13 October 2011

Police presence adds intrigue to Bangi MyKad 'scam'...

Police presence at a resort near Putrajaya, which today hosted six buses ferrying suspected foreigners, have added weight to claims that members of the group were being granted citizenship in return for votes.

bangi resort foreigners citizenship 121011PAS central committee member Mazlan Aliman said what caused suspicion was the barring of journalists from interviewing the police overseeing the alleged foreigners boarding buses.

"This shows our concern that foreigners are being given citizenship is real," Mazlan told Malaysiakini.

“This is not about politics, this is about our country's sovereignty. Giving citizenship to foreigners for votes is a betrayal to this country.”

Earlier today, PAS members waited outside the resort in Bangi after being tipped off that six buses had ferried some 240 foreigners from Kulai, Johor, to Putrajaya.

pas mazlan aliman expose on migrant workers getting citizenship ic 121011 copPatrol cars

The party activists left the scene later, after they were locked out of the resort and failed to corner the alleged "runner" who they said was behind the operation.

When Malaysiakini returned to the resort gate about 4.30pm, the six buses were spotted returning to the resort.

The alleged “runner”, who identified himself as Abdul Rahman Ahmad, was leaving.

Abdul Rahman, who is a local village chief, denied the PAS’ allegation.

"You can go in, go take pictures. There's nothing," he said.

However, police personal manning the resort gate refused entry to the reporters present while four other police personnel were overseeing the buses. Two patrol cars were also present.

Following this, the buses reversed into the report to allow the alleged foreigners to board. One of the buses was parked parallel to the front gate, obstructing the cameras from recording the boarding process.

pas mazlan aliman expose on migrant workers getting citizenship ic 121011

Curtains drawn

The buses left about 5.30pm, with the window curtains drawn, adding to the suspicion.

When contacted late this evening, Sepang district police chief Imran Abdul Rahman said the six buses were ferrying participants to a course.

Imran declined further comment, saying he had to consult his officers first.

PAS has been consistently on the watch for alleged attempts to turn foreigners into voters.

In August, PAS had claimed that that a resort in Cherating, Kuantan, was being used as a processing centre to distribute MyKad to foreigners.

"The centre is used for two purposes, one to hold and then coach foreigners, who are then given Malaysian identity cards. The other purpose is to process locals, who are then transferred to other voting districts," PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali was quoted as saying.

However, today's Bangi affair is the closest PAS has come to backing its claims that foreigners are systematically being granted Malaysian citizenship.


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