30 October 2023

Pro-Palestinian rallies a springboard to topple unity gov’t?...

What happened last Friday (Oct 27) should be an eye-opener not only to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Madani government but the Malaysian public at large.These incidents in schools are probably only the tip of the iceberg. At best, they are indications of the undercurrent that there are individuals – including the educators – who have extreme tendencies even within the school system.

Parents are generally only concerned about their children because they do not want schools to become the breeding ground for potential terrorists and other extreme elements or that their children are used as pawns in future to turn this nation into another Taliban state.

Instead of building the country to be reckoned as an economic powerhouse in this region, if the problem is not nipped at the bud, things may snowball to an extent that the country’s future be in the hands of extremist groups.

The incidents in schools which were carried out ahead of the Palestine Solidarity Week which officially kicks off today (Oct 29) are nothing but expressions of defiance which authorities cannot close an eye, especially since Terengganu PAS Youth had in February this year displayed tendencies to adorn war garments and paraded with fake weapons of war.

In an undated video (above), Permatang Pauh MP Muhammad Fawwaz Mohamad Jan had also allegedly taught that the “Malay rulers are supposed to be subjugated to the powers of the ulama”. What does this tell us about our lawmaker?

Since the demise of its spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat in February 2015, PAS has begun to display the more extreme side of Islam with its current president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang alongside Opposition leader Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin dabbling with fire by riding on the pro-Palestine march on Sunday to demonstrate against the US.

In his latest video clip, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) claimed that the PAS 10,000 Palestine Solidarity Rally held yesterday (Oct 28) afternoon has attracted “more than 10,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 participants though hard to estimate correctly”, hence more successful than the Malaysia Stands with Palestine’ rally staged by the unity government on Oct 24.

The video clearly shows RPK is hell bent attempt to overthrow the Madani government especially Anwar, the solely pro-opposition rally pale in comparison to the BERSIH rally in 2007 which enticed a multi-racial crowd of 40,000 who only wanted to seek a fair and clean election as opposed to toppling the government of the day.

Given such unruly state of affair, the unity government has no choice but to view such development very seriously if the country is to remain as a progressive nation that believes in democracy.

This is why most middle ground Malaysians – both Muslims and non-Muslims alike – have expressed concern over the latest development by urging the government to stall the Palestine Solidarity Week in schools. There is the tendency for the issue to be exploited by the negative elements which have long been lying low away the radar.

A pure sabotage?...

Although the intention of the government is quite different for the Palestine Solidarity Week where schools are supposed to carry out activities to teach children humanitarian values, it is obvious that certain school principals and teachers have gone too far displaying their extreme tendencies. For a long time, parents have expressed the concerns over the behaviours of some of educators in the country but Education Ministry officials have taken lightly the complaints from parents.

Now, they cannot downplay what is obviously wrong even in the eyes of the law. Section 36 of the Firearms Act 1960 states that “Possession of and importation of imitation (fake) arms, by any person who shall import or have in his possession or custody an imitation arm shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or to a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both”.

This is no longer about the Palestinian struggle. It is about local politics where one party is trying to cause the collapse of the unity government set up by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA).

It seems that the Opposition is seeking to take over the Federal government through a vote of no-confidence rather than waiting for the next general election. The government must take this seriously by investigating the possible involvement of deep state and hidden hands that have gone “silent” for the past two months.

Bear in mind that every move or action that we see being played out in the open appear to be done with one concerted effort – which is to overthrow the Madani government. There are obviously people who are afraid that Anwar may go on the overdrive with the fight against corruption, a “cancer” of society that Emir Research has estimated Malaysia’s total economic cost of corruption to be worth by RM2.3 tril over the last 26 years. – focusmalaysia

PM Lee, Malaysia PM Anwar 
to hold leaders’ retreat in Singapore...

Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will lead a high-level delegation to Singapore for the 10th Singapore-Malaysia Leaders’ Retreat on Monday (Oct 30).The annual retreat, the first to be held since the pandemic, is a key platform for the leaders of both countries to discuss bilateral issues and explore new areas of cooperation, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement on Sunday.

The previous retreat was held in 2019 in Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya and subsequent editions were postponed due to COVID-19 and successive changes in the Malaysian government. This year’s retreat will also be Mr Anwar’s first in his current capacity as premier, and MFA said it is an opportunity for both countries to “take stock of the growing cooperation”.

Mr Anwar will arrive in Singapore on Sunday before attending the retreat the next day, where he will call on Singapore President Tharman Shanmugaratnam and meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The prime ministers and their delegations will then meet for bilateral discussions and witness the signing of bilateral agreements on key areas of cooperation, MFA said.

This includes updating a business development fund agreement and working together to develop small- and medium-size enterprises in both countries.  Analysts expect this year’s edition to be similarly significant.

“This leaders’ retreat will be important from an optics standpoint because it will signal the move away from the Mahathir-led Pakatan Harapan administration in 2018 to an Anwar-led Unity Government administration starting in 2022,” said Dr Ong Kian Ming, director of the philosophy politics and economics programme at Taylor’s University in Malaysia.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who attended the 2019 retreat as Malaysia’s leader, frequently clashed with Singapore over issues like maritime boundaries and the price of water bought from Johor. Dr Ong, who served as a deputy minister of international trade and industry in the Mahathir government, told CNA that ties between the two countries have “warmed up significantly” since Mr Anwar took the helm.

“Anwar doesn’t have the same kind of baggage and hangups with Singapore that was so obviously present with Mahathir,” he said. “This means that it has been much easier to discuss possible areas of cooperation without having the shadow of old issues such as the water issue hovering in the background.”

Dr Ong expects long-standing bilateral issues like Pedra Branca (above) to continue being discussed. In December 2022, Mr Anwar said after a Cabinet meeting that he had asked the attorney-general to clarify Malaysia’s claims on Pedra Branca, and that he hoped for discussions with Singapore to ensure there were no problems between the two countries.

The dispute over Pedra Branca - a strategic rocky outcrop at the entrance of busy shipping lanes in the Singapore Strait - dates back to 1979, when Malaysia published a map indicating that the island was within the country’s territorial waters. The matter was brought to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2003, and in 2008, it ruled that Singapore had sovereignty over Pedra Branca, while Middle Rocks was awarded to Malaysia and South Ledge belonged to the state in whose territorial waters it is located.

In January 2023, Malaysia’s then-attorney-general Idris Harun said in a statement that the Malaysian government respects the ICJ decision, although he added that a Mahathir administration decision in 2018 to withdraw Malaysia’s application to revise the ICJ judgment was “improper”.

Then in February, local media reported Mr Anwar as saying in parliament that the government will table a white paper on the Pedra Branca issue for “further action”, as the premier charged that the previous decision to drop the appeal had led to a loss of Malaysian territory.

“But I notice that the discussions on these sensitive issues have not been publicly disclosed which means that both sides want to work outside the public spotlight to find agreeable ways to resolve these issues,” Dr Ong added.“This is a good sign.” 

All eyes will be on a possible resurrection of the high-speed rail (HSR) project (above) between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. “Because that is what is needed to connect the two metropolises for better collaboration, and that is also a major infrastructural undertaking,” he said.

The HSR project - which aimed to reduce travel time between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to about 90 minutes - was called off on the first day of 2021 after multiple postponements at Malaysia's request and an eventual lapsing of an agreement.

Malaysia paid more than S$102 million (US$76.25 million at the time) in compensation to Singapore for the terminated project. But in July 2023, Malaysia announced it was seeking proposals from local and international firms to revive the project under a public-private partnership model, although Mr Anwar said in August this was still being discussed. - -CNA

What if these remaining legs belong to your child?


27 October 2023

A “taukeh” of a “cokia” MB...

Tan: 'Sanusi linking me to S’gor MB, 
river project is defamatory'...

Vincent Tan contended that Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor’s campaign speech is defamatory as he labelled the businessperson a “taukeh” of Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari while mentioning a state river project.

In a reply filed at the Shah Alam High Court, the veteran businessperson contended that this implication could result in a misunderstanding from the audience present during the Kedah state election campaign at Dataran Darulaman, Jitra, on Aug 2.

The plaintiff claimed that the speech mentioned the tycoon’s name “Vincent Tan”, labelled him as among several “taikun-taikun besar” (major tycoons), being a “taukeh” of a “cokia” MB, as well as linking the businessperson to a river project in Selangor that is allegedly worth tens of billions of ringgit.

Tan contended the utilisation of the words in the speech is “defamatory and/or slanderous to the plaintiffs, in the natural and ordinary meaning, on the face of it and/or in any context”, among others.

The plaintiff further contended that Sanusi’s interpretation of his speech - referring to the Kedah menteri besr as emphasising the welfare of the people rather than corporations - is “immaterial and irrelevant in law”.

When contacted by Malaysiakini, Tan’s counsel Chuar Kia Lin confirmed the filing of the reply last Monday. Tan was replying to Sanusi’s defence statement against the tycoon’s defamation suit.

Through the defence filed on Sept 29, Sanusi denied labelling the Berjaya Group founder as well as the second plaintiff Berjaya Land Bhd as corrupt. This resulted in Tan and Berjaya Land suing the defendant Sanusi.

Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari... 

‘Think of the rakyat’

The PAS election director contended his campaign speech emphasised the welfare of the people rather than corporations or the wealthy.The defendant explained that the reference to “major tycoons” such as Tan was merely stating that as Kedah menteri besar, the latter “prioritises the welfare of people from the lower class and not merely that of the corporates or the rich”.

Sanusi claimed that the reference to Tan and the Selangor river project meant that the defendant did not care about the business conducted by the tycoon. In raising the defence of justification, Sanusi contended that his speech was merely raising the issue of governance and leakages linked to the project so that the people would be informed about the matter, as it is of public interest.

The Jeneri assemblyperson also raised the defence of fair comment, whereby the defendant contended the members of the public have the right to know matters of public interest, and qualified privilege (a situation where the words are issued by a person who has an interest, or a legal, social, or moral duty to do so). On Aug 8, Tan and Berjaya Land filed a civil action against Sanusi.

Previously, Tan’s lawyers issued a letter of demand seeking the Perikatan Nasional leader’s apology as well as RM200 million compensation over an allegation of impropriety between the tycoon and Amirudin in relation to the Klang River cleaning project.

Through the defamation suit, Tan and Berjaya Land rubbished the allegation linked to the river project, labelling it as baseless and untrue. The two plaintiffs claimed that Sanusi issued the statement in bad faith and for “pure and pedantic political expediency as well as inflammatory rhetoric of the defendant”.

Through the civil action, the two plaintiffs are seeking for the defendant to pay unspecified general, aggravated and exemplary damages.Tan and Berjaya Land also seek an injunction to restrain Sanusi from further repeating the alleged defamatory statement. In addition, the plaintiffs seek five percent interest on any judgment sum awarded, costs, and any other relief deemed fit by the court.- Hidir Reduan Abdul Rashid,mk

I hope this legal suit will finish off this pas fella for good. No out of court settlement. Go for the kill. Make this a grim example so that the rest of the lebais and ulamak pas will shiver in fear and remember not to ever fitnah anyone again. This is also good for pas people as they will go to heaven next time as they can no longer fitnah. - AnginLintang

Must teach this "mulut tenpayan" a big lesson. Do not settle out of court. This Sanusi is a hero among the fools. - Geram

TS , please sue until his pants are down … send a message to all politicians , don’t slander and defame others … - LimeHorse5802

Bos Mydin gelak saja 
kat kerajaan perpaduan...

Antara yang jadi kritikan Boss Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd dalam rancangan bual bicara FMT, “Stakeholders, with Shireen”..

1- Pembukaan 50,000 hektar tanah

Mengkritik pembukaan tanah seluas 50,000ha di Sabah dan Sarawak dalam Belanjawan 2024, Ameer menyifatkan perkara itu semacam “bahan ketawa”. “50,000 Hektar? Thailand ada 10 juta ha, mengeluarkan beras, Indonesia ada 15 (juta), Vietnam ada lapan (juta). Kita hanya ada satu (juta). “Jadi, mana keseriusan demi memastikan ada cukup beras untuk kita sendiri?”

2- Monopoli BERNAS

“Jika anda benarkan saya import hari ini, kosnya RM32 bagi peket 10kg, namun saya kena buat menerusi Bernas. Kos saya menjadi RM38. Mereka mengambil RM6 bagi 10 kilo. “Siapa bayar ini? Penggunalah,” katanya

3- Bekalan ayam

“Kita sentiasa mengeksport ayam,” katanya sambil menambah isu didepani negara baru-baru ini adalah kesan daripada operasi “kartel”. Bagaimanapun, beliau berkata, masalah itu telah diatasi kerajaan apabila membenarkan import ayam.

4- Bekalan telur

“Masalah sebenar menjejaskan bekalan disebabkan penekanan kerajaan untuk mengawal harganya.” “Kita sebenarnya mengeksport telur ke Singapura,” katanya sambil menyatakan kerajaan “seperti tidak memahami” punca di sebalik kekurangan telur dalam pasaran. Ameer berkata, kawalan harga dikenakan kerajaan dan kegagalan membayar subsidi segera kepada pengeluar menjurus kekurangan telur biasa.

5 - Kekurangan gula 

“Kami telah beritahu kerajaan akan ada kekurangan (gula). Kami boleh menjangkakannya kerana kami di lapangan. Kerajaan berada di awang-awangan. Mereka tidak sedar apa yang berlaku,”

6 - Subsidi minyak masak peket 

Kerajaan digesa supaya menarik balik subsidi minyak masak peket, sambil mendakwa kerajaan mampu menjimatkan RM8 bilion setahun, yang mana lebih baik dibelanjakan untuk pemberian tunai kepada golongan memerlukan. Ameer Ali Mydin mendakwa berbilion tiris dalam subsidi barangan yang akhirnya ia diseludup keluar di sempadan untuk dijual pada harga berganda. - Kamsiah Haider,fmt

If this happens to be your child...


25 October 2023

The ambitions of MCA...

The one thing to say would be “I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.” But for this, I am saying to myself I don’t know whether “to laugh or to laugh.” I am talking about MCA President Wee Ka Siong saying his party is ready to go solo “if BN abandons its allies.”

Media reports quoted Wee telling his party’s 70th annual general assembly recently that the MCA is prepared to chart its own path if any party in Barisan Nasional decides to officially form new ties and abandons its current allies in the coalition.

Just what he means by saying what he said. Is he implying a BN component party will or intends to form new ties? And he is implying based on “intel” received? If what he is suggesting is true, then which party in BN is Wee talking about? And what new tie is about to be formed, if we may know?

I take it that when Wee said “any party in BN,” he was referring to Umno. Not MIC, and definitely not Parti Bersatu Rayat Sabah or PBRS. That’s the only logical conclusion, as Umno is still the mainstay of the BN depleted coalition it may be.

So, when did Umno say it wanted or aimed to use BN to, in Wee’s words, “officially form new ties and abandon its current allies”? I, for one, have not heard of such a move. But then who am I compared to the president of a political party which some years ago used to be a force to be reckoned with?

As said earlier, as a long-time politician, Wee might have the “right” intel. Still, as I see it, Umno is happy and comfy to be part of the Unity Government with PKR and long-time MCA rival, DAP. At least for now and in the “near” future.

Bear in mind it has always been the MCA who previously threatened to leave BN, particularly following the coalition’s defeat in GE14 back in 2018. Many in Umno have never erased that “threat” from their memory bank. And there were speculations of MCA keen on establishing ties with Bersatu during the uncertain days after GE15 last year and even after the Unity Government was formed.

No evidence of that, I must agree. But then not forgetting, of course, some leaders in MCA acting like the opposition in the name of “constructive criticism” which many an observer see as “attacks on the DAP.”

Having said that, I would like to ask: is Wee getting jittery that Umno might cut deals with Bersatu? Or work again with PAS now that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has said he does not rule out PAS joining his government “if policy conditions are accepted” (by the Islamist party).

I see that as a political answer to a question posed during Anwar’s interview with Time magazine a few weeks ago. Hence, I don’t see Umno embracing PAS even in the event Hadi Awang and Co come into the Unity Government in the name of, well, unity. Not anytime soon, notwithstanding all is possible in politics. As it is rather as current situation goes, is “jittery” the right word to use to describe Wee’s “MCA will go solo” warning?

In Malay, when a person is seen jumping into conclusions and perceived as acting hastily or rushing in making unproven remarks, that person would be seen as “melatah.” Hence, the usual advice to that person would be “jangan melatah” or don’t rush into making conclusions or simply do not over-react.

A few days ago, Umno youth head Akmal Saleh told the MCA to dispel any thought of quitting BN and going solo, as “we are family.” However, The Malaysian Insight quoted political pundits saying MCA will sink without BN. To call a spade a spade, even with BN, Wee’s party is in dire straits, having lost majority Chinese support and being turned away by the Malays who voted it during the good old days. That is putting everything in a nutshell.

Back to Wee’s speech at the MCA AGM. When he spoke of the “possibility” of his party going solo, he also said MCA was ready to be “independent,” even if it meant starting all over again. Now, isn’t this stating the obvious? Starting all over again is actually the only thing to do. Isn’t it?

Anyway, Wee was reported to have said that most importantly MCA must insist on being a political party. Again, I say he is stating the obvious. What else can MCA be other than a political party? But according to Wee, MCA must not be a “welfare organization.” That can lead to a list of questions.

A political party needs money to carry out its activities, including “welfare work” for the people, supporters or otherwise. Or perhaps Wee meant the MCA should decide freely (be independent) and not be a party begging for welfare (read aid/assistance).

I’ll leave it there, lest this article turns into a book. I’ll end with something which I heard a long time ago as a young boy being a busybody whenever friends of my father gathered at our house for their usual political banter.

That was the time of the Alliance, the predecessor of BN. They would agree that the abbreviation U.M.N.O. stood for You (for U) Must Not Oppose, meaning opposing views would more often not be tolerated in the coalition.

Oppose at your own peril. M.I.C., they had said, was for May I Come? Suggesting that the party would gleefully join in when everything was already in order. And M.C.A. stood for Money Control All, as they said the party was at the top controlled by towkays.

Come to think of it, were the towkays generous in giving “welfare aid”? Hence, making MCA appear to be a welfare organization? Anyway, my father’s friends laughed although they had uttered the joke many times before. Yes, they were joking. Perhaps they were not. I don’t know!- Mohsin Abdullah

PM Anwar on fire...

Over 16,000 people including Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim turned up on Tuesday (Oct 24) night as Malaysia staged another show of support for the Palestinians amid an ongoing conflict in the Middle East that has claimed thousands of lives.

Participants, from all ages and from all walks of life including students, professionals, refugees, religious leaders, and politicians, gathered at a rally organised by the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) at an indoor stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

Among the rally-goers - many wearing white and chanting for Palestine to be free - was graphic designer Anisah Zahirun, 23, who travelled alone from Puchong, Selangor to attend the event. She said she has been deeply affected by what is happening in Gaza that she couldn't bear to watch videos and news of the conflict. 

"I wonder where is the humanity. I am so afraid to even watch the news because I will get very shaky and anxious," she told CNA. She hoped that Malaysia would be able to assert more pressure on the international community to stop the conflict once and for all. "Everytime Gaza is bombed, there is noise but then it dies down. And the same thing repeats over and over again," she said.

The Israel-Hamas war was sparked after the militant group’s cross-border assaults on Oct 7 that killed some 1,400 people in Israel. Since then, at least 5,000 Palestinians have been killed amid Israel’s heavy air strike bombardment of the Gaza strip, with a ground offensive looming.

Mrs Fayrouz Fahmy, an Egyptian-Palestinian whose father was a refugee 
in Egypt, came to show her support at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil...

Some Palestinians also attended the rally, including Palestinian-Egyptian Fayrouz Fahmy, 36, who attended the rally with her daughter and son. She said her late father was a Palestinian refugee who fled Palestine to Egypt, while her mother is from Egypt.

"Mrs Fayrouz said that she had never met her father's side of the family who are still in Gaza though she has had conversations with them over the phone. "We now check on them every day to basically see if they are alive," she said.

Mrs Fayrouz said she still had dreams of going to Palestine one day, and that her daughter was named Yafa, the ancient name for the city that is now known as Tel-Aviv or the capital of Israel.  "All of humanity should be with Palestine. It has brought together the whole world, except the governments and powers that be," she said.

While most of the rally goers were Muslims, there were also non-Muslims, like Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Julian Leow, who said he wanted to express solidarity with other Malaysians for the conflict in Palestine.

"As a person of faith, I am pleading for this war to stop immediately because every life is precious," he told CNA, adding that he hoped that the necessary aid would reach civilian victims of the war.

The rally was the latest in a string of gatherings organised in Malaysia to show support towards the Palestinians, although it was the first that Mr Anwar has attended, where he also spoke during the rally. - CNA

Every day, every hour, every second, nothing else but Islam is threatened. Who is threatening Islam, Hadi? This open threat by Hadi to topple the government in the name of Islam is in itself a self-insult to his standing as an Islamic leader and an insult to Islam as a religion of peace.Actually, the greatest threat to Islam are people like Hadi!!! Period...(Setiap hari, setiap jam, setiap saat, tiada apa-apa lagi selain Islam terancam.Siapa yang mengancam Islam, Hadi? Ancaman terbuka oleh Hadi untuk menjatuhkan pemerintah atas nama Islam dengan sendirinya merupakan penghinaan terhadap kedudukannya sebagai pemimpin Islam dan penghinaan terhadap Islam sebagai agama kedamaian. Sebenarnya, ancaman terbesar bagi Islam adalah orang seperti Hadi!!! Noktah.)


23 October 2023

When the 'Lebai' thinks that he is holier than thou...

As a Muslim and a Malaysian, 
I reject PAS to be with Unity Govt...

Talks are in the air about PAS being “invited” to be with the Unity Government. To be fair, it was Mahiaddin who rejected to form the government when asked by the YDP Agong. At that time, we did not know Hadi Awang’s stand.

However, in a recent speech Hadi has likened the Unity Government as a coalition that has former convicts, corrupt people and also the court cluster, and therefore PAS would not like to dive into a pot of filth to be with that coalition.

It is worth noting that the former convict referred to might be Anwar himself, the corrupt people would probably be Najib, and the court cluster could be Zahid. The most interesting thing in the “moral high ground” of Hadi is that he was once with all the group of “filth” before this.

In the Reformasi years, PAS and Hadi fought to free Anwar and then formed a coalition with him. Then, before 2018, Hadi was photographed with Najib and many saw their “hidden” relationship before GE14. Finally, during the Sheraton Move, Hadi worked with Zahid Hamidi and Umno to secure a “backdoor government.” So, we now know who is the biggest political hypocrite.

Anyway, I am all in agreement with Hadi that PAS should not be part of the Unity Government. Of course, my reasons are different and PAS to me is the “filth” of Malaysia as a nation. However, this does not mean that PAS has always been a kind of political “filth.”

In the days of Reformasi, I strongly supported PAS and became a lifetime member to free Anwar from injustice and to save Malaysia from Mahathir and BN. However, from 2016 onward, PAS began to show its strange color with Hadi Awang as the leader in wanting to work with the “Umno filth” to become the government.

Their gamble failed in GE14 but their luck changed in 2020. With the deadly virus came an even deadlier PAS sharing power with their “filthy friend” Umno.

Bila lebai perasan dia lebih suci dari orang lain...

My first reason for not agreeing to invite PAS to be part of the Unity Government is that the new PAS under Hadi has shown utter contempt to not only DAP, but all Malaysians as well as some Malays also. To non-Malays, PAS considers them as “animals” or binatang, and to some Malays they are considered liberals out to compromise Islam.

The derogatory words used by Sanusi and Hadi have never been challenged by any other leaders in PAS, and so we must assume that PAS is encouraging a brand of “supremacist and racist Islam” by not according dignity to all Malaysians.

It is true that PAS has not robbed the country like some other Malay party, and it is also true that PAS was not responsible for killings like May 13. But treating Malaysians with the most contempt using religion to me is worse than the robbing the country and the many killings of May 13. PAS is not only destroying Malaysia, it is also destroying the true Islam of the Prophet Muhammad.

Secondly, none of the PAS MPs have any real idea for saving the economy, environment or even the poor. Their record shows just buying Mercedes and paying off voters in elections.

These people have nothing to offer. Hadi himself took gaji buta for many years without an iota of benefit to Malaysians. Issues raised are all converted into religious issues and painting a narrow perspective of Islam.

Thirdly, I do not believe that proposing a confidence and supply agreement with a party that threatens Malaysia with racial and religious issues would send a professional message of growth to our democracy.

The C&S agreement must come because the other parties that have different views of governing Malaysia and organizing her resources, not making enemies of the citizens and benefiting from the threat of civil disturbance and unrest.

Even though the problem of pacifying Malays will be easily solved by having PAS as a partner, I think the price of the dignity of our people will forever be jeopardized and desecrated. PAS under Hadi Awang is not fit to not only be with the Unity Government, it is not even fit to be part of this nation! - Prof.Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

"Banduan" yang Hadi keji tu jumpa Putra Mahkota Saudi,
Mohd Salman,dah tentu terbakaq lagi jiwa lebai Hadi...

Selepas hampir empat tahun laporan Malaysiakini berhubung hutang mencetak lidah rasmi PAS iaitu Harakah, bekas syarikat pencetaknya sekali lagi membangkitkan kegagalan parti itu dalam melunaskan hutang yang tertunggak. Pengurus N.A.J. Press Resources (M) Sdn Bhd, Hussin Jan, menyatakan rasa geram melihat PAS dan sikap kepimpinannya yang didakwa 'bermewah-mewah' namun gagal mengambil tanggungjawab untuk membayar hutang Harakah.

"Mereka pakai kereta mewah, boleh buat Muktamar di Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC), Shah Alam dengan bayaran sudah tentu mencecah puluhan ribu ringgit. Tetapi soal hutang mereka tak ambil berat untuk diselesaikan. "Sudah hampir tujuh tahun hutang tertunggak tak dibayar sepenuhnya," katanya kepada Malaysiakini, hari ini.

Untuk rekod, sekitar Ogos 2019 Malaysiakini pernah melaporkan isu hutang membabitkan Harakah dan pencetak berkenaan. Ia membabitkan hutang Harakah dengan dua syarikat iaitu Angkatan Edaran Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Angkatan Edaran) dan N.A.J. Press Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. Angkatan Edaran sudah muflis dan pihak pengurusan sama menubuhkan N.A.J. Press Resources (M) Sdn Bhd sebagai pengganti dan terus mencetak Harakah pada ketika itu.

‘Syarikat dah bankrap, tak payah bayar’

Bagaimanapun, hutang Harakah dengan Angkatan Edaran yang telah muflis lebih banyak hingga mencecah nilai jutaan ringgit berbanding hutang dengan N.A.J. Resources hanya lebih RM600,000.

Hussin berkata PAS dan Harakah enggan membayar hutangnya dengan Angkatan Edaran atas alasan syarikat itu telah pun gulung tikar. Menurutnya, syarikat tersebut menanggung beban hutang dengan pembekal kerana Harakah tidak mahu menjelaskan hutangnya.

"Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang sukar ini kita perlukan sumber kewangan segera sebagai modal pusingan untuk teruskan perniagaan. "Pemimpin PAS kononnya mengaku mengikut al-Quran, hadis, ijma' ulama sebagai panduan, tetapi sebaliknya menggunakan hukum sekular dan ketepikan hukum Islam kerana enggan bayar hutang," bidasnya.

Sementara itu, peguam mewakili N.A.J. Resources, Putra Taulan Rasul ketika dihubungi berkata, pihaknya sudah mengemukakan tuntutan terhadap PAS, Setiausaha Agung PAS Takiyuddin Hsaan dan penerbit Harakah iaitu Galeri Media Serbanika Sdn Bhd.

"Pihak kami juga sudah memfailkan permohonan penghakiman terus kepada mahkamah dalam usaha menyelesaikan tuntutan anak guam dan menunggu keputusan mahkamah," katanya. Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Malaysiakini sedang menghubungi pihak PAS dan Harakah bagi mendapatkan respon mereka. - mk

Rasuah boleh dihalalkan.Hutang pun sama jugak.No big deal...kan?? - World Peace

Kalau hutang sendiri pun PAS tak mampu bayar, tak usah nak cerita la nak memerintah negara dan cover hutang negara. Nanti tuk guru akan panggil le bincang tepi, minta pihak pencetak tolong halalkan saja hutang, tak perlu tuntut, kononnya demi perjuangan agama. Nanti keluar le dalil-dalil dan kisah sahabat-sahabat Nabi yang sanggup tebuk dinding rumah kutip duit syiling untuk berkorban harta demi agama.Kalau nasib pencetak akhbar geng sendiri pun tak mampu nak jaga, tak usah sembang la nak jaga hak dan kepentingan rakyat. Puihh!! - Tok Mudin

“They use luxury cars, organise muktamar at the Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC), Shah Alam with a fee that is sure to reach tens of thousands of ringgit. But when it comes to debt, they don’t even bother to solve the issue."Well said!!!- malaysianmalaysian

PAS indulged in lavish spending and lifestyles, is an open secret. They,'ve tasted the fruit of forbidden, 'RM'. They only think of enriching themselves.The Kelantan state government could not even afford to supply clean and consumable water for the people.It's good AEE and NAJ printers exposed their haram habits.- mosquitobrain

PAS will use all sorts of "Islamic" excuses to avoid paying this debt. They will claim that they are guided by Islamic laws not to pay as this is seen as a service unto their God. I think Hadi or Taki will come to a point to say, "it is un-Islamic of them to go to the court to ask for payment when they should serve voluntarily. God will be happy to accept the offering and their gift." They will say anything to get out of paying. Watch and see. - FinessPro

These children in Gaza writing their names on their arms so 
they can be identified in case they die in the next Israeli airstrike...


21 October 2023

Will PAS be joining the ‘unity government’?...

A final solution for political stability?...

There has been much talk about Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim being open to PAS joining the “unity government.” On face value, the invitation for PAS without the rest of Perikatan Nasional (PN) could be seen as a cheap attempt to drive a wedge between Bersatu and PAS.

Such an offer by Anwar would be read as being insulting to PN rather than any form of “olive branch” to seek formal or informal talks to seek PAS admission to the “unity government.” However, conceptually the idea could have great merit and assemble what could be seen as the “natural government” of Malaysia.

A broad coalition representing the majority of ethnic and ideological interests across the nation would be a good thing.This was offered to the whole PN just after the last general election, but was rejected strongly by Muhyiddin Yassin and Abdul Hadi Awang. With the 49 seats PAS holds in parliament, the “unity government” would hold a super-majority.

The substance of the government would not be much different from what it is now. It is perfectly clear that “Reformasi” has been thrown on the scrap heap by Pakatan Harapan (PH) in favor of the daily ad hoc management of government business. Foreign affairs, education, health and economic policies would not change at all.

The government would be just the same. In fact, Malaysians have already had a taste of government under PAS during Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s administrations not so long ago. The solution to a massive problem

Malaysia’s biggest political problem is not a clash of ideologies, but a clash of personalities. Political instability has occurred at the federal level since GE14 in 2018, when Mahathir Mohamed became prime minister.

4 PM in 5 years...

Malaysia has had four prime ministers in five years, the most changes in leaders of any country within the region, if not the whole world. If PAS entered the “unity government” for the purpose of maintaining political stability, the political system would be the winner.

Malaysians would be confident knowing what their government really stood for. There would be no illusions that a “unity government” would be one that shared power among the major stakeholders in government. This would be a back-to-the-future government, something like it was back in the 1980s and 1990s. Only the DAP and PKR would have a seat at the cabinet table after GE16.

However, PN believe very strongly that they can, with some realignment of parties from Sabah and Sarawak, form a strong and stable government after GE16. On the above premise, why should PAS or any party from within PN join the “unity government” now? In four years, the government will be theirs for the taking!

The “unity government” needs PAS more than PAS needs the “unity government.” The failure to win over PAS will most probably mean the current combination of political parties in government will not remain the same after the next general election.

Inviting PAS to join the “unity government” is forward-thinking on the part of PH-BN. It’s a strong option for survival.However, PAS will not take the bait, as it can be the dominating party in any coalition after GE16, and has the right to nominate its own prime minister.

The opportunity to get PAS (and PN aboard) passed in November 2022, when the “unity government” was being formed. The “unity government” must now look for a strategy to hold onto government in GE16. Their strategists realize there are few options available.- Murray Hunter

PAS rejects joining 'impure' 
govt under Anwar...

 PAS rejects the possibility that the party will join the Anwar Ibrahim-led federal government, said its president, Abdul Hadi Awang. Hadi said this in response to Umno secretary-general Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki’s statement which sarcastically described PAS as planning to ‘purify’ the parties in the government and its leadership if it were to join.

“You can see the Pakatan Harapan government, who is in it... how do you expect it to be pure? “Prisoners are there, ex-corruptors are there, the court clusters are there... how do we want to follow? “If we want to clean excrement, we can’t go into the excrement bin,” said Hadi at a press conference after the opening ceremony of the 69th PAS Congress at IDCC, Shah Alam, Selangor, today.

The ‘prisoner’ referred to by Hadi is believed to refer to Anwar himself who was once imprisoned for sodomy offences before being pardoned by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in 2018.

The ‘court cluster’ is believed to refer to a group of Umno leaders who were charged with corruption when Harapan and Bersatu formed the government under the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 2018.

Pakatan Rakyat...

Earlier, Asyraf cynically said DAP would once again be “sanctified” by new fatwas as PAS had done when facing the 1999 and 2008 general elections together. PAS and DAP were in the Barisan Alternatif coalition together during the 1999 general election and formed Pakatan Rakyat together soon after the 2008 election.

“There will be no more parties in the unity government, especially those with Muslim-Malays such as Umno, Amanah, and PKR, who will be labelled ‘new DAP’, ‘DAP sycophants’, or labelled ‘kafir’, ‘taghut’ and so on when PAS joins the unity government. “(Prime Minister) Anwar Ibrahim will once again be promoted by PAS as a pure and clean Islamic leader as it was during the 10th, 11th, and 12th GEs,” said Asyraf.

He also said the claim that Islam and the Malays are threatened can no longer be used if PAS joins the government. PAS was part of Pakatan Rakyat alongside PKR and DAP from 2008 to 2015 before it decided to end its alliance with the two parties.

The split in Pakatan Rakyat also led to the split in PAS which saw the formation of the Amanah party that promptly teamed up with DAP and PKR. - mk

Before calling anyone impure, it is always wise to look hard at oneself in the mirror to see if he himself is pure. - picture

Dalam PN ada penghianat , penebuk atap , penunggang agama dan dulu jilat DAP PKR dan UMNO sekarang jilat Bersatu dan Gerakan. Hadi suka jilat jilat juga. - Wan Khalid

If PAS is a pure party, how could two of their winning parliamentary candidates have their results cancelled by a court of law? According to the court of law, PAS is corrupt.- Vgeorgemy

Mahathir dulu pun, kamu benci macam najis. Sekarang, bukan setakat masuk tong najis, PAS siap peluk cium najis bawa masuk muktamar. Kelakar lah kamu ni Hadi. - Tok Mudin

But then when PAS formed government with Mahiaddin as PM, (with the exception of Anwar being an ex-prisoner), the ex-corruptors, court clusters and excrement bin were there with PAS. - Justanothercommenter

Since you are so pure, could you kindly reveal where the 90 million ringgit given to you come from /also reveal why you dropped the famous court case in England.Reveal how you settled the case, where did the money come from A con spiritual person talking filth. - Only truth

Bakal Mursyidul Am PAS yang baru...

Politik kita berubah 360 darjah. Mahathir yang berdekad dibenci Pas memaki hamun Mahathir hari ini menjadi tetamu agung di muktamar Pas.Demi mencapai satu matlamat sama Pas dan Mahathir sanggup melupai sejarah hitam lampau. Jangan rasa pelik.

Berasaskan itu suatu hari nanti kita akan saksi pula Anwar yang kini dibenci segelitir anggota dan pemimpin Pas akan jadi tetamu istimewa Pas pada muktamarnya. Jarum masa terus berjalan dan berpusing.- mso


19 October 2023

The 'maha-kaya' remark...

PSM defends Anwar over 
'maha kaya' remark...

PSM has defended Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim over the brouhaha surrounding the latter's "maha kaya" (ultra-rich) remark. Its deputy president S Arutchelvan said in reality, the ultra-rich are behind many problems in the world. 

"The wealthy, if they desire, can eradicate poverty and resolve many issues, such as poverty, famine, hunger, unemployment, climate change and others. "They hold politicians in their grasp to ensure their agenda are met. The income disparity between the rich and poor is too high and obscene," Arutchelvan said in a statement today, stressing that Malaysia has one of the highest income disparities in Asia. The statement was issued in conjunction with End Poverty Day.

According to him, Anwar was in fact, "very kind" to the "maha kaya", in the sense that the recently introduced capital gains tax (CGT) would only apply to unlisted companies. Perikatan Nasional leaders had previously slammed Anwar for "targetting" the ultra-rich with the latter's "maha kaya" remark during his Budget 2024 speech last Friday.

Anwar defended his remark in Parliament today, saying that he was neither against the “ultra-rich” group nor trying to oppress them. Instead, the prime minister stressed the government only intended to slash subsidies for the wealthiest 10 percent in Malaysia as they do not need such sedekah (charity) to survive.

Elaborating, Arutchelvan (above) said the richest of every country had loyalty to only one thing: profit. "They will pay the lowest salary and cut costs in every way to become 'maha kaya'. They will run to the country with the cheapest labour and pay commission to any government to cut costs and cut red tape. "The only way to squeeze money from the 'maha kaya' is through laws and taxation policies; even though they may employ experts to evade payments," he added.

Arutchelvan also pointed out that equitable distribution of wealth can only be worked out if the "maha kaya" can cooperate with the government, citing Anwar's call to get Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas) owner, local tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, to channel RM60 million of his profits to rice farmers. "PN MPs talk as if the trickledown works. They prefer to lay their hands on hard-earned Employees Provident Fund (EPF) money rather than going after the 'maha kaya',” he said. 

Meanwhile,Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim today defended his "maha kaya" remark in his Budget 2024 last Friday, saying that he was neither against the “ultra rich” group nor trying to oppress them. Instead, the prime minister stressed the government only intended to slash subsidies for the wealthiest 10 percent in Malaysia as they do not need such sedekah (charity) to survive.

"This is not the issue of being anti 'maha kaya' (‘ultra rich’). We are not imposing additional tax on them. "What we meant to do is only to stop giving them subsidies. That’s all.

"Like what Tabung Haji did, they subsidise the rakyat (to go on pilgrimage). But if the person is already earning RM100,000 a month, he should not get the subsidy," Anwar (Pakatan Harapan-Tambun) told the Dewan Rakyat this morning during the Prime Minister's Question Time. He was answering questions from Rosol Wahid (Perikatan Nasional-Hulu Terengganu) on the issue of egg and chicken prices.

Yesterday, Rosol, opposition chief Hamzah Zainudin, and several other PN MPs raised concerns over the prime minister's "maha kaya" remark in the budget speech. Hamzah, in debating the budget proposal, claimed that Anwar's supposed "narrative" had painted a negative image of those deemed as the “ultra rich”. - mk

MYAirline co-founder arrested 
on money laundering charges...

The Malaysian authorities on Tuesday (17 Oct) evening apprehended a co-founder of a domestic airline, who held the esteemed “Datuk” title, in addition to his wife and son. In a statement reported by the country’s state media Bernama, Director of the Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigation Department, Datuk Seri Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf, disclosed that the trio was taken into custody under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing, and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001.

According to Ramli, the 57-year-old Datuk, who is a key shareholder of the airline, was apprehended alongside his 55-year-old wife and 26-year-old son at their residence in Shah Alam at 5:30 pm on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Bukit Aman's Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf as confirming that the co-founder and majority shareholder of MYAirline Sdn Bhd, Goh Hwan Hua, was arrested last night along with his wife and son.

Hwan Hwa, 57, Neow Ean Lee, 55; and Goh Tze Han, 26, were arrested at their residence in Shah Alam last night, and remanded for four days starting today. The trio are being held under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing, and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001. Ramli further stated that the police will be filing remand applications for the three suspects on Wednesday (Oct 18).

Following these developments, local Chinese media sought additional information from the authorities, confirming that the detained individual is indeed Datuk Allan Goh Hwan Hua, the Co-founder and primary stakeholder of the recently suspended Malaysian low-cost carrier, MYAirline.

Last Thursday (12 Oct), MYAirline abruptly announced the immediate suspension of its flight operations until further notice, citing significant financial pressures that forced the suspension of operations.

In December 2022, MYAirline began its operations, utilizing a fleet of nine Airbus A320-200 aircraft stationed at Terminal 2 of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The airline had set a target to increase its aircraft fleet to 20 by the end of the year and to extend its flight routes to include destinations in other neighbouring countries within the Southeast Asian region. They started the airline using money from Investment scam they started call i-Serve.

MYAirline’s board is composed of the following individuals:

1.Datuk Allan Goh Hwan Hua – Co-founder and major shareholder of MYAirline.
2.Sean Goh Tze Han – Son of Datuk Allan Goh Hwan Hua.
3.Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman – Former Director General of the Civil Aviation Department of Malaysia.
4.Datuk Abd Hamid Mohd Ali – Former Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).
5.Rayner Teo Kheng Hock – Co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of MYAirline.
6.Jothi Prakash Murugan – Director at Trillion Cove Holdings Bhd.
7.Teo, who had been leading the airline since its establishment, resigned from his position on October 8th, citing health-related concerns.

According to The Edge Malaysia, SSM data showed that international trade consultant Zillion Wealth Bhd had an 88% equity interest in MYAirline and Trillion Cove Holdings Bhd, a money lending and financing company, a 10% stake. Both Zillion Wealth and Trillion Cove named Goh as a director of the companies. - Gutzy Asia

During TSMS as PM they manage to cover the case.BNM only fine the company iServe for $50m but didn’t take action against the promoter of the scheme Allen Goh.When new police report was lodge they open new file and started arresting the promoter. - Ishak Ismail

The whole MYAirline board of directors and senior management must be investigated. Surely they know the sources of their capital.- A Kadir Jasin

From March 2020 to GE15 2022 - the Transport Minister was from MCA. Wee Ka Siong.MY Airlines got their licence on Sept 2021. How to be approved by DAP Minister??? Anthony Loke only became the Transport Minister on Dec 2022. - Scarecrow

Looks like all our leaders have hands in whatever jar they find ! Some in cookie jar others in pickle jar! And one in backdoor jar!!! - Anonymous