28 October 2011

EPF loaned RM55bil without gov't guarantee...

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) approved loans worth an astounding RM55.1 billion not backed by government guarantees.

However, the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 found only one of the 13 debtors was qualified to obtain a loan without such a guarantee. That particular debtor was extended credit worth RM21.3 billion.

Of the remaining 12 debtors, all of whom are not named in the report, two were exempted from producing government guarantees as they had high credit ratings. The loans to the two parties totalled RM7.3 billion.

The report also revealed that the EPF had also given out 15 loans worth a total of RM35.69 billion as of the Dec 31, 2010.

Of the 15 loans given, two were made to non-government entities despite having government guarantees. The loans are worth RM5 billion and RM1.24 billion respectively.

EPF in its response said one of the debtors is an incorporated body of the Finance Ministry, while a government agency has a 66 percent stake in the second debtor company.

The EPF Act 1991 allows it to extend credit to the federal and state governments, as well as to companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965, or set up with the Finance Ministry’s written permission.

The report said that as of the end of 2010, EPF had given out a total RM95.79 billion, earning RM2.52 billion in interest payments for the year.

RM4 bil loan skipped procedure

The year before, EPF was found to have not followed procedure for the approval of a loan worth RM4 billion for a government housing loan scheme.

The application was not tabled at the investment management committee meeting, before being approved on July 3, 2009.

“EPF said this was because the investment proposal was presented directly to the investment panel as an urgent decision was required,” it read.

The audit nevertheless found that EPF was “satisfactory” in its investment and loan activities, and had acted in accordance with Section 26 of the EPF Act.

“However, it should ensure that all department operation manuals for investment and loans are finalised and implemented.
“EPF must also ensure that all loan applications are tabled in the investment management committee meetings before it is passed by the (investment) panel,” it advised.


Sejak bila KWSP dijadikan sebagai BANK?

KWSP lulus pinjaman tanpa jaminan RM55.10 bilion

KWSP lulus pinjaman RM55b tanpa jaminan k'jaan

tailek - The Auditor General should have named the 13 debtors to whom EPF has loaned billions of contributors' money. Obviously they are cannot be named because they are probably GLCs or UMNO/BN crony business groups. Makes you sick to the stomach that such corrupt actions that circumvent Finance Ministry procedures are still going on. The Minister of Finance should take responsibility for this and bloody well resign his position and let someone of more ability and integrity take over. The EPF is becoming one giant ponzy scheme.

rick teo - Most people dont realised that EPF is already a bankrupt instituition. If it were to wind up today it will not be able to pay back what it is due to its contributors. They have lost so much money in its investment that they have to keep on increasing Employers to increase their contributions so that they will have enough money to pay those that mature. The people helming EPF are nothing but UMNO cronies and is only interested on how they can make a quick buck from the EPF funds.

mohd - Being an EPF contributor, I am not surprised. The epf has been giving an average 5.5% return for the past 10 years. Now we know with facts why they are giving only such rate of return. Take in the untrusted official inflation rate of 4%, this make our real retrunn to be only 1.5%!


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