31 March 2021

Tengah dok sapu belum habis lagi...

Selepas Umno memutuskan tidak akan bersama PPBM dan menyokong Muhyiddin beta ingat kesemua 17 orang menteri dan timbalan menteri daripada Umno meletak jawatan. Atau pun setidak-tidaknya kalau enggan meletak jawatan hanya Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan Annuar bin Musa seorang saja.

Tetapi tidak begitu rupanya, sembilan menteri Umno masih kekal. Mereka menyatakan pendirian masing-masing kepada Muhyiddin apabila Muhyiddin memanggil untuk menemui mereka semalam, demikian menurut Zahidi Zainul Abidin yang juga anggota MT Umno dan timbalan menteri.
Din kata semua menteri Umno setuju untuk kekal dalam kerajaan...

Apabila semua menteri dan timbalan menteri itu mengambil pendirian demikian menjelaskan mereka tidak mendapat mesej penuh daripada PAU kelmarin. Kalau mereka komited dengan keputusan parti mereka tidak akan terus mengekalkan kedudukan itu, sebaliknya segera berhenti. 

Disini boleh kita faham bahawa perjuangan mereka demi perut mengatasi demi menjaga maruah parti. Mereka lebih penting gaji dan elaun yang mana jika dikumpulkan dalam tempoh lima bulan mendatang mereka akan pungut antara RM300,000 hingga RM500,000. Sayang weh....
Itulah nilai dan harga diri para menteri dan timbalan menteri daripada Umno.- mso
Kluster mahkamah yang pengecut...

Memang pun Menteri UMNO tidak berani letak jawatan takut hilang kuasa dan jawatan..Memang sudah sah UMNO hendak dapat kuasa saja bukan untuk selamatkan kerosakan negara dibawah pemerintahan kerjaan pengkhianat PN.- Reformasi Rakyat

No PPBM, No Anwar, No DAP...

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the president of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), has spoken – the party will not work with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, Democratic Action Party (DAP) or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu or PPBM) in the next general election. He declared – “There are no discussions with any of these parties, officially or unofficially.”
The “No PPBM, No Anwar, No DAP” mantra was expected at the two-day UMNO annual general assembly on Sunday (Mar 28). What else do you expect him to say? Do you expect him to tell the UMNO delegates, and rivals PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin and PAS president Hadi Awang, about the secret strategy to form the government after the next general election?
In short, Zahid plans to lead the party, which had dominated the politics and ruled the country for 61 years since independence in 1957 until its stunning defeat in the May 2018 General Election, on a solo mission under the Barisan Nasional (BN) banner. UMNO arrogantly believes it could do better than the previous 14th General Election.

The fact that invited VVIP guests – PAS president Hadi Awang and his lieutenants – were pressured, warned and insulted to the extent that Hadi had to be escorted out under heavy security speaks volumes about the increasing distrust and hostility between UMNO and PAS. Hadi was unhappy after Zahid said UMNO’s decision not to work with Bersatu in the next election is “final”.
Anyway, it’s about time the love triangle involving UMNO, PPBM and PAS comes to its final episode. Parasite PPBM wants UMNO because PAS is weak nationally. However, UMNO only wants PAS because that’s how the alpha male could dominate again. But the prostitute PAS wants to have threesome – PPBM has the money, while UMNO has grassroots and machinery.

UMNO’s decision to sever ties with Muhyiddin’s party has been met with a threat – if UMNO contests all seats, PPBM will do the same too. Actually, Muhyiddin pretended to be brave, hoping Zahid would blink and chicken out. While the prime minister will certainly contest all seats because he controls the purse strings and has nothing to lose when push comes to shove, his party will be annihilated.

PAS too tried to play poker with UMNO. But the radicals and extremists in the Islamist party were lousy poker players. When PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan started babbling about some silly love story – “I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly loved you” – you know the PAS fake holy men are panicked and distressed over UMNO’s decision.
There’s a reason why UMNO had ruled for 61 years, but PAS had never won more than 20 seats in the Parliament until it joined the Opposition coalition Barisan Alternatif, when it captured 27 seats in the 1999 election. Even then, the Islamist party was riding on the public’s anger over Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking as Deputy Prime Minister by the country’s then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Prior to the “Reformasi” protest movement, which began in 1998, PAS’ best performance was winning 13 seats twice, in 1959 (as opposition) and 1974 (as part of governing BN coalition). It only hits the 20-figure again in 2008 (23 seats) and 2013 (21 seats) when it was part of Opposition coalition – Pakatan Rakyat – of which it later quit for a mere RM90 billion bribe offered by former PM Najib Razak.

After the corrupt terrorist Hadi ditched Pakatan Rakyat and went solo, the party won only 18 seats in 2018, despite contesting more than 150 parliamentary seats. This is why UMNO looks down on PAS. The only reason why UMNO wants PAS is because of its “Islamic” credential to hoodwink gullible Malay-Muslims, the same way a prostitute flashes cleavage to distract people.

UMNO was getting very annoyed over PAS’ fence-sitting attitude, happily bending over for both UMNO and PPBM. UMNO wants PAS to become its only bitch or mistress. But if Hadi ultimately chooses Muhyiddin, then UMNO will fight PAS, as indicated by veteran UMNO politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. And it appears UMNO is prepared for the worst.
UMNO’s 75th annual general assembly on Sunday was perhaps the first time as far as people can remember that it did not play the race card. It was incredible that neither DAP nor the ethnic Chinese became the punching bag this year, a deviation from its usual SOP (standard operating procedure). But Zahid took advantage of the assembly to play religious card – against PAS.

In preparation to go solo without PAS, its sole partner in the glorified “Muafakat Nasional”, an alliance set up in Sept 2019 under the pretext of “Malay Unity”, Zahid said UMNO will amend the Federal Constitution to “empower” Shariah law. To do that, however, UMNO must win back its super two-thirds majority, which it lost in the 2008 General Election under Abdullah Badawi administration.

It was a clever trick to steal some Islamic thunder from PAS and at the same time, lure Malays to vote for BN in droves. You can expect UMNO to hammer PAS during the coming election campaign of how the latter had failed to defend the Malays, Muslims and Islam because it conveniently forgot to push for “RUU 355”, popularly known as a new Hudud Law.

But UMNO knew it can never win back its super two-thirds majority. It also has very little appetite to chopping people’s hands and legs, as envisioned by PAS extremists. It just wants to create a false perception that UMNO can be as Islamic, if not more, than PAS. As foreign investors flee the country at industrial scale, UMNO understood the consequences of creating a Taliban government. - FT

The Umno-Bersatu showdown...

The Umno general assembly has resolved to quit the PN government, and party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the supreme council will decide later an exit date.  For the time being, Umno and Bersatu will go separate ways. We can't tell for sure whether the two parties will be friends again in future for their own interests, but we feel such a possibility is quite slim, because Umno will invariably have to play second fiddle to Bersatu if it were to stay in the PN coalition.

Ahmad Zahid has earlier said that the cooperation between Umno and Bersatu will only last until the dissolution of the current parliament, and that BN will not work with Bersatu come the next general election. Meanwhile, PN president cum prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin has also asserted that if Umno refuses to compromise on seat allocation, PN will field candidates to contest all 222 seats in GE15. Looks like no side is prepared to back down at all.

If the standoff is to go on until the next election, the fight is going to be of unprecedented intensity, as the three major political camps PN, PH and BN are poised to come down in full force to seize the crown. No party or coalition will have the absolute edge. Even though these rival camps might have opted not to work together before the election, that doesn't mean they are not going to form a joint government after that. Where this is concerned, Ahmad Zahid has made his stand very clear: BN will adopt an open attitude and is willing to negotiate with any party to form a new government.

It is a last ditch effort for Umno to break ranks with PN and fight the election war alone under BN. If the party were to remain in PN, it will be hard for it to fight for the seats it has wanted alongside Bersatu, PAS and Azmin's camp. In the last election, of all the 222 parliamentary seats up for grabs, Umno fielded 120 candidates and won 54. In the next election, it is impossible for PN parties to set aside 120 seats for Umno so that it has the chance to stage a huge comeback. To put it plainly, Umno is today only a chess piece to reinforce the PN government. Umno will eventually get marginalized if it stays put.

Lebai caught in the middle...

By exiting PN, BN/Umno is actually making the cake significantly larger so that BN can contest all the 222 seats, giving different intra-party factions as well as young politicians an expanded platform to perform. They won't get the chance if they just sit there waiting for Bersatu to distribute the seats to them. With the exit from the PN coalition, BN/Umno will then get the opportunity to vie for a bigger share of the political cake. Even if it may not have the absolute advantage in three-cornered fights vis-à-vis PH and PN, at least it will get the bargaining chip in the negotiations to form a joint government at a later stage.

In the last election, Umno alone secured 20.9% of all the votes. If the worst is already over for Umno, there is always this possibility of the party making a significant comeback in GE15, provided that party leaders now holding ministerial posts in PN administration do not turn against the party. That said, it is inevitable that some pro-Muhyiddin leaders in Umno may turn to support the ruling coalition. By the way, if the PN coalition eventually collapses, it is unavoidable for the Malay vote bank to split into three parts, and PH is perceived as the biggest beneficiary of such division.

In the 2013 general elections, Pakatan Rakyat won 50.8% of the popular vote (including 14.8% from PAS). In the 2018 election, PH under Tun Mahathir clinched 48.3% of support (including 6% from Bersatu), while Umno secured 20.9%, and PAS 16.6%. Apparently, barring any dramatic shift in the support pattern, PH is expected to get 35%, Umno 21%, PAS 17%, and Bersatu only 15-20% given its eroded strength now.

PH, BN (Umno/MCA/MIC) and PN (Bersatu/PAS) are in for tightly fought three-cornered fights that will give the PH a slight advantage but not enough to claim the prized federal administration. In the end, GPS of Sarawak will very likely be the ultimate kingmaker. - Sin Chew Daily


28 March 2021

Zahid gostan, Tok Mat kata tunggu gajah mengawan...

Jadi what happened to 'kita akan tarik diri, kita akan cabut gigi hari ini juga'? Semuanya cakap kosong saja. Akhir sekali tak jadi apa pun. 

- Pendek kata untuk hari ini tidak ada Menteri Umno perlu letak jawatan lah. 
  Selamatlah jawatan, gaji dan kontrak. 
- Timbalan presiden pula kata gajah Umno akan melanggar lalang dan tumbangkan 
   rumput pada bulan Ogos. 
- Zahid kata UMNO tidak pernah mendukung PN.  MKT, akar umbi tidak senang Bersatu.
- Kalau tak dukung PN macam mana pula SEMBILAN orang UMNO jadi Menteri ? 
- Dan Sabah pula "special case" - UMNO akan terus bergundek dengan Bersatu. 
- Annuar Musa pula dedah Zahid tulis surat sokong Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM !!
- Akhir sekali presiden kata untuk malam ini Umno tak rela menikah dengan sesiapa pun. 
  Tetapi malam esok pula Umno sedia tidur dengan sesiapa pun - ikut keputusan PRU. 

Timbalan Presiden kata UMNO perlu menang 80 kerusi Parlimen. Dia kata kalau UMNO menang 80 kerusi semut tempang pun akan merangkak panjat pokok kelapa untuk bermadu dengan Umno. Kalaulah UMNO boleh menang 80 kerusi, saya yakin gajah boleh panjat pokok kelapa tadi. Anyway, pada bulan Ogos ini UMNO ingin jadi gajah dulu. Lepas itu baru UMNO boleh jadi pokok kelapa. 

Soalan besar yang Mat Hassan perlu jawab ialah bagaimana UMNO boleh kalah begitu banyak kerusi Parlimen dan kerusi DUN pada PRU14 tahun 2018? Tok Mat, sesudah Badawi kalah 2/3 pada tahun 2008, UMNO dan Badawi janji akan buat postmortem. Sampai hari ini tak ada pun postmortem PRU 12 (2008) itu. Saya cadangkan lebih baik UMNO buat postmortem PRU 12 (2008). Better late than never.

Lepas itu UMNO perlu buat postmortem PRU 13 (2013) di mana UMNO kalah teruk lagi - dibawah Najib.Dan akhir sekali UMNO perlu buat post mortem PRU 14 (2018) di mana UMNO terus di tongsampahkan. Jadi kekalahan UMNO bukan berlaku secara terkejut tergempak. UMNO sudah masuk sakratul maut sejak 2008 lagi. Umno sudah kena Brain Cancer Stage 4. Sekarang pula dijangkiti Covid19. Gajah tidak boleh panjat pokok kelapa lah.  Dan UMNO tidak boleh menang 80 kerusi. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Zahid nak jadi singa "lion king" 
atau singa sarkas...

Jangan sekadar garang di PWTC saja! Gegak gempita Zahid mengaum. Jika benar berani,seperti yang dijanji tu semua Menteri UMNO letak jawatan lepas pukul 6.00 petang ini. Semua MP UMNO keluarkan akuan bersumpah tak sokong Muhyiddin dan PN lagi. Kalu tak awak, Zahid hanya jadi singa sarkas saja...

Winding up the AGM, UMNO president Zahid Hamidi said those holding minister and deputy ministerships as well as positions in GLCs are ready to quit anytime, if GE15 is not held in the near future. This as UMNO demands a deadline from PM Muhyiddin.  You all ingat these parasites are willing to give up the perks and fat salary?? Sorrylah...At the end of the day, they will make a U-turn. Just wait and see... 

Last2 Liberpool juga 
yang dipersalahkan...

Jadi dua hari ini Umno sedang bersidang. Tidak ada apa yang berguna yang akan muncul daripada persidangan Umno itu. Apa yang mereka mempertahankan adalah kedudukan mereka sendiri. Umno kini takut mereka akan hapus dan lenyap sama sekali. Maka mereka akan hilanglah peluang bagi pemimpin dan orang besar beli kereta mewah, rumah mewah, beristeri baru, berjawatan besar dan begitu. 

Apakah mereka akan bincangkan nasib rakyat marhaen? Apakah mereka akan bincangkan cadangan atau usul untuk majukan ekonomi negara? Mungkin ikut kepala hotak mereka saja. Tetapi percayalah sebarang cadangan mereka tidak akan membawa manfaat kepada rakyat negara kita terutama sekali kepada orang Melayu.

Sedaq dak siapa yang jaga negara kita selama lebih 62 tahun? Tidak lain tidak bukan geng-geng dunggu Umno juga. Jadi tuan-tuan, tolonglah jawab soalan ini secara honest dan jujur.  Agaknya puak-puak UMNO yang bersidang selama dua hari ini akan risau duit kocek tuan-tuan yang haprak atau mereka lebih risaukan duit kocek mereka sendiri?

Yang kita tahu ramai pemimpin depa ini kaya juga. Ada yang kaya raya - mereka beli rumah banglo RM5 juta, RM7 juta, beli motorsikal RM888,000, beli basikal RM45,000, kahwin bini dua, tiga dan begitu. Ada juga mempunyai private jet (dulu sekarang tak tahu apa sudah jadi.)  Jadi tuan-tuan dalam mereka bersidang ini adakah mereka fikirkan duit servis kereta MyVi tuan-tuan punya? Atau mereka lebih risau duit untuk servis kereta mewah mereka? Pokoknya Umno kalah dan akan tetap kalah, pasai Umno lebih suka garu tel_q... - Syed Akbar Ali 
Quo vadis, UMNO?...

Will Umno rise again from the ashes of their GE 14 rout or will it fade away into the sunset?  That depends on who it chooses to partner with for the coming political battle or whether it will go solo. The delegates have these four options:

1. Going solo.
2. Accepting Bersatu, and that means joining Perikatan Nasional.
3. Partnering with only PAS.
4. Partnering with Pakatan Harapan.

Option 1: Going solo.

Umno going solo includes fighting the general election as a member of Barisan Nasional (BN) – the other component parties in BN have negligible electoral weight.Umno should know by now that it is quite impossible for any party (and that includes BN) to secure on its own a parliamentary majority in any general election. And that means that the possibility to rule will only come if, and only if, the party successfully negotiates with others to form a coalition with parliamentary majority to rule after the election. However, such an option is not preferrable as it loses the advantage of mutual electoral support that would otherwise be gained through a pre-election partnership. 

Option 2: Partnering Bersatu.

This option seems quite unpalatable, as Bersatu and Umno are inherent rival parties (which share the same ideology and the same electoral powerbase) that will inevitably end up fighting bitterly against each other to gain pre-eminence. Besides, the bulk of Bersatu’s leadership are made up of former Umno leaders having defected from Umno in recent years shortly before or after GE 14 while the remaining leaders are defectors from PKR of Harapan. Keeping in mind the current superior ruling position of Bersatu over Umno and the former’s incessant poaching of the latter’s grassroots and leaders, any prolongation of the status quo will only further emaciate Umno.

On the other hand, should Umno reject Bersatu, the latter will be completely wiped out in the coming election. Sandwiched between the avenging Umno and Harapan, this hurriedly cobbled together party with a tiny grassroot will not be able to cross the winning margin, considering its meagre share of Malay votes and almost non-existent non-Malay support. And Bersatu’s elimination is Umno’s permanent relief. And hence, the assembly should find no difficulty to reject this option.

Option 3: Partnering PAS.

A recent joint opinion poll conducted by Sin Chew Daily and Sinar Harian on their respective readers on which party they would vote for in the next election yield interesting results.
For Sinar Harian, whose readers are mostly Malays, the top three choices are Umno, PAS, and PKR, in that order. However, for Sin Chew, whose readers are mostly Chinese, the top three, in descending order, are DAP, PKR, and Amanah, with Umno getting negligible votes, Bersatu and PAS almost zero support. Granted that the readers polled by these news media do not represent the exact average of a community, the results could at least reflect the general sentiments of a sizable portion of the respective communities.

What we can read from the poll results is that the near monolithic Chinese support given to Harapan in GE 14 has remained largely intact though the voting rate may understandably be reduced this time. Corollary to that, Chinese vote for the Malay-only parties is near zero.
Keeping in mind that Malays form only slightly over 50% of the population, can a PAS-Umno union really sweep an election to gain its parliamentary majority without any non-Malay support?  This is a worthy question for the think tank of Umno to look into.

The above numerical data only deals with the winnability in an election, but what about the economic and political viability of a PAS-Umno partnership running the country if it wins the election? One is an Islamic fundamentalist, while the other a racial supremacist. How would such a marriage of convenience for the sole purpose of gaining power impact on this multi-racial and multi-religious country? 

Wouldn’t it exacerbate our already badly fragmented society? And wouldn’t it hasten the current exodus of capital to a possible stampede? Is this a workable political partnership to lead a country already slipping badly against our neighbours? These are vital questions that Umno must seek proper answers to, if it wants to avoid any tragic error. 

Option 4: Partnering Harapan

From sheer numerical consideration, such a partnership is a winning formula.
If Harapan (with Bersatu in it) could sweep the last general election, wouldn’t Harapan (minus Bersatu) plus Umno this time sweep to greater victory? The answer should be obvious.
From the nation-building point of view, this multi-racial grouping is also the right structure for success. Such a truly multi-racial government would at least provide the foundation for the partnership to build its superstructure.

Whether it will succeed will of course depends on whether the leaders could formulate the right policy and provide the right leadership to the people. This idea may sound fine and dandy, but in reality, the path to the partnership of these bitter enemies is strewn with almost insurmountable obstacles. 

However, understanding the following truism will help to breakdown entrenched differences and encourage common effort:

• Taking power is the pre-requisite to any attempt to reform and move the country forward. Without governing power, all good ideas and ideals remain as such and will not be transformed into reality.
• Principles of good governance like corruption-free leadership, social justice and democratic values are absolutely essential and must be adhered to if we want to build a successful nation that will benefit the people we profess to serve.

Time and tide wait for no man. Striking up a viable Umno-Harapan partnership on sound principles will surely be a game changer that will transform the county into the next level of nation-building. However, the conditions that currently exist that will make such a corroboration possible may be transient. Time and tide wait for no man. Seize this opportunity of a lifetime now and make the best of it. - Kim Quek

PN and PAS forgot about alcohol 
smuggling and moonshine production...

Perikatan Nasional and the many wannabe politicians among the clerics in PAS thought they could regulate the lives of non-Muslims with the ban on alcohol. They forgot about supply and demand. They should be prepared for more smuggling of alcohol and more importantly, the proliferation of illegal breweries.

The ban on alcohol would have serious repercussions on employment within the tourist trade, the hospitality industry, the entertainment industry, airlines, drink manufacturers and the ancillary trades which cater to the brewing companies, like duty-free outlets, supermarkets, Chinese medicine shops, warehouses, drivers and bottle manufacturers. These companies would have paid their taxes, their permits and licence for selling alcohol.

Three days ago, the authorities arrested a Malaysian and two Myanmar nationals, in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya, for allegedly smuggling huge quantities of alcohol worth an estimated RM1.3 million. The imported alcohol had been stored at a place of worship, to avoid detection, and sold to locals at a lower price than in the Klang Valley.

When PAS proposed a ban on alcohol last year, to curb drink-driving, did they imagine that it would have driven the trade underground? A flourishing moonshine trade will deprive the Treasury of tax revenue. Perhaps, an increase in the sale of bootleg alcohol will cause more deaths than car accidents.

On May 26, 2020, the PAS information chief, Kamaruzaman Mohamad called for the suspension of the production and sale of alcoholic beverages until the issue of drink-driving has been resolved. This knee-jerk response will not educate the population about 'drink-driving' related deaths.

Did he care to investigate the deaths caused by drivers who were under the influence of drugs? Some of the deaths involving coaches were caused by drivers who took drugs to keep awake. The truck driver who caused the accident and death of the late DAP parliamentarian Karpal Singh was high on drugs.

The recent crane accident on March 3, was caused by a trailer driver whose urine tested positive for methamphetamines. In this incident, two people were killed and three others injured along the unfinished Suke highway bridge near the Desa Tasik apartment in KL. So, where is the PAS and PN outcry about drug-taking among bus and lorry drivers? Nobody condones drink-driving. Malaysians, including Malays, have been drinking and driving for decades.

We have sufficient laws to protect our road users, but they are poorly enforced. It is an open secret that some policemen only need to name a price to cover-up an infraction of the motoring laws. Then, why is there a renewed and unprecedented focus on drink-driving accidents? Is this focus on alcohol the start of PAS' subtle attempt to introduce other syariah laws into secular Malaysia?

On March 23, the Customs Department raided a factory, near Seremban, which had been making and bottling alcoholic beverages illegally. Several brands of fake booze were seized and eight workers fled when they saw, on their CCTVs, the Customs officers approaching their premises.

The illegal brewery was on a three-acre site and had been operating for at least two months. Investigations are continuing to find the syndicate masterminds. The Customs director-general, Abdul Latif Abdul Kadir, said that the quantity of illegal hooch seized was estimated at 59,104 litres, and was worth RM344,644, with unpaid duties of RM1.952 million. The total seizure was worth RM3.12 million.

Brewery equipment, fermentation tanks, labelling and trademark printing machines as well as laboratory equipment worth RM1 million, which are believed to have been imported into Malaysia, were also seized. Abdul Latif said that the syndicate operated from a warehouse in a remote area and the fake alcoholic products included a German brand. The beer was sold at below the actual market price.

PAS and PN must know about the American prohibition, which increased the production of moonshine. It is highly likely that there will be some deaths, caused by greedy illegal breweries using methanol to give them higher profits. When will PAS and PN learn that banning alcohol is not going to stop drink-driving or moonshine production; but education, more advertisements on the dangers of drink-driving and stricter enforcement will help?

PAS should think of the revenue from alcohol sales. Also, this knee-jerk reaction, which affects the legitimate businesses that produce non-halal products, is another reason which causes foreign direct investors to shun Malaysia. - Mariam Mokhtar


26 March 2021

Penyangak,penyamun Bani Melayu,hangpa tak terasakah...

1. Kata Perdana Menteri Pilihan Raya akan diadakan apabila darurat ditamatkan kerana masalah wabak COVID-19 sudah selesai.

2. Muhyiddin percaya Perikatan Nasional (PN) akan menang pilihan raya kerana ia sudah buat persediaan. Bendera dan sepanduk sudah ditempah dan agihan kawasan antara Bersatu, PAS dan UMNO sudah dirunding.

3. Bagi Muhyiddin hanya terdapat satu masalah yang belum diselesai. Muhyiddin berharap tidak ada parti lawan yang akan bertanding. Dengan ini Perikatan Nasional akan menang tanpa bertanding. Baca seterusnya...

IGP Says "YB Menteri tidak tahu"...

It looks like the IGP is on a warpath.  Lets not leave him alone to fight this good fight. Where are the NGOs, the Bar Council, those corruption and crime fighting groups etc? Why are you all keeping silent? Now is the time for all of you to come out in force and support the IGP in this mission.

So again to all you civil society people, the NGOs, the Bar Council, the honest politicians (if there are any), the non-hypocritical politicians (quite the unknown species) now is the time to rally fully behind the IGP and really help him clean up the Police force. Do not sit on your hands doing nothing. Do not miss this opportunity.

There is also something else. If what the IGP says is true (and I have no reason to doubt him) there can be some "repercussions" on all of us. 

But before that - the statement by the Minister of Home Affairs Zainuddin Hamzah is very disappointing. Which is why I would advise the Prime Minister to intervene directly.

The IGP says the corruption in the Police is really bad  "mengambil duit daripada bawah, bawa ke atas".  The IGP has also spoken clearly about a plot to topple him and he has strongly alluded to the influence of organised crime organisations in the Police force.

And what did the Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin say? Hamzah (quite dismissively) told the IGP to take his complaints to the Police Commission (?) 

The IGP replied with a polite "YB Menteri tidak tahu".   I find it very difficult to believe that "YB Menteri tidak tahu". 

With the IGP's brave exposure those corrupt policemen with links to organised crime may be forced to "lie low".  Especially when the IGP says that "things are under control" and that he knows the names of some of these crooked cops.

What this means is that to avoid getting caught these crooked cops may cut their links to the organised crime fellows. So the organised crime syndicates will be without the protection of their 'Police godfathers'.  

The organised crime fellows will not be able to conduct their business as per the normal "mengambil duit daripada bawah, bawa ke atas".

They will be left to fend for themselves on the streets. My prediction is minus the protection of the crooked cops, turf wars and gang wars will soon begin among these crime syndicates. It will be "dog eat dog" soon. 

The IGP should be ready for this possibility as well. Even street crime may increase. Which will have bad consequences for the government of the day.

So NGOs, Bar Council, civil society groups, Church groups, Islamic organisations now is the time to speak up. Show your support for the IGP. 

Bazar Ramadan Issue...

The Bazar Ramadan issue has cropped up again in KL. The issue went dead for a very short time. Now it is back. The Bazar Ramadan has always been associated with corruption - plain and simple.  

Just for your information, two Ministers who  were involved in the affairs of the Wilayah Persekutuan in the past (as Ministers) have now been charged in Court with corruption. Doraemon and Tengku Mamak. Their corruption charges have nothing to do with the Bazar Ramadan but n'theless both these ex-Ministers were once responsible for Wilayah Persekutuan matters. 

And under their respective watches there were even arrests over the Bazar Ramadan corruption. The point I am trying to make is that all these "dari dulu" type of corruption always has politicians involved - and they usually get away scot free. 

Without corrupt politicians the corruption cannot go on for so long.  As long as the politicians are corrupted then that is how long the government departments and government agencies will be corrupted.- Syed Akbar Ali

Attempted assassination of PM,Minister,
Why did Muhyiddin not inform, asked PH...

Pakatan Harapan’s presidential council is taking Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to task for supposedly failing to inform the cabinet of a terrorist threat against senior government officials in January 2020.

This came after Bukit Aman Special Branch (E8) assistant director Azman Omar revealed that police had foiled an Islamic State (IS) supporter’s plot to attack the then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, finance minister Lim Guan Eng, religious affairs minister Mujahid Yusof Rawa, and attorney-general Tommy Thomas. Muhyiddin was the home minister at the time.

“The presidential council wishes to convey its utmost thanks to the police for its stern action in foiling the attempt.

“At the same time, we regret Muhyiddin’s attitude, who was home minister at the time, in failing to inform this to Harapan leaders and the people in general.

“This failure raises questions on the motive behind concealing this issue from the affected leaders and the Harapan government," it said in a statement tonight.

“Therefore, we urge Muhyiddin to explain this matter immediately,” it added.

The statement was jointly issued by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu, and Lim who is also the DAP secretary-general.

Azman, at a roundtable discussion earlier, said police had arrested six people from Jan 6 to Jan 7, 2020, following their involvement in making IS propaganda videos and death threats against the country’s leaders.

During investigations, one of them admitted he intended to launch a lone wolf attack against several government leaders by stabbing them with a knife or sharp object as a sign of support for IS. - mk


24 March 2021

Juara balak & juara All England...

Nak glamor tumpang menempek kejuaraan orang lain.Bukankah puak walaun PAS
dan UMNO cukup sibuk suruh kaum cina balik Tongsan.Finally lebai akui Cina tu champion...

Din being caught between 
a rock and a hard place...

It's no surprise that the government has appealed the High Court decision with regards to the usage of the word "Allah" (and three other words). In fact, this was expected. I mean, how could an administration known as a "Malay-Muslim government" not appeal against a decision which allows Christians to use the words, especially "Allah", in religious publications for "educational purposes"?

The Johor Sultan also wants the government to appeal. And yes, Umno and PAS--the two dominant Malay parties--via Muafakat Nasional had, even before the Sultan's advice, demanded the government to do so. But as I see it, the government would have filed the appeal anyway.

But what's baffling is the opinion of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. Following the High Court decision, Hadi issued a statement to say the word "Allah" is not exclusively to Muslims, as Christians and Jews are also allowed to use the word. True, Hadi also said the name of Allah should not be used in a wrong and irresponsible manner that could jeopardize racial and religious harmony in the country.

However, the issue has always been about using the word in religious publications like the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible or Al Kitab. Hence, using the "Allah" word in "a wrong and irresponsible manner" does not arise, as Hadi puts it.

According to The Star, in supporting the High Court decision allowing the weekly Herald to use the word "Allah", Hadi said the principle of freedom of religion was championed by Islam because human beings could not be forced to profess any religion except through their own free will.

And in the Malaysian context, said Hadi, "The situation must be considered for the sake of public interest to preserve harmony among the various races and religions." Hadi's statement was issued after his party (together with Umno) made their call for the government to file its appeal against the High Court decision. That's what baffling me.

Based on Hadi's opinion that non-Muslims can use the "Allah" word, why then did PAS, the party he leads, want the government to appeal and not let the High Court decision be? Am I to believe that Hadi's take was his personal opinion? But surely he, being the Islamic scholar that he is, had expressed his opinion based on the Islamic point of view, right?

But when his party wanted the government to appeal, surely it too was looking at the issue from its interpretation of Islam. Am I right to say this? As it is, Hadi's views and his party's demand to the government, seem to be not in sync. Waullahualam. That's Arabic for God know best.

Anyway, some 54 federal and state lawmakers from Sabah and Sarawak (both sides of the political divide obviously) have come together in a non-partisan effort to ask the government to discontinue its appeal. In short, they want the appeal dropped or withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the Sarawak state government said in a statement issued by the chief minister's office that the state will continue to allow Christians in Sarawak to use the "Allah" word. It went on to say, "The Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government will continue to defend and preserve Sarawak's religious tolerance as it is the core unifying factor for the people in the state."

This is putting Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (and his administration) in a spot. Need we be reminded that GPS played a very big role in making Perikatan Nasional the federal government and Muhyiddin the prime minister following the Sheraton Move? GPS' support tilted the balance to Muhyiddin's favor back in February last year.

So, how would the PM "return the favor"? It's not that GPS and Gabungan Rakyat Sabah for that matter are asking for a "repayment (not in so many words anyway). But the fact is that Muhyiddin and his government are indebted to his Borneo allies, in particular GPS.

By withdrawing the appeal? Not likely as I see it. What will Umno and PAS say? Especially PAS which sits in Perikatan Nasional. Then, there's the general election (when it is held) where votes from Sabah and Sarawak matter a lot.

The issue is a "political headache" for the prime minister. Muhyiddin is caught between a rock and a hard place! In Malay there's an idiom: ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa. Literally translated: you kill your mother if you swallow, and kill your father if you spit it out. A situation which nobody is envious of. - Mohsin Abdullah 

Interstate travel ban will be lifted in May 
for hari raya “Balik Kampung” festival...

By now, it’s safe to say that the fragile and desperate backdoor government of Perikatan Nasional under Muhyiddin regime will most likely lift the current interstate travel restriction in May. This is to allow the Malay Muslims in the country to return to their hometown, otherwise known as “balik kampung” for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is expected to fall on May 13, 2021.
Last year, Mr Muhyiddin Yassin betrayed his own legitimately and democratically-elected multiracial government of Pakatan Harapan. After he seized power and formed the Malay-centric Perikatan Nasional government with opposition UMNO and PAS, the country was locked down due to Coronavirus. As a result, the Malays were unable to travel interstate for Hari Raya.
This year, the backdoor premier, who depends entirely on the Malay vote bank for re-election in the next 15th General Election, will have no choice but to make the largest ethnic happy. It would be political suicide if the Malays are again denied the “balik kampung” tradition this year. It was not a coincidence the Coronavirus cases suddenly dropped after the Chinese New Year festival.

There were 3,318 new cases of Covid-19 on 12 Feb, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year this year. But by March 6, Malaysia’s daily new cases dropped below the 2,000 mark for the first time since it skyrocketed to above that milestone on Jan 4. So, for 2 months ( January 4 – March 6), the country recorded between 2,000 and 6,000 new cases daily, before dropping like a rock.

Conveniently, on 12 Jan, just days after hitting more than 2,000 cases daily, Muhyiddin dramatically declared a State of Emergency. And coincidentally on the same day, the prime minister officially lost his legitimacy after the withdrawal of support from some of UMNO ally MPs. It also came one day after the government announced the second MCO lockdown.
Supposedly to be effective from Jan 13 to 26, 2021, the MCO (movement control order) 2.0 was later extended until Feb 4. Interestingly, on Jan 13, the country recorded 2,985 Covid-19 new cases. But 14 days later, the health ministry reported a deterioration of 3,585 new cases. Worse, the country did not see a single day that new cases drop to below 3,000.

That alone proved that the pandemic had gotten worse – not better – despite the MCO 2.0 lockdown. In the same breath, it also proved that the Proclamation of Emergency announced by the backdoor prime minister has been nothing but a political gimmick to cling to power, despite the regime’s false claims that the emergency was necessary to fight the virus.

After the declaration of a state of emergency, a convenient tool to suspend the Parliament to prevent any attempt to topple him, the prime minister took pains to explain to all and sundry that there will be no curfews or military rule. He also assured that civilian government will continue to function. Investors were told that it’s business as usual. But investors were not convinced at all.

Foreign investors were fleeing Malaysia thanks to increasingly unstable politics, which climaxed in January when Muhyiddin resorted to emergency powers after losing his majority in Parliament, the first to do so in Malaysia’s history. Inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) into Malaysia stunningly dropped by 68% from to just US$2.5 billion (RM10.1 billion) in 2020 – the worst drop in the region.

Following the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) damaging and humiliating reports in late Jan, the government was under pressure to scrap the MCO 2.0, of which every one ridiculed and mocked as inefficient and irrelevant. Hence, beginning early Feb, the Covid-19 new cases miraculously started to drop from more than 4,000 daily cases to below 3,000.

Another factor why the number of new cases has been dropping since early Feb was the deliberate attempt to reduce testing. To artificially suppress daily cases, the health ministry issued a new order – only test those with Coronavirus symptoms. Essentially, those identified as close contacts to Covid-19 positive patients will no longer be tested.

The new directives from Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah also said only a number of samples would be taken in terms of contact tracing involving a cluster. The Health Ministry argued that it would suffice to take 20 samples if the number of exposed people in the cluster is less than 50. And if the number exceeds 50, then the ministry would take 30 samples, or 10%, whichever is lower.

The joke on the street is that only 4D number punters are excitedly waiting for the new cases announced daily by the health ministry. Very few believe the government’s numbers. In fact, people on the ground think the real number of infections is twice the official number announced. Otherwise, why the health ministry has refused to share the raw data ever since the first week of October 2020?

But the manipulation of data had just begun. On Feb 24, the King suddenly decreed that Parliament can convene despite the State of Emergency. Again, the illegitimate government was under pressure to reopen the Parliament as it was as clear as crystal that nobody believes the emergency rule was meant to combat the pandemic from the beginning.

And conveniently again, on March 6, just a week after the monarch said Parliament can meet, Malaysia’s daily new cases dropped below the 2,000 mark for the first time. Today, Coronavirus daily new cases are slightly more than 1,000, and appear to be waiting for an “instruction” to fall below the 1,000-mark, which is very likely to happen next month.

It’s predicted that between now and April 13, when the fasting month of Ramadan is scheduled to start, the Covid-19 daily new cases could drop to between 900 and 600. Thereafter, from April 13 to May 13, before the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration starts, the health ministry would probably announce a further drop of between 600 to 300 new cases. This will provide justifications to allow interstate travel.

In fact, the script of the drama has already been prepared. Early this month (March 5), Senior Minister “Turtle Egg” Ismail Sabri dropped the biggest hint that Malay Muslims can look forward to a very happy Hari Raya festival this year. He said – “Last year, we did not return to celebrate Raya. It was a disappointment. Let’s pray that we can ‘balik kampung’ for Aidilfitri this year”.

The only reason the senior minister dares to give hopes that people could finally return to hometown is because he knew it will happen. And the only reason he knew is because data could be manipulated. It would be a disaster and dumb to create a false impression when the prime minister desperately needs all the Malay votes he could get to lead his Perikatan Nasional coalition in the election.

It was hoped that the strategy of making the Malay voters happy would translate to support for Muhyiddin, whose PPBM (Bersatu) political party is facing the prospect of a total annihilation due to internal civil war with the United Malays National Organization. The prime minister has effectively lost the support of non-Malay voters after his act of treachery last year.

In addition, it’s increasingly difficult to explain to the people why the government has failed to tackle the pandemic after a year. The current third wave of Coronavirus, which was triggered last year in Sept 2020 after the power-hungry Muhyiddin launched his second coup to grab Sabah state, is also one of the “longest” Covid-19 waves in the world. - FT


21 March 2021

Diskaun 50%..Pi muhong kat walaun & macai bolehlah...

Dari RM1,000 dinaik jadi RM10,000 tapi kalu bayaq dlm masa 1 minggu dapat diskaun 50%. Almaklumlah kerajaan pandai berniaga. Ahli Parlimen pun 'dijual beli'.Inikan pula rakyat biasa... 

Maybe I'll contest Pagoh, Anwar quips...

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today joked that he might consider facing off with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin for the Pagoh parliamentary seat.

He said this was one of 15 constituencies where the local PKR divisions had extended him an invitation to be their MP.

"I have to weigh the 15, including Pagoh," he told reporters in Permatang Pauh, Penang today.

He said this when asked whether he would return to defend Permatang Pauh in the next general election. Anwar had been a six-term Permatang Pauh MP. However, in 2018, when he was behind bars, his daughter Nurul Izzah contested the seat instead.

After being freed from incarceration, Anwar then took over the Port Dickson parliamentary seat through a by-election.

Muhyiddin has held the Pagoh seat in Johor for eight terms now.

In 2018, in a three-cornered fight against Umno and PAS, the Bersatu president won the seat with 55.21 percent of the vote.

In that election, non-Malay voters accounted for 34 percent of eligible voters. - mk

When God’s name becomes a political tool...

When Malaysians cannot speak Bahasa Melayu, they are criticised. Yet, when they pray in Bahasa Malaysia, they are told they cannot. Islam is a tolerant religion, but the attitudes and actions of some of its followers give many people the impression that it is not.

Those who believe that Islam is intolerant can now say they have been proven right by pointing to the uproar and the extremist comments on social media following the recent High Court decision giving Christians the right to use “Allah” as God’s name. Some Malays have called for churches to be closed in Malaysia, which they wrongly refer to as “Tanah Melayu”.

For decades, Umno Baru and PAS have been warning the Malays that their race and religion need to be protected and defended. Gullible Malays believe the spin because their faith is shallow.

During Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s first tenure as prime minister, non-Muslims were prohibited from using 20 words, including Allah, al-Kitab, firman, rasul, iman and ibadah. Decades later, the ban continues to divide us.

The non-Malay can never win. If he does not speak Malay, he is told off for lacking patriotism. But many non-Muslims, like the Bumiputeras of East Malaysia, use words like “Allah” in prayer. However, the ultra-nationalists attack them for insulting Islam or for attempting to convert Malays to Christianity.

So, if Malaysian society has rejected Bahasa Melayu, it is only because of government policy. The language, like race and religion, has been used to divide Malaysians and control our behaviour. Look at what 63 years of Umno and Umno Baru misrule has done to the Malay mind.

Malays are told that looking at the cross on the roof of a church, the wall of a chapel, a school badge, a football jersey, a car emblem or a copy of the Bible will make them Christians. Are Malays that gullible? Why haven’t Buddhists, Hindus or atheists turned into Christians just by looking at the cross?

Malaysian Christians in Peninsular Malaysia were banned from using “Allah” because, the authorities claimed, its use would confuse Malays and make them convert to Christianity. One outcome of this ban was the bad blood between east and west Malaysians, which has helped to fan the flames of secession.

Another outcome is that the Malay mullahs have become a laughing stock. Why don’t the more intelligent and moderate Malays educate their more impressionable co-religionists? If a Malaysian cannot speak Malay, he is criticised. If a Bumiputera, say a Christian Iban, were to pray in the national language, he would be condemned.

It appears that the national language and Article 11 of the Malaysian constitution, which protects the right of the individual to freedom of religion, are not compatible. Is this what the Umno Baru and PAS politicians want us to think?

When will some forward-thinking Malay politician start the new narrative that there is nothing to fear when the Christians, who have been using “Allah” as God’s name for many centuries, are not the problem. The problem lies with our politicians and religious extremists.

A Malay who supports the use of the word “Allah” by Christians will be accused of being a traitor to his race and religion and of being manipulated by non-Malays. He will also be told that he knows nothing about Islam because he did not study Islam at university.

If Islam in Malaysia is under threat, because of one word, people will feel contempt for Malays. If the Muslims are reviled, blame the government of Malaysia. - Mariam Mokhtar 


20 March 2021

8 ribu boleh ke stadium,tapi 222 MP tak boleh ke Parlimen...

Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Ismail Sabri mengumumkan MKN bersetuju untuk membenarkan penyokong bola sepak pergi menonton perlawanan bola di stadium berkuat kuasa 1 April 

MKN menetapkan syarat hanya 10% atau 2,000 daripada kapasiti penuh stadium dibenarkan untuk hadir menonton, bagi negeri yang berada di dalam Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB).  Bagi negeri-negeri yang berada di bawah Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan (PKPP) pula, hanya 25% atau 8,000 daripada kapasiti penuh stadium dibenarkan untuk hadir menonton.

Ahli Parlimen Kepong, Lim Lip Eng berkata, jika kerajaan yakin semua penonton mampu mematuhi SOP yang ditetapkan, maka tiada alasan Parlimen tidak boleh bersidang. “Keputusan untuk membuka semula stadium bola sepak ini dilihat sebagai keyakinan pihak kerajaan terhadap pihak berkuasa dalam memastikan orang ramai mematuhi SOP Covid-19 yang ditetapkan. 

“Sekiranya itu adalah pewajaran yang diberikan oleh pihak kerajaan, keyakinan tersebut juga seharusnya wujud dalam pembukaan semula parlimen.  “Tambahan pula, SOP bagi memantau dan menjaga 222 ahli parlimen semestinya lebih mudah dan terurus daripada menjaga 8,000 orang,” ujarnya dalam kenyataan, hari ini. 

Mengulas lanjut, Lim Lip Eng berkata, pelbagai langkah telah diambil bagi mengurangkan risiko pendedahan wabak Covid-19 di Parlimen. Antara langkah pencegahan yang telah diambil adalah ujian saringan Covid-19 secara berkala untuk ahli Parlimen dan petugas di parlimen, meletakkan penghadang di sekitar kubikel speaker, pematuhan SOP yang ketat selain masa perbahasan dipendekkan.  

“Tiada alasan untuk parlimen tidak dibenarkan bersidang!” tegasnya. - roketkini

Ex-TPM did not have a sophisticated 1MDB-like structure in place and merely helped himself generously from a bogus trust fund while leaving tracks everywhere. Zahid’s graft trial: prosecution closes case...

Malaysia and North Korea officially cut diplomatic ties .  Kuala Lumpur to close its embassy in Pyongyang . All diplomatic staff and their dependents ordered to leave Malaysia by Sunday. Meanwhile Foreign Minister Hishamuddin said Malaysia deeply regrets the unwarranted and disproportionate decision by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to sever diplomatic ties. The Govt will order for all diplomatic staff and dependents at the DPRK Embassy in KL to leave Malaysia within 48 hours from today...

Why does Anwar want 
to sleep with the enemy?...

If Taiwan's Legislative Yuan (parliament) is notorious for its parliamentary brawls, the antics in our parliament probably outperforms many bordellos in Bukit Bintang. Veteran Umno-Baru politician, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, described PAS as untrustworthy, and was like "a prostitute, going back and forth between DAP and Semangat 46". So, what does that make opposition leader, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, who is contemplating a partnership with Umno-Baru?

Anwar is already in a relationship with Amanah and DAP. Does flirting with Umno-Baru make him a political adulterer? After 63 years of Merdeka, one thing is clear, our politicians act like dogs on heat. They have multiple partners, just like the politicians who jump from party to party. From time to time, the emergence of sex videos titillate our MPs. Underage girls and politicians make news headlines. We may be a Muslim-majority nation but our politicians alternate between being prostitutes and serial adulterers.

Anwar's dalliance with Umno-Baru will sound the death knell of Harapan. We want leaders of integrity, principle and discipline; not politicians who are seduced by money, position, power, perks and empty promises, or ‘janji Melayu’.

It may take years before significant changes of attitude amongst the population or politicians take effect, so let us start a new narrative now, instead of these knee-jerk reactions of teaming up with an adversary to trounce another enemy. Can Anwar draft a new script?

Didn't we reluctantly "accept" Dr Mahathir Mohamad as Pakatan Harapan's leader and later found to our chagrin that he had reverted to type? Is Anwar so thick-skinned or is he the eternal optimist?

'Once bitten, twice shy'

Having been failed by Umno-Baru and their leaders, we should be 'once bitten, twice shy'. Instead, Anwar acts like a victim of domestic violence who refuses to cut ties with her abuser, and returns to him just because he whispers sweet nothings in her ear, professes his love for her, and claims that he will not hurt her again. Like Anwar, she, the fool, returns to her abuser thinking that he will change. He has no intention of changing.

Anwar has a problem with numbers. He claimed to have the support of sufficient Umno-Baru MPs to oppose the budget and lead a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. All came to nought. Anwar likes to reveal his hand. If he were to play poker, he would lose miserably because he has a penchant for telegraphing his moves.

On March 16, he said that after a meeting with Umno-Baru leaders, there was a possibility of working with them for GE15. Yesterday, after a meeting with his coalition partners, he claimed that it was just an ordinary meeting, but no agreement had been hatched.

This is confusing. Why call a press conference and then a day later, deny that there was anything of substance in the meeting with Umno-Baru? Is Anwar an attention seeker? Or was he stung by the backlash from the rakyat and his peers, after he tried to test the waters?

Isn't he wasting our time, betraying our trust and denting our confidence in him and more importantly, in Harapan? Why is he wasting the energies of his coalition partners when he and all of them could put their time to better use, discussing strategy or the manifesto for GE15?

Anwar has more pressing concerns, like the defections and the disintegration of his party, PKR. He should discipline his party members and unite them instead of teaming up with Umno-Baru. Now is the time to do it as the party is smaller and easier to manage.

For weeks before Budget 2021, Anwar flirted with the rakyat, led us on and told us why we should reject it. Then, at the last minute, he chickened out and even left his coalition MPs perplexed. They, in turn, tried to justify his U-turn, but that did not wash with the rakyat.

Does Anwar need reminding about the ousting of the former Perak MB, Ahmad Faizal Azumu? Once the MB was ejected from office, Umno-Baru kicked out Harapan as the coalition had outlived its purpose.

New narrative needed

Some Malaysians claim that a Harapan and Umno-Baru cooperation would bring about a more balanced racial representation in parliament and that this will steer Malaysia out of its racial and religious extremism.

Will the Umno-Baru politicians, many of whom are of the Ketuanan Melayu mindset, back down on their racial and religious demands? Others claim that team "Harapan & Umno-Baru" will be good for Harapan because Umno-Baru will be able to attract Malay voters.

This argument is flawed. Malays have been indoctrinated by decades of brainwashing by Umno-Baru. Religion, racism and royalty have been used to corrupt Malay minds and make them think that the Chinese, the non-Malays, the Christians and the DAP are their enemies.

Don't forget or ignore that, at one time, when he was one of the leading stars in Umno and later Umno-Baru, Anwar championed the Malay and Islamic causes in Malaysia.

The only way to liberate the Malay mind is to start a new narrative that says the non-Malays and non-Muslims are not the enemy. Start now because our young minds are receptive to change. Encourage cooperation instead of division. Focus on similarities, instead of our differences.

So, can Anwar be entrusted with this new responsibility? Will he stop thinking about sleeping with the enemy? - Mariam Mokhtar