08 November 2011

When the future MB of Selangor had trouble counting cows...

I was not sure whether to laugh or cry reading reports on how the Agriculture Minister Noh Omar has tried to explain away the latest government fiasco called the National Feedlot project.

The man does not know his facts. When cornered about the obvious low take-up rate for satellite farms under the Shahrizat Jalil and family Sdn Bhd feedlot project, he lightly said that he would open up the farms to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians.Read here.

His answer shows the calibre of ministers we have and the contempt with which they hold the taxpaying public.

Questions on the failure of the feedlot may have been asked by PR politicians but the money spent on the fiasco in Gemas belongs to tax payers, not UMNO.

So my suggestion is that if Noh Omar wants to be flippant, he should save his comic act for his party’s assembly at the end of the month.

Malaysians should demand more of their ministers especially in Parliament. We should also hope that they know the difference between an escrow account and a normal one.

But maybe we should not blame Noh Omar. The Umno grapevine suggests that he has his eye on being the mentri besar of Selangor.

Yes, Selangor the most economically developed state may end up in the hands of this man who has had trouble counting cows.— Lucius Goon

source:malaysian insider


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Anonymous said...

Cows he cannot count but MONEY he's the best!!!