24 October 2011

Audit Report - Food for Kemas pre-schoolers 'stored in toilet'...

Instead of fully utilising a RM54 million allocation to provide training courses for the hardcore poor, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) spent money on related items - at 100 percent more than the market price.

The 2010 Audit Report, tabled in the Dewan Rakyat today, states that the funds were provided under the second Economic Stimulus programme, to help the poor boost their income.

NONESome of the purchases highlighted in the report:
  • An oven at RM1,200 compared with the market price of RM419, for baking and pastry-making courses in Kelantan
  • Folding beds at RM500, against the market price of RM100
  • Two-burner gas cookers at RM200 each, rather than RM59.90
  • Hair clippers supplied at RM250 each, instead of RM79
  • A blender at RM140 instead of RM60
The folding beds were used to train masseuses in traditional post-maternal massage; and the hair clippers were used for grooming courses.

NONEThe Audit Report notes that most of the purchases were done through direct negotiations, not open tender - and without the Finance Ministry’s approval.

Standard operating procedures were not tabled before the Mara board of directors for approval either, the report says.

A Kemas kindergarten in Alor Setar, Kedah, was found to have stored dry food in a toilet, an audit of the Community Development Department’s Additional Food Plan showed.

The auditor-general, in his 2010 report, notes that this as one of several examples of poor sanitation.

NONE"Dry food was also found to have been stored for too long until (the shelf-life) expired. (The items were) exposed to pests and placed beside chemicals such as paint," his report states.

At another kindergarten in Kota Baru, canned food was found laced with cockroach droppings.

The report also found the kindergartens had failed to adhere to the menu and recipes fixed by Kemas headquarters and the Health Ministry in food preparation.

NONEThis was discovered at 79 of the 143 kindergartens visited by an auditor.

Delays by Kemas operation centres in distributing dry food to the respective kindergartens had affected food preparation.

Another cause, the report says, was the financial department's failure to reimburse claims for expenditure by kindergartens within 14 days, with one in Gelang Patah taking as long as 66 days.

Kemas, for the second consecutive year failed, to acquire multi-vitamins for pre-schoolers as required by the programme, after its supplier abruptly pulled out, the report says.


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SusahKes - An oven for RM1,200 eh? And what are they baking inside it - a diamond ring?? And you thought a RM200 screwdriver was out of this world. But seriously, what did we expect? These spendthrifts and public fund abusers watch the UMNO Big Fellas spend public money like as though it belongs to their grandfathers. They observe how the Chief Executive attends his daughter's wedding under the guise of official trip; they observe how the 1st Lady gets to buy diamond rings; they observe how the Big Boss gets to fly around the globe with million ringgit expenses account. They observe activities such as submarine commissions, by-election ang pows, I help you, you help me, chief minister's mansions, the annual UMNO gathering of rent seekers, and so, what else do we expect as outcome after years of UMNO's hijacking of the NEP?

Bender - Selagi tak dipancung kepala mereka ini seekor demi seekor, selagi itulah penyelewengan ini akan berterusan. Sampai bila perkara seperti ini nak dibiarkan? Di mana amanah pegawai2 yang terlibat ini? Patutlah laporan audit lewat dikeluarkan, rupanya banyak lagi penyelewengan yang hendak disembunyikan. Itupun entah berapa banyak lagi jenayah2 salahguna yang telah berjaya disorokkan...

VP Biden -
Previous AudG reports captures various discrepancies as well.Till now nothing done to the culprits(BNs vote bank !)

Pasai no actionlah mereka ini bertambah aksen....


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