18 October 2011

Rebuttal witnesses take the stand...

NONEFour mystery prosecution rebuttal witnesses are to take the stand in testifying at the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial today.

The four include an expert witness from a governmental hospital while the others remain unknown.

The role of these witnesses is mainly to challenge Dutch orthopaedic surgeon Dr Thomas Hoogland's (left) testimony earlier that it was not possible for Anwar to perform the alleged sex act.

Yesterday, the Kuala Lumpur High Court granted leave (permission) for the prosecution to call the rebuttal witness while the case is still at the defence stage.

The defence told the court yesterday that it had closed its case after deciding not to call former IGP Musa Hassan and Malacca police chief Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof to testify.

Court called into session with justice Zabidin presiding.

DPP (deputy public prosecutor) Nordin Hassan calls for Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) director Dr Zalina Md Zin to take the witness stand.

10.10am: The witness, who has been HKL director since 2006, testifies that she received a letter from Sankara Nair's law firm sometime in 2009, who demanded for Anwar's July 16, 2008 medical report.

The report was made by Dr Jeyaindran and Dr Lee Boon Leong. It was done Anwar was arrested.

10.13am: She also asks DSP Jude Blacious Pereira whether the report could be released.

"I ask Jude whether it is alright to release the medical report as it had been forwarded to the police on August 2008," says Zalina.

"I also forwarded Sankara's letter to Jude."

10.16am: Nordin asks whether she received any complaint about the medical report.

Zalina replies 'no'.

Nordin ends his questioning and hands over the witness to the defence. Karpal begins cross-examination.

10.18am: Replying to questions from Karpal, Dr Zalina says the specialists must signed the report.

Zalina is released.

10.19am: DSP Jude is called to the stand.

10.20am: Jude says in 2008 he was Brickfields CID chief.

"I brought Anwar to HKL on July 16, 2008. We arrived at 8.30pm. Anwar was accompanied by lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah.

"I met Dr Jeyaindran and Dr Lee Boon Leong."

Nordin: When you met the doctors, you handed a police form to request for a medical examination and Pol 59 form.

Jude: This is the form. The examination was to be done on Anwar.

10.24am: Jude identifies his application letter to have the medical examination done on Anwar.

"I ask that a medical examination done and samples be taken swab badan, kuku dan darah (body swabs, nail and blood sample).

"The examination completes at 11.30pm."

10.26am: After receiving the letter from the HKL doctor on Sankara Nair's application to have a copy of the report.

"I asked DPP Hanafiah, and on Dec 24, 2009, I instructed Sgt Ahmad Abdullah to give the report to Sankara Nair.

"What I have is a copy of the report. The report was signed by Dr Jeyaindran only and not the other."

1030: On being shown the medical report, Jude verifies as the original medical report.

"This is the same copy handed to Sankara Nair."

The medical report is marked as identification document.

Nordin: Did you receive a report with two signatures?

Yes I received a report with two signatures which was handed to me by Dr Jeyaindran.

Nordin: Is this the report?

Jude: This is the report.

1032: The second medical report is marked for identification.

1033: Witness says in 2009 he did not take Anwar to perform the medical examination.

"There was no report of any sodomy incident."

Karpal now asks he received two medical reports.

Jude says the first only has one signature.

Karpal: Isn't it surprising or strange to have two doctors signing?

Jude: Kept quiet, then said, yes it is strange.

You did not investigate?

Jude: No.

1036: Jude says he received the second medical report from Dr Jeyaindran, which has two signatures, on Dec 21, 2008.

Karpal: Did you supply the second medical report to Sankara Nair?

Jude: No.

Karpal: You know that a report which has one signature cannot be accepted by the court?

No answer

Yusof objects, saying this is a point for submission.

1040: Jude says the copy that he has is marked sulit (confidential) but the one handed to Sankara is not marked.

Nordin in gis re-examination of the police officer asks whether Jude received any complaint from Anwar's lawyers on the report.

Witness replies no.

Jude says he had marked the first report as 'sulit' (confidential).

1041: Now Sergeant Ahmad Abdullah is called as witness.

1042: Witness says he is an assistant investigating officer and he is 52 years old.

Ahmad says that on Dec 24, 2009, Jude asked him me to hand over a medical report to Sankara Nair.

Nordin: Did you surrender it?

Ahmad: I handed it to Wan Anuar Syahadat, a lawyer there.

Nordin: Is it the original?

It is a copy. It only has one signature. On the copy it is stated 'sulit'.

1046: Ahmad says he handed over the medical report. However, he noted that the report number is wrongly written.

Karpal says he has no questions.

Nordin calls Dr Jeyaindran as the next witness.

1049: Jeyaindran, 56, is a senior consultant at HKL.

Witness says he has been working as a doctor since 1981.

He has been with HKL since 1996.

1053: Witness identifies Anwar and smiles.

He says that Jude brought in Anwar and he requested a medical examination be done.

1057: Karpal asks for the proceeding to be continued in camer and this is not rejected to by the court.

The public gallery is then emptied.

1130: Parties are in chambers to decide date for submissions.

1122: members of the public are allowed to enter the court.

The hearing for the day has ended with the hearing in camera and counsel head in the judge's chambers, to discuss the dates for submission.

1140: The date for submissions has been fixed for Nov 23 and 24.



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