20 October 2012

SPR cuba kelentong pasai kes ratusan pengundi di satu alamat...

Timbalan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar menjelaskan, ratusan pengundi didaftarkan di alamat yang sama disebabkan masalah penempatan setinggan sebelum ini.

"Dalam kes di mana sekelompok pengundi menggunakan satu alamat, apa yang kita lihat di Kuala Lumpur hari ini tidak sama dengan 10 tahun lalu... demografinya sudah berubah," katanya dalam forum di Petaling Jaya hari ini.

Sebagai contoh, katanya, pada suatu masa terdapat ratusan pengundi didaftarkan menggunakan alamat sama di Sulaiman Court ketika terdapat komuniti setinggan pada 20 tahun lalu.

Tempat itu sekarang dibina kompleks membeli-belah Sogo.

"Sebelum ini, apabila penduduk setinggan mendaftar, mereka mungkin pilih satu alamat, mungkin kediaman ketua kampung, dan semua surat menyuratnya masuk ke situ," katanya.- malaysiakini

TSekole - Dia kata perkara ini berlaku 10-20 tahun lalu semasa zaman setinggan. Jadi selama 10-20 tahun lalu SPR buat apa? Kalau dah 20 tahun geng saluran 1 ramai dah tak ada dah,tapi nama masih ada dalam daftar pengundi dan semasa PRU depa balik mai mengundi...
Bukankah menjadi tanggungjawab SPR untuk membetulkan semua ini, kalau ngong,tetap bagi jawapan ngong...awat dia ingat kita ini di Zimbawe kah? Sudahlah....tak payah lah nak bodohkan rakyat...

Pasai tu aku kata SPR dok tidoq!!!

Hundreds of voters in one house? EC explains why...

Election Commission deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar today explained that the reason behind incidents where hundreds of voters were registered with the same address was due to former squatter colonies.

"In cases where there are clusters of people voting in one address, what we see in Kuala Lumpur today is not the same as Kuala Lumpur 10 years ago.... the demographics have changed," he told a forum in Petaling Jaya this afternoon.

An example, he said was an instance where hundreds of voters were registered under one address at Sulaiman Court when there was a squatter community there 20 years ago.

Currently, the site is occupied by the Sogo shopping complex.

"Previously, when people in squatters registered they would just choose one address, perhaps the village's chief's residence, and all their correspondence will go through there," he said.

He added that while these squatters have moved on into proper housing in other places, they have yet to update their new addresses with the EC.

"Sometimes they may have also joined the political parties' branch in that area and they were told to remain voting there and not change their address," he said.

Wan Ahmad, who came equipped with electoral reform group Bersih’s eight-point demands, gave a 90-minute speech in a bid to deflect criticism that the commission had failed to take on electoral reform.- malaysiakini

Komen sana sini...

Donplaypuks - So, after 40 years why haven't you, the EC, removed these voters from the list? Surely, they are not staying in a basement in Sulaiman Court and Sogo? This is what we call a lame excuse and gaji buta civil serpents!

N Ng - If these so called squatters have moved elsewhere, their ICs should show their new address, right. In such cases, they should be identified and updated. Of course I am assuming they have malaysian ICs.

KiaSi-SiamSai - This is dumb found ASS. I thought there is a thing call KEMPEN BANCI PENDUDUK/ DAERAH, long long time ago. Isnt this being used as a yard stick. I wonder how he came up with such rubbish talk. Tak buat kerja, cakap tak buat, pemalas. Dont say something which is 20 years ago and still cant resolve it.

Senior - 20 yrs ago?.....how many are still alive?Did you cross check with anyone?....ic department,national registration?

Narrish - Talking rubish, past 10 years you had time to announce to the public to update the info or work together to update with NRD, dont give lame excuse and cock story.
ove malaysia63 - Nobody is asking you to explain giving 1001 reasons. What we want you to do is to check these discrepancies and correct them. If they are not valid remove them. What is so difficult. You have and expensive computer system manned by many so called systems people. I think you are stupid and not capable of doing your job other than licking UMNO. I think you should resign.

3rdEye - Encik Wan Ahmad, do you know how you sounded when you talk in this manner? You sounded like an old dinosaur. Imagine, 200 electorates sharing the same address. This add. is no longer in existence, it is now been replaced by Sogo Shopping Complex and you spend time giving excuses? Who are you kidding? Why are you sitting on your big fat arse and not doing anything? 

You can easily track them down with their id. card no. Cross reference it with EPF,Jabatan Hasil and NRD. If you think it is okay for these squatters, then you shld. register all of us without addresses! Address is so important as it determines the constituency we will be voting. Yet you are giving nonsensical excuses to justify something that is unjustifiable. 

Does it mean everybody should just listen to you and believe that the electorol roll is perfect and no cross checking or audit is required. 'Tak malu kah?' for such a senior man to make such statements that a 12 years old will know that it just 'tak masuk akal'



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