12 October 2011

Operation to grant citizenship to some 240 Indons and Banglas...

NONEIt was a cat-and-mouse game for PAS at a village in Bangi today as party members, along with local villagers on motorcycles, tried to corner the leader of an alleged operation to grant citizenship to some 240 foreigners said to be holding permanent resident status.

PAS Youth treasurer Mohd Adram Musa said the foreigners were being kept inside a resort near Kampung Bukit Dugang.

The gates to the resort have been locked to keep all outsiders away after the owners were said to have been “spooked” by questions from curious residents in the area.

"This modus operandi, I suspect, is an attempt to register foreigners as voters. This is the proof that we have," Adram told reporters outside the gates of the resort this afternoon.

He said a few PAS members entered the resort at 11am and found people who looked like foreigners, most of whom, seen from not too far a distance, resembled Indonesians and Bangladeshis.

When the party members questioned a person, believed to be working at the resort, the reply was that the visitors were attending a course.

"If it is a course, then why do they keep avoiding us? At noon, the head of Kampung Bukit Dugang wanted to go in and interview the 'visitors', but he was not allowed to go in," Adram said.

NONEToday's episode came to light, he said, after he received information that six buses from Johor were ferrying foreigners to Putrajaya for a specific reason.

"True enough, when I arrived in Putrajaya at 7.30am, I found there were six buses at a mosque there. But the buses suddenly disappeared and then we got information that the passengers came here, to this resort.

"Why are they brought here? Why to Putrajaya? Is this a malicious effort to topple the Selangor government?"

NONETip off from bus driver

PAS central committee members Mazlan Aliman said, bus drivers had tipped off the party after believing that he was deceived into ferrying the foreigners to Putrajaya.

"I was informed by the driver that this was his 10th trip. Each of the trips involved six to 10 busloads of foreigners. As I understand, this activity has been going on for a long time, supposedly under the name of ‘naturalisation’.

"What shocked him (the bus driver) was that in Putrajaya, they were approached by a group claiming to be National Registration Department (NRD) officers. I have come to understand that some of the NRD officers had escorted the foreigners out of the resort," Mazlan (left) said.

He said the bus driver had also seen documents, believed to be for citizenship applications, with the NRD officers, who were led by a runner driving a black Mitsubishi Pajero.

However, despite their efforts to block the "runner", the vehicle has since disappeared from the resort compound.

Mazlan said the six buses left Kulai at midnight and stopped at the Pagoh rest area at 2am. They arrived at Putrajaya at 7.30am and the passengers were then taken to Kampung Bukit Dugang.

"I was informed by the bus driver that during each of his earlier trips, with up to 10 busloads on each trip, the passengers were all foreigners with permanent resident status and brought to Putrajaya to be given blue identity cards (MyKad)."

He said the buses have since left the area, on the advice of police officers, but that the foreigners were still hiding in the resort.

The local villagers will continue to keep watch on the resort, Mazlan said, adding that PAS would also raise this matter in Parliament tomorrow.


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