26 July 2021

Jangan cakap covid, iblis pun takot...

It didn’t take long for chaos to erupt in the lower house . Within half hour after parliament sits for the first time since Dec, Ramkarpal accused speaker of parliament Azhar Harun of being a lapdog of the government and demanded his resignation - MelGoh

Takiyuddin Hassan telah mengumumkan yang darurat kedua tidak akan disambung dan semua ordinal darurat dibatalkan. Ahli2 Parlimen pembangkang mempersoalkan tindakan kerajaan yang membatalkan semua ordinan darurat tanpa melalui proses perbahasan dan pengundian di Dewan Rakyat. Menurut mereka, ia bercanggah dengan titah Yang di-Pertuan Agong bahawa ordinan darurat perlu dibahaskan dalam sidang khas Parlimen kali ini.

Bila nakkan darurat, depa merangkak ke istana. Tapi bila berdepan dengan undi tak percaya, senang2 depa mansuh ordinan darurat tanpa kelulusan Istana. If the cancellation of darurat laws really took effect on July 21 as claimed by Takiyuddin, why didn’t the Agong announce his promulgation on the cancellation of these laws then and why hasn’t such promulgation been gazetted? And why have all these laws been continuously used even up to now? They lied to everyone - the Agong, the rakyat, Parliament - and they got caught out. - ts

One million Covid infections,
Congrats Muhyiddin...

With a daily vaccination rate of 507,050 doses recorded on Thursday (July 22), Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin did not waste any time in taking credits. After all, with plunging popularity due to his mishandling of Covid-19 pandemic and mismanagement of the economy, it would be foolish to let go of such rare and golden opportunity to gloat and brag.

His staff was quickly instructed to update the Facebook. Declaring victory, the Muhyiddin said 46.7% of the country’s adult population have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 21.8% have received both doses. Thanks to the record 507,050 daily jabs, he boasted, this means 10,920,862 people have received their first dose and 5,104,054 people have completed their inoculation.

The Malaysian premier, who had already lost his legitimacy in the Parliament, was struggling to rally for support on social media, saying – “This achievement is in line with the target set and must be further improved, so that we can achieve the target of 26 million fully vaccinated Malaysians. With vaccination, we will be able to help reduce the burden of cases in hospitals and severe infections.”

However, his Facebook post was bombarded from angry netizens, grilling the backdoor prime minister why those registered as early as February are still waiting for their dose of vaccine. Some mocked the clueless premier, grilling him about the number of people who received empty doses of vaccine. Others ridiculed the leader, asking him why he was afraid to show charts of the death toll.

Indeed, the prime minister had selectively shown the record 507,050 daily jabs on July 22, without showing the ugly chart of the day – 13,034 confirmed daily cases, bringing the nation’s cumulative total to 964,918. There were 134 Covid-19 deaths on that day, pushing the total death toll to 7,574. A whopping 938 patients were warded in the ICU (intensive care unit), with 459 of them requiring breathing assistance.

Mr Mahiaddin (glamour name: Muhyiddin) also bragged that since July 12, his government’s National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme has successfully given more than 400,000 doses daily. But he dared not talk about the empty Covid jabs scandal or the thugs deployed to vaccination centres to force people to buy face shields at exorbitant prices.

Of course, the power-hungry, but incompetent prime minister has been avoiding the burning issue – despite record daily jabs, the country consistently records more than 10,000 cases daily, with over 100 deaths a day for the past week. The next day after he celebrated the record daily jabs, the country saw two more new records – 15,573 cases (Friday) and 15,902 (Saturday) infections.

On Sunday, the country under Muhyiddin administration set another new record for the third consecutive day – 17,045 new Covid-19 cases. For the first time since the pandemic started last year, the leadership of Mr Mahaiddin has successfully driven the country to breach the 1-million milestones. Now, Malaysia officially joined the million Covid infection club with 1,013,438 cases.

In fact, the country is now in the top-10 list of countries with the highest new cases and deaths. Yes, thanks to the government, Malaysia today occupies the fourth place – behind Indonesia, Iran and Russia – in the category of countries with highest daily Covid-19 infections in the world. The country also grabs the 8th spot in the highest daily new deaths in planet Earth.

With all schools closed, forcing students to do online learning at home, it certainly didn’t make sense that new records are being broken almost on a daily basis even after 46.7% of the country’s adult population had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Was it not Health Ministry Director-General Dr Noor Hisham who said 2 weeks ago that cases would fall once 40% of the population has been vaccinated?

In Britain, new daily infections actually plunged to 5,000 cases in mid-March from 70,000 cases (in early January), when 40% of the population received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccines. Likewise, the number of patients admitted to the hospital also dropped accordingly with higher vaccination rates in the U.K. (from about 40,000 to 8,000) in the same period.

Sure, the daily cases in the United Kingdom have skyrocketed again due to Delta variant. But at least they had managed to flatten the curve of the first wave due to common Coronavirus variants. At least the hospitalization due to Covid is not as severe as before. More importantly, the death rate does not go up even as daily new infections hit the roof today.

The situation in Malaysia, however, is still upside down under the clueless and incompetent Perikatan Nasional government, despite a State of Emergency since January 12. In spite of PM Muhyiddin’s victorious declaration that 46.7% of the country’s adult population are protected with at least one dose of vaccines, the daily cases, deaths and hospitalization continue escalating.

Heck, the Ministry of Health is not even sure if the current never-ending daily infections and deaths are due to common Covid-19 variants or the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants. Dr Noor has conveniently blamed the Delta variant. But amusingly, he also admitted two days ago that there were only 206 cases of the Beta variant, 189 cases of the Delta variant and 14 cases of the Alpha variant.

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that 409 cases of Alpha, Beta and Delta variants cannot be fingered as the culprit for 17,000 new Covid-19 cases. It means unlike the U.K., Malaysia is absolutely screwed up because it is still fighting the common variant, which they have not been able to flatten from the beginning, in addition to the newly more infectious variants.

Still, it does not answer the burning question as to why the daily infections did not come down with higher rates of inoculation. It could only mean either the government has been cooking and manipulating data or the vaccination isn’t effective. And if the vaccination isn’t working, it could be due to ineffective vaccines or the empty syringe scandal is much bigger than earlier suspected.

According to the chart, Malaysia is the worst country in the Southeast-Asia, winning the prize as the country with the highest total Covid-19 cases per million populations. With 30,893 total cases per million, Malaysia is ahead of the Philippines (13,937) and Indonesia (11,448). It means the Philippines and Indonesia have to triple its infections before they can beat Malaysia.

Both Indonesia and the Philippines have higher total deaths per million populations than Malaysia. But that can be explained with lower vaccination rates in Indonesia (16.3% people received at least 1 dose) and the Philippines (10.1% people received at least 1 dose). Malaysia, with its 244 deaths per million, however, isn’t far from the Philippines (245) and Indonesia (301) though.

The charts clearly show something is terribly wrong with Malaysia Covid pandemic under Muhyiddin administration. There are simply too much hanky-panky, inconsistency, contradiction, over-promise, under-deliver and whatnot with the government’s data. We do not even know if Pharmaniaga, the sole concessionaire holder of Covid vaccines, had diluted or corrupt the precious vaccines. - FT

Empty vaccine syringe scandal 
is about wealth before health...

The Minister of Health, Adham Baba, does not appear to treat the ’empty syringe’ scandal with the seriousness and immediacy it deserves.How could anyone know that their vaccine was not sugar water, or saline solution? The exposé about “empty syringes” will embolden the anti-vaxxers.

The world faces an invisible enemy, Coronavirus, but in Malaysia, the rakyat has three enemies to confront. The virus itself, the politicking and infighting in Putrajaya which has not stopped the spread of Coronavirus, and worst of all, the unscrupulous medical health-workers who withhold vaccines.

Does Adham comprehend that it is not just about getting another jab if one thought one had not received a full dose of the vaccine? He does not reassure us at all. He should have halted the vaccination program in the particular centre, instituted an enquiry, suspended the staff and taken great pains to reassure Malaysians.

Instead, he treats the empty syringe scandal, like a shopkeeper of a corner-shop grocery store, who tells his disgruntled customer, “Ok-lah, I give you an unopened pack of maggi mee because you said, the other one is empty.”

With the stress and tension to acquire the jab, the long wait, the queue alongside strangers, who could be silent carriers of Coronavirus, the fear of side effects, and for some, the phobia of the injection, who would recollect if the vial they received, was empty or not? Anyone with half a brain will realise that this scandal is a crime, on many counts.

First. Medical ethics. It is not just about withholding the vaccine and pretending that the jab had been administered. This covers medical ethics and professionalism. The nurse or doctor who tricked the recipient from receiving the full dose should be charged, prosecuted, and dealt the maximum punishment, to act as a deterrent.

Second. Missing vaccine. The government procured the vaccines at great expense, using taxpayers’ money. When it was reported that the vial was empty, what happened to the contents? Is it hoarded in a freezer at the back of the vaccination facility awaiting the exchange of cash from unscrupulous strangers? Many things end up on the black market, why not vaccines? People (and companies) are desperate to be protected, they will pay a good price for the vaccine.

Third. The trust deficit. If corrupt and unscrupulous health workers are prepared to cheat the person who has come to be vaccinated, what does that say about the Malaysian medical system? How can anyone place any faith in the people who are supposed to cure us?  This is the consequence of over five decades of lack of integrity and corruption in our public service.

Fourth. False sense of security. A person may leave the vaccination centre, thinking he was fully protected. Whilst most people are aware that the vaccine does not give 100% protection, why should anyone be left with a false sense of security? This goes against all human values and ethics.

Fifth. Consequences. What happens if the person who thought he had been vaccinated, contracts the disease and falls seriously ill? What if he dies? Will the government compensate the family? The stricken family may have lost a breadwinner, or a parent.

Sixth. Vaccine performance. What about the company which produced the vaccine? People may think that particular vaccine was of no use, when in truth, the vaccine had not been administered at all. The company in question should protest to the Malaysian government and demand an inquiry because its reputation is at stake. Moreover, the experts compiling data from around the world will be horrified that Malaysian statistics are questionable.

Seventh. Inquiry. The suspension of the staff who are complicit in this scandal should have been immediate. This will serve as a warning to others. It will also reassure the public that the ministry is committed to finding the truth. The guilty should be charged, jailed, and given the maximum punishment to act as a deterrent. They should also be barred from working in the medical sector.

Eighth. Deceit. If the guilty health workers are prepared to withhold vaccine from the person who should receive the jab, what’s to stop this health worker from committing other dodgy practices? He could be re-using the needle and syringe. He could be transmitting other communicable diseases like hepatitis or HIV/AIDS from one person to a completely innocent person. We should doubt the corrupt health worker’s integrity and not compromise.

Ninth. Dismissive tone. Adham told the public that “Anyone who has been proven to receive an “empty syringe” will be given a new injection.” Could he explain how one is to prove that one received an “empty syringe”? What is the evidence, especially as one is not allowed to record the jabs being administered? When Malaysians go for vaccination, they expect professionalism and should not need to micro-manage the work of the self-styled experts. For many elderly people, the ignorant and those who have white coat syndrome, the last thing on their minds is to check if the vial is empty or not. The responsibility does not lie with the patient.

Tenth. Tip of the iceberg. If one of the complainants, Tan Wing Sam had not spoken out and lodged a police report, how would the public know about his scandal? We are aware that things like this are almost always covered up, because of the negative publicity. What if Tan had not been aware and subsequently fell ill?

More stories are emerging about vaccine scams and profiteering schemes, such as the forced buying of face masks to enter a vaccination centre. All these will deter people from being vaccinated and this will affect the national vaccination programme. Adham Baba has clearly failed to demonstrate any leadership. His position is untenable. The buck stops with him. He should resign or be kicked out. – Mariam Mokhtar, Rebuilding Malaysia


23 July 2021

Lebai & merc,usung janda,nikah online, ayaq peduli apa...

Ganbatte Tokyo 2020...

Berani kerana benar...

Beli 14 juta dos vaksin guna duit rakyat(dana KWAN),kalu jual sapa pula yang untung? 
Adakah duit itu akan dipulangkan semula ke dana KWAN atau masuk ke dalam poket penyamun2???

Selling Vaccines To Private Sector...

The DPM Ismail Sabri said 14 million doses of vaccines will be sold to the private sector.  

Here is Status Terkini Covid-19 information from yesterday 21 July 2021. As you can see 10.3 million people have received the 1st dose and 4.8 million have received two doses. That is a total of 15.07 million.

First, here are some questions for Adham Baba. 

But how many of these 15.07 million doses were real vaccines versus empty vaccines? Yesterday the death toll was 199 deaths. Is anyone dying because they were injected with empty vaccines? 

Hello Adham Baba - macam mana pakcik dan makcik, uncle dan aunty dan orang tua nak tahu 100% dia kena suntik vaccine betul atau vaccine kosong?  Vaksin sudah berjalan sejak berbulan dah. Macam mana lah pakcik dan uncle yang di suntik vaksin bulan Februari, bulan April dsbnya boleh tahu mereka di suntik dengan vaksin betul atau di suntik empty vaccines?)

In my own estimation, we need about 75 million doses for double dosing not only our own 32 million population but also the (approx) five million foreigners who live amongst us. Going at this pace we should be able to cover everyone in the next four months - I hope.  And this is all already paid for - using taxpayers money. 

So which private hospital is going to take so much risk (business wise) to buy 14 million doses of vaccines and then charge the public money for the dosage when the public can get vaccinations for "free" at 400,000 shots per day throughout the country?  And from August 1st any undocumented alien can walk-in to any vaccination center and get vaccinated as well.  (If that is correct - because ada juga flip flop pasal isu itu). 

Indeed it does not make sense. Billions of Ringgit of taxpayers funds have already been allocated for the vaccination program. So why is there a need for "private sector" vaccination at a cost to be borne by the public?  The public has already paid for a sufficient dosage of vaccines by the Ministry of Health.

So Pharmaniaga has supplied 12 million doses four and a half months ahead of schedule. Terima kasih.  That is why we can hit 400,000 vaccinations a day. Thank you again. But obviously they also have an extra 14 million doses which they now want to sell off. It is an obvious case of terlebih stock.

I do not really blame Pharmaniaga if they have bought more than what they need for now - considering all the confusion, flip flopping, knee jerk reactions by the Government in handling this pandemic. And I am sure more dosages of vaccines are still on their way to Pharmaniaga.  

My concern is this. Who paid for all those vaccines? Isnt it the taxpayer? To my understanding the Malaysian taxpayer has paid for the importation of all these vaccines. The Prime Minister said on 22 June 2021 that all the money allocated for the vaccines has already been spent.

So the Malaysian taxpayer has already paid for all the vaccines that are required. So  my question is who paid for those 14 million doses of Sinovac that are now being offered to the private hospitals?  

I strongly suspect that those 14 million doses of vaccines have also been paid for by the Malaysian taxpayer.  Can  Ismail Sabri can answer this question. Duit siapa bro?  So if you are now offering those vaccines to the public, then you are actually making the Malaysian taxpayer pay twice.   This is very unfair on the Malaysian taxpayer.  

The news also says that these Sinovac vaccines will be offered to the factory owners - obviously to vaccinate their foreign workers. So lets make the factory owners and the foreign workers pay.  And the Government has a big stick - if you do not vaccinate then you cannot open your factories. So the factories have no choice.

But at the same time from August 1st all the undocumented foreigners are allowed to walk in for vaccinations. But who paid for the import of the vaccines?   If I paid (because i am also a taxpayer) do I get a share of the profits?  -  Syed Akbar Ali


20 July 2021

Salam Aidil Adha...

Vaccine jab that wasn’t...

Disciplinary action has been taken against a healthcare worker at a drive-through vaccination centre (PPV) in Kedah after “issues related to how she had administered the jab” were caught on video.

In a statement, the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) said the case happened on July 17 at the Sungai Petani airforce camp PPV, which was opened for armed forces personnel and their family members.

The viral video (above) showed that the health worker did not inject the vaccine into the recipient’s arms although the syringe was inserted. Personnel from the camp’s armed forces hospital were in charge of vaccinations at the PPV.

“An investigation was conducted over the incident and the individual involved was called up to give an explanation over the issue. Disciplinary action has been taken against the healthcare worker,” the CITF said.

“Police are currently conducting investigations. The authorities will provide any updates on these cases. If found in the wrong, CITF will not hesitate to terminate the services of the workers involved and take strict action according to the available legal provisions.

“As stated in the SOP, every vaccination worker must show the vaccine-filled syringe to the recipient before administering the jab.

“The public is also advised to take a look at the syringe before and after the vaccination process to ensure that the vaccine dose is administered correctly,” it said. - fmt

Demikianlah kisah gomen flip flop tebuk atap...

Mesej Siti Kasim kepada Menteri spanish f*y...


19 July 2021

Macam jalan nak pi Siam saja...

Mail kalut kelepiaq kiri kanan...

Buka kilang perkerja ratusan orang boleh tapi buka Parlimen hanya 80 MP dibenar hadir sidang Dewan Rakyat. Awat depa takut sangat?Memang jenis tak berteloq.Bukankah semua MP dah lengkap 2 dos vaksin?Kalu macam tu Bang Non dok rumah saja jaga cucu dan bekebun...

Seseorang Muslim yg menanam sesuatu tanaman yg berbuah lalu dimakan oleh manusia atau binatang,mereka akan mendapat pahala sedekah. - Al Bukhari dan Muslim

Mr Prime Minister, can I 
advise you something?...

“I think if we go to the ground, we will probably find the kitchens of homes to be full (with supplies). I don’t mean this is the case for everyone, that’s why we have a registration system so that distribution can be fair.”- PM Muhyiddin Yassin

Your acidic words above must have hit the hearts of millions of Malaysians in these difficult times, especially those who have lost their jobs and have no source of income. To conclude that the needy are involved in a game of deception is the unkindest cut of all from no less than Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

I am still wondering what made you utter those words. It is unbecoming of any politician, let alone a sitting prime minister. It could be a clear sign that you are either naïve and ignorant or being misled by your coterie of hangers-on and cronies who may not have gone to the ground. Perhaps their minds are tuned and fixated on telling you what you would like to hear.

Your scathing comments lacked empathy and citizens were quick to quip that “maybe you live in a different world”. Klang MP Charles Santiago's remarks were more scornful: “I think we have a delusional prime minister who is quite divorced from what’s happening on the ground.” Rightly or wrongly, many Malaysians agree with this assertion.

The kitchens filled with supplies you talked about may be those of your party members or the political elite or those who live in upmarket neighbourhoods like Bukit Damansara or Bukit Tunku. Of course, they have different tastes and traits like wearing an RM100,000 watch, using an RM120 face mask, owning an Alphard (as a second car), and sending their children, not to the neighbourhood tadika, but to a Montessori in France.

Sir, have you or members of your family ever gone to bed on an empty stomach? You should also be reminded that the political elite never had experienced empty stomachs and had never been subjected to surviving on a meal of only bread and tap water.

Every day, several thousands of empty stomachs are filled, thanks to contributions from fellow Malaysians from all walks of life. For the hungry, food did not drop from the sky, nor did they get food from the government. They were identified by the white flags they raised.

This is not politics where you keep denying and passing the buck, hoping that people will forget the transgressions soon enough. The government of which you are the leader has a real problem in its hands. By brushing it aside and pooh-poohing it with rhetoric is not going to make the problem go away.

Mr Prime Minister, you were also quoted as saying that the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has a record of those who need assistance but these records are not up to date.

If aid has indeed been given, why are there long queues at soup kitchens and service centres run by individuals and charity organisations? In times of restricted movement of people, how and where does one register for such aid?

Even then, the ministry, for lack of a better phrase, does not have a good record when distributing food items to the needy. Last year, despite being allocated RM100 for each pack, what was delivered to residents in Seremban were packs with items worth less than RM35.

Sir, you were quoted as saying: “Most of the target groups, be they from the M40, B40 or the T20 households, were affected by the pandemic as they may have lost their jobs, cannot run their business, so we give them aid.”

What aid has been accorded to businesses? They have been clamouring for some easing of restrictions so that they can carry out their business activities, but this plea has fallen on deaf ears.

In Cameron Highlands, tonnes of vegetables are going to waste every day because the farmers are unable to leave their homes to harvest their produce. Elsewhere, restaurants and coffee shops are closing down and thousands have become unemployed.

Not a day passes without one sector or industry pleading for help. The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been severely hit and despite assurances by all and sundry, they continue with their pleas. Ditto for mall operators and retailers.

Mr Prime Minister, you can no longer rely on your ministers or your aides to give you accurate feedback on what is happening on the ground. The time has come for you to pound the streets and get a first-hand look at the issues and problems.

Please do so unannounced, sans the fanfare and protocol. Otherwise, it will be a repeat of what happened at the Klang General Hospital, where the “bad” side of what was really happening was hidden and kept away from your entourage. And finally, providing constructive criticism of the prime minister and the government does not make me unpatriotic or a lesser Malaysian. - R.Nadeswaran

Mahathir must let go, 
move on, never look back...

Mahathir must let go, move on, never look back even if sky falls down. M’sia no longer his problem, every generation has the right to rule itself. In management the principle holds that the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) never interferes in the internal affairs of Departments even if the Managers are virtually “killing” their subordinates.

Likewise, former Interim Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (2018 to 2020) must learn to let go, move on, never look back even if the sky falls down. Life is an experience. Being Prime Minister isn’t the be all and end all of life.

M’sia was no longer Mahathir’s problem, every generation has the right to rule itself. If he wants an active life, there’s always something else . . . take up art, write, work with the community, travel and observe, and give the occasional pep talk in schools but not on politics.

Mahathir, 96, has today become part of the problem in Malaysian politics, indeed perhaps even the main problem. Mahathir perhaps continues to belabour in the delusion that he’s the only solution. He can only claim that dubious privilege as an immortal. He remains an Earthly mortal awaiting the grim reaper who draws ever closer by the day.

Indeed, the end may be seconds and minutes away, and if delayed, will surely come much sooner than later. The gross human body must return to Mother Earth when it’s time runs out. Running the gauntlet — read disordered mind, amnesia, dementia and alzheimer’s — will not delay the inevitable. Hopefully, when the end comes, it will be merciful.

The seeds of the current disorientation, confusion and chaos in the nation’s body politic arises from Mahathir’s long innings (1981 to 2003) as Prime Minister. He outstayed his welcome in the belief that it was good for the people. Briefly, it can be put, that the longer a gov’t stays in power and enforces a kind of artificial stability, the greater and more prolonged the instability when that gov’t finally goes, as it must.

It was theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Dr Stephen William Hawking (1942 to 2018) who confirmed what the ancient Indian always knew. The only predictable property of the universe was chaos.

The gov’t can always form the proposed National Recovery Council (NRC) as a Panel of subject matter experts to vet the National Recovery Plan (NRP) announced by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Tues 15 June. The NRC may assist the Cabinet in reducing politicking and help the people “live with the virus”.

There’s no reason why Mahathir, at 96 years old, should head the proposed National Recovery Council (NRC). The NRC is an idea which Mahathir himself floated when he met the Agong in early June.

Earlier, he had written to the Agong on the state of the nation. That prompted the proactive head of state to meet with the heads of all parties which had seats in Parliament. In hindsight, it appears that Mahathir never really retired in 2003 after 22 years in office and a long goodbye. He clearly continued to work from behind the scenes against the gov’t.

That saw the departure of three Prime Ministers viz. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 3 April 2009 after nearly six years, Najib Abdul Razak on 10 May 2018 after nine years, and ironically, himself on Feb 24 last year.

He was Interim Prime Minister, at his insistence, from Feb 24 to Mar 1 when Muhyiddin Yassin was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister. Therein lies the problem for the gov’t as Mahathir has not made peace with himself, the people, and the universe. - fernzthegreat


17 July 2021

Betoi kata Chief Lobai,ini adalah undang2 berok & tupai...

The person who accepted RM2 million and put it into his company account is faultless as it is a political donation . The person who “ donated “ the money was found guilty of bribery.Next time when you have a dead body, the deceased is guilty but the killer is innocent. Corruption is officially accepted by the govt...Tunggu Harakah ucap tahniah!!!... - minah kerang

Kalu ada juga yang nak atau dak balik sambut Raya Haji di kampung secara senyap2,aku
hanya ingin ucapkan agar hangpa mampuih cepat... Toksah menyusahkan orang sekeliling hangpa.Kecik2 tak nak mampuih, dah besaq menyusahkan orang...- ts

Dah famous sampai ke Korea..Beruk pun gelak terguling,apatah lagi manusia.
Menteri spanish fly tak buat police reportkah kerana menghinanya?...

Ibu tua ini telah berusia 87 tahun. Diusia ini dengan penglihatan yang kabur 
masih berusaha mencari sesuap makanan bagi mengatasi kemiskinan yang dialami.
Tunggu pak lebai,pak lebai tak napok sebab naik kete merc...

The five-day meeting of Parliament 
is just a special briefing session... 

The five-day meeting of Parliament from July 26 is not a proper Parliamentary meeting but just a special briefing session with a series of Ministerial statements on the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysia is providing the world the example of a muffled and emasculated Parliament.

Firstly, there would be no Question Time, which under Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders 22(2) would require Members of Parliament to give notice of at least 10 working days – and there are no 10 working days before the July 26 meeting.

Secondly, no Opposition motions would be allowed.

The Emergency Proclamation and Ordinances would be tabled in Parliament but there is no vote on the Emergency Proclamation and Ordinances.

According to the parliamentary notice yesterday, the agenda is just a series of Ministerial statements on the National Recovery Plan, Vaccination Programme, Emergency Implementation and the Economic Assistance Packages.

Macam takwim mesyuarat JKK Kampung Pasir Dua Butir...

The notice said that the Speaker would allow MPs to ask for clarification and give views during the Ministerial statements, but will MPs be allowed to debate and vote on the respective Ministerial statements?

If MPs can convene to meet, why can’t Parliament hold an ordinary Parliamentary meeting in accordance with normal parliamentary practices and the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders for the past six decades? The parliamentary notice is in fact a violation of the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders.

In this connection, it is shocking to read of the Utusan Malaysia report quoting the Senate President Rais Yatim as saying that any attempt to unseat Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin via a no-confidence motion in the coming Dewan Rakyat sitting will not be allowed. Has Rais Yatim become the de facto Parliament Speaker?

This is indeed a black day for Parliament. Is this muffled and emasculated Parliament the government’s answer to the repeated decree of the Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Rulers for Parliament to be convened before the emergency ends on August 1? - LKS

Azmin Ali’s ‘official trip’ 
to Europe and Turkey...

Ministers like Azmin Ali enjoy the good life. This is how to enjoy for free. Azmin Ali went on an “official trip” to Europe and Turkey. Back home, people are starving, homeless, jobless and dying.

Mahiaddin Yassin must think the rakyat is stupid. Does he think the taxpayer can continue to pay for official trips for his incompetent ministers and one suspects, their families too? Is this what Hadi Awang describes as “kerajaan Allah”?

The gomen calls it study trips or official trips to attract foreign investors. We call it abuse of power and making the taxpayer pay for the holiday of the ministers, their families and officials.

At home, people have been made jobless, homeless. Many are starving or dying from Coronavirus. Others have decided to take their own lives. But ministers like Azmin Ali enjoy the good life.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini said that the International Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali was given a tour of the Hagia Sophia while in Turkey. The tour guide posted a picture of Azmin and himself and reference was made to Azmin’s family being there, but this was later removed.

How come the “family” reference was removed? Is it because Azmin did not want the rakyat to know his family had also holidayed in Turkey/Europe, whilst people at home are suffering. Last week, we are told that Azmin was in Austria to meet with a minister there and to visit a semiconductor firm.

This is what I think....

A few months ago, Azmin went to the Middle East for an investment trip. All I saw was pictures of him mopping the marble floor of a mosque in Mecca. Where are the Bernama reports about investment? Was this another free trip to jolly because Mahiaddin and his cabinet know the Saudis will cancel the pilgrimage trips to Mecca?

Azmin made other overseas trips. We know that on these trips, these ministers are accompanied by their entourage and families. So, are we paying for them to have a holiday? We cannot even cross one state to another or in some parts of KL, go from PJ to KL and vice versa.

Mahiaddin and his cabinet are openly screwing the Malaysian rakyat. They spend taxpayer’s money so they can enjoy. Let’s redouble our efforts to get rid of them. All of them should resign, now. – Mariam Mokhtar,Rebuilding Malaysia


14 July 2021

Pasai apa probok-probok pasir salak...

Health minister announced that those aged 60 and above residing in KL and Selangor 
who have yet to be vaccinated can walk in to any center for vaccination.He also said that general practices in Selangor will be allowed to give 'walk-in' Covid-19 jabs to those over the age of 60.This pilot programme will begin in KL and Selangor, and gradually be expanded to other states...

 It could become an 
'Ismail Sabri' government - Tajuddin

Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman questioned his party's apparent ambivalence towards the appointment of their vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob as deputy prime minister. Tajuddin's query, purportedly raised during an Umno supreme council meeting, was uploaded on Facebook by the party's Ketereh MP Annuar Musa.

Annuar is a key opponent of Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who had steered the Umno supreme council to endorse the decision to withdraw support for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Zahid announced the decision in the wee hours of July 8, after an all-night meeting by the supreme council on July 7.

Hours before the withdrawal decision was announced, Muhyiddin had appointed Ismail Sabri as the deputy prime minister in a bid to retain support from Umno.  Umno sources confirmed that the recording uploaded by Annuar is authentic.

In the recording, Tajuddin said Umno leaders should not assume that the administration is Muhyiddin's government.

"It could be Ismail Sabri's. Ismail Sabri's government - let him do his job. If we deliver, I think Muhyiddin will give him more responsibilities. "This is the time for Ismail Sabri to show that Umno controls the government - one that defends the people and party," he said.

Tajuddin, who was previously supportive of quitting the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, made the case against it.

However, he maintained that he was not going against the Umno general assembly's decision which had given Zahid the mandate to decide on when to sever ties with the PN government. Instead, he said, it was a matter of timing.

"Everyone agrees. Don't accuse (me) of not agreeing. The only disagreement is on doing it now. "Many have said now is not the appropriate time," he added. Tajuddin was in May detained by the MACC over an abuse of power investigation. 

In January, he did not rule out working with Pakatan Harapan, including the DAP. However, in the meeting, Tajuddin emphasised that Umno should not work with DAP or with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He also expressed concern that pulling out from the PN government may not lead to its collapse. The Pasir Salak MP went on to suggest that the PN government may cut a deal with the DAP for its survival.

"Do we really think that the government will collapse if we withdraw? They could work with the DAP. "The DAP, to obtain consensus, could support (PN). They don't need to join the government. They only need to provide their votes to ensure the (Bersatu) president remains the prime minister. "What will happen to Umno then?" he asked. - mk

Tajuddin’s U-turn is obviously another case of being victim of the arm-twisting tactics, the same way as Xavier Jayakumar was forced to leave PKR over his corruption case. MACC must have done in good job again to neuter Tajuddin this time, following his brief detention by MACC after being sacked from Prasarana in March. He was then investigated for abuse of power and corruption as chairman of Prasarana. - Kim Quek

We have to thank Mahathir now that government is restored back to pack of thieves. - PinkKijang3425

At the end of the day, it is all about dumno trying to wrestle back power. Whether it be dumno, bersatu or pas, one word summed it all - Mabuk Kuasa! - Optimus

UMNO gugurkan Tajuddin 
sebagai Pengarah Pilihan Raya...

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, yang digugurkan daripada jawatan Pengarah Pilihan Raya Umno hari ini berkata, beliau tidak dimaklumkan mengenai perkara itu sebaliknya hanya menyedarinya selepas diberitahu menantunya.

“Menantu lelaki memaklumkan saya selepas membaca mengenainya di dalam talian,” katanya kepada FMT, sambil menambah beliau tidak tahu sebab digugurkan daripada jawatan itu. “Saya harap bukan disebabkan rakaman audio yang bocor memaparkan saya menyuarakan pandangan kepada Presiden parti, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.”

Ahli Parlimen Pasir Salak itu berkata, beliau sekadar menyuarakan pendapat, dan menganggap itu sesuatu yang ‘selamat’ dilakukan dalam pertemuan tertutup. “Tidakkah orang boleh mempunyai pendapat berbeza? Bukan sekadar berkata ‘ya, ya, ya.’ Saya memberikan pandangan dan terpulanglah kepada mereka untuk membuat keputusan,” katanya.

Dalam rakaman 15 minit itu, Tajuddin didengar berkata bukan masa yang sesuai untuk Umno menarik balik sokongan terhadap Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin. Beliau turut didengar berkata, parti telah bersetuju menarik balik sokongan terhadap kerajaan pimpinan Perikatan Nasional (PN) dan bukannya Muhyiddin saja, manakala Umno memerlukan setahun lagi untuk bersedia menghadapi pilihan raya umum ke-15. - fmt


13 July 2021

Menteri standard Spanish Fly...

The Health Minister couldn't differentiate between 'Spanish Fly' and 'Spanish Flu'!

Will the new DPM Ismail Sabri 
start Malaysia 2.0...

Mahiaddin Yassin must be serious about his Malay Malaysia vision. Was it desperation or an error of judgement, when he promoted Ismail Sabri Yaakob as his deputy. Ismail failed to manage the Coronavirus pandemic.

To make matters worse, Hishammuddin Hussein now heads the National Security Council. Has Mahiaddin forgotten Hishammuddin’s handling of the Lahad Datu incursion in 2013? Has he conveniently sidestepped the problem of missing helicopters and the saga of the sale of Mindef land? Malaysian PMs promote incompetent people so that they (the PM) will look like a genius.

In 2015, after a druggie stole a mobile phone from Low Yat Plaza, the theft escalated into a riot when Mat Rempits thugs descended on the complex and caused untold damage.

The police did nothing for a few days, until it was alleged that a trader told the then IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, “We pay you protection money. Do something to protect our businesses” Is this part of the cartel that we often hear about?

The druggie was treated like a Malay hero. Worse followed, when Ismail, in his new role as the Rural and Regional Development Minister, suggested the creation of a “Low Yat 2” electronics store dedicated to Malay traders.

Ismail wanted to empower Malay traders. He said that “Low Yat 2” should be established at a prime location in KL, to rival the original Low Yat Plaza, Malaysia’s foremost electronic goods store.

He said that “Low Yat 2” would fulfil the needs of the people who previously shopped at Low Yat Plaza for electronic gadgets and accessories. He said, “Our target is 100 percent Malay traders. There has never been a supplier from the Malays, so we will give some leeway.”

Ismail’s idea of empowering the Malays was to provide them with more crutches. He gave unfair advantage to 36 Malay traders in “Low Yat 2”. They received six months’ free rent, and free renovations to start their businesses on the second and third floor of the MARA-owned Atrium Busana Mall, at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Malaysians were even more confused because they had just been told that MARA had run out of money.

Ismail thinks that giving more handouts would give the traders “an advantage”, but if one is to succeed in the telecommunications business, it is more important to be knowledgeable about the product than to have free rent. He failed to appreciate the value of hard work and commitment.

Ismail Sabri ignored the harsh lessons from the NEP, that despite four decades of affirmative action policies, the Malays have not learnt much. In fact, they have regressed. It is like running on the spot and not covering any distance at all.

One Malay customer who shopped at Low Yat 2 expressed dissatisfaction. He said, “I am angry with the lackadaisical attitude of some Malay vendors. Some close shop early on Friday afternoon. They don’t return for several hours. Malays cannot progress without self-discipline. Nothing beats competition, capitalising on one’s strengths and correcting one’s weaknesses.

Around the nation, “Malay-only” malls and shop-lots started by various government initiatives are half-dead and lack character. In some shops, disinterested-looking customer service representatives struggle to speak English (forget about Mandarin or other languages). They lack knowledge about their wares. The shelves are dusty and mostly empty.

Will DPM Ismail want to start Malaysia 2, to empower only the Malays. Didn’t Low Yat close shop? – Mariam Mokhtar,Rebuilding Malaysia