The Sulu Sultanate claims to have captured at least four Malaysians following a gunfight in Kampung Sri Jaya Simunul, Semporna yesterday evening.

As of 5pm, the police said they have yet to receive any information that Malaysians have been captured. 

According to a report by Philippine's dzBB radio station, the sultanate's spokesperson made the claim during a press conference in Taguig City, Manila.

At the time of writing, details from his press conference are still sketchy, but it appeared to be a sign that the Sulu Sultanate were directly involved in the Semporna gunfight.

This morning, inspector-general of police Ismail Omar revealed that five police personnel were killed during an ambush at the village while following up on a tip-off.

He said that the police managed to kill two gunmen. The police are currently trying to establish whether the gunmen were related to the Sulu Sultanate.

About 100 men loyal to the Sulu Sultanate are currently holding up in Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu to stake claim over Sabah.

A gunfight broke out on Friday, leaving two police personnel dead while the Sulu Sultanate's side suffered 12 deaths.-malaysiakini