14 November 2011

MACC passes cattle condo probe to cops...

NONEThe Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said a complaint on the RM9.8 million condominium bought by a sister company of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) does not fall under its jurisdiction.

In a statement today, the MACC said the complaint had been scrutinised by its legal and prosecution division which is of the opinion that the matter falls under the Penal Code and not the MACC Act 2009.

The matter has since been referred to the police and the complainant has been informed of the matter. The MACC said the complainant has agreed with the new measure.

Although the MACC did not name the complainant, it is believed that it was referring to NGO Jingga 13's leader Fariz Musa who lodged
a report last week.

In a statement today, Fariz (middle, in spectacles) said he has been informed by the MACC that the case was being investigated under Section 409 of the Penal Code, for criminal breach of trust.

An offence under this law carries a maximum jail sentence of 20 years, whipping and a fine.

Police must act fast

In view of the latest developments, Fariz urged the police to expedite investigations between of the high-profile figures involved and a large sum of public funds involved.

"The National Feedlot project not only failed, but the people's money has been abused," complained Fariz, who is also the former PKR Youth wing deputy chief.

NFC came under scrutiny after the 2010 Auditor-General's Report had described it as "a mess".

Digging deeper, PKR unearth public documents which revealed that NFC’s sister-company National Livestock and Meats Corporation (NLMC) had used a portion of a government loan to buy a luxury condominium unit.

The party said that the move was improper for a company which was formed by the government to address Malaysia’s deficit in beef supply.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Noh Omar said that the government had no control over how the company used the funds but stressed that there was no improprieties involved.

Also coming to NFC’s defence was BN backbencher Khairy Jamaluddin, who said that the condominium purchase was a strategic investment move by NLMC.

He argued that NFC had faced problems and thus delayed beef production to be processed by the NLMC. Since the NLMC had excess funds, investing it would provide solid returns.


SPRM serah siasatan projek Fidlot pada polis

Bila kena kat batang hidung depa(BN/UMNO), SPRM kelepiaq kiri kanan, SPRM pandai pula bezakan yang mana satu teloq UMNO, dan yang mana satu teloq lembu...

Polis siasat?, tak payah kot, pasai kita dah tahu hasilnya...ibarat lembu-lembu menyiasat projek lembu.. ha! ha! ha!

MACC - wow!!! it's too hot to handle man!!!...


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Anonymous said...

Lets play the passing game...

MACC pass to the police. The Police will pass it to the company commission, company commission will pass it to the security commission, security commission will pass it to Bank Negara, Bank Negara will pass to Treasury, Treasury will pass back to MACC, MACC will pass back to police, police will pass to AG.

Finally AG will close case coz evidence not sufficient.