28 February 2022

Lebai terima dalil baru...

Hangpa setujukah???

Kami Terpaksa Panjat Bumbung Rumah Selamatkan Diri

Situasi banjir di daerah Hulu Terengganu semakin buruk sejak awal pagi Ahad berikutan paras air sungai yang naik mendadak menyebabkan kebanyakan daripada penduduk terkandas dan tidak sempat menyelamatkan diri.

Banjir di Terengganu
Penduduk di kawasan terjejas hanya sempat keluar sehelai sepinggang untuk menyelamatkan diri dengan memanjat bumbung rumah serta menuju ke kawasan lebih tinggi di bukit berhampiran kampung sementara menunggu bantuan tiba. Namun usaha menyelamat kini berdepan cabaran berikutan situasi berbahaya kerana banjir arus deras melanda kawasan tersebut.

22 bulan poket dah pokai,baru dapat dedak rm50 sekoq...

UMNO merasuah dan beli undi....

Orang bagi ambik,time undi, jangan pangkah dacing... 

Rohana well-heeled,
even without Leissner...

Former Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd chief executive officer Datuk Rohana Rozhan has been the subject of controversy lately after disgraced former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner alleged she blackmailed him out of a US$10 million (RM41.9 million) home in London.

But even with her former lover purportedly buying her silence on his involvement in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal, reports of Rohana’s income show the top executive is indeed deep-pocketed. This is because previous reports have noted she is one of Malaysia’s highest-paid CEOs in recent memory, making the possibility of her owning property worth millions well within her reach.

In 2019 alone, Rohana made it to the top 10 list of Malaysia’s highest-paid CEOs, raking in a whopping RM13.17 million the year before. This means that Rohana, on average, earned upward of RM1.097 million a month prior to her departure from the media conglomerate in January 2019.

According to the New Straits Times, the Securities Commission’ Corporate Governance Monitor 2019 (CG Monitor 2019) – which tracks the remuneration of CEOs of the top 100 companies listed on Bursa Malaysia – listed Rohana alongside the likes of IOI Corp’s Datuk Lee Yeow Chor (RM39.1 million), and Maxis’ CEO Robert Nason (RM31.8 million).

Also on the list were Sapura Energy CEO Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin (RM71.92 million), AirAsia Group’s Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (RM23.5 million), and YTL Corp managing director Datuk Yeoh Seok Kian (RM13.67 million). However, Genting Group’s Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay emerged tops on the list, earning a total of RM248.61 million.

Screenshots of Astro’s 2016 and 2017 annual reports shared by Twitter user Datuk Jahat Hensem in 2018 showed that Rohana was earning well within the same bracket for the corresponding years.

Rohana was Astro TV and MBNS Multimedia Technologies’ CEO since 2006, before she became Astro Malaysia Holding Bhd’s group CEO in 2016. In 2016, she took home a total of RM10.6 million, and this increased by nearly 30%, or RM3.1 million, to RM13.826 million the following year.

According to Bloomberg, Rohana, a Harvard Business School and University of Kent alumnus, remains a board member of Astro Overseas Ltd and Media Innovations Pte Ltd Group. She is also listed on Bloomberg as a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Cost & Management Accountants and as a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Meanwhile, independent news site Newsunzip reported Rohana’s current net worth to be approximately US$4 million to US$6 million, noting that the business executive was born into a “well-settled” family as her late father was Tan Sri Rozhan Kuntom, a former Public Service Department director-general.

For her professional achievements, Rohana has also been a recipient of numerous awards, including CNBC’s Asia Business Leaders award in 2016 and the Toastmasters’ Golden Gavel Award in 2014. - the Vibes

Make her sings like a canary on Najib’s 1MDB scandal – Why Astro ex-CEO Rohana should be prosecuted...

Two UMNO leaders, Ahmad Maslan and Shahrir Samad, were charged with money laundering in January 2020 for having received RM2 million and RM1 million respectively from former Prime Minister Najib Razak. The money was part of at least US$4.5 billion stolen from 1MDB sovereign funds. Both politicians got into trouble for failure to declare the money with the taxmen.

Lim Guan Eng, secretary-general of the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP), has been charged for asking bribes in a project that has yet to begin. Unlike Maslan and Shahrir, there was no money trail in Lim’s case because no money has changed hands. He was being charged for allegedly soliciting gratification based on hearsay – something that has not happened.

So, if Maslan, Shahrir and Lim could be charged, should not Rohana Rozhan, former CEO of Malaysian media giant Astro Malaysia Holdings, also be charged? Rohana’s offences were worse – extortions, not to mention illicit sex, and spending US$10 million (RM42 million) believed to be also money siphoned and stolen from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

No wonder disgraced Najib had once hinted that the circle of people involved in the 1MDB was much bigger than anyone could imagine. Had not Tim Leissner pleaded guilty and agreed to become the star witness against his own subordinate and best friend Roger Ng, the ex-CEO of Astro would probably get away with not only 10 years of affairs with Leissner, but also RM42 million.

Leissner, the former chief of Goldman Sachs’ Southeast Asia operation, has exposed the extraordinary dirty backroom and bedroom deals – sex, bribes and blackmail – during his testimony in a U.S. federal court in the ongoing 1MDB trial of Roger Ng, Goldman’s Malaysian head of investment banking. The juiciest revelation was his 10-year affair with Rohana.

While the 1MDB scandal involved global investigation across three continents, the lucky Leissner too had affairs with three women. Besides Anis Jamaludin, the daughter of Jamaluddin Jarjis (Najib’s best friend), and Elia Geneid, the niece of Abdul Taib Mahmud (the most corrupt former Sarawak Chief Minister), his affairs with Rohana was the most dramatic and explosive.

The Goldman Sachs banker was in a romantic relationship with Rohana from 2003 to 2013, until he decided to marry U.S. TV personality Kimora Lee Simmons in 2013. He “faked” a divorce decree in order to marry Simmons while still being married to then-wife, Judy Chan. At the same time, while Leissner was still being married to Chan, he also had an affair with Rohana.

However, Rohana was upset when Leissner wanted to end the relationship and had blackmailed to expose him unless he buy her a US$10 million house in London. Leissner said – “If I didn’t buy her a house, she would tell the authorities about my involvement in the 1MDB scandal. She was threatening to expose me. At the time, 2013, I was very fearful of that.”

Now, here’s where the fun begins. Having shared the same bed with Leissner for 10 years, Rohana possessed a good wealth of information about the 1MDB scandal. The fact that Leissner was so terrified with her threat to expose his involvement in the embezzlement, so much so he had to buy her the US$10 million house also means she could testify against Najib.

Even if hypocrite Muslim politicians like Hadi Awang did not see the needs to prosecute Rohana for “Zina” or unlawful sexual intercourse, there is plenty of evidence to charge the former Astro CEO for extortion. Another offence is the purchase of the London property using funds that were stolen from 1MDB. Remember, she knew all about the dirty money, yet blackmailed Leissner to buy it for her.

In the case of Ahmad Maslan and Shahrir Samad, they could claim innocent and ignorant about the source of the money given by their boss Najib. However, in the case of Rohana, she knew precisely how Leissner stole tens of millions of dollars from 1MDB and wanted her share when her lover decided to dump her. It was also an offence that she did not report such thievery to the authorities.

Therefore, either she is charged or becomes a star witness against Najib, the same way Leissner had pledged guilty and made a deal with the U.S. Justice Department to become a witness. Either way, she must be made to surrender the US$10 million real estate, believed to be at the exclusive Montpelier Street in London. After all, the posh property was bought with taxpayers’ money that was stolen.

She can’t claim innocence, or argued that it was a “gift”, the same way crooked Najib has comically claimed that the US$681 million (RM2.6 billion) found in his private bank accounts was “donation” from the royal house of Saudi Arabia, something which he could not prove in both High Court and the Court of Appeal. In fact, Rohana could be charged for money laundering.

Even if the money used by Leissner to buy the London property came from his own commission, it would be incredibly difficult to establish that the money was clean or legitimate. That’s because the former Goldman banker has also admitted to the U.S. court that he had stolen US$80 million from his accomplice – Jho Low (real name: Low Taek Jho).

Yes, there’s no honour among thieves. During his testimony in a U.S. federal court on Thursday (Feb 24), Tim Leissner exposed that as a result of his help with Roger Ng to siphon off a large portion of the US$6.5 billion raised through three 1MDB bond deals, he received a whopping US$60 million in kickbacks. But the money was not enough for the greedy man.

Apparently, when Jho Low asked Leissner to “hold” €145 million (US$162 million; RM680 million) in a shell company in Mauritius, Leissner saw a golden opportunity and helped himself to RM80 million. Leissner then used the money he stole from Low to buy a US$50 million boat as well as a Manhattan apartment at 68th Street and Madison Avenue, among others.

Exactly how does Rohana plan to prove that the US$10 million property was bought with clean money, especially after Leissner admitted to the court that in his personal life, he lied, stole and cheated? Depending on how the real estate was purchased, the former Astro chief could be in more trouble if she did not declare the money or asset to the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or Inland Revenue Board).

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and his predecessor Muhyiddin Yassin, whose political career is either being threatened or had been destroyed by Najib Razak, should take this opportunity to leverage on Rohana to testify against Najib. Just get the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Attorney General’s Chambers to charge her, and she will sing like a canary. - FT


26 February 2022

Khalwat so what? Not guilty unless tangkap tengah basah...

Bekas ketua pegawai eksekutif (CEO) kumpulan Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd, Rohana Rozhan mengesahkan dia sudah berjumpa Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

The Edge memetik kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh peguam Rohana di Tetuan Valen, Oh dan Partners hari ini, yang berkata dia akan memberikan kerjasama penuh kepada agensi antirasuah itu dalam siasatannya.

"Saya merujuk kepada dakwaan yang muncul dalam media mengenai saya. Saya telah hadir di pejabat SPRM dan memberi mereka kerjasama penuh dalam siasatan mereka," katanya.

SPRM dipercayai mengambil keterangan Rohana semalam.

Ketika ditanya oleh pendakwa raya, Drew Rolle mengenai hubungan berkenaan, Leissner mendakwa hubungannya dengan Rohana berlanjutan sejak 2003 hingga 2013.

Leissner mendakwa dia pernah membelikan Rohana sebuah rumah pada 2013 selepas Rohana mengancam mendedahkan penglibatannya dalam 1MDB. 

Leissner ialah saksi utama pendakwaan dalam perbicaraan 1MBD yang sedang dijalankan terhadap bekas jurubank Malaysia Roger Ng. - mk

BangLaysia and GoManSex... 

The 3 Well-connected Muslim Women Tim Leissner Claims To Have Banged

In a recent court proceeding, Goldman Sachs’ former Southeast Asia Chief, Tim Leissner revealed that he had affairs with a few very well-connected and powerful Muslim women in Malaysia.

The man at the centre of the 1MDB corruption trial had zoomed in on at least 3 of them.

1. Datuk Rohana Rozhan

Rohana was a former Astro CEO and a founding member of the media giant. Her late father, Tan Sri Rozhan Kuntom was a former Director of the Public Service Commission between 1985 to 1987.

Rohana is also younger sister to Anuar Rozhan, the CEO of KPISoft Sdn Bhd, the company behind the MySejahtera application. She is alleged to have blackmailed Tim Leissner into buying her a US$10 million home in London.

2. Nur Anis Jamaluddin

Nur Anis is the daughter of the late billionaire cum diplomat, Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis. The close ally and confidant of disgraced former Premiere, Datuk Seri Najib Razak died in a helicopter crash in 2015.

According to a LinkedIn page in her name, Anis was hired by Goldman Sachs as an investment banking analyst based in Singapore between July to November 2010. Little is known about her, except for photos frequenting equestrian clubs playing polo.

3. Elia Geneid @ Elia Abas

Elia is the second daughter of Raziah Mahmud, the sister of Sarawak Governor Tun Pehin Abdul Taib Mahmud.

She is know among the socialites as a party goer. In the past, she has been linked to numerous logging scandals in Sarawak. - malaysiasentinel

Sex, sleaze, corruption 
and Malaysian elites...

When Timothy Leissner, a former Goldman Sachs executive, testified against Roger Ng, he gave us an interesting insight into the shallow lives of some of Malaysia's elite. Ng is another Goldman banker who is facing corruption charges in the 1MDB scandal.

Last week's court proceedings in New York should have reminded you of the similarities with the long-forgotten Scorpene deal. If there's money involved, there's bound to be sex, sleaze and the seductress (3Ss).

In the Scorpene deal, the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak's aide, Razak Baginda, handled the purchase of the submarines from the French contractor, DCN. Baginda's translator was Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu. Once the Scorpene deal was successfully negotiated, the two reportedly toured Europe in a Ferrari sports car.

In the Scorpene scandal, Najib was defence minister. In the 1MDB scandal, Najib was prime minister. And while the troubled sovereign fund was Jho Low's brainchild, Najib was his enabler. Both Leissner and Ng, with Jho Low's help, were involved in a scam which had Najib's fingerprints all over it.

Both jobs - 1MDB and Scorpene - involved huge sums of money and lots of sex, sleaze and scandals. If case you have not yet connected the dots, the common link is Najib.

At, or around, the same time as Razak Baginda's European tryst, Leissner's sexual liaison was being conducted in Malaysia. His lover was Rohana Rozhan, the Measat Broadcast executive and former CEO of Astro Malaysia Holdings.

In 2013, when Leissner wanted to end their affair, he claimed Rohana threatened to inform the authorities about his role in the 1MDB scandal unless he bought her a US$10 million house in central London.

In the Scorpene deal, Altantuya allegedly demanded US$500,000 payment for her 'translation' services.

Poor role models

For years, Rohana gave interviews about empowering women, about women in corporate roles and how women should strive harder to achieve their ambitions.The allegation that she knew about Leissner and Ng's crime and her refusal to report it, says a lot about her personality.

There were two other women who were mentioned in Leissner's testimony. Both were politically connected. So, what pillow talk was exchanged that would have benefited Goldman? Are some Malay women extremely naïve, or very easy to please? Why did Najib's daughter confirm that she was merely the PowerPoint girl? Why draw attention to herself?

Allegedly sleeping one's way to the top and acquiring property through blackmail gives the wrong message to young girls. These women may hold high office, or have family in high places, but their actions show their level of moral degradation.

Leissner claimed that his relationship with Rohana was an open secret. If truth be told, there are many such relationships among KL's high society. Leggy and well-endowed European blondes and local Malaysian men, and local Malaysian women have longstanding relationships with western males, who hold powerful corporate roles. Leissner's liaison is not the first, nor last, well known 'open secret'.

One wonders why the ‘khalwat’ squad is over-active when it comes to breaking down doors in seedy hotel rooms to shame B40 lovers when they catch them in flagrante delicto? Why is the khalwat squad reluctant to humiliate high society lovers?

Conflict of interest

Leissner claimed that his boss knew about his relationships with local women, two of whom were politically connected. It does not say much about the company if its employee continues the romance, and continues to be employed, despite the conflict of interest. But why are we surprised? Goldman is more interested in generating profits rather than observing the moral code.

In the past, relationships between non-Malay men and Muslim women have resulted in the male being forced to convert to marry the Muslim woman. Perhaps, the couples were caught in flagrante delicto and there were four witnesses. These couples were mostly from the lower-income bracket. So, are westerners and elite Muslim locals more careful? Or is there another reason why the moral police avoid them?

Once, when a friend's son was caught in a raid on a nightclub, they were not given ample warning to escape via the back door. The detained, including the children of the Malay elites, were bundled into the back of a Black Maria. The following morning, the police officers were given an earful for detaining various ministers' children. Clearly, it is a case of one law for the peasants and another for the elite.

Malaysians who live and work in London are aware that some areas are the haunt of Malaysian politicians and the privileged. It is alleged that many of the homes are bought with the proceeds of money laundering.

After Leissner's testimony, add blackmail to the list of how some Malaysians acquired their property. His revelations have shown that Malaysian high society is despicable and that they lost their moral compass a long time ago. - Mariam Mokhtar

How come our AG did not charge Tim Leissner or Roger Ng? They stole our money here in Malaysia.What about the supporting actors?..

The past few days we have been reading exposes from that court in Brooklyn New York where Tim Leissner and Roger Ng are being tried with crimes related to Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) and 1MDB. There have also been salacious titbits about the maruah of the tak ada maruah crowd that so inhabits the land. 

The question is how come neither Tim Leissner nor Roger Ng have been arrested, charged and tried here in Malaysia? The crime was committed here, it was our money that was stolen, Roger Ng is a Malaysian, both those guys were here. Can the Attorney General, the MACC or the Police explain? How come neither Leissner nor Roger Ng are being charged here?

Tak reti cakap omputih ke?  Dont know how to question those fellows? Dont know how to liaise with the FBI? It does not mean that if they are charged in the Court in New York it means they need not be charged here in Malaysia. Jangan jadi bodoh. I repeat : Jangan jadi bodoh.

What if they are acquitted by the Court in New York? Or jailed for six months only? We should still investigate and charge them with all those crimes they committed here. I hope the AG's Chambers says something about this. 

I also notice that the American Court process is exposing more names than our own Court processes so far.  The names of so many supporting actors (and actresses) are being mentioned in the Court in New York. Please pay attention to all these other names that are being mentioned. I hear that even more 'nama-nama sampingan' will be mentioned in the trials in New York.  

Then there is that Pak Arab puk_ _ak, some Deputy Emir or something who is also involved in stealing our money. Can you imagine - a deputy Emir !! Anak sund-l original. How can a deputy Emir be involved in stealing money? 

Najib and UAE DPM Sheikh Mansour Zayed Al Nahyan.

That Leissner fellow told the Court in New York if the amount is less than US$100 million the deputy Emir fellow will not even get out of bed. So are we going to take action against that Pak Arab puk_ _ak? We should. They stole our money. Yesterday our MACC here in Kuala Lumpur interviewed one of those people whose name was mentioned in that Court in New York.  

I say MACC, that person is located here, the moneys were stolen here, everything happened here in Malaysia. Habis apa pasal pula only now you are interviewing that person? Only after their name was mentioned 15,000 km away in New York?  Why didnt you find out earlier? How come the investigators in New York can know so much and you dont know?

Other names have been mentioned in the Court in New York. More names will possibly be mentioned. Please follow the case carefully and listen carefully to all the other names  that are being mentioned. More people were involved in this crime. 

Is anyone from the Malaysian Embassy attending the trial in New York? No? Why not? It is our money - taxpayers money that was stolen. RM40 Billion was stolen. And Tim Leissner was sleeping with the daughter of the Malaysian Ambassador at that time. But that does not mean Leissner gets diplomatic immunity. So please send someone to attend the trial in New York and take careful notes.  

There is no need for the MACC to send anyone to New York-lah. Takpayah lawatan sambil belajar. Just follow the case online...

Malulah. Really embarrassing. The crime happened here. It is our money that was stolen. Most of the crooks were here. They are still located here. Yet all this new information and all these new details are coming out from a trial going on 15,000km away in New York. - Syed Akbar Ali


25 February 2022

Berita camni kita takkan tau, jika UMNO terus menang...

Look at his face carefully,what can you see...

Sex, bribes and blackmail – Najib’s 
appeal in jeopardy after Leissner exposed 
more dirty deals in 1MDB scandal...

Najib Razak, the disgraced former prime minister of Malaysia, is appealing his corruption convictions after being sentenced to 12 years’ jail and fined RM210 million. The High Court delivered the guilty verdict in July 2020 for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT), and money laundering – all involving RM42 million stolen from SRC International Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of 1MDB).
His appeal failed in December 2021 after the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s decision. Not only all the 3 judges had thrown out Najib’s appeal, they also used harsh language, calling the ex-PM’s corruption a “national embarrassment”. Najib now has only one final shot at the Federal Court, the highest court and the final appellate court in the country.
But Mr Najib has since lost much of his earlier confidence. Shafee Abdullah, his leading attorney whom he proudly introduced to journalists as “hotshot lawyer” in 2018, has been dropped. The world’s biggest crook wants to appoint Queen’s Counsel (QC) from the United Kingdom to appeal in his final appeal. His appeal, however, could be jeopardised following the trial of Tim Leissner.

Leissner, the former chief of Goldman Sachs’ Southeast Asia operation, has exposed more dirty backroom and bedroom deals – sex, bribes and blackmail – during his testimony in a U.S. federal court in the ongoing 1MDB trial of Roger Ng, Goldman’s Malaysian head of investment banking. Mr Ng had received RM35 million in kickbacks to take part in the money laundering scheme.
While 52-year-old Leissner pleaded guilty in August 2018 to conspiring to violate U.S. anti-bribery laws and money laundering, Ng has pleaded not guilty to helping launder millions of dollars looted from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. Ng’s lawyer said he is a “fall guy” for one of the biggest financial scandals in Wall Street history, as Leissner testifies as a government witness against Ng.
Even though the trial in a Brooklyn federal court was supposed to focus on Goldman’s role in the international scandal, Leissner’s testimony has done more damage than Malaysian former premier Najib had wanted at this critical time. U.S. prosecutors said Ng helped two co-conspirators – his former boss Leissner and Jho Low, Najib’s partner-in-crime, in embezzling money from 1MDB.

Hoping to get a lighter punishment for being the star prosecution witness against his “best friend” 49-year-old Ng, Mr Leissner testified how Jho Low was rejected by Goldman as a client due to Low’s bad publicity – wild parties and bottomless (but suspicious) source of money to fund his lavish lifestyles. Still, Leissner and Ng continued to deal with Low in their private capacity.

Leissner, a German, and Ng, a Malaysian citizen, saw the opportunity to pocket some of the profits as both helped Jho Low to siphon off billions of dollars from 1MDB (1 Malaysia Development Berhad). Even when the 1MDB scandal was first exploded, only one name – Tim Leissner – was put forward as the bad apple. He merely resigned in Feb 2016 without being charged.

It would take the downfall of Najib Razak in the May 2018 General Election to reveal the relations between Najib and Tim Leissner, Roger Ng and Jho Low. After admitting to enriching himself to the tune of more than US$200 million in proceeds from 1MDB bonds that flowed into accounts controlled by him and a relative in Hong Kong, Leissner paid only US$43.7 million to the U.S. as part of a deal to turn witness.

But even before the US$6.5 billion in bonds that Goldman helped 1MDB to raise between 2009 and 2014, which allowed the U.S. bank to earn a whopping US$600 million in fees, the bribery in the form of back-scratching had already begun. During one Thanksgiving trip to New York in 2009, Leissner arranged for Najib to meet with Goldman’s then-CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, ahead of major bond deals for 1MDB.

In return for the lucrative business deals, Leissner revealed that Goldman was to get jobs at the bank for Najib’s three children, something that the ex-PM liked to call “You help me, I help you”. Unfortunately, the U.S. investment bank declined to hire Najib’s daughter (Nooryana Najwa Najib), forcing Leissner to pulling some strings to get her a position with TPG Capital, an American private equity firm in Hong Kong, instead.
Najib Razak has today rubbished Leissner’s testimony, saying in his Facebook – “This didn’t happen and none of my children was ever offered a job at Goldman Sachs and had never worked at that US bank”. As usual, the serial liar was telling only half-truth. What happened was all his children, including his favourite daughter, were not qualified to work at Goldman Sachs.

To prevent a red flag from being raised at Goldman, Leissner and Ng decided to use code names like “friend” (to refer to Jho Low) and “PMO” (Prime Minister’s Office) to hide Jho Low’s identity after the bank officially declined to accept Low as a private wealth client, largely due to his source of wealth. Jho Low was “essential” because he secretly fed Goldman bankers with inside information.

But it wasn’t just all work and no play. Leissner admitted to having several affairs while working for Goldman, including with Anis Jamaludin, the daughter of Jamaluddin Jarjis, Najib’s best friend. A former Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Jamaluddin was appointed as Malaysian Ambassador to the U.S. in July 2009 after he sexually harassed a female worker of a restaurant at a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

According to a LinkedIn page, Ms Anis worked (yes, she’s more qualified than Najib’s daughter) for Goldman as an investment banking analyst in Singapore from July to November 2010. So, it was not coincidence that Goldman was granted a licence to operate in Malaysia in December 2009 and began pitching for business, including the successful deals in arranging three bond sales for 1MDB.

As it turned out, besides Anis Jamaluddin, Leissner’s other Malaysian lover was Rohana Rozhan, who was then CEO of Malaysian media giant Astro Malaysia Holdings, a company owned by Ananda Krishnan, one of the richest men in the country. The Goldman banker was in a romantic relationship with Rozana from 2003 to 2013, until he decided to marry U.S. TV personality Kimora Lee Simmons in 2013.

However, Rozana was upset when Leissner wanted to end the relationship and had blackmailed to expose him unless he buy her a US$10 million house in London. Leissner said – “If I didn’t buy her a house, she would tell the authorities about my involvement in the 1MDB scandal. She was threatening to expose me. At the time, 2013, I was very fearful of that,”

Ng’s attorney Marc Agnifilo, however, has attacked Leissner’s reputation, accusing the banker as a “double bigamist” – married two women at the same time – twice. The defence attorney also accused Leissner of forging documents including divorce papers and of having sexual relations with Jasmine Loo Ai Swan, formerly general counsel for 1MDB who received a US$5 million from the 1MDB fund.

Anis Jamaluddin and Rohana Rozhan were just two of three women whom Tim Leissner managed to fish in Malaysia. The third woman was Elia Geneid, the niece of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the most corrupt former Sarawak Chief Minister (1981-2014) who was promoted as the Governor by the equally corrupt ruling government of Barisan Nasional.

Elia is the daughter of Taib’s powerful sister, Raziah Mahmud Geneid. In his testimony, Leissner revealed the niece of Taib was accompanying him (even though Leissner was legally married to someone else), along with Ng and Jho Low during a trip to Beijing in 2009, which unsurprisingly coincided with Najib’s official visit to China.

While the former Goldman’s top gun admitted to the U.S. court that he was driven by greed and  ambition, he also testified that Jho Low had advised him of people in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi who needed to be bribed. The name on the top list was Najib Razak and the United Arab Emirates Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour, who was implicated in an audio recording back in 2020.

In the audio recording, which was leaked to former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Latheefa Koya, Najib asked the UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed to help fabricate a loan agreement to show that Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, had received financing from the UAE state-funded International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) and not from money siphoned from 1MDB.

Najib was caught seeking help from the UAE crown prince in the audio recording – “The premise is relatively small, if there can be an agreement with Sheikh Mansour to have a loan agreement signed that will show that it is a legitimate financing package, it’s not money laundering“. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan was then chairman of IPIC.

The scandal involved global investigation across three continents, where money was spent on high-end property, luxury goods and lavish holidays and parties involving Najib, his family and partner Jho Low. The U.S.-DOJ investigation results says that over US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from the 1MDB fund, with some of the money used to buy the private jet, a super yacht, Picasso paintings, jewellery and real estate.

Because Tim Leissner has a deal with the U.S. Justice Department to turn witness against fellow colleague Roger Ng, his testimonies carries weight. It would be extremely hard for even a Queen’s Counsel from UK to defend or deflect Najib’s embezzlement in the Federal Court. The only way out is to become the powerful prime minister again in order to escape prison. - FT


24 February 2022

Zakat pungut, bila minta bantuan depa koner kiri kanan...

She blackmailed her lover for USD10 million dollar 
house in London and the money comes from the rakyat... 

Sila perhatikan ayat 18 hingga 23... 

US$1 billion sama dengan RM4.18 Billion (ikut exchange rate USD/MYR latest). Jadi RM4.18 billion telah terbang melayang keluar dari negara kita dalam sekelip mata saja pada satu malam saja. Saya nak hantar duit raya RM300 kepada bekas Indonesian maid kami di Jawa pun kena isi borang bank, perlu sebut tujuan hantar duit dan pelbagai. Kalau nak hantar duit kut money changer, money changer pula takut.

Ini pula depa boleh hantar keluar duit curi sebanyak RM4.18 Billion ke luar negara dalam satu malam sahaja. Tiada sebarang halangan rupa-nya. Nasib mereka baik. SPRM, Polis kurang faham baca bahasa Inggeris. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Lebai masih puas hati lagikah???

Najib: My kids never 
worked for Goldman Sachs..

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak today clarified that his children had never worked for Goldman Sachs.

Najib said media reports had given the impression that he was induced by Goldman Sachs with purported offers for his children to work at the disgraced US investment bank.

These media reports were based on the testimony of former Goldman Sachs partner Tim Leissner while testifying as a prosecution witness against his former subordinate Roger Ng, a Malaysian.

Najib said that his children never received the purported offers. "That's (supposed to be) job offers, OK? Not offers for projects or bribe money," wrote Najib on Facebook.

Leissner told the court that he was informed by Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, via email, that three of Najib's children were seeking employment at Goldman Sachs. - mk

Leissner also testified that fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, made a list of people in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi who needed to be bribed to ensure that the 1MDB plan was approved. Among the names in his testimony were former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and United Arab Emirates Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour.

In an earlier testimony, Leissner also dropped a bombshell revelation on Najib, who allegedly wanted to secure jobs for his three children with Goldman.

Leissner, 52, testified that his ex-boss Lloyd Blankfein’s meeting with Najib in 2009 came with an agenda and it took place before the bank’s mega bond deals for 1MDB.

He added that he was told by Ng that Najib would be in New York to visit his children for the Thanksgiving holiday. He alleged Low said it would be good for Blankfein and Najib to meet.

Ng, 49, is facing accusations of pocketing millions of dollars in kickbacks in the 1MDB deal, with allegations of money laundering and violating anti-bribery laws. Low was charged in the US in 2018 however, he remains a fugitive. – The Vibes

Meanwhile, Former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s rebuttal that his children never worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs missed the point regarding such allegations, said Semambu assemblyperson Lee Chean Chung. He said the mere act of Najib taking advantage of his position to lobby for those jobs constituted an abuse of power.

“Even if Najib’s children did not ultimately land jobs in Goldman Sachs, it has been established that (former Goldman Sachs South Asia chair Tim Leissner) had introduced Najib's youngest daughter (Nooryana Najwa Najib) to TPG Capital in Hong Kong.

“Let's be clear that 1MDB is a failed public entity which wasted billions of rakyat’s dollars.

“Using 1MDB's big bond deals, the fund-raising process of which is itself questionable, to seek favours at a 2009 meeting with former Goldman chief Lloyd Blankfein for his own children is legally and morally corrupt,” the PKR treasurer-general said in a statement today. 

Leissner testified at a New York court about a meeting between him, Blankfein, and Najib in 2009. In return for the lucrative 1MDB business, jobs would be secured for Najib’s three children at the US multinational investment bank.

However, the bank’s government relations department would not support this due to the sensitivity involved in hiring government-connected children, and Leissner said he ultimately tapped his other connections to secure a job for Nooryana at TPG. - - mk

Leissner had affairs with three 
M'sians, two are politically connected...

Disgraced former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner has revealed that not only did he score a big deal in Malaysia, he found love too - thrice.Testifying before a US court in the trial against Roger Ng, Leissner revealed this when the prosecutor asked him about his trip to Beijing in 2009.

Leissner, Ng and Low Taek Jho had travelled to Beijing, coinciding with Najib Abdul Razak's first official trip abroad as prime minister on June 4 and June 5. Najib was received by then Chinese president Hu Jintao and premier Wen Jiabao.

According to court transcripts, the prosecution showed Leissner email printouts to which the witness explained were related to setting up meetings in Beijing with Low, also known as Jho Low, and also government officials.

When Leissner was asked who he was travelling with, he revealed it was the niece of a former Sarawak chief minister. At the time, Leissner was legally married to someone else.

Prosecutor Drew Rolle: So were you having an affair with Ms [name withheld]?

Leissner: Yes.

Rolle: And who was she, Ms [name withheld]?

Leissner: She was Malaysian and she was the niece of (a former) chief minister of Sarawak.

Rolle: She was related to a government official?

Leissner: She was the niece of the chief minister, yes.

Rolle: At that point had Goldman Sachs done business in Sarawak?

Leissner: Yes, we had.

Tim Leissner (far left) and Kimora Lee Simmons (second from left) with Najib Abdul Razak 
at the launch of Khazanah Americas Incorporated (KAI) in San Francisco, US on Sept 22, 2013.

Leissner revealed that when he was involved with the woman, his employer Goldman Sachs was doing business with Sarawak. He did not disclose this to Goldman Sachs' control functions despite the company having policies on relationships with relatives of clients or government officials.

Asked if the relationship with the woman benefited him in terms of work for Goldman Sachs, Leissner replied: "Not directly." He explained that the intermediary for the deal was known as "Mr Seow", who collected a fee for intermediating between Goldman Sachs and Sarawak.

While still legally married, Leissner said he was once engaged to the woman but eventually did not marry her.

Two other affairs

The prosecutor then asked Leissner if there were other client-related persons with whom he had affairs, to which the witness replied there were. He revealed that he had a “longstanding” relationship with a woman who was a chief executive of a media company since 2003.

He also said he had an affair with the daughter of a Malaysian ambassador to the US. Malaysiakini is not naming any of the women out of respect for their privacy because they are not involved in the 1MDB affair.

When the prosecutor asked Leissner if Goldman Sachs had benefited from his relationship with the former chief executive of the media company, the witness again replied: "Not directly." 

He said while Goldman Sachs did work on the media company's initial public offerings, the couple's relationship was frowned upon by the media company's owner. Again, Leissner did not report the relationship to Goldman Sachs’ control functions.

US$10m house in London

Leissner conceded he made a lot of money from the 1MDB affair and he spent approximately US$10 million (RM40 million) to buy the former chief executive a house in London.

When asked why, Leissner explained that he bought the house because the woman was very upset that he was ending their relationship after 10 years to marry model Kimora Lee Simmons in 2013.

"She put it to me that we had spent 10 years in a relationship and that if I didn't buy her a house, she would, for example, tell the authorities about my involvement in the 1MDB scheme.

"Not that I disclosed all the details to her about that but I did mention to her that I had received money out of that scheme... I was very fearful of that," said Leissner.

Leissner and Simmons had a child in 2015. It is uncertain if they are still together.

Leissner is testifying against his former subordinate Ng, who is charged with money laundering and violating anti-bribery laws in relation to the 1MDB affair. - mk


23 February 2022

Lebai mentekedarah kepala ikan banyak sangat...

Semua penduduk dan veteran2 ATM yang 
tinggal di SEMBRONG dengar peasanan ini... 

Johor polls set to be a 
general election bellwether...

The Johor state elections next month, coming at a time of inflation, growing unemployment, struggling businesses and a more than year-long second Covid-19 wave, are not what the people want or need. But the elections were forced by Umno, which claimed that a new mandate was necessary because the ruling Barisan Nasional plus Perikatan Nasional government was shaky with only a one-seat majority in the state assembly.

Obviously there is more to it than that. What is clear, and confirmed by party insiders, is that the elections are aimed at further “destroying” Bersatu which had nearly annihilated Umno by luring its MPs with positions and power after the 2018 general election. Umno set off on this vendetta in Melaka last November, deciding on a head-on collision with its federal government partner resulting in PN being left in a debilitated state.

And now Umno is all set to roll over not only Bersatu in Johor but also the opposition parties which are feuding openly. Pakatan Harapan (PH) is busy warding off the punches thrown at it by a couple of newbies in the fray. Umno, with its formidable election machinery obviously has the advantage. Another upside is that the opposition seems to be fragmented.

If this happens, Najib Razak and his so-called “court cluster” members will see their positions in the party strengthened to prepare for the next general election (GE15), whether one likes it or not. Minus the independents in past elections, Johor will see the most crowded election in terms of the number of registered political parties that are contesting. The results could well see some of them starting their decline while others may see their fortunes rising.

With 2.5 million voters eligible to vote including the 750,000-odd Undi18 fresh and young newcomers, Johor could well be a bellwether of the national mood. The Sabah polls in 2020 were carried out in a cautious mood while the Melaka polls saw tough SOPs with the same opposition parties groping in the dark. So they were not the right electorate to gauge the mood of voters.

As for the Sarawak elections, as expected it was a landslide victory for the pro-Perikatan Nasional Gabungan Parti Sarawak which is also a close friend of Umno. But that state is far from national politics, and it cannot be used to gauge voter sentiments in West Malaysia.

With the government relaxing the SOPs in Sarawak to a certain degree compared to Melaka, the voter turnout which was low there is expected to improve in Johor although it is not expected to hit the high of 80% achieved in GE14.

The Undi18 voters are a mystery, really. No one is sure how these young untainted minds who are chiefly dependent on social media for political fodder are going to vote, if ever they decide to cast their ballots. Of course many of them are likely to be influenced by their parents and relatives and that could have a bearing.

Even if 50% of them decide to come out and vote, we will have about 375,000 voters which will make a difference in many seats, especially the marginal ones. Then comes Muda, a party which hopes to make an impact among the youths, especially the Undi18.

Will they opt for the party led by Muda’s Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman or parties which can field notable politicians with vast experience such as Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Lim Kit Siang, Muhyiddin Yassin and Shafie Apdal among others? Another first in this election is the entry of Parti Bangsa Malaysia.

For the first time since GE14, PKR has decided to use its own logo instead of the PH flag after its disastrous outing in Melaka where the party lost in all its contests. On the other hand, DAP and Amanah will use the PH logo. If this switch succeeds in Johor, it may see a new trend but if it fails, the coalition has to go back to the drawing board.

In all this hustle and bustle, PAS appears to be unusually silent as it licks its wounds caused by Umno’s open “divorce” from its Muafakat Nasional (MN) partner. It had asked the Islamic party to choose between it or Bersatu. It chose to stick with Bersatu and Muhyiddin Yassin who gave them more than their fair share in the Cabinet and other government positions. Caught in a bind, the likely outcome for PAS is that it will becoming insignificant in states other than Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah.

The Johor elections may see a considerable weakening of PAS’ political influence, especially with the Umno leaders openly saying Malaysia is for all races and religions. Unlike the previous three state elections held since 2018, Johor is going to be a different ball game altogether. Be prepared for a new national political landscape come polling day on March 12. - K.Parkaran

Nur Sajat (above) says she is very comfortable and proud to be a woman.Cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat has legally changed her gender status to female in Australia.

In a post on Instagram live, Nur Sajat, 35, said she felt as if she was “reborn” and was happy because the process of changing her gender status in Australia was easy. “I am very happy that everything is over. I feel comfortable and proud to be a woman. I appreciate that this country understands my situation.

“I can finally be myself and I hope people will accept me for who I am,” she said according to a report by Kosmo. Asked by her followers whether she would change her name, she said she would continue to go by ‘Nur Sajat’. - fmt