04 December 2023

A massive PAS win in Kemaman jolts Bersatu...

Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar (above) won the Kemaman by-elections with a massive 37,000 vote margin and for some, this is not good news for the party of former prime minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and his party Bersatu who are partners of the PAS in the Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Ahmad Samsuri got 64,968 votes to defeat the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Brig Gen (B) Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor who only got 27,839 votes. Some PAS supporters are already saying the MB won more votes than PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Jokingly, they are suggesting that the PM should be someone who has won by a bigger margin.

Analysts and online commentators suggest that given PAS’s endorsement of Ahmad Samsuri as the next premier or PM11 candidate, backed by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he should assume the position of the new leader of the opposition in Parliament.

Currently, it is Larut MP Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin who is the opposition leader but his party is seeing the defection of some of its MP which is weakening Bersatu’s influence in the PN. While everyone is waiting for a Cabinet reshuffle to be announced by Anwar, it is the opposition benches in Parliament that are getting shuffled.

Five members of the Bersatu have left the opposition benches and some of them are already sitting as independents in Parliament. They promise there are more to come. On the other hand, if the PAS wants to challenge Anwar for the post of PM, Ahmad Samsuri should play a bigger role in Parliament and not sit as a backbencher while Hamza gets grilled by the government backbenchers and ministers.

In an editorial piece, Harapan Daily portal wrote that with Dr Mahathir’s endorsement of Ahmad Samsuri as the next PM candidate, Bersatu is entering the eclipse phase. The portal says Muhyiddin was also not present when Dr Mahathir announced who should be the next PM if the opposition were to grab power.

“This also means that Bersatu, or more precisely, Muhyiddin cannot dream of his address in Seri Perdana. This by-election has made Bersatu irrelevant in the opposition alliance – Perikatan Nasional,” says the editorialist.

There are indeed many questions that are raised about the strategy adopted by the PAS in the Kemaman elections. It put into question the role and use of Muhyiddin who is leading the PN with a smaller number of MPs now.

With the PAS firmly sitting as the backbone of the PN coalition, will it leave the most important parliamentary role in the hands of a waning Bersatu? It is the role of the opposition leader in Parliament that reflects whether the opposition is ready to become a worthy alternative to the ruling government. So what is the point of Hamzah being the leader of the Opposition when the support and backbone of the PN is PAS and the Bersatu is losing to Anwar? – focusM

Majoriti ada tapi 
tak cukooop jumeloooh…

Ada walaun kata Samsuri lebih layak jadi PM sebab menang PRK Kemaman dengan majoriti yang lebih besar dari DS Anwar di Tambun ke? Walaun tak habis buat lawak antarabangsa, kan? Majoriti dalam undi tu cuma untuk menang pilihanraya je. 

Untuk jadi PM, menang dengan berapa majoriti undi tak dikira. Yang dikira, berapa MP yang sokong. Kalau menang majoriti satu undi pun, tapi dapat sokongan majoriti ahli parlimen, maka layaklah jadi PM.

Samsuri kalau dapat 100% undi pun, maknanya lawan dia tak dapat satu undi langsung sekali pun, tapi dia tak dapat sokongan majoriti ahli parlimen, tak chukop jumeloh, tetap tak boleh jadi PM. Lagi pun kita bukan perlu PM yang popular je. Kita nak PM yang berani. Tengok DS Anwar, walaupun asalnya Permatang Pauh, beliau berani bertanding di PD dan Tambun. Tempat asing baginya.

Samsuri berani ke? Cuba suruh Samsuri bertanding di Penang. Atau JB la. Tengok berani tak. Lagipun lawan Samsuri bukan pemimpin utama UMNO. DS Anwar pula lawan Timbalan Presiden Bersatu. Untuk PRU akan datang, kita cabar Samsuri lawan YB Rafizi di Pandan. Ada berani ke? Ini sembang lebat tapi nak keluar dari tempurung pun tak berani. Lepas tu ada hati nak menganjing.

Lebih dari itu, sekarang dah penggal kedua Samsuri jadi MB Terengganu. Apa kejayaan yang Samsuri dah bawa? Penggal sebelum ini, kerajaan negeri dan pusat dari sama parti. Sepatutnya tak ada alasan negeri tak boleh maju. Tapi maju ke? 

Ikut logik PAS,lagi tinggi majoriti, 
lagi layak jadi PM...

DS Anwar baru setahun jadi PM. Berderet pencapaian DS Anwar. Dari segi ekonomi, FDI, inflasi, keterjaminan makanan dan banyak lagi. Ikutkan, Samsuri tu nak jadi SU Politik PM pun tak layak. Tak payah banding dengan DS Anwar la. Bandingkan dengan Amirudin Shari, MB Selangor. Tempoh mereka berdua jadi MB sama. Tengok apa yang MB Amir dah capai berbanding Samsuri.

Walaun kena hentikan bermimpi ambil alih kerajaan. Benda tu takkan berlaku. Tunggu je la PRU16 nanti. Untuk masa ni, gesa pemimpin korang untuk majukan negeri yang dorang tadbir dulu. Buatkan kami yang luar dari 4 negeri walaun ni kagum dengan kejayaan pemimpin korang, baru boleh cerita nak memerintah negara. - Raja Gelap II 

Sanusi has crossed the line in desecrating a religion & humiliating a human being...

The PAS strongman and Chief Minister of Kedah, Sanusi, has done it again.In a single statement meant perhaps to make fun of the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, Sanusi let loose his lidah celupar or filthy tongue in describing Tiong as “Eh muka dia kalau saya ajuk, jadi macam tokong hat kepala botak tu, Hat perut buncit tu”.

In a single mouthful or arrogant and distasteful words, Sanusi has, in my opinion, crossed the line of our Rukunegara in desecrating a religion of our people and has dishonoured a race and a person of that same race, the Chinese. Both the Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan and the Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan principles have been totally disregarded by this poor choice of a wakil rakyat.

If there ever is a person that should be put in prison and the keys left in a longkang, this is the man. In retorting this disgusting statement, Tiong had only thrown a biadab statement to Sanusi as a person, but not to his race nor his religion, by saying that he, Sanusi, must have water in his brain.

For MPs to be calling names of each other, both of them should be ashamed and reprimanded by the YDP Agong and be reminded of their professionalism and mutual respect for one another as human beings. But Sanusi upped the ante in desecrating a religion many understood perhaps in reference to the Buddha statue.

If Sanusi were to say such thing as Tiong’s “perut buncit macam ikan kembong”, that might be considered an unprofessional and immoral conduct unbecoming not only as a Malaysian, but as a Malay, a Muslim and an elected official of a very high office.

The reference to the word “tokong” in Malay mostly denotes any Chinese or Indian shrine in the manner of resembling an animate object. As an “orang utara” myself, being born in Kepala Batas and schooled at St. Marks Butterworth, I am extremely clear on Sanusi’s intentions and intended targets. The tokong is usually referred to the statue deities of the Chinese people, and if it were Hindu shrines, northerners would refer to them as “patung Hindu”.

Furthermore, the words “buncit” and “botak” can be construed as a rude and crass description of a person. If one were kinder, one would have said “perut dia besar” and “kepalanya tak berambut”. And if you don’t like someone, you would just say “kepala botak” and “perut buncit”.

It is extremely clear to me, as an academic, a Malay, a Malaysian and a northerner, that Sanusi was being extremely rude to a person who has a high office. He has also made it clear of his disregard for other people’s religion in destroying a Hindu shrine and now a rude reference to a religious deity. Because the tokong is worshiped by mainly one particular group of Malaysians, Sanusi is guilty of dishonouring that race, the Chinese.

The Malays may like what he says and he is certainly popular for it. But as a Malay, I am ashamed that he has dishonoured my race who is known for “Kesopanan dan Kesantunan”. Muslims also seem to wrongfully adore him, and that is why PAS has won so many seats. But as a Muslim, I must tell Malaysians that this perangai of Sanusi and all those Muslims who adore him, has no place at all in the religion of Islam as practised by the Prophet Muhammad.

Sanusi’s Islam can be said to be a reflection of many religious preachers whom I have heard throughout my life as desecrators of other faiths. It seems the teaching of Islam by Malay teachers encourages making fun of and desecrating other fellow citizens’ faiths and beliefs. I hope JAKIM and all the religious departments clarify this issue of desecrating a tokong by words or deed as not being part of Islam.

Only the Friday sermon can deal a blow to this disgusting creature unfit to be a Malaysian or even a Muslim, much less a Malay. I If I had any power, I would rescind Sanusi’s citizenship at post haste and send him packing to whatever country that might want to accept him.

Sanusi’s actions and words, if not met with swift reprisals or a sorrowful apology to the religion that he desecrated, to the race that he dishonoured and to the man he humiliated, will encourage more disrespect between races, and religions and that would spell the end of our nation called Malaysia. The line of decency, morality and honour must be drawn right here, no further. - Prof. Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

These angels are gone,because there is a Zionist,a toxic 
ideology that says Palestinians are sub-humans...


02 December 2023

Using a 12 year to endorse a cabinet reshuffle is in bad taste...

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim shared a lighthearted moment with the media today, agreeing in jest that he should reshuffle his Cabinet before the end of the year. Reporters had approached Anwar after performing Friday prayers at Surau Al-Amin here to ask about speculation that a Cabinet shake-up could take place soon.

Anwar then asked 12-year-old Akmal Afif Yasser Arafat, who was also there to perform the prayers, to answer the queries on his behalf. “When do you suggest (the Cabinet reshuffle should happen)?” Anwar asked Akmal, to which the boy cheekily responded, “2024”.

The prime minister then asked if he should reshuffle his Cabinet before or after the end of the year. The child replied, “Before.” Anwar then turned to the media and said he agreed with Akmal’s recommendation.

Earlier today, FMT reported that a Cabinet shake-up is on the cards and will likely involve the appointment of a new health minister, according to two sources in the know. A high-level PKR source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the reasons for Dr Zaliha Mustafa’s supposed removal from the portfolio were unclear.

In the event that Dr.Zaliha (above) is dropped, the source said, the favourite to replace her would be education minister Fadhlina Sidek, while natural resources, environment and climate change minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad would take over the education portfolio.

As for the post of domestic trade and cost of living minister, which has been vacant since the death of Salahuddin Ayub in July, the source said Shah Alam MP Azli Yusof of Amanah might be appointed to inject “fresh blood” into the Cabinet. The source said the reshuffle would see several deputy ministers swapping portfolios.

Meanwhile, a government source said the appointment of a second finance minister could not be ruled out, although any candidate would be appointed “from the outside”. The source, who declined to be named, also said the reshuffle is slated to take place next week. Speculation of a Cabinet reshuffle has been rife, and gained currency after Anwar himself said in October that he was considering it... - fmt

Jangan lama sangat peram tapai...

Anwar terus main teka teki dengan pengisian barisan kabinetnya kasnya mengisi kekosongan ditinggalkan Salahuddin Ayub. Hari ini dia beri peluang kepada seorang kanak kanak untuk membantunya. Anwar tanya budak itu bilakah masa sesuai untuk dia rombak kabinet, apakah sebelum tahun ini atau selepas 2024.Budak itu jawab sebelum dan beliau setuju. 

Sebenarnya tidak mustahak bila tarikh itu tetapi yang perlu beliau noktahkan persoalan mengenainya. Ekoran lambat mengemas kinikan kabinet timbul pelbagai spekulasi, ada menteri itu digugur ditukar portfolio dan sebagainya. Sepekulasi ini boleh jejas semangat menteri untuk bekerja.

Walaupun kerajaan hari ini stabil kukuh tetapi tidak baik kalau menangguhkan pengemas kinian apa lagi berteta teki dengannya. Kelambatan itu boleh menyebabkan orang tuduh beliau tidak cekap atau tegas dalam membuat keputusan atau perubahan.

Sikap demikian sedikit sebanyak boleh menampakan beliau lemah dalam mentadbir. Apakah beliau tunggu wahyu dari langit baru hendak bertindak? Yang pasti jangan lambat sangat ibarat peram tapai jika lama tapai boleh jadi mala. - mso

PAS OKkah with western,entertainment-oriented 
concerts if Muslims are excluded?...

After all the brouhaha over PAS allowing a concert to take place in its own backyard of Kelantan, state authorities have been forced to take action. It has been reported that the organisers of the Loy Krathong festival in Bachok will be fined RM10,000 for violating the conditions set for the event.

According to Bernama, Kelantan local government, housing, health and environment committee chairman Hilmi Abdullah said the event had a permit and did not breach the Kelantan Entertainment Control Enactment, contrary to claims by certain parties.

However, the organiser is facing a fine because the performers did not comply with the dress code while the People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) officer failed to bar Muslims from entering the concert grounds.

It must be noted that there is clear signage at the Buddhist temple Wat Pathumviharn where the concert was held, prohibiting Muslims from entering.The question also needs to be asked is just how the RELA members were to clearly identify Muslim attendees, short of asking for their identity cards.

The fine is obviously to highlight that PAS is taking firm action after bellowing for the recent Coldplay (pix,above) concert in the National Stadium @ Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur to be cancelled. Perhaps if there is a gig by foreign artistes in the future, PAS should insist that Muslims be banned from attending so as not to prevent fans of other faiths from enjoying some deserving entertainment? Sounds like a win-win situation … except for Muslim concert goers. – focusM

MP Bukit Gantang mahu buka hati pembangkang supaya lebih memikirkan soal rakyat.Tawaran secara blok telah dibuat Kerajaan. Rundinglah. Jika ada syarat2 ketat dan keras tidak mampu ditunaikan,nyatakan secara terbuka,biar rakyat tahu.MP Bukit Gantang beritahu setahun tiada rundingan yang melibatkan Ahli-Ahli Parlimen. Hanya dimaklumkan sebabnya adalah "syarat ketat". Apa yang ketat?.- Zusdin

Kesian lebai PAS ni terkantoi,dia baru nak tunjuk cerdik...

Kalo ko asyik tengok golf, maka banyaklah iklan golf.Kalo asyik tengok kereta, maka banyaklah iklan kereta.Kalo ko asyik tengok bahan Islamic, maka banyaklah iklan Islamic.Tapi kalo ko kaki sangap tengok Pornhub 24 jam, belajarlah pakai Incognito mode. - Joker

A mother bids farewell to her 5 month old baby who was killed 
during the occupation's bombings earlier today,1 Dec 2023...

Scenes from the handing over of the "Department Brigade" and "Al-Quds" the 
sixth batch of Israeli detainees to the Red Cross within the prisoner exchange deal...


30 November 2023

Just b'coz of Siti doesn’t mean other PhD holders are like her...

I am not sure how the Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khalid Nordin is going to tighten the conditions for those aspiring to do their doctorates (PhDs) in local universities.

Just because PhD holder in Kepala Batas MP Dr Siti Mastura Muhammad made some preposterous statements about family ties between leaders of different generations, these do not necessarily invalidate PhDs obtained by others.

As I have said before, there is virtually explosion of those getting their PhDs both from private and public universities. PhDs are awarded to candidates after course work and submission of research findings in the form of thesis or dissertation.

Before the candidates are awarded their PhDs, their dissertations must be approved by internal and external examiners. Obtaining PhDs means specialising in particular areas of research.

PhDs are meant for those intending to teach in universities or keen to engage in research. However, at present, the glamour of having “Dr” in front of their names has led to the proliferation of those acquiring their PhDs.

The question is how to control and ensure that those who obtain their PhDs are truly qualified candidates. Apart from the strict discipline imposed by the senior staff in universities, the entry requirements of those wanting to do postgraduate degrees must be enforced.

However, such entry requirements already exist in universities. Maybe these requirements can be reviewed and made tighter. Beyond that, there is nothing much universities can do.

It is difficult to control and manage the awarding of the PhDs simply because of the wide methodological differences that exists between the sciences and social sciences.

By the way, the appearance of a swallow does not make summer. Similarly, just because Siti Mastura made some inappropriate remarks, it doesn’t mean that other PhD holders are on the same level as her.

The appearance of one black sheep among the ranks of the PhD holders doesn’t invalidate the hard work of others. Siti Mastura’s inappropriate remarks unbecoming of a PhD holder might be an aberration. It should not cast aspersions on the others who have slogged to obtain their PhDs.

Since the issue of PhD has cropped up, perhaps Khalid can initiate some measures not only to improve the quality of the PhDs awarded but also the degrees awarded at the lower levels. Siti Mastura’s remarks provides a good excuse for the authorities to see how the quality of academic degrees can be improved in public universities. – Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy

 Kenapa aku buat tak bole,
ko buat bole?...

Walaun tuduh aku pertahankan konsert Coldplay... Sedangkan aku sekadar menjelaskan fitnah yang mereka cipta. Bukan pertahankan konsert tu.Yang gigih mempertahankan perkara mungkar tu walaun sendiri. Macam konsert di Bachok, walaun bersungguh kata tak ada orang Islam yang pergi.

Hakikatnya Exco sendiri mengakui pakaian artisnya tak senonoh dan orang muslim pun ada pergi. Dah terbukti walaun menipu untuk bela kemungkaran. Exco kata, penganjur gagal mematuhi peraturan. Eh itu baru berapa orang datang. Takkan ramai tu pun Kerajaan Negeri dah tak mampu nak kawal?

Elok lagi konsert Coldplay walau jumlah kehadiran mencecah 85,000 orang. Tak ada pun perbuatan tak elok dan mencolok mata macam yang di Bachok.Nampak? Ia bukan masalah konsert. Tapi masalah kawalan. Kalau boleh dikawal, konsert yang 85,000 orang hadir pun aman. Kalau tak dikawal, yang tak berapa ribu pun ada berlaku kejelikan.

Disebabkan tak ada kejadian yang memalukan di konsert Coldplay macam di Bachok itulah walaun terpaksa mainkan cerita dajjal dan LGBT. Sebenarnya konsert di Bachok tu, kalaulah walaun tak buat pasal serang Madani dengan fitnah jahat dan sentimen palsu, benda tu takkan jadi hal pun.

Tapi walaun macam biasa, bodoh berpolitik. Sebab sendiri celupar, akhirnya sendiri dapat malu. Bukan sekali walaun kena macam ni. Berbelas kali dah. Tapi kan, kalau disuruh pilih antara Coldplay atau Loy Krathong di Bachok tu, aku akan pilih pergi ke Loy Krathong tu. Tau kenapa?

Sebab konsert Coldplay banyak lebai dan walaun doakan berlaku bencana. Tapi Loy Krathong tu tak ada pun yang doakan macam tu. Direstui oleh para lebai. Jadi baiklah pergi ke konsert di Bachok tu. Guane boh? - Raja Gelap II 


28 November 2023

Muhyiddin pulls a “Mahathir crying” drama....

Desperate Muhyiddin tries to pull a 
“Mahathir crying” drama to cling to power...

Muhyiddin Yassin, whose given name is Mahiaddin Yasin but was too ashamed to use it, announced on Friday (Nov 24) that he would step down as president of his party – Bersatu or Malaysian United Indigenous Party. The country’s first backdoor prime minister said he will not defend his position as party president in the next party election, which is due next year.

Speaking at the sixth Bersatu Annual General Assembly, he said – “The time for me to pass on the party leadership to a new team of leaders has arrived. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all Bersatu leaders and members if I have committed any mistakes during my time as president. Take good care of this party”. Then – Kaboom – the drama starts.

His announcement somehow surprised some delegates, or at least they pretended to be shocked, with some crying out “jangan” (Malay for don’t) and “tak nak” (don’t want). Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu claimed he was shocked, surprised, upset and whatnot by his boss’ stunning decision to quit, saying delegates were begging the party president to stay.

Less than 12 hours after the dramatic chaos at the party’s meeting, Bersatu Supreme Council held an emergency meeting and voila, Mahiaddin’s decision was unsurprisingly rejected. The party’s secretary general Hamzah Zainudin said – “We are of the view that Muhyiddin’s leadership is still needed by the party and the nation”. Sure, and we believe Britney Spear is still a virgin.

From the beginning, Muhyiddin, who is facing multiple corruption charges, has no intention of quitting as Bersatu president, let alone giving up his dream to redeem the humiliation of being ousted as prime minister after only 17 months in power. It was only last month (Oct 2023) when the Opposition Perikatan Nasional chairman suggested a change of government could happen very soon.

In fact, it was already a “red flag” when a power-hungry man who was still dreaming of returning to become prime minister for the second time suddenly announced he would go into retirement. Mahathir Mohamad almost fell off his chair laughing at his once most trusted lieutenant’s political drama. It’s the same script which Mahathir used 20 years ago when he similarly pulled the same stunt.

On June 22, 2002, after more than 20 years in power, then-PM Mahathir unexpectedly announced during the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) General Assembly that he would quit immediately, only to rescind the decision after an hour of pleading by party loyalists. Party delegates, caught by surprise, said the UMNO president was irreplaceable.

Dr.M announced resignation on Jun 22,2002...

UMNO leaders, such as Wanita Chief Rafidah Aziz and Youth Chief Hishammuddin Hussein rushed to the rostrum to console the emotional Mahathir, persuading him to U-turn. Rafidah was infamous for asking her boss, after broken the heel of her super expensive high-heel shoes – “Why, why, why?” Muhammad Muhammad Taib, UMNO vice-president, said – “Even after 100 years, or even 1,000 years, it would be difficult to find another like him.”

Delegates shouted “Hidup Mahathir” (Long Live Mahathir) several times as they clapped their hands to show moral support. Even some journalists during the era when news media were tightly controlled by the corrupt Mahathir government were moved to tears. However, as expected, then-UMNO permanent chairman Sulaiman Ninam Shah called the meeting to order and rejected Mahathir’s decision to step down.

After an hour or two of coaxing later, his deputy Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Mahathir had retracted his decision. By then the premier had left. After shedding crocodile tears, the 76-year-old Mahathir left for a holiday in Italy immediately after stunning the UMNO annual congress. Over the next few days, UMNO leaders continued to persuade Mahathir to remain as prime minister.

It was hard to believe that Mahathir, an old fox with the reputation of being more Machiavellian than Machiavelli, would throw tantrum and recklessly gave up power by resigning as Prime Minister, Finance Minister, UMNO President and Barisan Nasional Chairman with immediate effect. He had not groomed Abdullah Badawi properly for a smooth and orderly transition as his successor.

Of course, it was all a “sandiwara” (drama), planned and orchestrated to see if the public and UMNO still love Mahathir. It was part of a spectacular test of his party’s loyalty to their leader. But when Badawi announced that a deal had been struck that Mahathir would stay until Oct 31, 2003, the PM had no choice but to hand power – even if he had wanted to make a U-turn.

For obvious reason, Muhyiddin cannot cry like a baby. It would be too obvious that he was a copycat, taking a page from Mahathir’s playbook. But Muhyiddin’s situation is different from that of Mahathir. As a start, Mahathir was still the most powerful man in the country when he was toying around with the idea of quitting, therefore, every UMNO delegate wanted him to stay as the captain of the gravy train.

Muhyiddin, however, is now powerless after he drove the Perikatan Nasional coalition to the opposition camp post-15th General Election. As a result, his gravy train malfunctions and whatever gravy left are frozen. Without money to go around, four of Bersatu’s 31 MPs had defected, with more to follow suit as angry supporters demand a change of leadership.

Despicable Hamzah, the so-called architect of “Sheraton Move” – the political coup that saw traitor Muhyiddin seized power by plotting with enemies (defeated UMNO and extremist PAS Islamist party) to topple democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government in March 2020 – quietly sent his minions such as Bersatu Supreme Council member Eddin Syazlee Shith to pressure Muhyiddin to quit.

Eddin said party leaders must be magnanimous and relinquish their positions if they were no longer capable of bearing the responsibility – clearly targeting Muhyiddin’s arrogance and tactical error when he rejected King Sultan Abdullah’s invitation to both Anwar-led Pakatan Harapan and Muhyiddin-led Perikatan Nasional to form a Unity Government last November.

Another mistake was Muhyiddin’s close relationship with Azmin Ali, the former deputy president of PKR who betrayed Anwar Ibrahim along with 10 PKR MPs, leading to the collapse of Pakatan Harapan government. As an outsider of Bersatu, Azmin does not have strong support within the party –  sparking bad blood between his faction and Hamzah faction.

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that the people’s hatred for Azmin had contributed to Bersatu losing truckloads of votes. Azmin himself lost his parliamentary seat in the national polls. Entrusted to lead the party in the Selangor state election, Azmin had promised to deliver at least 33 seats, but only managed to secure 22 seats, half of which were won by a margin of less than 5%.

The latest gimmick to quit Bersatu was Muhyiddin’s last card to cling to power. It was the only way to checkmate Hamzah, who tried to challenge his boss but whose reputation and popularity were no match for Muhyiddin. Besides testing the party’s loyalty to him, the party president wanted to send a message to rebels that the party would vaporise without him because Bersatu is synonymous with his name.

In the worst case scenario that he had to surrender his presidency, Muhyiddin wanted to be promoted as “Bersatu Chairman”, a position which was abolished in Nov 2020 after former Bersatu chairman Mahathir was sacked by Muhyiddin. It would be too humiliating for him to be ousted by Hamzah and to be known in history as a traitor and a loser.

The internal power struggle is not the only problem. Despite Muhyiddin’s role as the Perikatan Nasional chairman, the real “big brother” in the coalition is PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang. Even though Bersatu is part of the Perikatan Nasional opposition bloc, it actually depended on the backing of the conservative Islamist party to make inroads among the country’s majority ethnic-Malay Muslims.

Mr Moo can only ask how high when Hadi tells him to jump. Can Hamzah or any successor control the snake oil salesman Hadi when even Muhyiddin is at the mercy of the religious extremist? Already, PAS greedily controls all the four states (Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis and Kedah) and left Bersatu without any powerbase. Even in Perlis, the smallest state, PAS is bullying Bersatu for power.

To rub salt on Muhyiddin’s injury, PAS has appointed Mahathir as the “advisor” of the state government four (SG4)  – clearest sign that the Islamist party appreciates an old man who used to condemn Hadi as a “traitor”, “munafiq (hypocrite)” and “kafir (infidel)” more than a friend who invited Hadi to share power through a backdoor government. That’s an incredible insult to Muhyiddin.

Therefore, part of the drama was to convince PAS that Bersatu isn’t disintegrating after four Bersatu MPs defected for greener pasture. Muhyiddin desperately wanted to show that he is still in control, at least his own party. Without him leading the party, not only PAS will claim the position as Perikatan Nasional chairman, but the fragile Bersatu will crumble causing the opposition to weaken.

That’s why Muhyiddin said he decided to step down in order not to see Bersatu broken up. What he really meant was that if he was forced to step down, the party will break up as he was the glue (at least he believed so) that holds both Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional intact. Ahmad Faizal Azumu was merely replaying the role of Rafidah Aziz in the Mahathir’s crying episode in 2002, minus breaking any shoe heel.

While Mahathir’s drama production was a blockbuster success, beating Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, Avengers and Spiderman combined, Mahiaddin’s film is a huge disappointment. Without putting any effort in a new storyline, the political drama is so lame and predictable. Muhyiddin finally makes a U-turn on Saturday (Nov 25), barely 24 hours after all the weeping, wailing and begging directed by his deputy Faizal Azumu.

Mahathir won awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Actor, Best Actress (thanks to Rafidah), Best Director, Best Sound, Best Production Design and the list goes on. Still, Muhyiddin successfully won himself the Golden Raspberry Award – Worst Actor of the Century, Worst Drama, and the Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel Awards.

More importantly, Muhyiddin won the Worst Written Film award for shamelessly and comically said he made the U-turn decision after consulting with his wife. Mahathir did not involve his wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali, when he broke down in tears some 20 years ago. And he certainly did not drag his wife when he was persuaded to stay for another year during the transition period.

Coming from a traitor, whose legitimacy as a premier was not recognized by the world leaders, there’s no surprise that Muhyiddin would stoop so low by using his wife as an excuse. After all, this is the same pathetic power-crazy man who does not have a red line that he won’t cross, including telling the world about his diarrhoea while in office just to get sympathy. Regardless, it won’t stop internal backstabbing and betrayal. - FT

Ini bukan cooobaaan...ini betoi2...

Ni pasal konsert seksi dekat Kelantan tu. Aku tak nak ulas panjang. Cuma terfikir bila baca komen walaun ni.Dia kata konsert tu cuma orang bukan Islam je yang pergi. Takde orang Melayu pergi sebab tak nampak yang pakai tudung. Ye juga.

Cuma nak tahu, lelaki Melayu Kelantan bertudung jugak ke? Sebab konsert seksi macam tu memang perempuan tak pergi la. Jadi nak carik yang bertudung memanglah takkan jumpa. Jangankan bertudung, yang berkopiah pun takkan jumpa. Dia pecat kopiah siap-siap sebelum masuk. Macam Pak Maon.

Hujah tu tak kuat. Melainkan kalau buat di kawasan tertutup, nak masuk kena tunjuk IC macam beli arak. Baru boleh pakai hujah walaun ni. Guane boh? - Raja Gelap II 

Bukan konsert liar kata depa, konsert toleransi untuk bukan Islam yang dianjurkan di negeri Serambi Mekah. Walaun/tit senantiasa ada dalil..😂😂😂

Anak Mursyidul Am PN 
pun pergi konsert Coldplay...

The fact that we’re witnessing this live and the world isn’t willing to call it ethnic 
cleansing is very telling.There are more than just numbers.They’re people like you and me...


27 November 2023

Analysts never predicted Anwar would become PM...

 PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli told party members today not to be perturbed by condescending expert analyses on the party. In his speech at the PKR National Congress 2023, Rafizi said analysts and academicians have always looked down on the party and its president Anwar Ibrahim. In the past, political experts had regarded PKR as an underdog and the weakest link in its previous cooperations, said Rafizi, who pointed out that some had also predicted the party's demise.

"That is why, ladies and gentlemen, when you read analyses by all these experts from outside, have you ever come across them saying that one day Anwar will become prime minister? "They never predicted this. That is why, in the years we spent in this party, it has been our discipline to listen to these analyses, we will filter them, but we never expect them to sing praises. "Because we have never been praised by them," Rafizi said in his winding-up speech.

The economy minister was responding to a recent Merdeka Centre survey which claimed that Anwar and his coalition government's approval rating was sliding mostly due to economic concerns. According to Rafizi, never once have these analysts admitted that they had erred in their analyses.

He told the party members to remain steadfast with PKR, which Rafizi said will continue recording success despite all the criticisms against them. "But if you want to be hailed with praise, then you should join Bersatu. "Or, maybe you can join PAS which acts like it is the most popular party but has never once got to be the prime minister."

Selective data

In his speech, Rafizi also took a swipe at political analysts who allegedly shared selective data that is only favourable to the opposition. As an example, he pointed to the issue of the ringgit declining against the US dollar and Singaporean dollar.

While it is true that the ringgit had been declining against the two currencies, Rafizi said, government critics failed to share that the ringgit had become stronger against other currencies such as the Japanese yen, British pound sterling, Korean won, Euro, Australian dollar, and China renminbi.

"Our ringgit only weakened against USD and SGD. But they didn't mention all the others that we have grown stronger against.

"These intelligent people should tell everything, not only the stuff that the 'walaun' wants to hear," he said, using a slur referring to Perikatan Nasional supporters.

The Pandan MP added that this was why he would take analysis not backed with facts and data with a pinch of salt. - mk

According to screenshots of the threat that has gone viral on social media, it was made by a TikTok user with the username @jaiadani89, who uses a profile photo of a man holding a sharp weapon.

“Today, I want to transfer RM5 million to whoever wants the money... But you have to do something in return.

“You have to gun down PMX, cabinet ministers, and DAP members,” it said.

Adding further, Kamil said authorities should take swift action against such threats to security. - Kamsiah Haider

Halal bagi mereka 
haram bagi orang lain...

Waktu mereka menjadi kerajaan pelbagai konsert diluluskan tiada mereka bising. Malah konsert Wings boleh diadakan di bumi Kelantan. 

Waktu mereka menjadi kerajaan pelbagai konsert artis luar negara telah diluluskan. Tak dgr soal haram halal, tak dgr tak sensitif nasib Palestin yg saban tahun diserang Israel.

Zaman depa dulu puak² yg bising konsert diam tak kata apa.PAS hanya jadikan konsert sebagai isu politik. Ketika itu setiap minggu ada konsert tak apa pula? Asal di Kelantan semuanya halal...

Bila mereka menjadi pembangkang mereka mainkan isu ini konon mereka lah yg terpaling Islam. Apa yg boleh dikaitkan dgn agama ditunggang mereka.

Yg menjadi bodoh org Melayu. PH kurang judi Pas/PN naikkan cabutan undi dari 9 kali ke 22. Ini Islam? Inilah ciri2 munafik dan inilah ciri Khawarij. - Ahmad Mursi.

Konsert sep kito di Tumpat Kelantan,Serambi Mekah.Kerah pelir walaun tengok ore Golok nyanyi.
Sebaliknya PAS sibuk kecam konsert Coldplay di Bukit Jalil tapi konsert liar artist Thailand camna?Kenapa lebai2 PAS & walaun diam 1000 bahasa?


25 November 2023

Sirul, "You can run but you can't hide"...

Sirul still tight-lipped on 
Altantuya's murder mastermind...

Earlier this month, after nine years spent in immigration detention in Australia, the former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar was finally set free and now lives with his family in Canberra. Despite this, he remained tight-lipped about the mystery surrounding who actually ordered the killing of the Mongolian national, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

“Okay. [For] many years, people in my country waiting about who gave the order. But until now, I cannot tell,” he told Al-Jazeera’s 101 East programme in an interview that was aired this morning. Sirul did not say why he could not reveal the identity of the purported murder mastermind.

Nevertheless, he said that his superior Azilah Hadri had told him that they were conducting a “special operation” for Najib Abdul Razak, who was the deputy prime minister and defence minister at the time. He also revealed later in the programme that he had been paid for his silence in the past. And, despite being in relative safety in a faraway country, there were still attempts to “control” him.

‘Don’t want to lie’ “Until now, I have somebody [who] controls me. ‘Umar, you don't talk. You be silent.’ “This is Australia. Anybody can talk, isn't it? So, I take [the] position, I talk the true thing because I want to expose and then tell the truth now. I want to build a new life in Australia. “I don't want to talk lies here,” he said.

Asked whom he was meant to protect with his silence, he replied, “Honestly, I’m going tell you specifically to protect the former (deputy) prime minister at that time, Mr Najib (Abdul Razak). “So that's it. My answer.” For the record, Najib has repeatedly denied involvement in Altantuya’s murder, claiming it was part of an international conspiracy to depose him.

Altantuya was abducted and murdered in Shah Alam in October 2006; her remains were blown up with military-grade explosives.Two of Najib’s bodyguards - Sirul and Azilah Hadri - were convicted of the murder in 2009, but the Court of Appeal overturned the conviction in 2013 and ordered the pair’s release.

While the prosecution appealed its case, Sirul had fled to Australia where he now resides. The Federal Court would later uphold the pair’s conviction and reinstate the mandatory death penalty.Azilah is currently on death row in Sungai Buloh Prison. While on death row, he had claimed Najib had ordered him to “arrest and destroy” Altantuya, who was described as a “foreign spy”.

Meanwhile, Sirul was arrested and detained by Australian authorities in January 2015 because of the Interpol red notice issued against him and for overstaying his tourist visa.However, Australia could not extradite Sirul to Malaysia because of its policy not to deport people facing the death penalty to their country of origin.

Although Malaysia has abolished the mandatory death penalty and has imposed a moratorium against carrying out executions, the death penalty itself has not been repealed. Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail had said the onus is on Sirul, through his lawyers, to apply for the court to commute his sentence to imprisonment.If he does not apply or the court rejects his application, the minister conceded that Sirul would likely remain a free man in Australia.

Altantuya's family files appeal to increase 
RM5mil damages award...

On Nov 8, the Australian High Court ruled that indefinite immigration detention is unlawful, though the government may impose appropriate visa conditions to protect the local community. This reportedly resulted in the release of 92 people including Sirul. However, 101 East reported that the Australian government has not imposed any curfew requirements or tracking devices on Sirul.

Meanwhile, Sirul spoke about his fear of returning to Malaysia and pleaded for acceptance in Canberra. “I feel in danger there because I’m aware that it’s truly unsafe for me to return. Whatever happens, I want to build a life with my child here in Australia. “I'm appealing to the community here. Please accept me. I promised my son I would never, ever breach the law here. I follow everything. Please accept me, who I am here.

“I love Australia, really. From my heart, from my soul. Give me a second chance. “One more thing. I’m going to apologise to the family of the deceased. You know, Altantuya. Please forgive me. That's it.” - mk

Meanwhile,former prime minister Najib Razak has denied allegations that he had attempted to influence or silence former bodyguard Sirul Azhar Umar, who was first convicted for the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu in 2006.

Instead, he urged Sirul to reveal the mastermind behind her killing in the wake of the latter’s widely publicised interview on Al Jazeera. In a statement released through his lawyers Shafee & Co, Najib urged Sirul to “be brave” and disclose any information he has in order for justice to be served. During the interview, Sirul alluded to but refused to name the “top politician” he claimed had issued the order to kill.

According to the law firm, the interview “implied a vague assertion that our client exerts interference or influence over Sirul, purportedly to protect our client”. Sirul, who is facing the death penalty in Malaysia for the murder, claimed he was paid a large sum of money by his former lawyer Hasnal Rezua Merican to clear Najib of any links to the 2006 murder. However, Hasnal has denied the allegations.

Shafee & Co reiterated that Najib had been conclusively exonerated of any involvement in the case and that he was never implicated in court proceedings. Sirul’s interview was recorded after he was among dozens of immigration detainees released following an Australian High Court overturning a 2004 ruling. It deemed that detaining non-citizens without visas indefinitely was unlawful.

He had been held since 2015 after he fled Malaysia before the final verdict for his case could be read by the Federal Court after numerous appeals from both sides. His first application for political asylum in Australia was rejected in 2019. To clear his name, Najib suggested that the government engage with Australian authorities to bring Sirul back to ensure a comprehensive investigation into his claims.

He added that the Malaysian government should offer assurances that Sirul would not face the death penalty upon his return in order to facilitate his extradition as Australia is bound by strict non-refoulement obligations. - fmt

PAS can’t live without 
Mercedes Benz & iPhone...

Perikatan Nasional, comprising two major forces – Malay nationalist party Bersatu and Islamist party PAS – captured 4.7 million votes (30.12%) in the November 2022 General Election, where 99% were Malay votes. Crucially, the Malay-centric political parties won 80% of Malay vote bank. Fortunately, despite grabbing 74 seats in the 222-seat Parliament, it was not sufficient to form the government.

Even the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) was surprised that it could win 43 parliamentary seats and capture 4 states – becoming the single-largest party in the country. Thereafter, Perikatan Nasional was so confident it could form a government that it became too arrogant and rejected a “Unity Government” proposed by King Sultan Abdullah as a result of a hung parliament.

The rest as they say is history. But the burning question is whether the “green wave”, which saw Bersatu and PAS almost forming a Taliban government, will still be around in the next 16th General Election. You can drag the Malays screaming and kicking out of the “kampung” (village) and give them a modern education. But you will never be able to drag the “kampung” out of the Malays.

Essentially, the Malays, or at least majority of them, are still the same ethnic stuck in the 1500s who are very feudal, hyper-sensitive, insecure and easily provoked. Due to Malays’ unique characteristic – the inferiority feeling of insecure and threatened (even though they are the largest ethnic group and have secured all the key positions) – politicians could easily manipulate and exploit them.

Malay leaders like Mahathir had played the race and religion card to cunningly deceive them that they were being deprived by the minorities, especially the ethnic Chinese. Ex-backdoor PM Muhyiddin spread fake news that Christians were working with “Jews to Christianise” Malaysia during the Nov 2022 election campaign. PAS continues to remind Malay-Muslims that non-Muslims are “kafir”.

The Malay community – poisoned by toxic politicians like Muhyiddin and Hadi who can’t stop fanning racial and religious hate – decided to throw their support blindly behind Perikatan Nasional. They just needed a Malay champion to protect their interest, never mind their so-called heroes were actually corrupted, crooked or scumbags who spoke with a forked tongue.

Having played Malay-Muslims like a fool for decades, Bersatu and PAS leaders knew precisely how to scam and lie to them again and again. The best part is the Malays will always fall for the same trick without fail. And this is also why Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has joined the bandwagon, screaming till his face turn blue condemning Israel whilst supporting Palestinians and Hamas terrorists.

En.Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, PAS MP...

As both Opposition Perikatan Nasional and Anwar try to outmatch each other to become the Palestinian hero in the Israel-Hamas War, it has led to a boycott of companies linked to Israeli. From McDonald’s to Starbucks, and from Nestle products to Grab e-hailing service, the list of companies with alleged ties to Israel has been targeted by people obsessed with teaching the Jews a lesson.

Apparently, some Malaysians were not impressed after McDonald’s Israel said on its social media accounts that it has given thousands of free meals to Israel Defense Forces. In truth, the boycott does not affect local McDonald’s at all because foreign brands in Malaysia are owned by local companies through the master franchise concept, something that is perhaps too sophisticated for boycotters to understand.

Hilariously, popular fast-food chain like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks have mostly Malays under its payrolls. McDonald’s, for example, is owned by Gerbang Alaf Sdn Bhd, which has over 300 outlets and more than 25,000 local employees. A 100% Muslim-owned entity, McDonald’s saw its workers – predominantly Malay – caught in the crossfire.

McDonald’s Malaysia registered sales of RM3.25 billion in 2021 compared to US$23.22 billion (RM108.63 billion) recorded by the American company worldwide. In other words, the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain will not lose any sleep even if McDonald’s Malaysia goes bust. However, the same cannot be said about its Malaysian employees, who happens to be mostly Malay-Muslims.

Of course, it will not go belly up. McDonald’s top management has swiftly introduced many mouth-watering promotions, which benefits truckloads of non-Muslim customers scrambling to the restaurants thanks to the boycott. Chances are it’s a matter of time before the pro-Palestinian Malaysians who boycott “Mekdi” will return in droves for their addicted burgers and fried chicken.

Even if they can resist McDonald’s, which they can’t in long term, it would be hard to ignore Starbucks, which is owned by Berjaya Group. Sure, the owner is a Chinese called Vincent Tan. However, like McDonald’s, the coffee house chain hires mostly Malay-Muslims. So, chances are more workers will be jobless before the boycott could make a dent on billionaire Vincent.

Besides, boycotting Starbucks outlets will impact only Berjaya Food Bhd, not the entire business empire of Berjaya Group. CGS-CIMB Research believed that the boycott would impact only three-month of the company’s revenue. Heck, the research house has actually reiterated its “add” call on Berjaya Food stock. Will they now boycott CIMB, a Malay banking group, for supporting Berjaya stock price?

Nestle Malaysia Products...

Malaysia should think twice about copying Turkey, whose parliament removed Coca Cola and Nestle products from its restaurants over their support for Israel. Milo, Nescafe and Maggi are some food products produced by Nestle, which most Malays can’t get rid of at restaurants or at home. Milo has become a breakfast drink and Maggi Curry is as addicted as sex to many Malays.

And guess what, Grab delivery riders (again, most of them Malays) depend on orders from McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and even Mamak restaurants to make a living through commission. The supply chain also affects the suppliers of chicken, bread and vegetables as well as transportation for those goods, which again affects many Malay workers. But why stop at selected brands?

Let’s boycott Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, whose owner – Mark Zuckerberg – is a Jewish and where the social media openly supports Israel. As of January 2023, there were around 28.18 million Facebook users in Malaysia, including the same anti-Israel Malays who shamelessly used Facebook in the campaign to boycott companies linked to Israel. Can they really live without Israel products?

Protesters should stop flying for their vacations as Boeing makes and delivers weapons to Israel. Google and Microsoft’s CEOs have come out in support of Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attack on the country, so perhaps Malaysian protesters should stop using the search engine and format their hard-disk immediately to get rid of the operating system. They should also dump their Android phones.

IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Intel, Oracle and Zoom were just some tech companies that have spoken out against Hamas and express support and solidarity with Israel. Go ahead – demonstrate in front of all major banks – including Maybank and CIMB – to pressure the financial institutions to throw away their mainframes, servers and databases for supporting the Jewish people.

In the same breath, they should also boycott Adidas, Accenture, Allianz, Apple, American Express, Audi, BMW, Chanel, Cisco, Daimler, DHL, Disney, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Levi Strauss, Marriott, Mastercard, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, Pfizer, Porsche, PwC, SAP, Siemens, Sony Music, Tesla, UPS, Volkswagen, and WWE for similarly supporting Israel.

Wait a minute, without Android or Apple smartphones, what type of phones are left for the anti-Israeli protesters? Yes, it appears that 80% of Malays have been scammed when even PAS has decided that they can’t live without Mercedes Benz and Apple iPhone. PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari said – “There are some products or things that cannot be boycotted. We cannot do it all.”

Tech Giants - Google, Amazon, Apple, 
Facebook and Microsoft...

The snake oil salesmen from the Islamist party was trapped when Kampar MP Chong Zhemin questioned the Kelantan state government if they were going to boycott Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury car manufacturer that openly supports the Israeli by donating €1 million. If the PAS Mullahs prefer Benz over Palestinians, isn’t it moronic for Malays to still support the Islamist party?

It screams hypocrisy and double-standard for PAS to stage a massive demonstration in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, expressing unwavering support for the Palestinian people, only to chicken out when challenged to boycott Mercedes. In 2020, then-Kelantan deputy Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah purchased 14 Mercedes Benz S 450 L AMG line worth over RM600,000 per unit.

Germany, in fact, strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself, so much so the Europe’s biggest economy was offering military help to Israel and promising to crack down on support for the militant Hamas terror group. Therefore, Malays should start boycotting their favourite German brands like Adidas, Benz, BMW, Audi, Puma, Porsche, Volkswagen and DHL.

But the West isn’t the only pro-Israel nations. India is another strong supporter of Israel, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed “complete solidarity”. Perhaps Malaysian protesters should boycott India too – threatening to stop selling palm oil, and boycott Indian onions and white rice. Surely Malay Felda settlers can survive without India, Malaysia’s largest export market for palm oil.

Comically, at a symbolic event to hand over donations for Palestinians, both ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad and PAS president Hadi Awang – supposedly the biggest cheerleaders of Palestinians – were trying to evade the question of granting Muslim refugees equal access to basic rights such as employment and education. There were over 180,000 refugees in Malaysia, including 600 Palestinians.

Mahathir said he only supported the idea of giving assistance “to those without money to eat”, and not about allowing refugees to get jobs or letting their children attend public schools. Hadi was the most pathetic Muslim leader, refusing to even entertain the question of helping fellow Muslims with basic rights. So, what’s the point of screaming till foaming at the mouth about defending Palestinians? - FT

Genaplah 100 hari YAB Dato Seri Sanusi jadi MB utk kali kedua, apa pencapaian dan berita gembira utk rakyat Kedah? Biar saya senaraikan...

1) Projek Litar Lumba yang dilancarkan sebelum pilihanraya masih tiada kelibat sama sekali, projek yang dianggarkan bernilai RM75 juta masih lagi belum dimulakan, malahan tapak cadangan di Ambangan Heights Sungai Petani itu dijadikan tapak pembuangan sampah haram

2) Stadium baru bertaraf JDT mana? Katanya akan dibiayai pihak swasta masih samar dan kabur sama sekali. Tapak stadium tersebut di Sungai Petani masih lagi sunyi tanpa sebarang tanda-tanda pembinaan, kesian peminat-peminat bolasepak yang telah diberi harapan oleh MB

3) Kedah Rubber City? Kerajaan pusat dah tolong, kegagalan kerajaan negeri menyediakan infrastruktur yang sepatutnya menyebabkan pelabur terbesar, Hong Seng Consolidated menarik diri. 

4) Air Kedah dan loji rawatan air? Kerajaan negeri janji utk selesaikan pada Ogos tahun 2023, tapi apa sudah jadi? Hingga kini progress penyiapan sangat perlahan dan mustahil dapat disiapkan mengikut janji yang bakal di “capati”

5) Langkawi sudah hilang pesona sebagai pulau tarikan pelancongan utama, Kerajaan negeri gagal mencipta dan mewujudkan program-program dan acara bertaraf antarabangsa bagi menarik pelancong-pelancong dari luar negara. Kerajaan negeri juga gagal bekerjasama dengan baik dengan MOTAC bagi tujuan penambahbaikan prasarana pelancongan dipulau tersebut.

6) Apa sudah jadi dengan skuad impian “Hijau Kuning” negeri Kedah? Lebih daripada 3 bulan sudah tidak terima gaji? Menteri Besar menjanjikan saingan yang lebih bertenaga tahun ini, hingga boleh mengatasi JDT, tapi kalau dah gaji pun tak mampu nak bayar macam mana? 

7) Menteri Besar sendiri telah didakwa dengan tiga (3) pertuduhan dimahkamah atas kesalahan menghina institusi raja dan menfitnah MB Selangor dan ahli perniagaan Vincent Tan. 

8)Skandal REE yang semakin terserlah? Bekas Setpol dan bekas CEO MBI telah didakwa kerana menerima suapan drpd pihak tertentu. Katanya akan ada banyak lagi pihak-pihak yang akan terdedah dan bakal didakwa? 

9) Exco-exco kerajaan negeri yang masih gagal berfungsi dengan baik, nampak gayanya penggal ini lagi sekali rakyat negeri Kedah akan dapat Exco yang berstatus “Pegun” serta lembik. 
Kesimpulannya : 100 hari yang gagal utk Menteri Besar. Kalau 100 hari pun masih belum nampak apa-apa yang memberi impak yang besar utk negeri macam mana nak merealisasikan misi “The Greater Kedah”?  - Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin

This is absurd because Israel itself has announced that 
Hamas operates in tunnels. This is a massacre of civilians...