25 March 2013

Tarik balik semua IC di Sabah, kata parti komponen BN...

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Presiden Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Bersatu (Upko) Tan Sri Bernard Dompok menggesa kerajaan menarik balik kesemua kad pengenalan yang dikeluarkan di Sabah dan mengeluarkan semula dokumen berkenaan kepada golongan yang dikenalpasti sebagai warga yang sah.

Menurut laporan Borneo Post, MP Penampang itu menuntut demikian untuk menyisihkan golongan yang memiliki dokumen berkenaan secara tidak sah.

Anggota exco kerajaan Sabah itu juga berkata, beliau akan mengesyorkan perkara itu kepada suruhanjaya siasatan diraja mengenai pendatang asing di Sabah.

"Ini akan memberi peluang kepada kita di Sabah untuk membuktikan ketulenan kewarganegaraan kita supaya orang Sabah yang asli sahaja diberikan dokumen kerakyatan seperti kad pengenalan baru itu," katanya seperti dipetik dalam laporan itu.

Kenyataan itu disokong para pemimpin parti komponen BN yang mewakili kumpulan Kadazan-Dusun Murut – presiden Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan dan presiden Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah Tan Sri Joseph Kurup.

Kedua-dua mereka hadir dalam sidang media sama, lapor Borneo Post.

Dompok dilaporkan berkata demikian ketika melancarkan gerakan untuk membantu gereja di negeri itu, yang dinamakan Operasi Tataba.-malaysiakini

BN parties want recall of all Sabah MyKad...

All three KadazanDusunMurut (KDM)-based BN political parties in Sabah have supported a proposal to recall all MyKad issued in Sabah and re-issue the document only to genuine Sabahans.

United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Organization (Upko) president Bernard Dompok had said this yesterday at a press conference in Penampang, according to Borneo Post online.

NONEDompok (right) said the process would weed out those not eligible for the document or who had obtained it by dubious means.

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Joseph Pairin Kitingan and Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) president Joseph Kurup, who were at the press conference, backed the proposal.

UPKO, PBS and PBRS are the three main BN parties representing the KadazanDusunMurut community in Sabah.

The proposal for every MyKad issued in Sabah so far to be returned to the relevant authorities and new MyKads be issued to Sabahans, will be put forward to the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on the illegal immigrants in Sabah, said Dompok, who is also the plantation industry and commodities minister.

“This will provide an opportunity for us in Sabah to prove the authenticity of our citizenship so that only genuine Sabahans will be issued with citizenship documents like the new identity card.

'It is the only way'

“I was told that there are a lot of others who have received identity cards. It is now difficult to ascertain the legality of the identification documents. I feel that the only way is to collect all these identity cards and give fresh cards so that it can be settled once and for all who exactly is the citizen of this country and who are eligible to become the natives of Sabah.

“I am going to propose it to the RCI. I did also suggest that all the parties in Sabah can get together to put up proposals for the federal cabinet to discuss and decide what is there to be done. 

My proposal is to review all the identity cards that were issued in Sabah, and there is no other way to do this other than to give everybody a fresh card,” he was quoted as saying by the daily.

Dompok also suggested that future applications for citizenship must be made known to the public.

“It must first be like the banns of marriage; it must be advertised for objection before citizenship is granted. There must be a specific time (for objection) because a vast majority of people in this country do not even know that there have been cards issued, and all of a sudden, Malaysian citizens pop out from nowhere and claim their rights to the country.”

NONEAccording to Borneo Post, Pairin, who is also Sabah deputy chief minister, said there were many unclear issues about the state’s statistics as there were many illegal immigrants who did not have documents, had fake documents or had obtained genuine ones through dubious means.

“When we take into consideration our plans to ensure that the rakyat in Sabah are given focus, we need to know who the real Malaysians are. That is why we need to take steps to ensure that we get the true facts and details,” he was quoted as saying.

Kurup, who is deputy natural resources and environment minister, urged the RCI to look into the issuance of MyKads in Sabah to those who do not qualify.

“The MyKad is a passport to what Sabahans are entitled to - like scholarships - and we do not want it to be abused by those who do not qualify,” he stressed.

It was announced on March 13 that the tenure of the RCI will be extended by six months to September. It was earlier required to complete its probe by March 21.-malaysiakini.

soseh2 sana sini

FellowMalaysian - The three BN-aligned political parties representing the Kadazans, Dusuns and Muruts, namely Upko, PBS and PBRS have just waken up from their long slumber and suddenly realized that they have been deceived and fooled by big brother UMNO all along into keeping a lid over the issue of granting citizenships to non-Sabahans. Pakatan-linked parties and SAPP will nevertheless join in the fray though this recall and reissue of Sabah MyKads will somewhat pre-empt the findings of Project IC's RCI which has not even reached its halfway stage. This is certainly a first positive suggestion made by the normally tow-the-line BN parties of Sabah and Sabahans will welcome the move as they stand up to their rights against unwelcome intruders who were made citizens by default of their surreptitious stay.

Stevie W - Dulu, nak menang, bagi IC aje... senang dapat victory. Sekarang takut kalah, nak ambil balik IC pulak. Pandai nya.....
StoptheRot - They now fear a backlash of the Filipino immigrants community due to the way they handle the Sulu intrusion. Many immigrants feel victimized by the authority. Instead of voting BN, the immigrants' vote may go to the opposition. Therefore, BN has to take back the IC's to prevent them from voting.
IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!! - may be let the PAKATAN government to do it or clean it out after 13 GE. We dont trust BN's motives.



Anonymous said...

Two wrongs will not be equal to one right.

Anonymous said...

Dompok;Pairin & Kurup...apa maknanya cadangan tu?penarikan balik i/c@MyKad melibatkan banyak hal dokumen(Surat Nikah/Sijil Sekolah/Geran Tanah/Sijil Lahir/Sijil Kematian/akaun bank /daftar pemilih dsb),selain perbelanjaan negara menangani penarikan dan pemberian kembali dokumen diri kepada warga tulin...marahkan nyamuk kelambu bakar juga?kekekekeke