11 October 2011

BN not sure whether Budget 2012 can help BN regain Penang...

Despite glowing feedback on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak Budget 2012 proposals, Penang BN leaders are not able to confirm if the goodies will help them reclaim the state in the 13th general election.

State BN working group committee chairperson Dr Teng Hock Nan said the budget is meant for everyone, whether a voter or not, denying claims that it is an election budget.

“It is not for winning elections alone. It is meant for everybody, including those who are studying in primary or secondary schools, who do not vote yet,” he told reporters at the coalition’s headquarters in Bayan Baru today.

State MIC liason committee chairperson PK Subbaiyah said the budget is an answer to the rising cost of living for people who are feeling the pinch.

“The budget is to help them reduce their hardship,” said the BN-appointed senator.

State BN information chief Loga Bala Mohan said the budget had put the people’s interests first, and that winning the election is secondary.

“The PM has promised that the people will enjoy the wealth of the country, and he has given his answers,” said Loga Bala who is state PPP chairperson.

“The budget alone can’t win the election, there is still many things that we have to do."

Bukit Mertajam Umno chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir said the budget is for all, regardless of their voting status.

“The Penang government, on the other hand, would ensure that those who benefit from the state coffers are actual voters,” added the Umno-appointed senator.

‘Sweetener’ ahead of polls

Among other things, the budget has been described as a “sweetener” ahead of early polls, which could be called by early next year, although it is not due until 2013.

Pakatan Rakyat has denounced Budget 2012 as “unrealistic”, merely consisting of one-off handouts to the rakyat to buy votes.

Yesterday, Najib had asked the BN to gear up for the coming polls, warning coalition members to focus on winning, not fighting with one another.

Meanwhile, Teng, who is state Gerakan chief, said Penang BN is setting up a secretariat to address various questions raised by Penangites on the budget.

He said the budget has been well-received by the people, who want to know how they can obtain the benefits.

“There are questions, for example, on who can qualify for the RM500 subsidy for those earning RM3,000 or less per household,” said the former Penang state executive council member.

“People are asking how this mechanism will work and how soon can they get the money."

Teng said state BN leaders are in the process of communicating with the relevant ministries on how to help the people get the benefits as soon as possible.

BN assemblypersons, coordinators and senators will be mobilised to inform the public on the matter.


Mampukah Bajet 2012 bantu BN rampas P Pinang?

Dr.Teng Hock Nan,

Macam2 boleh berlaku dalam PRU 13 nanti. Hantu dan pocong akan keluar beramai2 mengundi BN/UMNO, jadi tak perlulah gula2 budget 2011 ini.

Tapi rata2 rakyat akan terima apa saja Najib beri dalam budget 2011,tapi aku rasa depa mahu pilih Lim Guan Eng sebagai KM mereka lagi...


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