31 August 2023


Hishammuddin to lead 7 UMNO traitors 
to trigger by-elections if wins Pulai...

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang told all and sundry that Anwar-led Unity Government could collapse if Opposition Perikatan Nasional wins the upcoming Pulai parliamentary by-election. Exactly how could the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia), along with its sidekick Bersatu (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) forms a backdoor government with just 74 MPs?

Even if the opposition manages to snatch Pulai, its total Member of Parliaments in the 222-seat Parliament will increase to 75. It’s indeed laughable that the opposition thinks it could topple the current government with just 75 MPs against 147 MPs. Sure, the alliance of Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional might lose its two-thirds majority if Pulai is lost. But the unity government is still intact.

In comparison, the previous backdoor regime of Muhyiddin Yassin had a razor-thin majority of only 114 MPs. Of course, the disgraced man finally lost power after just 17 months – betrayed by a faction of his own ally, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO). His chosen successor, “turtle-egg” Ismail Sabri served only 15 months – the shortest-serving prime minister in history.

If both illegitimate and un-elected premiers could survive for 33 months with just 114 MPs, surely Anwar – armed with more than 140 MPs – could last till the next 16th General Election. So, was power-crazy Hadi hallucinating after smoking weed, or high on “ketum”? After all, he had made a similar claim in the run-up to the six state elections held earlier this month.

In truth, both Bersatu president Muhyiddin and PAS president Hadi were cocksure, or at least fantasized, that Perikatan Nasional could snatch crown jewel Selangor from Pakatan Harapan. The “green wave” that swept through Malaysia during the 15th General Election last November, however, failed to turn into a “tsunami” which the Opposition had hoped for.

The failure to capture Penang, Selangor or Negeri Sembilan means both ruling government and the opposition returned to the status quo. It also means Perikatan Nasional could have received its maximum support from the conservative Malays. It has reached its peak. The only way to go, therefore, is for the wave to subside. The opposition has to wait for another 4 years at the ballot box.

But the crooks don’t have four years. Muhyiddin might end up in prison like former PM Najib Razak. His dubious spending in the RM600 billion Covid scandal is still alive and kicking. Bersatu may quit Perikatan Nasional, or PAS may kick out Bersatu. The distrust has begun as PAS greedily grabbed everything, including state executive councillors (Exco) and all four states (Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu).

Poor Muhyiddin is now left with not a single state to administer, even though his party has won more parliamentary and state seats than in the 2018 General Election. Before his betrayal in the infamous “Sheraton Move” in early 2020, Bersatu was given the privilege to run the states of Johor, Perak and Kedah. It’s a matter of time before the party followers leave in droves.

That’s why Perikatan Nasional top leadership keeps creating new narratives that the unity government would “collapse soon”. It is part of the old school of psychological warfare to give hope to party followers and to prevent them from quitting. Without power and access to federal resources, the opposition parties find it hard to feed its grassroots and grease the machinery.

But how does Hadi plan to snatch power and shamelessly create yet another backdoor government? The religious extremist has actually dropped all the hints when he said – “We need an extra seat in Pulai and a few others, so we have to be patient.” Crucially, he has also expressed hope that UMNO would change its mind and “repent” – suggesting a grand betrayal.

The opposition’s game plan is pretty easy. Hishammuddin Hussein, the cousin of crooked Najib Razak, will play the most important role to destabilize his own party – UMNO – if Pulai seat is captured. That’s why Hadi said the opposition needs the extra seat in Pulai. That extra seat will be interpreted as a sign that conservative and radical Malays have breached the UMNO fortress in Johor.

Previously, UMNO insiders claimed that 15 MPs, including 2 lawmakers from Anwar’ own party – PKR (People’s Justice Party) – were ready to switch sides, and re-contest under the Opposition banner after the mass resignations. Leading the UMNO traitors, saboteurs and provocateurs would be Hishammuddin, who has been suspended by his own party for 6 years.

Hishammuddin was responsible for instigating 10 Barisan Nasional MPs to support rival Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin as 10th Prime Minister after the 15th national polls that produced a hung Parliament. The list included Barisan component parties – two lawmakers from MCA (party president Wee Ka Siong and Wee Jeck Seng) and one MP from MIC (Saravanan).

While anti-hopping law prevents lawmakers from jumping ship unless it is through en-bloc defection (meaning UMNO president Zahid Hamidi agrees to withdraw support for the unity government), a lawmaker who resigns is free to join another political party and still be able to contest without any penalty. This is due to a loophole – either deliberately or ignorantly designed.

However, there were some problems with the earlier plan. There’s no guarantee that all the 15 MPs who resign and re-contest will win back their respective seats. For example, MCA president Wee Ka Siong retained his Ayer Hitam seat due to UMNO-Malay votes, as did Wee Jeck Seng (Tanjung Piai) and Saravanan (Tapah). Even Hishammuddin wasn’t sure he can retain Sembrong seat if he were to contest under Perikatan Nasional banner.

Another issue was that nobody knows if the so-called “green wave” will repeat itself. It was because of this reason that the plan was temporarily suspended, waiting for the six state election results. If the tsunami did not happen, there was no reason to commit “kamikaze” by resigning only to lose all the 15 MPs. Obviously, the results of the six state elections are not conclusive.

Hishammuddin, who has been extremely silent since the plot was exposed, does not have the balls to resign en masse after the half-baked PAS’ wave. Playing safe and unwilling to take the risk, he wanted more concrete proof that UMNO can be neutralized if he were to start a rebellion by quitting the party and trigger by-elections. Pulai by-election will be that benchmark.

In fact, the outcome of the six state elections last month showed that Malay voters have not only rejects UMNO, but also Bersatu. Muhyiddin’s party has failed to wrestle Selangor, and was merely riding on PAS grassroots and machinery to win its seats. This has raised the question whether the green wave was only strong in the northern part, gradually losing its steam when reached Selangor before stopping in Negeri Sembilan.

If Perikatan Nasional is indeed unstoppable, it will win Pulai. However, only 7 UMNO MPs are ready to vacate their seats to make way for by-elections. Some have chicken out after the results of the six state elections. This is why Hadi said in order to change government; the opposition needs to win Pulai and a “few others” – clearly referring to Hishammuddin and his minions.

Interestingly, even if Hishammuddin-led UMNO traitors were to defect, the pressure on Zahid to resign may not be strong enough to convince the party president to abandon his former mentor Anwar Ibrahim. Assuming the party loses 7 MPs, it still has 19 MPs whilst the unity government still possesses 140 MPs. This also explains why Hadi said he hopes that UMNO would change its mind and “repent”.

PAS still hopes it could persuade – and scam – the top leadership of UMNO the same way it did in 2020 to form a so-called Malay-Muslims government once again. But the people of Johor – Bangsa Johor – is a different kettle of fish. Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, in his latest interview, has raised the importance of national unity, the future of the state, and the significance of China to Malaysia.

Identifying himself first as a “Malaysian”, the Sultan takes pride in his “Bangsa Johor” concept. He emphasized that he had never sidelined any other ethnic community in the country. Heck, he has even mooted the idea of a new political party – Parti Bangsa Johor. Essentially, Hishammuddin, PAS and Bersatu will be up against the Bangsa Johor and Sultan Ibrahim.- FT


29 August 2023

Mat probok is back...

 A new NGO ‘to help Malays rise’...

Former Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has formed a new NGO aimed at “helping the Malays to rise” as he said they had been left behind economically, academically and politically.

The new organisation, called “Pasir Salak Bangkit”, is headed by Tajuddin as president.

Tajuddin, a former MP for Pasir Salak and former Umno divisional chief, said recent developments had shown that the Malays have almost fallen behind others.

“I feel sad, because that is very dangerous,” he said at a press conference at his residence here.

Tajuddin said the NGO’s inaugural gathering, “Himpunan Melayu Bangkit”, will be held on Aug 30 at Kampung Gajah, Pasir Salak, in central Perak.

He said the event is open for everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

Tajuddin was dismissive when asked about similarities to the Malay Proclamation organisation formed by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to unite the Malays and look into 12 key problems faced by the community.

“It’s just a proclamation, they never rose up,” he said.

In June, Tajuddin had brushed off the initiative, saying Mahathir was late to the party as he (Tajuddin) had organised a similar initiative in 2018.

Tajuddin was suspended from Umno for six years last October after being removed as an Umno Supreme Council member in June 2022. - fmt

Tular video ini sehingga 800k views kat TikTok. Sungguh berjaya Projek Pajak Otak yang dilakukan oleh PAS.Aku tengok sekali pun tau fake. Lokasi bukan kat Johor.

1. Bangunan dengan LED screen kat belakang itu bangunan DBKL.
2. Bangunan kat tepi ibarat warisan itu Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. Bangunan Mahkamah        Tinggi KL yang lama.
3. Outrider nampak off sangat. Hanya Agong atau Sultan atau PM atau TYT asing mempunyai        outrider sebegitu meriah dan berderet.
4. Kenderaan Range Rover berwarna Matt Grey membawa VIP itu pun nampak off sangat.
5. Ulang lagi ulang, tak nampak muka Sanusi walau sesaat.

Kat KL dekat Bangunan DBKL hanya ada satu tempat yang mampu menampung bilangan hadirin yang begitu ramai. Dataran Merdeka.
Kali terakhir sebuah program sebegitu meriah di Dataran Merdeka ialah KL Munajat.
KL Munajat dihadiri Ustaz Abdul Somad.
Aku yang bukan Islam pun tau pasal program KL Munajat bersama Ustaz Abdul Somad. Walaun yang claim terpaling Islam tak malu tak rasa berdosa sebar fitnah ke?
Orang yang bikin video PALSU tersebut, ready ready. Radio car on the way - Adrian Lim Chee En

Polis telah membuka kertas siasatan berhubung satu video tular yang kononnya memperlihatkan sambutan ke atas Menteri Besar Kedah Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, yang didakwa berlaku di negeri ini. Ketua Polis Johor Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat sebaliknya berkata hasil semakan pihaknya mendapati video berkenaan sebenarnya daripada satu program "KL Munajat" bersama pendakwah Ustaz Abdul Somad, Sheikh Aleey Qodir At-Thohiri dan Nur Ali Badar, bertempat di Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, pada 15 Julai lepas.

"Namun video tersebut telah disunting dengan memasukkan laungan sorakan 'Luaskan Kuasamu Johor' untuk perkongsian oleh pengguna media sosial lain.


25 August 2023

Sapa makan cili dia terasa pedas...

Hamzah confirms accounts frozen...

Opposition leader, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin today confirmed that bank accounts belonging to him and his wife were frozen by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) since yesterday. He claimed that the IRB resorted to such action following pressure and intervention from Putrajaya. 

“It is a desperate attempt by the government to continue pressuring Perikatan Nasional (PN) which is gaining the people’s trust,” he said in a statement. 

He said the action was a dirty tactic to create a bad perception of PN. It was reported yesterday that the accounts of a senior opposition leader had been frozen. 

“I am sure more political action will be taken against me and other PN leaders in days to come,” he added. However, Hamzah said such actions would not stop his fight and he would continue for the sake of the people. 

Datuk Seri Sim Choo Thiam

In August, Hamzah sent a letter of demand to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the government for linking him to a corruption case involving RM15 million. In May, Sim was charged with demanding RM15 million from another businessman, Hep Kim Hong, some time in June 2021.

The prosecution said the sum was meant as an inducement for Hamzah to assist Hep’s company, Asia Coding Sdn Bhd, to secure projects from the home ministry.Sim was slapped with three other charges of receiving RM15 million to secure projects from the ministry. He pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

He called on the MACC to “immediately cease and desist in acting in a partisan political manner”. – The Vibes

Let the Authorties do thier job. Don't blame the Government.- OrangeViper2887

From what your son has done, we are quite skeptical of your integrity and even morality. - GreenKoala4364

Thought u said u have files on all the politicians,why dun u expose it? Or u juz a tin kosong! - One Malaysian

MACC, you must also freeze all his children's accounts, all related parties , including in-laws etc. Surely, you will find monies they cannot explain who credited into their accounts - Shibboleth

What else can you say? I believe the courts today are much fairer and you will have your day in court. if they have no evidence to freeze the accounts, you, the former Home Minister can sue the government for damages. But I am sure the MACC and AGC has more than enough evidence against you.....so shout all you can for now. - Bravemalaysian
Umno-Baru’s toxic leadership...

In the past week, several Umno-Baru leaders proved to everyone why Umno-Baru is a failed party. When the results from the six state elections trickled in, no one was surprised that Umno-Baru had performed badly. So, its leaders did what they had always done best. They blamed other people for the poor showing instead of manning up and taking responsibility for their actions. Good leaders take the blame, terrible leaders will always find someone else to blame.

In the first instance, the elephant in the room was ignored. Zahid Hamidi should have stepped down, as his leadership failed to impress the Umno-Baru grassroots. The party is a burden on its partners, but Anwar Ibrahim faced a huge dilemma after GE15. Harapan entered into a marriage of convenience with Umno-Baru, and was forced to accept corrupt and underperforming Umno-Baru politicians into the fold in order to form the Unity Government. This is Malaysia where selfish reasons are the main motivation.

Fearful of the “green wave”, the majority of non-Malays and many “progressive Malays” reluctantly closed both eyes to “accept” Zahid Hamidi into the coalition. They were more fearful of Mahiaddin Yassin of Bersatu, or the conservative Hadi Awang, the leader of PAS, as prime minister, and wrongly or rightly, they sacrificed their principles. When faced with a tricky situation, we convince ourselves that “it is better to accept the lesser of the two evils”.

When will we learn our lessons and reject the incompetent, the corrupt and the least able? Perhaps, Zahid is part of our learning curve. A day after Umno-Baru’s humiliating performance in the state elections, Umno-Baru Supreme Council member Puad Zarkashi said the party needed a new narrative that would resonate with the voters.

He said that Malay support for Umno-Baru was declining. For future elections, he advised the party to stop fielding candidates who lost in the state polls, and not to nominate politicians who are 45 years and older. Malaysians have always rejected the old guard, but it took a defeated Umno-Baru to make its leaders realise this.

We are fed up with the same old faces who have held onto their seats for decades. Many are arrogant and act as if they know best. This is not a just a phenomenon in Umno-Baru as it is also common in PKR. Where is the succession plan for PKR? Older politicians refuse to listen to the feedback of younger people. They place importance in hierarchy, and appear to be more interested in clinging onto their positions instead of nurturing younger, more energetic and creative people with potential.

In other words, older politicians are selfish, have poor leadership qualities, are incompetent and complacent, have huge egos, and exhibit “ketuanan” tendencies. They are not interested in encouraging new talent. Umno-Baru leaders know that the Malays would thrive and flourish without the party. The same applies if we have no race- or religion-based parties in Malaysia.

So, when will Umno-Baru move with the times?If Umno is to survive, its current leadership must go. For decades, the party hierarchy has claimed that they are the only ones who can unite the Malays, protect them and defend Islam. Today, the Malays are more disunited than ever and Umno-Baru is imploding. Losing Malay support has been Umno-Baru’s own doing. Other supreme council members also took part in the blame game.

Nur Jazlan Mohamed blamed Umno-Baru’s performance on Malay youths’ lack of political awareness. He said they had a wrong view of Umno-Baru and  accused them of lacking basic political knowledge. His ludicrous remark that “Malay youths just want KFC after voting” shows how he does not consider himself or his party and the leadership responsible for the actions of young Malay voters.

In previous general elections, Bersih received many complaints of wads of cash and freebies being offered to tempt people to vote for Umno-Baru. This is a consequence of encouraging people to accept bribes. Ever since its inception in 1946, Umno (and later Umno-Baru) is the country’s dominant Malay party which has helped shape Malaysian politics.

Umno had 66 years since Merdeka to mould Malay youths and make them into thinking and responsible adults. Instead, affirmative action policies, Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy), and discrimination of non-Malays and non-Muslims were actively encouraged. Umno-Baru had billions of ringgits at their disposal. Each major town had as one of its landmarks a massive multi-storey building housing the Umno-Baru headquarters.

Umno-Baru’s AGM is a multi-million ringgit event when celebrities and political elites would arrive in their imported luxury cars. Their wives were bedecked in gems and flaunted their Hermes Birkin handbags. The politicians flashed their luxury watches and wore designer shoes and clothes.

Now that Umno-Baru is at the losing end, when many Malaysians have lost trust, lost faith and have little confidence in the party, its leaders continue to live in denial. They refuse to accept that they are responsible for Umno-Baru’s failure and the possibility of Umno-Baru becoming extinct.

For decades, the leadership glorified power and was not keen to promote the rakyat’s interests. They dumbed down education. They divided the nation. They punished those who criticised their leadership. If Umno-Baru is to survive, its current leadership must go.

In the end, the most dangerous threat to the party and the Malaysian government is not an invading army, a contagious disease, or a nuclear threat. It is the thinking Malay. - Mariam Mokhtar


23 August 2023

"Witnessing" a conversion seen in the political narrative...

 Act of ‘witnessing’ a conversion and 
other responsibilities of a Muslim...

Recently, several of my non-Muslim friends expressed anxiety over what they saw was a video of Anwar Ibrahim “converting” an Indian adult male. After a fierce election battle that saw conservative Malays gain a lot of ground, the narrative was that Anwar is now trying to “out-Islamize” the PN in their game of using religion to win votes.

In my WhatsApp messages, there were also some unkind accusations of the PM being unfair to Malaysians by playing the role of a religious leader for one faith and not respecting others. Although, to me, those comments were uncalled for and also unfair, I do not wish to debate that issue of whether a sitting PM should be doing such thing like “witnessing” the conversion of a “muallaf”.

In this article, I wish to explain the roles and responsibilities of a Muslim in the eyes of the original Islam as practised and taught by the Prophet Muhammad, and not as practised by some cultures or institutions of religion made to be the “legal” guardians under the earthly laws of Parliament.

First and foremost, non-Muslims must understand that there exists no priesthood in Islam. All Muslims have a direct relationship to God without any intermediary.All Muslims must execute certain important roles in society without the aid of any ustaz or mufti or imam. This is because all Muslims are those roles in a society of Muslims.

I have performed the role as an imam of prayers many times. I have performed the role of reading the khutbah in my campus in the US when called upon by my friends. I have performed the marriage of my daughter. I have been a witness to the marriages of the daughters of my friends as well as the marriages of my own friends. I have yet to perform the funeral prayers as an imam. I have also yet to oversea and “witness” the conversion of a non-Muslim to Islam.

Now, as a leader of Muslims, Anwar has done more things than I have done, I presume.I have seen him marry off his daughter Nurul Izzah in which he performs the role of the wali. I have seen him perform the role of imam in a Funerary Prayers of Salahuddin Ayub. Unlike me, I think he knows how to bathe the dead in their final ritual ablution. I am sure Anwar has done many other roles as a leader of an Islamic movement ABIM.

With regards to the acts of conversion, many such conversions occur in a willing manner. I have heard of cases where conversion seems to be done in a suspicious manner of “getting some benefits” and these to me are improper and does not follow the spirit of Islam.

I myself have never converted anyone to Islam but I have been called by many non-Muslims to explain about Islam or issues in Islam. I do not view the act of conversion as an important one although in many Muslim societies it is considered an act of high worthiness.

Some religious personalities, like an Indian immigrant to this country thrives on his so-called acts of conversion to raise money for his lifestyle. I do not support any party or individual saying that they are involved actively in converting others to Islam. However, many Muslims love to give money to that activity. But not me.

For me, conversion is by one’s own self and as an inspiration from God. Humans should never say that someone was converted by another someone. That is arrogance. When a person wants to convert to Islam, the rule as I understand it is to pronunce the Syahadah in front of another Muslim and preferably there would be other witnesses too.

The Syahadah is bearing testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad was His Messenger. The ritual bath is not obligatory but recommended after the declaration of Syahadah. This act is simply to acknowledge that this person is now a Muslim and the laws of inheritance, marriage and funerary rituals now take into effect. Thus, the pronouncement to another Muslim is a mere “witnessing” act, not a priest being special to conduct an act of conversion.

Of course, this new Muslim, in Malaysia should now register at a religious department and I think the whole process of pronouncement of the syahadah would be conducted with an official for his or her conversion to be legal under the laws of men. Under the eyes of Allah, that person has already become a Muslim even before the registration take effect.

Some Malaysians saw it fit to advise the PM not to do this and not to do that. I wish to explain to Malaysians that there are some responsibilities as a Muslim that one cannot deny or refuse when one has the time and the sound mind to do so.

Being a prayer imam and pronouncing a doa or supplication on behalf of others are included in these responsibilities. It is of course unfortunate that an act of being an imam of a prayer or the “witnessing” of a conversion is seen in the political narrative of preferring one faith against others.

That is certainly not so. It should be beyond Malaysians to advise a Muslim what they should do or not if the acts required are an obligatory ones in the absence of others. We Malaysians must understand each other’s faith and values if we are not to be the tools of certain personalities in politics or even well-intentioned NGOs.

We must try our best to get explanations from those who know before typing our accusations and anger on a subject or news that one has absolutely no idea of. Our country, our fault, as I always say. We are where we are pretty much because of where we have led ourselves to be. - Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

Professor Ramasamy may be right in saying that no previous Prime Ministers had ever done such things before, but he forgets that our bapa Malaysia,PM Tunku Abdul Rahman was the founder of Perkim, imagine how many conversions he witnessed or conducted...

MCA to Sanusi: Swatting woman’s 
head with paper is no joke at all...

As a public figure, any words or actions by a re-appointed Kedah Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor may or do influence the conduct of others.

Describing his swatting a female youth student’s head with paper as “biasa” (normal), the outcomes from his remark – despite being uttered in jest – may be far reaching. For example, a male assaulting a woman is deemed to be condonable given her mannerisms.

Sanusi’s statement reverts to a certain stereotype of women’s behaviour and men’s reaction which society needs to move away from.

It is hoped that the public will not emulate such gender profiling which ridicule women but instead take cognisance that these are the simple gender stereotypes that women have to battle and overcome daily.

Caught off guard in the presence of many who laughed and standing before Sanusi, the said young lady could only muster a soft chuckle.

It would have been helpful if the Kedah MB and others around him had been considerate and refrained from laughing. Often times, an aid recipient is in no position to wince disapproval, lest the benefactor be offended.

Wanita MCA urges Dewan Muslimat PAS, Srikandi Bersatu and Wanita Gerakan to send a strong message to their coalition ally by alerting him that Kedah can progress further when due recognition is given to women.

All is not lost: Sanusi can redeem himself by introducing policies to empower women in Kedah in all areas. In particular, tackling domestic violence, sexual, online, physical harassment, violence and stalking against women, tardy husbands or ex-husbands who abandon their spouses and children and do not heed court orders on maintenance, and others.

A genuine apology can commence the healing process and reveal Sanusi to be a statesman – one who is gracious in recognising his error and taking measures to educate the public and safeguard women against assaults, harassment and others. – Wong You Fong,Wanita MCA National chairperson.

MB Kedah Sanusi & geng lebai dah kena sound sakan...


21 August 2023

Tak dapat tukaq kerajaang,tukaq logo oklah...

Netizens angry at PAS using a different 
National Day logo in four states...

Perikatan Nasional (PN) and PAS said they want to use their own National Day logo and theme in the four states under his administration.

Yesterday (Aug 19), PN Youth launched the official PN National Day logo and theme to be used in the PN leadership’s speech, especially at the Youth level and the party under the umbrella of the opposition bloc.

While it could have been a simple matter of internal party politics, the issue has blown out of control after PN Youth head Ahmad Fadhli Shaari presented the logo on social media.

2 lagi adalah Pasir Bedengung & Pasir Dua Butir...

He also said that his party did not rule out the possibility that the state governments under PN namely Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu would also use the same theme, though he added that he could not speak on behalf of the state government.

A Twitter user reacted to the attempt by the PAS Youth to get the party to use a different logo than the Malaysia Madani for the Merdeka.

(It seems like they’re getting crazier, it doesn’t matter, they might be intentionally causing chaos and mischief. Their malicious actions have gone overboard. This kind of behaviour easily leads to influencing others negatively.)

(If I were to easily give people who wait like this… you don’t support the federal initiatives that reject everything the federal government does, then there’s no need for you to eagerly await federal allocations. Simple as that, no need to constantly demand federal funding.)

Meanwhile, user @DRXA7168 is of the opinion that this is immaturity in politics and that leads to enmity, revenge and division of the society.

(The immature political spirit that leads to enmity, resentment, and division among the community. Is this the approach that symbolises unity? It’s truly embarrassing to witness the attitudes displayed by the leaders and grassroots members of PAS. Islam remains preserved without PAS’ involvement.)

On the other hand, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that ‘Malaysia Madani: Determination of Unity, Fulfilling Hope’ was chosen as the theme of National Day and Malaysia Day 2023. – focusmalaysia

It seems that PAS is suggesting the reintroduction of the practice of offering two prayers during Friday prayers, as was customary on the East Coast, to be implemented in all national events. However, this proposal may potentially cause division among the people. -Vgeorgemy

Today it’s just their own logo, tmrw they will want their own ‘constitution’, their own ‘monarchy’, their own currency. Basically their own TALIBAN state. Which helps keep them in their state of denial.Hadi asyik tuduh seluruh dunia sebagai KOMUNIS. Tapi ni lah nama nya KOMUNIS, tak hormat langsung kepada Perlembagaan yang sedia ada. - MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka

If these PN control States wants to go rogue, then all Federal Government Aid, allocations should be put on hold or cancelled in toto. Drastic actions must be taken to reign them, in order that they tow the line where National celebrations is concerned. - Santha

UG - Malaysia Madani: Tekad Perpaduan, Penuhi Harapan

PN - Teguh Muafakat Malaysia Sejahtera

Both UG & PN's slogans involve political wordplay promoting their respective coalitions, gone are the days when National Day theme is just that, a theme for citizens to get behind, both should be ashamed of themselves. - KK Voter

Lebai ooi... How about taking the four states under PN out of Malaysia?- t/s

Why PH is using politically affiliated word Madani in theme? Ideally you should not use. Be fair to opposition. PH or PN is dividing rakyat? - LimeShark3136

Is Zahid the sole issue?...

I’m sure most of us can recall this saying: “If you point one finger at someone, there are four fingers pointing back at you”. In the aftermath of the six state elections, many have pointed at Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in such a condescending manner as if he is the one and only one who should shoulder the blame for his party’s disastrous outing at the polls.

Their fingers were pointed, almost in unison, at the Umno president stating that there was a “crisis of confidence” in Zahid’s leadership and that it was time for him to step down and allow others to rejuvenate the party.

Many current and former Umno leaders and the party’s opponents in Perikatan Nasional, notably Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, wanted Zahid’s head to roll. They believe the deputy prime minister should take responsibility for the electoral drubbing.

I think the important question to ask is: Is Zahid (above) the sole issue here and is the Umno president solely to be blamed?

Calling for blood

If I were an ordinary Umno member from the rank and file, I would agree that Zahid, as the Umno president, should be held responsible. Like many Umno members, I would not want to see the party totally annihilated. Umno’s fortunes has hit rock bottom, as it stands today. The party cannot afford to sink deeper.

I believe I would be crying out for Zahid’s blood too because I think it is only fair that as the top leader in the party, the honourable thing for the party president to do is to step down.

His predecessor, Najib Abdul Razak, did that following Umno’s defeat in 2018. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also stepped down as prime minister and Umno president after BN’s humiliation in the 2008 general election.

I think I would be prepared to point my finger at Zahid and risk having four pointing at me because the Umno president has to be accountable for the party’s misfortunes in the just-concluded state elections.

Zahid also led Umno into GE15 in November last year and the results were the party’s worst ever. Umno members have not forgotten that nightmare. The three million Umno members are bigger and more important than one man. This is how I would view the situation if I were an ordinary party member.

Closing ranks behind party chief

However, assuming I am an elected representative from Umno and in the good books of the party president, I believe I would go with the natural flow and make excuses for Zahid to continue leading the party until the next party election.

Let us not pretend that there are no personal motivations and ambitions here. When personal interests become the primary driving force behind a politician's decisions and actions, it can lead to conflicts of interest, corruption, and decisions that prioritise narrow gains over the broader welfare of the population.

This should be worrying for the party and a real cause for concern for Umno. As an elected Umno rep, I would probably be considered a ranking party member, either a divisional leader or even a supreme council member.

It’s possible I could have discarded ethical guidelines and thrown public trust and integrity out of the window too in order to satisfy my personal interests. I have to protect my position and my good rapport with the sitting party president because my political future depends on him.

Surely, I would be the first to support Zahid when he vowed to march on and “do more” to help the party regain confidence. I would also agree with him when he stated that it was not the first time an Umno president was called to resign following a poor electoral showing but said it should be the collective responsibility of the party’s leadership.

For Umno people who stood by their embattled president, they would surely be comforted by the statement from Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who said that there was no reason for him to step down as the Pakatan Harapan-BN coalition also won the three states of Selangor, Penang, and Negeri Sembilan. Anwar was responding to Muhyiddin’s call for him and Zahid to step down from their positions in the government.

Status quo preferred

So, what do ordinary Malaysians think of Zahid and Umno moving forward? In general, I believe it is the general consensus that Malaysians want the unity government to serve out its full five-year term with Anwar as prime minister.

For that to happen, it has to be status quo, meaning the Pakatan-BN coalition must be intact. Thus, Umno and Zahid have to stay where they are. Lest we forget, it is also by royal decree that this Anwar administration was established.

It is clear within Umno that Zahid is needed to lead the party in the Madani government because a new Umno president may not be as supportive of Anwar. So far, Zahid’s commitment to the unity government has been solid.

As for the assertion that the Malays are to blame for Harapan-BN’s poor performance in the state elections as they are allegedly being susceptible to racial and religious sentiments, inciting them to fear the Chinese and DAP, it is best for the prime minister and his colleagues to put such negative thoughts aside as the elections are over.

The government must concentrate on reforms, work hard on economic recovery, bring in more investments, create jobs and opportunities, and help the poor and needy. As for Zahid, I don’t think it’s fair to blame him alone for the electoral debacle. However, it must also be emphasised that an honourable leader would have taken responsibility and resigned.

Umno needs a more popular president. Zahid has had his chances and it’s unfortunate that he took over Umno in 2018 when the party was at its lowest ebb. Luck has not been on his side since. - Francis Paul Siah


19 August 2023

Enraged Malaysians now want Undi18 reversed...

Will reversing Undi18 
counter the ‘Green Wave’?...

Who is more powerful? An 18-year-old or an MP like the youthful Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman? The teenager of course! The 18-year-old, like most boys his age, is probably a charming young man, who is polite to you, although he does appear clueless some of the time.

He learns life’s lessons from TikTok and social media. If he is Malay, his spiritual needs are provided by clerics who make life and decision-making very simple for him. To be fast-tracked to heaven, just vote PAS or any Malay from Perikatan Nasional. If he is a failure in life, he's told that DAP is responsible.

The teenager is not bogged down unnecessarily by career choices, what to wear, responsibility and nation-building. He has absolute faith in the cleric, only because he is ignorant and does not know his religion. As an individual, the 18-year-old wields no power, but as a collective, he and his peers can influence others, because they may hold the key to the country’s future and determine which path the nation takes.

You may have had nightmares just thinking about a bleak future under a ‘Green Wave’ administration. Despite the stellar efforts of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim whilst campaigning, Pakatan Harapan failed to impress. You were outraged by the results, and rightly so.

Blaming game

Many of you strongly believed that most of the 18-year-olds had voted for the wrong reasons in the recent state elections and held them responsible for Harapan’s abysmal showing. As a scapegoat had to be found, the blame fell on the 18-year-olds, Syed Saddiq, and Muda.

Incredibly, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) became the rakyat’s fourth punching bag, because some Malaysians understood “socialist”, to mean “communist”. Both PSM and Muda were then accused of sabotaging Harapan.

Post-election, clips of smirking young adults taunting others with “I wore Harapan’s red t-shirt, took their money, but I still voted for PAS/PN” were circulated. Why blame the teenager? He is the product of our education system. Our schools failed him.

Blame parental upbringing because some parents failed to set boundaries and teach their children values or the difference between right and wrong. Many children became feral. Blame the selfish politicians who decided that bog-standard education would suffice. Our schools failed to teach critical thinking and discuss the world beyond the tempurung (coconut shell).

More importantly, discussions about how politics affect our lives are discouraged, presumably because a thinking young adult will reduce the term of a corrupt and power-hungry politician. Supporters are urged to remain blindly loyal to the politician, in exchange for unlimited handouts. Embracing change is discouraged because the politician could lose power and control.

Blame our academics. Our lecturers only care about their rice bowls. Discussing democracy whilst remaining neutral, is tricky. Why rock the boat and produce socially and politically aware young adults? It is far simpler to lead a quiet life, become a professor, and on retirement from public service, get a plum job in the industry as a consultant.

Blame the clerics for failing to be good role models in nation-building. Too much hard work is involved in building bridges between people of different faiths and cultures. Lazy clerics will procrastinate with, “God will punish in the afterlife.”

Voting age

All these adults ignored the consequences of their inaction. Ours is a country where leaders can do no wrong, whose supporters idolise them and they are rarely blamed for their poor leadership. Outraged by Harapan’s failure, some Malaysians have advocated a return to the former voting age of 21. They want the Madani government to act now whilst it still commands a majority in Parliament.

They believe that raising the voting age will stop divisive politics, tribalism, racism and extremism; but will reversing the Undi18 move solve the problem? Why treat the symptoms of a disease rather than find a cure?

Reducing the voting age to 18 was first mooted by Lim Kit Siang in 1971, but he failed to get any traction. Malaysia was a different country then. Adults were more responsible, teenagers had values and integration between the different races was strong. Umno probably suspected that lowering the voting age would be disastrous for them.

Syed Saddiq picked up the mantle in 2019, and he is right to want our “youth to have more say in policy matters, nation-building and be empowered to make more responsible decisions"; but by then, the political and social landscape had changed.

In the apartheid system of our own making, molly-coddled Malay youths, who are used to hand-outs, with their strong sense of entitlement, know little about the challenges their non-Malay peers face.

When Syed Saddiq lobbied for the Undi18 bill, did the other MPs think that most Malaysian 18-year-olds were like him? The young and inexperienced Syed Saddiq is articulate, opinionated, and unafraid to hold controversial views.

Outside Parliament, the average 18-year-old is nothing like Syed Saddiq and is probably reticent about speaking up. It is not that he does not want to tell you, more likely that he knows so little of life, to offer an opinion. A reversal of Undi18 will be strongly opposed by PN.

The solution lies in Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek to revamp the education system and for Anwar to aggressively implement reforms to uplift the rakyat socio-economically and to re-emphasise the importance of voting. Think long-term. - Mariam Mokhtar


- Ahmad Mursi

Tindakan PMX memerangi rasuah secara agresif tidak menyenangkan sebahagian besar penjawat2 awam,kononnya punca rezki mereka tertutup & ini membawa kpd implikasi besar keputusan PRN baru2 ini...


17 August 2023

Diehard Malays love dirty water,racism & corruption...

Anwar should stop wasting time...

Anwar Ibrahim had been whining, moaning and bitching about the importance of good governance, political stability, economic growth, trustworthy leadership, anti-corruption and whatnot during his political rally in the just concluded six state elections. He spent most of his time in the rural Malay-majority areas, hoping to win their votes. As a result, he has ignored urban voters.

In fact, the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia was so desperate that he had basically rained cash – disguised as special aid and assistance – on civil servants and pensioners to pamper the Malay voters. He also splashed millions for Mara, Risda, Felcra, Felda and other Malay development programmes and agencies. Heck, he has even promised to consider raising salaries of civil servants.

To show that he was the biggest Malay hero, Anwar unilaterally wipes off RM8.3 billion in debt accumulated by Felda settlers, never mind the taxpayers’ money should be used responsibly rather than for a bailout. And to win the popularity contest, the premier started a war of words with former backdoor PM Muhyiddin over who should take the credit for cancelling the Felda debt.

The prime minister begged the people of Kelantan to rise up and make changes to enable the state, which has been under the clueless and incompetent PAS Islamic party’s rule almost uninterrupted since 1959, to enjoy development and progress. Promising not to marginalise Kelantan, he approved a staggering RM1.5 billion allocation to overcome the state’s water supply problems.

Kedah, another state under the control of Opposition Perikatan Nasional, saw a jaw-dropping RM3 billion allocated by the Anwar administration to improve “paddy yields” production in an effort to increase farmers’ monthly income. Anwar told the Malay community that he was committed to improving the livelihood of farmers, fishermen and rubber smallholders.

Not only the unity government has increased monsoon cash aid to rubber smallholders from RM600 to RM800 per month, the fishermen were being given RM300 every month. This year alone, a special RM200 Aidilfitri festive cash aid had been given to more than 850,000 farmers, rubber smallholders and fishermen. Like a Santa Claus, Anwar was throwing cash to the Malay community.

In her Facebook post, Noriah said that it is not her first time seeing “coffee”flowing 
out of her tap in the kitchen." “I pay my water bills every month. Is this the quality I get? 
I can’t imagine my clothes in the washing machine.” - Noriah Ibrahim

In Terengganu, as Chief Minister Ahmad Samsuri and his wife were happily honeymooning in New Zealand, leaving 40,000 flood victims to fend for themselves, PM Anwar Ibrahim was the top leader who rushed to visit the flood-hit areas. The federal government immediately allocated RM100 million to opposition states Kelantan and Terengganu, with a promise to provide extra funds for disaster management.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the premier cared more about the welfare of the Malays in the opposition states than his own Pakatan Harapan-ruled states such as Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan. The charismatic Anwar thought the Malays would appreciate what he had done to the community, in spite of lies and fake news spread by the opposition to demonise him.

Too afraid to offend the conservative Malays, the prime minister was reduced to bullying a teenager during a dialogue session at Kolej Matrikulasi Penang when the student of Indian ethnicity asked Anwar when will the discriminative “quota system” be abolished and replaced by a meritocracy system. The PM rudely interrupted the student, before criticizing her for asking a sensitive question.

Yet, despite his best effort to demonstrate that he was more Malay than racist bigot Muhyiddin Yassin (president of Bersatu) and more Islamic than religious extremist Hadi Awang (president of PAS), Anwar Ibrahim has failed spectacularly in the six state elections. The poster boy was unable to convince conservative Malay-Muslim voter base to support his unity government.

Selangor, the crown jewel of Anwar-led Pakatan Harapan coalition, saw the opposition bloc increased its share of seats from five in the previous election to 22, effectively denied the ruling coalition its two-thirds majority. In Penang, the opposition Perikatan Nasional won 11 seats, up from one in the previous vote. Even in Negeri Sembilan, it won five seats, up from zero in the last election.

"Kalu kita royak saja ore x cayo, ni haaa bukti..Mari la nak minum air kopi gakk 
aku duk raso nak tadoh blh sebotol besar nakgi atar pejabat AKSB"... - Noriah Ibrahim

The Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) won all the 32 seats in the Terengganu state legislative assembly. That’s an improvement from the 22 seats that the radical party captured in the 2018 General Election. The United Malays National Organization (UMNO) was totally wiped out, allowing all the 32 state seats and all 8 parliamentary seats to be controlled by Perikatan.

Terengganu, recorded the highest voter turnout out of all six states, was captured by PAS largely due to the massive young Malay voters who returned home to vote. Likewise, it was a landslide victory in Kelantan after PAS lost only two of the 45 seats it contested. The Perikatan Nasional also successfully captured a two-thirds majority in Kedah to form the state government.

To make matters worse, the results of early voting from military camps showed up to 80% military voters overwhelmingly supported Perikatan Nasional in Terengganu. Previously, military camps or police quarters have often been viewed as strongholds of the government of the day – the “fixed deposit”. Despite PM Anwar’s commitment to improve the welfare of the armed forces, military camps chose to vote against him.

Mr Anwar should stop wasting time and resources trying to charm the stubborn and gullible conservative Malays. He can’t convert the converted, especially when those converted were being brainwashed with racist hatred, xenophobia, Malay supremacy and all forms of bigotry. The PM should realize that he can’t win the contest by trying to be more Malay and Muslim than Bersatu and PAS.

If the prime minister still doesn’t understand it, he is stupider than he looks. The people of Kelantan actually don’t mind digging wells for water supply. In fact, they just love drinking murky water. That explains why the Malay-Muslims in the state have been religiously voting for PAS since 1959. They actually believe the Islamic party holds the ticket to heaven, with the promise of “72 virgins” in the afterlife.

The conservative Malays in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah, as well as Perlis, don’t really care about infrastructure facilities and development. They don’t understand economic issues such as rising prices, slowing growth, and the weakening Ringgit currency. That’s why they worship Kedah Chief Minister Sanusi like a God even though he, like all other PAS leaders, doesn’t know anything about economics.

Sanusi was seen as a Malay hero because the clown was extremely good in entertaining the villagers, never mind he talks cock most of the time. His lies and fake news were taken as gospel because the rural Malays were too lazy to read and think. With limited intelligence and inferior education, snake oil salesman like Sanusi could easily hoodwink them without lifting a finger.
Muhammad Sanusi - Kedah Menteri Besar - Chief Minister

Rural Malays – old and young – naively believed that non-Malays were about to take over the country as spewed by racist bigot like opposition leaders Muhyiddin, Hadi Awang and Sanusi. Even though the Agong (King), nine Sultans, Prime Minister, Chief of Armed Forces, Inspector General of Police, Attorney General and all top ranking officers are Malays, they still believe the lies.

The reason the radical Islamic bigots could use racial and religious hatred to control the conservative Malays is due to the “insecurities” faced by the ethnic thanks to racial politics propagated by past UMNO leaders, especially former PM Mahathir Mohamad. Already overwhelmed by Chinese economic prowess, the weak Malays needed political dominance to overcome their insecurity.

Hilariously, disgraced Mahathir’s children all become billionaires because the Malays once relied on a Malay hero called Mahathir. The best part was more than 850,000 farmers, rubber smallholders and fishermen are still poor till today, begging for RM300, whilst their so-called Malay heroes – including Muhyiddin – have become mega rich by spooking the Malay village folks that they needed protection.

Yes, UMNO deserves to be wiped out. Its past leaders practiced dictatorial-style leadership and gerrymandering and misused institutional tools to manipulate an electoral process to stay in power – till the May 2018 General Election. To attain dominance and remain in power, it had rigged the election by unfairly creating many small “Malay electorate” parliamentary constituencies as fixed deposit.

Today, those fixed deposits have been stolen by rival Perikatan Nasional, who replaces Barisan Nasional as the dubious defender of Islam and Malays. Conservative Malays flocked to Perikatan because they thought it could protect their interest. Therefore, even if the Anwar government spends billions to solve the water problems in Kelantan, the people will still vote for PAS, not Anwar-led unity government.

Anwar Ibrahim should instead focus on three areas – economy, education and reforms. National schools are seen as religious schools, producing not only students with violent religious extremism, but also have caused students ill-equipped to get jobs. Reforms are needed to prepare for the worst in the event the unity government were to lose power in the next 16th General Election.

More importantly, how the government manages the economy or bread-and-butter issues will decide whether the unity government could keep Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan. Even though the status quo result is a huge relief to Anwar and his government, the power-hungry Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin will try to seize power through backdoor.

The good news is the progressive and liberal Malay community has rejected PAS’ desire to transform Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan into a Taliban state. However, if Anwar is dumb enough to move “further to the right” with more Islamic and pro–Malay policies in order to appeal to conservative Malay voters, even after the state elections showed it didn’t work, then he is wasting valuable 5 years and should resign. - FT

Anwar’s wake-up call...

In the run-up to the state elections, we had to endure weeks of never-ending talk about protecting Malay rights, and defending Islam. With normality restored, writers, columnists and socio-political observers can now discuss more important issues, like the cost of living crisis and the economy. If truth be told, the state elections were marred. Many people supported Anwar’s unity government, not because the coalition was good, but only because the alternative, PN, was terrible. That is not a good premise to start with.

Disappointingly, after the threats by ministers, the police reports, the legal action taken by politicians and corporation bosses against bloggers, the endless ceramahs, and the prime ministerial entourage criss-crossing the peninsular to campaign, Anwar could only manage a “status quo” of state governments. Did the millions of ringgit spent justify the results?

Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu remained under PN control, whilst PH retained Penang, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. We might as well not have bothered. The hustings were bogged down by the “same-old, same-old” style of campaigning, reminiscent of previous Umno-Baru versus PAS skirmishes.

Even the winning results were dreary, but there is no denying that the ultimate winner is PN. PN failed to secure control of another state, but they did manage to get a foot in the door in Penang and command a much stronger presence in Selangor.

What spoiled it for Pakatan Harapan? In the weeks before the state elections, we were told that Jakim would be included in national policy making, Islamic institutions were in receipt of millions of ringgit in funding, more money had been allocated for civil servants, there was talk about the harmonisation of both civil and shariah laws, followed by promises for educational reforms. These sent out mixed messages to the electorate.

Malaysians are fearful of the onslaught of the “green wave” which hints at further Islamisation of the country and yet Jakim would be dictating our lives. The plan to harmonise both shariah and civil laws failed to reassure many people either. They only have to recall the Indira Gandhi case, the whipping of women which goes against federal law, or the protests which accompanied events like Oktoberfest or the Bon Odori festival.

In the end, the results probably showed that the rakyat in the six states failed to be convinced by Anwar’s Madani administration. Despite Anwar’s promises, the electorate in the northern conservative states continued to support their leaders, whom they know best and trust. There is a possibility that scaremongering the electorate with the “green wave” had backfired.

There are many Malays whose faith is strong. When politicians frightened people with the endless barrage that the country would be led by PAS or an extremist leader, it is possible that “the green wave threat” rhetoric did not go down well with many Malays. Did some of them possibly see this as an attack against Islam?

Perhaps the biggest anomaly is the elephant in the room, i.e. Umno-Baru. Anwar’s supporters have been forced to close one eye about Pakatan Harapan teaming-up with Umno-Baru. They find it unacceptable that corrupt Umno-Baru ministers are part of the government as it also makes them look like hypocrites.

On one hand, the rakyat is pleased that corrupt politicians are being charged, tried and punished, but being forced to accept corrupt ministers in the Cabinet, is an insult. Many already hold the deputy PM in contempt. Moreover, the process of bringing the corrupt to justice is laboriously slow.

At the start of the campaign period, many may have supported Anwar as leader of the unity government. They did this not because they were impressed with his politics, but more likely as he is a good orator, and, as they are constantly reminded, “there are no other suitable leaders for Putrajaya”.

If Indians are allegedly the kingmakers, then one wonders how much damage Anwar’s outburst against the Indian student, had affected the election results? The young girl asked relevant and pertinent questions about the different responses towards the examination results of Malay and non-Malay students.

Anwar’s mask slipped and we had a glimpse of his real self, who was more interested in winning elections than practising meritocracy and fairness. The poor election results are also a test of Anwar’s leadership.

Instead of bending over backwards for the Malays and insulting them by wooing them with perks, Anwar should treat them with respect and dignity, and not pander to their every wish. When will he learn that it’s not about the numbers? It’s about quality. - Mariam Mokhtar