30 June 2021

Kena setempek kat muka...

Agong says it again: Reconvene Parliament 
as soon as possible...

The Cabinet today will decide whether there will be a full-blown constitutional crisis as the Yang di Pertuan Agong has made it crystal clear as to what he meant by “as soon as possible”.

After meeting Dewan Rakyat speaker Azhar Azizan Harun, his deputies Azalina Othman Said and Mohd Rashid Hasnon, Dewan Negara president Rais Yatim and his deputy Mohamad Ali Mohamad at Istana Negara this morning, the Yang di Pertuan Agong reiterated that Parliament should be convened “as soon as possible” as he wishes to see the emergency proclamation and emergency ordinances debated in Parliament, in accordance to Article 150(3) of the Federal Constitution.

If Parliament is convened after emergency is ended on August 1, then it becomes academic and purposeless to debate the emergency proclamation and the emergency ordinances for emergency would have ended.

After the Yang di Pertuan Agong’s meeting with the presiding officers of Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara today, there is no question as to the meaning of “as soon as possible” intended by the Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Rulers at the Conference of Rulers special meeting on June 16.

Any Cabinet Minister who still doubt as to what the Yang di Pertuan Agong meant, and thought it could extend to the convening of Parliament in September, October or indefinitely is a fool or an imbecile, and is not fit to continue to be in the Cabinet and Malaysians as a whole have the right to demand his or her resignation as a Minister as he or she does not have the necessary IQ to be in the Cabinet. - LKS

The Agong had a meeting with the Speakers and Deputy Speakers of both the House of Representatives and the Senate ; and had decreed that Parliament ought to re-convene " as soon as possible. " This second call means that it is URGENT that it is re-convened. Another strong point is that all the Select Committees should meet to discuss issues , There must be check and balance. They cannot be "frozen " , though they have been formed! The writing is on the wall! We Malaysians may wonder what the second call means if it is not a call that Parliament should be re-convened IMMEDIATELY, though the same phrase is used as a diplomatic gesture! I think the hint is very strong indeed! The Government is walking gingerly on eggs. - ScarletPanda9731

The Royal message is clear. It is always delivered in style.Art Harun and Rais Yatim must have clearly understood what was conveyed.The deputies were summoned so that there could be no misunderstanding.The effect: No hybrid meeting anymore. Committee dismissed.Announcement of date for full Parliament meeting. Could be as early as July. - Anon25

The Parliament belongs to the people and it is not the private property of Art harun nor Rais Yatim. The people want it to be convened as many are dying, losing jobs, suffering and need to get their vaccine without any bureaucratic red tape. The representative of the people need to speak up for them in the Parliament. It is as simple as that. - JazliSalleh

Hello, Speakers..are you getting paid or not? Do your job open the Parliament otherwise get lost and dun take buta gaji!!!! - Bright Light

If the govt fails to pass the resolution on darurat,that itself is a no confidence motion on PM Muhyiddin and his govt. La ni Din dok ketaq ataih bawah... - dr.ts

Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, mengulangi titah yang persidangan Parlimen perlu diadakan secepat mungkin dengan mematuhi garis panduan dan SOP Covid-19 yang ditetapkan. Ini adalah bagi membolehkan proklamasi darurat dan ordinan darurat yang telah dikeluarkan dapat dibentang di Parlimen seperti yang termaktub dalam Perkara 150 (3) Perlembagaan, kata kenyataan Istana Negara. Kita tunggu dan tengok sama ada dia serta konco2 dia akan terus berdolak-dalik mengenai semantik "segera" dan "secepat mungkin" atau akan memaklumkan tarikh persidangan untuk dipersetujui oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong. - AKJ

Yang di-Pertuan agong tetap dengan keputusan dan pandangan awalnya sebelum bahawa parlimen perlu bersidang dalam masa terdekat. Sekiranya dengan persidangan itu boleh menyebabkan Mahiaddin Md Yassin hilang kedudukan sebagai  Perdana Menteri, ini bermakna baginda tidak peduli lagi dengan apa yang hendak berlaku itu. Kalau takdir Mahiaddin hilang kedudukan itu, maka itulah natijah yang kena diterima. Keperluan segera parlimen diminta bersidang itu mungkin Agong pada hemahnya masalah dihadapi negara ini dapat dituntaskan dengan persidangan parlimen. Ertinya sudah dua kali Agong meminta perkara sama. - MSO


28 June 2021

PKP 3.0 sambung atau stop...

Sasaran gomen menurunkan kes positif kpd 4 ribu kes.
Pasai apa letakkan sasaran 4 ribu?

Rakyat dah berkurung 4 minggu tapi angka tak turun2 juga pasai kurung org yang salah. Kluster Kilang tu yang paling banyak. Tutuplah kilang dan biaq pekerja mereka tu dok di rumah... - mk/ts

Agong Summons Two Speakers To Palace on June 29 2021...
The king is angry Mahiaddin regime 
insults and ignores the Royal decree...

Sultan Abdullah has retaliated against Prime Minister Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin, who defiantly refuses to reconvene the Parliament despite the Agong’s decree. By hook or by crook, the premier wanted to keep the Parliament locked until September or October, whenever he likes. He wanted to send a message that he’s the most powerful man, not the Agong.

Yesterday (June 25), the Agong (King) suddenly summoned the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat (Lower House of Representative) – Azhar Azizan Harun – and the Speaker of Dewan Negara (Upper House of Representative) – Rais Yatim to the Palace next Tuesday (June 29). The monarch apparently wants to discuss the reopening of the Parliament with the two Speakers.

Obviously, the King was upset that his decree has not only been belittled and disrespected – for the second time – but also is being rubbished and ignored as insignificant by the arrogant Perikatan Nasional government. It’s not hard to understand why Speakers Azhar and Rais are being summoned to the Palace. The Speakers have rudely disregarded the royal decree.

On Friday (June 25), in a joint statement, both Speaker Azhar and Speaker Rais announced that a proposed hybrid Parliament session can only happen in late August or the first week of September this year. The two errand boys of Mahiaddin also said the decision had been made known to the prime minister, who applauded it as “very good cooperation and support”.

AG Idrus Harun...

The joint statement by the two Speakers was deliberately organized to send some rude message or warning to the Agong and all the 9 Malay Rulers, whom, after the June 16 special emergency meeting, had decreed that not only the current State of Emergency will not be extended after its expiry on August 1, but also that the Parliament should reconvene “as soon as possible”.

1. – both Speakers fully support the Prime Minister in determining the date to reconvene the Parliament. 
2.– Mahiaddin does not care about the Agong’s decree because both Speakers only take orders from the Prime Minister. 
3. – both Speakers will do everything in their power to keep the illegitimate Prime Minister in power.
4. – PM Mahiaddin is still the most powerful man in Malaysia, not the King, and certainly not all the 9 Sultans combined. 
5. – Agong can issue whatever decree he likes, but the King is powerless because he is just a constitutional monarchy even under the current emergency rule. In short, all the Malay Rulers can go fly kites.

And there’s nothing much Sultan Abdullah can do after he foolishly consented to the power-crazy Prime Minister’s request for the Proclamation of Emergency on January 12, which granted Mr Mahiaddin with absolute power. That’s roughly what both Speakers were trying to tell the King when they made the joint statement on Friday.

To allow the King to save face, Mr Azhar and Mr Rais have proposed a special parliamentary sitting to be held in early August to discuss matters relating to the hybrid sitting. Of course, such discussion is both a gimmick and a waste of time. Can you imagine teachers telling students to have a Zoom session to talk about virtual or online learning using Zoom?

Muhyiddin government probably thought that since the Monarchy had wanted the Parliament to reconvene as soon as possible, why not hold a useless session in early August just to satisfy the royal decree. However, people are watching closely whether the prime minister will respect the Malay Monarchy Institution or push the Sultans around like some pariahs.

If the King keeps his silence and pretends that his decree has been complied with the half-baked promise to reconvene the Parliament, the people will not only lose respect for the monarch, but may conclude that all the Malay Rulers cannot protect their subjects. It will paint a picture that the nine monarchs are so weak that they can’t even fight the already fragile and illegitimate regime.

King Sultan Abdullah vs PM Muhyiddin Yassin

That’s why King Sultan Abdullah was so furious and mad that he decided to summon Azhar Azizan Harun and Rais Yatim on the same day the two Speakers made their joint statement, which is seen as a public defiance against the royal decree. The Palace simply can’t find any reasons why the Parliament cannot reconvene – for real – as early as July since all the MPs have been fully vaccinated.

Not only the Palace wanted to grill and lecture the two Speakers, but also to tell the two errand boys to send a message to their political master who’s the real boss during the emergency rule. The decree issued on June 16 specifically said the Parliament should convene as soon as possible to enable proper discussion of the Emergency Ordinance and Malaysia’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan.

Exactly what’s the purpose of having a Parliament sitting in late August or the first week of September to discuss the Emergency Ordinance when the State of Emergency would have ended by then? Similarly, it would be too late to discuss the Covid-19 Recovery Plan because the country would probably have entered the Phase-2 or Phase-3 in September.

To rub salt into injury, in what appears to be a coordinated attack against Sultan Abdullah, Attorney General Idrus Harun, the brother of disgraced Speaker Azhar Harun, said the Agong cannot summon for Parliament to meet – unless under the Cabinet’s advice. The A.G. argued that the King’s position under the law remains unchanged, although the Proclamation of Emergency had been declared.

The despicable A.G. said while the Federal Constitution’s Article 55(1) provides for the Agong’s powers to summon Parliament to meet, such provision has been suspended throughout the Emergency via the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021’s Section 14(1)(a). So, had the King been scammed to give away his power to call Parliament to meet?

In the same breath, why the hell the Article 55(1) was there in the first place if the Agong cannot exercise it or can magically be taken away? Besides, the King is vested by the Constitution to summon for the Parliament to meet within six (6) months between the last proceeding in the last session and the date appointed for its first proceeding in the next session.

Malaysia’s Parliament last sat on Dec 17, 2020. Hence, if the State of Emergency ends on August 1, as already decreed by the Agong on June 16 during the Malay Rulers extraordinary meeting, Article 14(1)(a) no longer applies as the emergency is no longer enforced. On that day, Article 55(1) of the Federal Constitution will effectively return.

Like it or not, Parliament must reconvene no later than August 2, unless the power-crazy Mahiaddin deliberately wanted to trigger a Constitutional Crisis to further cling to power. But Speakers Azhar and Rais’ plan to reconvene only in late August or the first week of September will precisely trigger such crisis. Did A.G. Idrus Harun try to trick the King to start the crisis himself?

Yes, while Idrus Harun talked about how the powerless Agong must obediently follow the powerful PM Mahiaddin’s orders, the attorney general did not, or deliberately refused to, talk about the King’s power to summon for the Parliament to meet within 6 months. Clearly, the three stooges – Speakers Azhar Harun and Rais Yatim and A.G. Idrus Harun – are being selective or cherry picking.

Whenever the government wants the Agong to help Mahiaddin stays in power, they will say the King has the power. But whenever the regime doesn’t want the Agong to take away the tool that helps Mahiaddin stays in power, they will say the King is powerless. You can’t say the Federal Constitution is more supreme, only to say the next minute that the Emergency Ordinance is more powerful, whichever suits you.

The backdoor government probably thought that all the Sultans were too dumb to seek legal advice before they met on June 16. Someone should ask the genius Attorney General whether the King had committed an offence for rejecting Muhyiddin’s request in October 2020 for a Proclamation of Emergency. Again, ignore and insult the Malay Rulers at your own peril. - FT


25 June 2021

Makcik Kiah mengamok sakan...

Tekanan hidup.. duit poket dah tak ada.. 
kesudahannya bunuh diri terjun Apartment..

The law requires the Cabinet to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on when His Majesty is allowed to convene Parliament, said Attorney-General Idrus Harun.There is widespread speculation that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was trying to delay the convening of Parliament over fears that a sitting will prove that he no longer enjoyed the confidence of the majority of MPs. But...

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong acts on the advice of the prime minister, so long as the office bearer has the support and confidence of the Dewan Rakyat.“While the Agong is bound by the advice of the ‘prime minister’, the word means a Prime Minister with a solid base, legitimacy and support in the Dewan Rakyat,” he said in reference to Article 43(4).“Section 11 says that as long as the emergency is in force, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet existing immediately prior to the issuance of the proclamation of emergency shall continue to exercise the executive authority of the federation.

“Until Aug 1, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have security of tenure because of the ordinance. But once it (emergency) ends, it is a new game altogether.” - Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi

Dapat konsesi kontrak bernilai RM205 juta...

Muhyiddin shy-shy cat... So, Anwar comes in...Anwar ditemuramah 
portal WION news tentang situasi penularan wabak COVID-19 di Malaysia... 

Anwar - Corruption has 
flourished with the virus...

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is sounding the alarm. The endemic cronyism in the country that helped give rise to the 1MDB scandal has become worse this year, according to the political veteran.

This time, however, people are dying as a result, he says. “The [COVID-19] crisis is not improving,” Anwar tells The Australian Financial Review. “We need to start with data and science. The government needs to tell the truth.”

The 73-year-old is once again prime minister in waiting with an election likely next year after a political impasse – starting in September when he claimed to have majority support in parliament – because of the pandemic.

Malaysia’s King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah agreed to a nationwide state of emergency in January to curb the spread of COVID-19, a move that bolstered Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s precarious hold on power and forestalled any attempt by Anwar to force an election. For now, his focus is the pandemic. The country is three weeks into a four-week lockdown. Official numbers suggest this year’s deadly outbreak has peaked. They are wrong, Anwar says.

“Now we have this new phenomenon of ‘dead on arrival’, which is really concerning and I attribute it to the incompetence of the government,” he says. “It’s due to the failure to test adequately and failure to monitor. The hospitals lack capacity so are reluctant to accept new cases. This government’s mistakes have cost lives.”

Some 38,911 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Malaysia last week, down from 41,360 the week before. However, the number of tests was also lower than the previous week and the positivity rate continues to rise. Last week it was 6.93 per cent across the country.

Malaysia is paying dearly for a slow start to its vaccine roll-out. There are more than 70 million doses on order, enough for the entire population, but fewer than 10 million have arrived in a country where COVID-19 is so widespread that many of those infected can’t get to hospital in time to be treated.

PH insisted that Parliament must be reconvened before 
the current state of emergency expires on Aug 1.

Anwar and other opposition MPs believe the government has questions to answer about slow approval processes for locally processed vaccines – and who got paid what and when.

“We are calling the government to be more transparent about the procurement and the rollout,” says Anwar, who spent almost a decade in prison after being convicted on two sodomy charges, both of which his supporters believe were politically motivated.

The first step to such transparency would be for Muhyiddin to reconvene parliament, argues the Pakatan Harapan coalition that Anwar leads. Parliament has not met since December.

Last week, the King urged the government to recall parliament. Unlike previous statements from the royal household, this did not mention the monarch’s support for the government. On Sunday, Muhyiddin announced he was forming a committee to consider bringing parliament back.

Anwar says it needs to resume immediately. “Corruption is systemic in this country and it’s increased this year due to the lack of parliament oversight. It’s been a free-for-all with no questions asked.” Many Malaysians appear to share his concerns.

A Yougov poll conducted this month showed 81 per cent of respondents thought the COVID-19 situation was getting worse. Just over half said the government was handling the crisis badly and 55 per cent agreed it was “time to give someone else a go”.

The opposition still believes the government does not enjoy a majority, but Anwar says there will be no push for an early election, at least not this year, because of the pandemic. If the health emergency can be dealt with by the first quarter next year, there could be an election in 2022, he says.

Asked if he thinks the opposition would win the election and, more than four decades after entering parliament, he would finally get to be prime minister, Anwar says, “Inshallah. God willing.”

His leadership of the country seemed to be on track after the last election, in 2018, when the Pakatan Harapan coalition won a historic victory. The coalition had brought together Anwar and his former rival, Mahathir Mohamad. However, the government fell apart in February last year when it became clear Mahathir did not plan to honour an agreement made to hand the leadership over to Anwar.

Despite this, Anwar says he would not rule out teaming up with Mahathir again. “I would not like to make any sort of new agreement, given my knowledge of him, but I am leader of the opposition which means I have to accommodate the views of all opposition MPs,” he says.

Health workers wearing PPE carry a coffin 
during a funeral for a COVID-19 victim in Klang, Malaysia.

Khairy Jamaluddin, co-ordinating minister for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Program, said this week Malaysia’s vaccination rate should not be compared with European Union countries that have “hoarded supply”.

Rather, Malaysia should be rated against neighbouring countries, Khairy told a weekly media briefing. He predicted 10 per cent of the population would be fully vaccinated by the middle of next month. “Our immunisation rate is well ahead of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and we are closing in on Japan,” he said.

He said countries like the UK and Canada had bought many more vaccines than they needed. “Only now do you hear countries like the United States offering donations and saying ‘Oh hi Malaysia, would you like some vaccines?’ Well, we have been waiting a long time.”

Malaysia’s Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy has tracked the country’s vaccine procurement strategy since July last year. It believes the government had been as transparent as it could be, and the policy to build up manufacturing capacity was sound. Unfortunately, the Malaysian public does not have a lot of faith in its legislators.

“Vaccine procurement has been a concern since late last year, but the Malaysian public was generally unaware, complacent and, to be frank, blissfully ignorant,” says Galen chief executive Azrul Mohd Khalib.

“When it recently became an issue, due to the deficit of trust which exists between the government and the public there was, naturally, a well-justified suspicion that there was corruption, lack of transparency and cronyism involved.

“However, much of the information regarding vaccine procurement was made known, shared with the public, and published. Even the general pricing of the vaccines are known.”

In fact, Azrul says, many of the measures taken to provide transparency regarding this procurement were unprecedented. Where the government couldn’t share information publicly due to non-disclosure agreements, it did tell MPs on the public accounts committee.

But that didn’t stop the speculation. Three weeks ago Sinovac chief business officer Helen Yang released a video statement rejecting middle-man rumours: “We are dealing directly with Pharmaniaga via a government-to-government arrangement without any involvement of any other third party.”

Azrul thinks this is true. “As far as we can tell and are aware, there are no middle men or tender agents involved. There has been intense anger directed at the minister by interested parties because of that.“ - Emma Connors,Financial Review


23 June 2021

Berapa mangkok yang hangpa nampak...

Bila Nuar Musa tayang dia makan maggi ramai netizen perli dia, kononnya nak tunjuk humble. Sebenar tanggapan itu silap. Nuar adalah seorang politikus berstrategi. Dua bukan nak tunjuk makan maggi, apalah sangat dengan maggi, tetapi yang dia nak pamerkan arloji dilengannya. Kalau itu pun hangpa tak faham lambat lagi nak mengerti sandiwara Nuar dalam politik.- mso

Hj.Hadi kaki kelentong...

Empayar Melaka jatuh pada 1511 sedangkan Vatican City dibina pada 1929 di Italy. Buat malu gomen PN,PM,menteri2,timbalan2 menteri,bos2 GLC dari geng lebai dan walaun2 saja... - dr.ts

Hadi Is Upset He Could Lose 
Power Before Christmas...

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has gone bonkers again. This is the second time he had gone ballistic in less than 2 weeks. The first time he had gone mad was when the news flashed last week about the special meetings between Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah and political party leaders, including the Oppositions. He was bedridden at the National Heart Institute (IJN) then.

But that didn’t stop him from losing his patience. He was so horrified and terrified over the news that he almost fell off the bed. Mr Hadi had every reason to be extremely concerned over the royal meetings. The fact that the Palace had arranged two meetings – one with political party leaders, follows with an emergency meeting involving 9 Malay Rulers was absolutely a bad sign.

Losing his bearings, the Islamist party supremo started quoting the Prophet, Quran, Islam and whatnot, and demanded action against the plotters. It was funny that the same man who had previously plotted with traitors to topple the legitimate and democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government is now whining, moaning and bitching about plotters trying to snatch power from him.

The second time the fake holy man had gone mad again was after the nine monarchs of nine hereditary ethnic Malay Royals concluded their special emergency conference this week (June 16). As predicted, it was bad news indeed to the Mahiaddin-led Perikatan Nasional government, of which Hadi’s political party PAS is one of the three major players.

The Agong (King) has decreed that the Parliament should reconvene as soon as possible. To add salt to injury, all the 9 Rulers agreed that the current State of Emergency will not be extended after its expiry on August 1. This means the premier can no longer abuse and hide behind the emergency to continue locking down the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

Abdul Hadi Awang’s most trusted lieutenant, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, was the first lawmaker who foolishly joked and mocked the King’s decree. De-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin argued that the monarch’s “as soon as possible” could mean as late as September, in accordance with PM Mahiaddin’s hastily built scam called Covid-19 National Recovery Plan.

Perhaps that explains why Kelantan, the state under PAS government, has been so underdeveloped and poor that the majority of its people have no access to running water and have only intermittent power supply since independence in 1957. Even after the Islamist party becomes part of the federal government, it stunningly said last year that it would take 40 years to fix Kelantan’s water supply.

Agong - Decree To Reconvene Parliament 

Not only the Islamist party has no clue how to run a state, let alone manage a country, but will drag its feet in fixing a task as simple as reopening the Parliament. It’s definitely shameful that a PAS leader like Takiyuddin could not tell that the King did not want to humiliate Mahiaddin by providing him with a route to reclaim his dignity – face saving – with the decree to reconvene the Parliament soonest possible.

Takiyuddin’s stupidity was so breathtaking that the King had resorted to “repost his decree” on monarch Facebook and Instagram June 18, with a small footnote that says the poster was extracted from the same Palace’s statement two days earlier dated June 16. The message is crystal clear – “as soon as possible” means do it with utmost priority and urgency, not 3 months later.

Now, the desperate Hadi appears to have joined his minion Takiyuddin in rejecting the royal decree. The PAS president has warned the younger generation of voters not to be fooled again by allowing Pakatan Harapan to return to power. There were actually two messages in his latest babbling and bitching. First, it is afraid of young voters. Second, it indirectly rejects the Agong’s decree.

Silly Hadi falsely claimed that just days after taking over the federal government from the rejected Barisan Nasional coalition in May 2018, Pakatan Harapan showed its “extreme attitude” towards Islam and its leaders. Playing race and religion cards again, the racist and extremist PAS leader warned the youngsters not to regret on Earth and the afterlife as taught by Allah.

Exactly what grass has Abdul Hadi Awang been smoking? The nine Malay Rulers were forced to hold the emergency royal meeting only after months of frustration and anger expressed by young Malaysians, especially youth from the dominant ethnic Malay majority over economic hardship and uncertainty about their future – thanks to the current clueless and incompetent regime.

It was the Malay youngsters who started the “#KerajaanGagal” (failed government) hashtag, which ultimately went trending on Twitter. Had the so-called Malay-centric government been effective and competent from the beginning, there would not be any royal meeting to discuss and fix the problem of hungry and angry people, especially the Malays, would there?

Here’s a simple question for the self-described holy man Hadi Awang – why didn’t Allah protect the Malay-Muslim Perikatan Nasional government from the Agong’s latest decree? Was Hadi trying to say all the 9 Malay Rulers had conspired and plotted with “kafir (infidel)” Pakatan Harapan to topple the Mahiaddin regime, whose legitimacy is being questioned?

Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan...

On the contrary, it was PAS leaders who demonstrated “extreme attitude” towards Islam and its leaders. After former Agong (King) Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan appointed Tommy Thomas as Attorney-General, the Islamist party had threatened to hold mega rally should its demand that Thomas be removed was not entertained. Isn’t that a display of extremism and arrogance?

By rejecting the decision of the Agong, who is the Head of Islam, isn’t that an insult and disrespect to Islam and its leaders? Not only PAS leaders are a bunch of “munafiqs” (hypocrites), but they are also traitors to the Malay Rulers. Acting as if he is the messenger of Allah, Hadi’s repetitve rejection of the King’s decree is clearly an act of treason and treachery.

And who can forget the arrogance of power demonstrated by PAS when Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah summoned all three Perak PAS assemblymen for an audience related to the formation of Perak new state government in December 2020. All the PAS assemblymen said they did not show up before the Perak Malay Ruler due to a directive from the party’s central leadership – Hadi Awang.

If Hadi Awang and Takiyuddin Hassan are good Muslims like they claimed they are, they should have advised the prime minister to immediately reconvene the Parliament to prove his legitimacy. Perhaps Hadi should enlighten everyone what Islam says about a bunch of Muslim ministers who sits on their hands without doing any work, but withdraw perks of at least RM70,000 per month.

In the same breath, the genius Hadi has also lectured the young Malays that it is forbidden to be together with enemies of the religion. Comically, the same Hadi Awang was previously part of the opposition (now-defunct) Pakatan Rakyat coalition who had tried – and failed – to topple the Barisan Nasional government in the 2008 and 2013 General Elections.

Had the Pakatan Rakyat (predecessor of Pakatan Harapan) succeeded in unseating Barisan Nasional back then, would not PAS be part of a new government too? Would Hadi still spew racial and religious hatred like he does now if his Islamist party is part of the Pakatan ruling government? Would he still speak with forked tongue if Pakatan Harapan offers him the position of prime minister today?

Instead of staying loyal to its comrades in Pakatan Rakyat, the corrupt Mr Hadi betrayed the coalition after former PM Najib Razak bribed him with merely RM90 million, as exposed by whistleblower Sarawak Report. As a result of his greed, PAS missed the chance to form the government when Pakatan Harapan and former PM Mahathir successfully toppled Barisan Nasional in 2018.

PAS only managed to be part of the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government through scheming, plotting, betrayal and treachery. In fact, Hadi and his minions would not be able to enjoy the fruits – ministerships and chairmanships – if they did not work together with Christian leaders from Borneo Sabah and Sarawak. So, who are the enemies of the religion as described by Hadi?

Did Hadi realize that in the royal press statement, all the Sultans had expressed their displeasure over the current state of economy and finance, not to mention the hardship and unemployment faced by the people? Did Hadi also read the desire of the monarchs for a stable, strong and effective government, which the current backdoor regime does not possess?

It means Perikatan Nasional has failed royally. It means Mahiaddin has mismanaged the economy and screwed up the finance. It means Hadi has failed to help hungry and angry people. It means the recent sterling SPM examination results had been cooked up. It means the Malays Rulers are opened to a new government after all the U-turns and flip-flops displayed by the current regime.

The most incredible part about the royal statement is the part that says the unity of the people is getting from bad to worse. Even Perikatan Nasional hardcore supporters were flabbergasted with that statement. What happens to the “Malay Unity” or “Malay Muslim” government as frequently trumpeted and promoted by Hadi Awang and Mahiaddin Yasin?

It means the Agong and his brother rulers are sending a message that the dubious Malay-centric government is nothing but a hoax for failing to unite the Malay community, let alone the multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious society. It means the King recognises the problem with a government that promotes racist hatred, xenophobia and all forms of bigotry for political purpose.

The Malay Rulers also mentioned the inability of Muslims to perform prayers and other programs in the mosques, as well as other religions practised by non-Muslims, due to the forever ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. So, isn’t Hadi the real enemy of Islam by virtue of his support for a power-hungry regime that prefers to prolong the pandemic just to stay in power?

Heck, under the leadership of Mahiaddin, the Perikatan Nasional government has so far killed 4,349 people due to Covid-19 (June 19), the majority of whom are Malay-Muslims. Hadi Awang is obviously the partner-in-crime of Mahiaddin for his lust for power and position. And the evil Hadi is not only willing to reject the royal decree, but also to stir up racial and religious sentiments among the Malays. - FT


21 June 2021

Jangan dok konar baring lagi...

Pada 16 Jun lalu Yang di-Pertuan Agong menzahirkan pandangan bahawa parlimen perlu bersidang segera.Titah tersebut bagaimanapun menimbulkan persoalan undang-undang penting: adakah dalam tempoh darurat, baginda terikat kepada nasihat perdana menteri termasuk berkaitan sidang parlimen.

Hal itu kerana Perkara 40 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyatakan Agong bertindak atas nasihat Perdana Menteri. Maka adakah pernyataan tersebut terikat dengan nasihat berkenaan?

Bagi menjawab persoalan ini, adalah perlu untuk kita merujuk kepada peruntukan Seksyen 14 (1) (b) Ordinan Darurat (Kuasa-kuasa Perlu) 2021 secara in verbatim menyatakan:

“Parlimen hendaklah dipanggil, diprorog dan dibubarkan pada suatu tarikh sebagaimana yang difikirkan sesuai oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong”.

Peruntukan ini sangat jelas dan tiada kekaburan (unambiguous) bahawa kuasa mutlak terletak pada Agong untuk memanggil sidang Parlimen. Maka dekri Agong itu adalah sah.

Namun keadaan ini mewujudkan percanggahan undang-undang kerana perlembagaan menyatakan Agong bertindak atas nasihat perdana menteri tetapi Ordinan Darurat memberikan kuasa kepada baginda untuk memanggil sidang parlimen. Maka apabila berlaku percanggahan di antara peruntukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan Ordinan Darurat, undang-undang manakah yang mengatasi dan terpakai?

Jawapannya ialah Ordinan Darurat mengatasi dan terpakai. Justeru Agong berkuasa mutlak memanggil sidang parlimen tanpa terikat dengan nasihat Perdana Menteri berdasarkan peruntukan undang-undang berikut:

i) Perkara 150 (6) dan (6A) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyatakan mana-mana peruntukan dalam Akta Parlimen yang diluluskan sebagai undang-undang darurat tidak dianggap batal walaupun bertentangan dengan perlembagaan kecuali berkaitan perkara agama, adat istiadat Melayu, bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, kewarganegaraan atau bahasa.

ii) Mahkamah Persekutuan dalam kes Eng Keok Cheng lwn Pendakwa Raya memutuskan bahawa Akta Darurat (1964) adalah sah dan mengatasi perlembagaan. Dalam kes ini, tertuduh didapati bersalah memiliki senjata api dan dihukum gantung mengikut Akta Darurat (1964). 

Hujah bahawa Akta Darurat ini tidak sah kerana bertentangan dengan Perkara 8(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak diterima panel hakim Mahkamah Persekutuan dan mereka memutuskan semasa darurat, apa sahaja undang-undang boleh dibuat walaupun bertentangan dengan perlembagaan.

Berdasarkan hujah di atas saya berpendapat bahawa dekri Agong bahawa parlimen perlu dipanggil bersidang segera hendaklah dilaksanakan secepat mungkin oleh kerajaan PN sebagai badan eksekutif mengikut Ordinan Darurat (2021). Dekri Agong bahawa sidang Parlimen dipanggil "secepat mungkin" adalah jelas dan tidak mempunyai maksud berlainan (unambiguous).

Oleh itu, menurut Peraturan 11 (2) Peraturan-peraturan Majlis Mesyuarat Dewan Rakyat, perdana menteri sebagai ketua majlis mesyuarat hendaklah memberikan notis penetapan tarikh sidang parlimen tanpa sebarang kelengahan. Jika tidak, PN bukan sahaja dilihat kerajaan gagal, tetapi derhaka kepada dekri Agong. - Faiz Fadzil.mk

Lebai Hadi minta live di TV nak jelaskan Amanat Hadi...
Sekarang dah jadi Kerajaan pasai apa tak buat live ? Bagilah 1 jam dia buat live... 
Mampuih pening kepala org mendengaq siap jadi gila pasai tanya lain, dia jawab lain...

Time to send this government packing...

Every time Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (if that is still his name) sallies forth with a pronouncement on the state of the nation, he provokes a frenzy of disbelief, confusion and anger. His recent announcement that Parliament can only be reconvened after at least 40% of the nation has been fully vaccinated is a case in point.

What has the 40% target got to do with reconvening Parliament? It might be germane if he was talking about a general election – everybody agrees that it would be foolish to hold another election until at least a significant part of the population has been vaccinated – but to link vaccinations and herd immunity to the functioning of Parliament is simply preposterous. Clearly, the prime minister is desperate, stalling for time and running out of excuses. He is more fearful of Parliament than the pandemic. 

Such is his standing that his pandemic exit strategy was immediately panned by economists warning of economic ruin and even political chaos. Plainly, people have lost all confidence in the government’s ability to manage the pandemic and the attendant social and economic fallout. It is no longer just about their legitimacy but about their competency in managing arguably the worst crisis we’ve ever experienced.

In any case, the rulers have now sent an unequivocal message to the prime minister: it’s time for Parliament to start functioning again. Since the rulers’ meeting, politicians, lawyers and columnists have gone into overdrive analysing what the monarch can and cannot do under the Constitution. Some have suggested the monarch can demand that Parliament reconvene while others insist that the monarch can dismiss the prime minister and appoint someone else.

They may be missing the point. The rulers know full well the extent of their powers under the Constitution. What the rulers have done is send a very carefully crafted message to the prime minister that... 
1. They are not happy with the way he has managed things thus far, 
2. They see no reason for Parliament to remain shuttered, and 
3. They will not countenance an extension of the emergency beyond August 1st.  

What it means is that Muhyiddin can no longer hide behind the declaration of emergency; he must face his peers in Parliament and be accountable to them. Perikatan Nasional leaders are now in an untenable position; failure to reconvene Parliament will be seen by the nation as disrespecting the rulers. Already, their bungling and discourteous response to the rulers have infuriated many.

With the reconvening of Parliament all but a forgone conclusion now, PN ministers are insisting that the opposition should not use the opportunity to wrest power from the government. Hishammuddin Hussein, who has suddenly become very hyper, said that calls for reopening parliament cannot be used as a tool to gain political power. He went on to call on MPs to unite behind the government’s national recovery plan for the sake of the people. What a pathetic, self-serving statement!

It makes no sense to unite behind a leader that has proven himself completely incompetent and incapable of steering the country out of the present crisis. Nothing will change – whether Parliament sits or not – if the present administration remains in office. Any national recovery plan must begin with the exit of this government. We are running out of time. We are going deeper into debt. Businesses are closing. Thousands of jobs are being lost. People are hurting and getting increasingly desperate.

It is time for Parliament to unite to bring down this incompetent administration at the earliest opportunity through a vote of no confidence. Send the whole bunch of ministers in Muhyiddin’s bloated, fractious and ineffectual cabinet packing. Only a new government under a new leader can chart a new course for the nation, restore confidence and implement the kind of measures that are needed to quickly manage the pandemic and get the economy going again. 

Replacing such a hopelessly incompetent government is no longer an option but a sacred duty.The rulers have spoken. The people have spoken. It’s time for Parliament to act. - Dennis Ignatius

MCO woes: how retirees 
are coping with the pandemic...

It has been more than a year since Malaysians have had to embrace, albeit reluctantly, the new normal that the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated. While some have eased into the socially-distanced lifestyle relatively well, others are struggling with the psychological effects of prolonged home quarantine, masking-up when outside and constantly sanitising their hands.

These restrictions and precautions have given rise to depression, anxiety, domestic violence and in some extreme situations, suicide. The older fraction of society, particularly retirees, have not been spared. 

FMT recently reached out to this group to gain an insight into their personal experiences living and coping with numerous movement control orders (MCO) and travel bans.

Fathol Zaman bin Bukhari is a retired commander of the Regiment of the Territorial Army (Rejimen Askar Wataniah). The 72-year-old served Malaysia for 30 years and founded Ipoh Echo in 2005, a community newspaper distributed to Perakians for free.

Having retired from Ipoh Echo, Zaman was all set for some much-needed downtime until Covid-19 struck across the world. “I was looking forward to traveling to Indonesia, Japan and Australia but Covid-19 spoiled my plans. Now, I can’t even visit my sons in Kuala Lumpur or my relatives in Penang,” Zaman bemoaned.

Zaman has also had to deal with the sadness of seeing six of his closest friends pass on due to Covid-19. Being one who also falls in the high-risk category, he is consciously doing his best to stay positive during this dark period.

“My wife and I follow the SOPs, avoid crowded places and stay active by exercising every morning. I keep myself occupied by reading and watching TV,” Zaman said.

Although it has been many months since meeting up with his children, Zaman has had to adapt to the newer ways of staying connected with them.

“It’s very simple nowadays, I just WhatsApp or video call them when I miss them. Still, there’s nothing like meeting them face-to-face”.

In similar circumstances, 77-year-old retired physics teacher Steven (not his real name) used to teach in the Netherlands but chose to enjoy his retirement here in Malaysia. Being a nature lover, Steven felt compelled to move to Malaysia because of its “people, nature, climate and food.”

Prior to the various MCOs, he used to spend a vast amount of his time birding and visiting waterfalls across the country. These days however, he, like many others, is struggling with depression.

“It has not been easy to adapt to the restrictions on outdoor activities. I am naturally a very outdoorsy and sociable person and the lack of social contact has taken a toll on me. “There were days when I thought to myself, why wake up?” he lamented.

Thankfully, with love and support from family and friends, Steven now spends his time hiking near his neighbourhood and has taken to sharpening his cooking skills.

“I know it is difficult now but I’m looking forward to visiting the Netherlands, Iceland and China once all this is over. “I can’t wait to go on a waterfall hike with my gang and enjoy some good food with them just like the old times.” Continue reading...


18 June 2021

Dia panggil sapa binatang...?

Janganlah terkejut kalau Mahiaddin dan konco-konconya ingkar, masih berdolak-dalik dan terus mempersoalkan semantik titah di-raja itu semata2 untuk mempertahankan jawatan masing2.Ingatlah, orang yang masuk ikut pintu belakang ini kadang2 berasa mereka akrab dan mesra dengan tuan rumah sehingga tak sedar yang kehadiran mereka tidak dialu-alukan lagi.- akj
Lebai takut hilang kuasa...

The Rulers have spoken...

Let's be honest. Upon hearing news that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had invited his brother Malay Rulers to a special meeting at Istana Negara yesterday (June 16), we the rakyat were hoping for a decision on the status of our Parliament, the current Emergency and even the situation of the government. Most of us surely. And to be frank, we got what we wanted.

There were decisions made. Strong and firm by the Agong with full support of the Malay Rulers. Two statements were issued when the meeting ended. One was by the Comptroller of the Royal Household Datuk Indera Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin. The other was issued by the Keeper of the Rulers Seal Tan Sri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad.

The first statement said the Agong had decreed that Parliament must reconvene as soon as possible to allow MPs to debate the emergency laws, as "His Majesty is very mindful of Parliament's role as an important platform for elected representatives to meet and discuss various issues, particularly those pertaining to the spread of COVID-19."

Meanwhile, the statement issued by the Keeper of the Rulers Seal stated that the Malay Rulers had expressed support for the Agong's views that Parliament should reconvene immediately. So too state legislatives in their respective states.

The Rulers, said the statement, "are of the position that it is important to respect the mechanism of check and balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches to ensure a transparent administration that has integrity and is accountable to the people especially in matters of finance and government expenditure."

For the record, the Agong also spoke on the need for a strong and stable government that can function effectively to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and revive the economy. More about this in a while.

For the record also, the Agong had said in February that Parliament could reconvene even during the current emergency period on a date His Majesty deems suitable on the advice of the prime minister.

This, the prime minister has not done, as the government is of the opinion Parliament should not or cannot be "reopened" because of the pandemic. However, with the Agong's latest decree, will the PM come forth with his advice for Parliament to reconvene?

In an immediate response to the Istana Negara statement, Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan, minister in charge of Parliament and Law, said the Agong did not set a date on when Parliament should reconvene."The Agong did not specify which month the sitting should be held. He only said as soon as possible," said Takiyuddin in a live talk show on social media organized by Harakah, the mouth piece for PAS. Takiyuddin is the party's secretary-general.

He is right that the Agong did not specify when Parliament should reconvene. But if I may ask, is it not that the onus is on the prime minister to advise the Agong on this matter? But to Takiyuddin, "the PM has already said Parliament will reconvene in September or October," referring to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's remarks when announcing his National Recovery Plan a few days ago.

But Takiyuddin ought to be reminded that Muhyiddin also said that would take place during the third phase of the recovery plan, obviously, when or if COVID-19 cases are under control, meaning this is not a done deal.

Parliamentary sitting and the emergency have always been a thorn for the Muhyiddin administration, with accusations aplenty that the emergency and the suspending of Parliament are political strategies to keep them in power, given their slim margin in the August House. And that it was "afraid" a vote of no confidence be called should Parliament reconvene. 

This despite the opposition saying motion on vote of no confidence will not be tabled considering the current situation. But somehow Takiyuddin saw it right to say once Parliament reconvenes, "let us not discuss other matters at the sitting as the Agong wants us to focus on COVID-19".

Anyway, as for the emergency, according to the statement by the Keeper of the Rulers Seal, "the Malay Rulers unanimously believe that there is no need for the state of emergency to be extended beyond August 1".

When the Agong consented to the government's request for a state of emergency be proclaimed, it was clearly stated it would be until August 1. However, of late there are concerns and even fears among many Malaysians that the emergency would be prolonged by the government using COVID-19 as a reason, or excuse if you like.

Now for a quick look back to last week when the Agong summoned political leaders to the Istana. Was the question of government brought up? We are not privy to such information. Hence we will never know. According to PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, although the opposition parties' stand on certain matters can be publicly stated, details of discussion with the Agong cannot be revealed. Naturally.

But going by what Tun Mahathir Mohamad said about him suggesting the formation of a National Operations Council or MAGERAN-like administration during his audience with the Agong, this can be seen (rightly or wrongly) that the issue of government was brought up.

Anyway, as said earlier, the Agong had spoken on the need for a stable and strong government. And as mentioned also, the Malay Rulers, too, spoke on the need to ensure a transparent administration with integrity and accountability to the people, noting also that the political temperature is heating up and should be de-escalated.

Naturally, people are having their own interpretation or reading with regards to the royal decree. To the folks who are pro-Perikatan Nasional, lowering the political temperature is for the government to be stable so that it can take care of the health and economic crisis the country is facing. On the other hand, there are people who say there is a call for a change in government through Parliament so that a stable, strong and capable government will emerge. Whom do you agree with?  - Mohsin Abdullah