31 January 2011

Berbaloikah kemenangan UMNO setelah belanja lebih daripada RM 3 bilion....

UMNO raya sakan kerana mereka dapat pertahankan Tenang dengan majoriti yang selesa. Tapi adakah kemenangan UMNO itu berbaloi? Apa yang UMNO/BN buat bagi meraih undi sebanyak 6699 undi untuk calonnya....

1. 119 kertas undi pos UMNO dapat 115 manakala PAS dapat 3 undi. Satu undi pos ditolak.Ini adalah undi fixed deposit UMNO/BN.

2. UMNO/BN membelanjakan lebih daripada RM3 bilion wang rakyat sebagai ‘rasuah politiknya’ di Tenang. Najib Tun Razak sendiri telah mengumumkan rasuah politik awalnya kepada peneroka Felda sejumlah RM1.6 bilion dua hari sebelum hari penamaan calon. Felda ada lebih kurang 4000 pengundi. Satu lagi undi fixed deposit UMNO/BN.

3. Sepanjang masa kempen ramai‘pak menteri’ membuat tawaran, janji projek mee segera yang bernilai RM 1.4 bilion.

4. Rakyat Tenang dari golongan pendapatan rendah dan warga emas pula disogok dengan duit antara RM50- RM300, perkakas dapur, kain batik dan pelekat,beras dan gula dan bermacam2 janji untuk memenangi calon UMNO. Ini tak kira lagi jutaan RM yang ditaburkan oleh MCA melalui majlis makan malam,karoke dan tarian penari separuh bogel. UMNO,Najib dan menteri2nya pun suka acara tarian bogel ini. Sogokkan duit oleh NGO 1Malaysia menghangatkan lagi suasana.

Sepatutnya dengan taburan duit yang sebegitu banyak UMNO patut meraih 99.99% undi, biar calon PAS seorang saja yang tak pangkah BN. Tapi sekadar memperolehi 6699 undi daripada jumlah 9091 pengundi yang keluar mengundi memang tak berbaloi berbanding jumlah wang yang ditaburkan itu.

Bagi pengundi dari Felda mungkin sogokkan berjuta RM itu sudah cukup untuk memberi keselesaan hidup tak kisahlah walaupun harga barang kian melambung naik setiap hari. Mereka fikir duit yang bakal diterima daripada Najib boleh tahan sampai mati.

Rasuah politik berlaku terang-terang tapi sayang sekali SPR menjadi ‘buta’ dan ‘pekak’ kerana yang buat semua ini adalah bos mereka dari Putrajaya....


30 January 2011

N.05 Tenang - BN menang....

Azhar Ibrahim(BN) - 6699

Normala Sudirman(PAS) - 2992

Majoriti - 3,707

Peratus keluar mengundi - 67.00%


N.05 Bertenang dan menang di Tenang....

Cikgu Normala Sudirman pilihan kita.....

“Umno bagi duit ambil, bagi gula ambil, bagi kain pakai, bagi lembu makan dan bagi kertas undi pangkah PAS" - TG.Nik Aziz Nik Mat

Analisa Ilham Centre menyatakan bahwa BN akan menang besar, biarlah mereka(BN) alpha dengan angan2 mereka, namun aku percaya bahawa Normala akan menang akhirnya....

SAY NO TO BN........


29 January 2011

N05 Tenang has returned to the age of racial politics....

In this semi-rural constituency, rain and floods have dampened the turnout at ceramah and made for a low-key campaign. Walkabouts and quiet face-to-face campaigning, sometimes backed by 'gifts', have been the norm, as the BN aims to reach the lofty target of 5,000 majority and Pakatan Rakyat fights hard to win ground in an area that is far outside of its usual base. No question, political watchers are fatigued observing this 14th by-election since March 2008, and hearing the same old issues of money politics and racial politics shaping the outcome.

For some, the fight for a few thousand votes in the protracted struggle for power is a distraction and waste of money. With an estimated RM150 million cost for campaigns in this tiny constituency, it is no wonder that cynicism has set in nationally. It is important to understand that the Tenang by-election – its campaign and political significance – symbolise an ongoing climate change in Malaysian politics that has evolved since Najib Razak came into office. As with climate change generally, we do not yet know the impact, but its immediate effects are significant.

The Tenang contest will affect future campaigns and political fortunes, even though the actual result will likely remain in the BN column. Below, I describe three broad transforming features tied to Tenang and point to a few key factors that will shape the contest in tomorrow's outcome and the size of the majority.

Heightened racial politics

Ironically, since March 2008, racial politics in Malaysia has increased. This is largely due to the fact that the BN (and Umno's) loss of two-thirds has been painted as a loss for the Malays. Instead of reforming Umno, there has been more dependence on racial rhetoric and support to win back the Malay base and undermine Pakatan. This campaign has featured among the worst in racial discourse as the house-to-house campaigning in the Felda areas and other Malay areas has bordered on vitriol. Fear and insecurity has blended with negative racial stereotyping. It is ironic, since it has been couched with the gifts of 1Malaysia T-shirts and been conducted in a mixed constituency.

For the Chinese areas, the MCA has largely used its old mantra of Islamic state. Rather than fight the tide, the opposition has adopted a similar pattern of allocating areas ethnically, with the DAP focusing in the Chinese ground, PKR working the Indian areas and PAS predominantly in the Malay areas. While there is some crossover, the focus in how the voters are defined has been racial, with only limited attention to generational, occupational and gender dynamics. The campaign has largely centred on racial issues (linked to religion as well), for example, Interlok, handshakes, Islamic state and more.

Little attention has substantially centred on the challenges of governance in this area – limited investment in infrastructure (roads are in poor condition), flooding, employment and incomes. It is a fact that the political climate has returned to the age of racial politics. This gives the advantage to the BN, as it places strain on Pakatan. This racial campaigning is deepening ironically since Najib and Muhyiddin came into office, and being tied to the strategy of greater reliance on local machinery and networks. This post-March 2008 political climate change is troubling as it is increasing intolerance and further breaking down the cross-ethnic trust and cooperation that is essential to address the underlying challenges of governance.

New political terrain for Pakatan

What distinguishes this particular by-election is the fact that it is in Johor. Twenty years have passed since a by-election was held here, and generally the level of political competition from the opposition has been muted. This is after all a BN state, its home ground, especially for Umno. Contests for power are internal within the BN, within the MCA and Umno in particular. What is interesting is that this by-election has opened up Johor politically to the opposition by providing an opportunity to break new ground. The two parties that have the most potential to build their base in the opposition are PAS and DAP. It is no wonder that these parties are working hard to build their machinery. PAS has adopted a progressive face with an articulate local teacher, a woman who symbolises the reforms in PAS to move toward more inclusion and broader representation.

Normala Sudirman is not the first woman PAS has fielded in Johor and will likely not be the last. The results here - along with the upcoming contest in Malacca - will shape dynamics in PAS as they debate a return to the traditional conservative Malay base (and possibly ally itself with Umno) or move toward greater moderation and inclusion. Any gains will strengthen PAS' relationship in Pakatan, as its national ambition is increasingly tied to multi-ethnic cooperation. A similar dynamic is shaping DAP, as they picked up a number of seats in this state in March 2008. Whether they maintain or gain support is a test of its future possibilities. DAP has to come further out of its Chinese chauvinist shell to win multi-ethnic seats. Without Pakatan cooperation, winning seats in Johor is completely not viable.

Ironically, as the campaign focus is on racial communities, the need for cooperation is even stronger. Pakatan as a whole face a disadvantage as their machinery is relatively weaker in Johor and this contest is in a semi-rural area that has been relatively insulated from the influence of the alternative media. For the opposition, this by-election will at least allows the various parties to develop their machinery and explore whether the surprising inroads into Johor have taken root or withered. It is a test whether the political climate locally has changed, and whether attitudes in Pakatan remain nationally or racially/parochially focused.

Old battles in a new battleground

The BN has a clear advantage in Tenang. Its machinery is well-oiled and many of the most prominent national leaders are from this fine state. Johor has a tradition of grooming some of the most talented BN leaders. What has however undercut Johorean leaders nationally is the high level of internal competition. This is being played out here in Tenang. The most heated contest involves the MCA. In many ways, this by-election is perhaps the most important test for Chua Soi Lek. His credibility is on the line as he is being tested in his home state. It is not a surprise that he and son Chua Tee Yong, his political protégé, have featured prominently here in the campaigns as many see this by-election not just about the party president's future, but his son's.

Yet, the old Team A, Team B and Team C battle behind the scenes continues to simmer. Johor is a traditionally MCA safe territory, where their leaders are assured of winning their seats. All MCA seats in the state have become even more important as options for political survival elsewhere are shrinking. If MCA, and Chua in particular, do not deliver a respectable share of the Chinese vote in his home ground, it will undermine him. He will perhaps face as many challenges from within as from Pakatan. Beyond the number of votes will be the ability of the party to redefine and promote Chinese issues nationally. This is a hard test, due to the difficult climate non-Malay parties face within the BN as they fight to win back public support. It is unclear that the Islamic state issue and Chinese New Year gifts are enough to swing voters to MCA. The question is whether Chinese voters in Tenang have moved beyond these old tactics.

For Umno, the weight of responsibility lies with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. He is the head honcho locally, and seen as decisive in selecting the candidate. Former district officer Mohd Azahar Ibrahim has yet to come out of his shell, but he has been adequately sheltered under the Umno and BN umbrella. He is capable and articulate, like many talented Johoreans, although not well-known locally. Yet, in keeping with the heated contests of Umno Johor, the infighting issue has not gone away. Not all of the possible contenders for the seat are happy with the candidate. The challenge will be to assure that Umno is united. This is something that Najib and Muhyiddin face nationally as infighting for position remains fierce and as the number of winnable seats has contracted with the losses in March 2008 and loss of state governments.

Infighting in Johor is not as easily resolved with promises and financial rewards as elsewhere, and while short-term accommodation may be made; the long-term divisions are real and difficult. The current political climate change nationally revolves around an Umno that is about personal position, not necessarily delivery and governance, despite Johor's valuable inputs in Umno. The failure to win substantial gains among Malays will also have similar negative impact nationally, undermining Muhiyddin, at least until the next by-election. Setting an unrealistic target has put even more pressure on BN internally. How the BN manages itself internally is crucial for its success and Johor could not be a better ground to assess how the infighting is playing out.

Four other key factors

Beyond these factors – old racial politics, opposition making inroads with better machinery, BN infighting – there are four other factors that will shape tomorrow's outcome. First is voters turnout. The winning majority will be determined by how many people go to the polls. But the weather is not helping. It's wet and damp, just the type of weather one wants to curl up and stay at home. Second is the return factor of outstation voters. An estimated 20 percent of the electorate resides outside of this constituency. Who comes home, and in what numbers, will be crucial. The youth work in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and many have come home from last night. How many, remains an open question. These outstation voters cut across all races.

The fact that campaigning has essentially been going on for a month points to a significant number of returnees. Almost all working outside are young. The youth vote is crucial, and it will likely be divided racially and by location, with Singapore shaping the outcome of Tenang more than any other by-election. The Singapore factor potentially works in favour of the opposition as there is less Malaysian mainstream media penetration in the island republic. Many are also not happy to have to leave their country to earn a livable wage.

Third is the gender dynamic. The attacks on Normala Sudirman – including the nasty cyber-attack on her first marriage – and her husband have raised concerns. It is always hard for political parties to have a male-female contest. Attacks on women and their family are often not well-received by voters. This is an important undercurrent. Finally, and not surprising, is money. Johor is not used to money politics to this degree. Tenang does not have the same level of hardcore poverty as other constituencies such as Galas, but this is not to say that money does not talk. It is a powerful determinant in the estate areas, where conditions remain pitiful, and in some of the Felda areas where there is inadequate land to support second and third generations of families. Money and promises are flowing liberally. Whether the voters opt for the money in this more global and wealthier state remains to be seen. The low-key nature of opposition-BN politics in Johor may make the money more attractive as voters are assessing whether a vote for the opposition will make a difference.

The mood on the ground is quietly watchful. Many voters have already decided how to vote. The level of passion and political discourse is muted, but the sense of purposefulness among the voters is clear. They know their vote is important. The final election results will be determined by the final push from both contending sides – whether financial and otherwise – and it is crucial that voters go out to vote, even in the rain. Don't expect a flood - a major swing in votes - but by tomorrow evening, the results will point to new water levels and currents that are constantly evolving. One thing is certain, the political fortunes of both BN and Pakatan will be shaped by this quiet constituency.- Bridget Welsh(Factors that will shape tomorrow's outcome)



N05 Tenang - ILHAM Center ramal BN dijangka menang...

Laporan banci badan penyelidikan bebas ILHAM Centre yang dikeluarkan pagi ini menunjukkan calon BN sehingga kini mendahului PAS dengan majoriti sekitar tiga ribu undi. BN dijangka memperolehi sekitar enam ribu hingga tujuh ribu undi manakala PAS pula dikatakan akan hanya mengutip dalam lingkungan empat ribu undi. Berdasarkan hasil dapatan silang kaum dengan soalan parti mana dijangka menang, BN dijangka memperolehi 73.1 peratus undi Melayu, Cina (48.6 peratus), India (50 peratus) dan kaum lain (75 peratus).

Menurut ILHAM, kajian dijalankan pada 26 hingga 28 Januari 2011 lalu untuk melihat perspektif pengundi terhadap parti, calon dan kecenderungan pengundian mereka. Tinjauan selama dua hari secara komprehensif ini dilakukan di sebuah daerah mengundi dengan menemubual pengundi berdaftar secara bersemuka di 10 daerah mengundi daripada 13 daerah mengundi di DUN berkenaan. Calon BN, Mohd Azhar Ibrahim atau lebih dikenali sebagai “Tok Ai” mendapat 91.4 peratus dikenali oleh pengundi. Manalaka Normala Sudirman atau lebih popular dengan panggilan Cikgu Mala mendapat 79.6 peratus undi di kalangan responden.

Kajian juga memdapati jentera PAS di Tenang kali ini cukup agresif dalam siri-siri kempen dan ziarah rumah ke rumah. Dengan menyasarkan undi wanita dan kakitangan kerajaan terutamanya guru, tema Cikgu Mala dilihat signifikan dalam strategi kempen PAS. Jentera PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat juga dilihat belum mempunyai daya tarikan untuk mengubah pendirian politik golongan peneroka Felda, meskipun terdapat sedikit sinar harapan terutama generasi kedua Felda yang mempunyai pendirian politik rasional untuk memilih Pakatan Rakyat.

Di kawasan bandar Labis dan beberapa lokaliti majoriti pengundi Cina, ILHAM mendapati, tahap sokongan pengundi Cina kepada PAS tidak ketara walaupun terdapat protes senyap di kalangan pengundi Cina.



Terrorist link - Hishamuddin orders probe against Anwar....

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak sidestepped questions on whether he had complained to Saudi Arabia that two princes in its royal family were funding his arch rival Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose Pakatan Rakyat coalition is gaining ground against his government which is expected to call for snap general elections soon. "This is a Saudi investigation. I don’t wish to comment,” Malaysian Insider reported Najib as saying.

Given the embarrassing nature of the incident sparked by a secret report unveiled by U.S. broadcaster CNN, Najib's refusal to add to the scandal is not surprising. In fact, he has already retaliated by asking his cousin Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein to probe Anwar for his "terror links".

"It's got nothing to do with Najib. It is just a CNN report linking him (Anwar) to a terrorist organization. I have asked the terrorist taskforce and I have asked the Special Branch, and they are linking up with the Saudi's intelligence to find out to what extent is Anwar Ibrahim linked to this terrorist group," Malaysiakini reported Hishammuddin as saying. "This is not a political issue. This is a security issue - like it or not, we must take this seriously."

What CNN actually said...

Oddly, Hisham's closing comment eerily echoed Anwar's when opposition chief had demanded that Parliament investigate Najib's powerful strategic communications adviser APCO for having links with the Israeli secret service, Shin Bet. Anwar had warned of risks to Malayisa's national security, partly due to fears of APCO's influence in Najib's foreign policy. Speculation is rife that the powerful New-York based firm was the puppet-master behind Najib's international maneuvers.

Hisham and other BN media have been quick to cover up for Najib after he was caught out in the lie by the international community. They have tried to turn it around and are accusing Anwar of links to terror groups. But the CNN news report published on its site http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/meast/01/27/saudi.terror.funding/ is quite clear. The first 5 paragraphs read as follow:

"In August last year, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was not happy with Saudi Arabia. He complained that the Saudis appeared to be funding an opposition candidate, Anwar Ibrahim, in upcoming elections.

"What's more, the Malaysian authorities suspected two senior Saudi princes of involvement. The Saudis launched an investigation, and uncovered something very different -- and more alarming.

"A secret report seen by CNN concludes: "There is no evidence any Saudi official ever supported Anwar Ibrahim" and "claims of support from the Saudi royals named in the initial report [names reda
cted] were found to be without basis."

But the investigation found that hundreds of millions of dollars of Saudi money had been funneled to leading Islamist politicians and political activists overseas. It also found that al Qaeda and the Taliban were still able to use Saudi Arabia for fund
-raising, despite numerous measures to choke off those sources of cash.

"According to a Saudi source who is not authorized to speak publically, "People close to the senior leadership of the Taliban live in Saudi Arabia and send money back" [to the Taliban]."

An eye-opener for the world

Yet despite the clarity of the report, Najib has seen fit to order his troops to cover up for him with further falsehoods. In his trips overseas, he has tried hard to lobby for support against Anwar, persuading world leaders that he was not the villain behind the conspiracy to jail Anwar on sodomy charges. But the latest response from his media, government and cousin is an eyeopener - not only for Malaysians but also for the international community. Keeping a close watch on developments are powerful foreign investors and diplomats. Anwar's supporters say the BN's retaliation only underscores the unreliability and insincerity of Najib's administration.

"We cannot be flip about this. We are talking about a very dangerous regime that is being advised by a very dangerous entity. Malaysia is in real danger now because it is being run by desperate people who have everything to lose. They will try to get away with anything, and that is what makes the prospect of Malaysia becoming like Zimbawe and Myanmar no longer small," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Fear of being brought to justice for corruption

Malaysians themselves have little doubt that the going will get even rougher in the months ahead. Most anticipate that Najib and his BN allies will stage a coup in order to cling to power. The BN's biggest fear of giving up federal control is that the Pakatan will seek redress for the massive corruption they committed during their five decades in power.

Just days ago, deputy Trade minister Mukhriz Mahathir said the government would not probe a Global Financial Integrity report that revealed Malaysia experienced illicit outflows of funds totalling US$291 billion or RM881 billion during the period 2000 to 2009. Mukhriz is the son of former premier Mahathir Mohamad whom Barry Wain, an Asian Wall Street Journal editor-turned-author, had accused of having squandered US$100 billion in corrupt and wasteful deals during his time in power.

Umno politicians have also accused GFI, a well-known global think-tank, of being an obscure group with suspicious motives. The Washington-based body has today offered to help Malaysia trace these illegal outflows. All eyes are now on whether Najib, who is also the finance minister, will dare accept the GFI offer as a probe could unravel the misdeeds chalked by his colleagues and himself, if any.

Najib's nightmare

In any event, Anwar has demanded a full-scale probe. “There must not be a cover up. It is stealing from the country and keeping it in foreign banks, institutions,” Anwar had said. The 63-year old opposition chief is not only fighting sodomy charges he has accused Najib of fabricating, but has also been suspended from Parliament for 6 months for exposing APCO's link to the Israeli secret service, Shin Bet. This means that Anwar will be locked out in the coming March parliamentary session.

The BN is expected to ram through a slew of "security" laws including tight curbs on the online media in preparation for snap polls forecast to be called later this year and which Najib has already vowed to win "at all costs" including" crushed bodies", "lost lives" and "ethnic cleansing". “It shows how afraid Najib is of Pakatan Rakyat in the coming General Election,” Anwar said in an early morning statement issued in the wake of the CNN bombshell.

I won’t be surprised that the Prime Minister is constantly going overseas not to tap foreign investments but also to defame and tarnish me.”

source:malaysia chronicle

Mula sodomy,penderhaka, pengkhianat bangsa,agen Zionist/US dan sekarang pengganas,apa lagi yang Najib dan penyangak2nya mahu lagi? Mungkin nak tuduh curi teloq si Muhkriz kot!!! Alahai skrip drama tak habis2 punya cerita...

Najib kata,"This is a Saudi investigation. I don’t wish to comment" Dont wish to komen kepala otak dia...bukan Najib kah yang pergi mengadu kat kerajaan Saudi?

Read'Anwar a terrorist?' here.


28 January 2011

Suddenly 'First Lady of Malaysia' directory in PMO website disappeared...

The directory page of the Prime Minister's Office website carrying information on a mysterious and much debated "FLOM division", has been removed. That division has been the subject of widespread ridicule on blogs and various online forums, all unanimously agreed that the acronym stands for "First Lady of Malaysia".

Some bloggers argued that the listing on the directory shows that it is a full-fledged division in the PMO meant to serve Rosmah Mansor, wife of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Among others, some bloggers had posted videos clips of telephone calls to one Nurul Rosemiemmy Khasimi @ Mohamed, listed under the FLOM division directory as an "assistant officer with special functions". In one video a caller fails to talk to Nurul Rosemiemmy with the person at the other end saying that she was away accompanying one "Datin Rosmah".

'Cabinet level recognition'

Another showed a caller asking a person, supposed to be Nurul Rosemiemmy, the meaning of "FLOM" but is refused an answer. The division's existence was detected several months ago by bloggers but only came under intense scrutiny following Rosmah's 15-day visit to Muscat, Oman; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

During her tour, Rosmah met Oman's Deputy Prime Minister Sayyid Fahad Mahmood Al-Said, Saudi Education Minister Price Faisal Abdullah Mohamad Al-Saud and Bangladesh Premier Sheikh Hasina. Once over, there were news reports that her visit would boost bilateral ties, and investments, among others. Her high-profile three-nation tour had raised eyebrows, with some bloggers remarking that the level of diplomatic recognition accorded Rosmah was akin to that of a cabinet minister. In between her overseas trips, Rosmah briefly returned to Malaysia to attend Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's wedding bash to a Syrian woman .

Najib accused of lying

In a related development, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said the existence of the FLOM division was proof that Najib had lied in the Dewan Rakyat. Kok pointed out that in Najib's reply to Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong, the premier had said then that Rosmah had no travel allowances or full-time staff. He had also added then that under the law, the premier's spouse is allowed to claim for expenses only when accompanying him on official visits. Kok said that the existence of the FLOM division as originally listed on the PMO website was proof that Najib had lied in his reply to Liew.

"The fact that the web page was suddenly removed a few days ago upon being criticised by the public makes the existence of this division all the more suspicious," she said in a statement today. Kok added that with this revelation, Najib must explain himself and admit that he had misled the Dewan Rakyat and all Malaysians. And 'first lady' Rosmah must explain to the public why she has stood silent and allowed Najib to lie, making her complicit to his deceitfulness, she added.

"As prime minister, Najib and his spouse must both be held to the highest standards of integrity if they are to lead Malaysia and represent Malaysia on the world stage. Our country's reputation and our children's future are at stake. "I urge all Malaysians to hold Najib and Rosmah accountable for all their misdeeds until the full force of justice falls upon them," said Kok.


Laman direktori sesawang Pejabat Perdana Menteri yang memuatkan bahagian F.L.O.M. yang misteri serta mendatangkan pelbagai perdebatan telah dikeluarkan.

Bahagian berkenaan telah sejak sekian lama menjadi bahan gurauan di blog dan juga forum online yang semuanya bersependapat abjad itu membawa pengertian "First lady of Malaysia" atau “Wanita pertama Malaysia”

Baca seterusnya di sini.

Atau F.L.O.M bermaksud 'FAT LADY OF MALAYSIA' dan perlu satu division dalam PMO bagi menangani masalah yang dihadapi First Lady of Malaysia Rosmah.....


No evidence of any Saudi official funding Anwar Ibrahim...

Prime Minister Najib Razak has last year put pressure on Saudi Arabia to investigate allegations that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim received campaign funds from the oil-rich state for the upcoming general election.

According to global broadcaster CNN, which has seen the secret report from the Saudi probe, it found no evidence that key Saudi personalities had financed Anwar. Najib had apparently told the Saudis that the Malaysian government suspected two senior Saudi princes of involvement.

"There is no evidence any Saudi official ever supported Anwar Ibrahim" and "claims of support from the Saudi royals named in the initial report [names redacted] were found to be without basis," CNN quoted the nine-page summary of the secret report.

In any immediate reaction, Anwar said the investigation showed that Najib was terrified of facing him in the general election, which is expected to be held either later this year or in 2012. “I'm not surprised that the prime minister would go as far as going overseas, not to attract foreign investments, but to stop and malign me,” said Anwar in the wake of the CNN report.

He said that Najib was so fearful of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat that the prime minister dare not accept the challenge for a public debate on the country's economic policies. Anwar has previously been accused by his detractors for his links to US-based think-tank International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), said to be a Muslim Brotherhood front involved in financing terrorist networks. The opposition leader is a former board member of IIIT, which was raided by FBI in 2002 on suspicion of links to terrorist financing, but no charges were filed.

Muslim Brotherhood gives support to candidates

CNN said that the Saudi investigation uncovered “something very different - and more alarming”. The probe found hundreds of millions of dollars of Saudi money had been funneled to leading Islamist politicians and political activists overseas, said CNN. “It also found that al-Qaeda and the Taliban were still able to use Saudi Arabia for fund-raising, despite numerous measures to choke off those sources of cash.

“The nine-page summary of the secret report states that the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political group present in many Muslim countries, was trying 'through its many affiliated charities and organisations - often with the funding of unwitting private Saudi citizens - to spread its influence by providing support for candidates in Islamic democracies'.”

CNN quoted a source who said that “money in Muslim Brotherhood hands was 'occasionally' given to terror group al-Qaeda. “The report reveals a complex web of Islamic charities and banks - often involved in funding legitimate humanitarian projects - as unwitting facilitators of the illicit transfers.

“And it says that over several decades 'a handful of Saudi and other Arab individuals and organisations' were supporting 'the same groups that Arab, US and European governments have long suspected of having close ties to extreme militant organisations that have been accused of supporting terrorist activities around the world'."


Kenapa Najib begitu sibuk nak siasat perkara yang tiada,sedangkan banyak perkara yang ada, berlaku dalam negara ini yang perlu diberi perhatian diketepikannya diantaranya;

1) rasuah yang melibatkan tokoh2 politik BN
2) aliran keluar wang haram,
3) kematian misteri spt kes TBH,Kugan dsbnya,,
4) salahguna kuasa oleh institusi kerajaan,tokoh politik dan penjawat2 awam,
5) amalan rasisma dan memainkan sentimen agama yang kian meningkat.


27 January 2011

N05 Tenang-Felda's Malay voters too reluctant to accept opposition....

With DAP making significant inroads among the Chinese voters, all eyes are now on the 7,014 Malay voters, who will be instrumental in delivering the 5,000-vote majority BN seeks. More than half of the Malay voters live in the three Felda settlements in Tenang - Felda Tenang, Felda Chemplak and Felda Chemplak Barat - which alone account for 4,118 registered voters.

The former BN assemblyperson for the seat, Sulaiman Taha, bagged 80 percent of the votes cast in these three settlements in the last general election in this northern Johor constituency, despite the '2008 political tsunami'. Soaring commodity prices have boosted the settlers' income. Each family is earning between RM2,000 and RM10,000 a month, therefore the issue of inflation propagated by the opposition does not resonate with them.

Since nomination day, PAS campaign activities and ceramah in these areas have drawn a lukewarm response from the settlers. Some of these were attended only by campaign workers and Pakatan Rakyat supporters from outside. Even PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, who easily attract huge crowds in election campaign trails, lost their charm here. The settlers prefer to sip their teh tarik at nearby stalls or watching Astro channels from home, rather than listen to fiery speeches.

Meanwhile, PAS-linked Persatuan Anak Felda (Anak), made up largely of the second generation of Felda settlers, is facing competition from a new pro-BN organisation, Jawatankuasa Badan Bertindak Generasi Kedua Felda, which plays the same role as Anak, but aims to find solutions to Felda problems through "internal channels". The night ceramah of the opposition leaders could not make any significant impact in the conservative settlements, unlike the Umno machinery that focuses on welfare, and which adopts more personal touches, such as religious classes for women, sports competitions and motorbike service training for the youth.

Second generation's angst

However, dissatisfaction is brewing among the second generation of Felda settlers over issues related to insufficient agriculture and housing land, and the lack of job opportunities. When the government launched Felda settlements in 1960s, 10 acres of land were given to each settler. When their children inherited the land, problems arose because one of the children would become the trust holder, who is supposed to distribute the yield to the other siblings. However, there is no law or guideline to ensure a fair distribution of the yield, leading to disputes among the siblings.

In addition, if a settler has many children, a 10-acre land is hardly enough to support all of them. Apart from agriculture land, the children need to apply for housing land, since the settlers are allowed to build only one house on the plots originally given to the settlers. Felda settlements are also not able to keep the youth as job opportunities there are limited. Those with lower qualifications who do not want low-level jobs, such as lorry drivers or plantation workers, usually ended up in the cities as urban poor. These are the problems that BN needs to tackle before they are capitalised by the opposition.

The one-day visit by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to all three settlements before the nomination day was a pre-emptive strike to defuse the disgruntlements. His announcement of a RM8.5 million allocation for infrastructure development and 500 housing lots to second generation Felda settlers did convince residents there that the government was working on solutions to their woes.This is followed by Prime Minister's Department deputy minister Ahmad Maslan who announced yesterday that the Johor government would address the issue of insufficient land by giving out lots to the children of the settlers. However, Ahmad said, the government policy was to encourage the children to lead a better life outside the Felda settlements, just like Malays elsewhere.

But, as the opposition has pointed out, how successful has been the government in preparing these Felda youth to compete in the urban areas? The difficulties faced by the second generation of settlers have given opportunities to the opposition, but their first challenge is to break the information barrier in these areas, where most folk read Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia every day.

Felda's 'two fathers'

A Malaysiakini survey in the three Felda settlements showed that most residents there were not aware of the issues raised by opposition, such as BN candidate Azahar Ibrahim's alleged corruption in a land sale, PAS candidate Normala Sudirman's 'handshake' dispute and the Islamic state agenda, which have been hotly debated by leaders from both sides. Many of them were thankful to the 'two fathers' - Azahar's father Ibrahim Daud, the former Tenang assemblyperson, and Najib's father Abdul Razak Hussein, who started the Felda programme. Najib's decision to take over Felda portfolio in 2004 and to portray himself as a successor to protect his father's legacy gives the settlers more reasons to support Umno.

On the other hand, one of the 10 commitments in Pakatan's 100-day pledge - to dismantle Felda plantations and open up its farms to second and third generation Felda settlers - has apparently been roundly rejected by the settlers. Dismantling the very institution that pulled them out of poverty is, to them, unthinkable. Unless, of course, PAS, in the three days left for campaigning, is able to effectively convey its message to the Felda voters in Tenang that alternative solutions to their problems are possible. Otherwise, a heavy defeat for PAS in these three Felda settlements is imminent.- Kuek Ser Kuang Keng



Judge James Foong to chair RCI on TBHock...

Federal Court Judge Tan Sri James Foong Cheng Yuen will head the Royal Commission to investigate the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

Other members of the commission are:

* former Federal Court Judge Datuk Abdul Kadir Sulaiman, 72;
* former Appeal Court Judge Datuk T. Selventhiranathan, 68;
* Penang Hospital Forensic Pathology Consultant Specialist Datuk Dr Bhupinder Singh, 59, and
* Cyberjaya Medical Science University College's faculty of medicine dean Prof Dr Mohd Hatta Shaharom, 59.

The commission is to:

* inquire whether or not there was any impropriety in the conduct of the examination of Teoh in the course of an investigation into a into a Shah Alam report 0052/2009 by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in relation to its standing orders and practices and to recommend any appropriate action, where necessary, and

* inquire into the death of Teoh and the circumstances surrounding and contributing to his death.

The commission has three months from the date of their appointment letters, to complete its investigation and submit its report to the King.

In a statement today announcing the appointment of the commission members, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had given his consent to the government’s proposal to set up the commission under the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950.

Teoh, 30, the former political aide to Selangor New Village Development and Illegal Factories Task Force Committee chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead on July 16, 2009, on the fifth floor corridor of Plaza Masalam, where the Selangor MACC office is located on the 14th floor.

He had been questioned as a witness by the MACC over alleged misappropriation of Selangor government allocations.

After a public inquest stretching 18 months, the coroner announced on Jan 6 that Teoh's death was neither suicide nor murder, citing insufficient evidence. The attorney-general has applied to the High Court to revise the verdict.

Apart from the five-member royal commission panel, the director-general of the Prime Minister’s Department’s Legal Affairs Division, Datuk Saripuddin Kasim, was appointed commission secretary. In addition, three civil servants -- Legal Division I deputy head Amarjeet Singh, deputy public prosecutor Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud and deputy public prosecutor Kwan Li Sa – were appointed the commission's facilitators.


Satu lagi wayang daripada Najib sempena PRK Tenang,Merlimau dan Pelabuhan Klang. Mungkin nasib RCI ini akan berakhir seperti RCI video Lingam. Orang yang disahkan bersalah oleh RCI,gomen takut nak ambil tindakan.....

Pakatan Rakyat dah cadang RCI ini sejak dulu lagi tapi gomen bangang ini ketegaq....


26 January 2011

Muhyidin Yassin minta Khalid letak jawatan tapi mahukah Muhyidin letak jawatan dulu....

Any Menteri Besar who fails to gain the support of the majority in the State Assembly sitting should step down, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He said the failure to gain the majority support showed the poor credibility of the Menteri Besar concerned.

"By right, he (the Menteri Besar) should resign for failing to get the majority support of the State Assembly," -Bernama

Muhyidin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri kita telah menyarankan supaya MB Selangor TS Khalid Ibrahim meletakkan jawatan sebagai MB negeri itu kerana gagal mendapat 2/3 majoriti dam sidang khas Dewan Undangan Negeri itu 24hb yang lalu untuk meminda perlembagaan bab 52 Negeri Selangor.

Dalam persidangan khas itu PR mendapat 34 undi dan selebihnya dari BN mengundi menentang usul untuk mendaulatkan Sultan Selangor dengan mengembalikan apa yang ada dari Tuanku Sultan sebelum dirampas oleh Perdana Menteri pada 1993 dahulu. UMNO/BN menentang usaha untuk mengembalikan kuasa itu kepada Tuanku Sultan dan kepada UMNO, PR adalah pihak yang derhaka kepada kebawah Duli Tuanku kerana PR hendak mengembalikan kuasa itu kepada Tuanku.

Rupa-rupanya UMNO ini sudah tidak keruan. Benarlah kata setengah orang yang UMNO kita ini sudah hilang hidayah. Menesabahkan PR pula yang derhaka kepada Duli Tuanku kerana hendak memberikan kuasa kepada Baginda? Patutlah ramai alim ulamak yang zuhud berkata yang kini dunia sekarang adalah dalam akhir zaman, yang salah nampak betul dan yang betul dikatakan salah.

Sekarang kita sudah nampak dengan jelas yang UMNO benar-benar tidak menghormatan perjanjian persekutuan dahulu dan jika ada usaha untuk mengembalikan kuasa bab52 itu kepada Tuanku Selangor itu adalah penderhaka.Ini pandangan yang sangat gila. dan Muhyiddin meminta pula supaya Khalid meletakkan jawatan.

Sebagai salah sebuah negeri yang terkandung didalam Persekutuan, Selangor dan rakyatnya mesti dihormati mengukut lunas demokrasi dalam persekutuan ini. Biarlah rakyat dalam negeri-negeri yang berdaulat didalam persekutuan itu berbicara dengan Rajanya untuk menentukan apa yang patut dilakukannya terutamanya didalam isu Raja dan Kerajaan yang dibawah naungan Baginda.

Usaha untuk memecah belahkan kerajaan Selangor dengan kebawah Duli Tuanku Selangor nampaknya tidak surut-surut dan saya yakin ianya akan berhenti apabilan Tuanku Sultan sudah bersalah-salahan dengan rakyat Baginda sendiri. Jika ini berlaku maka mudah bagi pemimpin diPutrajaya melakukan semua perkara tanpa halangan, termasuk usaha untuk membunuh demokrasi serta Raja berpelembagaan negara kita.

Muhyiddin memberikan sebab kenapa Khalid perlu meletakkan jawatan, Kata beliau Khalid tidak mempunyai sokongan dua pertiga dari Dewan Legislatif Selangor maka adalah wajar Khalid untuk berhenti. Tetapi orang ramai ingin bertanya, kenapa Najib dan Muhyiddin serta keseluruhan pemimpin diPutrajaya tidak meletakkan jawatan kerana kerajaan BN diperingkat persekutuan juga tidak mempunyai sokongan 2/3 itu.

Saya adalah orang yang pertama yang akan memberikan sokongan kepada mana-mana kerajaan untuk meletakkan jawatan jika tidak ada kuasa 2/3 dalam Dewan-Dewan Legislatif. Jika itu pandangan Muhyiddin mari kita memohon dengan cara yang baik supaya Muhyiddin dan kerajaan pimpinan beliau dengan Najib meletakkan jawatan dan memberikan rakyat membuat pilihan sekali lagi.

Selepas itu Kerajaan Selangor dan mana-mana kerajaan negeri yang tidak mendapat 2/3 sokongan didalam Dewan Undangan pun menyusul kemudian dan memberikan hak kepada rakyat Selangor pula untuk membuat pilihan. Apa-apa keputusan yang kita dapat kita terima dengan ‘gentleman’.

Apa macam Tan Sri?? Setuju??? Kalau bersetuju mari kita mulakan usaha itu mengikut lunas yang betul dan kita serahkan kepada rakyat untuk membuat keputusan. Ok tak Tan Sri??? Saya seronok betul kalau kita mengaku yang kita juga tidak mempunyai sokongan 2/3 diDewan Parlimen dan memberikan rakyat membuat pilihan lagi sekali secepat yang mungkin. Kalau setuju katakan setuju, kalau tidak setuju katakan tidak setuju!- Aspan Alias


Read'Time for Khalid to quit as MB or Muhyiddin to get some Math tuition' here.


Why is EC ignoring Port Klang seat...

Selangor state legislative assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim has queried why the Election Commission is not discussing the Port Klang vacancy when it meets on Friday.Teng said the EC today announced it would be discussing the vacancy to the Merlimau state constituency that day, according to its secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria.

I am puzzled why the EC does not want to fix the same date to discuss the Port Klang by-election, as the EC was informed about Port Klang on the same day as Merlimau, ie Jan 21, when my office announced the vacancy,” he said.

“I had made the vacancy declaration on Jan 19, by virtue of Article 69 of the Selangor constitution 1959, and the notification together with a copy of the declaration had been sent to the EC on Jan 21.”

Teng said the EC had to bear in mind that Article 70 (5) of the constitution states a casual vacancy shall be filled within 60 days from the date on which it occurs.

Any delay on the EC's part to call for a by-election for Port Klang within 60 days thereof would raise public suspicion over the independence and neutrality of the EC. The EC should not be seen to be in collusion with any political party or any individual to delay or avoid the due process of election as it would be seen as abdicating its constitutional duty,” he said.


Macam biasa,kerana kerusi yang kosong itu adalah kerusi UMNO(katak PKR lompat masuk UMNO) maka SPR liat sikit. Bukankah SPR kena tanya 'bos' mereka di Putrajaya dulu sebelum buat apa2. Sapa kata SPR ini badan bebas......


25 January 2011

N05 Tenang - BN candidate abused his power as a land administrator....

The PAS campaign in Tenang made its first attack against Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Azahar Ibrahim, accusing the former land administrator of abuse of power while serving in the Segamat land office.

Johor PAS deputy chief Dzulkefly Ahmad claimed today that Azahar had caused a private land to be auctioned illegally in 2003 resulting in a legal action against the Umno man.

“It is unfortunate that Umno or the candidate has failed to share the facts with Tenang voters,” Dzulkefly told a press conference.

The Umno candidate as the Segamat assistant land administrator had carelessly issued an order to sell off the property owned by Mansor Mohamad without his knowledge,” he added. Dzulkefly said the land was auctioned in late 2003 for RM70,000.

“Based on the above facts, the question is why a candidate which has been proven by court to be reckless and negligent in discharging his public duties was nominated by Umno to represent the Tenang constituency,” said Dzulkefly.

Azahar was the Rengit assistant district officer when he resigned last week to enable him to contest in the January 30 by-election.

source: malaysian insider

Datuk Azhar Ibrahim(AI) sudah lupa dengan salah guna kuasa yang pernah dilakukan malah sudah diketahui oleh seluruh warga di Segamat! bangkai gajah mahu ditutup dengan tudung saji "Pelanduk mudah lupakan jerat" - milo suam

Baca seterusnya di sini.


24 January 2011

Selangor govt. fails to change state law,no 2/3 majority....

As expected, Umno refused to vote in favour of amendments to the Selangor constitution, depriving the Sultan, the state government and Selangorians the right to appoint the top civil servants of their own state. The motion for the amendments was voted 34 to 20 in favour of Pakatan but it fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass into law. There are 56 seats in the Selangor state assembly.

"From today onwards, let it be recorded in history yang menderhaka Sultan ialah Umno dan Barisan Nasional or the ones who betrayed the Sultan was Umno and Barisan Nasaional," Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh said on Twitter.

Najib conspicuously absent

The special sitting which began at 9am ended only after 6pm due to prolonged and fiery debate. There was also a peaceful march staged by NGOs linked to Umno to protest the sitting, which has embarrassed Prime Minister Najib Razak who also heads Selangor Umno.Not surprisingly, Najib did not turn up or offer any explanation for not coming to support his team.

Pakatan leaders had expected an orderly special sitting despite eleventh-hour hue-and-cry from Umno leaders over proposed amendments aimed at returning the right of appointment of the secretary, financial officer and legal adviser of the state back to the Sultan and the Mentri Besar.

"There may be a show of support from friends of both groups but we don't expect a repeat of what happened in the Perak sitting. That was under a different situation where a power grab had occurred and the BN was stirring up trouble to make Nizar and his team look bad," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"But at the Selangor sitting, Umno won't dare although it may be itching to lash out because the Sultan has given his consent and that speaks volumes. Some people say this is a Pakatan smokescreen but what are we screening? Did we start this fire or was it Najib and his scheming? At the end of it all, if the motion is carried, the power will return to the state government and thereby the Sultan which was the original constitution and where the power should rightfully be placed. All Selangorians need to do is ask themselves, why should the power of appointment rest with the federal government? Obviously, there were changes and Mahathir did not tell the truth or told only the 'partial' truth."

Why should power be vested in the federal government?

Tian was referring to comments made by former premier Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday that there had been no changes to the "federal" constitution. Selangor administrators have slammed the 85-year Umno strongman for amending state rules when he was in power to enable the federal government to consolidate its grip over the state's administration.

Selangor is the richest of Malaysia's 13 states and has been ruled by Umno-BN from 1957 till 2008, when its unpopular chief minister Khir Toyo was ousted by PKR's Khalid Ibrahim.

Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim distributed copies of the proposed amendments when the sitting began at the Selangor state secretariat in Shah Alam this morning.

“This is not only about the rights of the Selangor rakyat but it's the rights of all rakyat. We need all the support and assistance to make Malaysia a democratic country but as highlighted earlier today, there are still a lot of matters that require our attention,” former Bar Council president and civil society leader Ambiga Sreenevasan told a Respect the Vocies of the Selangor People rally on Sunday.

Does S'gor belong to BN or to itself?

Ambiga also heads Bersih 2.0, which is an advocacy movement that campaigns for free and fair elections. There are growing fears that Prime Minister Najib Razak's insistence on appointing Umno stalwart Khusrin Munawi as state secretary was a prelude to another coup d'etat akin to the power grab he engineered in Perak in 2009.

Speculation has been rife that Khusrin - a mere Grade C officer - was intentionally appointed because of his loyalty to Umno. He is believed to be Najib's co-ordinator for a plot to use Rela or volunteer army officers to act as phantom voters in the next election. Should Umno still fail to topple Khalid, Rela will be used to stir up street riots so that the federal government can implement emergency rule and indirectly take over the state.

The state secretary wields significant influence, and very often, whoever holds this position must also have the trust of the Mentri Besar and state executive councilors. This lack of trust forms the basis for Khalid's objection to Khusrin, who has been accused of bias and unfairness in carrying out his duties. The 54-year old Khusrin is the former head of the state religious department and has often been accused of plotting to embarrass Khalid and his government.

"If Selangor Umno is smart, they would have endorsed the amendments and checkmated Khalid. If the bills are passed, do you think it will be so easy for Khalid to drop Khusrin. Khalid too has to show his respect to the Sultan. But sad to say, intelligence is not Umno's forte, so the bill may fail because of the slimmest margins," Tian said.

"Not only is Umno doing a disservice to the Sultan, they are telling Selangor people the state belongs to BN and the federal government. But we are saying Selangor belongs to Selangorians. Selangorians choose their own government and this government must serve them and the Sultan first and foremost."

source:malaysian chronicle

One thing is clear that Pakatan Rakyat at least has got the guts to call for the amendments knowing that it will not succeed. A typical UMNO trade-follow the Lord of Putrajaya(Najib) blindly.

Now we know who the penderhaka are......Saya harap DYMM Sultan Selangor dapat menilai siapa yang menyokong tuanku.

UMNO berpura2 setia kepada Sultan sebaliknya menentang tujuan baik kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat untuk mengembalikan semula kuasa Sultan....

Tindakan ADUN UMNO/BN tidak menyokong usul PR sekali gus menunjukkan yang mereka tidak mahu mengembalikan kuasa kepada Sultan. Kerajaan Selangor telah berjaya membuktikan siapa yang berbohong dalam isu mendaulatkan Raja-Raja Melayu ini.

Seandainya rakyat Selangor serius mahukan perubahan maka mereka terpaksa berusaha untuk mendapatkan 2/3 kerusi yang ada. Ini bukan lagi satu impian tapi satu realiti yang boleh dicapai,ubahlah sekarang....

Read 'Selangor constitutional change: Winners and losers' here.


Dr.Chua Sooi Lek - Tanya kenapa bini Mahyuddin pakai tudung sedangkan Rosmah bini Najib tidak....

Kempen pilihanraya Tenang menjadi tak tenang kerana dihangatkan oleh Presiden Dr.Chua Sooi Lek yang berkata,

Diikuti pula oleh Ketua Wanita Gerakan yang berkata,

Pemimpin2 yang bercakap itu adalah kaum kerabat BN, maka pemimpin2, para ulama UMNO, pecacai UMNO Perkida dan Perkasa mendiamkan diri. Lebih2 lagi media UMNO Utusan Meloya pun tak muat berita tersebut. Tapi,bayangkan kalau Lim Guan Eng atau mana2 pemimpin DAP yang cakap macam tu, dah tentu-tentu geng songkok hitam 3 inci PERKASA riuh demo di sana-sini 7 hari 7 malam.

Aku tak mau komen panjang memadailah aku cilok komen MSO yang aku perturunkan di bawah ini dipetik daripada blog Merah Tinta,MSO. Aku rasa MSO telah memberi penjelasan yang cukup padat. Sila baca selanjutnya....

Soal kenapa 'Shopia Loren' (Islam) tidak bersalam dengan lelaki bukan muhram rasanya sudah difahami sedalam-dalamnya oleh pengundi beragama Islam di Tenang, Johor. Sepatutnya perkara itu tidak menjadi masalah. Adalah menghairankan kenapa pemimpin Islam dalam UBN tidak menjelaskan perkara itu kepada Chua Soi Lek atau Ng Yen Yen atau mana-mana pemimpin kafir yang jahil murakab mengenai Islam.

Normala Sudirman calon Pas di Tenang adalah orang Islam yang mengambil berat kepada perintah agamanya. Jadi sebagai orang Islam dia wajib patut kepada peraturan dan hukum hakamnya. Mereka yang tidak mematuhi kepada hukum hakamnya bermakna ia tidak memathui hukum yang diturunkan Allah. Munafik. Sebenarnya juga menjaga aruat diri lebih penting dari menjadi calon dalam pilihan raya. Jadi kalau Normala tidak bersalam dengan lelaki bukan disengajakan tetapi ia adalah perintah Allah dan larangan agamanya. Sepatutnya hakikat ini difahami dan tidak mudah untuk mengecerkan kejadian itu sebagai isu dan modal politik murahan.

Johor adalah negeri yang kuat agamanya! Ewah.... Semua rakyat di negeri itu diwajibkan bersekolah di sekolah agama pada peringkat pre sekolah lagi. Ini kehebatan negeri Johor. Saya tidak tahu kalau agama Islam di Johor berbeza dengan agama Islam di tempat lain termasuk di Arab Saudi, Iran, Iraq dan Kelantan. Rasanya ia sama, sebab Quran dan Hadith yang sama digunapakai sebagai panduan. Tetapi bila Muhyiddin Yassin tidak menegur Chua Soi Lek yang tidak faham ('jahil zindik') mengenai hukum hakam Islam adalah satu kesilapan dan sesuatu yang tidak patut berlaku. Tindakan Muhyiddin itu boleh dianggap sebagai membiarkan agamanya diratah oleh kafir. Kafir ertinya mereka yang tidak beriman kepada Allah.

Sebelum ini Umno menuduh Pas memperalatkan agama untuk kepentingan politik. Menjadikan agama sebagai topeng dan sebagainya. Nampaknya kali ini tuduhan itu terbalik kepada Umno. Ke mana perginya Ustaz Seri Ganding untuk memberi petunjuk dan menunjukkan kebenaran kepada Soi Lek. Apa yang Jamil Khir lakukan bila Soi Lek mempersoalkan hal itu? Apa sudah dihalal dengan duit ke? Orang Cina Johor termasuk Chua Soi Lek tidak sepatutnya mempersoalkan kenapa Normala tidak bersalam dengan jantan bukan muhram. Tetapi dia sepatutnya mempersoalkan kenapa Puan Sri Noraini isteri Muhyiddin memakai tudung. Beliau kena tanya Noraini atau Muhyiddin sendiri. Ada perbezaan di antara isteri Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Noraini dengan isteri Perdana Menteri, Rosmah Mansor. Rosmah tidak pakai tudung. Noraini pakai tudung. Ini yang perlu Soi Lek tanya dulu baru dia boleh persoalkan kenapa Normala tidak bersalam. Belajarlah mengenali Islam dari hal Rosmah dan Noraini ini. Belajarlah menghormati agam Islam seperti mana orang Islam menghormati agama anda.

Untuk pengetahun Soi Lek atau Yen Yen itu bukan kebetulan. Bukan bermakna kepala isteri Muhyiddin botak dan dia mahu lindungi dengan bertudung dan kepala Rosmah tidak botak maka dia tidak perlu pakai tudung dan boleh lowos begitu saja. Pemakaian tudung itu juga bukan fesyen tetapi tuntutan agama yang diyakninya. Soi Lek dan Yen Yen kena tahu ini. Malanglah kalau hidup bersama orang Islam berabad-abad tetapi masih jahil mengenai adat Melayu dan adat agama.

Dalam agama Islam berzina, bermukah adala berdosa. Ia berbeza dengan agama Soi Lek yang boleh berzina dengan sesiapa saja. Hak asasi yang Soi Lek sebagai manusia tidak boleh disamankan dengan hak seorang muslim. Misalnya Soi Lek boleh melakukan seks di mana-mana dia suka dan rakam dengan video. Tetapi perbuatan begitu tidak boleh bagi orang Islam. Begitu juga Soi Lek boleh minum arak, makan babi, masak atau mentah, tetapi orang Islam tidak boleh, haram. Soi Lek atau mana-mana bukan Islam kena faham keadaan ini. Jangan kerana menerima slogan 1 Malaysia maka kita hendak samakan apa yang kita boleh lakukan atau apa yang kita makan kita juga beranggapan orang lain boleh berbuat begitu. Jangan.. kerana kita boleh makan babi kerana tidak loya, maka kita hendak ajak orang tidak boleh makan babi makan sama.

Kejahilan Soi Lek mengenai soal bersalam dengan bukan mahram ini sepatut diajar oleh orang Umno yang Islam. Jangan biarkan Soi Lek mempertikaikan apa yang Allah telah tetapkan. Dan jangan pula kerana isu itu boleh dijadikan modal untuk menang pilihan raya maka dibenarkan. Jangan pula kerana Pas menggunakan agama untuk memang, maka Umno yang mempertikaikan membenarkan juga kerana untuk menang. Mufti yang selalu bercakap itu juga patut buat fatwa khas untuk Soi Lek.

Saya cukup bimbang kerana inginkan kuasa dan mengekalkan kedudukan kita akan membiarkan apa saja tektik dan strategi dilakukan hatta ia bertentangan dan diharamkan Islam. Jangan! Jagalah kesucian agama Islam. Jangan sesekali membiarkan agama kita diperkotak katikkan oleh rakan bukan segama dengan kita. Benar boleh berkawan tetapi kalau kawan jelas mengkhianti kita maka ia perlu diperangi.- Mohd.Sayuti Omar(MSO)


Aku rasa kalau Chua Sooi Lek dan Tan Lian Hoe boleh mendapat jawapan kenapa bini Mahyuddin pakai tudung, sedangkan Rosmah bini Najib tidak, barulah depa ni layak buat komen tentang calon PAS Normala.....

Read 'Squabbling over a handshake' here.