15 October 2011

Why business course for foreign farm labourers...

NONEJohor PAS has questioned the "first class treatment" of a group of foreign workers to an "entrepreneurship course" when their agricultural worker permits did not allow them to do business in the country.

"It is unbelievable that foreigners are being given an entrepreneurship course when they are not allowed to do business in the country in the first place," said PAS Johor Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat.

"After all, is a foreign worker who is here on an agricultural permit allowed to operate a business in this country? Since when has the government allowed foreign labourers to do business in our country?" said Suhaizan in a statement yesterday.

According to him, the bus drivers were originally hired to ferry the 240, whom he said were foreign workers, from Johor to be dropped off at the Prime Minister's Department in Putrajaya.

However, at the eleventh hour, they were ordered to head to a resort in Bangi, Selangor instead.

"It is unbelievable that the organisers of a entrepreneurship course would change venue at the last minute from a government venue to a resort in Kajang," he said.

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Alleged citizenship-for-vote scam

Suhaizan added that the bus drivers' contract was to end at 1pm, Oct 12, which he said implied that the course would only last five hours - from 8am to 1pm - since they arrived in Putrajaya at 6am.

"If that is true, they had travelled a distance totalling 800km to and from Johor Baru to Putrajaya for a five-hour course. Why didn't they have the course in Johor Baru instead?

"Why the special treatment for these foreigners by certain authorities in our country?"

On Wednesday, PAS tracked the convoy of buses ferrying allegedly Bangladeshis and Indonesians, who were said to be part of a scam to issue them citizenships.

Berita Harian yesterday carried the Sepang OCPD's explanation that the foreigners were at the resort to attend an "entrepreneurship c ourse".

PAS members have however claimed that police presence and tight security at the course backed their suspicions.

Mengapa kursus perniagaan untuk buruh ladang asing?


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Up2U: The authorities must think Malaysians are stupid idiots to accept this atrocious statement. If the foreigners are here for an entrepreneurship course, why all the secrecy? Why only Indonesians and Bangladeshis? Why not Thai, Cambodians, Nepalese or Indians? These people are prepared to sell their motherland for a few votes. Just imagine what they will do if they lose the next GE? Chaos.

Justice Pao: Foreigners trained to be entrepreneurs using our money? You must be kidding. Who will believe this baloney? We are already suffering from the high cost of living and Sepang OCPD Supt Imran Abdul Rahman has the cheek to tell us this blatant lie of government training these foreigners on how they can make money in Malaysia.

Sarawakian_3ff9: Why should foreigners be given business training at taxpayers' expense when our own people are no given such opportunity? Is the government really so daft because at the end of the day, these foreign ‘entrepreneurs' will overwhelm and muscle in on local small businesses. Or maybe that's the idea - give them business opportunities and citizenship in exchange of votes? Someone is selling out the country. Where are the sultans when we needed them?

pity him !!!!! Taken that PAS is telling the truth backed with evidence, then Najib and the bastardly agencies are traitors. So, the country is under threat from within. Wonder if this was/will be discussed at Rulers conference otherwise .......



Anonymous said...

The foreigners will make better entrepreneurs as compared to Malaysians. After successful completion of the course, who knows if they will be granted TEKUN loans and offered shoplots in major towns. They can even set up MOF registered companies with Bumiputera status.

Anonymous said...

That does not matter. 25 years from now their children will be going for the same jobs armed with superior qualification like all children of migrants for the same jobs the children of the Putrajaya Class will be going for. Then the fun will start.

Looking around at least the other Third World countries will have God to blame for their poverty and lack od development. I am afraid that we will have only oursleves to blame for the misfortune that may fall on us.

Anonymous said...

Better still, in the 16th GE,UMNO will be led by an illegal Bangla who later on will become the first 'illegal' PM of Malaysia!!!