10 June 2011

Mat Sabu - Don't worry about 'power crazy' tag....

PAS leaders have been told not to be defensive over the claim by UMNO that the Islamic party was "power crazy".

Speaking during a pre-recording session for Harakahdaily's 'Persepsi' programme at its office, deputy president Mohamad Sabu (pic) said it was justified to be "power crazy" in the bid to drive out the present "power crazy" group in Putrajaya.

Saying the BN's long rule should be immediately ended, Mat Sabu said the people had been made to pay for its follies, the latest being a spate of price hikes on necessary items.
"At the same time, our crime rate continues to rise to the point that people have been living in fear," he added.

As such, Mat Sabu said there was nothing wrong in wanting to wrest power from UMNO and BN in order to bring about reforms and better governance.

"So if they accuse us of being power crazy, then indeed we are, because we want to overthrow those power crazy people who should not be allowed to continue ruling the country," said the outspoken Mat Sabu, whose election as the party's deputy president last week generated a spate of critical comments from UMNO leaders on PAS.

Kazakhstan trip

According to Mat Sabu, in realising Pakatan Rakyat's goal to assume power, PAS has pledged a 'benevolent state' in line with the Islamic call to defend the masses at all levels.

"The people can judge for themselves our actions based on this pledge. Should we fail to uphold that pledge and Pakatan Rakyat is seen as no different than UMNO-BN, the people can throw out the PR government," added Mat Sabu.

Mat Sabu also referred to a report that prime minister Najib Razak's official trip to Kazakhstan is to among others finalise matters pertaining to his daughter's marriage to a Kazakh.

"They use the country's wealth for their self interests, including to arrange the engagement of (Najib's) daughter in Kazakhstan, when money for such trips should not have come from public funds," he said.

He also took a swipe at Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor, who he said frequently went overseas for "official business" when in fact such trips were for personal matters.

"PAS and Pakatan Rakyat leaders will not be doing such things when they are in power, because we are different," he stressed.



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