12 November 2011

RM10mil 'cow' condo an investment? That's a lot of 'bull shit'...

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was accused of disgracing his expensive Oxford education by insisting that a RM10 million luxury condo bought by NFC for Umno Women's chief Shahrizat Jalil was for investment.

"It is the worst and most glib lie I have ever heard from someone who is supposed to have some amount of brains. Obviously he is being partisan but to this extent is a disgrace," PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Everyone who has been taught some basic business fundamentals know that projects succeed when they don't take on non-core assets which can turn problematic. Properties have peaked and when prices correct, what sort of return do the rakyat get? NFC is a national beef production project aimed to ensure everyone gets to buy beef at a cheap price. It has no business punting on property gains."

Team player or team killer?

Indeed, the Oxford-educated Khairy though he had found a way out for Shahrizat. Although he is not involved, he has immersed himself in her defense, yet each time, he seems to make it worse.

““The management made a decision that the best return on investment would have been from real estate. Should they have left the money in the current account, which does not have a high yield, while waiting for the satellite farms or should they have invested the money while waiting,” Malaysian Insider reported Khairy as saying.

Given the weakness of his explanation, there is speculation that he might be playing a childish double game. Shahrizat would be wise to stop him from 'helping' her before her "last shred of credibility" is gone.

"It may be Khairy wants to show the Umno delegates at the annual assembly that he is a team player. He comes out and makes all these statements.

But if he really cares what happens to Shahrizat, he would think of much more plausible explanations. The way he is going, it really looks like an Oxford education is over-rated.

At the end of the day, it is not the packaging but the heart that counts. KJ still cannot be trusted," another PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle, referring to Khairy's notorious corruption-tainted past.


Parti Keadilan Rakyat, led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, has in the past month revealed some of the most damaging accusations and evidence of wrong doing against Umno leaders such as Shahrizat, a prominent lawyer before she took to politics full-time.

Initially, the PKR complaints were snubbed by BN lawmakers in Parliament. The scandal gained momentum after the Auditor-General confirmed in his recently-released 2010 report that NFC, or the National Feedlot Corporation, was in a mess and far behind its production targets.

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli and Women's chief Zuraida Kamaruddin have been at the forefront of a team set up to probe the RM250 million project to stop the debacle from further imploding.

So far, they have caught Prime Minister Najib Razak, Agriculture minister Noh Omar and Khairy lying with their explanations. Shahrizat herself has not get any detailed clarification.

A complaint lodged with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission is not expected to yield any result given that the anti-graft agency is under UMNO's thumb.

Calls have grown for Shahrizat to resign. And to clamp down on PKR to prevent from further explosive revelations, the police have told Anwar they have begun a new probe on him in connection to the Datuk T sex scandal. However, PKR leaders said Anwar would never buckle from such "blackmail" threats.

“This latest move is to divert from all the wrongdoings - the National Feedlot Corporation exposure, along with other allegations of abuse of power and corruption," Rafizi had told a press conference this morning.

Indeed, the NFC scandal has shocked the nation with the ease with which the Umno elite can cart away millions and even billion of public money while in office. It is no longer a wonder that transparency body Global Financial Integrity estimates that between 2000 to 2009, RM888 billion was siphoned out of the country in illicit money flows.

source:Malaysia Chronicle

Kondo untuk pelaburan: Alasan Khairy tak masuk akal – Rafizi

Shahrizat Jalil, One Menerung Dan Projek Lembu RM250 Juta

Dendam Lembu Terbalas

Sharizat boleh la sembang deras sebab jadi Menteri kalau kita dah lama jatuh bangunan




Anonymous said...

Why give a RM250 mil soft loan to a non-operational company??

A hawker has to answer 1001 questions before he/she even gets a 5k. micro-credit loan?

Here we have BN jokers giving special "ang pow" to a so called tak boleh pakai entrepreneur whom I think doesn't even know how a cow will look like unless he sees it on a plate.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat terseksa dengan harga barang mahal, rumah murah susah nak dapat tapi Sharizat senang2 saja beli condo dengan duit rakyat.

Kerajaan bagi duit suruh beli lembu tapi beli condo.

Bilalah orang Melayu ni nak sedar yang pemimpin2 UMNO ini adalah penyamun besar?

Anonymous said...

Sebab tulah Menteri Noh Omar tersilap kira lembu yang ada kat Gemas tempoh hari.

Rupa2nya sebahagian besar telah dipindah ke kondo 'One Menerung' di Bangsar.

Ini adalah kerana, memandangkan kerajaan tidak mempunyai peruntukan mencukupi untuk membangunkan ladang satelit.

Sedangkan di kondo ada swimming pool dan fasilitas2 lain termasuk jim,di mana sekurang2nya lembu boleh berkubang,bersenam bagi menambahkan berat badannya!!!!

Anonymous said...

In Japan, the Wagyu cattle are apparently fed with beer and are housed in air-conditioned pens with piped-in music, so the ‘lembus' (cows) here must be given the same treatment, if not better. One Menerung, the answer!!!

Anonymous said...

apa?????..lembu duduk dalam kondo???..hebat lembu2 sekarang...

Anonymous said...

convert NFC to NIC...National Investment Corporation..what a nice..

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