11 November 2011

'National Feedlot Corp loan used to buy condo unit'...

NONERamping up their criticism of alleged mishandling of government funds in the public-funded National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), PKR said today that the money loaned to a sister company was used to purchase a RM9.8 million luxury condominium in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

“After our previous exposes on the mishandling of public funds at NFC, owned by the family of a federal minister, PKR is coming forward today with concrete proof of another mishandling,” the opposition party’s secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution (
left in photo) told a press conference at Parliament House today.

The money - which the opposition party claims is part of an RM81 million loan that NFC, a company owned and operated by the husband and children of a federal minister - granted to related company National Livestock and Meats Corporation (NLMC), was used to purchase a luxurious condominium unit.

PKR further alleged that this was accomplished through four payments via bank transfer by NFC from the Taman Tun Dr Ismail branch of a local bank to a well-known property developer on Dec 2, 2009, for the purchase of one unit of a luxury condominium.

The four payments totalling RM9.8 million are separated into four money transfers; RM699,870.00, RM694,150.00, RM4,199,220.00 and RM4,164,900.00, all on the same date.

“The payments to purchase the condominium were recorded as loans to NLMC from NFC. This is part of the RM81 million loaned by NFC to NLMC,” said the Machang MP.

Saifuddin argued that the purchase of the condominium by NFC for a related company owned by the family members of the minister was a clear and present sign of mishandling of public funds, deviating from the actual purpose of the public-funded firm’s business of rearing cattle.

In their statement, PKR said the prestigious One Menerong project, located in Bangsar, boasts luxurious residential units ranging from RM3 million to RM10 million per unit.


Cows sleep in the condo?

NLMC, which was contracted by NFC as its marketing development agent and granted the sizeable loan, is also owned and operated by the same federal minister’s husband and children.

“They are in the business of (marketing) cattle. Are the cows going to sleep in the condo?” asked Saifuddin, expressing his puzzlement.

The secretary-general posited that such questionable spending of funds appeared to be in conflict with Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin’s defence of NFC’s loans and discounts to related companies.

Khairy had argued that funds for NFC are strictly monitored by a technical committee and only approved out of the special account it is kept in for operational expenditures related to the feedlot project.

“When did the technical committee approve the funds? When was the meeting?” Saifuddin questioned.

The party’s strategy director Rafizi Ramli, who was also present, chimed in that the use of funds originating from public monies for such an unnecessary purchase was “tantamount to criminal breach of trust (CBT)”.

Rafizi said the information they gathered on the matter was air-tight and backed within side knowledge.

He challenged related parties that would refute these claims to produce bank statements for NFC for the period and to sue him if they still want to refuted what he claimed as fact.

Saifuddin and Rafizi added that a report on the alleged mishandling of funds has been submitted to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.


Syarikat projek lembu beli kondo mewah RM9.8 juta

Condo instead of cows: MACC report filed


Anonymous_3e86 - The problem with these BN thieves is they don't know when is enough nor when to stop the plundering. With Pakatan digging up every misdeed these thieves still think they can get away without being exposed of their crimes. How foolish. The truth cannot be hidden for long. Sooner or later all these abuses will surface. But BN thieves will get away scott-free coz' MACC, the judiciary, the police, AG are on their side! They can't be persecuted as long as BN rules the country. The only way to stop this country from bleeding is by kicking them out of PutraJaya!

Anonymous_3e4b - Malaysians are taken for a long ride by BN.... 54 years long. It is now time for a 'Malaysian Spring' at GE13. Malaysians should not let go this golden opportunity to vote for better Malaysia. VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAT FOR A BETTER MALAYSIA.

Abasir - One woman spent RM 24million on a Ring, this one spends RM10 million on condo. These bumis really need help! Let's dip into the Contingency Funds.

Dumbo119 - aiyo Akka... Lembu tidur di condiminium.Poor malay in Kampung tidur di pondok.Don't know why the good Malays are doomed to be taken for a ride by Mamaks.Wahai saudaraku inilah kerja kotor pejuang bangsa,agama dan Negara. Mana Perkasa???? why no protest.. malays are taken for a ride by Mamaks.LOL

Pants on Fire - With a moo-moo here & a moo-moo there, Shahrizat skirts the issue & milks-us of OUR 80 MILLION RINGGIT whilst taking the BN cows for a ride in the outskirts & blaming Zuraida for taking the bull by the horns. Kudos to the Auditor-General & Zuraidah for this expose.



Anonymous said...

Gaji menteri tak sebanyak mana,cam mana boleh milik sebuah condo mewah,kalu tak pusing duit lembu!!!

Anonymous said...

The condo is for the cow lah. It is a multi storey feed lot center for the cow.

The swimming pool is meant for the cow to bathe and drink.

The air condition facilities is to make comfort to the workers whom is taking care of the cow. The workers sleep with the cow.Cows will grow fat and produce more meat.

Every morning the workers will take by batches using the lift. It is all automated.

Thats what probably Sharizat had in mind!!!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting comments from Perkasam MCA, MIC & Gerakan. What say you all?

Anonymous said...

Akhirnya,Sharizat & famili akan kata, "Oh, itu duit RM10 juta kita pinjam sekejap,dah pun dibayar balik"

End of the story!!!

Anonymous said...

Itu Khir toyo ada cerdik sikit,kerana dia dapat beli rumah banglo mewah murah sikit daripada kondo Sharizat.

Anonymous said...

Sebagai pengundi di Lembah Pantai...aku merasa amat kecewa...kerana org2x Melayu yg tinggal di flat PPRT di tepi kolam taik IWK di Pantai Dalam tuh masih lagi dok kena tipu dgn Shahjilat, penyokong2x dia dan UMNO....deme hidup di kondo mewah di atas bukit Bangsar...kamu setakat standard macam tu je lah...tapi masih lagi nak undi UMNO...Ini mesti peluang baik Menteri tarak tauliah Ngok Chik untuk ambil alih kawasan Parlimen Lembah Pantai dari Shahjilat...tapi jangan harap le kau Ngok Chik or Shahjilat nak menang dgn Nurul Izzah di situ...ada banyak lagi Melayu dan Bukan Melayu Lembah Pantai yg lebih bijak dari kamu dan penyokong2 kamu...we will make sure Nurul Izzah retain her seat...Insya ALLAH.

- Pengundi Pantai Dalam - KL