27 April 2018

Dicekop tika buat laporan polis pasai video...

Ahli jawatankuasa DAP Pulau Pinang, Jeffrey Chew Gim Eam pergi ke ibu pejabat polis di Jalan Patani untuk memberi keterangan mengenai klip video anti-DAP.

Bagaimanapun, apabila beliau tiba di ibu pejabat polis itu pada hari Selasa lalu, beliau ditangkap dan diarahkan melalui prosedur OKT (orang kena tangkap).

"Saya hanya pergi ke sana untuk beri keterangan saya selepas laporan polis dibuat mengenai video itu," katanya kepada Malaysiakini.

"Tetapi polis menahan saya, saya diarahkan menurunkan cap jari saya dan gambar saya diambil," tambah Chew, yang merupakan timbalan pengurus besar Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang.

Namun, Chew tidak tergugat dengan kejadian itu, berkata beliau tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan yang membolehkan penangkapan itu.

Polis sita telefon bimbit

"Mereka membiarkan saya pergi selepas dua jam," kata Chew, 50 Polis menyita telefon bimbitnya.

Menurut peguam RSN Rayer, polis sedang menyiasat Chew di bawah Seksyen 4 Akta Hasutan 1948 dan Seksyen 233 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998.

Chew ditahan selepas ahli majlis Bandar Raya Pulau Pinang, Grace Teoh Koon Gee membuat laporan polis mengenai video berdurasi 59 saat itu pada 23 April lalu.

Klip video yang menyinggung itu menunjukkan rakaman yang mengatakan undi untuk PKR bermakna undi bagi "pemimpin DAP rasis, hak-hak LGBT, nepotisme, kronisme, campur tangan asing serta pemansuhan hak dan sistem beraja Bumiputera".

Gambar pemimpin HARAPAN, termasuk Pengerusinya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan gambar hartawan George Soros, editor Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle Brown, serta ahli perniagaan Vincent Tan dipaparkan dalam video tersebut.

Rakaman itu kemudian menyorot ke imej kertas undi dengan tanda pangkah yang ditandakan di dalam kotak logo BN. Pada awal video itu, tanda pangkah telah ditandakan di dalam kotak lambang PKR. - mk

DAP member nabbed,over anti-DAP video

Komen Dr.M tentang sekatan terbaru terhadap 
PH dalam menghadapi PRU14 ini...

JKKK UMNO mengamuk orang kampung semua 
lari gi kat ceramah PAS kpg bukit palah Melaka...

Reject Najib and His Dedak-Fed Enablers...

Prime Minister Najib Razak is painful to listen to; I have long ago tuned him out. His shrill voice grates. He raises it often when he tries to make a point. Instead, all he succeeds in doing is to sound like a hooker who has been spurned. His frequent and irritating hand gestures make him look like a monkey in heat. He mangles his rojak “Manglish” to the point of being incomprehensible. Those would be hilarious if caricatured by a consummate comedian. Najib however fancies himself a mesmerizing orator with a great stage presence. Such divergence of fantasy from reality!

Those irritating habits are not enough to ignore him. After all, he is Prime Minister. The reason I tuned him out is less his inability to discern fantasy from reality rather that the stuff coming out of his mouth nauseates me. What he utters is also dangerous to Malaysia. Likewise his actions; he is unabashed in his support for the rabidly racist “red shirts” in his party. Way back when he was UMNO Youth leader, he was notorious for his racist taunts, as with brandishing his keris dripping with tomato sauce, to symbolize Chinese blood. He soiled, literally, a hallowed icon of our culture.

Compared to those, his telling Malaysians and the world that the billions he received from Saudi Arabia that ended up in his personal bank account was a generous “gift” would seem benign and ordinary, more so in corrupt Third World Malaysia.

I do not fault Malays in the kampungs for believing him on that one. Not that they are gullible. Far from it! Rather they harbor and cherish the old Malay values of respect and trust in our leaders. Malays are tolerant of their leaders to a fault. However as with everything else, there is a limit to that.

What I find incredulous is the gullibility of his ministers and officials. Even the sultans bought into Najib’s spin, or to be more accurate, Najib bought them! Kampung folks call that dedak, the rice husks they feed to their chickens. Throw some into their pen and they would rush in. Then all you had to do was close the barn door behind you. You had secured those birds for the night.

Najib’s dedak comes in many guises; for his ministers, continued appointments; senior officials, promises of post-retirement lucrative GLC directorships; and party apparatchiks, headships of statutory bodies or an ambassadorship to Timbuktu. For the sultans, a few lucrative contracts thrown their way and they would then outdo the similarly dedak-fed ulama in quoting hadith on the importance of loyalty to leaders.

Back to that earlier generous Saudi “donation.” First he claimed that was “reward” for Malaysia’s fight against ISIS. Then when reminded that ISIS was formed much later or that he had once urged his UMNO Youth members to emulate them, Najib backed down. Those millions then morphed into an outright “gift.” Even Najib did not believe that for he later claimed he had returned it. I wonder at his donor’s reaction to that!

The man cannot keep his story straight. He is a liar.

Gift or donation, that transaction triggered massive legal proceedings in no fewer than five jurisdictions, including the mother of all lawsuits, the American DOJ civil asset forfeiture under its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI). Switzerland and Singapore have jailed a few of the involved principals. The DOJ suit euphemistically referred to Najib as “Malaysian Official 1,” the top culprit.

Unlike many in Malaysia including his current nemesis Mahathir, my low expectations of Najib began much earlier. If not for his many enablers, Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh in particular, men indebted to his late father, Najib would today be at best nothing but a middling civil servant in one of the many backward districts in Pahang.

Image result for Tun Razak

Unlike Najib’s many enablers, I discerned Tun Razak’s many sinister sides in Najib. So too his kampung constituents back in Pekan, for Najib had a near-death political experience there in the 1999 election when he squeaked in by a mere 241 votes out of a total of over 26,000. The number of rejected votes far exceeded his majority. The influx of “late” postal votes from the army tipped the balance for him. At that time he was the Minister of Defense.

Tun Razak is today hailed a national hero; his body rests in the Heroes Mausoleum at Masjid Negara. Less acknowledged is that he enlisted in the Japanese Army during The Occupation. Today his son Najib carries on that traitorous tradition. Najib (and UMNO) collaborates with China’s Communist Party, forgetting that it helped its Malaysian counterpart during the brutal Emergency years.

Tun Razak’s hypocrisy is also well hidden. He claimed to be a nationalist and a champion of Malay language. He exhorted Malay parents to enroll their children in Malay schools. Meanwhile he sent all his to English schools, and in England to boot. I wonder where he found the money for that; his minister’s pay would not do it. Najib inherits that hypocrisy. He exhorts everyone to be frugal and adjust to the high cost of living triggered by his GST. Meanwhile he and his family jet worldwide and vacation on luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, at taxpayers’ expense of course. His stepson, whose father was an army officer, owns luxury condos and mansions in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. He did at least until the KARI lawsuit.

Most unpardonable as well as dangerous of all is this: Tun Razak was instrumental in the ugly race riots of May 1969 following a drubbing his coalition suffered in the very divisive general elections. This upcoming May 9th general elections have already degenerated into an even uglier and more divisive battle, except that the polarization this time is now among Malays in contrast to the interracial one, specifically between Malays and Chinese, in 1969. This coming election could prove even uglier and more vicious.

Najib’s father divided Malaysians. Najib now divides Malays. Malaysians, Malays as well as non-Malays, cannot let him do that. Malaysians must never, ever let the country descend into another orgy of bloodletting.

Najib is a leader with unbounded greed, devoid of trust, lacking in competence, and most of all, without an iota of integrity. He is pemimpin takde maruah dan tak beramanah (amoral and untrustworthy leader). Voters must reject Najib and his Barisan. Do it for the country. Finish the job Pekan voters attempted to do and nearly succeeded in 1999. - Bakri Musa

Malaikat boleh beratur untuk mengundi PAS dengan syarat 
mereka ada Mykad dan mendaftar dengan SPR...

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Selepas PRU14 PAS-UMNO bakal belayar bersama...

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26 April 2018

Gambaq Dr.M pun SPR dah ketaq lutut...

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Keputusan terkini Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) mengeluarkan peraturan baru beberapa hari sahaja sebelum penamaan calon, menimbulkan rasa tidak senang Setiausaha DAP Wilayah Persekutuan.

Lim Lip Eng, yang juga calon Parlimen Kepong dalam kenyataannya mempersoalkan peraturan aneh melarang gambar selain presiden atau timbalan presiden parti digunakan dalam bahan kempen.

“Tiga hari lagi penamaan calon, dua minggu sebelum hari mengundi, bahan kempen sudah dalam proses cetak dan hampir siap untuk digantung,” keluhnya terhadap arahan yang begitu aneh.

SPR dalam kenyataannya mengehadkan penggunaan gambar pemimpin utama parti politik dalam bahan kempen dengan hanya membenarkan dua orang pemimpin utama parti dipaparkan pada bahan kempen.

Jawatan selain daripada Presiden (atau setaraf dengannya) dan Timbalan Presiden (atau setaraf dengannya) parti adalah tidak dibenarkan.

“Saya melihat ini sebagai cubaan SPR melarang penggunaan gambar mantan perdana menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dalam bahan-bahan kempen.

“Tak perlulah SPR berbasa-basi dengan pelbagai larangan dan sekatan,” kata beliau sambil mencadangkan supaya SPR mengharamkan sahaja penggunaan gambar negarawan terbabit.

“SPR takut apa?” soalnya.

Tun Mahathir telah dinobatkan sebagai calon perdana menteri Pakatan Harapan, menggantikan Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Pun begitu, ada usaha daripada pihak-pihak tertentu untuk menggelapkan perkara tersebut daripada pengetahuan umum.

Ini di samping keputusan Jabatan Pendaftar Pertubuhan, menggantung sementara pendaftaran Parti Pribumi Bersatu yang diterajui Mahathir, hanya beberapa hari sebelum Parlimen dibubarkan. – Roketkini.com

Will EC now remove Ku Nan’s posters in KL?

Malaysia Election Commission bid to block Mahathir posters from display...

Nik Abduh, dari Pasir Mas ke 
Rantau Panjang, tercampak ke Bachok

Selepas ditendang dari Pasir Mas dan disekat masuk ke Pengkalan Chepa, AJK Pas Pusat, Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Aziz dikatakan akan bertanding di parlimen Bachok pula, kata penulis terkenal Mohamad Sayuti Omar.

Menurut penganalisis politik Kelantan itu, jika bertanding di Bachok, Nik Abduh yang terkenal dengan ‘Audio Ana Tahu’ itu perlu ingat bahawa ayah beliau yang terkenal, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz pernah kalah di Bachok.

“Satu nota penting bagi Nik Abduh, ayahnya (Nik Aziz) pernah tewas di Bachok dan kekalahan ayahnya itu pertama kali dalam sejarahnya bertanding dalam pilihan raya,” kata Sayuti dalam ulasan di facebook beliau.

Menurut Sayuti, nasib Nik Abduh terumbang ambing dan gagal untuk memasuki Pengkalan Chepa kerana disekat akhirnya bergerak ke Bachok.

“Mulanya beliau dikatakan akan disandarkan untuk mempertahankan kerusi parlimen Rantau Panjang, apabila Zailah Yusuff dikatakan akan diturunkan ke DUN,” kata Sayuti.

Kata beliau, menurut perkembangan terbaharu, Zailah akan dikekalkan di parlimen Rantau Panjang, manakala kerusi Gual Periok yang dikatakan akan ditadinginya kekal kepada Muhamad Awang, atau Mat cikgu Awang Tok Mokpek.

Menurut Sayuti, Nik Abduh tidak lagi boleh bertanding di parlimen Pasir Mas yang dimenanginya dalam PRU 13 lalu kerana kegagalan beliau menjalankan tugas sebagai wakil rakyat di situ.

“Nik Abduh dibuang dari Pasir Mas apabila Pas Pasir Mas tidak yakin anak Tokguru Nik Aziz itu dapat mempertahankan kerusinya,” kata Sayuti.

Kata Sayuti, terdapat juga maklumat dari dalam yang Nik Abduh akan mengambil sikap berihat buat sementara dalam pilihan raya kali ini sekiranya beliau tidak diletakkan di Pengkalan Chepa.

“Kelmarin saya menghubungi orang dekat dengan beliau menasihatkan agar Nik Abduh harus berada dalam arus pilihan raya kali ini kerana jika beliau mengambil keputusan enggan bertanding menyebabkan beliau akan tertinggal jauh,” tulis beliau.

Nampaknya nasihat dan peringatn itu didengar, kata Sayuti.

“Pagi ini saya mendapat maklumat Nik Abduh diletak untuk bertanding di Bachok. Ini bermakna calon parlimen Bachok, Marzuk Shaari mungkin berpindah kerusi atau pun digugurkan,” katanya.

Jika ini menjadi realiti, 28 April ini pertarungan sengit antara Nik Abdul dengan Awang Adek Hussein daripada BN yang juga pernah memenangi kerusi Bachok dan juga pernah kalah.

Selain BN dan Pas, PH pula akan meletakkan calon dari Bersatu untuk mencuri kerusi dalam pilihan raya kali ini.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Pengerusi PH juga telah turun ke kawasan ini yang menyaksikan puluhan ribu manusia berhimpun di sini. - f/bk

Hendak Masuk Syurga Mesti Memiliki No.Ahli PAS

"Malu saya doktor' kata Pak cik tua yang juga seorang Doktor kpd Doktor...

Minda siapa yang tertutup.Saya share kerana disana ada banyak ilmu untuk dikongsi...

Penyokong dan ahli yang cerdik tidak marah kpd Pas tetapi marah kpd pemimpin pas yang hipokrit. Ramai sayangkan kpd perjuangan Pas.Ia parti Islam yang menentang pemerintah zalim dan korapsi.

Mereka sanggup bergadai nyawa dan rela meninggalkan anak isteri demi perjuangan. Ada ditahan ISA bertahun2 lamanya.Itulah pemimpin sejati dimiliki sebahagian besar Pas.
Tapi bila 'Penyakit' baru timbul akibat godaan wang dan imbohan kuasa politik maka perangai sifat dan tabiat pimpinan berubah.

Hinggapnya virus berpuak2 dan berjuak dlm parti muncul.Lebel melebel bagi memudahkan menjatuhkan pimpinan yang bukan sehaluan dlm pemahaman PRESIDEN bercambah bugar untuk di ternak.

Mereka memikirkan bagaimana cara pertahankan pemikiran presiden biarpun ia tidak menguntungkan perjuangan parti.

Akhirnya istilah walak tidak lagi berpijak kpd fakta berteraskan siasah Islamiah tetapi berpegang kpd pemahaman dicipta pemimpin kanan parti.

Kita lihat akhlak dan cara berhujah Dr Mahmud Zuhdi dari Pas.Jelas PAS membekalkan pemimpin pelapis yang gagal memenuhi kreteria sebuah gerakan Islam. Malah disana terserlah sikap angkuh sombong bongkak ujub riak dan takbur....Sirru ala barakatillah...Raja Laut - f/bk

Takkan PAS nak gigit tangan yang memberi...

No automatic alt text available.

BN's defamation is as thick as 
the Encyclopedia Britannica...

In a tit-for-tat, Lim Kit Siang said if he were to list down the slander from Umno and BN, it would be as thick as the entire 32-volume of Encyclopedia Britannica and would put the Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to shame.

Earlier, caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak said that if he were to compile the slander from the opposition, it would be as thick as the Kamus Dewan.

An online check by Malaysiakini revealed that the fourth edition of the Kamus Dewan has 1,817 pages, whereas the 15th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica's 32 volumes have 32,640 pages.

Meanwhile, Lim expressed his greatest sympathy to Najib, who said he and his family were often victims of opposition slander.

“But how could he be certain that opposition leaders were responsible for them? I myself have fallen victim to slander, but can I hold him (Najib) personally responsible?” he added.

The DAP veteran then challenged Najib to a public encounter with him regarding slander, for which political leaders can be held directly responsible.

“An encounter where each of us can cite five to 10 lies, fake news and false information in the past five years which the other must be held responsible.

“If Najib’s conscience is clean and he is prepared for such a one-to-one public encounter, let him say so, and we can move to the next stage of appointing representatives who will finalise the details with regard to the place, date and time as well as the conditions of such a public encounter – live telecast, audience participation, etc,” he added.

On Najib's accusation that opposition leaders who spread such slander do not know the meaning of respect or their responsibilities as an elected leader of the people, Lim said he agreed.

“Let Najib respond to my challenge to a one-to-one public encounter to let the Malaysian public know whether we have a prime minister who does not know the meaning of respect or responsibility as prime minister of Malaysia,” he added.

Over the past few days, Najib has repeatedly highlighted fake images and messages, which have been circulating on social media.

Blaming the opposition for this, he cautioned Malaysians against becoming agents of destruction by spreading such falsehoods. - mk

Link between Equanimity, 
1MDB not raised in Jakarta court...

A certified English translation of the South Jakarta District Court’s written judgement has confirmed that the it did not examine the ownership of the Equanimity superyacht and its alleged links to 1MDB.

Instead, the court merely examined technical matters pertaining the Indonesian police’s seizure of the vessel on Feb 28, in Teluk Benoa off the coast of Bali.

This is despite reports by Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, and other publications last week claiming that the court had ruled that the Equanimity is owned by the company Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd, and had nothing to do with 1MDB.

“Pre-trial examination of the application of the illegality of the suspect’s determination shall only assess the formal aspect, i.e., whether there are at least two legal (preliminary) evidence, and does not enter the matter of the case.

“A pre-trial ruling granting the request for the unauthorised determination of the suspect shall not invalidate the authority of the investigator to determine the person concerned as a suspect again after fulfilling the minimum of two valid legal instruments, unlike the previous evidence relating to the matter per se,” judge Ratmoho ruled on April 17, citing a 2014 Constitutional Court precedent that spelled out the jurisdiction of district courts in pre-trial matters.

A pre-trial hearing in Indonesia is analogous to a writ of habeas corpus in common law jurisdictions, such as Malaysia. Among others, it examines whether authorities had “sufficient preliminary evidence” to detain a person under investigation, or whether procedures relating arrest, investigation, and detention had been followed. 

A certified translation of his written judgement was lodged at the California Central District Court by Equanimity Ltd’s lawyers yesterday, as part of an ongoing civil forfeiture suit initiated by the US Department of Justice.

Malaysiakini has sighted a copy of the document. - mk

Kaitan Equanimity, 1MDB tak disentuh di mahkamah Indonesia

Related image
If The Economy Is So Good 
Why Are There 7 Million On BR1M?...

MO1 himself said if they did not collect GST the gomen cannot pay salaries of Civil Servants. Technically without GST the gomen is bankrupt. 

They have collected GST for three years. Now the purchasing power has dropped. The economy is going bust. The people are poorer.

Otherwise why are there 7 million people on BR1M?

If the economy is good then why does Moron talk about increasing BR1M payments? 

If the economy is doing good you should be reducing BR1M payments. Maybe Moron failed comprehension in school?

If the economy is doing so good why did the KR1M shut down? 

If the economy is doing so good why did the Ringgit crash? Yesterday the Ringgit was at 3.90 to the US Dollar. Good for exports but not good for the economy, overall.

The Ringgit has fallen about 20%. Weaker Ringgit means less demand for Ringgit. Less demand and worse, less value  for our goods and services. 

Before US$100,000 can buy FIVE containers of barang. Now they only need US$80,000 to buy the same FIVE containers. Or for the same US$100,000 they can buy SIX containers of the same barang. We work harder to become poorer. 

If the economy is doing so well why not the gomen abolish the GST? Gotcha.

Or reduce the GST to 2%? Gotcha again.

If the economy is doing so well, why not abolish more tolls? Or reduce the tolls? 

TNB is making billions in profits. Why not reduce the electricity tariffs? MO1 says economy is doing so well. Reduce the electricity tariffs doh...

No? Cannot? So what do you want to do? Increase the BR1M? - ostb

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25 April 2018

Nasib UMNO masih terumbang-ambing...

Related image

Di sebalik serangan dan dakyah jentera propaganda UMNO memburuk-burukkan Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN), Presiden UMNO, Najib Razak sedang menunjukkan tanda-tanda cemas menjelang Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 (PRU14) pada 9 Mei ini.

Perasaan cemas itu boleh dibahagikan kepada dua sebab utama; Pertama kerana gelombang sambutan luar biasa rakyat kepada HARAPAN seluruh negara, dan sebab kedua adalah kemungkinan UMNO diharamkan.

Penangguhan pemilihan bahagian dan ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO yang berakhir pada 19 April 2018 setelah mendapat 18 bulan lanjutan daripada Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan (ROS) memungkinkan UMNO bukan lagi sebuah parti yang sah.

Bagaimanapun, Setiausaha Agung UMNO Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor dilapor berkata UMNO telah mendapat kelulusan ROS menangguhkan pemilihannya sehingga 19 April 2019.

Keadaan ini menunjukkan UMNO bukan sahaja menangguhkan pemilihan ahli-ahli Majlis Tertinggi bukan sahaja untuk 18 bulan tetapi 30 bulan sedangkan perlembagaan UMNO hanya memberi kuasa untuk menangguhkan pemilihan tersebut selama 18 bulan sahaja.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Ketua Parlimen DAP Lim Kit Siang, berkata, “Situasi yang melanda UMNO saat ini menyebabkan Najib tersentak kerana UMNO berkemungkinan menjadi parti yang tidak sah di sisi undang-undang,” ujarnya dalam kenyataan.

Beliau turut memetik kenyataan bekas menteri UMNO, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz yang berkata situasi ini menyebabkan Najib Razak secara automatik tidak sah sebagai Presiden UMNO, selepas 19.04.2018

Lebih menakutkan, Rafidah dalam satu kenyataan dilapor berkata “UMNO sebagai parti politik yang tidak sah selepas 19.04.2018, tidak boleh bertanding dalam PRU14 yang diadakan selepas 19.04.2018 !!!”

Situasi ini  mendorong enam belas anggota cawangan UMNO memfailkan permohonan untuk kebenaran semakan kehakiman untuk membatalkan keputusan Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan (ROS) yang membenarkan UMNO lanjutan masa untuk mengadakan pemilihan parti di semua peringkat.

Sikap ‘berlembut’ ROS untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap UMNO juga telah mengundang pelbagai kritikan mendakwa jabatan tersebut tidak berlaku adil.

Ia amat berbeza dengan tindakan keras jabatan itu terhadap parti-parti pembangkang sebagaimana dikenakan terhadap DAP dan Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

Persoalannya saat ini, di mana lagi talian hayat UMNO? – Roketkini.com


Apologise for what,
Rafidah asks Arul Kanda...

1MDB chief executive officer Arul Kanda Kandasamy has noted the absence of apologies from the firm's critics after the Indonesian courts found that the country's police had not lawfully seized the 1MDB-linked superyacht, Equanimity.

However, one of the critics he named, former international trade and industry minister Rafidah Aziz, questioned the need to apologise.

In an interview with the Singapore Strait Times yesterday, Arul Kanda said the yacht seizure had triggered a "coordinated and sustained" attack on 1MDB.

"There were so many negative comments against 1MDB and the government including by people like Rafidah and (former communication minister) Rais Yatim who had an axe to grind, (they) made all sorts of malicious and misleading statements.

"But (after the Indonesian court ruling) do you see any apology from Rafidah... from Rais... from the opposition politicians who were barking and braying about this issue? I don't think so," he added.

Rafidah, who is known as the iron lady, fired a salvo on Arul Kanda over his remarks.

"Apologise for what? For saying facts?" she asked.

She explained that her comments on the matter concerned the Malaysian authorities' inability to track the yacht or seize it, when the Indonesians could.

Turning the tables, the former minister claimed that it is Arul Kanda who should apologise to the people.

"Stop talking nonsense... Arul should try to explain, truthfully, the 1MDB mess to the rakyat who simply can't accept whatever he has blabbered on so far.

"I believe a lot of apologies are due to the rakyat?" she added.

The Indonesian police seized the Equanimity on Feb 28 in a joint operation off the coast of Bali with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The yacht's registered owner Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd challenged the legality of the seizure, resulting in the April 17 Indonesian court verdict in their favour.

The court found that the seizure of Equanimity did not follow the procedures laid out by its laws on mutual legal assistance and that the FBI should have requested Indonesia’s assistance via the Ministry of Law and Human Rights instead of the Indonesian police.

It ordered the police to return Equanimity to its claimant Equanimity Ltd.

The superyacht is one of several assets that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking to seize as part of its 1MDB-related civil forfeiture suits.

The department claimed that businessperson Jho Low had used US$250 million allegedly misappropriated by 1MDB to purchase the vessel.

1MDB has denied that any of its funds are missing. - mk

Mampukah DAP perintah negara?

Image may contain: one or more people and text

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24 April 2018

Bila dia tetiba dibagi tau tak boleh ikut rombongan...

Story kat SINI dan SINI...

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Dr. Puad Zarkashi, terutama sejak beliau kalah pada pilihanraya 2013 dan kemudian dilantik sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA.

Meskipun JASA adalah sebuah agensi kerajaan yang berperanan menerangkan hal-hal berkaitan dasar kerajaan kepada rakyat, tetapi Dr. Puad seolah-oleh menjadikan JASA alat propaganda untuk mempertahankan tubuh badan Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor dan menyerang Tun Mahathir Mohamad semata-mata.
Image may contain: 1 person, text

Apa yang tidak dipuji, dilambung dan diampunya Najib dan Rosmah dan apa juga yang tidak dikeji serta dihinanya Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Lantaran itu, Dr. Puad lantas dilabelkan oleh banyak pihak sebagai pengampu dan pembodek nombor satu kepada Najib dan Rosmah, satu kedudukan yang beliau sebenarnya berkongsi dengan Salleh Said Keruak.

Cuma, Salleh merupakan pengampu nombor satu yang berjawatan menteri, manakala Dr. Puad pula pengampu nombor satu yang hanya sekadar menjadi Ahli MT, selain sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA yang barangkali hanya diberikan atas dasar kasihan berikutan beliau kalah pilihanraya 2013 dan hilang jawatan timbalan menteri pendidikan.

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Sejak semalam telah tersebar satu surat yang kononnya ditulis oleh Dr. Puad yang menyatakan beliau akan meletakkan jawatan sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA serta akan bertanding sebagai calon Bebas dalam pilihanraya pada 9 Mei nanti.

Keputusan beliau itu digambarkan kerana tidak berpuas hati sebab tidak terpilih sebagai calon dalam pilihanraya kali ini.

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Sebaliknya UMNO dan BN dikhabarkan telah memilih Ketua Wanita Batu Pahat, Haliza Abdullah sebagai calon BN bagi kerusi Parlimen Batu Pahat di mana Dr. Puad adalah ketua bahagian itu.

Tidak dipastikan sama ada surat itu benar atau palsu, tetapi oleh kerana sekarang sudah sah nama Dr. Puad digugurkan sebagai calon dan digantikan dengan Haliza, nampaknya surat yang telah tersebar luas itu seolah-olah adalah benar.
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Berikut adalah surat tersebut:- baca seterusnya...

Bagaimana pemimpin2 PAS berjaya 'dibeli' oleh UMNO

Shahrizat the first wanita chief 
to not contest a seat?...

Umno's wanita "talk big chief" refuses to stand anywhere. It is like Najib and Khairy not standing too. 

In what is viewed by many UMNO members both within the Wanita and the rest of the party as 'not surprising' Sharizat is reported to be dropping out or dropped out of GE14.

One wanita member said  "this was expected as the the majority of even the wanita feel that what she did Rafizi is wrong, "she was the guilty party here we all know that but,  a Malay has to suffer for exposing her wrongdoing'" to which I retorted, "Sin (Dosa) or wrongdoing?" and she replied,  "wrongdoing doing, bukan dosa."  I did not argue knowing UMNO people and how she could turn it into a religious issue especially since I am not a Muslim, but then she went on to say, "Rafizi also should not have exposed a Malay leader that way, that is not so good." I was really confused, I left it at that.

Will Najib sacrifice Pekan for the love Sharizat?

I was happy though,  even UMNO members expected Sharizat not to stand, and is that why after an initial attempt to stand in Bandar Tun Razak she pulled out?      

Another UMNO member cited Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,  he said "Zahid had requested  Najib not to field Sharizat, the source tells us that Zahid told Najib, "you can bring her through the back door, but do not field her for the GE as she is bound to lose teruk, teruk and that will mean UMNO loses a seat and is made a laughing stock off." Zahid and Sharizat are no real "Kissin Cousins" either.

Zahid apparently doesn’t want Sharizat to stand 

Najib has not made any comment on Sharizat to date, he may use dropping her as an example that anyone can be dropped and they must accept it as gracefully as she does knowing she is reluctant to stand and in doing so  he may then point to Sharizat, but little do most UMNO members know that she is personally requesting to be dropped, as she really can't win even if she stands in Pekan or Bagan Dato, and does not intend to humiliate herself.

Sharizat's reputation has taken a beating  since the famous "cowgate" scandal and it is not going to leave her unblemished throughout her political career, it will also come out strongly should she decide to contest the Wanita head's post if ever UMNO heads really do go into a free and fair party elections.

Sharizat is the worst performing Wanita UMNO leader since the inception of the wing in the party, she was the first to be defeated and that too by a young and green entry in the political arena, the daughter of  Anwar Ibrahim - Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Clueless,Pointless, Senseless

Sharizat was a three time incumbent of Lebah Pantai Constituency and in the 2008 election had won the seat by a  15288 vote majority, but just 4 years later in 2008 facing Nurul she lost the seat she had been expecting to win easily, lost it  by  a 2895 vote margin, resulting in Sharizat openly and weeping over her loss, she never expected it in her wildest dreams, and that too by a lady who was hardly even 28 years old then.

Sharizat would have been dropped much earlier, but she has very strong ties with a close confidante of Najib Razak, in fact his closest and it is spoken of even in the wanita circles, to the extent that many ministers fear to confront her on issues they do not agree with her on.

Her mother has forbade her to criticise Mahathir Mohammad, and recently when she opened a salvo on him it is reported that she received telling off from her mother. The  mother  knows, it was Mahathir who gave her the opportunities  in UMNO, although he did not influence the outcomes of the elections in the Wanita when Rafidah lost to Sharizat, that was done by other UMNO ministers including Badawi, Najib and some other senior UMNO SC members  who saw Rafidah as a strong contender for the DPM's  position. She was by far the best performing Minister in the Mahathir cabinet and all cabinet members from the other parties had great respect for her.

After getting Rafidah out of office during Badawi's tenure, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was never the same and took a huge bashing, Malaysia lost one of its best Ministers of International Trade, the other was Mahathir himself..

You only have to listen to the arguments of both Rafidah and Sharizat  to find out that the Wanita UMNO has never progressed since Rafidah's departure. The quality of talk is in itself so absolutely contrasting, one very eloquent with substance in her deliveries whilst the other talks like the woman who runs a mamak Teh Tarik shop.

So will a record of sorts be set in the 2018 General Elections?

Will the Head of the UMNO Wanita be dropped as a candidate from the Elections 2018? - itstoffeesturn

Cerita mengenai perjalanan trak INVOKE Rafizi Ramli melalui bandar, kampung, dan penempatan FELDA, yang mempromosikan rancangan Pakatan Harapan untuk membina sebuah negara baru. Parody berdasarkan lagu "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (terjemahan: Kehidupan adalah perjalanan yang indah), sebuah lagu dari filem Hindi Andaz, yang disusun oleh duo Shankar Jaikishan, ditulis oleh Hasrat Jaipuri dan dinyanyikan oleh Kishore Kumar.

The story about Rafizi Ramli's INVOKE truck tour through towns, villages, and FELDA settlements, promoting Pakatan Harapan's plans for building a new nation. Parody based on the song "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (translation: Life is a wonderful journey), a song from the Hindi film Andaz, composed by the duo of Shankar Jaikishan, written by Hasrat Jaipuri and sung by Kishore Kumar.

Notis: Tiket untuk persembahan "Comedy Court 20th Anniversary Show" (HGH Convention Centre, 24 Apr - 1 Mei 2018) boleh didapati di https://www.ComedyCourt.com.my

P015 Sungai Petani - BN taboq dedak...dedak...dedak...

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ROS gantung PPBM,mahkamah gantung cik RoS

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Pasai apa baju hijau pergi ke BN? 
Sebab pemimpin sudah kena beli...