30 November 2016

Rosmah kejut Najib dari tidur, Trump suruh telefon...(update)

Rosmah Mansor mendedahkan peranannya dalam perbualan telefon antara suaminya Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan pemenang pilihan raya presiden Amerika Syarikat Donald Trump.

Dalam acara semalam, Rosmah berkata beliau terpaksa melakukan banyak peranan di rumah, termasuk menjawab telefon bagi pihak Najib.

“Saya di rumah macam operator, macam setiausaha. Semua saya buat.

“Dalam pukul 2.30 pagi, telefon saya berbunyi dan saya mendapat telefon dari salah seorang besarlah, rakan Datuk Najib yang bermain golf masa di New York.

“Dia kata, Datin Seri, saya minta maaf ganggu pagi-pagi ini. Saya fikir, Allah, apa pula? Mesti penting. Baca seterusnya...

Ib - He did not get a call from Trump. He got a message saying if you wish you can call me at 4.30 am. So much for respect and human touch. If the man has any respect for a fellow country head he would not treat others like that getting people up at 2.30 and saying call me at 4.30. Total disrespect!

Gerard Lourdesamy - These sort of calls are customary when a new leader is elected. It is part and parcel of diplomatic courtesies and are not to be taken as a policy change. The US values its relations with Malaysia and it helps that president elect Trump knows Najib to a certain degree. The invitation to lunch or dinner is extended as part of the legendary American hospitality and friendliness to leaders of countries perceived to be close to the US and also out of politeness. What it does not mean is that the DOJ is going to withdraw and close its kleptocracy investigation and prosecution in the US. That is a matter for the new AG to decide in consultation with the FBI. The president elect cannot interfere in a criminal investigation or judicial proceeding in the US. And after Trump gets his briefing from the DOJ, the FBI and the State Department, he is going to keep a distance from this issue. Trump won the election on a reformist and anti-corruption agenda, Najib is neither.

Khalid Hassan - Rosmah Mansor kata Donald Trump tunggu panggilan Najib Razak tapi baik Rosmah mahupun Najib tidak ada nombor phone Trump. Nampak tak penipuan yang dibuat oleh Rosmah Mansor. Kalau betul Donald Trump menanti panggilan dari Najib Razak sudah pasti Najib sudah dapat nombor phone Trump dari pihak ketiga yang menyampaikan pesan Trump kepada Najib. Kalau betul ada pihak ketiga ( mungkin pegawai kedutaan US) yang menghubungi Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang kemudiannya menghubungi Najib tapi Rosmah yang jawab sebab Najib dah tidur pastilah pihak ketiga itu mestilah memberi nombor Trump untuk dihubungi dan tak perlulah Rosmah mencari nombor Trump tu lagi. Kalau nak menipu pun rekalah cerita yang logik sikit.

Anonymous_40f4 - The BN/UMNO BARU propaganda media was all attacking Trump and supporting Crooked Hillary. Najib,Rosmah,UMNO BARU/BN were all hoping n praying for crooked hillary to win.Now since to their great dissapointment Trump won n now they go all out looking to suck-up Trump.Dont they have any shame?But to Najib's dissapointment,Trump is going to clean-up the swamp in Putrajaya n MO1 may be issued a interpol warrant of arrest.

Amran Abdul Rahman - Apa maksud disebalik cerita yg seumpama cerekarama kt tv3 ni..? Mohon simpati trump mengenai siasatan kes anaknya ke??cerita2 first lady ni banyak yg jenis angkat bakul masuk sendiri..!! Rakyat dah jelak..

Rosmah reveals her role in Trump-Najib pre-dawn call

Yesterday....at the Dewan Tun Ismail, PWTC....the Flying Hippo spent over 7 minutes talking about Trump calling Najib. If you have the patience and got nothing better to do, click the above video and hear her rambling on and on and on about what happened.

She tells us that she was the one who picked up the phone (now we know that she screens all of Najib's call....aisehman she controls even his calls!). She tells us that she was told that "Donald Trump is expecting/waiting for Najib's call". She tells us that Donald Trump told Najib to bring his family over and he will arrange to have lunch or dinner with them". Whatever lah....China pon suruh Najib bawah Family. I wonder why Trump is waiting for Najib's call....nak discuss pasal that Mexico wall or about "dedak"? 

On the 19th Novermber  - ten days before  - USA Today listed out the names of world leaders that President Elect Donald Trump had called :

Thirty Five world leaders that Trump had called. No... Najib Razak, No... Malaysia! 

So in terms of importance I think Najib (and Malaysia) ranks below Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan and many many other countries. 

By the time that Trump did call Najib he must have made what Rosmah herself said was a "short call". 

And for those who do talk to Trump...what do they talk about?

Justin Trudeau ✔ @JustinTrudeau
I’ve just spoken with President-elect Trump – and we agreed to meet soon to keep building the Canada-US relationship.
2:05 PM - 10 Nov 2016

Lee Hsien Loong ✔ @leehsienloong 
Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump. SG will strive to keep working together with US.
7:02 PM - 9 Nov 2016

And what was Rosmah gloating on about? 

About Trump inviting them to lunch or dinner.....malu lah sikit. Tak ada class lansung! Bragging to people about Trump calling her husband, telling us that it was she who took the initital call...and talking about Trump inviting her and family over to the US.

Rosmah...engkau berani ka pi ka Washington when the DOJ and  FBI have marked Najib as a "person of interest".....orang puteh  kata "person of interest"......kita semua kat Malaysia panggil dia pencuri, penyangak dan penipu!  Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if Trump has anytime to spend with you and your family of penyangak, pencuri and penipu! 

And if you do bring your family to Washington...don't forget to bring that son of yours that also who went to China with you...you knowlah which one.......nudge nudge wink wink....the one that the US DOJ wants to talk to ! - steadyaku47

But the opposition has to do more 
to win over rural Malays...

Fourty thousand people wearing yellow shirts gathered in Malaysia’s capital on November 19th, to protest against corruption and impunity in government. The rally was orderly and restrained; the response of the authorities was not. On the eve of the protest, police arrested Maria Chin Abdullah, leader of a coalition of human-rights groups that organised the event. She was placed in solitary confinement, and can be held there for 28 days. Even by Malaysia’s dismal recent standards this marked a fresh low. Ordinary Malaysians should not stand by while their leaders undermine the rule of law so casually.

Ms Chin Abdullah’s detention was justified by an anti-terrorism law which the government had promised would never be used against political opponents. The true motivation was to stifle outrage over 1MDB, a state-owned investment firm from which billions have gone missing. In July American government investigators said they thought that $3.5bn had been taken from the firm and that hundreds of millions of dollars went to the prime minister, Najib Razak (who says he has never taken public funds for personal gain). The investigators’ findings corroborated exposés written by local and foreign journalists, who have been unravelling the saga for several years.

Elsewhere the scandal would have sparked a swift change in government. But the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) has held power for six decades and enjoys broad support from Malaysia’s ethnic-Malay majority, some of whom resent their ethnic-Chinese and Indian compatriots. The party has devised many ways to protect its leaders from internal revolts, so Mr Najib found it easy to purge critics, delay a parliamentary investigation and replace an attorney-general said to have been preparing charges against him. 

No one in Malaysia has been charged over 1MDB’s missing money. But a court has handed a prison sentence to an opposition politician who frustrated efforts to hush up the affair. The editor and publisher of one of Malaysia’s last independent news organisations face jail under a rule which forbids certain content published with “intent to annoy”. A competitor closed in March after authorities ordered its website blocked.

Mr Najib’s party is carelessly widening Malaysia’s ethnic and religious splits. Seeking to bolster support among conservative Malay Muslims, it is toying with a proposal to intensify the whippings which may be meted out by sharia courts. It has failed properly to condemn pro-government gangs that last year menacingly gathered in a Chinese part of the capital. Their leaders paint ethnic Malays as victims of sinister conspiracies—dangerous rumour-mongering in a country where politics is still defined by the racial violence of the 1960s.

Easily broken, hard to fix

Until now foreign investors have been fairly sanguine about the economy. But they are growing rattled. The ringgit has depreciated faster than other emerging-market currencies (see article). Last week the authorities asked foreign banks to stop some ringgit trading abroad, raising fears of harsher controls.

Rural ethnic Malays, a crucial constituency, feel that the scandal is a remote affair. Even some educated urbanites still favour Mr Najib’s government over the opposition, underestimating the damage being done by the scandal. If change is to come, the disparate opposition needs to do a better job of winning such people over; its fractious parties must overcome their divisions and present a plausible candidate to replace Mr Najib in a general election that could be held as soon as next year. Malaysia has always been an imperfect democracy, but the rot eating at its institutions is harming its international standing and its economic prospects alike. - the Economist

41 orang asal dan aktivis ditahan di IPD Gua Musang setakat ini 
kerana membuat sekatan menghalang pembalakan di kawasan hutan 
yang menurut mereka adalah tanah adat orang asal. 
Story kat SINI dan SINI    

Orang kanan KM Melaka ditahan SPRM pasai ada puluh juta. 
Mungkin dia menjadi proxy kepada orang tertentu...f/bk

Pasai dedak macai jadi bluurr...

Sign at a MONEY CHANGER in Thailand...


29 November 2016

UMNO perdaya PAS untuk dapat undi Melayu...

Image result for UMNO perdaya Pas tentang ruu355

Perancangan Umno untuk mendapat sokongan penuh pengundi Melayu dengan cara memperdayakan Pas selepas Cina tidak bersama mereka lagi hancur berkecai, dakwa Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad.

 "Selepas Cina tak sokong BN lagi, Umno cuba mendapatkan undi Melayu sepenuhnya dengan memperdayakan Pas agar menyokong mereka menggunakan RUU Akta 355.

"Tetapi ia hancur berderai apabila Pas berpecah dua, dengan lahirnya Amanah dan Umno juga pecah dua dengan lahirnya Bersatu.

Image result for UMNO perdaya Pas tentang ruu355

"Benarlah janji Allah, kamu merancang, Allah pun merancang dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang," kata Khalid sambil membacakan sepotong ayat Al Quran.

Khalid berkata demikian ketika memberikan ucapan dalam majlis ceramah anjuran PKR Selayang di Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang malam tadi. 

Khalid yang menjadi penceramah utama malam tadi berkata, dengan lahirnya Amanah dan Bersatu, beliau yakin pengundi Melayu tidak lagi bersama dengan Umno dan Barisan Nasional tetapi bersama dengan Pakatan Harapan apabila Bersatu bakal menyertainya tidak lama lagi.

"Apabila pengundi Melayu dan Cina bersatu, kita yakin akan dapat kalahkan Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang," kata Khalid yang mendapat tepukan dari hadirin dan juga pemimpin Pakatan Harapan yang berada di pentas.

Image result for UMNO perdaya Pas tentang ruu355

Khalid tidak langsung menyerang Pas dalam ceramahnya melainkan berkata Umno telah berjaya menjinakkan Pas melalui RUU Akta 355 menyebabkan parti itu mesra Umno.

Turut berucap malam itu adalah William Leong,Ahli Parlimen Selayang dan juga L Mankadir Samsi atau lebih dikenali Pak Jabit serta Azman Mokhtar, Ketua Komunikasi PKR Selayang. Turut berucap adalah wakil DAP.

Sebelum berceramah, Khalid mengadakan dialog dengan ahli Amanah tempatan dan bersetuju untuk menubuhkan dua cawangan Amanah di situ tidak lama lagi.- malaysiadateline

Najib,ajak Hadi jadi tetamu 
Perhimpunan Agung UMNO...

Setelah tampil sedondon berbaju merah jambu beberapa bulan yang lalu, Najib Razak dan Hadi Awang sekali lagi akan duduk di atas pentas yang sama - kali ini dalam suatu perhimpunan raksasa berkaitan Rohingya pada 4 Disember akan datang nanti.

Sebelum itu, ikatan kemesraan antara UMNO dan Pas yang menghadapi pelbagai cemuhan, turut dirapatkan lagi dengan persetujuan kerajaan memberi lampu hijau kepada Hadi Awang membawa  usul Akta 355 bagi tujuan memperkasa kuasa Mahkamah Syariah.

Meskipun usul tersebut sudah dibaca sebanyak dua kali, ia tetap ditangguhkan jua akhirnya. Tetapi, usul itu nyata telah merapatkan lagi hubungan antara mereka.

Dengan itu, bibit-bibit ke arah "perkahwinan" antara UMNO dengan Pas, sama ada secara "sembunyi-sembunyi" atau "terbuka rasmi", nampaknya sukar untuk dielakkan lagi. Baca setersnya...

Image result for group attacked khalid samad at Parliament freed
Parliament rioters freed: The message...

What does it say when a group riots and attacks an elected Member of Parliament in the compound of the august house, gets a remand to be kept for four days and the police frees them all only after one night?

What does it say when police say that they are investigating the group of people, one who is a son of an MP, for rioting, but allow them to walk free without being charged?

What does it say when the august house is defamed and authorities are saying they will do something about - Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan said that he will - and yet they do not seem to be doing anything?

What does it say when the minister in charge of the security of Parliament says that he will check who sponsored the group into the Parliament compound and yet, days after, there is no mention of who the sponsor is?

What does it say when there has yet to be a public apology by the authorities in charge of the Parliament security to MP Khalid Samad for being attacked in a place which was supposed to have top notch security?

It says much and yet, it says nothing good at all about the way authorities work in this country. 

Malaysiakini reported that police have freed eleven individuals detained in connection with the commotion at the Parliament compound last Thursday.

The article reported that according to Oriental Daily, a police official confirmed that the 11 were released on Saturday after spending at night in police custody.

All eleven individuals, comprising eight males and three females, had surrendered to the police on Friday morning. Police managed to obtain a four-day remand order.

On Thursday, a group tried to harass Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad within the Parliament compound.

Only in Malaysia ma...

They claimed to be supporters of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry deputy minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

The supporters were angry at Khalid for using the term "sial" to describe Tajuddin during the height of the "Kok row" in the Dewan Rakyat.

Among the eleven under investigation by the police was Tajuddin's son Faisal.

According to the police, the 11 individuals are being investigated under Section 147 of the Penal Code for rioting, reported Malaysiakini. - Zakiah Koya

Not hudud? Sarawak not buying argument...

Did Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi say PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to amend the Syariah Court has nothing to do with hudud law? All major news media reported him as saying so in his news conference after meeting Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem in Kuching on Thursday.

If it’s nothing to do with hudud, then why did Adenan, MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, component leaders of the ruling coalition and non-Muslim leaders in the opposition reacted as they did to the Bill? Adenan, in his capacity as the state Barisan Nasional chief, had earlier in the week instructed all state BN MPs, including Muslim lawmakers, to oppose the Bill if it is read for the second time in Parliament.

Liow threatened to resign from the Cabinet if the Bill, which he likened to a blank cheque “which will pave the way for hudud law to be implemented in Malaysia”, is passed. The passage of the Bill, in the face of certain defeat, has since been shelved.

By claiming it has nothing to do with hudud, Zahid - without saying it - had just implied that Adenan, Liow and the motley of leaders from smaller BN component parties like Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Tan Sri Dr James Masing, Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, are incapable of reading a Bill.

Zahid, whom the opposition claimed was in Kuching to persuade Adenan make a u-turn and retract his instruction to BN federal lawmakers, said the Bill was only seeking an elevation of the Syariah Court to be on par with the civil court.

The elevation, he added, is not about dualism and it will not affect non-Muslims. Now Adenan is a lawyer who graduated from a top notch Australian law school. What is it in the wordings of of Hadi's Bill to make him think that it was hudud?

Adenan is certainly no nincompoop even though the wording of the Bill was in Malay. Neither are the others for that matter. Maybe Hadi had grossly underestimated the mental capacity of the “cawat-wearing” federal lawmakers from Sabah and Sarawak when he kept tweaking his Bill time and again.

The Sarawak leaders, as well as those in Sabah, are just not taken in by the PAS president's attempt to sugar coat the Bill to make it palatable and disguise his true intention. Masing, for one, is not buying the Bill to amend the Syariah Courts Act (Criminal Jurisdiction Act 1965) (Act 355).

Even after listening to what Zahid had said, the Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister made it clear his party would not support any Bill that would introduce parallel laws – one for Muslims, the other for non – and one that would steer the country in the direction that would “shake the foundation of the country based on - the Malaysia Agreement 1963”.

He said the introduction of any Islamic laws that went against the spirit Sarawak and Sabah had agreed on when agreeing to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia would not get his party's support.

Masing also asked why Hadi was hell bent on wanting the law “knowing that it will create suspicion, uneasiness and anger among non-Muslims”. Hadi, to him, belonged to group of leaders who consider religious interests above the interests of the multiracial nation.

A far back in June the learned  Muslim Speaker of the Sarawak state legislative assembly had said that if he were the parliament Speaker, he would have dismissed Hadi's Bill as it “flagrantly violates the Federal Constitution”.

Datuk Amar Asfia Awang Nasar, a lawyer by training, said the Bill was discriminatory towards Muslims themselves as it breached Article 8 of the Federal Constitution on equality before the law.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian was stark in his warning that anyone who believes that Hadi’s hudud Bill will not affect non-Muslims “must be extremely naïve”. The hudud Bill, the Ba Kelalan assemblyman said, is against the Federal Constitution and will affect all Malaysians in its application.

“Those people who keep saying it has nothing to do with hudud and that it will not affect non-Muslims are just playing a political game.”

In his answer to Hadi’s “reminder” to non-Muslims not to behave like (Jakarta Governor) Ahok, “I wish to remind him and all MPs of what is happening in Aceh”.

Baru said in April this year, a non-Muslim woman was caned under Syariah law for selling alcohol. Is this how Syariah law is not affecting non-Muslims? he asked.

If anyone needs more convincing, please read the writings of Zaid Ibrahim and Mujahidin Zulkiffli, two Muslim leaders who are against the implementation of Hudud in Malaysia with Mujahiddin laying out on frightening detail how non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries and says that in history, hudud applies to all. - Laja Lang

Maria Chin bebas...
Story kat SINI SINI SINI dan SINI    


28 November 2016

Beranikah Hadi pecat 6 MP/Adun PAS pro-Bersih 5...

Pas dijangka tidak akan mengambil sebarang tindakan ke atas enam wakil rakyatnya yang menyertai Bersih 5 walau ia jelas bertentangan dengan arahan pucuk pimpinan parti itu.

Enam Ahli Parlimen dan Adun Pas terbabit adalah ...

Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena, Datuk Mahfuz Omar; 
Ahli Parlimen Pasir Puteh, Dr Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad; 
Ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian, Ahmad Baihaqi Atiqullah; 
Adun Batu Buruk, Dr Syed Azman Syed Nawawi; 
Adun Kubang Rotan, Mohd Nasir Mustafa dan 
Adun Anak Bukit, Datuk Ir Amiruddin Hamzah.

Ketua Amanah Kawasan Sik, Sulaiman Ibrahim percaya Pas tidak akan berani mengambil apa-apa tindakan terhadap ke enam-enam mereka.

“Beranikah Pas memecat mereka?” soalnya yang juga dikenali sebagai Leman Raja Lawan.

Pengguna laman sosial Facebook Zain Abdullah turut menganggap Pas tidak akan mengambil sebarang tindakan kerana parti itu bimbang kehilangan lebih banyak kerusi Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri (Dun).

Ketika gambar mereka selamba memakai kemeja-T Bersih 5 dan berarak dengan peserta himpunan Bersih viral di media sosial, pihak jawatankuasa tatatertib Pas setakat 23 November lalu mendakwa masih belum menerima sebarang laporan berhubung penglibatan mereka terbabit.

Pengerusinya, Datuk Dr Daeng Sanusi Daeng Mariok berkata, pihaknya tidak ada menerima sebarang maklumat dari parti dan menunggu laporan sebelum membuat sebarang keputusan atau tindakan.

Walhal, dua hari sebelum itu, Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang berkata, tindakan akan diambil untuk merujuk ahli partinya yang menyertai Bersih 5 kepada jawatankuasa disiplin jika menerima aduan dan terbukti.

Walau bagaimanapun, tiga hari selepas Bersih 5, Setiausaha Agung Pas, Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen masih memberitahu keputusan berhubung hal tersebut masih belum lagi dibuat.

Sikap rasmi Pas yang enggan menyertai himpunan Bersih berlaku sejak Bersih 4.0 pada 29 dan 30 Ogos tahun lalu.

Sekali lagi, pada tahun ini, Takiyuddin yang juga Ahli Parlimen Kota Bharu menegaskan Pas tidak menyertai Bersih 5.0 yang dianggap mempunyai matlamat tidak selari dengan parti di luar Pakatan Harapan itu. - malaysiadateline

Kemaruk sangat nak jadi hero konon,akhirnya Hadi kena main dengan UMNO!

A quiet revolt is taking place 
in PAS,Sabah and Sarawak...

Investors in the country are confident that there will be no regime change after the next general election slated to be held before 2018. There can be many issues unfavourable to the present regime but the Opposition is riven by political skirmishes that they see no alternative at the moment.

The Opposition is fragmented and one political party in the Opposition is living with their dreams, illusions and rhetoric. PAS – to be direct –  is now “neither here nor there”. Astute Umno apparently knows how to play their political game well and PAS with its present leadership who lacks political wisdom is too naïve to understand Umno’s fiddly political trickeries.

“Willy” Umno may sound high and nigh to co-operate with PAS in facing the next general election. The usual ruse and pretext will be for “Malay and Islamic solidarity” and this grandiloquence is lullabying PAS into slumber. In reality, Umno leaders and the grassroots are not at all keen to taking in PAS into their fold. All the beats and drumming by Umno leaders at this moment is merely to see Malay support for Umno and indirectly wane PAS in the process.  

Umno will go on mollifying PAS to go into three-corner fights in the next general election. If this materialises – seemingly it will – PAS will lose Kelantan. PAS can forget Terengganu. PAS will also lose all their present 15 state seats in Selangor. Predictably, their MP seats will be reduced to perhaps two or three. Then PAS can forget about presenting any bills relating to the Sharia in Parliament. Their state seats will be trifled to negligibility. They will no doubt win rhetorically in their political sermons leading to the election but in the electoral battle ground PAS will be a wash out.

It will then be time for them to lick their wounds but this will be too late. In such a state, PAS will be politically incinerated to a point of no return for the next two or three general elections.  PAS’ 60 over years of political struggle will then be assigned to the silo.

PAS-Umno Alliance

A PAS-Umno alliance, if this were to happen, will be too dicey for Umno and BN. With PAS in, Sabah and Sarawak – aka BN’s fixed deposit – will not favour BN anymore. The other BN component parties will be torn asunder as non-Muslims and the liberal Malay Muslim will distance themselves from Umno-PAS. What a dilemma would this be then for Umno?

It will be a game loser for Umno and thus the likelihood of Umno taking in PAS into its fold is going to be very slim indeed. With PAS being played out by Umno, the party will be left to wonder in its own desolate territory – facing “a neither here nor there” political syndrome.

BN despite all the onslaughts by the Opposition is still sturdy. The coalition comprises multi-racial and multi-religious parties.  This is indeed a smart partnership – a political premise built since the country’s Independence. They have the political wisdom – the wisdom that to win elections they have to put aside their differences and work with all races and people of all religions.  Moderation and reasonableness in politics have made BN a viable coalition and the choice for majority Malaysians. BN has survived for the past 60 over years based on this time-tested formula.  PAS, unfortunately has been visionless and is still oblivious to this successful formula of BN.

And with a split Opposition, BN will win the next general election – some foreseeing that it will be held before March 217.  PAS may turn away from Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) in forming a feasible coalition to take on BN. PAS may decide to go alone with their two weak partners – Berjasa and Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia, though both of which are of no great worth in Malaysian politics. Besides that, PAS of “two minds” may work out for a win-win formula with Umno by fielding candidates in a three-corner fights expecting for some rewards from Umno after the election. These are dithering moments for the Opposition.

In all these settings though, PAS will be the end loser. PAS’s loss will indubitably be Umno’s gain. Alas, PAS with its present leadership has now grassed the party of more than 60 years.  PAS’ political sagacity now is becoming mired with uncertainties and haziness and is in fact earning the wrath of electorate within and without the party. The consequence of all this has enfeebled the Opposition considerably.

Umno will go all out to drag PAS out of the hopeful grand coalition of the Opposition that will include PAS, PH and PPBM.  It’s not that Umno desires PAS to be part of BN, but it’s purely a political ploy to debilitate PAS and the Opposition. Umno knows that a united Opposition will see BN lose the next general election.  Umno is cognizant of the fact that if it’s going to be a one-to-one electoral battle, BN will lose the general election. Umno is also mindful that PAS still commands a considerable support from the rural and semi-urban electorate. This is what Umno fears most before calling for a general election anytime soon, until PAS and the Opposition are derailed.

PAS will be played out again

Sad to say, PAS under its present leadership will be played out again and again by Umno. The present enfeebled PAS is Umno’s main target now. As such, the onus is for PAS to make a wise political decision. And PAS has three choices to choose prior to the general election:

Firstly is to swallow their undeservedly pride and be with PH and PPBM to form a strong coalition to take BN on a one-to-one electoral battle. The battle should be based on a common policy framework that can convince the electorate into voting for the Opposition. This course will rattle BN and the Opposition will have a better chance to win the next general election. No doubt that PAS presently may not be a popular party with its ambiguous approach to politics but at least a one-to-one fight in the next general election and the prevailing negative sentiments electorate have against the BN government, the Opposition can make a huge stride and win big in the 14th general election.  

Secondly, PAS can be a political partner in BN by merging with Umno or be a component party in BN. This however will be a sore to BN, Sabah and Sarawak. The move will not favour Umno either. Only the political heads in PAS will approve to this move expecting for some recompenses in case BN wins with this strategy, but majority of the grassroots from both Umno and PAS will object to this. Apparently, Umno’s sincerity in bringing PAS into its fold is doubtful and suspicious.

Thirdly, PAS may decide to do it alone with its three member coalition. This will be a very weak entity that will see PAS losing big in the election. It will tantamount to a three-corner electoral battle just like how it happened in the recent by-elections for the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar seats. With split votes for the Opposition candidates, BN turned out victorious in those by-elections. If truth be told, this strategy is actually Umno’s and BN’s dream.  And with such a move in all electoral seats, Umno and BN will win big in the 14th general election.  Can this also be PAS’ plan?

A fractured Opposition is going to be Umno/BN’s gain. This is observably Umno/BN’s strategy for the 14th general election. And the trophy will be theirs again for another five years, most probably with the present Umno leader remaining as the prime minister.

Nevertheless, pundits can be proven wrong as in Donald Trump’s case where the favourite Hillary Clinton was badly trounced in the recent 45th US Presidential Election.  The disarrayed Opposition in Malaysia can only hope for this to happen. - Moaz Nair

Zunar bebas...
Story kat SINI dan SINI   

Zakir Naik jadi rakyat Malaysia...
Story kat SINI SINI dan SINI     

Zakir Naik is not Malaysian, deputy minister says


26 November 2016

Mahkamah tolak reman Zunar...

Polis menadapat kebenaran menahan reman sehari pelukis kartun Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque yang kini disiasat mengikut Akta Hasutan kerana menghina Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Penolong pendaftar kanan mahkamah Mohd Harith Mohd Mazlan memberikan kebenaran menahan reman itu selepas Zulkiflee - yang lebih dikenali dengan nama Zunar - dibawa ke mahkamah majistret Pulau Pinang sebentar tadi.

Peguam Zunar, Ramkarpal Singh, berkata kemungkinan besar pelukis kartun politik itu akan dibebaskan petang ini selepas kenyataannya diambil.

Pemenang Anugerah Kartunis Keamanan itu ditahan polis sejak semalam mengikut Seksyen 504 Kanun Keseksaan iaitu tuduhan sengaja mengaibkan dan mencetuskan gangguan keamanan.

Kata Ramkarpal, polis mengemukakan permohonan untuk menahan reman Zunar selama empat hari tetapi dibantah pihaknya.

"Mereka boleh mengambil kenyataan daripada Zunar dengan mudah dan dia sentiasa memberikan kerjasama," kata Ramkarpal ketika ditemui di luar mahkamah pagi ini.

Sebelum itu Zunar tiba di pekarangan mahkamah dengan tangan bergari kira-kira jam 9.10 pagi tadi.

Ramkarpal juga mengingatkan polis supaya mengambil tindakan ke atas pihak yang menyerbu dan merosakkan pameran Zunar di Komtar pada Jumaat.

"Mereka tidak perlukan laporan polis dibuat sebelum mengambil tindakan," katanya.

Kelmarin Malaysiakini melaporkan pameran kartun Zunar di Komtar, Pulau Pinang diserang sekumpulan orang yang tidak puas hati dengan karya-karyanya yang mengkritik Najib.

Diketuai oleh seorang pemimpin Umno negeri dan NGO tempatan, mereka hadir selepas solat Jumaat dan menuntut Zunar menamatkan pameran itu.

Pengurus Zunar, Azura Aziz, berkata dua bahan pameran dirosakkan. Zunar diwakili Peguam Rsn Rayer, Ram Karpal dan Cheah Kah Peng.

Zunar melancarkan pameran kartunnya tengah 25 November lalu dan dirasmikan Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng. - mk

Zunar ditangkap kerana menghasut... 

Kartunis politik Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque ditangkap kerana menghasut selepas mengadakan pameran kartun yang didakwa menghina Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Zunar turut ditahan di bawah Seksyen 504 Kanun Keseksaan yang berkaitan dengan penghinaan yang disengajakan dengan niat untuk mencetuskan pecah keamanan. Terdahulu beliau diminta memberi keterangan di Ibu Pejabat Polis Timur Laut di Jalan Pattani.

Menurut Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru, Sim Tze Tzin, polis kini akan merampas karya-karya Zulkiflee atau lebih dikenali sebagai Zunar.

"Polis kini akan pergi ke Komtar bersama-sama dengan Zunar untuk merampas semua karya-karya beliau. Lokasi adalah di Asia Comic Muzium Komtar aras 3," kata Sim. ADUN Seri Delima RSN Rayer mewakili Zunar.

Ketua Polis Daerah Timur Laut ACP Meor Farid Alatrash mengesahkan penangkapan itu.

"Dia akan ditahan 24 jam untuk membantu siasatan .. jika siasatan tidak lengkap, kita akan mendapatkan perintah reman esok pagi," katanya.

Ini adalah penangkapan kali ke- 10 terhadap Zunar di bawah Akta Hasutan. Beliau kini menghadapi sembilan pertuduhan yang jika sabit kesalahan boleh dipenjara 43 tahun. Zunar juga menghadapi sekatan perjalanan sementara menunggu perbicaraannya.

Semalam, pameran Zunar di Komtar diganggu oleh sekumpulan 30 anggota Umno yang diketuai Ketua Pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang Rafizal Abdul Rahim. Mereka menendang dan merosakkan dua karya kartunis itu.

Zunar mendakwa empat tumbukan dilepaskan terhadapnya dan mereka menarik kolar beliau tetapi berjaya mengelakkan diri. Rafizal memberi amaran anggota-anggota Pemuda Umno akan menggunakan kekerasan pada Zunar sekiranya beliau meneruskan pameran itu yang sepatutnya diadakan sehingga 2 Disember.

Rafizal mendakwa karya seni Zunar adalah satu penghinaan kepada Najib, yang juga pengerusi BN dan presiden Umno.

Pelbagai pihak kecam

Pameran Zunar adalah sebahagian daripada Festival Sastera George Town. Dalam satu kenyataan petang ini,  pihak festival berkenaan mengutuk penangkapan Zunar.

"Festival mengutuk perbuatan menindas ini yang bertentangan dengan semangat kebebasan bersuara dan ekspresi," kata pengarah festival Bernice Chauly.

Pihak penganjur festival menggesa pihak berkuasa segera membebaskan Zunar dan tidak mengganggu acara melibatkan 60 penulis daripada 20 buah negara. Michael Vatikiotis, seorang penulis di festival itu, juga menyelar penangkapan Zunar.

"Tahap penindasan sedang mencapai tahap berbahaya di Malaysia.

"Hakikat bahawa penangkapan Zunar berlaku di Fetival Sastera George Town, dengan berpuluh-puluh penulis dan seniman antarabangsa, hanya menunjukkan kerajaan tidak kisah kebebasan bersuara," kata Vatikiotis.

Sementara itu, Sasterawan Negara Prof Muhammad Haji Salleh mempertahankan Zunar.

"Zunar adalah seorang artis dan hati nurani masyarakat. Beliau melukis bagi pihak kami dan komited untuk kebebasan bercakap dan bersuara untuk rakyat Malaysia.

"Hanya dengan kebebasan bersuara kita boleh menjadi sebuah negara yang benar-benar demokratik," katanya.

Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera Zairul Khir Johari berkata penangkapan itu telah mencemari festival berkenaan.

"Semalam, sekumpulan samseng mengganggu pameran Zunar di Komtar, dan hari ini pihak berkuasa menangkap Zunar di bawah Akta Hasutan, bukannya penyerang beliau" katanya. - mk

Penyangak2 UMNO 
tunjuk samseng di Komtar...

Kartunis Zunar hari ini dikepung dan diancam sekumpulan kira-kira 30 individu tidak dikenali ketika mempamerkan karya satira mengkritik kepimpinan Datuk Seri Najib Razak di Komtar, Pulau Pinang.

Zunar atau nama sebenarnya Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque berkata dalam kejadian 2.45 petang itu, beliau hampir ditumbuk, tetapi polis dapat meleraikan kumpulan itu.

“Saya didatangi kira-kira 30 orang bertindak agresif secara fizikal menyuruh saya menurunkan lukisan yang dipamerkan. Mereka mengancam dan mengepung saya.

“Tidak ada kerosakan yang berlaku kerana saya turunkan lukisan saya. Kalau saya masih ada di sana, tidak tahulah apa yang akan berlaku,” katanya kepada FMT.

Zunar berkata beliau bertindak tenang dan tidak melawan walaupun diancam dan diugut kumpulan itu yang segelintirnya penyokong Umno.

“Saya tidak melawan, kerana ia bukanlah matlamat saya. Saya hanya mahu adakan pameran. Tetapi keadaan sangat ganas hingga memaksa polis dan FRU datang meleraikan kejadian tadi,” katanya.

Dianggarkan kira-kira 30 anggota polis dan 10 anggota FRU dikerahkan di bangunan Komtar, Pulau Pinang.

Katanya, pameran lukisan itu dijadualkan berlangsung selama 3 hari bermula pada hari ini, namun ia terpaksa dibatalkan atas faktor keselamatan.

“Saya tidak pernah lagi mengalami keadaan sebegini, ini kali pertama. Bagi saya kalau mereka tidak setuju, tidak ada masalah, mereka boleh bantah.

“Sepatutnya sampai 3 hari di sini (Komtar), tetapi saya tidak meneruskan pameran kerana isu keselamatan.

“Terima kasih kepada anggota polis yang datang cepat, jika tidak, tak tahulah apa yang akan berlaku,” katanya. - fmt

Hadi tangguh RUU 355 sekali lagi, 
isyarat permainan politik UMNO-PAS...

Tindakan Ahli Parlimen Marang, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yang memohon supaya huraian usul persendirian bagi memperkasakan mahkamah syariah yang dibentangnya hari ini di Parlimen dibawa ke sesi akan datang menimbulkan pelbagai persoalan.

Ia merupakan pembentangan kali kedua setelah Hadi membentangkan usul pindaan Rang Undang-Undang Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) (Pindaan) 2016 itu buat kali pertama dua minggu sebelum Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Kuala Kangsar dan Sungai Besar diadakan.

“Apakah tujuan sebenarnya polemik RUU 355 ini dibiarkan berpanjangan? Mengapa bila tiba saat pembacaan dan penghuraiannya hari ini, Marang menunda lagi?

“Dengan segala ‘hanky panky’ ini, timbul persoalan apakah ketelusan dalam usul persendirian RUU 355 Marang?

“Atau adakah ia tidak lebih dari sekadar menjadi alat untuk mencapai tujuan politik tertentu?” soal Penolong Setiausaha Publisiti DAP Johor, Sheikh Omar Ali dalam satu kenyataannya, hari ini.

Menurutnya, penangguhan kali pertama perbahasan usul yang dibawa Presiden PAS itu telah mencetuskan pelbagai polemik di kalangan masyarakat dengan ada sesetengah pihak yang mendakwa ia sebagai hukum hudud dan mengkafirkan mereka yang menolak usul itu.

“Pada mulanya, ia dicanang hingga riuh sekampung seolah-olah RUU 355 ini ialah hukuman hudud. Golongan yang menolaknya ibarat menolak Islam dan boleh gugur keIslamannya.

“Hal yang rupa-rupanya bukanlah hukuman hudud ini akhirnya menyumbang kepada perpecahan Pakatan Rakyat.

“Hal ini telah mula menimbulkan bibit-bibit pertikaian, apakah di sana wujud agenda halus politik sedondon UMNO dan PAS yang berselindung di balik RUU 355?

“Pasca bacaan usul kali pertama itu, terus dipergiatkan lagi dan dijaja ke sana ke mari bahawa mereka yang menolak RUU 355 seakan-akan anti-Islam,” katanya.

Hadi yang mengadakan sidang media seusai pembentangan usul beliau itu memaklumkan bahawa PAS akan menganjurkan ‘perhimpunan besar-besaran’ bagi menggembleng sokongan rakyat terhadap agendanya itu.

“PAS akan anjurkan himpunan aman raksasa mewakili umat Islam pelbagai parti politik dan NGO termasuk di kalangan bukan Islam yang sokong (RUU355) untuk buktikan sokongan mereka pada RUU ini,” katanya hari ini. – Roketkini.com

RUU 355: Kita mentertawakan diri sendiri

The 'standard' of a deputy minister...

Will Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, oops, I'll write that again. Will DATUK Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Umno supreme council member, MP for Pasir Salak and deputy minister of agriculture and agro-based industry, apologize to the Chinese community for his antics in Parliament a few days ago?

As I write this, he has not done that as he sees himself of not doing anything wrong. Based on that, we can draw our own conclusion as far as the apology goes.

As we know Tajuddin has, in Parliament, called DAP's MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok "the only woman with a kok".

An uproar followed with members of the opposition protesting vehemently. But Tajuddin even taunted Kasthuri Patto, the MP for Batu Kawan, also from the DAP, by mimicking her objection in a squeaky way. As Malaysiakini puts it, "in a cartoonish way".

And somehow deputy speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee saw it right to "rule" that Tajuddin "was only referring to Teresa Kok's name ".

The deputy speaker is entitled to his opinion, but to me what Tajuddin said was crude, vulgar and dirty.

I'll borrow a line from Malaysiakini -- the word "Kok" is phonetically similar to colloquial slang for male genitalia. We all know and agree with that.

Tajuddin has insulted not only the MP for Seputeh but all Chinese Malaysians with the surname "Kok". In fact, he has insulted the entire Chinese community whatever their family names might be.

MCA's Datin Chew Mei Fun, a deputy minister in the Najib administration, has slammed Tajuddin, saying his "boorish behavior only reflected the Umno man's warped mental thoughts and imagery" as reported by Malay Mail Online.

"It is bad news enough already for BN that Tajuddin has carved infamy to himself with his profanities in the Dewan Rakyat in the past," said Chew as quoted by Malay Mail Online.

Yes, we can still remember what he called DAP's MP M. Kulasegaran in Parliament some time ago. There were many other "incidents", not to mention the sexual innuendos which I do not intend to outline here.

Outside Parliament, Tajuddin also said a lot of nasty things, like threatening to slap the Chinese if the community took their grouses outside the country.

It was last year when China's ambassador to Malaysia visited Petaling Street when there was communal tension with the Red Shirts' "show of strength" in the shopping area.That's just on example. And now this.

In the words of Chew: "What more by a deputy minister against the family name of any Malaysian Chinese and more so with allusions over the male genitalia."

Chew wants Tajuddin to apologize to all Chinese Malaysians as well as women folk for his demeaning insult "if he really has any curlies".

Good for Chew. But perhaps Chew or the MCA itself should take it to the next level by bringing the matter or "complain" about Tajuddin's behavior to Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself? 

Enough said lest I be accused of trying to "teach" MCA what to do, or worst, pouring oil on the fire. But I'll say this. Tajuddin has got away with what he has said many times before without even a slap on the wrist by his bosses. So, chances are he's going to continue with his ways.

In 1995, Tajuddin was sacked from Umno following allegations he had paid RM6 million to secure his position as an Umno division chief, hence his "nickname" The Six Million Dollar Man.

In 1998, he was accepted back into Umno without any conditions and rose to the positions he holds today. - Mohsin Abdullah.mysinchew.com

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu climbs out of the submarine Rahav in Haifa.
Skandal kapal selam Scorpene di Malaysia dah masuk bakoi sampah...

Suami isteri kasari penguat kuasa MBSA... 
Story kat SINI  SINI dan SINI    


25 November 2016

Khalid Samad nyaris dibalun samseng2 Pasir Salak...

Tajuddin akui anaknya terlibat 
'serang' Khalid...

Anggota Parlimen Umno, Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman mengesahkan anaknya adalah antara mereka yang 'menyerang' Anggota Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad di hadapan lobi Parlimen pagi ini.

Bagaimanapun, beliau yang kini memegang portfolio timbalan menteri pertanian dan industri asas tani menafikan telah menaja kumpulan tersebut untuk memasuki kawasan Parlimen. 

"Mereka tidak lindungi saya. Mereka melindungi rakyat Pasir Salak. Saya wakil rakyat mereka. Apa yang salah dengan mereka (berbuat demikian)?" katanya kepada Malaysiakini. 

Beliau juga menyifatkan ia sebagai perkara 'kehormatan dan maruah; selepas Khalid memanggilnya 'sial' sambil menambah pelakuan menghina beliau dalam Dewan Raykat menyamai menghina kawasannya. 

Khalid menggunakan perkataan itu semasa perdebatan dalam Dewan Rakyat yang dicetuskan oleh kenyataan Tajuddin tentang nama Ahli Parlimen DAP, Teresa Kok.

Bagaimanapun, Tajuddin menegaskan beliau hanya merujuk kepada nama keluarga ahli parlimen Seputeh itu dengan menggelar Teresa sebagai satu-satunya perempuan yang ada “Kok”.

Ditanya tentang penaja kumpulan itu untuk memasuki kawasan Parlimen, Tajuddin berkata: 

"Bagaimana saya tahu. Anda fikir mereka bodoh? Mereka tahu bagaimana untuk melakukannya?". 

Adalah tidak jelas bagaimana kumpulan itu berjaya memasuki kawasan Parlimen, yang dikawal ketat.

Pelawat hanya dibenarkan masuk atas permintaan terlebih dahulu atau atas jemputan seorang Ahli Parlimen.

Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Nur Jazlan berkata pengunjung hanya boleh memasuki Parlimen jika mereka telah ditaja oleh seorang  Ahli Parlimen dan mahukan tindakan diambil terhadap Ahli Parlimen yang bertanggungjawab itu.

"Jika orang-orang ini sebenarnya dijemput oleh seorang Ahli Parlimen ke kawasan ini untuk membangkitkan huru-hara, yang boleh menyebabkan kecederaan,maka Ahli Parlimen itu juga perlu dibawa ke Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan Dewan," kata Nur Jazlan kepada pemberita ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen hari ini. - mk

Violent mob called Tajuddin their ‘father’

Hadi: Jangan berlagak macam Ahok...

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang memberi amaran kepada anggota parlimen dan ahli politik bukan Islam supaya tidak berkelakuan seperti Gabenor Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ahok.

Presiden PAS itu mengulas penolakan beberapa ahli politik yang tidak bersetuju dengan pembentangan usul meminda Akta Mahkamah Syariah.

“Suka saya menjelaskan betapa perlunya perbahasaan usul ini di tangguh walaupun usul ini mengikut proses demokrasi mewakili ahli parlimen Islam sama ada PAS, Umno dan lain-lain.

“Usul ini berkait dengan agama Islam sahaja iaitu perkara agama Islam bawah bidang Duli Yang Maha Mulia, yang tidak sepatutnya diganggu oleh kalangan bukan Islam.

“Namun terdapat ahli-ahli politik bukan Islam yang saya percaya mereka tidak mewakili masyarakat bukan Islam sepenuhnya, (ia) lebih untuk mendapat keuntungan politik daripada kepentingan awam.

“Saya beri peringatan pada mereka jangan berlagak seperti Ahok(pix-bawah) di Jakarta,” tegasnya.

Ahok didakwa menghina al-Quran selepas mempertikaikan penggunaan sepotong ayat dalam surah al-Maidah yang dijadikan alasan untuk menolak kepimpinan beliau.

Ayat itu berkaitan status bukan Islam sebagai pemimpin bagi orang Islam. Ahok akan mempertahankan kerusi gabenor Jakarta yang disandangkanya.

Selain berdepan pendakwaan di mahkamah, lautan manusia memenuhi Jakarta sebelum ini bagi menyatakan bantahan terhadap gabenor pertama berbangsa Cina di Indonesia itu.

Hadi (PAS-Marang) sebentar tadi membentangkan usulnya untuk meningkatkan hukuman Mahkamah Syarikah kepada 30 tahun penjara, denda sehingga RM100,000 dan 100 kali sebatan.

Penjelasan usul akan dibuat pada sesi akan datang. - mk

Ahli Parlimen Marang, Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang mengemukakan pindaan kepada usul asal untuk meminda Akta 355. Saya difahamkan ini hasil dari beberapa perbincangan ekoran perjumpaan yang dipanggil oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, YAB Dato' Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pada hari Selasa lalu. Pindaan kepada usul asal bermakna hukuman kini ditetapkan mengikut kaedah undang-undang biasa kecuali yang melibatkan sebat (jika diluluskan had dinaikkan kepada maksimum 100 sebatan).

Prosesnya selepas ini adalah seperti berikut:

1) kami sedang menunggu keputusan Tan Sri Speaker sama ada membenarkan pindaan usul ini dibentangkan, dibahaskan dan diundi di Parlimen sekarang (sedang bersidang).

2) Jika diundi dan diluluskan, ia dikira sebagai bacaan pertama dan dipulangkan kepada kerajaan untuk dipertimbangkan. Perkara ini mati di situ sahaja sekiranya menteri tidak kembali ke Dewan Rakyat untuk membentangkan rang undang-undang ini bagi bacaan kali kedua.

Tan Sri Speaker memanggil Ahli Parlimen Marang untuk membaca usul.

Ahli Parlimen Marang membaca dan meminta untuk menghuraikan cadangan beliau itu dalam sessi yang akan datang. Maka usaha untuk membentangkan RUU355 mati begitu sahaja hari ini.

Tetapi polemiknya akan bersambung lagi hingga ke sessi akan datang. Ahli-ahli PAS akan terus diberi harapan bahawa Umno mahu bersama-sama mendaulatkan Islam melalui pindaan akta ini. Kalaulah Umno terus bermain begini sehingga ke belanjawan akan datang, adakah ahli parlimen PAS akan terus berkecuali dalam undian belanjawan akan datang?

Kali pertama saya menulis mengenai perkara ini lebih sebulan lalu, saya nyatakan secara terbuka jika usul dibentangkan dan diundi, saya tidak ada masalah menyokong kerana memang kita mahu dengar pandangan Umno dalam perkara ini.

Tetapi apabila berulang kembali perkara ini pada hari ini, jelaslah permainan Umno dalam perkara ini dan saya khuatir PAS akan terus dimain-mainkan. Akhirnya PAS akan terus dilihat berkawan dengan Umno dan memanjangkan tempoh berkuasanya Najib Razak.

Saya bersedia mengundi dan menyokong usul asal. Selepas dirunding dengan Umno Selasa lalu, usul dipinda pada saat-saat akhir hingga kaedahnya sudah menjadi takzir (kecuali sebatan) dan bukannya hudud seperti yang diwar-warkan.

Hari ini, Ahli Parlimen Marang sekali lagi menunda dari membentang dan menghuraikan usul beliau.Permainan Umno itu jelas dan saya ambil pendirian sebegini bermula dari hari ini.- Rafizi Ramli f/bk


Langkah YB Marang hanya 'membaca' usul RUU 355 dengan perbahasan ditangguhkan ke sidang Parlimen akan datang, boleh diterjemah sebagai PRU akan diadakan sebelum Parlimen Mac depan dapat bersidang.

Umno berjaya menggantungkan isu 'perlaksanaan hudud' di 'titik keseimbangan' atau 'equilibrium point'.

Ia bagus untuk Pas tidak dilihat gagal dalam pendekatannya. Juga sebagai penyedap rasa untuk berterusan dalam senggama politik antara Pas dan Umno khususnya untuk PRU terdekat.

Umno pula dilihat jujur dalam memartabatkan hukum Islam. Parti komponen BN pula tidak dilihat dipermainkan. Ia resipi yang mustajab, win-win untuk tiga pihak menghadapi PRU secara 'smart partnership'.

Dengan itu, adalah selamat untuk menjangkakan:

1. Inisiatif TPM sehari sebelum YB Marang membacakan usul RUU 355 hanya berakhir dengan usul 'dibaca' semata-mata.

2. PRU adalah sebelum Ramadhan depan, samada Mac/ April depan bagi mengelakkan RUU 355 dibahaskan sehingga menganggu 'keseimbangan' yang terwujud pada hari ini.

2. PAS adalah rakan UMNO- BN dalam permainan 'segi tiga' atau 'triangle equation'' sampai PRU. Bagi mereka yang masih mengharapkan PAS bersama dengan pakatan pembangkang, akhirnya akan menggigit jari.

3. Matlamat UMNO adalah untuk mendapat majoriti dua pertiga dengan pertolongan PAS.

4. Apa akan jadi dengan RUU 355 selepas PRU adalah ditentukan selepas PRU.

5. Sebahagian rakyat khususnya pengundi Islam akan terperangkap antara sentimen RUU 355 dan isu real seperti himpitan kos hidup, rasuah, penyelewengan, hutang negara dan ancaman krisis kewangan dan implikasi pengaruh Republik Rakyat China ke atas geo politik, ekonomi, sosial dan keselamatan Malaysia. - Yb Dato Hj Husam Musa

Sah UMNO mempermainkan isu RUU355 bagi kepentingan politiknya.

'Jangan berlagak seperti Ahok' - Abdul Hadi Awang
Don't behave like Ahok, 
Hadi tells non-Muslim politicians...

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has called on non-Muslim lawmakers and politicians not to behave like Jakarta governor Tjahaja Purnama, better known as Ahok.

He said the motion to strengthen the syariah court concerned Islam, which is under the purview of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and there should be no interference from non-Muslims.

He added there are some non-Muslim politicians who are using the issue for political mileage as opposed to public interest.

"I want to remind them not to act like Ahok in Jakarta," he told reporters in Parliament.

The governor, who is a Christian, is being investigated for allegedly insulting Islam, and his remarks had sparked off violent protests in the Indonesian capital.

This morning, Hadi, who is also Marang MP, tabled an amended version of his motion, which has elicited strong opposition from BN component parties and DAP.

However, the PAS president also asked the House to allow him to elaborate on his motion during the next Dewan Rakyat session in March as today was the last day of the current session. - mk

Hang Tuah PJ Hadi Awang - (1) I am a Muslim and my MP is a non-muslim and I am expecting him to reject your motion on my behalf. He is doing it for me, his muslim constituent. Comprende?  (2) Ahok did not insult Islam. He just told people to be careful of those who use religion to advance themselves. He had been cracking down on corrupt politicians in Jakarta who happened to be muslims and who are using Islam to turn the masses against Ahok. Which is what is happening here in Malaysia also, right? Even Adnan Satem has asked to reject your motion and he is also a muslim.

SusahKes - Then what do you expect us to behave as, Hadi? I don't want to comment on Ahok, but if you want us to buy into your nonsensical logic that this bill would have no effect on non-muslims, than we might as well believe that you are Brad Pitt's better-looking twin. How could the implementation of Islamic laws not end up impinging on non-muslims' daily affairs? Care to tell us then, why were many non-muslims subjected to dress codes while visiting govt agencies? Or why a word that was used for over 200 years by M'sian Christians, got banned in Bolehland? What about the division of supermarket lanes & sitting positions in cinema according to gender? Imagine a non muslim son + mother going to a supermarket, but having to queue in separate lines? Maybe you could explain to us the dismay that unilateral conversion cases have caused to non - muslim parents. I don't even want to talk about swimming pools, hot dogs, and body snatching during funeral.

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Hadi's Creepy Law Promotes Perversion...

“Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir requested for Hadi to alter his motion so that there will be a limitation (on the punishments),” Khairuddin said.

He added that details on the various offences and corresponding punishments would be decided by the state governments. These would only apply to Muslims and involve offences such as pre-marital sex, adultery, drinking alcohol and qazaf (false accusation), he stressed.

Khairuddin also defended the proposed 100 times of whipping.

“Caning 100 times under civil and syariah law are different. Under syariah law, it’s like caning a child only. It’s just a light slap.

“A hundred strokes of the whip under syariah law is just like one stroke under civil law,” he said. 

Hadi will now have to give notice to the Parliament secretary to alter his private member’s motion, taking into account the new punishment cap. The changes came after a briefing organised by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for Muslim MPs on Hadi’s motion yesterday. Read more...

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