30 August 2011

Salam Aidilfitri...

Kepada muslimin dan muslimat...

Maafkanlah jika ada terlanjur perkataan,
Diharap supaya jangan disimpan,

Kuberdoa selamat panjang umur murah rezeki,

Semoga Tuhan akan memberkati.

Berhati-hati di jalanraya...


29 August 2011

Utusan heavily distorted my speech says Mat Sabu...

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu has lashed out at Utusan Malaysia over its report that suggested that he had praised communist insurgents in the Bukit Kepong incident in 1950 as heroes.

In a press conference at the PAS headquarters in Perlis, Mohamad Sabu (left) said his speech at Tasek Gelugor in Penang on Aug 21 was heavily distorted in the Umno-linked daily's news report.

“I have listened to my speech again and compared it with the with front-page and page 5 reports by Utusan (on Aug 27) and its subsequent reports the next day.

“I believe that Utusan had put a spin on the article and exaggerated it to slander me and PAS,” said Mohamad, who is widely known as Mat Sabu.

He said he would be meeting his lawyers after the Aidilfitri celebrations to discuss possible legal action.
'Who is Goh Peng Tun?'

He said he had never referred to Muhammad Indera as a communist during the speech. “In fact, (the newspapers reported that) the leader of the insurgents was Goh Peng Tun. I have never heard this name until I read Utusan.

These are two examples of how Utusan is trying to slander me,” he said.
Mat Sabu in his speech mentions Muhammad Indera as the leader of communist attacks on the Bukit Kepong police station on Feb 23, 1950.

He argued that come every Merdeka Day anniversary, television programmes on the Bukit Kepong incident would be aired.

He said those who attacked the police station had contributed to the country's independence as the police at the time served the interestsnofn the British colonial master.

Mat Sabu said he raised this point to explain how contributions to independence from non-Umno elements were wiped out from history books.

'Use the ISA'

The Bukit Kepong incident had been frequently referenced as a symbol of Malay nationalism and bravery in the struggle against a communist insurgency.

The incident left 25 people dead, including 14 policemen and some of their family members, including several wives who took up arms against the insurgents.

Utusan's coverage of his speech triggered backlash from various historians, police figures and family members of the policemen killed in action.

Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Ahmad Jamil, the son of Jamil Md Shah who led the defence of the Bukit Kepong police station, both want Mat Sabu incarcerated under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for his speech.

More than 20 police reports have been lodged against Mat Sabu and the police have confirmed that he is being investigated under Section 505 of the Penal Code for making statements conducive of public mischief.


Mat Sabu: Utusan fitnah saya dan PAS

Mat Sabu Bukan Penghianat


Debating M’sia’s ethnic, religious divisions

Al Jazeera interviews Marina Mahathir, Khairy Jamaluddin and Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad on Malaysia's ethnic and religious divide.

Malaysia’s delicate issue of race and religion was put under the global spotlight in an interview programme aired by international broadcaster Al Jazeera yesterday. The programme – the daily run The Stream, aired live yesterday – touched on recent controversies which brushed Malaysia, including the issue of the use of the word “Allah”, the proselytisation of Muslims and the “racist” 8TV advertisement.

The programme was hosted by Derrick Ashong who interviewed well known political commentator Marina Mahathir, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and PKR’s Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad for their views on how to tackle the nation’s most prickly problems. Despite having differing views on who was to blame over the issues, all three agreed that Malaysia must move away from race and religion based politics for the nation to move forward.

Khairy, who is also the MP for Rembau, said ethnicity was gradually becoming a less important basis for politics and government.

“In Malaysia, people are moving towards post-modern politics that is not based on race and religion. It is not to say ethnic and religious issues are not important and do not gain traction among people, and of course it is being exacerbated by politicians.”

“But I would say, going forward in 10 to 20 years, ethnicity and religion as political issues would play less of an important role especially when people are more inclusive in their world view and the future of the country,” he added.

When posed a question on how Malaysia could promote the 1Malaysia concept when the ruling BN was still practicing race-based politics, Khairy rejected the accusation that BN could not bring about unity.

“I think that’s a very common criticism of the BN. I disagree vehemently with that categorisation. I don’t think BN is incompatible with national unity,” he said, adding that even the opposition has a party that was based on a single religion and another dominated by one ethnic group.

Streamlining the NEP

Khairy said despite having ethnic-based parties, the BN “works because we govern on the basis of consensus” and said “ultimately it is the policies that matter and the agreements between the parties for national interest”.

He was also asked as to how government policies can be fair if the federal constitution “enshrines an inherent bias”, to which Khairy said there was not a single political party currently willing to say that they would abolish Article 153 from the constitution.

“The constitution says specifically certain things are accorded to Malays and some to non-Malays. However, some of the policies have expanded that into other areas of economy and it has become overreaching. These are some of the things we can work on, these policies we can reform in the future,” said Khairy.

Khairy added that the government was trying to streamline the NEP to ensure it doesn’t distort the market, become an impediment to economic growth and that necessary help goes to deserving Malays.

“It is a valid criticism in the past that it went to undeserving bumiputeras and the politically connected. What we are trying to foster is an environment of merit and competition within the Malay community so eventually we can scale back some of these provisions to ensure a level playing field for all,” he said.

BN still in the past

Nik Nazmi, who is PKR communications director, meanwhile put the blame on racial and religious politicking squarely on the BN. He said that in Malaysia, times have changed and people have moved on, but “BN has not moved with the times and that creates the tension today.”

To a question on the government’s control of the media, Nik Nazmi said that the ruling coalition has used the race card to built a “seige mentality” in the population, which was very unhealthy.

“Race issues are consuming our attention disproportionately in Malaysia at the expense of discussions on health policies, economic policies and so forth,” he said. Nik Nazmi agreed that ethnic based politics could only be done away with when there are no more ethnic-based parties.

“This model is something of the past, it is destroying the Malaysian politics. It was said that a Malay politician may not have a single chauvinist bone in his body but in order to rise he has to play the race game.

“This is what happens in Umno. In multi-racial parties like PKR for example, I can’t be racist because I’ll be voted out,” he said.

Nik Nazmi said that the constitution may have its “idiosyncracies” that were unsymmetrical between the rights and freedom between the different communities, but added that the country was much fairer in the past.

“Equality is also one of the fundamental rights in the federal constitution. That is what we find increasingly ignored and forgotten,” he said.

Marina worried

Marina lamented the fact that race and religion were what politicians talked about all the time but said that Malaysia has “worked pretty well all this time”. However, she said, the issue now was “whether that balance that our forefathers envisioned are being disturbed, because now communities perhaps are taking bigger space, insisting and constantly griping about not getting their dues”.

Asked if she was referring the the Malay population, Marina said there were some politicians who continue to insist that they always have to have more. She expressed her worry that the future looked bleak if the unhappiness of the non-Malays persist, the braindrain continues and the Malays continue to have higher birthrates.

“Unless we have leaders who are really committed in ensuring the continuation of the Malaysian diversity, that’s the way its gonna go, sadly.”

Watch the web interview here.


Khianat: Wajah Nik Aziz diconteng salib

Nik Aziz posters in Shah Alam defaced with cross markings


28 August 2011

Where is Colonel Gaddafi...

The vanquished dictator becomes the world's most wanted fugitive, he may find one thing to his liking – the longer he can remain free, the more a legend will once again spring around him.

"As we saw with Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, (Radovan) Karadzic and (Ratko) Mladic, the longer it takes, the more chance they have of being spirited away to a place which is much more difficult to find,"

So how will Gaddafi stay on the run?

One likely solution will be to travel light – avoiding armoured or large convoys, or large bodyguard details that can be seen by drone planes. He will also steer clear of phones, for fear that his voice patterns could be detected by Western intelligence agencies' eavesdropping equipment.

As well as having millions of dollars in private cash reserves, he is also believed to have pilfered part of Libya's gold reserves to pay for his protection, according to claims last week by his former central bank governor, Farhat Bengdara.

Like Saddam Hussein, who was eventually found living on the outskirts of a peasant village near his home city of Tikrit, it is thought he may too try to return to his tribal roots, heading either for his coastal birthplace of Sirte, or the shabby desert town of Sabha, deep in the Sahara, where he was schooled.

Equally, Gaddafi might head to the Libya's desert south, a landscape of bare, lunar mountains and vast sand dunes which ranks as some of the remotest, emptiest territory on the planet, and may also host various purpose-built hideouts. An area the size of France, the region's lack of roads, searing temperatures and regular sand storms would make any prolonged manhunt a major logistical challenge.

However, businessmen from Benghazi have offered a bounty of two million Libyan dinars (£1.03 million) for Gaddafi's capture, a sum that could well tempt local tribes to turn bounty hunter.

But even if Gaddafi were to escape this way, few other countries would accept him.

Early on Saturday the Egyptian press agency reported that a convoy of six armoured Mercedes had crossed into Algeria from the southern border town of Ghadames, amid frenzied speculation that the cars could contain the Gaddafis.

One other possible refuge would be Zimbabwe, another non-signatory to the court, and on Saturday there were yet more wild rumours that he had fled in the dead of night to a suburb of Harare.

source:the telegraph

Mugabe hantar pesawat bawa lari Gadhafi


TV3 news on proselytisation fake, says NGO...

An NGO has lodged a police report against TV3 for allegedly fabricating news of a tuition centre in Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, trying to convert Muslims to Christianity, on account that the surau whose members were shown protesting the centre appears to be non-existent.

The group, Jingga 13, said the private TV station on Aug 21 aired a report during its main news bulletin (Buletin Utama) alleging that the tuition centre had been spreading Christianity to its Muslim students.

The news clip showed footage of jalan klang lama tuition centre tv3 report 4a group of about 50 from the Qariah Surau Al-Musyrikin led by a Mustapha Kamal Mohd Yusof - believed to be an Umno branch leader in Seputeh - gathered in front of the centre, protesting the proselytisation of Muslims

“The report is jalan klang lama tuition centre tv3 report 5meant to portray that there are efforts to spread Christianity through the tuition classes, to the point that it has caused the surau members to protest,” lamented Fariz Musa, Jingga 13's coordinator.

However, said Fariz, their checks suggest that no such surau exists in the area.

“From Jingga 13's investigations in the vicinity of the tuition centre in the Jalan Klang Lama squatter area, and from speaking with the locals there, we found that not a single surau exists in the area,” said Fariz, who is also a PKR exco member.

“The tuition centre is located in a squatter area populated mainly by Chinese and Indians, along with some foreign Indonesians.

“It was pretty clear the qariah and the surau reported on TV3 does not exist,” he said.

Surau name 'pokes fun'

Fariz also pointed out that the name of the reported surau itself is suspect, and appears to be aimed at poking fun.

“The name of the surau 'Al-Musyrikin' that was reported looks like it was intentionally conjured up.

“It is indeed impossible that someone would call their house of Allah with a name such as 'Al-Musyrikin' (non-believers).

“It's pretty clear that TV3 cooked up the false news and at the same time poked fun at Muslim places of worship with that name Al-Musyrikin,” said Fariz.

According to him, the residents in the squatter area concerned told him that the tuition centre has been there for years for the purpose of teaching Christianity to the children living in the area who are Christians.

“They comprise students who are Chinese, Indian and a small number of Christian Indonesians.

“There are no Muslims who attend Christianity classes there,” said Fariz.

The NGO lodged a police report today at Shah Alam police district headquarters against the TV station for maliciously spreading false news, that it said aimed at stoking religious and racial tensions, that at the same time had ridiculed Islam.

Meanwhile, the news report concerned has apparently been removed from TV3's website.(Check video below)

Berita 'murtad' TV3 palsu, kata NGO



27 August 2011

Even PR 'applicant' on electoral roll...

Yunasti Haris Lakmana permanent resident pr applicant green cardThe controversy surrounding the 1,000-odd purported permanent residents listed as voters on the Election Commission (EC) website took another twist with a temporary identity card holder found in the mix.

Following a tip-off by members of PAS Youth, Malaysiakini found that Yusnati Haris Lakmana, 27, who is listed as a voter on the EC website, is a holder of a temporary identity card.

A temporary identity card is green in colour, while permanent residents are given red IDs and Malaysian citizens, blue.

Checking the National Registration Department (NRD) database, publicly accessible on their website, revealed this.

The NRD check showed that Yusnati is a holder of a green identity card (MyKad), and has collected the card.

This means that Yusnati, a voter in the Chempaka state constituency and Pandan parliamentary constituency, is not yet a permanent resident but is in the process of applying to be one.

Malaysiakini has contacted the NRD, which said that it will run a check to confirm Yusnati's status on Monday as it does not operate on weekends.

'Technical' error says EC

The Election Commission said that it will only be able to run checks after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri break as the officer responsible is already on leave.

In the case of the 1,000-odd permanent residents previously found on the roll, the NRD and EC clarified that this was due to "technical negligence".

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof said that the NRD had neglected to update their database to show that these permanent residents had been granted citizenship.

Most prominent was the case of Mismah, an Ijok voter who had been listed by the NRD as a permanent resident on Aug 2.

Her status was updated on the NRD database four hours after Malaysiakini's checks on the same day, stirring up much speculation.

The NRD later clarified that Indonesia-born Mismah had, in fact, been granted citizenship on Jan 31, 2011 after 29 years as permanent resident.

However, no explanation was given as to how a foreigner with no qualifications managed to gain citizenship, when in the same period the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein himself told Bernama that citizenships were hard to obtain.


Pemohon PR dikesan pula di daftar pemilih

Kalau tak semak semua 1000 PATI pemegang PR akan mengundi dalam PRU ke-13 nanti. Pengerusi SPR cakap ini kecuaian teknikal...ptuiiiih!!! bangang punya alasan.

Sebenar ini adalah angkara SPR nak tambah pengundi hantu, agar UMNO boleh menang besar....


26 August 2011

'Pristine condition' of rectal swabs puzzles expert...

How is it that three cotton swabs retrieved from the rectum of sodomy complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan show no sign of degradation when tested some 100 hours later? This is the issue that is puzzling Australian DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald.

Describing the findings from the three swabs marked B7, B8 and B9 from the high and low rectal areas of he complainant as "pristine", McDonald (left) told the Sodomy II trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that this was "inconsistent with the history".

"This is because there is no sign of degradation and the samples are pristine," McDonald said, for the three samples were taken from Saiful's rectum 56 hours after the alleged sodomy, which took place between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

Saiful was examined by four doctors at Hospital Kuala Lumpur between 9pm on June 28 and midnight on June 29, 2008. Investigating officer Supt Jude Blacious Pereira had earlier testified that the samples were kept in a drawer in his air-conditioned office and handed over to chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong about 7pm on June 30, 2008.

Yesterday, McDonald, 60, told the High Court in Kuala Lumpur that the samples should ideally be kept in a freezer at minus 20 degrees Celsius. Questioned on the three samples by defence counsel Ram Karpal Singh, McDonald said the 'Male Y' DNA was prevalent in the low rectal swabs.

However, the witness noted, Saiful's DNA was prevalent in the high rectal swab.

"Hence, I cannot discount the possibility that Saiful's semen or sperm could be up in the high rectal area, based on the tests," McDonald said.

"Furthermore," he added, "the three samples from the swab are pristine, although they should have degraded under the circumstances."

Another Australian expert witness, Dr David Wells, had testified earlier that he would not take samples from a sexual assault victim 36 hours after the attack.

McDonald had also testified that such a sample would be deeply degraded after 56 hours.

Saiful's semen sperm in anus?

McDonald also explained that chemists Dr Seah Lay Hong(right) was guilty of “guessing” in treating Saiful's sample, as there was no indication in her report where the sample originates and that he did not use the same numbering system employed by the doctors.

“We have to assume where the swab came from as this is not reflected in Seah's report,” he said, adding Seah should verify where it came from in sodomy cases.

“It could come from a cigarette butt. Seah did not provide the information in the report. She has not reported anything on the sample whether it came somewhere or another.”

McDonald said Seah did not properly do the differential extraction process (DEP) test from the samples taken to resolve the issue of sperm and non-sperm cells.

This, he said, has to be done again and again until what is left are sperm and not other contaminants.
He said this has resulted in findings of Saiful's DNA in the rectum.

“That is the case of the complainant's semen is in his rectum,” he said, adding one cannot assume there is Saiful's sperm is in his own rectum initially but this had to be assumed following the results of the test.

“I would say Seah's evidence is a guess.”

Ram: Why is that?

McDonald: Because she did not slide on the receptacle and put it under a microscope to verify. That is only way to determine and if there is further, the process has to be repeated again to remove the contaminants.

Ram: Is it possible that there is Saiful's sperm in his anus.

McDonald: If she had done it properly, we can cut out on such a possibility. The sample taken cannot be relied on because (it contain Saiful's DNA).

Ram: Can we conclusively say that Saiful's sperm is not in his anus?

No, she is guessing that there are other cells. She did not do the DEP test properly. The Male Y (allegedly Anwar's DNA) is predominant in B7 the low rectal swab. However, on the B8 (high rectal), Saiful's DNA was predominant.We cannot discount Saiful's sperm was up in his own anus, based on the result.

Anwar Ibrahim is charged with sodomising Saiful at the Desa Damansara condominium between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The trial continues from Sept 19 to 23 with McDonald's testimony.


Pakar bingung calitan dubur Saiful masih baik

Analisa Kimia Dr. Cheah Terlalu Lemah. Air Mani Saiful Sendiri Munkin Ada Di Duburnya

‘Pristine’ DNA profiles inconsistent with degradation, foreign expert tells Sodomy II

Dr.BrianMcDonald:: Lapurn Dr Seah(jabKimia) bukan dari sampel 28 Jun. Slide untuk mani tak dibuat. Mungkin sampel baru. Ujian untuk mani tak dilakukan.

Dr.BrianMcDonald: DrSeah's DNA report was based on fresh samples and not the June 28 swabs.No test done for sperm extraction.

McDonald has pointed out much disparities and ambiguities between what has been done and what the expects would do.

Aku rasa malu tahap pakar DNA Malaysia lebih rendah daripada pakar DNA Zimbawe....


Saiful's sperm in own anus...

Australian DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald remained on the witness stand for the second consecutive day in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial.

McDonald, who is the fourth defence witness, testified yesterday that chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong's testing was not according to international standards following errors in labelling and not swiping the sample on a receptacle.

This follows the discovery that two out of 10 samples having faulty labels when it was stated on the container that they were taken on June 26, 2008. This was despite that the medical examination was done on the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, on June 28.

McDonald also testified such incompetence behaviour could have resulted in the chemist being “sacked” from his or her job.

It was also revealed that the Chemistry Department's forensic division has yet to receive the international accreditation required when it was placed on probation in 2005. The probation had been extended twice since 2010, and it will end this October.

McDonald, who is also an evaluator for the 17250 international certification and standards, said that the chain of movement of evidence and the treatment of samples were vital in any investigation.


9.15am: Court proceeding begins with High Court justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah presiding.

DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald called to take the witness stand to continue his testimony.

9.35am: McDonald explains how a chemical called DTT is used to break sperm cell to retrieve DNA.

He says the samples were not label properly - they were only labelled B1 to B9.

9.42am: McDonald says chemist Dr Seah did not indicate where the swab came from. "The HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur) doctors did not use the same numbering system employed by her.

"We have to assume where the swab came from as this is not reflected in Seah's report," he adds. McDonald says Seah must verify whether the sample came from the anal and rectum in sodomy cases.

"It could come from a cigarette butt. Seah did not provide the information in the report. She has not reported anything on the sample whether it came somewhere or another."

9.51am: McDonald says what we have is DNA attributed from the complainant. "That is the case of the complainant's semen is in his rectum," he says.

9.53am: McDonald says you cannot assume Saiful's sperm is in his own rectum.

9.54am: The witness alleges Seah did not do the test properly as the complainant's DNA should not be there. "I would say Seah's evidence is a guess."

Ram: Why is that?

Dr McDonald: Because she did not make a slide on the receptacle. That is only way to determine.

9.58am: McDonald says it is possible that Saiful's sperm was in his anus.

"If she had done it properly, we can cut out on such a possibility. The sample taken cannot be relied on cause (it contain Saiful's DNA)."

Ram: Can we conclusively say that Saiful's sperm is not in his anus?

McDonald: No, she is guessing that there are other cells. She did not do the DEP test properly.

10.04am: McDonald says the Male Y is predominant in B7 the low rectal swab.

(It was earlier testified that 'Male Y' DNA was found on B7, B8 and B9.)

10.05am: McDonald says Saiful's DNA was predominant in B8 - the high rectal swab.

10.07am: McDonald says, "We cannot discount Saiful's sperm was up in his own anus."

10.15am: The DNA expert explains the strenuous process necessary to isolate sperm where the samples had "to clean" a couple of times.

10.17am: Defence lawyer Ram Karpal who has been doing the examination-in-chief of McDonald requests for a brief break.

Judge orders the court to stand down.

10.50am: Court resumes.

11.02am: McDonald goes through the results of the samples taken from Saiful.

11.21am: McDonald says there are partial profiles from the test conducted, but he cannot say whether it was re-amplified.

11.26am: McDonald says from the graph, one can tell the degrees of degradation of the sample. He now moves on to the B7 swab profile, taken from Saiful's lower rectum.

11.31am: McDonald explains this is a mixture of two samples including that of Male Y. There are no signs of degradation.

Ram: Yesterday you said the sample was taken after 56 hours from Saiful's rectum and it was given to the chemist after 48 hours. This is more than 100 hours.

McDonald: The profile which appears in B7 (contradicts) with the history because (it's a good profile and not one that is 100 hours old).

11.35am: They now look at the B8 swab, another high rectal swab. McDonald says there is a dominant presence of complainant Saiful's DNA.

"There is a mixture of Male Y and complainant, and the dominant is the complainant.

"There is no evidence of degradation," says McDonald.

11.38am: Moving on to the B9 low rectal swab, McDonald says the DNA is in pristine condition and the specimen is a mixture, contradicting the sample's history.

"There is no evidence of degradation, and this is inconsistent with its history." he says.

(Note: These samples were said to be more than 100 hours old and had not been kept in the suggested manner, in a freezer. Therefore there should be degradation, the absence of which is conflicting.)

11.41am: Ram applies to continue questioning McDonald on another day. He now calls investigating officer Supt Jude Balacious Pereira to take the stand.

Karpal asks about the Pusrawi medical report on Saiful.

"Yes, I retrieved it from the hospital on Aug 6, 2008. This is the original copy," replies Pereira.

The original document is marked as evidence.

12pm: Court decides that trial will resume on Sept 19 to 23.


Mungkin ada sperma Saiful di dubur sendiri, kata pakar

Foreign expert says possible Saiful’s sperm found in own anus

"Dr. Brian McDonald: "Sperma Saiful ditemui pada sampel yg berada di dalam juboq Saiful sendiri."

Dr. McDonald kata ada DNA Male-Y dan Saiful dalam laporan sampel, dan yang paling dominan ialah DNA Saiful!"

Sample diambil 26 Jun, buat report polis 28 Jun! Jumpa Najib 24 Jun beritahu kat Najib kena liwat pada 26 Jun! ...Saiful saksi benar kata hakim.

Report polis belum dibuat, sample dah siap diambil ...tahniah polis!

Sample dari hospital disimpan oleh Peg. Polis Jude Pereira kat bilik dia selama 2 hari, dibuka seal baru dihantar kpd jabatan kimia, hasilnya DNA Anwar!

Semalam mahkamah diberitahu jabatan kimia TIDAK ADA sijil akreditasi ..maknanya ia tak ikut standard antarabangsa.

Sodomy 1 -Wrong date.Condo under renovation;
Sodomy 2 - Samples taken before Police report.Wrong date again

Malaysia is famous for the tallest tower, the biggest ketupat, the largest Malaysian flag and so on. Now you have Saiful's sperm getting to where the sun doesn't shine - his very own juboq!!!

According to Dr.MacDonald samples were said to be more than 100 hours old and had not been kept in the suggested manner, in a freezer. Therefore there should be degradation.

But Dr.MacDonald discoverd the samples are in pristine condition and there is no evidence of degradation. What does it tell you?

Certainty those samples is in fact fresh. If that the case these specimens is invalid to this case...


Anwar berjaya menjerat musuhnya...

Ramai juga yang minta komen saya tentang pendirian Anwar memilih untuk membela dirinya melalui keterangan tidak bersumpah. Saya rasa elok juga saya berkongsi pendapat mengenai pendirian Anwar tersebut.

Saya akui awalnya saya juga agak terkejut dengan pendirian Anwar tersebut. Namun setelah mengikuti keterangannya tersebut saya harus akui bahawa tindakan Anwar amat amat bijak. Saya percaya pendirian itu dibuat dengan perkiraan yang mendalam dengan mengambil kira sejak awal lagi perbicaraan Anwar dilihat melanggar norma-norma atau piawaian perbicaraan yang adil . Memberi keterangan dengan tidak bersumpah sudah tentu merupakan opsyen yang terbaik untuk Anwar dalam kondisi sebegitu.

Musuh Anwar memulakan serangan di atas pendirian Anwar tersebut . Dengan nada sinis mereka memperli kononnya Anwar takut untuk disoal balas oleh pendakwaraya. Musuh beliau menyatakan Saiful lebih berani dari Anwar kerana beliau memberikan keterangan dengan bersumpah dan rela disoal balas oleh Karpal Singh. Ya, ia satu hujah yang menarik tapi malangnya hujah tersebut bertolak dari qiyas atau analogi yang tidak betul atau dalam bahasa arabnya dipanggil qiyas ma'al fariq. Mengapa?

Isu Saiful berani memberi keterangan bersumpah tidak timbul kerana sebagai saksi pendakwa , undang-undang mewajibkan beliau memberi keterangan bersumpah. Makna mudahnya Saiful tidak ada pilihan kecuali wajib memberi keterangan bersumpah. Terpaksa memberi keterangan secara bersumpah bukan indikator keberanian seseorang.

Kedudukan Anwar sebagai pihak yang dituduh berbeza dengan kedudukan Saiful. Tidak seperti Saiful undang-undang memberi Anwar tiga pilihan yang sah untuk membela diri iaitu sama ada memberi keterangan dengan sumpah ( yang boleh disoal balas ) atau memberi keterangan dengan tidak bersumpah ( yang tidak boleh disoal balas ) atau hanya berdiam diri. Hatta jika Anwar memilih untuk berdiam diri hakim tidak boleh secara automatik membuat kesimpulan bahawa Anwar bersalah kerana seorang hakim masih perlu meneliti semula keterangan pendakwa sebelum membuat keputusan.

Musuh Anwar juga berhujah bukankah keterangan bersumpah lebih kuat nilainya dan jika Anwar benar-benar tidak bersalah kenapa beliau takut untuk memberi keterangan bersumpah dan boleh disoal balas oleh pendakwa.

Sekali lagi ia hujah yang menarik tetapi malangnya hujah tersebut gagal melihat keseluruhan proses perbicaraan Anwar . Melihat pendirian Anwar yang memilih untuk memberi keterangan tidak bersumpah secara terpisah dengan keseluruhan proses perbicaraan Anwar bukan sahaja tidak wajar malahan secara jelas ia satu hujah yang dangkal.

Hakikatnya bagi saya kerana kepercayaan bahawa dirinya tidak bersalah mendorong Anwar mengambil pendirian tersebut. Mana-mana tertuduh yang tidak bersalah dengan mudah dijatuhkan hukuman bersalah dalam perbicaraan yang tidak adil.

Jika perbicaaraan Anwar memang dari awal mengikut piawaian perbicaraan yang adil hujah musuh Anwar itu mungkin ada keabsahannya. Namun dengan pelbagai perkara pelik dan tidak masuk akal berlaku dalam kes Anwar pendirian Anwar bukan sahaja wajar malahan amat tepat. Mari kita ambil satu contoh kepelikan dari siri-siri kepelikan yang berlaku dalam kes Anwar iaitu isu tawaran saksi saksi pendakwa kepada pasukan peguambela Anwar.

Bukankah pendakwa raya telah menawarkan kepada pihak peguambela Anwar beberapa orang saksi mereka seperti Najib , Rosmah, Musa Hassan dan beberapa orang lain. Berdasarkan prinsip undang-undang jenayah dan piawaian perbicaraan yang adil saksi-saksi pendakwa ini sewajarnya bersedia dipanggil oleh pihak pembela dan mereka juga wajar menjawab soalan-soalan peguambela apabila dipanggil untuk temubual. Peliknya dalam kes Anwar ini saksi saksi yang ditawar oleh pendakwa ini boleh memilih untuk tidak ingin menjadi saksi pihak pembela dan tidak mahu menjawab soalan-soalan peguambela Anwar semasa sessi temubual.

Tindakan pelik saksi saksi ini malangnya timbul dari keputusan pelik Hakim yang menyatakan bahawa saksi saksi seperti Najib dan Rosmah ini boleh memilih untuk tidak menjawab soalan-soalan peguambela Anwar.
Keputusan Hakim tersebut menyebabkan tawaran saksi- saksi pendakwa seperti Najib dan Rosmah kepada pasukan peguambela Anwar tidak ada apa apa nilai dan hanya sia-sia dan membuang masa. Apa gunanya pendakwaraya menawar saksi-saksi mereka yang enggan bersuara dan apa gunanya pula untuk peguambela Anwar memanggil saksi-saksi yang enggan bersuara ( baca kecut untuk bersuara ).

Hakikatnya bukan Anwar yang tidak berani memberi keterangan bersumpah sebaliknya Najib, Rosmah , Musa Hassan dan Rodwan yang takut untuk memberi keterangan sama ada secara tidak bersumpah di luar mahkamah iaitu dalam sessi temubual atau secara bersumpah di dalam kandang saksi di mahkamah. Malangnnya musuh Anwar tidak nampak ironi ini. Mereka tidak habis habis 'menyalak' supaya perbicaraan disegerakan sedangkan tindakan Najib, Rosmah, Musa Hasan dan Rodwan ini antara penyumbang besar kepada kelengahan perbicaraan
Seperkara lagi Anwar sudah punya pengalaman memberi keterangan bersumpah sebanyak dua kali sebelum ini dan beliau amat arif permainan kotor musuhnya. Memberi keterangan bersumpah akan dikawal oleh mantra 'tidak relevan' yang akan kita dengar berulang-ulang kali seperti dua perbicaraan beliau yang terdahulu. Bayangkan jika keluar dari mulut Anwar misalnya 'ada konspirasi nak aibkan saya...tidak relevan..' macam mana TV3 boleh ada siri khas tentang Saiful' ..tidak relevan.. begitulah yang saya percaya ada di dalam pemikiran Anwar.

Memberi keterangan secara tidak bersumpah tidak boleh dikawal oleh mantra 'tidak relevan'. Anwar bebas menentukan rentak dan iramanya tanpa diganggu gendang 'tidak relevan'. Hakikatnya apa yag Anwar katakan tersebut itulah yang paling ditakuti oleh musuh-musuhnya .

Malang sungguh musuh Anwar kerana penantian mereka bahawa Anwar akan terperangkap dalam jerat mereka tidak berlaku. Yang berlaku adalah Anwar yang kini menjerat mereka dan sehingga artikel ini ditulis seluruh manusia di seantero alam kini mula menghakimi sistem kehakiman negara ini dan para aktor -aktor yang terlibat dalam perbicaraan Anwar. Syabas Anwar !
- Mohamed Hanipa Maidin



Akhirnya Pengerusi SPR akui penggunaan dakwat kekal cara terbaik...

Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, Abdul Aziz Yusof akhirnya mengakui bahawa penggunaan dakwat kekal untuk mengelakkan pertindihan pengundian adalah kurang bermasalah daripada menggunakan sistem biometrik yang kompleks dan mahal

Menurut Aziz, walaupun biometrik boleh kelihatan seperti "sistem yang sempurna" dalam teori, terdapat kelemahan di dalamnya, yang telah ditunjukkan oleh penganjur Bersih, pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dan ahli-ahli masyarakat sivil yang lain.

Ketua SPR itu juga mengakui bahawa sistem biometrik boleh juga rosak pada hari mengundi itu sendiri, yang boleh menyebabkan masalah kepada kerajaan, pembangkang dan rakyat. Selain itu, biometrik juga "sangat mahal" berbanding dengan dakwat kekal dan memerlukan masa tunggu sekurang-kurangnya tujuh bulan.

Walaupun pengakuan ini dialu-alukan oleh pihak lawan sistem yang dicadangkan Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak, sistem 'elektronik'ini pasti menyebabkan muka merah di kalangan BN, termasuk Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin, yang telah mengalu-alukannya sebagai penyelesaian yang paling diperlukan oleh negara.

"Hujah bahawa seseorang yang mempunyai beberapa kad pengenalan boleh mengundi sekali dan kemudian membawa kad lain ke dalam aliran yang berbeza, dan ia akan sepadan dengan cap ibu jarinya dan dia akan dibenarkan untuk mengundi. Prasyarat bagi sistem ini bekerja untuk setiap orang ialah supaya semua orang untuk mempunyai hanya satu kad pengenalan, "katanya kepada pemberita.

"Kami menjalankan percubaan dengan 50 orang dan masa purata bagi setiap orang adalah 10 saat, tetapi mempunyai masalah di mana mesin tidak dapat mengesan. Dengan dakwat kekal, anda hanya perlu untuk mencelup jari dalam dakwat. "


Dalam satu kejutan, Aziz juga menyangkal dakwaan timbalan beliau Wan Ahmad Wan Omar bahawa dakwat kekal boleh digunakan oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab untuk menandakan pengundi yang naif untuk memastikan bahawa mereka telah hilang kelayakan untuk mengundi.

"Ini tidak boleh berlaku kerana warna dakwat tidak diketahui sehingga hari itu sendiri ... boleh ada warna-warna yang banyak. Kita juga mungkin mempunyai beberapa jenis corak, "kata Aziz." Ia boleh menjadi dakwat kekal, biometrik atau kedua-dua sistem yang digabungkan untuk digunakan dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang. "

Kata-kata beliau memberi harapan kepada reformis pilihan raya yang akhirnya, mungkin ada satu kejayaan dalam kebuntuan antara kerajaan dan Bersih. Walau bagaimanapun, Aziz memberi amaran bahawa Jabatan Peguam Negara masih mengkaji aspek-aspek undang-undang menggunakan dakwat kekal, terutamanya jika ia akan dijadikan mandatori.

"Sebab itu kita mahu memastikan bahawa semua orang akan menggunakannya. Jika mereka tidak mahu, mereka perlu mengisi borang, sebagai contoh. "Tetapi akan ada orang tidak mahu menggunakan (dakwat) kerana mereka fikir ianya haram, sebagai contoh, atau mereka alah," katanya.

Bagaimanapun, naib presiden PKR Tian Chua lebih berhati-hati.

"Saya tidak akan menahan nafas saya jika saya adalah anda. Tetapi sekurang-kurangnya bunyi nya kini sedikit sejajar dengan masyarakat awam. Pada masa lalu, anda akan mendapat perasaan yang anda sedang berurusan dengan diktator. Tetapi pada asasnya, walaupun kami mengalu-alukan idea ini, kita mesti terus berjuang dan memastikan hasil yang konkrit sebelum kita menyambut, "Tian berkata kepada Malaysia Chronicle.

source:Malaysia Chronicle

EC chief finally concedes indelible ink less problematic than biometrics


25 August 2011

Sperm cannot last more than 98 hours, says DNA expert...

Australian DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald told the High Court in the Sodomy II trial today that he was puzzled as to how sperm could still be retrieved 98 hours after a complaint of sodomy.

Testifying in Anwar Ibrahim's trial, McDonald (right) went on to criticse chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong for not doing the necessary check of swiping the sample on a receptacle for a sperm count.

In the first six to eight hours after ejaculation, he said, there would be a high level of sperm.

"After eight hours, the number of sperm cells recedes, and that is what literatures say," the witness added in reply to defence counsel Ram Karpal Singh.

Ram: The sample was sent to the chemist's lab after 98 or 99 hours. What sort of density can we expect in such sperm?

McDonald: The literature suggests a one-plus sperm after 56 hours, and it would be a low sperm count. In this case, it was kept another 48 hours at room temperature. I would say any sign of sperm would not exist at all.

Ram: In your literature readings, would you find a sperm sample after such hours?

McDonald: The finding of sperm in such a sample is inconsistent in the history of literature. It would ring alarm bells as to how this is possible. I would! And this would suggest (the sample could have been fresh), rather than it being old.

Earlier, the fourth defence witness was also questioned on the how the sample retrieved from the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, should be kept.

Sample kept in case officer's office for 48 hours

He said it should be air-dried and freezed to prevent the spread of bacteria on the sample.

Ram: What is the temperature which you say is suitable to freeze?

Dr McDonald: You must put samples in a freezer of minus 20 degrees Celcius. If this is not done, it will encourage bacteria growth and affect the cells. If it is kept at room temperature, there will be overgrowth of bacteria."

Saiful's sample, which was retrieved after 56 hours, was kept in the air-conditioned office of case investigating officer Supt Jude Blacious Pereira. It was then handed over to the Chemistry Department some 48 hours later.

McDonald also said there was a need to record the movement of evidence, what he referred to as the chain of evidence.

"Proper documentation of the movement of the evidence is good practice," he said, adding that failure to follow such a procedure may result in not getting accreditation.

"This has to be continuously be monitored at all times," he said.

The trial resumes tomorrow with Ram continuing with the examination of McDonald


Bukti Tidak Lengkap dan di Ubahsuai

‘Male Y’ DNA profile tainted, Sodomy II trial told


Local chemists could have killed someone’...

The “mistake” made by local chemists to mislabel two containers with swab samples can be considered a “sackable offence” that could very well “kill someone”, according to a DNA expert testifying in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial at the High Court here today.

Australian consultant molecular geneticist from Dr Brian Leslie McDonald said that “it is not an option as a scientist to ignore a mistake such as a wrongly labelled date on a DNA sample if he was aware of it”.

“You’re obliged to do something about it… to assume changes (have been made) to some results is not an option (you can take); you could kill someone.

“If you receive a sample and you can see a mistake, you need to correct and document it,” said Dr McDonald during examination-in-chief by Ram Karpal Singh.

Ram earlier pointed to evidence in court which stated that samples were taken from complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s body on June 28 (two days after the alleged sodomy), but it was discovered that two containers were marked June 26.

Despite the error, Ram said chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong had testified that she merely assumed they were wrongly labelled.

(Seah had previously testified that the discrepancies on the dates would not affect the integrity of the samples as the seals on them were intact. She said that such handwritten errors on labelling can happen.)

Ram: She (Seah) assumed they were mistakes, that was the explanation Seah offered. Is this in accordance with the international guidelines?

McDonalds: It is a sack-able offence.

McDonald said that there was no evidence to suggest that Seah had later re-labelled the containers, adding: “If it was, in fact, a mistake, the doctor should have consulted the person and get it from the horse’s mouth… that should have beeen the correct procedure.”

Guidelines not followed

He also criticised the work of DNA analysis carried out by chemist Nor Aidora Saedon, saying that her analysis could have shown that the (DNA sample) belonged to more than one person.

He said Nor Aidora clearly had not followed international guidelines when she concluded that the DNA sample was that of a single person when the variations in the readings were too high, and there could have been a “mixed” (sample).

According to his analysis, there could have been more than one person’s DNA in the samples collected from the lock-up cell used by Anwar, which Nor Aidora had worked on.

“If you see two peaks going beyond 60%, you can be confident that it doesn’t come from the same person. It could be a mixed sample. She specifically ignored guidelines when she reported the reading as (coming from) a single person.

“If this was a test in school, she would have failed,” McDonald said, adding that, according to guidelines, Aidora should have reported her findings.

McDonald said that Nor Aidora’s standards had also differed from that of Seah, adding that both should have adopted the same methodologies.

On a separate issue, when asked if it was normal or desirable when taking samples from a patient’s body to use a glass slide to swab the sample as a precautionary measure, McDonald said it was a normal practice internationally.

“(It’s not just desirable.) It is the only way you do it. It has been the standard practice for over 40 years,” said McDonald, who agreed that in Anwar’s case, this had not been done.

Asked on the importance of having such slides, McDonald said: “It is absolutely essential, specifically in a case of sexual assault. It’s an alleged assault and you need to know what’s on the swab when you took it.

“One of the reasons to have such swab slides is to see if it was consistent with what was being analysed. It would have certainly been very helpful (if they did it),” said McDonald.


Peguam Anwar bangkit kredibiliti Jabatan Kimia


DNA specialist McDonald testifies...

After Australian forensic pathologist Dr David Wells testified yesterday, another foreign expert, DNA specialist Dr Brian McDonald, takes the witness stand in the Sodomy II trial involving Oppostion Leader Anwar Ibrahim. McDonald, who is also from Australia, will first answer questions from defence lawyer Ram Karpal and this is likely to take most of the morning.

It will be followed with cross-examination by solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, who is lead prosecutor. Wells was quizzed by Yusof for most parts of yesterday. In his testimony, Wells said that a 30-year-old study stating that sperm retrieved from the rectum can last up to 65 hours should be treated with caution.

At one point, the witness was briefly stumped when asked how a third person could retrieve another person's sperm and planted in the alleged victim's rectum. He said he would leave it to a DNA expert to answer that question.

Later, in replying to questions from defence lawyer Sankara Nair, Wells agreed there could be tear in Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's rectum should the purported act - as described by the complainant - was "laju and rakus" (fast and furious). Pusrawi Hospital's Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid and Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctors have earlier testified that they saw no signs of injury.

Court proceeding begins with Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah presiding.

Fourth defence witness Dr Brian McDonald takes the witness stand and the examination-in-chief done by defence counsel Ram Karpal...

9.17am: McDonald, 60, says he is a consultant molecular geneticist.

9.19am: McDonald reads his curriculum vitae in court. He has a bachelors in anatomy and also possesses a doctorate. He is also a member of the Australian Biomedical Society and served as committee member of the Human Genetics Society.

9.27am: The witness says he was a head geneticist officer in New South Wales.

9.35am: McDonald is a member of the Australian Forensic Science Society and lists down five pages of the books, papers and articles that he has written on the subject of DNA.

9.40am: Chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong, who had earlier testified in the trial, is assisting the prosecution as a consultant. She is seated between Yusof and DPP Noorin Badaruddin. Noorin is likely to be the prosecutor doing the cross-examination of McDonald.

9.43am: McDonald has testified in many cases in Australia, and in Brunei in the Richard Cheah case in 2005.

9.45am: McDonald says the trial in Brunei was a triple murder case, and he testified there as a defence witness.

9.46am: McDonald says he had prepared a separate report after getting data from the two Malaysian chemists. The document was titled 'Report of Malaysian Version in the case of PP vs AI'. He prepared the report in 2009.

9.47am: He explains forensic DNA testing.

9.53am: He explains short tandem repeat (STR) and 'loci' in DNA testing.

10.01am: McDonalds explains terms like starter, peaks, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR test), and electropherograms. McDonald explains that the DNA from blood, semen and other bodily samples of a person is always the same.

10.24am: McDonald explains that there is international standardisation in guidelines so that it could be interpreted internationally.

10.34am: There is a short exchange between Yusof and Ram Karpal over McDonald's reference to an 'ASCLD' letter. Ram says the letter is addressed to Lim Kong Boon, Chemistry Department, Petaling Jaya. (American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors - ASCLD - accredits laboratories and regulates international standards.)

"This is the second extension and it also indicates that the lab would not be extended beyond 12 months.” Ram Karpal alleges that the Chemistry Department was not properly accredited. Yusof objects, as McDonald is not the author.

10.42am: Ram Karpal wants the April 2011 letter marked, but Yusof objects. The judge says Lim Kong Boon, the head of the Chemistry Department's DNA section, can be called to testify.

10.44am: Sankara indicates that Lim Kong Boon will be subpoenaed. Lim was a witness in the first sodomy trial.

10.45am: Ram asks for a short break.

The defence is trying to show that the Chemistry Department's forensic unit has not been properly accredited, contrary to chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong's assertion earlier during the trial that it is internationally accredited.

Sankara tells reporters during the break that the lab was placed under the 'Legacy Programme' of the ASCLD between Sept 19, 2005 and Oct 18, 2010. This, says Sankara, is a probation period and not true accreditation. The unit received has recieved two extensions, which ends this October. If the lab is not accredited, it would not get the ISO17025 accreditation.

Justice Zabidin overrules the objection, but reminds Ram of limitations in his question.

The obligations of labs include independence of impartiality in its testing? The witness says he has assessed the 17025 accreditation and it is necessary to provide all materials used in the testing of DNA.

McDonald says the genesis of 17025 accreditation is 15109, whose status oversees the function of forensic laboratories internationally.

McDonald says the material must include all the processes of documentation along the way, whereby anybody can follow the journey of the material being tested.

11.25am: McDonald says verification must be done on samples when the results are reported.

11.30am: McDonald says labs should follow the guidelines which they have laid out.

11.56am: McDonald says there was mixture of DNA in this case, although prosecution witness Nor Aidora Saedon had said otherwise in her testimony.

12.13am: McDonald says Nor Aidora did not follow guidelines... when there is mixture DNA.

"There are three loci which is more than 60 percent. What you have is evidence of mixture," he said. "She specifically ignored that and report as a single individual profile."

12.20pm: Ram Karpal is now directing his questions to where and when the samples were taken. He points to errors in the labelling of the date.

"If we have a mistake, we have to change it such as to what it was beforehand and identify the exact date and when you do the change," says McDonald.

Ram: Was there any evidence of a record of correction?

They still have the date on June 26, 2008 in the court. There is no record of (a) correction.

(Saiful's examination was done on June 28, 2008.)

12.26pm: McDonald says it is not an option to have samples which such errors.

"You must get it from the horses mouth. You need to change and document it... This is fundamental laboratory practise."

12.28pm: McDonald says it is not an option to be accepted.

"If you are aware you should correct it," says the witness.

12.30pm: McDonald says there is a need to swipe the sample on a slide so can verify there is a sperm.

"You need to know what is on the swab when you took it as this is a sexual assault case."

12.33pm: Justice Zabidin calls for a break and orders trial to resume at 2pm.

2.04pm: Court resumes.

McDonald says that when one get a DNA sample, one needs to air-dry and freeze it to prevent bacteria.

2.07pm: McDonald says you must put samples in a freezer measuring minus-20 degrees Celcius.

2.08pm: If this is not done, it would encourage bacteria growth and it would affect the cells.

"If it is kept in room temperature there will be overgrowth bacteria."

Saiful's sample was kept in an air-conditioned room in investigating officer Supt Jude Blacious Pereira's office for another one-and-a-half days before it was handed to the Chemistry Department.

2.11pm: Ram: The sample was taken from the victim's anus after 56 hours of the incident.

McDonald: Putting samples in a recepticle and in room temperature would make it worse.

2.20pm: Ram: There must be a record in the chain of evidence?

McDonald: Failure to follow such a procedure may result in not getting accreditation. The function of this must be monitored all the time.

2.25pm: McDonald says if you slide on a recepticle, you can see under the microscope if there is sperm.

"This provides a back-up to what we propose to do. It is also the proper and good practise."

2.33pm: McDonald says it is important to know the quantity of sperm in this case.

"First 6 to 8 hours after ejaculation, there will be a high level of sperm.

"After eight hours, the number of sperm recedes, and that is what literatures say," the witness said.

2.37pm: McDonald criticises the method employed by Dr Seah Lay Hong for not doing the sperm count and not sliding on a receptacle.

2.41pm: Ram says the sample was sent to the lab chemist after 98 or 99 hours. What sort of density can we expect in such sperm?

McDonald: The literature suggest one-plus sperm after 56 hours, and it would be a low sperm count.

In this case, it was kept another 48 hours in room temperature. I would say any signs of sperm would not exist at all.

McDonald also says that the finding of sperm in sample is inconsistent in the history of literature.

"It would ring alarm bells as to how this is possible. And this would suggest (the sample could have been fresh)."

2.55pm: Yusof asks for a postponement as Ram seems he has a lot to go through.

Justice Zabidin allows the request and orders the trial to continue tomorrow morning.


Pakar asing: Sampel DNA tercemar tak boleh diterima

Makmal DNA Jabatan Kimia tiada kelayakan antarabangsa

Anwar’s defence questions Chemistry Department’s credibility

Aussie DNA expert says local scientist could have ‘killed’ someone


Live bullets for Hishamuddin...

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said he received a written death threat and two live bullets by mail today. "I can confirm that I received two live bullets, posted to my office,” he said told reporters after a breaking of fast function in Kuala Lumpur. “Threats are common for me. But this is the first time I received one in the form of live bullets," he joked

A member of Hishammuddin's staff informed the media later that the two bullets were concealed inside two holes carved out of a booklet. The booklet contained a handwritten message detailing the threat but Hishammuddin refused to divulge its content to the media.

"I believe this is a matter for the authorities to handle," he said.

Asked if he had lodged a police report over the matter, he said that the staff who found the articles had already done so.

'Won't affect my duties'

The package was sent to his Putrajaya office through regular mail and was received at about 2pm and was opened by a clerk to one of his special officers. Hishammuddin said that he was undaunted with the incident and vowed to continue his duties.

"I view this as a serious matter but it will not effect my commitment to my work," he vowed.

The minister dismissed the threat as the actions of desperate parties. Hishammuddin joins the long list of politicians who have received death threats in the mail, accompanied by live bullets.

Among those includes DAP chairperson Karpal Singh, former deputy minister S Murugiah and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua. The latest incident involved Kulim state assemblyperson Lim Soo Nee, who received a bullet and a note demanding that he does not seek re-election.

Khir must prove claims

In another development, Hishammuddin had asked former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo to substantiate claims that three ministers had conspired to have him jailed.

"Things like this, it is best to ask the person making the claim. If he is transparent and his allegations has basis, he should bring the matter, which touched on an ongoing trial to the attention of the judiciary," he said.

Yesterday, Khir had dropped a bombshell when he wrote about the conspiracy in his blog. Khir has refused to name the trio because he does not have proof but insists that his source is very reliable.

In his posting, Khir said that one of the minister insist that the former must be jailed in order for BN to retake Selangor. Khir is currently facing graft charges. He is accused of receiving inducements in form of a heavily discounted mansion.

Menteri Dalam Negeri terima ugutan bunuh, peluru hidup

Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein berkata beliau menerima ugutan bunuh bertulis dan dua peluru hidup melalui pos hari ini.

"Saya mengesahkan bahawa hari ini saya menerima dua butir peluru hidup yang dihantar melalui pos ke pejabat saya dan saya juga menerima ugutan. Ini adalah kali pertama saya menerima surat ugutan serta peluru. "Surat itu diterima oleh seorang pegawai saya dan beliau telah pun membuat laporan polis," katanya.

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri majlis berbuka puasa di Masjid al-Ikhlasiyah di Pantai Dalam di ibunegara, beliau bagaimanapun enggan memberitahu kandungan nota ugutan tersebut. Sampul surat itu dihantar ke pejabatnya di Putrajaya melalui pos biasa dan diterima pada kira-kira jam 2 petang dan dibuka oleh seorang kerani kepada salah seorang pegawai khasnya.

Seorang kakitangan Hishammuddin memberitahu media bahawa dua peluru hidup itu diletakkan dalam lubang yang ditebuk dalam sebuah buku. Hishammuddin berkata perkara tersebut tidak akan melemahkan semangatnya untuk terus menjalankan tugas seperti yang diamanahkan kepadanya.


Sapa yang hantaq peluru melalui surat tu memang bodoh,rugi duit stamp saja, pasai apa? Cuba hampa pikiaq2 mai sendiri....


Saya minta jangan tuduh tapi Dr M tak dengar...

Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria mendakwa beliau pernah meminta bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad agar jangan membuat tuduhan liwat terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim jika tidak cukup bukti.

Namun demikian, nasihat itu tidak didengar oleh Mahathir ketika beliau menjadi perdana menteri dahulu, kata Harussani dalam wacana Ulama Politik Untuk Dakwah atau Parti? yang bermula jam 11.00 pagi tadi di Auditorium Kompleks Kumpulan Media Karangkraf.

“Saya, banyak perkara suruh Dr Mahathir berhenti (tidak lakukan), tapi ada tiga perkara beliau tidak mahu berhenti, yang pertama bila nak pecat, Anwar saya ditahan daripada jumpa perdana menteri.
“Saya kata kepada pembantu (Dr Mahathir) pecat Anwar pengaruh bukan sikit boleh pecah Melayu... bila nak buat tuduhan liwat, saya kata kalau nak pecat Anwar (dari timbalan perdana menteri) buat rombakan Kabinet, letak di kementerian lain... tapi saya tidak dibenarkan jumpa perdana menteri,” katanya pada Wacana Ulama Politik Untuk Dakwah Atau Parti hari ini.

Turut serta dalam forum anjuran akhbar Sinar Harian itu adalah Ketua Penerangan PAS, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, ulama muda Umno, Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya manakala moderatornya adalah Datuk Dr Asri Zainal Abidin.

Dalam majlis itu, Mufti Perak itu mendedahkan, bagi memastikan perpaduan Melayu-Islam, beliau pernah mengingatkan Datuk Seri Najib Razak tentang kerajaan yang "lemah, tidak amanah dan rasuah."

"Saya kata pada Najib, Datuk Seri, perpecahan Melayu sebab kerajaan cukup lemah, tak amanah dan rasuah," kata Harussani.

Harussani berkata sebagai orang yang tidak berparti, beliau telah mengambil pendekatan itu sejak zaman Tun Razak Hussein lagi.
Diminta menghuraikan tegurannya itu, Harussani bagaimanapun enggan melakukannya kerana berharap ia "habis di sini sahaja".

Anwar didakwa lagi

Anwar sekali lagi didakwa atas tuduhan meliwat oleh kerajaan yang ditadbir oleh Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Beliau kini sedang dalam peringkat membela diri atas tuduhan itu.
Bekas Duta Amerika ke Malaysia, John Mallot dalam tulisannya mendakwa, pentadbiran Umno dan BN akan mempastikan Anwar akan hidup terus dalam penjara.

Rakan Najib, Datuk Abdul Razak Baginda pernah memberitahu seorang pegawai senior di kedutaan, “Keputusan sudah dibuat. Mereka akan “nuke” (membunuh) Anwar secara politik untuk keseluruhan masa akan datang. Sehingga beliau tidak boleh berdiri lagi dalam politik,” kata Mallot dalam tulisannya.

"Bermaksud, ini adalah satu keputusan politik – untuk memusnahkan Anwar. Itu yang Razak – yang sekarang ini membuangkan diri di London – katakan. Selepas itu, seorang pegawai daripada Special Branch (SB) memberitahu satu pegawai di kedutaan, “Kita akan terus menfailkan dakwaan demi dakwaan terhadap Anwar supaya beliau berada di dalam penjara untuk 100 tahun akan datang," tulisnya lagi.


Harussani: I asked Dr M not to sack Anwar


Jangan salahkan Anwar tapi salahkan kepada prosuder mahkamah yang membenarkannya...

Semalam (Isnin) perbicaraan tuduhan liwat ke atas Anwar Ibrahim masuk peringkat separuh akhir, iaitu pembelaaan diri oleh Anwar dan team peguamnya. Semalam Anwar telah membela dirinya dengan membuat kenyataan setebal 32 muka surat mengambil masa selama dua jam di kandang orang salah. Selepas ini setelah semua saksi pembela dipanggil hakim membuat keputusan sama ada Anwar disabit atau pun bebas.

Anwar memilih untuk memberi keterangan tanpa disoal balas oleh pendakwa. Ramai yang terkejut dengan 'keberanian' Anwar itu. Ada juga yang berpendapat Anwar sengaja menghulurkan leher ke penjara kerana keputusan memilih membela diri begitu merbahaya. Ada juga yang musykil keputusan Anwar itu seolah-olah beliau pengecut untuk menghadapi realitinya?
Alasan Anwar kenapa beliau memilih cara itu kerana sangsi dengan keadilan dan integriti hakim yang mengendalikan kesnya. Itu adalah alasan paling konkrit.

Mengenai tindakan Anwar itu, kata dan ulaslah apa-apa pun sebab, negara ini bebas dan merdeka. Sesiapa boleh bersuara mengutuk dan mengampu sesiapa yang dimahuinya. Apa lagi kalau bersuara untuk membela pemimpin dan parti pemerintah kebebasan itu akan diberi semutlaknya. Tindakan ke atas pengampu kerajaan dan pemfitnah akan dibiarkan semahunya. Ini realiti bukan bohong. Apa yang berlaku di sekeliling kita mengesahkan hakikat itu.

Macam-macam juga cemuhan dilemparkan kepada Anwar. Bila Anwar membuat protes kepada mahkamah, minta tangguh dan sebagainya, dikatakan Anwar sengaja menangguhkan perbicaraan. Melambat-lambatkan yang memberi konotasi Anwar takut berhadapan dengan hukuman. Itu tuduhan mereka yang otak kemetot dan tidak mengetahui proses perundangan yang diguna pakai di negeri ini.

Mereka yang lulus dalam bidang pengajian undang-undang akan tersenyum mendengar segala desakan dan protes itu.
Kalau ada masa belajarlah sedikit mengenai undang-undang dan bacalah peraturan (prosuder) mahkamah agar tidak nampak diri kita lebih bodoh dari kaldai tua yang nak mampos. (Maaflah kasar sikit).

Anwar boleh membuat rayuan, atau meminta perbicaraan ditangguhkan bukan sekali, tetapi seribu kali pun boleh. Ia bukan satu kesalahan kerana memang ada ruang untuk beliau berbuat begitu.

Jadi kalau hendak salah, jangan salahkan Anwar tetapi salahkan kepada prosuder mahkamah yang membenarkannya. Kenapa kita harus salahkan ketiping berjalan mereng kerana adatnya memang begitu? Kitalah bodoh kerana tidak tahu bahasa dan adat.

Dalam keadaan hari ini yang Anwar anggap tuduhan ke atasnya itu adalah kelangsungan konspirasi adalah 'bundak' baginya kalau tidak berbuat begitu.

Sebagai orang akan menghadapi risiko dan akan menanggung kesan pertuduhan itu Anwar berhak melakukan apa saja. Anwar yang menanggung segala-gala bahana atas tuduh itu. Kalau disabitkan kesalahan, yang akan ke penjara bukan orang lain, tetapi Anwar secara bersendirian. Iya, perjuangan yang dilakukan adalah demi untuk rakyat dan orang ramai tetapi kalau berlaku apa-apa yang akan memikul bebannya diri Anwar seorang sahaja. Tahun 1998 dulu beliau telah melalui sejarah itu dan telah ada pengalaman azab mengenainya. Apakah Anwar suka-suka untuk mengambil risiko itu? Tanya dan jawablah sendiri dengan adil dan saksama.

Itulah tanggungjawab dan amanah. Anwar tidak pun meminta untuk orang menjadi galang gantinya. Tangan yang mencincang, bahu juga yang sanggup memikulnya. Itulah Anwar. Dan beliau sudah tahu dan arif benar mengenainya. Jadi membela hingga rapat ke dinding dan melakukan apa saja usaha dan ikhtiar itu adalah hak Anwar yang tidak akan dipersendakan oleh mereka yang waras fikirannya.

Jadi perangai-perangai yang tidak bermoral dan berotak kemetot yang berbambukan aji no moto itu biarlah dimiliki oleh orang yang suka menjadi lanun upahan. Biarlah mereka hendak bertempik dan melaung tetapi jangan sampai orang di luar Umno terikut sama dengan gelagat itu. Kata orang bukan Umno kalau tidak jahat?

Berbalik kepada tanggapan buruk terhadap perbicaraan dan implikasi yang akan dihadapi Anwar kelak ia tidak akan ke mana. Hatta kalau pun Anwar di penjara sekalipun niat atau tujuan orang yang berbuat begitu tidak akan kesampaian. Kalau pendakwaan itu seperti mana kata Anwar untuk menghancurkan kerjaya politiknya, ia tidak akan menjadi kenyataan. Azam dari segala perancangan jahat itu hanya sia-sia saja. Perbuatan syaitan selalunya hancur sebelum hari menjelang siang.

Memang ada orang berharap kisah atau peristiwa tahun 1999 akan berulang sekali lagi ke atas kembara politik dan kehidupan Anwar. Keadaan waktu itu di mana pilihan raya umum ke-11 diadakan ketika Anwar berada dalam penjara. Mereka itu tidak mahu Anwar berpeluang mengambil bahagian dalam pilihan raya. Kali ini juga begitu, ada niat untuk melihat Anwar diringkukkan dalam penjara kemudian pilihan raya akan diadakan. Mereka mengira hanya dengan penjarakan saja Anwar ia boleh menghalang Anwar daripada mengapai cita-cita politiknya untuk jadi Perdana Menteri. Dalam pada itu ia membolehkan orang yang berkuasa terus berkuasa. Apabila Anwar dipenjara bermakna beliau tidak akan dapat bertanding dalam pilihan raya selama dua penggal. Cukuplah kalau Anwar dipenjara beliau tidak boleh menyertai pilihan raya ke -13 dan ke 14. Umur Anwar ketika itu sudah pun hampir 80 tahun sudah terlalu tua.

Dalam hitungan orang politik kalau Anwar dipenjara ia memberi peluang kepada UBN untuk menang. Najib bersama isterinya Rosmah Mansor akan merasa selesa kalau Anwar dihumban ke penjara. Mereka mengira Pakatan Rakyat tidak mampu mengugat BN kalau tanpa Anwar. Mereka tahu yang menjadi engen kepada Pakatan Rakyat hanya Anwar.

Anggapan sebegini menafikan dakwaan mengatakan Anwar kini sudah tidak berpengaruh. Kekuatan Anwar sudah pun mengecil, penyokongnya juga sudah berkurangan. Inilah kesilapan perhitungan para strategis UBN dalam membuat perhitungan mengenai ini. Mereka jadi lupa kepada apa yang mereka katakan sebelum ini. Inilah yang dikatakan kelalaian orang yang selalu membuat silap dan bertindak secara salah. Kenapa tupai jatuh ke tanah kerana terlalu percaya kepada kebijaksanaan diri sendiri.

Betulkah andaian itu, bahawa UBN akan menang dalam pilihan raya dan Pakatan Rakyat akan kalah tanpa Anwar berada di luar? Itu sebenarnya telahan dan anggapan saja. Orang yang ingin memperkecilkan aura Anwar akan berkata begitu. Sebenarnya apa yang akan berlaku bukan begitu. Diri Anwar bukan faktor kepada kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat, tetapi perjuangan Anwar yang menjadi penyebabnya. Perkembangan politik Malaysia di masa depan bukan saja terletak di tangan mana-mana individu atau tokoh seperti Anwar. Hari ini generasi muda sudah sedar dan insaf. Mereka bukan buta dan berada di bawah serkup lagi. Benih keberanian bersuara dan bertindak yang dipupuk Anwar kini sudah menular dan subuh tumbuh dalam hati anak-anak muda. Perkembangan ini tidak boleh dibendung lagi dengan apa-apa kuasa syaitan.

Makanya kalau UBN mengira dengan memenjarakan Anwar kebangkitan itu berhenti dan UBN akan kembali selesa adalah satu kesilapan besar. Anggapan begitu umpama membubuh bom jangka dalam poket baju.

Mungkin generasi muda tidak begitu menaruh harapan lagi kepada Anwar untuk menajdi PM. Tetapi mereka tetap sedar bahawa kebangkitan politik hari ini untuk membela diri mereka sendiri. Jadi sesiapa pun yang akan memimpin nanti mereka tidak akan peduli. Yang berada di hadapan mereka satu saja tumbangkan UBN. Semangat dan jiwa Anwar adalah pendorong kepada usaha dan perjuangan itu.

Kesedaran hak membela diri dan semangat keberanian yang dicurahkan Anwar kini sudah menyelinap dan menyerap ke segenap pembuluh darah generasi muda. Semangat dan keberanian itu membara dan marak dalam jiwa mereka. Justeru walaupun langkah Anwar dikunci dan jasadnya dibekukan tetapi spritual yang dialunkan Anwar terus bergelombang. Makanya saya mengira usaha memenjarakan Anwar menerusi konspirasi jahat itu tidak akan berhasil, malahan ia akan menyebabkan UBN semakin tenat dan parah.

Anwar boleh dimatikan oleh musuhnya tetapi semangat dan jiwanya akan tetap melekat dihati setiap manusia yang mengenal diri dan tahu menjaga maruah dirinya sebagai manusia bertamadun. Lirik lagu jihad Anwar, Lawan Tetap Lawan akan menjadi lagu kebangsaan bangsa ini sebagai mengapai kemerdekaan mutlak mereka. - Mohd. Sayuti Omar