15 March 2013

PI Bala meninggal dunia...

PI Bala dies en route to hospital

Penyiasat persendirian P Balasubramaniam, yang menggegarkan negara dengan akuan berkanun beliau mengenai pembunuhan Altantuya Shaariibuu, telah meninggal dunia.

Kedua-dua naib presiden PKR N Surendran dan Subang MP R Sivarasa mengesahkan ini. 

"Saya dalam perjalanan saya ke hospital Sungai Buloh. Saya tidak mempunyai butiran lagi, "Sivarasa memberitahu FMT.

Balasubramaniam telah mengalami masalah jantung pada 5 Mac dan telah dimasukkan ke Pusat Perubatan Subang Jaya. Beliau telah dibenarkan pulang  pada 12 Mac.

Dalam akuan berkanun pertama, beliau telah mengaitkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan isteri Rosmah Mansor dalam pembunuhan Altantuya.

Beliau kemudiannya menarik balik dakwaannya itu dalam SD kedua, dan berikutan itu dia telah meninggalkan negara ini.

Sekembalinya baru-baru ini, Balasubramaniam bersumpah diatas buku suci Hindu,Bhagavad Gita bahawa kandungan SD pertama beliau adalah benar.

Pada hari Selasa lalu Bala memberitahu FMT bahawa dia akan berehat selama sekurang-kurangnya sebulan selepas serangan jantung ringan berlaku minggu lepas, menyebabkan rancangannya bersama2 pihak pembangkang untuk berceramah ke seluruh negara sebelum pilihan raya umum ke-13 tergendala buat sementara.

Dia berkata dia mungkin perlu menjalani pembedahan jantung utama, dan dia akan kembali ke hospital hari ini (Jumaat).

"Serangan jantung yang ringan berlaku secara tiba-tiba,, dan doktor memberitahu saya bahawa tiga saluran tersekat, jadi saya mungkin perlu melakukan pembedahan. Hari Jumaat ini doktor akan buat semula ujian dan akan memutuskan sama ada saya perlu menjalani pembedahan jantung atau hanya stenting,

Sejak beliau pulang ke Malaysia, beliau telah terlibat dalam program ceramah bergerak PKR untuk mengaitkan Najib dengan Altantuya.

Balasubramaniam juga telah menafikan bahawa beliau telah mengalami masalah jantung kerana perbuatan ilmu hitam seperti yang didakwa oleh pemimpin PKR Badrul Hisham.

"Saya tidak percaya dalam [ilmu hitam]. Saya percaya kepada Tuhan sahaja, dan saya tahu Tuhan adalah bersama saya, itulah sebabnya saya mampu untuk mendapatkan rawatan, dan itulah mengapa saya tidak rebah apabila saya mula-mula merasakan gejala sakit jantung semasa memberi ceramah di Kelantan, "katanya.

Sejak pulang ke Malaysia, beliau telah terlibat dalam program ceramah bergerak PKR untuk mengaitkan Najib dengan Altantuya. -FMT

takziah buat keluarga PI Bala...

PI Bala meninggal dunia dipercayai akibat serangan jantung

  PI Bala passes away in Rawang...

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam passed away in Rawang this afternoon, apparently after suffering a heart attack.

He checked out of the Sime Darby Medical Centre on Tuesday, but suffered breathing difficulties when having lunch at his home in Rawang about 1.40pm.

NONEBalasubramaniam was rushed to a clinic for assistance, but passed away before an ambulance from  Sungai Buloh Hospital could arrive.

"He was due to have a heart bypass operation in about two weeks," lawyer and Subang parliamentarian R Sivarasa told Malaysiakini while on his way to the hospital.

Last month Balasubramaniam suffered a minor heart attack while he was speaking at a Pakatan Rakyat ceramah in Kota Bharu. 

Following a medical checkup on his return to Kuala Lumpur, he was warded for 10 days at the Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya.

The 53-year-old gave his last interview to Malaysiakini on Monday. 

'Okay with man upstairs' 

During that interview, believed to be his last with any media, the late Bala appeared to be in high spirits, adamant that he would still continue to help Pakatan in their election campaigning despite his heart condition, calling it "a small thing".

NONEAppearing slightly pale when met at the cardiac ward of a private Selangor hospital last Monday, Bala still managed a smile and said that he would go back on the GE campaign circuit after he recovers.

He joked that he was okay with "the man upstairs" and that the spirit of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu still does not want him to die.

He said he was still needed to expose the truth about his involvement with and knowledge of those whom he believe are responsible for her murder.

In the interview Bala urged Malaysians to vote for a change of government as this is the only way that justice can be found for Altantuya and the two policemen whom he believed were wrongly blamed for her death. 

He added that his dramatic return to Malaysia was a blessing as he otherwise would not have discovered his heart condition.

"This is good. If I didn't come back for the campaign, I might not have known (about my heart condition). 

"I might have stayed in India. I might have died silently." 

Deepak pays last respect

Since this afternoon, friends, neighbours and media representatives have gathered at Balasubramaniam's house in Rawang.

They gathered under a tent - which had been erected in front of his house - as a short spate of rain fell.

Well-connected carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan was also spotted paying his respects, wiping his eyes as he quietly left.

The late Balasubramaniam's still body was placed in the living room, draped under a white funeral cloth, a wreath of flowers placed on his chest.

His wife and three children kept vigil, sitting around the body with close friends and family members.

His daughter was seen sitting at the late Balasubramaniam's body holding on to his feet.

Once in a while the wailing voice of his wife can be heard drifting from inside the house to the courtyard beyond.

Amongst those present to pay their respects included Subang MP R Sivarasa and fellow leader PKR Badrul Hisham, better known as Chegu Bard.

According to a close family friend, at the moment, the family is preparing to send Balasubramaniam's remains to a hospital for a post-mortem.

Details are still being arranged by the family members and Sivarasa.

At 5.12pm, a funeral van arrived at the house to take away Bala's remains to the Sungai Buloh Hospital, where an autopsy has been arranged.

Balasubramaniam's lawyer Americk Sidhu was shocked by the death.

"My dear friend, whom I was very proud of for his bravery in the face of oppression and his gallant fight for justice, has just died. May his beautiful soul rest in peace forever more," he said.- malaysiakini


PI Bala passes away...

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam, who rocked the nation which his statutory declarations on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, has passed away.

Both PKR vice-president N Surendran and Subang MP R Sivarasa confirmed this.

“I am on my way to the Sungai Buloh hospital. I don’t have the details as yet,” Sivarasa told FMT.

Balasubramaniam had suffered heart problems on March 5 and was admitted to the Subang Jaya Medical Centre. He was discharged on March 12.

In his first statutory declaration, he had implicated Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Altantuya.

He then retracted his allegation in a second SD, following which he left the country.

Upon his return recently, Balasubramaniam swore on the Hindu holy book Bhagavad Gita that the contents of his first SD was true.

Only on Tuesday Bala told FMT that he would rest for at least a month following his mild heart attack last week, putting the breaks on the opposition’s plans for his nationwide ceramah before the 13th general election.

He had said he may still have to undergo major heart surgery, saying that he would have to return to the hospital today (Friday).

“It was a sudden, mild attack, and the doctors told me that three of my vessels are blocked, so I may have to go for a major operation. This Friday the doctors will redo the tests on me and decide whether I have to undergo heart operation or just a stenting,” Balasubramaniam had said then.

Since his return to Malaysia, he had been involved in PKR roadshows to implicate Najib with Altantuya.

Balasubramaniam had also denied that he was suffering from heart problems due to black magic as claimed by PKR leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin.

“I don’t believe in [black magic]. I believe in God only, and I know God is with me, that’s why I am able to get treatment, and that’s why I didn’t collapse when I first felt the symptoms while giving a ceramah in Kelantan,” he had said.

Since his return to Malaysia, he had been involved in PKR roadshows to implicate Najib with Altantuya.-FMT

Rest in Peace Bala...Putrajaya Boss can sleep well tonight...

PI Bala dead of heart trouble



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Bala had made an admission that his SD1 was the truth.

Condolences to Bala's family.

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Good man die young....RIP Bala.

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