29 September 2022

Prosecution appeal in Zahid’s VLN case...

Why prosecution’s appeal 
in Zahid’s VLN case justified...

Umno president and former deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s acquittal without even his defence being called on 40 corruption charges came as a shock and appears to indicate that the prosecution case was weak. Is it indeed the situation? 

Would the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) dare to have prosecuted a former deputy prime minister and home minister for serious offences without having sufficient grounds? Was the case that was made out so far so weak that the presiding judge had to rule that there was no prima facie evidence to warrant a trial? If it was so weak, why would the AGC even bother prosecuting the case?

Briefly, Zahid was acquitted of all graft charges in relation to the Foreign Visa System (VLN). Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Yazid Mustafa ruled last week that the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case and its three key witnesses were unreliable.

The witnesses were former Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) administrative manager David Tan Siong Sun and former UKSB directors Harry Lee Vui Khiun and Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani. As a result, the court also declined to accept the UKSB ledger as convincing evidence after finding its creator, Tan, had zero credibility.

The former deputy prime minister was charged with 33 counts of receiving bribes from UKSB amounting to SG$13.56 million (RM43.6 million) between 2014 and 2017. Another seven charges accused Zahid of obtaining SG$1.15 million, RM3.125 million, 15,000 Swiss francs (RM70,000) and US$15,000 (RM68,000) from the same company.

The trial judge further said that a crucial element of the case was how the money was delivered. "I simply cannot imagine what envelope (and) in what size could fit the SG$600,000 in cash which was equivalent to around RM1.6 million at the material time," he said.

However, the judge may well have been a bit too harsh here. According to a Thomson Reuters publication, the term prima facie is used to “in both civil and criminal law to denote that, on its face, sufficient evidence exists to support a case.”

The case of SG$600,000...

It added, “In most proceedings, one party (usually the claimant) must discharge a burden of proof by adducing prima facie evidence to establish its claim, having regard to the relevant standard of proof. “Prima facie evidence of a matter, unless rebutted by cogent evidence to the contrary (meeting the requisite standard of proof), is sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact.”

While the judge dismissed the evidence of three witnesses as not credible, he does not appear to have set out on what basis they were considered to be so, except for one which was widely reported and commented upon by netizens - the SG$600,000 and how the judge was puzzled that it could be delivered in an envelope. It now emerges that a SG$10,000 note is still legal tender although Singapore has stopped issuing them. It would require just 60 of such notes to make up SG$600,000. That would easily fit into an envelope.

The judge obviously missed this very important point which could have explained the way the money was delivered. This alone could be enough to warrant an appeal to higher courts by the prosecution. There may well be more reasons after reading the grounds of judgment. Attorney-general Idrus Harun said earlier the prosecution will have to examine the judgment from all graft charges related to the VLN before deciding on an appeal.

Yesterday, The Edge reported, quoting sources, that the prosecution has filed an appeal against the High Court’s decision to acquit Zahid on all 40 charges in the VLN case. If the report is correct, it is a welcome move. This is a case of rather high importance and there are already clear indications that it may not be appropriate to let a single judge decide on the issues which arise.

Under the circumstances, the high level of public interest and continued scepticism of the trial judge’s finding, the best thing for the AGC to do would be to take this to the Court of Appeal, and if necessary, to the Federal Court, the highest court in the land.

 47 counts of CBT...

Even if this case is ultimately decided in his favour, Zahid faces other charges. He was ordered by the Kuala Lumpur High Court early this year to enter his defence in relation to 47 counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT), bribery and money laundering linked to tens of millions of ringgit of funds from Yayasan Akalbudi.

In this separate case, trial judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah ruled that the prosecution has established a prima facie case against the former home minister, involving 12 counts of CBT, eight bribery charges, and 27 money laundering charges.

Thus, it will be some time before Zahid clears all the charges against him - if he can, that is. The implication is that he will have continuing problems with regard to the 15th general elections and may prove to be a continuing liability to Umno and the nation. Zahid will still remain in the desperate straits he was in earlier as I explained in this column. - P.Gunasegaram,mk

Berapa banyak Negara Islam 
datang dengar ucapan Hero kita?...

Bila datang musim pilihanraya di Malaysia, pemimpin politik kita selalu heboh pasal Palestin, pasal perjuangan Palestin, bla bla bla. Untuk memancing undi Melayu.  Jadi saya nak tanya sikitlah - Palestin hadir tak untuk dengar ucapan hero kita di United Nations pada Jumaat lalu? 

Turki hadir tak? Arab Saudi hadir tak untuk dengar ucapan hero kita? Negara-negara "Islam" (yang kononnya sahabat karib kita) hadir atau tidak hadir. Kita ahli Organisation of Islamic Countries ( atau pun Oh I See). Ada tak pemimpin Oh I See datang menyokong hero kita?

Dewan UN itu nampak kosong saja bila hero kita berucap.  Buang duit tambang, buang duit sewa hotel, buang duit beli kasut dan buang duit beli baju. -  Syed Akbar Ali

Note : According to the UN rulings, these *six* are the official working languages - *Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish* . . . And any of the six shall be interpreted into the other *five* languages.

In the case of *any languages* other than the six is used, the *speech presenter* must provide his *own interpreter* to interpret into any of the 6 languages..  So basically . . . if the *PM* did not have his own interpreter, than *no one* would have *heard* his speech... Period.


26 September 2022

The Prosecution’s deliberate screw up...

Here’s why PM Sabri & crooked Zahid 
could have struck a secret deal...

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been acquitted of all 40 corruption charges on Friday (Sept 23), amid high expectations that he would be convicted. The president of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) was first charged in June 2019 under the now-toppled Pakatan Harapan administration. Since then the country has seen three prime ministers.
The acquittal means Zahid walks away free, despite the fact that he had taken bribes from Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB), the company awarded a government contract for a foreign visa system (VLN). However, the UMNO president is still on trial in another corruption case where he is accused of 47 criminal breach of trust, corruption and money laundering charges.
Still, people should not condemn the judiciary when Zahid is acquitted, after having praised the same judiciary when Najib was convicted. It screams hypocrisy, as demonstrated by Zahid when he now brags that he has had faith in the judiciary since “day one” of his trial – contrary to his recent criticism of the same judiciary when his mentor-turn-prisoner Najib Razak was sent to jail last month.

But how could a crook like Zahid freed by the court when all evidences showed otherwise? In his ruling, Judge Mohd Yazid Mustafa said the prosecution failed to successfully prove a “prima facie” case against Zahid. Meaning the judge was not convinced that the prosecution has sufficiently established evidence to justify a verdict to convict the UMNO chief.

In the rule of law, a presumption of innocence means that any defendant in a criminal trial is assumed to be innocent until they have been proven guilty. Therefore, the burden of proof was with the prosecution to prove that Zahid was guilty. Only with prima facie established against Zahid will the burden of proof shift from prosecution to the defence, as seen in the conviction of Rosmah Mansor.
Unfortunately, the prosecution has failed to establish the fact beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant (Zahid) was guilty, leading to his acquittal. As UMNO supporters celebrate their leader’s acquittal, they are “munafiqs” or “hypocrites” who now believes in the judiciary, but keep condemning the same judiciary that had earlier convicted former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Judge Yazid said the testimonies by three key prosecution witnesses – former UKSB executives Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani and Harry Lee Vui Khiun, and former administrative manager David Tan Siong Sun – were unreliable and untrustworthy. The judge also raised his doubts whether money was delivered to and exchanged hands with Zahid.
Judge Mohd Yazid Mustafa

During the trial, Harry Lee Vui Khun, a former director of Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) told the High Court that his company was paying cash in Singapore Dollars (SGD) on a monthly basis to then-former deputy prime minister Zahid Hamidi from 2014 to 2018 in relation to the Foreign Visa System (VLN) Contract. Zahid also had received sponsored overseas trip from UKSB.
The payments, started with SGD200,000 per month and began in late 2014 was increased to SGD520,000 per month some time in 2017. Zahid had received bribes amounting to SG$13.56 million from UKSB for himself as Home Minister to extend the contract of the company as the operator of OSC service in China and the supply VLN system.

The High Court judge said that although the three witnesses had testified that the brown envelope containing the money was given to Zahid, the court did not know the size of the envelope. Judge Yazid said – “I simply cannot imagine what envelope in what size would contain the S$600,000 in cash, equivalent to around RM1.6 million at the time.”
Actually, the largest and latest denomination of Singapore currency is S$10,000, which is still in circulation today. Hence, it will take only 60 pieces of S$10,000 notes to do the job. But that was not the biggest issue. The biggest problem was testimonial contradictions from the witnesses – Lee and Wan Quoris said the cash payments were delivered in an envelope, but Tan said it was done using luggage.
Additionally, monies from UKSB’s business in Hong Kong had entered Malaysia, but were not channelled into the company’s bank account. Instead, it was kept in a safe box under the supervision of Tan – raising suspicions that the witnesses too were helping themselves to the money. That’s why Judge Yazid highlighted that the three witnesses maintained a “luxurious lifestyle” and owned expensive property and vehicles.

To make matters worse, the prosecution could not produce some important witnesses who had knowledge of the source of funds, including Nicole Tan. Judge Yazid said if Nicole had been called, she would have been able to verify David Tan Siong Sun’s testimony that he received cash on a weekly basis from two money changers, who received money from Hong Kong.
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

The trial also became more complicated – even political – when a ledger listing payments to former prime ministers (Mahathir Mohamad and Muhyiddin Yassin), top ministers (Khairy Jamaluddin and Hishammuddin Hussein), politicians, civil servants and even a “bomoh” (shaman) was dramatically produced in the court. The ledger has undermined the credibility of the testimony.
So, the burning question is – how could the prosecution allowed its witnesses to screw up so royally? That’s the beauty of corruption after 60 years under UMNO. But the country has plunged into an entirely new level of destruction when power-crazy Muhyiddin Yassin plotted with crooks like Najib and Zahid, along with Islamist extremists like Hadi Awang, to snatch power from a democratically elected government.

Despite its 22-month rule, Pakatan Harapan’s biggest achievement in restoring judicial independence was the appointment of Tommy Thomas as Attorney General and Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat as the first woman Chief Justice, who boldly and decisively sent former premier Najib Razak to prison on August 23, 2022 after a lengthy 4 years of corruption trial linked to SRC International.

Chief Justice is the head of the Federal Court, the highest court of Malaysia and therefore, the highest position in Malaysian judicial system. Under Article 125 of the Malaysian Constitution, the chief justice can be removed only by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) on a recommendation from a tribunal consisting of at least five Federal Court judges.
In theory, the chief justice appears to be the most powerful person in the judicial system. In reality, the Attorney General is more powerful, largely because the position plays two roles – as the attorney general as well as the public prosecutor. The A.G. is the chief legal adviser to the government of the day, while the Public Prosecutor possesses prosecuting authority.

Armed with extremely wide discretion over control of all criminal prosecutions, a corrupt A.G. could, under the instruction of the Prime Minister, sabotage an existing trial through various methods. The A.G. could send inexperienced prosecutors, introduce contradictory evidence, and influence witness to change testimonies or even withdraw cases based on whatever reasons he likes.
A.G. Idrus Harun

For example, A.G. Idrus Harun, appointed by then-PM Muhyiddin, had unilaterally discharged Riza Aziz, the stepson of Najib Razak, from 5 charges of money laundering involving US$248 million misappropriated from sovereign wealth fund 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd). As part of a settlement, Riza Aziz was required to return just US$107.3 million worth of overseas assets.
A.G. Idrus had also freed another big crook – former Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman – after dropping all 46 corruptions and money-laundering charges against Musa. UMNO warlord Tengku Adnan was similarly freed when the A.G. stunningly withdrew its appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision to acquit Tengku Adnan in an RM2 million corruption case last year.

Heck, even in the money laundering case against Ahmad Maslan, he was freed after the UMNO warlord agreed to pay a compound of RM1.1 million. And the High Court Judge could not do anything after deputy public prosecutor under A.G. Idrus Harun said it would not continue prosecuting the accused, effectively allowing UMNO crooks to escape with a slap on the wrist.
Was it a coincidence that on the same day Zahid Hamidi was freed because of unreliable prosecution witnesses, his party colleagues – Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Bung Moktar Radin also received good news? Abdul Azeez was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal over nine corruption and money laundering charges, while Bung Moktar has been given a stay in his corruption trial.
With the exception of Najib, now every UMNO corrupt leader can still contest in the next 15th General Election. It appears that PM Ismail Sabri and Zahid Hamidi could have struck a deal. In exchange to interfering in Zahid’s foreign visa system (VLN) trial, the UMNO president would stop demanding that a general election is immediately held, releasing pressure on the premier.

The only reason Zahid vigorously beating the drums of war was because he will not be eligible to contest in the upcoming election if he is convicted. Without the timebomb hanging around his neck, he has no reason to threaten Sabri to dissolve the parliament. It’s a win-win deal – the premier can rule until next year, and Zahid can avoid the public anger of forcing an election during the monsoon season.
PM Ismail Sabri

The turtle-egg man blinked in the game of brinkmanship. It was a brilliant strategy when Najib-Zahid hatched the plan to postpone the UMNO party election for 6 months after the 15th national election. As the party president, only Zahid can sign the letter of candidacy (“surat watikah”) for UMNO candidates to contest in the poll. Ismail Sabri was trapped.
When push comes to shove, the desperate Java-immigrant Zahid is willing to sack Sabri, who ranked only third in the party hierarchy as one of three vice-presidents. Sure, the premier might not lose power even after he is sacked from his party because the Opposition has pledged to support him. However, without his own party machinery and grassroots, Sabri is doomed.

Even the so-called young talent like Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is at the mercy of his own party leadership, crying and whining every day that he has no seat to contest. Khairy, despite trying to project himself as a clean leader, was caught smuggling prisoner Najib to Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital so that the crook could enjoy his jail terms in the hospital’s VVIP ward instead.
By freeing Zahid, at least PM Sabri could try to prolong his administration to avoid the humiliation as the shortest serving prime minister, whose current record belongs to Muhyiddin’s 17-month rule. So far, based on reactions after Zahid’s acquittal, governing partners like Hadi’s PAS and Muhyddin’s Bersatu might have involved in the deal to free Zahid.
But what about his other 47 criminal charges? Zahid can live with it, for now, because he believes not only UMNO will win big in the next election, he would finally become the next prime minister. He is the only UMNO president since independence who is not the prime minister, a humiliation he wanted to redeem. As far as Zahid is concerned, Sabri is merely warming up the seat for him.

There’s little doubt Zahid received bribes. However, by allowing even a small reasonable doubt in the trial, the prosecution – either ignorantly or deliberately – has lost the case. Crucially, you know A.G. Idrus Harun has no plan to appeal after he said the prosecution will study the judgement. One can smell a rat when UMNO leaders aligned to Zahid joined PM Sabri’s trip to New York – bird of the same feather flock together. - FT

Is Zahid a suitable PM candidate?

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must be in seventh heaven on Sept 24, Saturday, and why not. The Umno president was acquitted on 40 graft charges related to the Foreign Visa System (VLN) by the Shah Alam High Court only 24 hours earlier.

One could sense that Zahid (above), buoyed by the favourable verdict, was a different Umno leader now. He must have felt that he could now return to assert himself as the powerful party boss. A heavy burden has indeed been lifted from his shoulders.

Well, I could resonate with his statement on Facebook that “the 15th general election (GE15) is the best time to ‘punish’ party hoppers”. “They know that their worst nightmare will begin when Parliament is dissolved. The party hoppers will be ‘punished’ by their voters”, he wrote in what must surely be a buoyant and triumphant mood.

I am on the same page as the Bagan Datuk MP here as I have repeatedly stated that come GE15, the first priority for Malaysians is to ensure that the Sheraton traitors and backstabbers are voted out.

Party-hoppers, traitors, backstabbers, and betrayers are the same. Even my regular usage of the terms - parasites, leeches, and scumbags - on such wayward, despicable politicians is nothing vulgar and considered journalistically acceptable. But my agreement with Zahid’s Facebook statement ends when he mentioned that “Umno detractors are trying to sow discord inside the party, as they fear Umno’s uprising”.

I’m not too sure about an “Umno uprising” in the current state of instability in the party, that is if the term “uprising” is meant as gaining unity and strength with the ultimate goal of attaining power and forming the government. I do not wish to think that Zahid was referring to a revolt or revolution in his take on “uprising”.

Everyone wants to be PM...

What is clear now is that Zahid has returned to the days he would love a good fight with his political opponents. In fact, Umno insiders have started speculating that their president may now stake a claim for the premiership going into GE15. That is a fight Zahid would relish.

Seriously, there is nothing wrong for Zahid to aim for the PM’s post too. Everyone wants to be prime minister. Why, I can also declare that I want to be prime minister but the question I must ask myself is, what have I contributed to deserve the coveted post?

Zahid’s deputy in Umno, Mohamad Hasan, is also interested. He is gunning for the parliamentary seat of Rembau. Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is also keen but like it or not, he has to join the queue. So too does Defence Minister Hishamuddin Hussein, he is probably scheming on the sly on when to make his move. Current PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob also wants to continue as the nation’s top executive after GE15. Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin is also eyeing a return to the top post.

Why, even Dr Mahathir Mohamad at 97, is also ready to come back as PM for the third time. Who are we to deny Mahathir his right to say he is prepared to be PM, not only for the third but also the fourth and fifth time? Mahathir as PM at 100. Why not?

In essence, all politicians hope to reach the pinnacle of power one day. So does Zahid, but the Umno president must also be honest and ask himself (as we are all posing the same question too) whether he is a suitable candidate for prime minister.

Zahid will surely feel he is more than qualified as he has been the deputy prime minister in the previous BN government. But he must also be aware that being deputy prime minister does not mean you will also be prime minister one day. Ask Musa Hitam, Ghafar Baba, or Anwar Ibrahim - they were also Number Two in the past, but never Number One. So, is Zahid a suitable PM candidate? Sorry to spoil your happy mood, but my answer is negative. This is why.

‘Suicidal’ to let Zahid lead Umno in GE15...

Zahid’s personality is a setback. He is often viewed as the boisterous type, not charismatic and seriously lacks leadership qualities. He is also extremely wealthy for a politician and he is not ashamed to flaunt it. His generosity to his party warlords and supporters is said to be his power mainstay.

His multitude of corruption and money laundering charges is no surprise to many in Umno or the government. Although he has been acquitted of some 40 charges last Friday, Zahid is still facing a separate trial for criminal breach of trust, corruption, and money laundering involving Yayasan Akalbudi. That trial is in the defence stage.

I don’t think a leader who is still facing so many criminal charges is a suitable PM candidate. I believe that Zahid himself is painfully aware of the obstacles in his path. According to Sabah Umno leader Abdul Rahman Dahlan, it would be suicidal to allow Zahid to lead Umno and the BN coalition into GE15. Rahman stressed, in a recent viral video, that no party in the world would let someone facing criminal charges lead it into an election.

I believe many in Umno are happy that Rahman has spoken on their behalf. His message to Zahid was clear and precise. Let another man lead Umno into the election. Zahid is also not an English speaker, he cannot manage the language and personally, I don’t think anyone who cannot handle English should be my prime minister.

Interestingly, Zahid took garden leave for six months as Umno president when his legal issues first surfaced in 2018/2019 and his deputy, Mohamad, acted as president. Everything was smooth sailing when Zahid was out of the scene. I doubt anything untoward will happen to Umno if Zahid is prepared to forgo his ambition to be a PM candidate. Then, Zahid’s wish for an Umno uprising where a stronger, more dynamic and stable party will emerge may eventually come true. - Francis Paul Siah

Sarcasm at its best..(Sindiran yg terbaik)...

Allowing ZH to be PM will put judiciary, SPRM, SPR, PDRM, racial & religious harmony other important institutions in a compromise & this is disastrous to the Nation and situations can become from bad to worse. - BlackCheetah8217

Zahid sebagai perdana menteri adalah bahawa bencana yang harus dielakkan oleh Malaysia walau apa cara sekalipun! Ancaman banjir, penurunan taraf ekonomi dan kemerosotan taraf hidup adalah nyata!Anehnya dalam ekosistem ini ahli politik nampaknya meletakkan kelangsungan politik dan gila kuasa mereka sendiri terlebih dahulu mengetepikan dan mengabaikan isu sebenar yang memberi kesan kepada rakyat. - Falcon

Danga Bay - JB,Johor

If Malay and Malaysians voted and Zahid ended up as PM we deserve all the pain and sufferings to come. This country badly needs a fresh head, an intelligent person, a broad minded global view leader. A confident Malay well educated, much tuned into today's global reality. A person who can stand tall among world community,confident. Zahid is a dinosaur from the 70s. Extinction is a right path. - Just a Malaysian

As years go by, PMs elected or appointed by both front doors and back doors in Malaysia do not seem to be popular in the right way. They are leaders and actors at the same time. If Zahid is next in line then we are doomed for good.- MMKD


23 September 2022

Najib vs Banduan2 biasa...

Most of us have no idea what the prison routine is like, but judging from what we read in the papers and watch in films, as soon as a sentence is passed by the judge, the prisoner is taken straight to prison from court. In prison, the prisoner surrenders his belongings. He is not allowed a mobile phone.

In Malaysia, he is stripped of his honorifics and becomes just a prisoner recognized by his serial number. He is no longer the celebrity or high profile personality of the world outside. In prison, he is just another person who will spend time behind bars. He may be allowed to keep a small amount of cash for phone calls. Depending on the type of crime committed, he may be strip searched.

The prisoner eats what the prison kitchens serve, and there are no special dishes or treats, but if he works in the kitchen, it is possible that he may have access to some extra food. At meal times, the prisoner is not waited upon and served, like he would be in a fancy restaurant. He queues up with the other inmates, and his food is dished onto a tray.

He follows the strict prison schedule and is woken up very early in the morning. He must return to his cell at a set time in early evening and his cell-door is locked until the morning. There are specific times for a shower. There are no hot and cold water taps. There is only cold water. His cell will have a toilet bowl and sink, and there is no privacy for him to wash, or when he answers the call of nature.

In Malaysian prisons, we are often told that the toilet is just a hole in the floor. Perhaps, this hole in the floor is actually a squat latrine. Prison life is not like a hospital where he can have frequent visits from family or friends. It is not a holiday camp where the prisoner can just wander around and do as he pleases. He must follow the rules.

To access books, he puts in a request for reading materials. When he is allowed visits, his visitors cannot smuggle food, drugs or other items. If caught, the penalties are severe. If the prisoner is deemed to be a target for some groups of inmates who may wish to harm him, the warden may decide that the prisoner should spend time in isolation for his own safety.

We are often told that in Malaysia all prisoners are treated equally and that the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, will not be given special treatment. Most of us find this hard to believe.

The prison service may claim that all prisoners are treated equally, but from what we read, it appears that Najib is more equal than everyone else.

Many Malaysians reacted with outrage when Najib fell ill after a week in prison in Kajang, and was rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. The prison clinic was allegedly inadequately stocked with medicine and highly qualified medical staff.

We then read news reports that Najib’s daughter and family complained about the inferior treatment he received in hospital, and this prompted Ismail Sabri, the prime minister, to demand that the hospital give Najib the best medical care.

Why should Najib receive special treatment? Why should the prime minister intervene? What have the other prisoners, not just in Kajang but throughout Malaysia, have to say about this? What are the reactions of the families of prisoners, some of whom may have also needed urgent and specialized medical care but were denied these whilst they were in prison?

We are also informed that Najib and the other prisoners are given five meals a day. The shame is that outside of the prison walls, some families cannot even afford one meal a day. Most people only have three meals a day, but why is Najib having five meals a day?

Najib must attend his ongoing 1MDB trials. Why wasn’t he transported in the police van, the Black Maria, and why was he all dressed up in his suit and tie? Is it too humiliating for him to be dressed in the orange prison uniform?

By all means look smart, but being suited, makes a mockery of justice. Why should Najib be allowed to cause havoc and dissatisfaction in the prison? We are told that his cell has an electric fan. He is protected by guards because people may wish to harm him. Why not just put him in solitary confinement? Why waste more taxpayers’ money on him?

Now is not the time to feel sorry for Najib. Did he feel sorry for the rakyat when he stole hundreds of millions of ringgit from them? There are strong rumors that Najib’s cell is being renovated to make him comfortable. Do the authorities think Najib’s stay should be treated like a trip to Disneyland?

What about the other prisoners? This is not equality if the same preferential treatment is not extended to other convicts. The rumors also talk about Najib being given a phone and WiFi. These should all be banned. Prison life is supposed to teach Najib a lesson for all his wrongdoings.

Najib committed some very serious crimes. He should be deprived of all the freedoms that a normal person enjoys. Many Malaysians compare Najib’s preferential treatment with that received by other inmates. Some did not receive medical help and sadly died in prison.

Conversely, Najib was rushed to Kuala Lumpur Hospital where he was immediately seen by the doctors. Even ordinary Malaysians take months just to receive specialist treatment! The prison service may claim that all prisoners are treated equally, but from what we read, it appears that Najib is more equal than everyone else. - Mariam Mokhtar

Penyamun Bagan Datuk is a real hypocrite...

a. The SGD$10,000 and SGD$1,000 Currency Notes of Singapore are still in circulation.
b. You only need 60 of the SGD$10,000 currency notes easily fit into A4 size envelops.
c. You only need 600 pieces of the SGD$1,000 currency notes easily fit into A4 size envelops.
d. There is no money trail.Look like cash is safe way. Cash is king...
e. Zahid terima cash DUIT HARAM dari tahun 2014 - 2018,masa tu masih ada note SGD $1000 

Wak,jangan dok syiok sangat...

Wayang jer...

Today the Prisons Department has confirmed that Najib is NOT in jail. The Prison's Department refers a KL High Court ruling dated 12 September 2022 that Najib be taken to a hospital for medical treatment. NINE days ago.

I say Tuan Ketua Pengarah Penjara, today is 21hb September 2022 lah. Nine days have gone by. In those nine days Najib has already been taken to this hospital and that hospital.  According to the Court order. The KLGH has already checked his condition and confirmed that Najib was in good health.

Now he is in Cheras Rehab Hospital. The question is how long will Najib be out of jail and at the Cheras Rehab Hospital? Is 12 years possible? Ok there is a lot of heat over this case. It is a matter of time before the PM Ismail Sabri has to put his foot down and step into this matter. 

The PM is in New York (or on the way, he did not inform me lah) for that UN General Assembly. Maybe he will have to sort this out when he gets back."Sort this out" means Najib has to go back to Kajang Prison. There are no two ways about this. 

Someone mentioned physiotherapy. For what? High blood pressure? Stomach ulcers? How can you treat stomach ulcers or high blood pressure with physiotherapy?  Google says :"People with hypertension should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic intensity exercise or 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity exercise. They can involve in activities such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc"

I walk about 30 minutes within an hour after food. Sometimes after breakfast, lunch and dinner ie three times a day. Slow and steady, no need to hurry. And I walk up and down the stairs. It helps with the blood pressure as well as lowers blood sugar levels.  So that is also physiotherapy. Just do it by yourself.  No need to go to Cheras Rehab Hospital to go for a walk.

But here is the real situation. As the video above says Najib has never had to sleep on a thin mattress on a hard bed and without air-conditioning even for one day in his life. Or poop into a toilet or some container inside his jail cell. This is obviously quite unbearable for Najib who is 69 years of age.

People want to see pigeon treated like other prisoners. Today, many people no longer believe in the statements of the Minister and the Department of Prisons unless they see genuine pictures of pigeon dressed in prison uniforms.But don't try to cheat with "photoshop" pictures because experts can  identify between original pictures and photoshop pictures!...

And this escapade about being admitted to the Cheras Rehab Hospital is going to cost UMNO and BN even more votes and loss of seats. The general public is fed up of hearing this Najib saga still not coming to a conclusion. Conclusion means lock him up inside the Kajang Prison and thats it.  UMNO is going to lose more votes.

As I said before Najib will not be able to make it through 12 long years inside jail. It has only been just over a month since his sentencing and already we are seeing all sorts of drama.My advice to Najib is JUST CHANGE YOUR PLEA. PLEAD GUILTY TO ALL THE CHARGES, INCLUDING THE JUST CONCLUDED SRC CHARGES.

Stop wasting your life, stop wasting the Court's time. Plead guilty to all the charges. Undertake to fully refund ALL the moneys that you have stolen. And your wife too. ALL THE MONEYS. 1MDB, SRC, L-S, O-V, Scor--ne, etc etc. Cooperate fully with the authorities. Fully divulge  all names of co-conspirators, what where when who why and how. The complete details. In exchange negotiate for a much reduced jail term and transfer to a nicer cell in a lower security jail (like the Taiping Jail).  Stay there for a few years and then go through the pardons process.  

Because here is the situation - UMNO is already inside the tong sampah. It will be a very long shot for UMNO to win better than 35 seats in GE15. Imagine UMNO is worse off after GE15 than they are now. When that happens, no one will care about Najib anymore. UMNO is already moving on beyond Najib. How many Ketua Bahagian are also travelling to New York? 

So do not be foolish again. It was your foolishness that got you messed up with 1MDB. It was your foolishness that messed up your defense strategy in Court and it was your foolishness that has got you crapping in a can in a jail cell. Stop being foolish. Just change your plea and plead guilty to all charges. Return ALL the moneys you stole. Divulge full information. Then negotiate something to make your life easier. - Syed Akbar Ali


21 September 2022

Merpati di sebalik jeriji besi...

Mat Sakau in Cheras Rehab...

It is hoped that this piece of information that is now trending on social media is untrue and can be immediately denied by the relevant authorities – that an instruction was issued over the weekend by both the Prime Minister and Health Minister to admit incarcerated ex-premier Najib Razak to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH).

The WhatsApp text in Malay “Merpati (Pigeon)” claimed that the instruction has sparked dismay and furore among civil servants of both the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital where Najib is currently being warded with their counterparts at the CRH.

“The instruction is adamant for admission to Cheras. But the crux of the matter is that there is no strong indication from KLGH for admission to the Cheras Rehab. The (KLGH) physio officer can do outpatient (treatment) 2-3 times weekly. No need for active physio,” read the WhatsApp text.

“And the Chreas Rehab Hospital also insisted that KLGH issued a referral letter for reasons behind admission to Cheras. But KLGH has no (solid) reason except minister’s instruction. Not appropriate to write that down, right?”

The text which listed events since Aug 23 when the Federal Court ordered Najib to commence his 12-year jail sentence at the Kajang Prison added:

“If written as minister’s instruction, the minister has to answer. (But) they are not going to bear responsibility. The issue now is KLGH is not keen to issue a referral letter but received instruction for transfer to the Cheras Rehab Hospital.

“All those who are involved (civil servants) are currently under tremendous pressure. But they dare not come forward.”

To sum up, the WhatsApp text listed down five likely motives/concerns on the proposed transfer of Najib to CRH:

1. Facilitating movement of family members, political secretary, outsiders to visit
2. Easier to meet visitors compared to a restricted prison environment.  
3. This could also facilitate political strategising;
4. The Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital provides VVIP facility;
5. Currently, the first class room is being used at KLGH

How will KLGH specialists answer if there is no (proper) reason to transfer “Pigeon” to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital? The onus now lies on the PM's Dept and the Health Ministry (MOH) to refute claims made by the WhatsApp text which is making its rounds nationwide. – Sept 19, 2022
Wonder if any other banduan given such benefits...

So the convicted criminal Najib is not in Kajang Prison? Can the Ketua Pengarah Penjara issue a statement and clarify? 

If Najib is in KLGH or at that Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH), my simple question is for exactly how long will Najib be kept in these medical facilities?  Is it posssible for Najib to be kept under medical care for the entire 12 years of his prison term? Can the Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan issue a statement and clarify?

As I have mentioned previously I recently went for open heart surgery and after the surgery I was kept in hospital for six days only. After that I was discharged and went home. That was open heart surgery where they split open your chest and rib cage (sometimes using a bone saw). Najib did not have open heart surgery. And I too take medication for blood pressure. 

May I repeat the question : Can Najib be kept in the hospitals and the rehab centers for the 12 years of his prison sentence? Or maybe until the General Elections?

The decision of the Federal Court said that Najib will be kept inside jail for 12 years. The Federal Court did not say that Najib will be kept in the hospitals and rehab centers for 12 years.  Someone has to answer for this. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Najib Abdul Razak’s liberal access to the outside world lends credibility to the allegation that the former premier, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence, has been accorded preferential treatment, alleged PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli.

He was referring to an anonymous message making rounds on social media, which referred to Najib with the codename "merpati" (pigeon).

Among others, the message alleged that Najib’s cell in the Kajang Prison complex has been renovated and there are plans to move him to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) to allow more access to visitors and VVIP facilities.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Rafizi said he was disinclined at first to comment on the matter since it concerned an anonymous message.

However, a posting on the former premier’s Facebook page yesterday taking a swipe at Rafizi announcing PKR's plans to engage undecided voters changed his mind.

"I'm confused now. The public is being told that Najib's health is not good but on the other hand, he seems to be doing fine and can even post messages on Facebook.

"Even if he says the posting was made by his Facebook page administrator, we know Najib shouldn't have any interaction with the outside world.

"So how did he pass the message to his Facebook administrator, let alone know what I said during the PKR machinery launch on Sunday?" he asked.

He added that if Najib does have access to the outside world, then it would be a mockery of the courts which imprisoned him for corruption.

PM and home minister must respond...

Rafizi (above) also said that it would corroborate the “merpati” rumours and therefore, urged the government not to remain tight-lipped on the matter.

"Najib does appear to have some access to the outside world, to follow developments and pass messages.

"If it is true that he will be relocated to the rehabilitation hospital, it indirectly confirms the viral message.

“This is a serious issue. The prime minister, home minister and government must respond," he added.

Malaysiakini has reached out to the Home Ministry, Prisons Department and Najib's representatives for comment.

Najib landed behind bars late last month after the Federal Court upheld his conviction in the RM42 million SRC International Sdn Bhd case. However, the Pekan MP was warded in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital last week after his health deteriorated. It is unclear if he is still undergoing treatment.

Anwar’s case was different...

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, during his imprisonment, had also issued media statements and spent the last six months of his incarceration in the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital due to a shoulder injury. Commenting on this, Rafizi said Anwar was kept abreast of developments and issued statements via his lawyers, verbally.

"For Anwar, there were thorough checks on materials brought in and out of prison, the authorities would check papers and lawyers’ notebooks, and did not allow any kind of material to be brought out of prison.

"So, there is a clear precedent for a high-profile politician in prison, and it should be consistent throughout," he said.

As for the PKR president being relocated to the rehabilitation hospital, Rafizi said Anwar spent several years in prison before being transferred and this was done due to legitimate medical reasons. “That is not the case for Najib if the allegations are true," he added. - mk

Meanwhile, Amanah vice-president Mahfuz Omar, who described himself as Najib Abdul Razak’s senior at Kajang prison, is also demanding answers from the government over an anonymous message claiming that the former premier has been accorded certain privileges. Calling on the authorities to treat all prisoners in the same manner, he said: “I was imprisoned in Kajang myself. I am more senior than Najib in Kajang but I did not get any special treatment.”

Mahfuz (below) said the public must know the truth if the government is spending taxpayers’ money on the former premier, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. “The government must explain the real situation and status,” 

The Amanah leader said if the allegations are true, the government must explain the rationale for forking out more money for Najib when there is no guarantee that the nation would recover the losses incurred in relation to the SRC International and 1MDB scandals even after the former premier is released.

Mahfuz was commenting on the message making rounds on social media, which referred to Najib with the codename "merpati" (pigeon). Among others, the message alleged that Najib’s prison cell has been renovated and there are plans to move him to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) to allow more access to visitors and VVIP facilities. Mahfuz also urged the Prisons Department to be transparent and not to conceal information related to the allegations. - mk

Just about a month in prison and the prison department has been turned to be very corrupted. They dare not defend the department with the many accusations. Najib wears a suit to go for court cases in a police escorted top range SUV. In this short time he has been taken for treatments and medicals check ups beating the long queues in government hospitals and not required to wear prison garbs and hand cuffs. Is this the new SOPs? - Mushiro

They all will deny it. We can't do anything unless we have photos and videos. You can see that Najib is doing all these in cunning ways.Now someone may make police report against Rafizi and this whole issue will be diverted. Instead Rafizi will be called to make statement. Later all will be forgotten but Najib will still be doing it. Land of endless possibilities! The only option we have is to CHANGE the current government in coming GE15. The head need to be changed! - Apanama is back

I'm curious to know if any prisoner has appeared in court in full suit with matching tie ? And this convict is treated the same way as every other prisoner? - Kajang prisoner

If Abdullah Ang can have his own VIP room and license to leave Kajang staycation anytime, what more Cash is King banduan di-Raja.. - My2cen

When you have a policeman kissing a convict's hand what else can you expect from the Prisons Dept. - Gen2

What to expect from a kleptocracy and corrupt govt? GE15 lets vote wisely. - Deep thought


19 September 2022

A 2018 replay may land Harapan in nightmare...

The jailing of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, which demonstrates the power of votes, has encouraged some to talk about a replay of Pakatan Harapan’s 2018 victory. Perhaps they believe this is the only way the coalition can “get out the votes”. If a replay of 2018 can excite Harapan voters, would it not also alarm Umno and PAS voters who want them to join forces, and turn the 15th general election (GE15) into an ethnic census?

Some opinion leaders even think Harapan can win in a showdown between multi-ethnic politics and Malay-Muslim nationalism, apparently because the two successive governments after Harapan have performed poorly.

What if BN or Perikatan Nasional (PN) gets more votes despite their “poor performance”? Many Harapan supporters would explain that such voters are living in rural areas (ignoring that 78 percent of Malaysia’s population live in urban areas) and are suffering from a digital divide (ignoring that 97 percent of Malaysians use the internet). It’s basically saying, in a polite way, that those who vote for BN or PN are stupid.

Multi-ethnic politics at best a plurality...

Thinking that multi-ethnic politics must prevail over Malay-Muslim nationalism is like thinking that healthy but boring food must prevail over oily or sweet junk food. Here are three cruel facts. 

First, like consumers, voters are not always rational. Most choose what makes them comfortable at the present, not what benefits them in the longer run. 

Second, multi-ethnic politics is more complex than boring healthy food. Why? Unlike politics, there is more or less what most nutritionists agree to be healthy food, but there is no ready consensus on what multiethnic politics should be. We can start with two big questions.

Should religion be made a completely private matter in which the government totally stays out of (secularism in the strictest sense)? Should ancestry - perhaps except for the indigenous peoples - be completely excluded from state policies on competition or affirmative actions (absolute colour-blindness in meritocracy or social justice)?

If the answers are “yes” for both questions, then this purist form of multi-ethnic politics may be supported by less than 20 percent of voters. (I can imagine not just Malays, but even Indians and Borneo natives objecting to pure meritocracy). Without a consensus on both the questions of state-religion relations and economic equality, the social coalition of voters in support of multi-ethnic politics espoused by Harapan is fluid and fragile.

Dangling shifts on these two questions in either direction can threaten to disintegrate the social coalition. That’s why Harapan Malay politicians are constantly challenged to take a pro-Malay-Muslim stand on hot potato issues involving ethnicity and religion.

Third, even when defined very loosely, such that what was offered by Harapan against Najib’s kleptocracy, multiethnic politics can command at best a plurality.

Many supporters of Harapan like to think or claim that majority voters voted in for a New Malaysia on May 9, 2018. If that was true, then that majority consisted of 48 percent Harapan supporters and 17 percent PAS supporters.

Alternatively, if they mean a New Malaysia defined in the Harapan mould, then its supporters constituted only a 48 percent plurality. That 48 percent is immediately a minority once BN’s 34 percent and PAS’ 17 percent join forces, as what Muafakat Nasional (MN) tried to achieve under a Harapan government.

Harapan’s limited options and tough choices...

Harapan has to accept this brutal reality that even a minimally defined multi-ethnic politics may win only a plurality. Here are how it limits Harapan’s options, leaving it with tough choices. If Harapan tries to water down its multi-ethnic politics to appeal to more Malay-Muslim voters, it will alienate enough minority/liberal voters who may cast protest votes or not vote at all.

This is one reason why “Big Tent” (where Harapan is concerned, it is getting back a Malay-nationalist party as an ally) would backfire, which PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli and his allies rightly reject.

On the other hand, if Harapan tries to win GE15 by again selling the 2018 promises, not only would it not be able to convince realist voters, but it may also terrify the Malay-Muslim nationalist constituencies to push Umno-PAS into their third alliance. (MN was the second alliance as the first happened in 1972-77, after May 13).

The best chance Harapan has in GE15 is to win as many seats as possible with its multi-ethnic base so that it may become the senior partner in the post-election coalition government with one of the two Malay-Muslim nationalist blocs and GPS. Harapan can still be the second partner in government if it wins the second-largest number of seats.

In either scenario, the Malay-Muslim partner that can arrest the Malay-Muslim fear is more likely BN instead of PN. And BN would also prefer Harapan over PN, with which it has more overlapping winnable constituencies.

Beyond acknowledging that GE15 would produce a hung Parliament that it cannot rule on its own, Harapan must show commitment – not just in its federal manifesto, but by implementation in Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan – that it would treat the opposition fairly.

Harapan sources say their voters need the talk of 2018 replay to be excited and come out to vote. Yes, that is the natural response when your base is still trapped in the winner-takes-all two-coalition game, as you have fed them with the “backdoor government” narrative for two and half years.

But it’s exactly the winner-takes-all mentality amongst Harapan voters that the Malay Unity movers need to bring Umno and PAS together. Keep talking about 2018 and Harapan may land itself in a nightmare. Don’t say you are not warned. - Wong Chin Huat

How will Malaysia’s youth vote at the coming polls?

Dear Nooryana Najwa...

When your father Najib Razak went to jail, he entered Kajang Prison as a common criminal and not as a courageous freedom fighter. But you still do not want to accept your father’s humiliating fall from power.

You continue to tug at the heartstrings of Malaysians with your sad portrayal of your mother Rosmah Mansor in great distress because your daddy is no more by her side. You paint a picture of a woman who appears to be lost as she wanders aimlessly in the empty house looking for solace because she misses dearly the “voice, laughter and cheerfulness” of her imprisoned husband.

But do you think you will melt our hearts with your inside story of a mother who cries into her pillow every night over her fallen darling and mourns her own miserable condition?

No, the people are not moved by the plight of your parents. No, the people are not buying your heart-rending depiction of a home gone dark and lonely where once it was full of joy and sunshine – fuelled no doubt by an abundance of money. No, your story cannot win you an army of sympathisers for your papa and mama.

Every time you pen your thoughts about your father and mother, you only annoy us more. In fact, you make us all angry over your stubborn refusal to recognise that the world has crumbled around your family.

To make your sob story more touching, you tell us how your poor mother is trying to figure out how to answer her grandson whenever he asks forlornly, “Where is Grandpa?” How on earth is she going to explain his grandpa’s long absence from home? She cannot tell the little boy his grandpa is very busy when Najib is now jobless.

She cannot spin a tall tale about his grandpa fighting some bad guys to right an injustice. And she certainly will not tell the truth about a crime that his grandfather had committed for which he was justly punished.

Your mother herself will be at her wit’s end to find a way to explain her own corruption case to the little boy. But your mother need not worry too much about what to tell her grandson. When he grows up, he will come to know all about the terrible deeds his grandparents perpetrated which brought so much shame and infamy to the country.

Nooryana Najwa, you yourself need not be demented with worry about the state of your mother’s health. Soon, your mummy might be reunited with your daddy if all her appeals against her conviction for bribery evaporate into thin air. If that happens, then once again laughter might fill the air as Rosmah could get to hear the cheerful voice of Najib – but this time behind prison walls.- Phlip Rodrigues