14 November 2011

From planting padi on roof top to rearing cows in condominiums...

Following UMNO leaders rising to the defence of embattled National Feedlot Corporation over its purchase of a luxury condominium using funds provided by the government, PAS's Mahfuz Omar (pic) told the public to prepare for "more cows inside the condominium" should the government be allowed to implement the unpopular goods and services tax (GST) after the 13th general election.

The PAS vice president felt there was "nothing new" when UMNO leaders defended the wrongdoings.

“Prior to this, there had been ,many national projects becoming gold mines for UMNO leaders – ranging from Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) to the RM40 million fund under the People’s Poverty Development Programme (PPRT), which is now missing.

"If UMNO BN wins the next election, it will force GST on the people besides removing all sorts of subsidies. We wonder how many more ‘cows’ will be enjoying their cosy lives in luxury condominiums!” said the Pokok Sena member of parliament.

The NFC saga took a twist last weekend after UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said it was nothing wrong for the company, owned by the family of Women, Family and Community Development minister Shahrizat Jalil, to purchase a RM9.8 million condominium unit for the purpose of investment using its surplus funds.

The exposure of the purchase was made by PKR, saying NFC had abused part of the RM83 million “loan”.

Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Noh Omar also defended the move, saying “the government has no say" as to how its money given to NFC was used.

“If the money has been paid to NFC after fulfilling set conditions, the government cannot control what NFC does with it, including purchasing the said condominium, because it is then considered the company’s money.

“Claims made by NFC are related to farm management only, and have absolutely nothing to do with the purchase of condominiums,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

In his trademark sarcasm, Mahfuz offers his congratulation to Noh.

“The last time when Sanusi Junid was the Agriculture minister, paddy was planted on roof. Now, with Noh, we rear cows in condominiums,” he quipped.

source:harakah daily

Ibu bapa tak perlu khuatir lagi tentang masalah mendapatkan susu segar(fresh milk). Beli saja seekor lembu kondo hasil NFC, dan simpan lembu kat kondo, tiap2 hari dapat bekalan segar...


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