17 October 2011

Who’s got contract for new MyKad...

Opposition MP for Teluk Intan M Manogaran wants the government to reveal the name of the company which was awarded the contract to print the new set of MyKad, scheduled to be launched in January next year.

He also wants Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to reveal “who owns the company and the cost of (producing) each of the new MyKad”.

“We want Hishammuddin to reveal the name of the company awarded the contract, who owns the company and the cost of (producing) each of the new MyKad,” he said.

Manogaran was responding to the minister’s announcement that beginning next year the National Registration Department (NRD) will issue new MyKads that will have several hi-tech security features.

According to Hishammuddin the advantages of the new MyKad is that “it will be made of polycarbonate which will be much more durable and the new chip was tested at Sirim.”

“There is no point in you having the best security featured identity card but corrupted officers,” countered Manogaran. How did Bangladeshis get citizenships?

On a separate matter, Manogaran criticized Hishammuddin for threatening to expose opposition leaders who has also received citizenships.

Hishammuddin was reported in Malay daily, Sinar Harian as saying that families of opposition leaders were also recipients of Malaysian citizenships.

“That’s not what we asked the Home Minister in Parliament. What we asked was how is it that thousands of foreigners that were allegedly registered as voters got their citizenship at the first place.

“Are they professionals? Have they lived in Malaysia for more than 10 years and did they get their Permanent Residence (PR) status first?

“In the same Sinar Harian report Hishammuddin said that only 30 Bangladeshis were given citizenship during a seven-year period.

“Can Hishammuddin divulge the qualification and personal details of the 30 Bangladeshis that were granted the citizenship?

“How long did the 30 Bangladeshis live in Malaysia and were they given PR before being entitled for citizenship?” he asked, adding that it was of no interest to them if the person who gets the citizenship is related to a Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional leader.



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