13 October 2011

PAS wants ministry's answer to citizenship-for-votes claim...

NONEPAS has demanded a speedy explanation from the Home Ministry on a group of individuals suspected of conducting an operation to grant citizenship to foreigners in exchange for votes.

Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian) insisted that the party has a “solid basis” to back their claims on the alleged operations, with the most recent one detected in Putrajaya.

“Revelation after revelation (but) we still don’t have an answer from the Home Ministry on the matter,” said Salahuddin (right in photo).

“So Pakatan Rakyat MPs will be taking this issue up in Parliament for a concrete explanation from the ministry,” he said.

Yesterday, PAS Youth treasurer Mohd Adram Musa claimed that there attempts to grant citizenship to foreigners who are already permanent residents.

PAS members had thronged outside a resort in Bangi after being tipped off that six buses had ferried some 240 foreigners from Kulai, Johor, to Putrajaya.

NONEAccording to Mohd Adram, who was also present alongside Salahuddin and Mohd Nasir Zakaria (PAS-Padang Terap), the purported foreigners were being kept inside a resort near Kampung Bukit Dugang.

Salahuddin stressed that even if the said foreigners were already permanent residents, the government must follow the proper procedures in granting citizenship.

“If you want to give them Malaysian citizenship, it should not be done in this manner. Shuttling them in a bus to a remote location,” he said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

“The standard procedure is to give citizenship to skilled foreign talents, not in bulk... this has raised concerns that there are syndicates involved in registering foreigners as Malaysians and attempts to include them as voters in the next general election,” said Salahuddin.

Suspected head of the operation identified

Mohd Adram, who was also present, added that a group formed to investigate the alleged incident has nearly succeeded in proving the claim as they have identified an individual suspected of being the head of the operation.

“They said (the foreigners) were brought for an entrepreneurial course, but when (we asked) some of the Indonesians, they said they came to receive identification cards (MyKad),” he said.

However, Mohd Adram said that they did not spot any officials from the Immigration Department nor the National Registration Department.

He added that besides the Indonesians, there were also foreigners from Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Photographs of an individual (right) believed to be the leader of the operation was distributed to the media in Parliament, as well as photographs of the buses that ferried the foreigners.


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