18 October 2011

'Oath of allegiance in MyKad scam'...


The mystery of the 'entrepreneurship course' in Bangi has taken another twist with PAS Youth today claiming that 'course participants' had been made to take “oath of allegiance to the ruling coalition”.

According to its democracy and mobilisation bureau chief Suhaizan Kaiat, witnesses have come forward and are willing to testify to this, to support the party's case that the 240 people were involved in a MyKad 'syndicate'.

“The oath of allegiances was taken on the bus without using microphones - those given blue identity cards (citizenship) were asked to vote to the ruling coalition,” he told reporters today.

The session, he said, was conducted at the back of two buses, while they were was on the way from Johor to Putrajaya.

“One of the women involved was wearing a black jacket with the National Registration Department (NRD) logo on it,” the Johor PAS Youth chief added.

bangi resort foreigners citizenship 121011He said that the woman was also claimed to have “given a briefing” on the bus.

However, the witnesses who can testify to this will only come forward if an independent committee is set up to probe the case, said Suhaizan.

He said the witnesses are demanding this so that they can give evidence without undue pressure.

“Set up the committee and we will reveal the identities of our witnesses,” he said, adding that a cabinet-level committee is seen as most suitable.

However, he said the home minister should not be in the cabinet committee as his ministry appears to be completely in the dark about the matter.

Those who should be called to testify should include the operator of the resort in Bangi, where the 'course' took place, the suspected migrants, the programme organisers, police and PAS Youth, he said.

bukit antarabangsa landslide 071209 zuraida kamaruddin

Similar incident?

Suhaizan was referring to last week's the incident which saw local villagers and PAS members blocking the entrance of a resort in Bangi, following suspicion that MyKad were being given to foreigners.

The NRD has denied the claim, with the Sepang police telling the press that the resort was in fact hosting an entrepreneurship course.

PAS Youth's claim today is reminiscent of that by PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin.

On Aug 16, she had told reporters that she has evidence that foreigners opting to go through the amnesty programme had been made to take a similar oath of allegiance.

The Home Ministry reacted by lodging a police report against the Ampang MP and threatening to take legal action against her, as she could not furnish further evidence other than a piece of paper said to contain the 'oath'.


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