10 November 2011

The truth about the National Feedlot fiasco...

I agree with the majority view that Datuk Noh Omar is not the fastest duck in the pond or the brightest bulb in the House but don’t blame the man from Tanjong Karang for the National Feedlot mess.

The man was not the agriculture minister when the contract was awarded to Datuk Shahrizat Jalil’s family and government sources say that he was among many who were sceptical of the idea of importing calves and fattening them up.

In fact, the Ministry of Finance was so sceptical of this dubious project that it objected to Family Sharizat obtaining a RM250 million grant from the government. Yes, the most hardworking family in Malaysia nearly got the sweetest of all deals: a RM250 million grant and that means that they would not have had to pay back even one sen.

But because few people in the Malaysian government believed the viability of the project, they objected to the idea of giving free money away. So the Ministry of Agriculture instead offered a soft loan of RM250 million to Shahrizat and family.

And the minister of agriculture then was Muhyiddin Yassin, the current deputy prime minister. He was very supportive of the feedlot project and that is why it was a bit surprising that he did not want to defend the project more vocally or give more details about it and instead asked Noh Omar to talk about it in Parliament.

Like I said earlier, Noh Omar may know the difference between a cow and a buffalo but he’s not the sharpest tool in the kit. As a result, he has managed to sound incredible, stupid and sad all at the same time.

Aiyah, this was a sweetheart deal from the start. The family were supposed to receive a RM250 million grant. But I guess you cannot always get what you wish for!!!

P.S. Do you notice how government ministers never acknowledge mistakes or even concede any hint of failure? Could it be that we have infallible people in our midst? -Gomen Man

source:Malaysian Insider.

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