10 October 2011

Court quashes MP's bid to check RM 1 million allocation ....

NONEDr D Jeyakumar’s bid to question the government over its annual RM1 million allocation for the Sungai Siput constituency was shot down in the Court of Appeal today.

His lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasam said it is a disappointing decision as Jeyakumar was hoping that the court would serve as a check on the government in terms of transparency, as to where the money has gone.

Jeyakumar said the court - the last bastion of justice for the people - should have been supportive of the decision to ensure that the money allocated is not wasted.

"I do not want the money for myself ... but to ensure (that whatever is allocated) is properly spent ....opposition MPs do not directly get the allocation from the federal government and this is disappointing.

“Following this decision, my message to the people is that as we cannot depend on the courts to look for transparency and it is people power (that will) decide in the coming general election."

Jeyakumar said he will consult Parti Sosialis Malaysia as to whether or not to appeal this decision.

This is because the final opportunity to go to the Federal Court could be costly although the lawyers are providing their services free of charge.

Justice Low Hop Bing, sitting with Justices Abdul Wahab Patail and Anantham Kasinater, unanimously allowed the federal government’s appeal today and dismissed Jeyakumar's application.

Jeyakumar had named the director-general of the Implementation Unit of the Prime Minister's Department, the director of the Perak Development Department and the federal government as defendants.

In February Justice Aziah Ali of the Kuala Lumpur High Court had granted Jeyakumar leave to apply for judicial review, to challenge the government's action not to give or provide details of its annual allocation of RM1 million to his constituency.

On Sept 23, the same High Court refused the government a stay of the judicial review proceedings, leading to the appeal being filed.


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