DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang has accused former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad of pitting Malays against Chinese ahead of the Umno party elections.

"Mahathir is again up to his mischief... concocting the dangerous and false myth of the 'Chinese dilemma' of the Chinese making a grab to oust the political power of the Malays in Malaysia and trying to set the agenda for the coming Umno party elections," Lim said in a statement today.

Mahathir had in a column in the New Straits Times today suggested that Chinese Malaysians were in a dilemma, that is whether to seize political power or to share it with Malays in the country.

Lim said the elder statesman knew very well that the political and demographic realities of the country meant that Malay political power would never be in danger.

"What is at stake is whether Umno and the Umnoputras can continue with their politics of race, cronyism, corruption, abuses of power and impunity or whether they have to give way to a new Malaysian politics of multi-racialism, good governance, public integrity, freedom and justice," he said.

'A figment of Mahathir's imagination'

Describing Mahathir's assertion as a "figment of imagination", Lim said his "reckless, racist fulmination" was a dismaying development in Malaysian politics.

He added that this was in contrast to the message from the 13th general election, where the electorate voiced for a "Malaysian Dream".

"The future of Malaysia will depend on whether we have increasingly more Malaysians united in pursuit of a common Malaysian Dream, and not for a Malay Dream, Chinese Dream, Kadazan Dream or Iban Dream.

"...Mahathir is facing a diminishing market for his racist fulmination, which will foil his attempt to pit the Malays against the Chinese and destroy the pursuit of the common Malaysian Dream of all patriotic Malaysians," Lim added.-malaysiakini

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