14 October 2011

MyKad scam: Foreigners at resort for business course...

NONEThe foreigners at a Bangi resort charged by PAS to be candidates for citizenship were actually attending an "entrepreneurship course", according to a report in today's Sinar Harian, quoting the Sepang OCPD.

Supt Imran Abdul Rahman said: "The information we received showed that all the foreigners at Desa Pinggiran Putra were there to attend an entrepeunership course."

According to the Malay daily's report, Imran confirmed that he had received a report claiming that some 240 foreigners were brought to the National Registration Department (NRD) for the purpose of getting them citizenship, enabling them to vote.

However, following an investigation, the claim was found to be untrue, the report said.

"They (foreigner) weren't brought to NRD as claimed by the parties involved," said Imran

Yesterday, the NRD had also shot down the allegations yesterday, stating that it was unaware of any programmes being held by it over the last few days.

On Wednesday, PAS supporters kept watch outside the resort, claiming that some 240 foreigners were being granted citizenship inside.

Six buses arrived to ferry the foreigners, under police watch, a few hours after the PAS activists left.


Polis Sepang nafi sindiket IC Desa Pinggiran


- Ha Ha Ha, I am actually rolling on the floor laughing. Entrepreneurship Course?? Of course, construction workers, petrol station workers, hawkers, maybe even snatch thieves and robbers have to learn advanced business skills, right?...and the police presence is due to the fact that crime rate in the Klang valley is now down to almost 0%, so send a strong force there to protect the foreigners-lah....they are precious commodities for umno!Explanations by the police top brass, our ruling politicians, our courts, AG's office, MACC, etc are nowadays SO CONVINCING only dumbskulls like us who make up the common rakyat cannot understand. Sigh, we too need some courses in nice RESORTS - WITH POLICE ESCORTS, OF COURSE!

Arasu Subramaniam - We have so many malay, chinese, indian and other malaysian soil born individual looking for an opportunities to success but goverment looking at other nationals. why i need to vote for BN goverment?

Bozo - What a joke. Enterpreneur course for foreigners, and 240 of them. Don't fool us. What type of entrprenuer course were they given where they are escorted by police? So Malaysia will be full of foreign entrepreneurs in a not too far future.


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