22 November 2011

Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 tabled...

NONEThe government has tabled the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 in the Dewan Rakyat today to allow for the freedom of peaceable assembly.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz tabled the Bill for its first reading before the House.

Among the points enumerated in the Bill are:

1 - 30 days' advance notice for assemblies except for those done in designated areas as defined by the home minister;

2 - after notification, the assemblies can proceed unless there are objections by the police;

3 - no street protests are allowed;

4 - no protests in or anywhere in a 50-metre buffer zone around prohibited areas defined in a list, which included hospitals, schools, places of worships;

5 - Section 8 allows a police officer "to take such measures he/she deems necessary" to ensure compliance with the act;

6 - Section 9 (5) allows the police to fine organisers up to RM10,000 if no advance notice of planned assembly given cops;

7 - Section 20 (1) (c) allows for cops to arrest aNONEnyone who brings, allows to come or recruits children in an assembly;

8 - Section 21 (3) allows the police to now fine those protestors arrested up to RM20,000;

9 - those under 21 years of age not allowed to organise assemblies; and

10 - children under 15 are not allowed to participate in assemblies except for cultural, religious like funeral corteges or events approved by the home minister.

Slated for debate during its second reading some time next week, the Bill was tabled concurrently with another Bill to amend the Police Act, which will take away the need to obtain police permits prior to organising assemblies.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced the review of Section 27 of the Police Act and the abolishment of the Internal Security (ISA) and Restricted Residence Acts during his Malaysia Day speech in September.

The Restricted Residence and Banishment Acts were repealed last month while the ISA is expected to be dealt with on March 2012.

Nazri hadover the weekend said debate on the Peaceful Assembly Bill has been scheduled for four days, on November 24, 29 and 30 and December 1.


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