25 February 2010

Anwar loses review bid........

Anwar Ibrahim today lost his final legal challenge to procure key documents, including Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's DNA specimen sample, before the commencement of his sodomy trial.

The Federal Court three-member panel led by Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin also made a unprecedented decision that Rule 137 of the Rules of the Federal Court did not confer jurisdiction to the Federal Court to review its own
decision. The other two judges were Datuk Wira Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Datuk Heliliah Yusof.

Zulkefli said Anwar's case was unsuitable for review because issues raised by Anwar in the review application were duly considered and dealt with by the previous panel of the Federal Court.

Anwar had sought to review the Federal Court's earlier decision which rejected his appeal pertaining to procurement of the documents to assist him in the preparation of his defence in the sodomy case. On Jan 29, the Federal Court ruled that Anwar could only have access to documents and materials pertaining to the charge at the pre-trial stage.

Among the key documents sought was recorded witness statements of the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful, the examination notes of Dr Osman Abdul Hamid from Pusrawi Hospital, the statements by condominium owner Hassanuddin Abdul Hamid, and those of the three doctors from Kuala Lumpur Hospital (KLH), a chemist's notes and medical reports and CCTV footage of the condominium at that time.

The High Court allowed Anwar access to some documents sought by him but its decision was overturned by the appellate court which allowed the prosecution's appeal. Anwar, 63, is charged with sodomising Mohd Saiful, 24, his former aide, at a condominium in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur on June 26, 2008.

source:malaysian digest

Not suprising.....biasalah mahkamah 1Malaysia..........


24 February 2010

Among FP Top 100 Global Thinkers, Anwar ranks no.32 but where's Najib.......

From the brains behind Iran's Green Revolution to the economic Cassandra who actually did have a crystal ball, they had the big ideas that shaped our world in 2009. Read on to see the 100 minds that mattered most in the year that was......... and at no. 32 is........

32. Anwar Ibrahim

for challenging the Muslim world to embrace democracy.

Opposition leader People's Justice Party Malaysia

Two decades ago, it would have been impossible to imagine Anwar pulling together rural Malays, ethnic Indians and Chinese, and Islamists into a coherent political bloc. Back then, Anwar was deputy prime minister in a de facto single-party state that espoused preferential treatment for ethnic Malays. It was a policy that Anwar had pushed from his days as a youth leader right up until 1997, when he denounced his patron, then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, for corruption. He would spend the next six years in solitary confinement on trumped-up charges for that political betrayal. And he would leave jail in 2004 with a bold message for change in a country now at the forefront of the struggle for democracy in the Muslim world. Today, Anwar's political career is blossoming, despite a new, politically motivated indictment. Abroad, he has become an outspoken advocate of religious tolerance.

He sat down with Foreign Policy to talk about his big ideas:

On Muslim countries and the West: You can't just erase a period of imperialism and colonialism. You can't erase the fault lines, the bad policies, the failed policies, the war in Iraq, and support for dictators. That to me is the reality. But what is the problem? When you … apportion the blame only to the West or the United States. They want to deflect from the issue of repression, endemic corruption, and destruction of the institutions of governance.

On his time in prison: I spent a lot of time reading. I decided to focus on the great works and the classics. Friends from around the world were sending books, but it takes months for [the prison] to vet them. There came a book on the Green Revolution at that time. The officer said, "Anything revolution -- out!" even though it was about agriculture. But the books kept coming. The officers were not even graduates, and [the books] were in English. They would say, "Anwar, out of 10 books, can you send back one?" So I would select something I had already read or something I was not interested in and say, "We should reject this."

On politics: Of course, you simplify the arguments [for politics], but the central thesis remains constant. People say, "Anwar, you are opportunistic. How can you talk about Islam and the Quran here, and then you talk about Shakespeare and quote Jefferson or Edmund Burke?" I say, it depends on the audience. You can't talk about Edmund Burke in some remote village in Afghanistan. Then you go to Kuala Lumpur and you quote T.S. Eliot. If I quote the Quran all the time to a group of lawyers, [they will think] I am a mullah from somewhere!

Read here.

Woooit....PM Najib Razak is also a big thinker '1Malaysia' but is missing or not listed. Why?


23 February 2010

Guan Eng patut debat dengan Najib bukan Pemuda UMNO....

Tindakan Pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang dan Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia cawangan negeri itu (DPMMPP) yang menolak Debat Perdana Rakyat 2010 dianggap sebagai pengecut.

Sebaliknya kumpulan itu menuntut untuk hanya berdebat dengan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng berhubung isu dakwaan peminggiran orang Melayu-Islam.

Berita di dalam Astro Awani semalam, menunjukkan Pergerakan Pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang mengoyak surat cabaran debat yang dihantar oleh Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat.

Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat, Nasrudin Hasan mengecam tindakan tidak beradab Pergerakan Pemuda Umno apabila mengoyak surat cabaran debat mengenai isu penindasan orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang yang dihantar oleh Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat.

source:harakah daily

Orang semua tahu bahawa Pemuda UMNO ini hanya tahu menyalak macam anjing ketagihan dalam musimnya. Tapi bila dicabar, depa lari bertempiaran macam tikus mondok.

Kononnya Pemuda UMNO hanya mahu debat dengan Lim Guan Eng...ha!ha! pi tayang muka kat cermin dulu.

Lim Guan Eng hanya layak berdebat dengan Najib saja........


22 February 2010

What it takes to be a Pakatan leader........

Anwar Ibrahim outlined today features of the Pakatan Rakyat leader-profile he said distinguished the coalition from their counterparts in the ruling BN.

Speaking to a Chinese New Year gathering in the PKR-held state constituency of Batu Maung on Penang island, Anwar, looking weary from weeks of foreign and domestic travel, not to mention attendance at an energy-draining court case, did what he usually does when faced with a crowd ravening to hear his take on national affairs.

He did not disappoint a mixed-race audience of about 1,000 people who had come to attend the celebration hosted by Batu Maung state assemblyperson and executive councillor Abdul Malik Abul Kassim. He began by telling them that leaders in Pakatan must be clean and upright in financial dealings.

“They are not to ask for contracts for their family or friends, nor take land that does not belong to them.

“Integrity is their paramount quality. They may not be the most capable of leaders, but they must be clean,” said Anwar.

Alluding to the stature of Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Anwar said no one claimed that the PAS icon was the most able of leaders, but most people regarded his integrity as above reproach. Anwar said that after nearly 20 years as menteri besar, Nik Aziz was renowned as a state CEO whose integrity was legendary in an era when people of comparable position and longevity of tenure were steeped in corruption.

Anwar clarified that Pakatan did not place integrity above capability; only that integrity was absolutely vital towards distinguishing Pakatan leaders from BN ones because Pakatan is charged with the task of rescuing the country from the disaster that impends from continued BN rule.

Another quality Anwar cited as separating Pakatan leaders from BN ones was a disdain for stances on issues that would pit one race against another, or one religion against another.

“Take the 'Allah' issue. Pakatan leaders attempted to explain and lead people to an understanding of the issue so that peace prevailed among the ordinary rakyat who were not at all excited as some leaders had hoped they would be,” he said.

Anwar said a disposition towards the tranquil in a Pakatan leader came with a willingness to accept dissenting views on issues and a determination to find consensus.

“In Pakatan, we do not expect to agree all the time but we are willing to listen to dissenting views and see how we can accommodate them. We are not a chorus of yes-men as the rest of BN is to Umno,” he explained.

Moving on to the Umno-inspired attacks on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was on hand to welcome Anwar, the PKR supremo said that Lim was an example of a clean Pakatan leader who had it in him to become a leader for Malaysians of all races.

“We do not think that a Chinese, a Malay or an Indian Pakatan leader cannot be a leader for his own race, but while being so, he does not neglect the other races in the country, including the Iban and the Kadazan.

“No Pakatan leader is exclusively a leader of his own race. He is that and more,” said Anwar to the cheery understanding of the crowd.

Anwar then praised Batu Maung assemblyperson Abdul Malik as an example of a Pakatan leader who was hard working and solicitous towards all races.

“His work and his performance will ensure that Pakatan wins here again at the next election and with Penang as our mainstay we will take Putrajaya,” concluded Anwar to resounding applause. - Terence Netto



21 February 2010

YDP,MPPP baru - UMNO tak hendak demo kah........

Setiausaha Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP), Patahiyah Ismail dilantik sebagai Yang Dipertua (YDP) majlis itu berkuatkuasa 1 Mac ini.

Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng yang mengumumkan pelantikan itu hari ini berkata Patahiyah yang ketika ini memangku jawatan YDP majlis itu adalah wanita pertama di negara ini dilantik menerajui pihak berkuasa tempatan.

"Selepas persaraan Tan Cheng Chui sebagai YDP MPPP, Patahiyah dilantik memangku jawatan itu dan beliau telah menunjukkan prestasi memuaskan," katanya kepada pemberita di sini.

Tan, 54, memutuskan untuk bersara awal atas sebab kesihatan.

Patahiyah mengambil alih jawatan setiausaha MPPP pada Jun lepas selepas Tan, yang sebelum itu menyandang jawatan tersebut dilantik sebagai Yang Dipertua.

Beliau menyertai MPPP sebagai seorang arkitek di Jabatan Bangunan pada 1985.

source - BERNAMA

Helloooooo.....pendemo-pendemo UMNO totok termasuk Ibrahim Al-kataki dan Zaharin tak pi demo ramai-ramai menentang Lim Guan Eng yang chauvinis,anti-Melayu dan kuku besi kerana lantik Patahiyah sebagai YDP,MPPP.

Oooopss......sorry Patahiyah tu Melayu lah....Patahiyah bt Ismail.....


20 February 2010

Antara pangsapuri rakyat dengan 'istana' Toyo.......

Berpuluh-puluh tahun di bawah pemerintahan UMNO/BN di Selangor, keperluan rumah MB yang didahulukan, pembangunan rumah untuk rakyat diketepikan............

Dua tahun pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor, program pemulihan rumah terbengkalai berjaya diutamakan.........

Anwar Ibrahim menolak tanggapan sesetengah pihak peranannya sebagai penasihat ekonomi Selangor terjejas ekoran perbicaraan kes liwat beliau dengan melancarkan program pemulihan rumah terbengkalai di negeri itu di sini pagi ini.

Justeru, Penasihat PKR ini meneruskan urusannya seperti dengan menyerahkan kunci kepada pemilih rumah pangsapuri Taman Ukay Bistari di sini, projek yang sedang dibaik pulih dan sedang di pelbagai peringkat siap selepas lewat empat tahun. Program pemulihan projek-projek perumahan merupakan antara enam fokus diumumkan oleh kerajaan negeri tahun lalu untuk merangsang ekonomi negeri tahun lalu.

Anwar yang dilantik sebagai penasihat berkata kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor telah “mewarisi” sebanyak 141 projek terbengkalai daripada kerajaan negeri Barisan Nasional tetapi akan memulihkan demi kepentingan pembeli.

“Kerajaan terdahulu membuat pakatan dengan pemaju-pemaju berbanding (kepentingan) pembeli dan kini rumah-rumah ini tidak dibina,” katanya.

Beliau membidas kurangnya kemahuan politik pada Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan dan undang-undang tidak adil yang memihak para pemaju berbanding pembeli rumah.

source:malaysian insider


19 February 2010

Maruah UMNO nak ditebus melalui juboq Saiful......

Aku tak mau dikaitkan dengan 1Malaysia si Najib kerana aku tahu slogan itu tak bawa apa-apa makna. Seperti slogan Islam Hadari, slogan itu pun lambat laun akan tenggelam bersama-sama dengan tuannya nanti.

Apa hebatnya dengan 1Malaysia ini? Siang malam media massa serta stesyen TV pembodek dok ucap salam tak berhenti-henti, sampai bila dan untuk siapa?

Kata saja 1Malaysia tapi dari segi praktiknya UMNO masih amal pemerintahan berpuak-puak,perkauman yang begitu pekat. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

UMNO padat dengan rancangan rasisnya. Perkasa,Jasa,
Utusan Meloya,Ibrahim Ali,Reezal Marican adalah antara barua-barua UMNO yang dok menyalak pasal Melayu terpinggir. Di Pulau Pinang,UMNO kata orang Melayu terpinggir, tapi bukankah UMNO/BN pun pernah memerintah Pulau Pinang sejak merdeka sehingga 8 Mac 2008, nasib orang Melayu Pulau Pinang pun masih dok tepi pinggir juga?

Perkasa dan Jasa adalah badan-badan NGO yang ekstrem. Perkasa dengan ketuanan Melayunya , sedangkan Jasa dengan perjuangan Islamnya. Kedua-dua badan NGO ini diperkudahkan UMNO bagi menjayakan agendanya. Bukankah pendirian ekstrem badan-badan ini amat bertentangan dengan konsep 1Malaysia Najib?

Sejak UMNO menjadi porak peranda dalam PRU 8 Mac 2008, UMNO dah tenggelam punca dan memikirkan bagaimana UMNO yang gah lagi 'invincible', tiba kecundang? Dan, bila kuasa UMNO sudah berkurangan sejak 8 Mac 2008, barulah UMNO sedar bahawa betapa rapuhnya sokongan rakyat terhadap mereka,khususnya di kalangan orang-orang Melayu. Tindak tanduk UMNO yang kini menggunakan isu kelemahan orang Melayu membuat bangsa asing lebih meluat.

Kehancuran UMNO bermula, bila Mahathir selaku presiden UMNO tendang Anwar keluar daripada UMNO atas alasan kononnya kes sodomi dan rasuah. Walhal,pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO itulah merupakan penyamun-penyamun yang besar lagi tersohor,
terlepas begitu saja. Malah Mahathir telah memperkudakan Polis,Jabatan Peguam Negara dan Kehakiman nagi melengkapi agenda UMNO. Kes Anwar adalah contoh terbaik perancangan jahat UMNO.

Bagi UMNO rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa bukanlah isu penting, yang penting bagi mereka adalah bagaimana hendak menutup mulut Anwar. Kisah seorang stepol Menteri Kanan ditanggap kerana memilikki jutaaan ringgit dalam simpanannya tidak menghairankan UMNO, kerana itu sudah menjadi budayanya. Sepatutnya, Menteri Kanan itu juga harus ditahan,tapi dalam 1Malaysia hanya ikan bilis saja yang tertangguk sedangkan jerung terlepas keriangan.

Setelah Anwar dibebaskan,dan merupakan ikon utama dalam menjatuhkan beberapa buah kerajaan kepada pembangkang dan juga tewasnya ramai tokoh-tokoh UMNO dalam PRU 8 Mac 2008,maka mahu tak mahu UMNO terpaksa akur akan kehebatan Anwar.Anwar dipersalahkan kerana nasib malang yang diterima oleh UMNO. Satu demi satu pilihanraya kecil yang diadakan sepanjang 2008 dan 2009, UMNO/BN tumbang macam cip domino.

Mahu tak mahu UMNO terpaksa merancang sesuatu untuk menyekat kemaraan Anwar. Nak tuduh Anwar rasuah,tak ada bukti pun.

Jadi timbul idea sequel sodomi,digelar "Sodomi II" yang dibintangi oleh seorang pelakon baru tapi penulis skrip,producer dan suteradaranya adalah orang yang sama. Jalan cerita kali ini pun tak ubah seperti dalam Sodomi I.

Aku rasa jijik sekali memikirkan betapa UMNO sanggup untuk membuat ulang tayang cerita yang sama. Tak pernahkah UMNO belajar daripada kesan kes Sodomi I? Malah kali ini,semakin ramai rakyat Malaysia melihat kes sodomi II sebagai satu fitnah UMNO terhadap Anwar demi untuk mematikan karier politik beliau.

Apakah UMNO semata-mata bergantung kepada lubang juboq si Saiful untuk menggembalikan maruah kegemilangan orang Melayu dan UMNO dulu,kini dan selama-lamanya?

Hari ini orang-orang Melayu tak sebodoh UMNO lagi..........

Sementara itu, kes sodomi II,the sequel, ditangguh lebih daripada 1 bulan bukan atas permintaan pasukan peguam Anwar tapi atas permintaan pihak pendakwa. Pasai apa tiba-tiba pihak pendakwa berbuat demikian?

Aku pikiaq, mungkin pendakwa perlukan masa yang lebih untuk melatih Saiful daripada dibaham oleh "Singa Jelutong" nanti dan disamping itu membuat beberapa pindaan kepada skrip asal.........

Aku cintakan 'Malaysia' TAPI BUKAN '1Malaysia'.............


18 February 2010

Sodomi II, the sequel,tangguh ke 25 Mac.........

Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini memutuskan hakim Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah tidak perlu mengundurkan dirinya daripada membicarakan kes liwat membabitkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Menurut Mohamad Zabidin, beliau tidak akan mengundurkan diri kerana tiada bukti yang menunjukkan beliau menipu seperti yang didakwa oleh pihak peguam bela.

"Tiada sebab bagi saya melucutkan diri kerana dengan berbuat demikian akan dilihat sebagai melarikan diri daripada tanggung jawab dan amanah saya sebagai hakim," katanya.

Anwar membuat permohonan itu setelah mendakwa hakim berkenaan berat sebelah dan menipu kerana gagal bertindak ke atas akhbar Utusan Malaysia berhubung laporan perbicaraannya.

Perbicaraan kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ditangguh ke 25 Mac sementara menunggu rayuan beliau terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi menolak permohonannya supaya Hakim Mohamad Zabidin Mohd. Diah menarik diri daripada mendengar prosiding tersebut.

Read here.


17 February 2010

Kes Qazaf ditangguh............

Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan tetapkan 10 Mac untuk mendengar hujah tiga responden dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung permohonan ketua umum PKR itu untuk mendakwa bekas pembantunya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan atas kesalahan qazaf atau tuduhan palsu berhubung kes liwat yang dihadapinya.

Hakim Mohd Shukor Sabudin menetapkan demikian selepas mendengar hujah peguam kedua belah pihak di mahkamah pagi ini. Keputusan penangguhan tersebut dibuat kerana peguam Anwar memerlukan masa untuk menjawab afidavit tiga responden tersebut.

Tiga responden yang dinamakan dalam permohonannya Anwar ialah ketua pendakwa syarie, Shamsuddin Hussain; pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Che Mat Che Ali dan menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom.


Anwar - maaf kerana pilih calon-calon mangkok hanyut..........

Anwar Ibrahim hari ini mengakui beliau salah memilih beberapa calon bagi mewakili parti itu untuk bertanding pada pilihan raya umum yang lepas.

“Calon bagi kerusi Parlimen saya yang pilih. Ketika itu PKR masih baru. Jadi kita terpaksa angkat (mereka),” katanya ketika berucap pada majlis sambutan Tahun Baru Cina anjuran PKR, di sini hari ini.

Anwar yang juga Ketua Pembangkang berkata, PKR akan lebih berhati-hati bagi memastikan calon yang dipilih untuk bertanding pada pilihan raya umum akan datang tidak goyang, tetapi kuat dan bersih.

Minggu lepas, bekas Pengerusi PKR Pulau Pinang yang juga Anggota Parlimen Bayan Baru, Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim mengisytiharkan keluar dari PKR dan menjadi Anggota Parlimen bebas.- Bernama

Faced with mounting criticism over Pakatan Rakyat's candidate choices, its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has eaten humble pie and apologised for making a string of poor decisions in selecting certain candidates in the last general elections. Saying he is taking responsibility for the bad calls, a solemn-looking Anwar told a stunned crowd of over 1,000: "I’m sorry… It’s my fault."

"Why do I say sorry?… It’s my fault that certain candidates that I had chosen for the general elections in 2008 were not strong," the Parliamentary Opposition leader and Permatang Pauh MP said at the State PKR Chinese New Year open house at the Rifle Range flats here today.

"From now on, I will make sure that for someone to qualify as a candidate, that person must first be tested, and confirmed fit and capable," he said.

Anwar’s comments were made in the wake of Bayan Baru MP and former Penang PKR chief Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim's quitting the party to become an independent.

Zahrain’s departure was the latest among a number of other resignations by PKR elected representatives since March 2008. Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Jailu also left PKR in Feb last year. Their decision to become Barisan Nasional-friendly independents helped Barisan Nasional take over the silver state. Lunas state assemblyman and Kedah executive councillor Mohd Radzhi Salleh also resigned from PKR in August last year. He has since been sacked from the executive councillor's post.

Speculations are now rife that Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin and Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, who have both been critical of the Pakatan Rakyat leadership this year, are next in line to leave PKR.

Anwar in his speech urged the people to support leaders regardless of their racial backgrounds, as long as they were clean and firm in their efforts to serve the masses.

"If (Penang Chief Minister) Lim Guan Eng was weak, he would have been shaken by the recent demonstrations against him," he said. "I am proud that Lim is strong in his stand and continues to fight for the rakyat," he added.

Anwar added that US secretary of state Hilary Clinton and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had met with him recently, and that they were aware of his political situation in Malaysia and his human rights agenda. He likened Pakatan Rakyat’s fate to a Chinese legend of a monk and his followers in a westward journey to the Indian sub-continent which was fraught with obstacles, but which eventually succeeded.

"Similarly, Pakatan Rakyat is on a mission with obstacles and hindrances, and the goal is to take over Putrajaya in the coming general elections," he added.- theSun


14 February 2010

To Malaysian Chinese.......

Warm Wishes for The Year of Tiger & A Happy Chinese New Year

May this year of the tiger bring you much prosperity, joy and happiness.........

Untuk teman-teman Kaum Tionhua........

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina 2010


13 February 2010

Dulu kesnya sodomi dan korupsi kini sodomi tanpa penetrasi......

Bekas pelapor khas Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB), Datuk Param Cumaraswam berkata, mengikut standard antarabangsa, perbicaraan kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim adalah yang paling tidak adil.Param (kanan) yang juga salah seorang peguam Anwar berkata, keengganan pihak pendakwaraya untuk memberi senarai saksi dan bukti kepada mereka, amat sangat dikesali.

"Ianya bercanggah dengan prinsip yang terima dalam keadilan sejagat," katanya.Param berkata, taktik yang digunakan oleh pihak pendakwaraya itu, dalam perbicaraan kes ini, harus dihentikan.

Karpal Singh, seorang lagi peguam Anwar, bersetuju bahawa perjalanan perbicaraan kes liwat Anwar adalah tidak adil kerana walaupun sudah seminggu berlalu, pihak peguambela masih belum memperolehi senarai saksi.

"Mengapa pendakwaraya merahsiakan senarai saksi? Pihak peguambela perlu tahu siapakah saksi-saksi.

"Sepanjang 40 tahun menjadi peguam, ini adalah kali pertama di mana senarai (saksi) tidak diberikan oleh pihak pendakwaraya," kata Karpal (kiri).

Seorang lagi peguam, Sankara Nair berkata dokumen-dokumen harus disediakan awal bagi mengelakkan penangguhan untuk pihak peguambela mendapatkan pandangan pakar.

"Sehingga hari ini, kami dihalang memperolehi lebih banyak bukti walaupun hakim (Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah), telah mengarahkan pihak pendakwa berbuat demikian," katanya.

Pada 16 Julai lalu, Hakim Mohamad Zabidin mengarahkan pendakwaraya menyerahkan kepada pihak peguambela, senarai saksi, bukti, rakaman CCTV dan laporan perubatan berhubung kes tersebut.

Bagaimanapun, keputusan itu dibatalkan selepas pihak pendakwaraya mengemukakan rayuan. Selepas itu, Mahkamah Persekutuan juga menolak rayuan Anwar.


Cuba namakan sebuah negara di mana kes sodomi atau rogol tanpa penetrasi diteruskan perbicaraannya, kecuali di 1Malaysia.......pasai sistem kehakiman 1Malaysia kita world class bottom up...


12 February 2010

Police - why waste time on RPK,there are more important things to do.......

A 41-year-old former aide to PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has come forward here to provide police with information to assist them in investigations to trace the whereabouts of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin. Anuar Shaari, a former Finance Ministry officer who worked for Anwar between 1996 and 1998, arrived at the Melaka Tengah district police station at about 10am on Thursday and spend about 30 minutes with Melaka Tengah OCPD ACP Salehhudin Abd Rahman to pass on the information.

“I gave him details and a written description including a photograph of Pakistani-born American Aasil Kazi Ahmad who may be able to provide information on the whereabaouts of Raja Petra," he told reporters here.

Anuar, who currently runs a business here Ayer Keroh, said he came forward with the information following the advice of the police in connection to a press conference he held in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 6 regarding the matter.

“I urge the authorities, in particular the police, to track Aasil’s whereabouts and movements to get him to assist investigations,” he said.

“Both men (Aasil and Raja Petra) are very close and share similar expertise as media strategists,” he said, adding that Aasil is based in Washington but has been making frequent trips to Malaysia since 2004.

He added that Aasil, who works for a politician and acts as a consultant for a local organisation, was often seen in Kuala Lumpur. He also said he informed police that Dr Munawar Anees, Anwar’s former speech writer, also shared a close bond with Aasil and may be able to shed light on his whereabouts.

As why he decided to come forward now, Anuar said he was merely passing on information to assist police in locating Raja Petra. When met later, Salehhudin confirmed the meeting with Anuar, adding that the information provided by him would be passed to his counterparts in Bukit Aman.

Raja Petra is wanted for failing to appear in court on two occasions last year over a sedition charge. He is accused of defaming the Prime Ministers wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, in an article on his website.

source:the Star

Wouldnt it be better if the police locate and capture Norin Jasmin's murderer rather than finding Raja Petra!! After all Raja Petra's only fault was to pass some nasty comments on Najib and Rosmah. So what's great about Najib dan Rosmah............


10 February 2010

Ku Li - Nizar Masih MB Perak...........

Datuk Seri Ir Haji Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin masih lagi menjadi Menteri Besar Perak sehinggalah beliau meletakkan jawatan atas kerelaannya sendiri, atau disingkirkan melalui usul undi tidak percaya pada persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri, kata Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

“Usul pada Dun sahaja yang boleh menyingkirkan Nizar daripada jawatan itu, selain itu tak kiralah berapa banyak majlis angkat sumpah, lompat melompat, sidang akhbar dan perisytiharan, atau apa jua iklan, paparan, sogokan atau tindakan dibuat ke atas persoalan ini tidak terpakai,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan akhbar hari ini.

“Perlembahaan tiada memperuntukkan kuasa untuk menyingkirkan Nizar dengan apa cara sekalipun, termasuk petisyen atau arahan daripada sesiapa juapun.”

Beliau juga berkata, sebuah kerajaan yang sah daripada segi perlembagaan adalah yang diberi mandat oleh rakyat dan hanya mandat itu yang menentukannya. Mandat rakyat kerana kerajaan yang ditubuhkan adalah berasaskan perlembagaan, yang mana ia dipilih melalui pilihan raya yang adil dan saksama.

“Untuk menguji mandat berkenaan maka kerajaan yang memerintah, mesti sama ada menyerahkan kembali kepada rakyat untuk menentukannya melalui pilihan raya negeri ataupun melalui usul undi tidak percaya pada persidangan dewan undangan negeri,’ kata Tengku Razaleigh.

Beliau berkata, untuk menyingkirkan dan menubuhkan kerajaan baru dengan kaedah ataupun cara selain itu adalah bererti melanggar Perlembagaan, melanggari undang-undang dan risiko menubuhkan sebuah kerajaan haram.

source:Perak Daily

Nizar said, "Zambry is still on shaky political ground as he has to dance to their tune, whims, fancies and demands of the three 'frogs' if he wants to continue as the head of the state till the next state elections," said ousted Pakatan menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

"The best option for him is to call for fresh by-elections in these three constituencies (of the assemblypersons who switched camps - Jelapang, Changkat Jering and Behrang) to strengthen his political hold on administrating the state,"

Jadi the 'real kingmakers' dalam kerajaan Zambry adalah 3 ekor katak. Tanpa sokongan 3 ekor katak, gomen Zambry adalah goyah. Kini Zambry ibarat 'zombie' yang dikawal oleh 3 ekor katak berkenaan. BN kata sekarang rakyat dah beri sokongan kepadanya. Jadi nak takut apa? Apa yang berlaku kelmarin adalah proses mengesahkan kerajaan haram jadi halal.

Kalau Zambry berani, bubar saja DUN Perak dan biar mahkamah rakyat pula buat pengadilan. Sekadar menjadi MB yang dihalalkan oleh mahkamah saja, agak kurang sikit nilainya..............


09 February 2010

Zambry dapat sokongan 31 daripada 59 ahli DUN tapi sokongan rakyat cam mana.......

Zamry mungkin mendapat sokongan 31 daripada 59 ahli DUN, namun adakah Zamry menerima sokongan padu seluruh rakyat Perak?

Bukankah lebih baik menjadi MB pilihan rakyat daripada menjadi MB pilihan mahkamah. Kalau Zamry pikiaq bahawa dia popular, bubar DUN dan biar rakyat Perak tentukan secara adil.

Pikiaq-pikiaq mai...........


Zambry is rightful MB says Federal Court..........

Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir retains the Perak mentri besar's post after the Federal Court here today declared his appointment by Sultan Azlan Shah as constitutional.

A five-man bench led by Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Sheriff unanimously ruled that the sultan had exercised his royal power to appoint Zambry to succeed his opponent from Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, after he was satisfied that the latter no longer commanded the majority vote of the state legislative assembly.

Alauddin sat with Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Arifin Zakaria and Federal Court judges Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin, Datuk Wira Ghazali Mohd Yusof and Datuk Abdull Hamid Embong.

Justice Arifin read out the judgment.

This was the final step in the appeal by Mohammad Nizar in his attempt to reclaim the post of menteri besar. Nevertheless, the losing party in a court case can apply to the Federal Court to review its own ruling under Rule 137 of the Rules of the Federal Court to challenge the constitutional points.

The five-man bench had deferred its judgment on Nov 5 last year after having heard submissions in the appeal from counsel representing both Mohammad Nizar and Zambry.

The conflict over who the rightful mentri besar is arose last year after three Pakatan representatives quit their parties to become independent state assemblymen, leaving Pakatan and the BN with 28 assemblymen each in the 59-seat Perak legislative assembly.

They are Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering), who resigned from PKR on Jan 30, and DAP assemblyman Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) who followed in their footsteps four days later. All of them declared themselves BN-friendly independents.

The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, then asked Mohammad Nizar, who is Pasir Panjang assemblyman, to step down as menteri besar and swore in Dr Zambry in February last year after declaring that the BN had the majority in the state assembly.

Mohammad Nizar initiated legal proceedings on Feb 13 last year, seeking a declaration that he is the rightful mentri besar of Perak and an injunction to bar Dr Zambry from discharging his duties as the mentri besar.

On May 11 last year, the High Court reinstated Mohammad Nizar as the legitimate menteri besar but the Court of Appeal reversed that decision and declared Dr Zambry's appointment as Perak menteri besar constitutional.


What more can be said......this ruling means rulers can dismiss their MB anytime, anywhere. A sad day for 1Malaysia........


MB Perak yang sah ialah...........

Menjelang tengah hari nanti, kita akan tahu siapakah MB Perak yang sah........

Sama ada


Kalau Zamry menang, Zamry tidak akan bubar DUN Perak. Sebaliknya jikalau Nizar menang, Nizar berjanji akan bubar DUN Perak dan adakan pilihanraya,supaya rakyat Perak tentukan siapa mereka mahu mentadbir negeri tersebut.

Apa yang dibimbangkan ialah, kalau Nizar menang,gomen Najib mungkin isytihar darurat seperti apa yang berlaku kepada KM Sarawak Stephen Kalong Ningkan pada tahun 1966. Bila mahkamah tinggi kembalikkan kuasa KM semula kepada Stephen Kalong Ningkan, gomen pusat isytihar darurat dan 'suspend' perlembagaan negeri.

Harap peristiwa berikut tak berulang di Perak. Sama-sama kita tunggu dan lihat........


08 February 2010

Sodomy trial adjourned to tomorrow.........

The Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial was adjourned to tomorrow after lead defence counsel Karpal Singh applied to disqualify presiding High Court judge Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah, citing dissatisfaction with the way the court has dealt with Utusan Malaysia’s coverage of the case.

Karpal made the application at the start of Day 4 of the trial in which the 62-year-old Opposition Leader is accused of sodomising Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan at the Desa Damansara Condominium on June 26, 2008. Anwar has denied the charge, the second time in 12 years he has faced similar charges.

In filing his application, Karpal said it was based on dissatisfaction over how the judge deal with the Utusan Malaysia coverage which “brings to surface an element of danger on the part of the learned trial judge.”

According to the affidavit, Utusan had on February 4 published on its front page an article under the heading “Tak rela diliwat lagi” with the photograph of Anwar and Saiful on either side. On page 3 of, the newspaper also wrote “Berhenti kerana tidak mahu diliwat lagi.”

On the next day, Utusan also carried a photograph captioned “Mohd Saiful menunjukkan katil di bilik tidur utama tempat beliau mendakwa diliwat Anwar Ibrahim kepada Hakim Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah ketika melawat kondominium tempat kesalahan itu dilakukan...” (Mohd Saiful shows the judge the bed in the master bedroom where he was alleged to have been sodomised by Anwar.”

Karpal had applied to court to cite Utusan for contempt of court as he argued that what was published on Feb 4 was tantamount to contempt of court.However, Zabidin had dismissed Karpal’s application on the grounds that “the said reports were not carried with the intention of being mischievious and to disrupt trial proceedings when clearly there was no evidence on affidavit or otherwise to show such intention or mischief by Utusan Malaysia.”

Similarly the judge had with regards to the Feb 5 coverage by Utusan declined to caution the newspaper despite the defence’s contention that the news report was misleading. Zabidin’s basis of reasoning was that the publication of the picture as evidence regarding the bed had been given in open court the previous day, which Karpal argues did not actually occur.

source:malaysian insider

Perbicaraan kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur yang masuk hari keempat hari ini ditangguhkan ke pagi esok ekoran permohonan peguamnya, Karpal Singh supaya Hakim Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Md Diah yang mendengar kes itu dilucutkan.

Ini kerana pihak peguam tidak berpuas hati dengan cara hakim mengendalikan permohonan mereka terhadap bantahan berhubung liputan Utusan Malaysia supaya diambil tindakan menghina mahkamah.

Pada 4 Februari lalu, Anwar mengecam laporan akhbar berkenaan pada hari itu yang disifatkan sebagai kotor, biadab dan jijik.

Menurutnya, laporan Utusan muka depan hari ini bertajuk "Tak rela diliwat lagi" sebagai memetik kenyataan Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan adalah cubaan fitnah kerana tiada dalam rekod mahkamah sepanjang perbicaraan semalam.

Karpal pula memohon mahkamah mengenakan perintah menghina mahkamah terhadap akhbar tersebut.

Katanya, laporan itu dibuat dengan niat jahat kerana apa yang tiada dalam prosiding perbicaraan kes liwat itu dilaporkan dalam artikel berkenaan.(Harakahdaily).

Rata-rata tahu bahawa akhbar Utusan ini memang anti pembangkang dan laporan-laporannya memang berat sebelah. Ianya sesuai untuk digunakan untuk lap juboq Saiful saja........


07 February 2010

TG.Nik Aziz offered dicussion on religion only, but not.......

On Thursday, Kelantan MB Tuan Guru Nik Aziz had suggested discussions with arch rival Umno after attending a seminar on the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

"I want discussions on Islam between PAS and Umno. Fifty years of quarrelling - what's the benefit? Umno has wasted a lot of time, expertise and funds fighting Islamist movements like PAS. Nothing achieved except endless quarreling," Nik Aziz had said.

His comments were immediately seized on by the Umno-BN media as meaning that PAS was now ready to dump its Pakatan Rakyat partners DAP and PKR to set up a unity government with Umno.

But this what the Star reported........

On Thursday, PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had asked Umno to sit down with them to end the animosity between the two Malay parties. He urged Umno leaders to think about the need for the two political parties to discuss matters related to religion.

In Kota Baru yesterday, Nik Aziz set down a prerequisite for the proposed unity talks. He said he wanted to discuss why Umno had rejected Islam and why it was fighting with PAS.

“If Umno is willing to discuss or debate these two issues, I am willing to meet them any time and anywhere.

This was Najib's response.......

Najib Tun Razak said he would wait for PAS to state a concrete position on unity talks before responding to the latest offer to end the animosity between the two parties. Expressing caution because of the inconsistency PAS has shown on holding talks on Malay unity, Najib said yesterday: “I don’t know what their real position is on this; their stand on the matter changes constantly just like the weather.

“There were times they agree, then they disagree and later they say the issue is closed.

source: the Star

Pokoknya orang kata lain,media gomen buat laporan lain pula dan si Najib ni pun tak nak siasat betul kah media gomennya itu buat laporan atau sekadar pandai memutar belit keadaan saja.

Kalau macam ini punya standard media gomen dok putaq belit,lebih baik PAS jangan adakan sebarang pertemuan kerana apa saja yang dihasilkan daripada pertemuan itu juga akan diputaq belit oleh UMNO dan pengampu-pengampunya......

Baca di sini.


06 February 2010

With or without Anwar,Pakatan will soldier on........

Pakatan Rakyat will continue to grow in strength even if its supremo Anwar Ibrahim is found guilty of alleged sodomy and imprisoned.This is the message that Anwar put across in his brief speech to some 2,000 people who attended the first anniversary of Barisan Nasional's political coup in Perak programme organised by Pakatan in Air Tawar last night.

Anwar believes that Umno is under the wrong impression that by removing him from the political arena, Pakatan will collapse.

The opposition leader, who claims that the sodomy charge is a political conspiracy by his rivals, noted that he is facing an uphill battle.

"Insya-Allah (God willing), we hope to win this case as we have a strong legal team headed by Karpal Singh.

"However, if I am in (jail) or out (freed), it does not make a difference to the political struggle of Pakatan which will continue," he said to thunderous applause.

The heavy police presence outside did not deter the crowd from cramming the hall to hear the speeches of several Pakatan leaders such as DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang and ousted Perak menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

In his speech, Nizar said he will seek the consent of the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly to hold a fresh polls if the court rules in his favour. Nizar also expects BN Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir to do the same.

However, Zambry has told the media previously that he will not be pressured by Pakatan to hold a snap polls.

Read here,here and here.


UMNO tak pernah dan tak akan belajar daripada kesilapan lampaunya,walaupun pimpinannya bertukar ganti. Ini adalah kerana UMNO wujud untuk memperkayakan segelintir pemimpinnya tanpa memikir masalah rakyat jelata.

Betul UMNO cakap ia banyak bantu rakyat tapi cara bantuannya ialah UMNO luluskan projek RM 1 juta untuk rakyat tapi di sebaliknya balun RM 100 juta untuknya......projek wang ehsan di Terengganu,PKFZ adalah diantara contoh yang ada di depan mata saudara.

Tanyalah mana-mana anak muda,apakah faedah masuk UMNO? Jawapan pertama yang anda akan dapat ialah.....projek,tender dan berapa % boleh aku kaut...........


04 February 2010

Bukankah Pendakwa Raya selalunya mohon perbicaraan secara tertutup....

Perbicaraan kes liwat melibatkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim masuk hari kedua hari ini dengan pengadu, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, memberi keterangannya secara tertutup di Mahkamah Tinggi di Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar memasuki mahkamah pada 10.02 pagi and perbicaraan bermula pada 10.30 pagi.Seorang daripada peguam Anwar, Ramkarpal Singh Deo, berkata Saiful memberikan keterangan dalam pemeriksaan utama oleh Peguamcara Negara II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, yang mengetuai pasukan pendakwaan.

Saiful, 25, bekas pembantu peribadi Anwar, adalah saksi pertama yang memberi keterangan apabila kes itu bermula semalam di hadapan Hakim Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah.


Lazimnya dalam kes-kes rogol,pihak pendakwa akan memohon kepada hakim agar keterangan mangsa dibuat secara tertutup. Tapi, dalam kes sodomi II ini,peguam tertuduh pula minta supaya keterangan mangsa dibuat secara tertutup.

Jelaslah,kadar mahkamah mengator agar kes ini dibicara secepat mungkin serta menolak segala permohonan Anwar bagi mendapatkan bukti-bukti lanjut adalah satu helah pendakwa yang menerima arahan daripada UMNO bagi memalukan ketua pembangkang ini seperti mana yang dilakukan dalam kes sodomi I dulu.

Soalnya apakah perbicaraan liwat adalah benar atau semata-mata sebagai satu 'show-case' bagi menjatuhkan imej Anwar? Mungkin tak lama lagi pilihanraya bagi DUN Perak akan diadakan dan ini adalah 'prelude' untuk UMNO menjatuhkan Pakatan Rakyat?

Sama-sama kita tunggu dan lihat.......

Meanwhile,although Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial entered its second day today, the defence team has yet to obtain the witness list from the prosecution. Normally, in a criminal trial the witness list is given latest by the first day of the trial.

Even in civil cases, the witness list is normally prepared or agreed before the matter goes to trial. One of Anwar's lawyers, Sankara Nair said they will file an application on Monday at the High Court, should they fail to get the witness list tomorrow.

"The prosecution is not playing the trial on a level field as they are not even supplying the witness list to us. The Federal Court in rejecting our appeal, has said the witness list can be given upon the commencement of the trial.

"Now the trial has commenced for two days, and we have yet to receive the witness list. We need the list to prepare our case," he said.

"With the list being held by the prosecution, it will be like a trial or prosecution by ambush," he told reporters outside the Jalan Duta court complex.

On July 16, trial judge Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah had ruled and instructed the prosecution to hand over documents and evidence including the witness list to the prosecution, in line with provisions under section 51 and section 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code. However, the decision was quashed by the appellate court and the Federal Court on Jan 29 dismissed Anwar's appeal last week when it ruled there will be no extra evidence to be given to the defence before the trial including the witness list.

And here what Ku Li got to say.........


03 February 2010

Saiful mula penglipor laranya...........

Pihak pendakwaan akan mengemukakan keterangan bahawa kesan sperma daripada spesimen yang diambil dari dubur Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan yang telah disahkan oleh Jabatan Kimia bagi membuktikan membuktikan Saiful diliwat.

DNA bukanlah satu-satunya bukti yang boleh mengesahkan berlakunya hubungan sex. Bukti DNA boleh dicipta dengan mengubah palitan dari satu tubuh ke tubuh lain. Mungkin mereka ambil sampel rambut Anwar dan letak kat bontot Saiful atau ambil air liur daripada gelas minumannya dan calit kat punggung Saiful.....macam-macam cara ada.........

Saiful mendakwa diliwat pada 26 Jun 2008 (Khamis) dan dua hari kemundian pada 28 Jun 2008 (Sabtu) barulah Saiful pergi jumpa pegawai perubatan bagi memeriksa punggungnya.

Mengikut kata pendakwa raya mereka akan buktikan tusukan melalui kesan sperma pada bontot Saiful.

Persoalannya apakah setelah dua hari berlaku kejadian liwat sperma boleh dikesan? Ini bererti selama dua hari Saiful tidak membuang air besar kah?

Jika Saiful membuang air besar dan membasuh punggungnya, bagaimana kesan sperma masih ada di punggungnya?

Ini bererti selama dua hari berturut-turut Saiful tidak menunaikan solat yang wajib. Mungkin Saiful ini jenis berak tak basuh punggung, pakai palit dengan kertas kot...........

Baca di sini dan sini.


Kalu Zambry ingat dia popular bubar DUN Perak......

Menteri Besar Perak Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir hari ini mencabar bekas menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin dan 27 lagi wakil rakyat pembangkang mengosongkan kerusi mereka bagi membolehkan pilihan raya kecil diadakan di 28 kerusi DUN pembangkang di Perak.

Beliau berkata Mohammad Nizar dan wakil rakyat pembangkang berkenaan tidak perlu teragak-agak untuk mengosongkan kerusi DUN masing-masing sekiranya mereka benar-benar yakin bahawa sebahagian besar rakyat Perak teguh menyokong pembangkang.

"Kalau pembangkang rasa mereka popular sekarang, bubarlah 28 kerusi mereka. Kita tengok sama ada mereka dapat semula 28 kerusi DUN ataupun tidak (pada pilihan raya kecil),"


Betul kata orang Perak bahawa MB Zambry ini memang bangang.

Kalau 28 orang Adun Pakatan Rakyat tersebut letak jawatan sebagai wakil rakyat di Adun masing,sudah tentu mereka tak boleh bertanding lagi kerana,Perkara 46(6) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyebut,sekiranya seseorang wakil rakyat sama ada kerusi Adun atau Parlimen,beliau dengan sendirinya akan dihalang untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya selama lima tahun, (Article 46(6) of the federal constitution to read that, if an elected representative resigns from a state or parliamentary seat, he or she would be barred from contesting an election for five years).

Kenapa nak suruh Adun Pakatan Rakyat letak jawatan pula? Kalau Zambry pikiaq yang dia dan penyangak-penyangak BN lain begitu popular,minta Tuanku Sultan bubar saja DUN Perak.

Sekadar ajak-ajak ayam saja tak cukup Zambry ooi......


Sodomy II matinee goes on show.........

Pakatan Rakyat and leaders from both local and international civil society groups have condemned Prime Minister Najib Razak for forcing through what they say is clearly a sham sodomy trial against reform icon Anwar Ibrahim.

The 62-year old Anwar, who is also Opposition Leader of the Pakatan, is being victimized a second time by Najib's Umno-BN coalition, which fears his charismatic leadership and growing clout with voters may end their 52 years of political hegemony. In 2008, the Pakatan won control of five states and for the first time denied Umno-BN its long-held two-thirds parliamentary majority.

On Tuesday, the Kuala Lumpur High Court quashed Anwar’s application for a stay of his sodomy trial pending his appeal for a judicial review of last week’s Federal Court decision not to allow his lawyers access to key evidence held by the prosecution. The sodomy trial proper will now resume on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Although not unexpected - given the Malaysian judiciary's record of bowing to political pressure - the refusal for more time pending documents still sparked renewed outrage both within the country and overseas.

“Even in 1998, the international community made it very clear the sodomy charges put up by Dr Mahathir against Anwar were rigged. Yet 11 years later, Malaysia is once again on trial for the world to see and for the same reason, which is basically that of having a morally bankrupt government," Azman said.

“This speaks very poorly about our current Prime Minister Najib Razak. That in 2010, he has to revert to an old script using new actors show firstly, his morals are no better than his predecessors, and secondly, he has no ideas of his own. Definitely, he is not the man to lead Malaysia."

And despite portraying itself as the defender of Islam in the country, Najib's Umno party has pulled out all stops to keep the case out of the Syariah Courts, where Islamic laws decree there must be at least four witnesses before a trial such as this can proceed. Otherwise it is fitnah or slander most foul.

“This is exactly why the Malays and the Muslims are turning away from Umno. They keep talking about championing Islam and yet it is obvious to all that the Syariah Court unnecessarily delayed hearing the case. Why?” Azman said.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the majesty and fairness of Islamic law, yet Umno shies away from it. Why? After all, both accuser and accused are Muslims and both are agreeable to having the case tried under Islamic law.

"Could it be that this is because the Islamic courts demand a higher level of evidence for cases of this type - and which both Saiful and Umno cannot produce, hard as they try.”

“The nation is about to go on another round of agony and humiliation,” PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Harakahdaily. “What we are witnessing is a dying regime’s last ditch bid to stay alive at any cost.”

“This trial is unfair and against Islamic law which emphasizes fair play. It certainly will exact a very drastic toll on Malaysia - both on the morale of its people and the well-being of its economy,” Dr Syed Azman, head of PAS’s international bureau, told Harakahdaily.


The matinee goes on show today, new script, new actor and the same old directors.........


02 February 2010

Sodomy II trial starts today .........

What they got to say............


"We pray for the best but we are realistically enough. These are the machinations of the dirty corrupt few," Anwar added as he walked into the courtroom.Asked about his coalition's prospects if he was convicted, he replied "The coalition is strong, we have made all alternative arrangements well."

"We have seen the difficulties in the past but we pray for the best." he said.

“The lawyers are ready to give a shock in court. Umno repeats ‘quickly to courts!’ Yes, we will show what is relevant. Don’t avoid,” the de factor PKR and Pakatan Rakyat leader wrote in the tweet.

Anwar intends to subpoena Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor as witnesses.......

"We want to know Rosmah and Najib's involvement in this," Anwar told supporters at the Kuala Lumpur High Court complex this morning.

"They had initially denied the meeting. Now Najib has admitted he had met (with Mohd Saiful) and we want to know (more).

“If Najib and the government have managed to cover up the Altantuya (Shaariibuu) murder trial, what more this? This is a desperate attempt to implicate me."

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah,

"Another trial to shame the country the world over. Is this case even triable anymore?"

Anwar noted that the presence today of the foreign media and representatives of diplomatic missions was larger then at his 1998 sodomy and corruption trials.

"Certainly, they have voiced their concern over this recent development."

Among those in court were representatives of Japan, UK, Switzerland and the United States. Also present were International Committee of Jurists and Commonwealth Lawyers Association representative Mark Tromwell, and the International Bar Association's Jennifer Robinson. There are acting as observers during the trial.

The proceedings attracted a string of Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (PAS), Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim (PKR), Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her deputy Syed Husin Ali.



01 February 2010

Ku Li wants wang ehsan paid to all states.............

Go here to for the rest of the video.

Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said today only the Umno Supreme Council could determine the action to be taken against Gua Musang Umno Division chief Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who had stated a stand contrary to the federal government's on the payment of oil royalty to Kelantan.

"It (the decision) is not within the jurisdiction of the Kelantan Umno. Only the Supreme Council can decide on the action to be taken against Tengku Razaleigh," he told reporters after opening a 1Malaysia clinic in Batu Melintang, here.

Mustapa, who is International Trade and Industry Minister, was asked whether Kelantan Umno would act against Tengku Razaleigh for having said on Thursday that the Kelantan state government should be given oil royalty instead of a compassionate fund.

Following that statement, Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the party leadership would scrutinise Tengku Razaleigh's speech made to a gathering at the Sultan Mohammed IV Stadium in Kota Baharu.

At a special meeting with the Pasir Puteh Umno Division in Pasir Puteh last night, Mustapa said the Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee would meet Najib to discuss and propose projects to be implemented for the people of Kelantan with the compassionate fund.

Mustapa had said recently that the federal government would provide RM20 million in compassionate fund to Kelantan, which was five per cent of the revenue from oil and gas production offshore Kelantan in 2008.

source:malaysian digest

The UMNO media has been highlighting problems in PKR, but the media is silent on Ku Li's open challenge to Najib's decision on Kelantan oil royalty.

Lets see whether Najib got the balls to refer Ku Li to UMNO's 'Lembaga Disiplin'. Cakap saja besaq...........

Read Ku Li's statement here.