15 October 2011

Project - IC - 'instant' recipients of Malaysian citizenship...

PAS is demanding immediate answers from the Home Ministry over the presence of some 200 foreigners ferried in several buses at a resort near Putrajaya yesterday, believed to be 'instant' recipients of Malaysian citizenship.

Following a tick-off yesterday, Johor PAS Youth managed to trail six buses from Johor carrying Indonesians to Putrajaya early morning.

The PAS workers also saw the presence of police and National Registration Department officers at the said resort.

Reacting to incident, PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub urged the Home Ministry to explain, in view of the controversies surrounding electoral fraud and foreigners being given instant citizenship in order to make them voters in time for the general election.

“This is an important issue, not assumption nor something fabricated, but have been vindicated by the previous revelation,” the Kubang Kerian member of parliament told reporters today at parliament lobby, joined by PAS Youth exco Mohd Adram Musa who led yesterday's operation to stop the buses.

According to Adram, the accounts by Indonesians approached aboard the buses yesterday had contradictions.

“Some told us they came for some entrepreneur courses and some directly admitted that they came to take MyKad. The resort operator claimed that the place was booked early on which raised more suspicion,” he recalled.



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