Menteri Besar Pahang, Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob percaya loji Lynas merupakan isu di Kuantan sahaja dan tidak akan menjejaskan peluang BN di Pahang dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Beliau memberi contoh kawasannya di Bentong yang menurutnya tidak boleh dimenangi DAP.

"... DAP tidak boleh menang di Bentong. Tidak boleh menang. Jika DAP menang di Bentong, anda potong teliga saya, saya terjun Sungai Pahang. (DAP) tidak boleh menang," katanya.

Adnan adalah ADUN Pelangai - satu lagi kerusi DUN dalam Parlimen Bentong.

Ditanya sama ada referendum mengenai Lynas itu hanya terhadap di Kuantan, Adnan menjawab: "... jika kita menang di Kuantan, selesai. Lynas bukan isu lagi."

Adnan yang juga pengerusi BN dan Umno Pahang menegaskan demikian ketika ditemui pemberita di perhimpunan agung Umno di PWTC hari ini.

Ditanya mengenai tahap keyakinannya dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang, Adnan berkata:

"Sangat, sangat yakin. (Kalau Lim) Guan Eng datang pun dia akan kalah. Betul. Jika MCA kalah di Bentong, MCA mesti tutup kedai.

"MCA adalah perimeter di Pahang, jika MCA kalah kepada DAP, lebih baik tutup kedai. Tapi jika MCA menang, DAP kena tutup kedai di Pahang," tegasnya.-malaysiakini

Ayuh rakyat Pahang!!! kalau nak tengok Datuk Nan potong telinga dia, lepas tu terjun sungai Pahang....kita kuburkan BN di Pahang!!!! Sebarkan.....

Cut off my ears if BN loses in Bentong

'Cut off my ears if BN loses in Bentong'...

Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob today boldly declared that Barisan Nasional will not lose the parliamentary seat of Bentong because of the Lynas controversy, and he was willing to literally bet his ears on that.

“I tell you, DAP cannot win in Bentong. Cannot win! If DAP wins in Bentong, you cut my ears and I’d jump into the Pahang river,” he said along the sidelines of the Umno general assembly today.

The Bentong parliamentary seat is presently being held by MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai.

Adnan was commenting on the possible political implications of the unpopular Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Adnan insisted that whatever political implications will be confined to Kuantan and will not spread elsewhere in Pahang.

He added that the decision of Kuantan voters in the next general election will serve as a referendum on the Lynas issue.

“If we win in Kuantan, that’s it. That’s finished. Lynas is no more an issue,” he said, adding that he was confident of a BN win. 

When pointed out that there are many who participated in anti-Lynas protests, Adnan said, “they are all outsiders! They are all outsiders you know? Supporters from outside. We can identify.

“We take photographs from the top of the buildings, and then we will break it into squares, and then we identified everybody. All (are) outsiders, not Pahang people, not Kuantan. That’s why I’m not worried”.

No sympathy for Green Marchers

On a separate issue, Adnan claimed that he had spies follow the Green March protestors, and found that they did not walk the entire 300-kilometre journey from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur as alleged.

“Come on, they don’t walk all the way lah. They stop everywhere then go by car, (then) they stop (and walk) where people are there to watch them. These are all tricks lah, I know!” he said, adding that he has no sympathy for their cause.

“I have no sympathy. No sympathy. Because they travel in luxury, in motorcars you know.

“They have their children, then they stop at restaurants eating, sponsored by many people. It’s nothing, so I don’t have sympathy for them.

NONE“If the walk right from Day One or from Kilometre One up to Putrajaya, I think I might have some sympathy for them. But then, I have to send that person for mental check-up first,” he said.

However, when asked, he said he would not persuade the cabinet to cancel the project if anti-Lynas protestors do march from Kuantan to Putrajaya because they had already exhausted all avenues of appeal.

“We have followed what they want. (Kuantan MP) Fauziah Salleh - two years back - she SMSed me saying why not we engage with international bodies and I said ‘why not?’

“We have engaged and they have got a u-turn,” he said, referring to an inspection on Lamp by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) representatives.

During the interview, the animated Adnan accidently knocked a reporter’s voice recorder off the latter’s hand.

“Sorry, I’ll buy you a new one,” he said before resuming the interview. - malaysiakini

Dappy - Everyone is placing high hopes on voters of Bentong not to let this gangster MB get away with his big talk. Pls do it, vote in Pakatan, we want to see him jump into the Pahang river without his ears.

tancc - This is the man that did NOT even honor his state government debts to a local business man for a forest project even after the business man won the case in court. The court order the payment but he don't care. Hope all Bentong voters will get together to cut off his bugger ears and see him jump into Pahang River. ABU

Jiminy Qrikert - Khir Toyo was just as arrogant when he said ZERO OPPOSITION in Selangor before GE12. Then he got kicked out of Selangor. Now, this arrogant Adnan says 'DAP cannot win' in Bentong. So, it's now up to the folks in Bentong to dump BN to make sure Adnan loses his ear and jumps in the Pahang river.

clever voter - Arrogance will not get him anywhere. He may eat his own words, and be a laughing stock. Don't forget there may not be enough cheating votes to go round.

Anonymous_5fb - You said it, Adnan. Don't go back against your words.