PKR has claimed that the alleged ‘Raja Muda Sulu’ Agbimudin @ Azzimudie Kiram is a Malaysian and was even a former assistant district officer in Kudat, Sabah.

NONEPKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli (right) said that, since the conflict started last month, there have been rumours as to who Azzimudie really is, because Sabahans claim to know him.

"A search by PKR deputy secretary-general Darrel Iking at the national archives on the list of Civil Servants 1975 revealed the name 'Datu Agbimudin Kiram' stated there as an asisstant district officer," he said.

"I want Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to explain whether (Azzimudie) is truly a Malaysian who was naturalised under 'Project IC', and whether he is an Umno member as most Sulu people in Sabah are."

The PKR director of strategy said this is one big question over the background of the armed terrorists in Sabah, although they are proclaimed as foreigners representing the self-styled Sulu sultan.

He noted that there are a lot of speculations since then, that some of the leaders of the group are Malaysians.

Rafizi stressed that an explanation is needed on the matter, as the attack could be the after-effects of the 'Project IC' which is related to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and up to now, certain aspects have been verified in the on-going royal commission of inquiry.

"This affirms the uneasiness of the people over the awarding of citizenship for political reasons without going through the valid vetting process. And their presence could be a danger to the national security," he claimed.

"Following the Lahad Datu incursion, PKR has conducted several meetings with local residents and obtained information on the backgrounds of some of the leaders, including Agbimuddin @ Azzimuddie," he said, adding that Agbimuddin was born in 1941, so this makes him 72 years old this year.

'Najib must explain'

Rafizi said that Najib must explain further, as he cannot deny or hide from the public's concerns on the country's national security.

The PKR director of strategy said Najib cannot merely avoid the questions in the people's minds, may of whom are asking how many of the armed intruders are Malaysians who originate from the Philippines, how many of them are Umno members, and why hasn't the PM told the truth that the leader of the group is a Filipino who had been given an identity card (IC).

"The discovery gives a new dimension to the intrusion episode and its relationship with the 'Project IC'."

To a question on how certain he is that the person who is stated in the Civil Servants' roll is the same person leading the terrorists, Rafizi replied that this is based on the talk of people in the Kudat town who know Agbimudin or Azzimudie.

musa aman pc in sabah 190608 01"A lot of people in Kudat know Agbimudin, and this is consistent because if you talk to people, they will recall him," he claimed.

"I do not know whether he is now in Lahad Datu, but he is the leading figure of the armed group," he stressed.

Rafizi and Darrel also want Sabah chief minister Musa Aman (right) to explain and verify on whether Agbimudin had truly worked as an assistant district officer there.

He said if Agbimudin is 72, he may have retired in the late 1990s and may have gone back to the Philippines before coming back here to initiate the intrusion.

With this revelation, Rafizi wants Najib and Musa to come clean on the circumstances surrounding Agbimudin.-malaysiakini

Photo: Pelarian dapat IC selepas 5 Bulan berada di Sabah.

p/s: Tidak pernah dapat IC hijau atau Merah... JPN urus ?

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