dah sampai masa utk nyahkan babi2 ni ke hutan...

Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Melaka, Ab.Rauf Yusoh, mengumumkan cadangan agar diadakan pilihan raya di peringkat negeri diterima Yang di-Pertua Negeri Mohd Ali Rustam. Ab.Rauf juga mengumumkan DUN Melaka dibubarkan hari ini. 

Melaka dilanda kemelut politik selepas empat Adun kerajaan diketuai bekas ketua Menteri, Idris Haron, mengumumkan pendirian mereka untuk menarik balik sokongan mereka kepada kerajaan BN-PN.

Bekas KM,Idris Haron berkata dia tidak ada masalah dengan Ketua Menteri tetapi dia mempunyai masalah dengan kepimpinan Ketua Menteri itu yang menjadi boneka kepada orang tertentu.

Dengan pembubaran DUN Melaka hari ini, negeri itu ditadbir oleh kerajaan sementara sehinggalah pilihan raya negeri selesai dijalankan. Mengikut perlembagaan, selepas DUN dibubarkan satu pilihan raya umum mesti diadakan dalam tempoh 60 hari. mk

Kalu dah senyap tu, ertinya Kah Siong dah kecut teloq...

UMNO's Bollywood act... - dr.ts
After bringing down Malacca govt, 
UMNO man shedding crocodile tears...

Pantai Kundor assemblyperson Nor Azman Hassan today offered a teary apology to the people of Malacca for his part in the dissolution of the state assembly.

“Forgive us. I say this to you sincerely. I’m not merely pretending to cry,” said Nor Azman in a press conference in Malacca City today. “I apologise to the people of Malacca. We did this for you. There is no self-interest involved.”

Nor Azman was among four lawmakers who withdrew support for outgoing chief minister Sulaiman Md Ali on Monday. The other three are Idris Haron (Umno-Sungai Udang), Noor Effandi Ahmad (Bersatu-Telok Mas) and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Independent-Pengkalan Batu).

Their action triggered the chief minister to advise Malacca governor Ali Rustam to dissolve the state legislative assembly. The incident has received criticism as the dissolution of the state assembly has paved way for a fresh election, which has to be held within 60 days amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among those who have raised concern on the impact of a statewide poll on the outbreak was Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, while Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday suggested that the government may have to declare a state of emergency for Malacca.

Alleged impropriety

Earlier, Nor Azman claimed that there was impropriety in the Malacca Waterfront Economic Zone (M-Wez) - a massive land reclamation project - as part of his reason for withdrawing support for Sulaiman. However, he said that he could only provide evidence if he becomes chief minister.

“If I govern Malacca, I will expose everything. Do not worry. We have evidence. God willing, the MACC will do their jobs,” he said. “Come on lah. Public funds are being used for such big projects. We must remedy this. Do not reclaim the sea.” Nor Azman also express unhappiness that when he was hospitalised for Covid-19 recently, the state government did not offer moral support.

Meanwhile, Idris, who accompanied Nor Azman at the press conference, said if the party wants to take action against the duo, they must be given the right to defend themselves. Idris said the Umno leadership never reached out to him and Nor Azman to find out why they were disgruntled.

He also defended his decision to appear with Pakatan Harapan lawmakers at a press conference two days ago where he mooted the establishment of a unity government.

“For heaven’s sake, you have to take up the DAP to gain the majority in the future if you want to be in the government. MCA and MIC are of no use. “To a certain extent, MCA is more chauvinist than the DAP,” said Idris. - mk

RM1 trilion lesap kena sapu dan Speaker tolak usul skandal 
Pandora ini utk selamatkan penyamun2. Memang tak boleh pakai...

Jangan bincang dalam Dewan, kita sembang kat kedai kopi.
Pasai apa? Tak nak kasi rakyat tau!!!...
Pandora papers – from Jordanian King 
to Malaysian crooks...

The latest bombshell, leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), was so huge that they spent two years just to go through more than 11.9 million confidential files, connecting the dots and digging court records and public documents. Almost everyone was involved in the US$11.3 trillion of secret treasure held “offshore”.
Besides world leaders and powerful politicians, more than 100 billionaires’ assets were revealed, in addition to financial secrets of celebrities, judges, generals, religious leaders and even drug dealers. The Pandora Papers is a similar project released in 2016 known as the “Panama Papers”, which was leaked by now-defunct law firm called Mossack Fonseca in a 2.6 terabytes data.

The latest investigation involved accounts registered in offshore havens like the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Cyprus, UAE, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Belize. However, some of the secret accounts were discovered in more than 100 trusts set up in the U.S., where South Dakota alone had 81, follows by Florida (37), Delaware (35), Texas (24) and Nevada (14).
The ICIJ has identified 956 companies in offshore havens, with more than two-thirds of those companies set up in the British Virgin Islands. Many use shell companies to hold luxury items such as property, yachts, private jets, as well as incognito bank accounts and even artworks by Picasso. Here are some of the key revelations:

King of Jordan’s Real Estate Empire 

Between 1995 and 2017, King Abdullah II of Jordan hired an English accountant in Switzerland and lawyers in the British Virgin Islands to create a network of 36 offshore companies and tax havens to amass property empire of 14 luxury homes worth US$106 million, including a US$23 million ocean-view property in California and others in Malibu, Washington and London.

While the Jordanian King’s attorneys said he isn’t required to pay taxes under his country’s law and hasn’t misused public funds, the revelations are an embarrassment to the monarch, whose government was plunged in scandal this year when his own half brother – former Crown Prince Hamzah – accused the country’s leaders of corruption and incompetence.
King Abdullah subsequently placed the crown prince, who is as popular as his father King Hussein, under house arrest. The government has accused the crown prince of working with “foreign entities” to destabilize the state and overthrow the government. When King Hussein died in 1999, Abdullah took the throne as the crown prince was seen as too young and inexperienced to be named successor.

The 1MDB crooks...

The Pandora Papers’ investigation also highlights how Baker McKenzie, the largest law firm in the United States, helped create the modern offshore system and continues to be a mainstay of this illicit economy. McKenzie  and its global affiliates have profited from the work done for people or crooks tied to fraud and corruption, like Malaysian Jho Low and Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.
ICIJ found that Jho Low, the partner-in-crime of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, relied on Baker McKenzie and its affiliates to help him and his associates build a web of companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong to embezzle more than US$4.5 billion from a Malaysian economic development fund known as 1MDB. The US-DOJ said some of those companies were used to shift money plundered from 1MDB.

His prayer was answered and 
PDRM cannot even find him until today...

But Jho Low and Najib Razak were not the only crooks exposed in the Pandora Papers. Former Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi, who is now the UMNO president, was a director in Breedon Ltd, a British Virgin Islands (BVI) offshore company, as far back as 1996. At that time, Zahid was CEO of public listed company Kretam Holdings Bhd, which operates the Husong He Hydropower Station in China’s Yunnan province.

Coincidentally, according to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who ruled for 22 years (from 1981 to 2003), Mr Zahid had admitted during “asset declaration” in the same year (1996) that he possessed RM230 million. He was elected United Malays National Organization (UMNO) Youth Chief in 1996 – suggesting he could have been involved in money laundering and corruption for decades.

Zahid Hamidi 

Zahid was slapped with 87 charges related to money laundering, corruption and criminal breach of trust (CBT) after UMNO lost power for the first time in history in the May 2018 General Election after 61 years of corruption. He is currently facing 47 criminal charges, comprising 12 counts of CBT in relation to funds from charity foundation Yayasan Akalbudi, 8 counts of corruption and 27 counts of money laundering.
The Pandora Papers also leaked how Daim Zainuddin, once extremely rich and powerful finance minister during Mahathir’s era, had set up trusts for his children, wife and business associates. His sons, Muhammed Amir Zainuddin Daim and Muhammed Amin Zainuddin Daim were owners of BVI firm Newton Invest & Finance Limited (BVI) in 2007 when they were just 9 and 12 years old respectively.

Daim Zainuddin

By 2017, when both Daim juniors were in their early 20s, they were the proud owners of several offshore firms set up in tax havens, including Splendid International Ltd (BVI) which held London properties worth £12 million (RM68 million). Daim’s children and wife were worth at least £25 million (RM142 million) based on ownership of companies and trusts alone.
Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, current finance minister of Ismail Sabri administration, has been exposed as one of Malaysian rich Malay elites and politicians who held directorship in offshore companies, included Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd. Zafrul name first appeared in 2013, when the ICIJ exposed that he was a director of the same Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) since 2009.

Non-politicians linked by the secret documents to offshore assets include India’s cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar, pop music diva Shakira, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and an Italian mobster – Raffaele Amato – known as “Lell the Fat One”, who has been linked to at least a dozen killings. Raffaele owned a shell company, registered in the United Kingdom, to buy land in Spain. - FT


04 October 2021

Bila otak lekat kat juboq...

 Kritik pasai persembahannya,ok,tapi biarlah kritikan membina.
Tapi kalu kritik dibuat secara rasis,otak tu skru dah longgaq...- dr.ts

Ingat duit saja dia gagau,
tapi perabot pun dia balun...

Ex-Umno MP accuses an Ostad of 
insulting non-Muslim faiths, lodges report...

Former Umno MP Tawfik Ismail has lodged a police report against a preacher for allegedly insulting non-Muslim faiths in a sermon that has gone viral. Tawfik (above) in his police report sighted by Malaysiakini accused the preacher of insulting and defaming Buddhists, Hindus, the Dayak community, as well as other non-Islamic faiths.

He cited excerpts from two separate videos believed to be part of the same sermon, shared by different accounts on Tik Tok and YouTube. 

In a one-minute video that has gone viral over social media, an ustaz known as Syakir Nasoha was seen saying that  Hindus and Buddhists are bent to destroy Muslims and Islam.

Among others, he said the preacher had accused Buddhists, Hindus and Dayak people abroad of “killing Muslims”, while warning Malaysian Muslims against alleged possible actions by the communities here.

Often described as an outspoken moderate, Tawfik cited 13 examples from the video where he said the preacher had incited unrest and hatred among Muslims towards people of other faiths.

“XXX (the preacher) is a threat to the peaceful coexistence of multiracial, multi-religious and multicultural society in Malaysia.

“This report is lodged in the larger interest of our beloved country for the police to investigate and take appropriate action against such an offender who flouts the law in Malaysia,” said Tawfik, the eldest son of Tun Ismail Abdul Rahman, the late former deputy prime minister

“I urge the police, other than investigating him for breach of law, to seek a court order to commit him to mental and psychiatric evaluation at a government facility as I truly believe he is a danger to society and those around him.

“I believe no person of sound mind would utter the words or threats that he has done,” added Tawfik, a member of G25.

When contacted, Tawfik confirmed lodging the report at Brickfields districts police station and will be having his statement recorded later today.

Aside from Tawfik, online portal The Vibes also reported that NGO Global Human Rights Federation has called for mass police reports to be lodged against the preacher over alleged sedition and statements that could incite unrest. - mk