23 October 2011

Blue wave in S'gor buoyed by instant citizens...

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said today a "blue wave" is in sight in Selangor indicating that the people desire to return to BN rule in the state.

"The blue wave is visible throughout Selangor. The people realise after giving the (PKR-DAP-PAS) pact three years that many problems have emerged," he said in reference to the PKR-led state government in Selangor.

"Many people in Selangor, among them traders, have met me and asked when the next general election will be held. They said they have had enough of the Pakatan (government), complaining that it is difficult to do business, to earn a living," he said, adding that they want to vote for the BN in the next election.

He said the Selangor government is seen to be not giving priority to the people's welfare, and cited the issue of water supply management in the state. Muhyiddin also handed over RM111,000 to 37 federal village development committees in the Sepang parliamentary constituency and Deepavali gifts to 1,300 people. Deepavali falls on Wednesday.

Muhyiddin also said that a RM100,000 allocation would be made for SJKC Dengkil to repair the school building.

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moontime - Oh..something weird happened today the moment DPM spoke about recapturing Selangor. I just saw a pink elephant fly followed by a horde of flying pigs in formation heading south..In your dreams Muhyiddin! We Selangorians shall defend this state from your evil grubby hands. Even though the State Government is barely 3 years old, the improvements and benefits given to us were far greater than the whole time you ruled. We don't need fat cats and dinosaurs here in Selangor.

What we need is sincere politicians who are always looking after the welfare of the rakyat. Well, I suppose the concept of sincere politicians is quite alien to you, dear DPM. You see, once we have experienced a new way of administering this state free from corruption, lies and arrogance, we shall never turn back. Better protect your own state. I have a feeling that it might emulate Selangor this coming GE.

1M - Muhyiddin, instead of repeating those UMNO's lies about how good your are, why don't you go listen to some PR's supporters, see what they have to say about UMNO's failures and corrupt practices? Remember those Istanas in Selangor, those were built during UMNO's reign, using corrupted money. You want Selangor back? There's a sure way to do it, and you are already busy doing it, i.e. register the Indons.

ick teo
- Mooyiddin, the only way UMNO can win back Selangor is by using illegal immigrants to vote B.n . Selangorians have already opened their eyes and can see how a state that is runned without corruption can accumulate alot of money for the state to implement projects beneficial to the people. In hardly two years Selengor has already a $1.1 billion in reserves. For 54 years, it was runnuing with a deficit. So why would we want UMNO to take back SElangor? So that UMNO can continue to rob the people? Poorah Moohyiddin.

slimboy - This idiot forgot they lost Selangor because of poor and corruput governance by BN for 50 plus years. The likes of Toyol, Mohd2, Zakaria Deros etc. are etched deep in the minds of Selangorians. 50 years experience of governing the state ....what a bloody joke. They sure enough brought tears to my eyes.

SusahKes - "Many people in Selangor...have met me..They said they have had enough of the Pakatan government) complaining that it is difficult to do business, to earn a living," he said, adding that they want to vote for the BN in the next election." My oh my, and you thought A deputy Prime Minister would have at least polished his bull-shit skills before he opens his mouth in front of the press. It's the 21st century, for crying out loud! People can spot a fib miles away...Sigh, UMNO oh UMNO....

- hahahha...what blue wave. The only blue wave in Selangor is all the idiotic BN fools wearing the BN T Shirts and rowdily going around with the UMNO flag on motobikes when the corrupted PM came visiting. Don't they realise that they can never get back Selangor unless of course the cheating is done in very big scale. Is this idiotic DPM blind and cannot see what is going on.

When Najib visited Taman Seri Gombak to give his bullshit talk, hardly anybody turned up and the place was filled with those BN paid supporters wearing their TShirts. Only a very handful of residents turned up. But when the event was over and there was so much left over drinks and food, then many people went and just carried away crates of drinks and whatever leftover food. Still this idiot shamelessly claims that BN can take back Selangor. I think he speaks so confidently because he knows that they plan to cheat big time. So all residents beware and keep a look out of any indonesian and bangladeshis on voting day.




Anonymous said...

Mungkin Muhyideen dah kena todi kot!!!

Anonymous said...

Memang betul nak buat bisness skrg...dulu pakai kabel skrg ikut procedure mah...macam mana tak susah...itu di punya org lah...skrg kita ada jom shopping dr kerajaan selangor dan water juga free..yg gua tahu susah nak hidup ni kalau di ambil balik BN..semua duit nanti.
Tolong sama gua, jangan bagi balik kpd BN kalau tidak nanti semua kena bayar...