22 March 2013

Anwar di Parit Buntar... Mahathir di Lahad Datu...

Ini cakap-cakap di kedai kopi mengatakan Anwar Ibrahim akan bertanding di Parlimen Parit Buntar.

Mujahid Yusof di Bayan Lepas

Mohamad Sabu di Pendang

Hanipa Maidin di Sepang

Mustafa Ali di Putrajaya.

dan Mahathir Mohamad di Lahat Datu.

Memang Mahathir sesuai bertanding di Lahad Datu pasai boleh menang besar berkat sokongkan wargnegara2 "mee-segera" project IC dari Sulu,Indon,Pakistan dan Bangala.     

Entah betoi atau entah tidak... tapi yang jelas UMNO/BN sikit punya dok pening kepala pasai  strategi cacamarba PR ini...

Oleh itu Najib dan konco2nya melalui agensi2 tertentu dah mula pasang telinga & mata intip2 email di antara pemimpin2 PR. Baca berita di sini dan berikut...

Parlimen Lumut untuk Anwar

Najib intercepting Pakatan’s e-mails...

A pro-opposition blogger publishes a letter purportedly from the National Security Council to PM Najib, indicating that it has tapped email correspondence of Pakatan Rakyat. A pro-Pakatan Rakyat blog published a letter today allegedly showing that the National Security Council (MKN) was being used to tap e-mail correspondence of Pakatan Rakyat.

The letter, published on Milosuam.blogspot, titled Laporan Mengenai Strategi Pakatan Pembangkang (Report on the Opposition Pact’s Strategy), was addressed to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

The official document indicated that there is a full report attached with the letter, which may have details of e-mail correspondence between Pakatan leaders.

“With this, I attach a full report on the opposition pact’s strategy, obtained through e-mail interception for your attention,” reads the letter.

The document is signed by Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab. A check by FMT showed that Thajudeen is MKN’s secretary and is attached to the Prime Minister’s Office.

“This proves that Najib is using the MKN to spy on Pakatan leaders and their strategists’ e-mail. No wonder they fail to detect the Sabah intruders; they were busy spying on their own citizens,” said Milo Suam.

On March 13, former deputy army chief Lieutenant-General Abd Ghaffir Abd Hamid said that the instrusion in Lahad Datu, Sabah, was caused by the failure of the military intelligence to gather information to pre-empt the intrusion by the Filipinos.

“Since 2000, the Defence Staff Intelligence Division [BSPT] has been used for political purposes, instead of gathering information on domestic and external threats.

“On top of that, we were not decisive when the intruders arrived on our shores in the early stages,” Ghaffir was reported saying.

FMT could not reach Mohamed Thajudeen for comment as his office said he was away at meetings.-FMT

Malay daily says Anwar not likely to contest in Perak

Sinar Harian says it is impossible for Anwar to win a seat in Perak because the majority of the incumbents are ministers and deputy ministers.Malay daily Sinar Harian ruled out the possibility of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim contesting a parliamentary seat in Perak based on PKR’s performance in the 12th general election. 

Anwar, who is Permatang Pauh MP and PKR de facto leader, told the press yesterday that he is mulling over contesting in Perak or Selangor. Several days ago he declared that the party’s Perak chief, Muhammad Nur Manuty, would contest in Bagan Serai.

In the 12th general election, PKR contested in 10 parliamentary seats and only won three. The three are Bagan Serai, Sungai Siput and Gopeng.

The other seven are Padang Rengas (Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Nazri Aziz), Tambun (Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah), Tapah (Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister M Saravanan), Pasir Salak (Tajuddin Rahman), Lumut (Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha), Bagan Datoh (Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) and Tanjung Malim (former minister Ong Ka Chuan).

The incumbent MP in Bagan Serai is Muhsin Fadzil Samsuri who won the seat on PKR’s ticket but turned independent. In Sungai Siput, PSM’s Dr D Michael Jeyakumar contested on PKR’s ticket and defeated the then MIC president S Samy Vellu. In Gopeng, Dr Lee Boon Chye defeated MCA’s  Ling Hee Leong with a majority 7,368 votes.

Of the seven parliamentary seats, only one is not held by a minister or deputy minister or a former cabinet minister. The Pasir Salak seat saw Tajuddin Abdul Rahman winning with a slim majority .

The other six remain within the grasp of BN leaders even though the incumbents who are ministers and deputy ministers saw a drop in the number of votes that they received.

Muhammad Nur Manuty also told the Malay daily that PKR intends to win another four seats apart from maintaining the three that the party had won in 2008.

A senior PKR leader, however, told the Malay daily that Anwar would either contest in south Perak or north Selangor.

The source named Lumut, Bagan Datuk, Teluk Intan and Tanjung Malim as options for Anwar. In Selangor, Anwar may contest in Hulu Selangor.

Teluk Intan is currently represented by DAP’s M Manogaran and Hulu Selangor is represented by MIC’s P Kamalanathan.-FMT


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